Baazigar (1993) - full transcript

A poor but ambitious young man Ajay Sharma is a devoted son to his widowed, traumatized, amnesiac mother. He leaves home for Bombay to fulfill the mysterious promise he made to himself and his mother. On the way he gets a lift from his childhood friend Vicky Malhotra. Ajay has secretly seduced Seema, the elder daughter of business tycoon Madan Chopra and on the side, he also makes acquaintance of Chopra and his younger daughter Priya at a car race in Madras. Ajay promises to marry Seema but betrays and murders her by throwing her off the roof of a building, making it look like a suicide with the help of a faked suicide note which he obtained from Seema under false pretext. He then adopts the identity of Vicky Malhotra, makes the vulnerable Priya fall in love with him and also wins Chopra's trust. However, Priya refuses to believe that her sister committed suicide and keeps investigating, which forces Ajay/Vicky to murder anyone who could possibly help her discover the truth.

Synced by Anomix33

My mother is ill.

Bring her here. I will examine her.

No, she cannot come here.

She is unconscious. Very quite.

Come with me, please.

Alright. I will.

Doctor, what is wrong with her?

Nothing son. You need not worry.

Come to my clinic in the morning
and collect her medicines. -Yes.

Will this poor woman recover?

I cannot say anything.
Because she has no physical ailments

...except that she has
suffered a massive shock!

May God never let such
a mishap befall anyone.

And yes. See to it that...

...her diet is taken care of.

If she does not eat well the
medicines won't effect her.


Mother, take your medicine.

Eat this, mother.

I know... would feed me
first and then eat.

But I have already eaten.

Honestly! I have already had food.


Don't cry mother.

Why are you crying?

They who made us cry
will now have to cry.

See what has happened to Munni!

You are not ready as yet?

Get ready soon.
I will prepare your breakfast by then.

Till you don't eat,
your mother too will not eat.

I will be there soon.

Where is Ajay?

Good morning, mother!

My word! Today my mother
is looking so beautiful!

Let me take a closer look.

Come let's eat our breakfast.

Let's see what Aunty has...

A sweet dish!

Open your mouth.

Now you feed me.

Did Munni drink milk?

Yes, she did and Papa has
gone to bring her medicines.

And as he returns we will
give Munni her medicine.

Do you know mother, Munni has
become very mischevious.

She does not listen to anybody.

Come on Son!

Mother, may I leave now?

Bye, mother.

No Ajay..

You are a son, every
mother would be proud of.

What have you not done for her?

You should be happy that she
has now started to speak.

Your labour has borne fruits.

You too take good care of her.

As our neighbour you've done what
even our kith and kin wouldn't.

You have started talking too much.

I shall take your leave now.

Hey! Stop!

Hey Ajay!


Yes! Where are you going?
- I was heading towards Bombay.

But I missed my bus.

I am too going to Bombay. Join me.

Thank you..

You've met me, after many years.
How are you? - Fine.

How, is mama? - Mama, is fine..

Tell me about yourself.

I went to Pune many a times
but could never meet you.

Now I live in Mumbai..

My life shuttles between
Mumbai and Pune.

I have been handling the
business since my parents' death.

They are dead?

The airplane crash that had
occurred two years ago.. Bangalore, killing everyone.

My parents were on that flight too.

I am sorry, my friend.

Why are you going to Bombay?

To search..



"Sometimes I forget or remembered."

"Sometimes I forget or remembered."

Stop there you fatso!
I shall answer that call!

I am the chief servant here.

Why do you answer the calls?
You never remember anything.

You say anything and I have to bear
the brunt of the master's wrath.

Shut up and go to the kitchen
and wash the vessels. Take this..

I don't remember anything.. Me..

I am Mr. Bajoria calling
from Ahmedabad.

Who is speaking?

I am Babulal, chief
servant of this house.

You are a head and a servant.

I am coming to Bombay in connection
with my son's marriage proposal.

Put Mr. Chopra on the line.

Just a minute please.

Who is Mr. Chopra?

Mr. Chopra is our master!

Hello sir, Please wait.
I'll search for him.


If daddy calls, tell him I'll go
to the health club from college.

Ok? -Ok madam.

Good morning. -Good morning.

No one is here and the
receiver is kept off the hook.

What will happen to this
Chopra palace in my absence.

Hello.. - How are you Sir?

I am fine.

I called up to find out when
I can come to see the girl.

Whenever you wish to.
This is your house.

Alright. So tell me,
how is your business doing?

What can I tell you? Potatoes and
onions have become so costly..

...prices of tomatoes,
chilies, ginger...

Who is speaking?

I am the chief servant of this house.

What is wrong with you?

You should have told me first.
I laughed to make my throat sore.

I want to speak with Mr. Chopra.
Put him on the line.

Mr. Chopra has gone to college.

Mr. Chopra still goes to college?

She's here.. I am going towards her.

O' Lord Hanuman, if she looks
at me with love filled eyes..

...then I'll surely
offer half of a coconut.

Hey, get aside..

Good morning.. - Good morning.

Hi Anjali!

Hi Seema..

Did you get my history notes?
- Yeah, I did and the love story too.

Love story? - Come.

Why, what's the mystery?
- Mystery?

Wait. I'll show it to you..
Here it is.

Seema, I know that
this is your heart..

...but whose arrow is this that
has pierced through your heart?

Anjali, not now, when the time is
right I'll tell you everything.


Come let's go to the canteen.
- You want to bunk the psycho lecture?

I won't be attending any lecture today.

I'll ask Ravi to take notes for me.

Hi Seema.. - Hi! - See you
spoke about him and he's here.

Such a small problem?

I'll copy all the
psycho notes for you..

You don't have to attend the lecture.

I knew that you are the
only person in the college..

...whom I can trust.

Thank you..

Okay, I'll take your leave now..

Okay.. - Bye..

Where did it go?

What kind of a lover are you?
You have come after so long...

...and instead of waiting,
impatiently for me... are deeply
engrossed in this book!

That is because books are any
day better than a beloved!

At least they don't make me wait.

Are you angry?

I am very angry.

Are you aware that you are
6 minutes 15 seconds late?

Please forgive me.

No, you will not be forgiven.

Alright. Then punish me.

Shut up!

Your punishment is that till
I am reading the book...

You can kiss me..
I mean, you can sit quietly.

"You must have read
many scriptures.."

"..but have you ever read a face."

"Yes, my beloved I
have read it keenly."

"Do let me know what's
written on my face."

"You must have read
many scriptures.."

"..but have you ever read a face."

"Yes, my beloved I
have read it keenly."

"Do let me know what's
written on my face."

"Written on it are your
aspirations, youth.."

"..And the story of your life."

"Written on it are your
aspirations, youth.."

"..And the story of your life."

"The face reveals the
state of our hearts."

"The face reveals everything
even you are silent."

"The face is a mirror of our hearts."

"Do let me know what's
written on my face."

"You must have read
many scriptures.."

"..but have you ever read a face."

"Yes, my beloved I
have read it keenly."

"Do let me know what's
written on my face."

"If I tell you, I don't love you?"

"How will you say it,
when there's no love between us?"

"If I tell you, I don't love you?"

"How will you say it,
when there's no love between us?"

"Whatever you say is not true.."

"..Your feelings for me are namesake."

"It's not a show off,
just a test of love."

"Do let me know what's
written on my face."

"You must have read
many scriptures.."

"..but have you ever read a face."

"Yes, my beloved I
have read it keenly."

"Do let me know what's
written on my face."

Ajay I don't like our
clandestine meetings.

I too don't like it.
But what to do. I am helpless.

No one should yet know
about our relationship.

If your father gets even
the slightest of hint that.. love an ordinary unemployed
man like me, he'll never forgive you.

And will never accept me.

Hey Seema. Don't lose heart. Trust me.

That day is not far off when
you will become mine for ever.

And after that..

But one thing is sure. I don't like
your habit of coming late every day.

Show me your watch.

And now I will... - O my God!

What happened?
- My sister was to come from Simla.

I had to receive her at
the airport. I am late.

She must have reached home.

How many men were you Babulal?

I am only one, miss.

I mean how many servants
are there in this house?

I will tell you in a minute.

Three. - And you?

I am a man...
- So, are you not a servant?

Master takes such good care of me
that I forget that I am a servant.

You also forgot that you had
to send the car to the airport.

Why do you need a car at the airport?
There are aeroplanes there.

Did you hear that?

Where is daddy?

He is no more. - What?!

He was traveling in a helicopter..

...he was feeling cold ..

...and so he switched off the fan.

He died..

Whom are you speaking about?
- My father.

Oh no.. Get out, out..

Priya.. - Hi Seema..

How are you?

I am fine, how about you?

I am fine but very angry with you..
Why didn't you come to pick me up?

Sorry, Priya!
I had extra lectures today.

Okay, that's fine but why
didn't daddy come to receive me?

You know dad, he has only two hobbies.. increasing his
business and car racing.

He must be doing one of these things.

I don't care; I want my
company's production to rise.

Sir, the workers have
appealed with the management.. allot them a
house from the company.

The company has given them jobs
for which they get their salaries.

They will get nothing
more than that. You may go.

Girdharilal factory is in our custody now.
Go and take charge of it.

And from now on that factory
will be known as Seema Garments.

Sir, which reminds me that Miss Seema
had made several calls from home.

Miss Priya has returned from Simla.

Daddy.. -How is my daughter?

How are you?

Fine but she seems
to be in a foul mood.

Whatever for?
-Why were you late?

Some important work kept me back.

I have purchased a new
garment factory for Seema.


Now Seema Garments will
take entire Europe by storm.

And what about me?
- What do you want?

Sports car.

Just a sports car.
Fine you will get one.

What is this?
- It is soup.

Is this soup?
This is a finger bowl.

It is used for cleaning
one's hand after eating food.

What have you done?

What is to be served after a
meal, you have served it before.

What if he had squeezed the lime
and had it, thinking it to be soup!

Shut up and bring my soup.
You too go.

Hello dear. - Hi! - Hello!

You'll not go anywhere tomorrow.
You will be with us.

Instead, you both will
come with me to Madras.

I will participate in the car
race for the last time there.

Wow! Car race!

But how can I come? - Why?

I have my practical
examinations tomorrow.

Oh yes! Your studies
comes first. But if...

Oh come on Seema. We would
have had fun if you could come.

Why do you feel so?
Think I am wherever you are.

As usual, you'll win
the race even this time.

Yes, thank you.

Ladies and gentlemen.

Hello Mr. Chopra.
- Hello Kulkarni. How are you?

I have heard that you are taking
part in this race for the last time.

Yes, because till I am there
no one else can win this race.

How can the Number 2 win the race
when Number 1 is still present.

It should not happen that Number
2 wins in this race itself.

A new lad has come to participate.
His name is Vicky Malhotra.

I have seen him practicing.
His sense of timing is just superb!

He is going to be
your first competitor.

Where is he?
- He is standing near car No. 32.

Be it a race in life or of the
cars, I have never learnt to lose!

Whoever he may be,
he is of no match to my father.

Right dad? - You're right darling.

Okay, Mr. Chopra all the best.
- Thank you Kulkarni.

Mr. Madan Chopra is participating
in the race for the last time.

He is confident of being
victorious even this time.

Now we have to see
who challenges him?

On one hand there is Mr. Madan
Chopra's experience.

And on the other there is Mr. Vicky
Malhothra's self confidence.

Daddy, I am proud of you.. - Thank you.

That was a breath taking finish..

...because you accelerated
at the last moment.

The driver of the car Number 32
realised whom he has challenged.

Thank you my child.

I wish to meet the driver
of the car Number 32.

Sure. Why not? -Excuse me sir.

Congratulations sir. - Thank you.

Did your Engine suffer a snag?
- Certainly not!

You were winning.
Then how did you lose?

I have always been your fan.
I considered you to be my mentor.

...and I did not wish you
to lose your last race.

You mean you lost on purpose!

One has to lose something
to win something.

What do you wish to win?

Your blessings!

I liked your style.
Where do you come from?

From Bombay. Car racing is my hobby.

And dealing in sport
cars in my profession.

I'm looking for a sports car for my
daughter. Show me if there's one.

I am returning to Bombay the day-after.
I will then show her one.

We need a photograph of
yours along with your car.

I will be there in a minute.

Okay Vicky. - Bye! - See you in Bombay.

Have a good day sir.

I am going to club house.


My name is .. -Priya Chopra.

And you want to know
why I lost this race?

For you.

You had said that..

Whoever I may have been, I could
be of no match to your papa.

And if I could win this race
your heart would be broken.

How can I break the heart of
a beautiful girl like you.

That is why I said that one has to
lose something to win something.

And one who does so
is called a gambler.

What are they called? - Gamblers.

"I was alone but the game you played.."

"..left me with sleepless night."

"Gambler, oh gambler.."

" are a true magician."

"Gambler, oh gambler.."

" are a true magician."

"I was alone but the game you played.."

"..left me with sleepless night."

"I am a gambler.."

"..beloved to the ones who love me."

"I am a gambler.."

"..beloved to the ones who love me."

"I have given a my heart for a
heart have bargained for love."

"Gambler, oh gambler.."

" are a true magician."

"Quietly from the regions of my
eyes he settled in my heart.."

"Creating magical spell of
love he rendered me crazy."

"At a glance you've become
the queen of my heart."

"Our Love saga will be
remembered by all."

"Taking away my peace and my sleep.."

"..don't ever leave me alone."

"I am a gambler.."

"..beloved to the ones who love me."

"Gambler, oh gambler.."

" are a true magician."

"I have given a my
heart for a heart.."

"..have bargained for love."

"Gambler, oh gambler.."

"I am a gambler.."

"My heart beats in a faster rhythm."

"Do tell me what it is saying?"

"Come near, so that I can tell you."

"No.. It frightens me.."

"Don't ever doubt me.."

"..I am not a vagabond guy."

"On the walls of my heart
I have engraved your name."

"I'll lay my life, my love for you.."

"..may you live forever."

"Gambler, oh gambler.."

"I am a gambler.."

"I am a gambler.."

"..beloved to the ones who love me."

"I was alone but the game you played.."

"..left me with sleepless night."

"Gambler, oh gambler.."

"I am a gambler.."

"Gambler, oh gambler.."

"I am a gambler.."


Seema! - What are you doing?

Your clothes are a mess.
- You are talking about clothes?

My condition is worse than them.

Why? What happened to you?

Don't ask me anything! Just think
I have lost for the first time.

But daddy took part in the race.
Whom did he lose to?

The one who lost to daddy!

Who lost to daddy?
Who won me over?

Who won you over?

Who lost a winning race to daddy!

Did daddy win the race or no?

Daddy won a losing race?
But I lost.

What nonsense are you talking?

What is all this about
winning and losing?

Why don't you tell me what happened.

It was a superb competition.

His glance just pierced
my heart like an arrow.

...and I was injured.

Whom are you talking about?
What has happened to you?

I have fallen in love!

Oh God! You've fallen in love?

If you see him you
will jump out of shock.

I am willing to jump.
Show me at least a glimpse of him.

I will get you introduced to him instead.

He is coming to show me a sports car?
I'll bring to your college.

Bring him early.
I have a party to attend.

Ok, yeah.

Daddy will get obsessed with the car.

I'm too!

If so, then why are you
giving it to daddy?

Which fool is talking
about the car.

Is this an age to fall
in love with cars?

This age is get besotted by beauties.

Seema will be very happy to see you.

We've to meet her at 1 in her college.

I have praised you so much
that she has gone berserk!

I told her that you are very handsome
and loved me in different style.

How many cylinders are
there in this car? - Eight.

It must be great fun to drive it!
- Yes, it is.

May I drive it? - Certainly not.

Stop the car!

What happened?
- Stop the car!

What happened?
- I want an ice-cream.

So much of noise
just for an ice-cream!

Please buy me one.

You don't get any out here.

Then some coconut water please.

Coconut water? - Please.

Ok. I'll bring it now.

One ice-cream .. I mean
one coconut.. Fast.

I am going for a long drive.

Yes... coming..

Long drive.. Hey Priya..

Wow, what a beauty!
Hey, a girl is driving a car behind us.

Hey don't let her overtake us..

Hey, why have you blocked my
way, get aside.

Why were you driving
you car in full speed?

Why, does this road
belong to your father?

You've got a very sharp tongue,
let's see how you taste.

Hold her, don't let her run.

How did you fall down?

Did the girl hit you?

No, not the girl but
the guy in that jacket.

C'mon we'll see him..

The coconut water is over..

It's over, so what do you want next?
- It's fruit.

Please give us the
fruit from this shell.

Fruit.. - Fruit..

Hey, they both are here.

C'mon we'll teach him a lesson.

Hey, what's the matter with you guys..

...why don't you take something?

Either you fall this
side or that side..

Sometimes from above and sometimes..

I think you've come from the circus.

Don't you know,
this is a lovers point?

You've come to love but we are
going take out your procession.

Oh so you are musicians?

Yes.. No..

Why didn't you tell me before?

Dear, they love to
play music very much.

Sit here for a while till
then I'll bang their..

What? - Their drums.

Hey, where did he go?

Why don't you come too, sir?

With the grace of Dharmendar, I'll..

Take this file and go to the court.

May I call up commissioner 'Uncle'?

Are you his paternal or maternal niece?
- Let me call him at least.

Then I will tell you.

You have made him your
uncle to boss on me?


Hey, Karan, you? - Hello Priya.

What a surprise?

You are looking smart in your uniform.
- Oh really, thanks..

Meet Karan. We use to
study together in Simla.

Karan, he's my friend Vicky.

Hi Karan. How are you? - Hi!

Karan, look at these..

I was going and these goons..
- I figured it out.

They must have surely teased you.

Don't worry.
I will deal with them later.

Please come in.

Some other time Karan.
We are anyway delayed.


And Priya hurry up. Seema will be
waiting for you in the college.

It is past 3, she was to attend a party.
She must have gone by now.

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to Anjali..

Happy birthday to you.

Open your mouth ..



Come on in.

Come on.

That.. - We..

I cannot come out.

I can't leave them..

Why don't you call him in?

Whom should I call in?
- Whom you are making signs to?

I was calling Charlie.

For a dance.

We have got one
with great difficulty.

Oh I'm so sorry.

Enjoy yourself.

I'm coming.

May I dance with you?

Tell me, why didn't you
enter the party today?


You know I feel embarrassed to
mingle in your elite circle.

I came to tell you that I will
be going home for a few days.

What will you do for so many days?

Why don't you make-do
with that Charlie Chaplin?

Why are you getting angry?
I was just fooling. Let's go and eat.

I am giving you a strict warning.

The boy who was to see Ms.
Seema has already arrived.

Don't any one of you
dare to come before them.

Else my reputation along with that
of this palace will be tarnished.

And today a special tea
shall be prepared.

A special tea on special occasion.

The boy after drinking it shall
readily accept Miss Seema.

And that tea...


...I shall prepare.

Has your father even prepared tea?

Don't abuse him.
He used to prepare coffee.

Give me cap.

Today I shall prepare
saffron-flavored tea.

This is not saffron but turmeric!

Shut up you fatso!

What a mess he is creating!
The guests are waiting for tea.

Mr. Madan, I have only one son.

Whatever is there,
he will inherit it.

I have three factories.
They produce plastic products.

If you ever need any plastic
goods do let me know.

Wait Babulal. - Shut up.

Don't you dare come out.


He has taken just boiled water.
He didn't put the tea leaves in it.

And to make it worse
he has put salt in it.

He is my son.

Mr. Singhania has sent for you.

Please have some tea.
I will be back soon.

Go by all means.
Business comes first.

If Mr. Singhania needs any
buckets, suggest my name to him.

Make some tea.

Everything is ours.
My son has studied in America.

If you wish, talk with him
in English and be convinced.

My son!


There are no tea leaves in it.

The elite drink their tea in this way.
Drink it up quietly.

Tea leaves!

Tea leaves!


Did you have some tea or no?

Tea in your house tastes like nector!

Isn't it son?

Seema has come.

Hi! - I have a surprise for you.

What is it? - Come with me.

Come, seema. - Hello.

Meet my daughter, Seema.
Seema, meet Mr. Barjoria.

And his son Kundan.

Hello! - Hello.

I figured out everything
when I saw them.

They look made for each other.

Give your approval soon.

We will fix an auspicious
date and get them engaged.


Try to understand my helplessness.

You know, I don't have either
the status or the position.

To come to father to speak with him.

I don't know that!
If you don't speak to him, I will.

I will tell him all about
you and make him agree.

But Seema..

We have just one week left.
I shall be engaged next week.

Alright, meet me tomorrow.
I will find some way out.


Marry a man your father wishes you.

What are you saying?

I thought a lot..

We have no other way except this.

I don't wish for a way.
I want the destination.

And you are my destination.

I cannot live without you.

Then we have just one choice...

- Which will unite us for ever..
- What?



Are you willing?

If the consequence of
our love is death..

Then I will happily die.

I, Ajay Sharma, am writing
this with full awareness..

I, Seema Chopra, am writing
this with full awareness..

...that I, while not
succumbing to any pressure..

...and being fed up of life..

...that I, while not
succumbing to any pressure..

...And being fed up of life..

...And committing suicide.

...And committing suicide.

...No one is to be blamed for it.

...No one is to be blamed for it.

Sign it.

What happened?
Why are you laughing?

Because you have passed.

100% marks.

100% marks?


I was only testing you..

Testing your love and faith.

What about this suicide note?

Only cowards end their lives.

And I am not so weak to lose in
the battle of life so easily.

We will have a court
marriage tomorrow.

Be at the registrar's
office at 1 p.m. tomorrow.

I shall wait for you there.

Are you happy now?

"O' my dearest beloved.."
"..the life of my heart."

"O' my dearest beloved.."
"..the life of my heart."

"You are both my destiny and world."

"O' my dearest beloved.."
"..the life of my heart."

"O' my dearest beloved.."
"..the life of my heart."

"We have two bodies yet one soul."

"O' my dearest beloved.."
"..the life of my heart."

"The wet veil of your saree,
it will surely wound me."

"This feeling in my heart
keeps on increasing.."

" will surely render me crazy."

"If rendered crazy,
it will create history."

"Speak softly dearest,
the whole world might listen."

"You are both my destiny and world."

"O' my dearest beloved.."
"..the life of my heart."

"O' my dearest beloved.."
"..the life of my heart."

"The feel of your touch.."

"..makes me go weak-kneed."

"The feel of your lips..
Scorches me."

"Love is that fire
that has no smoke."

"Love is a path that
scorches your body and soul."

"We have two bodies yet one soul."

Closed from 1 to 2 P.M.

You came late and now
it is their lunch time.

How was I to know that people here
will feel hungry at all odd hours?!

What do we do for half an hour now?

What if someone spots us here?

What can we do?

Let them have their lunch.

We'll go hand have some fresh air.

Oh God!

People look like ants
from this height.


How peculiar our marriage is!

No processions and no guests.

Listen.. - Yes!

Tell me something..

What's that gift a
man gives his wife..

...for the first
time after marriage?

What? - I knew you would forget!

No problem. I have brought it!

See what is in it?

It is very beautiful.

Just like you.. - Really?

Do you know, I feel like placing
you on the Zenith of the sky...

Like this!

What are you doing?
I suffer from vertigo.

Please get down. I am frightened.

When you have held
my hand, why fear?

I am the fool who is taking
you away from your world.

After marriage every girl leaves
her world to settle into a new one.

And with these beautiful
feet she walks away.

Breaking all old ties,
becoming free forever.

I am freeing you.

Please forgive me.




Leave me!


Leave me!

Leave me!

I am very sorry.
I am deeply grieved at her death.

Can you spare a few
moments alone for me?

Sure please come.

Till now we thought that Seema
fell from that building ..

...or was thrown off it.

But the truth is that
she committed suicide.

She committed suicide!

How can it be possible?

Do you recognize this handwriting?

This is written by Seema.

But how is it possible?

She was so happy.

And if she had any sorrows
she would have told me.

I am her sister.
I knew her well enough.

Seema cannot do such a thing!

She cannot commit suicide!

She cannot commit suicide!

She can't..

Seema cannot do such a thing!

Priya! - No!


She cannot commit suicide!

I feel there is nothing
left to doubt about now.

But if wish, we will
continue with our enquiry.

...or close the case.

Do as you wish.

I have lost my daughter.

Why isn't this nail going in?

Keep trying it, it will go inside.

Babulal, this nail is not
for this wall but that one.

Thank you..

What is it?

Is anybody there at home?

What question is this?
You duffer, wear this first.

Can't you see me standing here?

Am I standing in the jungle?
Who are you?

My name is Premnath.
- So should I dance like this?


We've stopped giving
alms, get lost from here.

Premnath, looks like an orphan to me...

...don't know where they come from.

Babulal, why are you shouting?
What happened?

Don't where these people
come from to beg for alms.

I threw him out of the house.

You did the right thing.

Greetings, I have come from
Bhim Singh Zaveri shop.

Is Miss Seema at home?

Tell me what is it?

I am her sister.

Some days ago your sister
had come to our shop..

...some bill amount
is left to be paid.

For what?

She'd bought the wedding chain.

Wedding chain? - Yes.

I think you there's some
misunderstanding here.

But she'd given me the
address of this residence.

Look, here's the bill.

What? - Didn't I tell you papa..

Seema didn't commit suicide.

The guy she was getting married
to must have killed her.

Please speak to the Commissioner
and re-start the enquiry again.


There's no need for an enquiry.

If Seema has been
murdered then you'll..

...let the murderer go scot-free.

He'll surely be punished but..

...have you thought
about our punishment?

How embarrassing it will be
when people will come to know..

...that Madan Chopra's daughter
used to have an affair.

And was going to get married.

If this news gets printed
in the newspaper..

...then everyone will add
their own ingredients..

...and keep talking about it..

We won't be able to
live in this society.

Have you ever thought
who will marry you?

No Priya, Seema is dead, bury the
sorrow of her death in your heart.

We cannot let it malign
our name in the society.

' No I won't come up, I feel scared.'

'Why are you sacred,
it's only six feet from here?

No, while looking down
from a height I feel giddy.

What is it, Priya?
Why did you call me here?

Karan, Seema hadn't committed suicide.

How can you say that, when
you've seen her suicide letter?

It's because she had
bought a wedding chain.

Wedding chain?

Yes and after one week,
Seema fell from this building.

There's a marriage
bureau in this building.

Possibility is such that Seema
must have come here to get married.

And that guy must
have been a fraud.

He must have pushed
her from this height.

Okay, let consider it that
Seema was pushed by that guy.

But the question is why
did want to marry secretly?

And then one has to
book one month before..

...with the marriage bureau..

...and I have checked the register,
Seema's name is not in it.

And the last thing is that
we didn't get any wedding..

...chain from her purse.

So tell me, had she come here
to get married or suicide.

If she had to commit suicide
then she could've shot herself..

...could have taken poison.

But she could never
jump from a huge height.

She was scared of heights,
she used to feel giddy if she..

...ever saw down from a great height.

She couldn't jump from a six
feet inch above the pool.

But the enquiry has been closed.

Now I cannot help you.

Please Karan, help me
to find Seema's murderer.

No one is supporting me in this case.

Okay, I cannot do anything officially..

...but I'll surely help you personally.

Do as I say..

First find out whom
Seema meet all the time.

I had asked her once that who
was the guy she was in love in?

But she told that she'd tell
me when the time was right.

But there must be someone,
who she used to love and marry him.

Do you have any doubt anybody
who could be Seema's boyfriend.

I don't about her alliance
outside the college...

...but here she was very
friendly with a guy named Ravi.

Who is he? - He's classmate..

Can you tell me where
I can meet Ravi?

He'll be in the
library in the evening.

Thanks Anjali.

Your suspicion about me is wrong.

Yes it's true I used to love her
thinking that she loved me too.

But my misconception was corrected..

...when I saw with someone
else in the garden.

Some other guy?

Who is he?

I don't know but I have taken some
snaps of Anjali's birthday party..

...he's in those snaps too.

Where are the photographs?

They are in my hostel, I'll get it
tomorrow. - No, I want it today.

You wait here.

I'll get the snaps for you.
- I'll come along too.

No this is a boys hostel,
you cannot come upstairs.

You just wait here.

C'mon sign this.. - You rascal..

C'mon hold this pen and sign it..

C'mon sign it..

Excuse-me, hey..

What's Ravi Shukla's room number?

Room no-65.. - Thank you..

Ravi, had brought me here to
show Seema's boyfriends photo..

...then why did he commit suicide?

He had lied to you,
he had no such snaps.

Ravi has accepted in this letter
that he was Seema's beloved..

...and her murderer.

But when you came along
with him he got scared.

He didn't want to be
caught red handed..

...and so he committed suicide.

Priya, your suspicion was
right Seema's boyfriend..

...was her murderer.

Do forgive me Seema.

Today I have destroyed
all the evidences..

...of your life and death.

Because I had no other way.

I deceived your faith because I
wanted to win your father's trust.

And destroying is the
purpose of my life.

And to gain that purpose
today along with.. even Ajay has to die.

Please forgive me..

From today onwards this
life of a poor man is over.

What I couldn't do as Ajay Sharma..

...that I did it as Vicky Malhotra..

...I won his trust on the very
first day on the race track.

Get ready Madan Chopra,
you time is up now.

Fasto. - What?

It is six months now since
Miss Seema expired ..

But Babulal's espionage
seems to be on an increase.

Forget about us, he hasn't
even spared Mr. Chopra.

He is the only one of his kind..

What is this?


You drink liquor?! - No.

Last night you gave
it to me to keep it.

Keep it away.

Where are we heading to?


Daddy wants to have an
important discussion with you.

What could it be?

How do I know?
We will know once we get there.


Okay it will be done.


Alright I will think about it.


I wish to speak something
personal with you.


You came into our picture
right from the racing field.

That day you lost a
winning race just for me.

I did not make you my disciple
but you made me your mentor.

After which..

...Seema's death occurred.

I controlled myself.

But you helped Priya get over the
grief caused by her sister's death.

You became even more close.

You made her depend on you.

...slowly and steadily...

You got a firm hold over our life.

I know about each and
every move you make.

I know why you did all this?

Because you and Priya are
in love with each other.

And I do not wish to
come in your way.

So, call your parents immediately.

So that I can hold your
engagement party in a grand way.

'Two years ago the plane
crash that had occurred.. parents died in it.'

But my parents, they are dead.


Three years ago the
plane crash that had..

...occurred in Bangalore
killing everyone..

My parents were on that flight.

From today, I'll never let you
feel that you are an orphan.

C'mon son..

Sit on that chair from
now on to shoulder the..

...responsibility of
this Chopra Empire..

You will be my equal partner.

Are you happy, dear?

Both of you go and celebrate.

No sir, today is a big day for me.

I wish to start work
from today itself.

Very good. Excellent.

All the very best.
- Thank you, sir.

Come on.

Come home soon in the evening.


Brother please forgive me..

I have realized my mistake.

My life has been destroyed by being
in the prison for three years.

My wife died and my
children became motherless.

I have no where to go now.

Please have some mercy on me.

Let me stay by your feet.

Where will I go taking
my kids along with me?

Where will I go?

That's not my concern but yours.

I have always been
concerned about you.

Never treated you differently..

Always treated you as my brother..

But what did I get in return? Deceit.

Dear, why has he come here?

Sister-in-law, please forgive me..

I am ashamed of my
deeds, please forgive me.

I swear by my elder
daughter Seema's name..

...that I won't ever
commit a mistake like this.

Please forgive me..
- Hey what are you doing?

Dear, forgive him.. It's human to err.

But Shobha..

Dear, no one will lie if they
swear by their kids' name.

And seeing his tears tell
me that he has changed.

And that is my belief.

Okay, if you say so..

Thank you, sister-in-law..
- Hey what are you doing?

Good morning sir.. - Good morning..

Listen send that UGC consignment..

Give me the whole detail, okay.

Good morning, sir.. - Good morning.

Listen, he's Madan our old worker.

From today, he'll start
working with you.

Come, Madan..

Take a seat, Madan..

Not there, sit on the chair.


Hello.. - Hello..

But sir government does
not accept such projects.

To make things work from impossible
to possible is my look out.

You just follow the instructions.
- Good morning, sir!

Hello, how are you?

And get this form
signed by Mr. Sharma..

Good, you've really
made a good plan..

...our company will definitely
get the benefit of it.

Thank you, sir.

I have always admired
your honesty towards.. and I am now too.

And so I have decided to
make you a 5 percent..

...partner of this company.

Five percent..

Sir company directors are waiting
for you in the conference room.

Oh yes..

Okay, Madan you carry on.
I'll see you later.

Okay sir.. Okay..

Five percent, you fool...

I have come to take over the whole
company and to throw you out.

Put this suitcase in the
car and come back soon.

Yeah, I am going to Assam.

I have bought a plantation there.

It will take me at
least two three months.

It will take sometime to
settle everything properly.

What about the work here?

Don't, worry about that, Madan
will take care of everything.

Okay? Bye..

Madan, I have checked the order file.
- Yes sir.

Take special care of
our permanent dealers.

There shouldn't have any problem
in our dealing. - Yes sir..

This is power of attorney..
I have made it on your name.

Sir.. On my name?

You won't have any problem
in operating this company.

Papa, let's go we are getting late.
- Okay, we'll leave..

C'mon Madan.. - Yeah I'll just come..

Mr. Vishwanath Sharma,
giving me this power of attorney..'ve given me a place where..

...I'll make my own empire.

You deceiver..

Staying under my wing
you've deceived me.

I supported you, pitying
your children..

...and you've destroyed me?

You forgot my courtesies, my favours?

What favour are you talking about?

Three years ago I'd just
stolen fifty million rupees..

If you wanted you could forgive me..

...but you sent me to jail.

That day itself I vowed
to avenge my insult.

That I'd take away
everything from you.

You were fortunate
enough that you give me..

...the power of attorney..

...otherwise I can do
anything to get wealth..

...and even kill you if necessary.

Get lost from here..
And don't ever come back.

Till our legal work is
not finalized keep some..

...constables for protection.

So that before the
auction nobody can touch.

Papa.. - What is it, son?

Papa they threw us out of the house.

What is all this?

I am sorry Sharma-ji we have to take
over because of your non payment..

...of the loan and we've been asked
to seal your personal accounts.

But I hadn't taken any loan.

But we have the papers to
prove that you've taken..

...50 thousand millions
through Mr. Madan.

You had been sent a
court notice but when.. didn't pay heed to it..

...the court had to take this action.

Sir, my wife and my
kids where will they go?

Sorry, I cannot do anything.

And yes if Madan Chopra is
ready then he can help you.

What is this, you are crying?

These tears take away
the glow of your skin.

You need a house, okay
I'll give it to you.

Many Kings and Emperors have
made abodes for the courtesans.

Can't I give you one small flat?

I know your problems,
where will a beautiful woman.. you sleep on the
roads, eat or bathe..

How dare you touch me?

I am not a courtesan; I am
Vishwanath Sharma's wife.

Even Ravan and Dushshasan
were also not spared.

When they were destroyed
then who are you?

Remember one thing you'll never
be peaceful in your lives.

My children's curse will
surely land you in problems.

You'll be destroyed..

And this is a curse of a mother.

You curse cannot hurt me.


Now everything belongs to me.

I am the owner of everything.

Please pack this too.

Hi Priya! - Hi Anjali!

How are you?

I am fine but where are you?

I went to your hostel to find out
that you don't stay there anymore.

I have got a job of a receptionist.
I stay in that hotel itself.

Why? Did you have
some important work.

I wanted to invite you
for my engagement.

When is it?
- Today, and you must come.

It's difficult for me to come today.
I have a night shift to do.

If I knew it earlier,
I would have taken leave.

Shall we go?

She is Seema's friend Anjali.
He is my fiance Vicky Malhotra.

Hello! - Hello!

I feel I have seen you before.

You surely must have. The world
is indeed a very small place.

Come on Priya.
You have to go to the parlour too.

Okay bye Anjali.

Congratulations to both of you.
All the best..

Thanks! - Thank you!

'I feel I have seen you before.'

'You surely must have. The world
is indeed a very small place.'

Hello good evening. How are you?

Please come.


Nice to see you.

Some soft-drink please?

Look over there. Babulal forgot to
fill the glass with the soft-drinks.

He is serving empty glasses around.

Mr. Batra!

I am not Batra but Wadhwa.
- Mr. Wadhwa, have some please.

Thank you. - For my sake please.


Good evening inspector Karan.
How are you? Please come in.


Have all your friends come
or are they still to come?

Hi Karan.

My best wishes to you.

Thank you.

Congratulations, Priya. - Thank you!


Today Mr. Chopra's
daughter is to be engaged.. Mr. Vicky Malhotra.

...and on this happy occasion we'll
listen to a melodious song by..

...a famous artist known
as Mr. Vinod Rathod.

"Neither can I hide..."

"Neither can I hide nor can I reveal.."

"I can't either confess
that I love you very much."

"Neither can I hide nor can I reveal.."

"I keep writing and removing
your name of my palm."

"I love you yet I hide it from you."

"..yet I hide it from you."

"The words are on my lips
yet can't speak it out."

"I can't either confess
that I love you very much."

"Neither can I hide nor can I reveal.."

"Secretly I keep seeing her."

"I fear to tell the
condition of my heart."

"Don't know why I fear.."

"Even my heart is so
crazy to understand.."

"I can't either confess
that I love you very much."

"Neither can I hide nor can I reveal.."


Is this the Chopra's residence?

It obviously isn't the
telephone exchange.

Please call Priya. I have
to tell her something important.

She has more important things
to attend to, so she can't come.

After trying for nearly 2
hours, I have got through..

...I have to tell her
something about Seema.

Something about Seema!

Tell her that Anjali called and
wants to tell something about Seema.

Anjali has called. She has something
important to say about Seema.

Anjali has called. She has something
important to say about Seema.

Anjali has called. She has something
important to say about Seema.

Move aside. Please move.

Anjali has called. She has something
important to say about Seema.

Excuse me..

Anjali has called. She has something
important to say about Seema.


Anjali has called. She has something
important to say about Seema.

What are you saying?

Anjali has called. She has something
important to say about Seema.

Forget that. Bring me an ice-cream.

I'll forget, Anjali has called.

She has something important
to say about Seema.

I asked you to bring
me an ice-cream. Now go!

Should I bring ice-cream? - Yes.

Anjali has called, I
won't bring ice-cream.

One minute..

Baby, there's a phone call for you.

Anarkali called up.
It is important to eat an ice-cream.


Anarkali called up.
It is important to eat an ice-cream.


Anarkali called up..

What is the matter?

Anarkali called up.
It is important to eat an ice-cream.

What nonsense are you talking?
Are you drunk?

Liquor.. No..

Babulal.. Go away from here.
Come on go! Get lost!

This old man will never let
me do any important work.

I can smell a rat!

I sometimes suspect him too!


Who is speaking?

I am Chopra speaking. Priya's father.

Hello uncle. I am Seema's
friend Anjali, speaking.

Yes, tell child.

I met Priya at the Shopping Centre.

There she introduced me to Vicky.

Vicky resembles the man
who had befriended Seema.

How can you be so sure of it?

I have his photograph with me.

Photograph? - Yes!

Some photographs were taken
on my birthday. He is in them.

You haven't mentioned
this to anyone, have you?

I thought is necessary
to tell Priya about it.

You did a good thing.

Don't breath a word
about it to anyone.

It is a matter of
our family prestige.

Did you follow what I said?

Where are you calling from?

Hotel hilltop, dark quarters,

Room no. nine.

Wait there. I will come
there with Priya.

May I use your telephone?

Oh yes, of course. - Thanks.

I hope you're enjoying the party.



I need a favour. - Come sit.


Have you seen her before?

She is Anjali. Seema's friend.
I met her 2 days ago.

Did you speak to her over the phone
on the night of your engagement?

No, but what is the matter?

Anjali has disappeared from that day.
- Missing?

After enquiring at the
hotel we got to know that ..

...she called here
at about 10.30 p.m.

I was busy at the party.

Did any girl named Anjali call
up on the engagement night.

Tell me one thing ..

Whose engagement was it?

It was my engagement.

Oh yes! We did have a good time.

Remember and tell me if any
girl named Anjali called.

If you get to know
of something call me.

I'm leaving bye. - Okay.

Hello! - Hello!

What brings you here?

Karan has come to
enquire about Anjali.

Who is Anjali?

She is Seema's friend whom we
met at the jeweller's shop.

Seema's friend.

I remember!

I answered her call.

She said that she wanted to
tell you something about Seema.

Regarding Seema?

Then why didn't you call me?

I was about to, but
somebody stopped me.

Who stopped you?

Give me two days time.

I will try to recollect
and tell you.

You seem to be believing
this absent-minded fool.

It is nothing but
foolishness to do so!

Now scoot.

I sometimes suspect Vicky too.

I shall take your leave now.

Okay then.. Bye. - Bye!

Priya how many times..


That night when I came
into the drawing room.. were talking to
someone over the phone.

What are you trying to imply?

That day Mr. Madan Chopra's
daughter got engaged..

...and not the daughter
of any ordinary man.

We received several calls.
All were for congratulating us.

And I'm sorry inspector.

If I knew about your enquiry..

...I would have made a
list of all the calls.

I'm sorry, Vicky.

I was doing my normal enquiry.

Sorry to have troubled you.



It could be that she wanted to
tell something about her death.

It has been nearly a
year since she died.

By now her killer may
have even ended his life.

Yes, but it could be ..
- Nothing can happen now.

You don't know these policemen.

They dig up old graves
to earn their living.

Priya.. I'm sorry Priya.

I was so happy that ..

Our love helped you
overcome your grief.

But this fool reopened your wounds.


I have something important to tell
you, come here immediately.

And make it soon. I have to leave
for the airport in 5 minutes.

Right away.

Sir, a power of attorney is
given to a trustworthy man.

Well, so? Vicky will
soon be one of us.

May I take your leave now.

Okay! Thank you very much.
Thank you.

It is time you left.

Oh yes! Why hasn't
Vicky come here as yet?



Where has Vicky gone?

You are here and I was
looking for you all the while.

Sorry sir... I didn't hear you.

Never mind.. Come with me.

After attending the
conference in London ..

I have to go to Germany for
some technical collaborations.


Since I will be away for long..

...I have entrusted you
the power of attorney..

...authorizing you to take any
decision on behalf of the company.


It's time for you to leave.

Ah yes..

Okay Vicky all the best.

All the best to you sir.
- I'm you'll do good job.

Thank you..

C'mon Desai..

I have waited for this very
moment, Madan Chopra.

You've given me not the
power of attorney, but ..

...that power over your life ..

...which, I at will ..

...can use to destroy you!

You are misusing the
power of attorney.

Mr. Desai!

Please mind your own business ..

I know what I want
better than you do.

But sir..



In view of the escalating
crime rate in Bombay ..

...the police commissioner
this morning told pressmen..

...that patrolling had
been intensified...

...and even constables had
been provided with guns.

In another development,
according to the police..

...the corpse found in a
suitcase at Juhu beach..

...has been identified as that of a
female employee of Hotel Hill Top..

It is reported that she was 20 years
old and was named Anjali Sinha.

Hello, inspector Karan speaking.

Priya here.
I've just learnt of Anjali's body..

...being found at the beach.

I know and that is what I am
coming to discuss with you.

Please don't come here.

I don't want Vicky and
Papa to know about it..

So where should we meet?

Meet me at the Coffee
Shop at Sun N' Sand.

Okay - Okay, bye. - Bye.

Hi Pri..

What is the matter?
You seem to be worried.

Whose phone was it?
- A friend of mine.

I am going to her house to meet her.

Let me drop you at her place.

It's okay.. I will go by myself.

I will go change..

Till now we thought it
was Ravi who killed Seema.

But now, with Anjali
dead, it's clear...

that the murderer is some one else.

...and he killed both of them.

But Ravi himself confesses
in his suicide note that...

...he was Seema's lover
and her killer.

The killer is extremely clever.

He used the same weapon
to kill them both.

...the suicide note!

Anyone with information
on Seema was eliminated.

Ravi wanted to show you the
photograph of Seema's killer.

According to Babulal, Anjali had
something to tell you about Seema.

Then who could be the killer?

Whoever he may be ..

...he seems to know
everything about you.

Well..let him use all his guile..

...but, he will definitely be caught.

Where had you been?

I have been waiting
for you since when.

I'd gone to meet a friend.

What is your friend's name?

Miss Karan?

If I did go to meet Karan,
then what's wrong in it?

There's nothing wrong in it.

But it's wrong to meet secretly.

What's the reason for
you to meet him?

Why do you go to
meet him all the time?

Sometime in his police station..

Sometimes in a coffee
shop or his house..

If you so desperate to
meet him then why don't.. meet him on my presence.

You doubt me?

Well you want to know the reason..

...then listen it's you and papa.

Whenever I wanted to find
out about Seema's death.. and papa wouldn't listen to me.

And so I had to ask
Karan for his help.

And because of him I
have come to know that,.. sister's murderer is alive.

And you had such dirty
thoughts about me and Karan.

You should be ashamed..

I never thought you
could think like that.

I am sorry, Priya..

The reason for my doubt is my love..

I love you very much Priya.. much that I cannot bear
to see anyone looking at you.

And I fear that I'll lose you.

My fear made me say things
that shouldn't have.

You are not only my
love but my life too.

Priya I..

I cannot live without you.

Vicky, don't ever doubt my love.

I belong to you, only you..

Okay then come along..

We will dedicate this
evening for our love.

"These mesmerizing black
eyes, this glowing skin."

"These spectacular eye,
this elegant gait."

"These mesmerizing black
eyes, this glowing skin."

"These spectacular eye,
this elegant gait."

"Seeing you I have lost my senses."

"These mesmerizing black
eyes, this glowing skin."

"These spectacular eye,
this elegant gait."

"First I met then you did.."

" met then I did."

"I met you, then you met me.."

"..may the world be jealous."

"I'll love you and lay
my life for you.."

"..the heart beats for you."

"Your teasing ways
hurt me the most.."

"My beloved, your
showing me your wiles."

"Stop being so obstinate, my dear."

"Don't break my heart,
it's very delicate."

"Don't break my heart.."

"Let's meet in these long nights.."

"My heart wishes to be only with you."

"Don't be angry with me, my dearest."

"These mesmerizing black
eyes, this glowing skin."

"These spectacular eye,
this elegant gait."

"Don't be so adamant to fall in love.."

"Come to me with love in your heart."

"Don't throw tantrums.."

" heart is crazy about you."

Hey, he's my friend, Ajay!

"Your beauty is as incomparable as Laila."

"You are lips are lustrous like Juliet."

"Look at yourself through my eyes."

"You won me over with your style."

"Come embrace me and
enjoy life with me."

"..and enjoy life with me."

"These flowing tresses,
these bashful eyes.."

"This sweet embrace,
why won't I fall in love with you."

"Haven't seen such miracle before."

"These mesmerizing black
eyes, this glowing skin."

"These spectacular eye,
this elegant gait."


Thank God at least you laughed.


I'll just be back.

Let's go elsewhere.

Let's dine at least.
- That too, elsewhere.

Splendid Ajay! You performed well!

Perhaps you've had one too many.
I'm not Ajay..

Good night. Come on, Priya.

I'm not so drunk as to
forget my childhood friend.

You are a strange man!

I've told I am not Ajay.

And neither am I your friend.

Get's go.

All these pretensions
just for a girl!

Vicky please.

Look, you're mistaken..

His name is not Ajay,
but Vicky Malhotra.

Vicky Malhotra?

But that's my name! He's lying.

Why are you using my name?

What are you doing?
Please leave him.

You dare raise your hand?
Who do you think you are!

What do you think friendship is?

Who do you think you are!
- I'm sorry, Priya.

You use my name to hook a girl!

Vicky Malhotra's!

I'm Vicky Malhotra!

He is my childhood friend.

I've done him many favors.
He has forgotten all of them!

To hell with you!

You want me to be your friend.

'My parents are dead.'

'Three years ago the air
crash that had occurred..'

'..killing all the passengers.'

' parents died in it.'

'Vicky Malhotra is my
name not his, he's lying.'

Ajay, it's time to take decisions,
don't just keep thinking.

You had come here to destroy
Chopra and his family.

Priya's love is just a coincidence.

Whenever you tried reach your goal..

...Priya's love stopped you.

But when she comes to
know your reality..

...she will hate you.

Ajay your goal is to destroy Chopra.

Only destruction..

What's all this?

Vicky has usurped entire control..

What? Vicky!

You ungrateful wretch!
You've robbed me of my life's savings!

Who is this Sharma who
you have used to rob me?

...and brought me out on the streets.

You still don't know
who you have betrayed!

My Name is Madan Chopra!
Madan Chopra!

Only birds can think of flying ..

...scattered feathers can't!


Don't shout!

Remember that race...

You didn't accept me
as your protege.

...but I acknowledge you
as my mentor and..

...let you win a losing game.

Because winning then was not my
destination, this always was!

Time has come a full circle!

Everything is happening as
it happened 15 years ago.

Remember that great man who
had once embraced you...?

...and whom you stabbed in the back?

I'm the same Vishwanath Sharma's
son, Ajay Sharma!

Can you remember,
you were sitting here then..

...and my mother stood where you
are, begging for her own wealth!

This is the same chair..

...from which you..

...pronounced death for
my father and sister..

...inflicted shock and
truama on my mother..

...and left me to fend for
myself in this merciless world.

But today..

I have, on this throne of yours..

...affixed the name of my late father..

And you can't do anything about it!

Because now..'re like the invalid who..

...needs crutches to walk..

...but has no hands to hold them!

And listen Mr. madan chopra..

Henceforth, don't you dare call
on me without an appointment.


In the plane crash three years ago,..

...Mr. & Mrs. Kiran
Malhotra also died..

Can I have their address, please?

Just a minute.

Their address is 52/B Shanti
Kunj, Versova road..

...Bombay - 58.

Come in.

I know you have come to find out
who the real Vicky Malhotra is?

I'm the real Vicky Malhotra.

The one with you is Ajay.

The same Ajay who
was with me at school.

I helped him whenever
he was in trouble.

He dare insult me publicly!

I don't regret him
refusing to recognize me.

What I'm hurt about is that
he raised his hands on me!

Was this how he returned my favors.

I can't understand why he
claims to be Vicky Malhotra.

How do you know him?

He is my fiancé - He is a liar!

If you still don't believe
me, go ask his mother...

...who still stays in
Sector 12 at Panvel.

What should I call you?

Vicky Malhotra? Dr. Ajay Sharma?

When you deceived me
with a false name,.. perhaps forgot
that with a new name,..

...a man can't rid himself
of his identity and crime.

...the mercilessness with which you
flung my sister from the terrace..

...nobody even throws a
discarded toy like that.

That's not all.. You even deceived me!

You pretended to be in love with me!

Why? What had we done to you?

What didn't my father do for you?

And you give us this in return.

If it was wealth that you wanted,
you should have asked for it!

My father would have
give it away as charity!


Which wealth are you talking about?

The wealth which enabled your
father to rule his empire..

...belonged to my father..'s still mine!

He who considers his daughter's
death to be a black spot..

Your respectable father...
I know how he has struck it rich..

What did he have?

He came begging to our door..

...and my parents gave him shelter.

He snatched everything away from us..

He drove us to the streets!

Think of what the innocent
child must have gone through...

...when your wretched father..

...tried to rape his mother!

You don't know the injustice
your father wreaked on us.

You have only seen the
crown adorning his head.. looking beyond that..'ll also find my poor
father and sister's blood on him!

Even today..

I can still remember the night when..

...your father played
havoc on our being..

The baby will be
alright, won't she?

Yes, go and bring some cold water.

Alright mother.

Has the temperature decreased?
- No, It's gone up.

I'll go bring some medicines.

Where are you going?
The doctor's advised you rest.

Resting is trouble for
a man in trouble.


Take care of her..

Take this.

No.. No.




What is the matter? Get up!

Ajay, look at him!

Get up! - Papa!

Get up!

Ajay, look at him!

No! No!

Mother! Look at what
has happened to baby!

Even today,..

Even today, I vividly remember
my father's funeral pyre..

...and my sister's burial..

...which my tears have not let dry.

You've been pricked by only a thorn..

...but, a spear has
pierced through my heart!

I was given three causalities!

...these wounds which
have still not healed!

You want to see them?

You want to see them?

Come with me!

It's fifteen years now..

...but her tears have
still not stopped flowing.

My childhood was lost
without her love and care.

She's my mother,
I have not forgotten..

...but I'm her son,
she rarely remembers.

I'll be back.



Move away Priya!

He has ruined us. He's a cheat!

You are lying..

I know who the cheat is!
It is not him, it's you.

Move aside. Take her away! - Leave me.


Hit him!

You thought you could take
away my wealth so easily?

My name is Madan Chopra!
Remember that!

Beat him up! Go ahead!

How will a beautiful woman
like you live on the street...?

...where will she sleep...?
or bathe ...?

Kill him!

Madan chopra!

Hit him!

Beat him up!

Leave him alone.

Leave him alone.

Madan chopra!

How dare you get my son beaten up.

I've only shot him in his arm..

...but if he doesn't return
papers pertaining to my property..

I'll make mincemeat of him and
you will die getting him together.

A mother always prays
for her son's future..

...not goes about gathering
him in bits and pieces.

If something happens to my son..

I'll make mincemeat of you.



What happened mother?


The hatred that I felt
for you all these years..'ve broken all the limits.

Today it will fall on
you like a tornado.

Chopra, you are in deep trouble.

You'd hit my mother with
these very hands, didn't you?

You'd lifted this very hand
on my mother, hadn't you?


Ajay.. Ajay..

Where is Ajay?

Chopra! Come out..


Chopra.. Stop!

Stop, Ajay!


Stop, for your mother's sake, Ajay!





Ajay.. - Mother..

What happened, dear?

Mother, I have achieved my goal..

And I killed the man
responsible for it.

The one who had thrown
us out of our house.. you won't have
any problems, mother.

You won't have any problem.

How unfortunate a mother can
be, whose holding..

...her wounded son and
she cannot do anything.


I think, this was meant to be. - No!


Mother, I am at peace
being here in your embrace.

Mother, hold me in your arms..

Mother, hide me from the world.

I have yearned for you
love since childhood.

I want to sleep contently now.

I want to sleep peacefully.

Yes, go to sleep, my dear..

I am holding after a long time.



No, Ajay..

"Don't ever doubt me.."

"..I am not a vagabond guy."

"On the walls of my heart
I have engraved your name."

"I'll lay my life, my love for you.."

"..may you live forever."

Synced by Anomix33