Baazi (1951) - full transcript

Madan comes from a poor family background. Unable to find employment, he takes to gambling in a big way. He makes a lot of money, and decides to open a gambling den, where he makes even more money. He meets with sophisticated and cultured Dr. Rajani, and both are attracted to each other. But Rajani's dad does not approve of Madan nor of his background, and would prefer that Rajani marry Inspector Ramesh. Rejected, Madan meets with vivacious and outgoing Meena, and romances her. Then Inspector Ramesh arrests Madan and imprisons him for the murder of Meena, who was killed with a revolver with Madan's fingerprints on it.


ls he here?

He's a good boy.
Why are you after him?

My boss told me to get him.
What can l do?


Don't play or...

you'll be cleaned out.

Your turn.

What a throw!

lt's only luck.

The little kitten, over there,
brings him his luck.

Come here, kitten.

l must take him with me.

Or else the boss
won't forgive me.

How much do we bet?
Five rupees!

- Boss, you're unlucky today.
- Shut up!

Out with the rest.

- Four more rupees.
- l'll pay later.

With me, no credit.

No credit, eh?
You're just a cheat.

Me? A cheat?


You showed him.

He's always picking a fight.

Why stare? Don't you know me?
l'm your friend, Pedro.

- Move it.
- Weren't you a taxi driver?

Why do you waste time in a
third rate place like this?

There are endless raids here.
Let's go to a swank joint.

l'll knock your teeth out.

Don't you want to work?
l'll get you a job.

- What job?
- l'll introduce you to my boss.

Scared? Do you think
l'll kidnap you or something?

Swear on God,
l'll get you a job.

Where's that little fellow
who calls himself Pedro?

- The guy with a moustache.
- Why make a racket?

- l'm not, you are.
- Pedro's over here.

Boss, your man's here.

Why be shy?

Why be shy? Why turn away?
My beloved, heed me today

Why think of tomorrow?

Let your heart be your guide

Why fret over
the world's sorrow?

Why fear with me
by your side?

Let my eyes cast
a spell on you

Let my arms enfold you

A moment once past
has little worth

Come, let me offer you
paradise on Earth

The net was for me.
You got in the way.

Get me out of here.

She was only teasing. Why are
you so angry? Taxi drivers!

Go with him.
l'll wait for you outside.

ls there an opening?

Be patient.
You'll know soon enough.

Be patient!
l can't be patient!

No alcohol... it's cold coffee.

You look innocent.


Pretty boy.

- You look like trouble.
- Thanks very much.

l like you.

l don't like you at all.

- Why not?
- Must l tell you?

You don't like me.
But you're drawn here.

- Who said so?
- Then why are you here?

You won't understand.


- No cash.
- l'll pay.

- Lose or win, we split.
- l only win.

A winner plays a lone game.


So he's the young man?

Yes sir, he's clean.

How can one trust anyone
completely? Only time will tell.

- Give him a job.
- What's the job?

Make friends with the rich
at the races, at 5-star hotels.

You want to trap them
into gambling.

No one is trapped. Everyone
enjoys gambling. Don't you?

Let me go.

ln fact, business is just...

another name for gambling.

My money! Or l call the police.

l run a clean game.

There's no business
without dishonesty.

The law of nature is that
the big fish eat the small fish.

The strong destroy the weak.

l won't do it.

- Your sister's unwell.
- lt's none of your business

l'll pay you handsomely.

- ls it very painful?
- No.

You're pretending.
Where's aunt?

Out buying medicine.

The cough's been bad.

- Have you found a job?
- No, l haven't.

Aunt says there's a
new doctor, who treats...

poor people for free.

Why go there?
We're not beggars.

Doctor says you're improving.
Why be obliged to anyone?

- Where do you go everyday?
- Looking for work, of course.

Money doesn't fall from the sky.

- They say you gamble.
- To hell with what they say.

Don't worry, Manju.
You're very precious to me.

Everybody sees bad times.
We'll face it together.

No one will sympathize with us.

- Liar! Ask anyone.
- Why? l was here first.

l will smack you so hard...

- Why do you quarrel?
- Look at his guts.

Who do you think you are?

What's going on?

Look, he's picking a fight.

- Why?
- My tummy's hurting.

- Liar!
- Shut up!

Madan, look at my ankle,
it's sprained.

Don't crowd this place.
Don't worry, Madam.

Be very careful. These people
are thugs. They carry knives.

lf you have any trouble, call.

The name is Madan and l live...

l can take care of myself.

- Who's the doctor?
- l am.

- Any objection?
- Aren't you a nurse?

You're pretty.
Nurses usually are, but doctors...

Have you anything to add?
Then, please go.

Let me show you something.

Don't be scared. Come on.

Madam, your patients.

- Her tonsils are inflamed.
- What?

He throat is inflamed.

So you'll operate
just because she has a cough?

l didn't say that.

You seem to think
you know everything.

Let's go. She wanted to come
to the new doctor.

Son, she wants to cut
my girl's throat.

No one dares do that
while l am around.

Madam, what kind
of treatment is this?

lf a part of the body is sick,
do you cut it out?

l don't find it very funny.

Neither do we,
someone may lose a life.

We mend our shoes
if they tear.

lf clothes tear, they're patched.

We don't throw things out
because they're bad.

lmagine cutting
the poor child's throat.

- Aren't l right?
- Of course, you are.

Let her try.

What strange times we live in.

Get him out of here.

What can you expect from people
who need a car to go upstairs?

How can they treat the poor?

How would they know
what poor folk we are?

Our Madam is fine.

Her clothes are simple.
She hasn't eaten all day, l'm sure.

Even if she were to cut the
child's throat, why object?

What's going on?
This is a dispensary.

Does she cure hearts as well?

Sometimes my heart throbs
quite painfully.

Manju has fainted. Hurry!

Poor man, no work for 3 months
and his sister's ill.

Madan and his sister
are so close.

He's a jolly person.

He's a fine man.

You're here.
She's in a terrible state.

The medicine.
Fetch the healer.

He's out, son.
Go and call the new doctor.

What can she do?
She looks a simpleton.

Boil water, at once.

- Why are they standing here?
- They are our people.

Go away.

Open the window.

Don't keep standing there.
Do as l say.

She's in a bad way.

- Boil some water
- Thank God she's here.

Fetch the injection.
Get it from wherever you can.

l need it at once.

Out of stock, try the chemist.

That'll be 25 rupees.
Pay up or leave it.

Can l pay the balance later?

No charity here.

My sister may die.

What can l do? Pay up first.

l need 20 rupees to buy
medicine or she will die.

- Who?
- My sister.

l have no money.

Why waste time, Madan?

Come and play.

Lend me 20 rupees, for God's sake.
l'll always remember it.

Come and play one round...

and make 20 rupees, if you're lucky.

Not now. Please loan me the
money. l'll return 50, even 100.

l don't lend money.

lf you win, you'll get it.

Shuffle the cards.

l'll bet two rupees.

lf you win once,
l'll win a hundred times.


Stake your scarf?


lt's gold.



Here's the injection.

l'll go now.
She's out of danger.

Aunt, l'll see her home.
Look after Manju.

l'll never forget
what you've done for us.

What would've happened
if you weren't here?

Why feel obliged?
l'm a doctor, it's my duty.

Who understands duty nowadays?

l behaved badly.
l'm sorry l misbehaved.

Never mind.

Believe me,
l'm not a bad person.

- You live very far.
- Maybe we can catch a bus.

How are you?

- Where to?
- l'm going home.

Get out, l want to borrow
your taxi. l'll return it.

- What's up?
- Do me a favor, chum.

Who else would l help?

Get the car back
to the garage by midnight.

- Do you drive a taxi?
- l used to.

- Yes, my patients said...
- What did they say?

You're out of work.

Did l offend you?

No, l just remembered
that you once sat in my taxi.

There was a man
in uniform with you.

He gave you a watch.

That's right. Ramesh gave me
a wristwatch for my birthday.

Good memory.

Cabbies keep an eye on the road,
and an ear to the back seat.

l've been wondering where l've
seen you. l remember your voice.

- Strange!
- There are stranger people yet.

- Who's Mr. Ramesh, may l ask?
- A childhood friend.

- He's a police inspector.
- Good God! Double trouble.

l forgot, there's a party tonight.
Father will be angry.

- l'm sorry, it's my fault.
- Never mind.

l don't like parties anyway.
l don't feel like going in.

l'm very happy,
l've saved a life today.

Mustn't l be happy?

Can l ask you something?
Will you answer?

l'm sure you and your sister
have seen better days, right?

You'll be late for the party.

You haven't answered me.

Will it make a difference?

So l was right?


Just a minute.
You forgot your bag.

- Why don't you come in?
- That's impossible.

Why look so worried, Ramesh?
Rajni must be on her way.

Yes, yes... what's that
in your hand?


When's your party?
You promised.

Rajni must've had to tend
to a patient. She'll be back.

She's just like you.

So concerned with the poor.

l was surprised when she
opened a free dispensary.

l thought she'd open
a practice abroad.

- May l fetch Rajni?
- Why? She'll be back.

l don't understand why you let
her work in that terrible place.

She doesn't listen.
Try telling her.

Who is the one...

whose presence has brought
Spring to my life?

All of a sudden l feel
as though l belong to someone

l know not if he belongs
to me or to another

His presence makes
my heart tremble with joy

The desires of youth come alive
and soar with such joy

Whose presence makes
my eyes sparkle and smile?

Whose embrace enfolds
my flowing hair?

- Why don't you lie down?
- l don't need to, l'm fine.

She's cured you so quickly.
And she visits you every day.

Why not?
She's Madan's friend after all.

You'll see, she'll be my
sister-in-law one day.

You're both mad.
l'm off to the market.

Why don't you rest?

- Of course l do.
- Liar!

- What is this?
- Something to eat.

Why did you do that?
Madan gets very angry.

Why should he?

l have fever only at nights.

Anyway, let's see.

l beg your pardon.

Here are your clothes.
l'll turn the other way.

Madan, may l say something?


Where's Manju?

She's making tea.

So, she's started doing chores?

Chores? Making tea?

- Follow my advice.
- She's all right.

You don't understand.

- She has T.B.
- T.B.?

l didn't want to scare you,
but you should know the truth.

ls that the truth?

But she's not in danger
for the moment.

Send her away from the city
to a sanatorium.

l have no money to do that.

lf you permit,
l can arrange everything.

- Why should you?
- Because it's easy for me.

You say that because you
have money, you're rich.

No, because l like Manju
and l want to save her.

She's my responsibility,
not your's.

Don't misunderstand me.

l can't accept all you say.
Because l'm down and out...

l won't accept charity.
l have some self respect.

Have your tea.
What happened?

Nothing. l'll drink the tea.

l swear!

What luck!

lt's as if fortune
is playing with the player.

Transform your misfortune
into good fortune

Trust in yourself
and throw the dice

Why worry about
what the world might say?

Justice is on your side.
Take up the challenge today

Trust in yourself
and throw the dice

Life is worth little
if you live in isolation

Surrender yourself to love.
Save another from rejection

Trust in yourself
and throw the dice

lt matters little if
the oars of the boat be broken

Use your strength to row
the boat to its destination

Trust in yourself
and throw the dice

Take me to the boss.
l'm ready to work for him.

The Star Club, You've been
on the case for 2 months.

You've been raiding the place.
What's the result? Nothing.

- lnspector, we'll raid again.
- Why?

You've raided it twice.
Did you find anything? No!

l want some evidence. Proof!
Without that, it's useless.

- Number 5's report, sir.
- Get him.

A new man, Madan, has been
employed at the club.

So a new man has been hired?
So what? How does that matter?

Does knowing that help us?

We've got to find out
who runs the place.

ls that so hard? Nonsense!

Why are you dressed like that?

l've followed your advice
and sent Manju to a sanatorium.

Do you like the suit?
What do you think of it?

- lt's nice.
- l agree.

Young college girls have been...

staring at me in admiration.

lt's a strange age.

lf you wear fine clothes,
you command respect at once.

Where did you find the money?

l was sitting on a bench
in the park when suddenly...

there was a downpour of notes.
So l gathered a few.

You're angry with me
and you've done something rash.

You've put yourself in danger.

lt's not too late.
Tell me everything.

You don't believe me?

l see you're upset because
l look like your equal now.

You like to see me in ragged clothes
so you can pity me.

So you can help me.

Get out!

Sorry, l wasted your time.

You're right Ramesh, l had no right
to interfere in his life.

lt was foolish of me.

You're foolish to get
so upset over nothing.

lf you get so upset over
each patient, it won't do.

You don't understand Ramesh.
This is my first defeat.

Defeat's not for you.

Because you are
a millionaire's child. Anyway...

you'll be okay if we go out.

l don't feel like it.

Don't be so naive. People like
him will do anything for money.

- He may be a thief.
- Ramesh!

For God's sake,
don't talk like that.

You're done for.

Why are you puffing away
like a steam engine?

Are you in love?

Love, passion, amour, liebe...

Maybe you're right.
l don't understand women.

What's your opinion?

- You're pulling my leg.
- l'm not.

Saints, philosophers,
no one understands women.

Women don't understand either.

And you ask me! Some joke!

l'll tell you something,
be firm with women.

lf you fall in love,
be like me. Firm.

Pedro, Sher Singh wants you.

Always at the wrong moment.

Where are you going?
No one called you.

Why avoid me? Are you scared?

l won't eat you up.

- What is it?
- Nothing.

l have no attachment to any of you.
l'm here for the money.

That's all.

When l've got what l want,
l'll be off.

That's what l used
to think as well.

Have you made enough?

- Yes.
- How much?

- Plenty.
- Why don't you leave then?

That's what l mean. lt's easy
to come in but hard to leave.

Nice place, eh?

- Pardon?
- Answer my question.

Which one?

- The one l asked.
- What did you ask?

What's the matter with you?
l wonder where your mind is.

Stop teasing.

Don't tease! That's all
l've been hearing for years.

- Can't you say anything else?
- l couldn't ever.

You never say the words
l want to hear.

'l love you', say it once.

Who's he?

Who's she?

- Who's he?
- He's the one.

l've seen that girl before.
She looks like a tramp.

What are you up to? Rajni?

l want to talk to you.
lt's very important.

Where are we going, may l ask?

Get in.

Even if you don't
value your life, l do.

That's why you're ruining it.

lmagine being seen
with a tramp.

l thought you decent.

Tramp? Who? Nina?

l don't know that hussy's name.

Not a word against her.

l respected you a lot. l never
thought you'd fall so low.

You're good at lectures.
Starve a little, then we'll see.

That's an old story.

l was hungry, l sinned.
l was forced to do it.

- What about one's character?
- l don't have one.

Do you know what l do?
l turn people into gamblers.

l take them to our club
where they are doomed to lose.

Bravo! You think you're making
a great sacrifice for Manju.

lt's all a pretense. Do you
have the guts to tell her...

you don't like honest work?

You want to have a good time,
never mind how.

Forgive me.

You don't understand.

Oh beloved, just for tonight...

Heed me my love,
don't break my heart

l've come to you to reveal
the secrets in my heart

My eyes are filled
with sweet dreams

l've come to make you my own

Don't leave me,
don't turn away

The moon and stars...

shine above you

They bear witness
as you grieve me

With your sweet looks
you break my heart

Once you've held my hand,
don't let it go

- Ramesh, where's Rajni?
- Still out.

Was she with you?

Yes, but she met a friend
and she left with him.

- A friend?
- Her patient's brother.

She'll be back soon.
l'll go now.

l'm going.

l'm going to see
Manju tomorrow. Coming?


- You look happy.
- lt's a special day.

- Where did you disappear to?
- Don't ask.

- lnstead, let my heart ask.
- What are you saying?

- Who is he?
- Probably a new victim.

Let's not change the subject.
Who did you meet?

Time for the show.

Why so many presents?
Manju has everything she needs.

l told you to hire
a porter from the station.

- l don't like porters.
- Arguing again.

l still have one free hand.

The arrangements are good.

Thank you, sir.
This is the girl.

What's your name?

- Rajni comes here, doesn't she?
- Not for some time.

Madan said he'd bring her over.

- Father!
- ls that your father?

- Why are you here?
- Oh, some business.

- This is Manju's brother.
- l see.

Glad to meet you.
May we visit the grounds?

Rajni, you came by train?
Travel back with me.

You too.

- Why haven't you visited?
- Ask him.

Sit down.
Do you still fight?

Look what we've brought.

Are you self employed
or working for a firm?

How beautiful this place is.

Yes, it is indeed.

Don't you live near
Rajni's dispensary?

Father, l want to change
places with you. May l?

Do you remember me?

l'm trying.

Anyone else
would be thoroughly ashamed.

l'm aware of that.

- Come to the point.
- Stop meeting Rajni.

- What are you saying?
- Nothing.

Your father says
l shouldn't see you again.

l'm aiming too high.

Driver, stop the car.

Be quiet.
lt's for your own good.

Mr. Madan,
kindly get out of the car.

With pleasure.

What is this thing called love?

What are the secrets
that lie in my heart?

Your love brings me
such suffering

But do you care?

Yet l swear by you

l treasure
every wound you inflict

And even now
a song is on my lips

Fortunate are those...

who enjoy a life of ease

Though l reach the shore...

the storm rages on

Familiar is this pain and sorrow

A cold drink, please.

- You've been slumming!
- No, l've been drinking.

- l've taken an oath.
- What oath?

Don't ask.

- Were you with her?
- No, with her father.

He gave me such a thrashing,
such a thrashing.

- At least, l'm safe.
- And the food's home.

l had to walk 12 miles.
My feet ache.

- The boss wants you.
- So early?

- Maybe something special.
- lt's a day for the special.

- How's your sister?
- She's better.

Look at you now. What you were
and what you are today.

Do you realize?

l have some good news for you.

You'll get a 1000 as bonus.

That's all?
lt should be at least 10,000.

How dare you!

Cabbies keep an eye
on the road...

and an ear to the back seat.

We can recognize
a man by his voice.

Cut out the drama.

A man who doesn't value his
life isn't scared of death.

Let's talk business instead.

ls it a deal?

Let's come to an agreement
which is acceptable to us both.

A fine man.

A well known man of fortune
whose name makes thousands bow.

He's generous with everyone.
No one leaves empty-handed.

The very portrait of decency.

- Count!
- There's no need. l trust you.

Do l take it
that you'll keep quiet?

For now, yes.

- You won't meet Rajni?
- Not for the moment.

You're a clever fellow.
l like clever people.

l'm a mere disciple.

But remember,
l still hold the trump card.

You won't have to use it.

Because no matter how low you are,
l'm indebted to you both.

l won't cause you any harm.

Donate the money
to a charity...

so that your name shines.

lt's a pity my child
loves a scoundrel.

He's not a scoundrel.

- l've seen his true colors.
- l know him better.

l know he's on the wrong path.

There are many like him who
are forced to turn to crime.

They could have been saved
with a little kindness, not cruelty.

Don't argue. Stop seeing him
or l'll close your dispensary.

What's happened?

- You set father against Madan.
- What?

How did he know we were going
to see Manju? He insulted Madan.

l said nothing. Your father
asked me who you were with.

l told him you were with
a patient's brother.

Besides, your father is right.

Ramesh, l love Madan.

Nothing in the world
will make me give him up.

You think father's
blessings will suffice.

l've never loved you
nor do l love you now.

l never had any rights anyway.

You're here?
l've been looking for you.

Look at this photo.

A prince that
you'll meet at the races.

We'll get him.

Beware! She's a snake.
You've had it if she bites.

Bite me!

There's our man.

- Don't you know me?
- No.

l'm lbrahim,
the prince's dearest friend.

- Your name?
- Ali Baba.

Leena, Star Club's famous dancer.

Your wallet.

Can l help, Your Majesty?

l've left
my kingdom far behind me.

Since l've arrived,
l've had no fun at all.

Then join us!

- Where?
- Here's the address.

l'll be there in a hour.

Can l talk to you?

Go ahead.

Not here, at the police station.

- When?
- ln half an hour.

Finding me alone,
the rain plays with me

lt brushes my face as
it splashes to the ground

l slip, l slide
as l walk down the street

My hair is wet,
my clothes are drenched

The rain has washed away
the kohl from my eyes

lt has left me dishevelled
for the world to see

My step falters
and l stumble

The man who helps me,
will win my love

Come on.

What a dancer!

Where's Ali Baba?

He's on his way.

Sit down.

Do you know where the path
you're on will lead?

lt'll lead right here.

Such wit!

- Anything else?
- Who do you think you are?

Most people are humbled here.
Speak politely.

So you'll throw me in jail?
All right, l'm ready.

l have nothing against you.
l don't misuse my power.

Nor do l seek revenge.

Others do.
Why don't you join in?

- Who are you referring to?
- No one.

l advise you, you'd
better change your ways.

lt isn't too late.
l'll find you a job.

Why such compassion?
Oh... l get it.

l feel no compassion.

l'm only concerned about the
girl who is fretting for you.

Don't you care at all?

You know she loves you.

My hands are tied. Even if
l want to, l can't do a thing.

l can't say any more.
Each man to his fate.

Where's my friend, Ali Baba?

He has showed me the
way to this treasure.

l'll appoint him
my prime minister.

Will l have a state left?

Why are you so amused?
Let's play another round.

Where were you? The boss
has been asking for you.

He's winning.

He knows how to play.
l'll fix him.

- Where were you?
- At the police station.

- What did you talk about?
- Love.

- Give me a straight answer.
- Or else?

l've cleaned them all out.

Play a round with me.

That's no fun.
Let's have a race.

- Which race?
- A horse race.

- Where are the horses?
- ln my pocket.

- That makes no sense.
- Of course.

You are quite familiar
with the horse race.

You know every horse
has a number.

Horse number one... two...

Pick your horse.

Your Highness, you've broken its leg.
Don't touch it.

Ali Baba, you're some player.

l've had a terrific time.
We'll play again some day.

Shall we have a special tea?

The boss will pay you a bonus.

We'll all end up in jail,
but he won't.

What are you saying?

Throughout time,
the world has thwarted love

Do not forget this,
my sweet love, nor shall l

Love me as you will
and do not fear

Whether we live or die,
our love will transcend time

Let the past be as it may,
the world shall not defeat us

Do not forget this,
my sweet love, nor shall l

All that you suffer
is precious to me

My life and my heart
belong only to you

May our love be eternal

May this bond not be broken

Do not forget this,
my sweet love, nor shall l

Are you well?

- Did Madan visit you?
- No.

- Any letters?
- l've written often.

He wrote to say that he was
busy and couldn't visit.

His address?

- Another fight?
- No.

Why upset me, Madan?

The dream's over.
You'd better wake up.

What are you saying?
Love isn't a dream.

l'm ready to defy the world.

Love isn't an isolated thing.
What use is love to me?

lt's all my fault,
l'm to be blamed.

l should've told
father from the start.

You don't know him, Madan.
He's really a kind hearted man.

l'm sure of it.

You're angry. Forgive me.

l'm not angry with you
or with anyone else.

What you're doing is bad.
Change your ways.

For my sake.

l can't believe in anything,
in you, myself, or love.

ln good or in evil.

What's happened to you?

Don't ask me.

l've gone away from you.
l can't return easily.

- Did Madan see you?
- No, he didn't.

- Was she with him?
- She arrived before him.

Hear that?

He promised not to meet Rajni.

l've always said he's dangerous.
He might inform the police.

And he might even...

lt's time to get rid of him.

l've made the arrangements.
Just say the word.

Be on your guard.

Why so quiet?

As though life is all work.

There's nothing else.

- And the sacrificial goats?
- They're upstairs.

What are you doing?

- Looking at you.
- Well, don't.

Madan, l'll be back.

Take him to the hotel.

No, l can't do it.

Leena, the consequences...

- l know.
- Yet you refuse?

Let me go!

lf you try to be clever,
you'll suffer the same fate.

Leena, you're on next.

Heed the cry of the bird.
Life is brief

Oh innocent dreamer,
be on your guard

Life is but
a fleeting moment

Live now,
it's the season of love

Beauty and passion
are just illusions

Spring is but a season,
so enjoy it while it lasts

Time passed
can never be recaptured

Heed my words.
You won't regret it

Let's go to the
Grand Hotel, Madan.

Wait outside while l change.

Madan, l have to tell you something.

- l'll put on the light.
- No, wait.

l don't like this.

What do you understand?
You are always lost in yourself.

That's normal. Everyone
is lost in himself.

Do you know the boss said that?

l'm paid by him.

Quiet. This is urgent.

What? That you love me?

The boss commands you
to love and you love.

Before you met him,
you were a useless creature.

Now, look at yourself.
You're pretty...


You don't know Madan,
how much l hate myself.

Let's go away.

Let's leave this empty life.

We'll go somewhere where
we can live as human beings.

What are you talking about?
What's happened?

There's no time to explain.
They're going to kill you.

So that's why you
brought me here?

You're in with them.

l won't let you go.

lf you go, take me with you.
They'll kill us both.

Get out of my way!

l'm not that bad a person.

Just tell me once
that l'm not all bad.

There's been a mistake.
Leena has been shot.

Return to the club.


This is exactly what l feared.

- Make a statement.
- l've nothing to say for now.

- l must see Rajni.
- You're a murderer.

She won't see you.

- l'm innocent.
- Make a statement.

Let me see her just once.
Then l'll tell you everything.

l must see her. Believe me,
l won't hide a thing.

Your word?

- Let's close the club.
- No, we won't.

- He must be silenced.
- How, sir?

Send him a message.
lf he utters a word, his sister...

will get it.


We've found some footprints.

- Send a photographer over.
- All right.

What is it, father?

You seem worried.

A father can tolerate
many things.

lf a daughter is in love with
a man who gambles...

and whose family is unknown...

that, too, can be accepted.

But if he's a murderer?
That, can never be accepted.

- What do you mean?
- Ramesh just called.

Madan is charged with murder.

- Ramesh is lying.
- He's an officer.

- lt can't be.
- lt's the truth.

- l'll ask Madan.
- You won't see him.

- l must see him.
- No.

lf you step out of the door,
it will be closed to you forever.

They know me around here.

ls the food made here
or does it come from outside?

- You'll soon know.
- l'll soon know.

Hurry up. Open the door!
You look cross. Not much of a crowd.

lt's empty.
Brother, who are you?

Ah, so it's you.

Want a smoke?

lf you utter a word,
your sister will be killed.

How did it happen?
Did Madan really kill her?

We're investigating.

Ramesh, l know he's innocent.

lt's difficult to say.
The evidence is against him.

How did you hear?

- Because you phoned.
- Me?

Just take me to Madan.

Madan, tell me how
this happened. Please.

You didn't do it.

l'm sorry. l did kill her.

You're not evil.

Father will help.

He's a good man.

Who can save a murderer
even if he tries?

Your hands can't harm anyone.

You have been deceived
by me, Rajni.

Leave me.

Fate has delivered Manju into
your care. You are fond of her.

Help her.

What did Madan say?

What's happened?
What is it?

Bring Madan here.

Your statement.

- How long have you known Leena?
- Three months.

- What was your relationship?
- We were colleagues.

- Did you visit her?
- Yes.

- Loved her?
- No.

Why did you visit her?

- Who else worked with you?
- No one.

You're lying. We found
another set of footprints.

l said l was alone.

When Leena was shot,
where were you?

Near the door, in front of her.

Liar! Nina was shot in the back
and you were in front?

l've told you
l murdered her. l confess.

You told me you're innocent.

l'm guilty.

Recognise this?

- lt's my pistol.
- You used this?

- Yes, l did.
- You're lying. lt's mine.

Father, why are you
being so cruel?

l know he's innocent.

You can save him
from hanging.

- He didn't kill her.
- He did!

There's much proof.

The evidence is fabricated.
You must defend him in court.

- Defend him?
- l implore you.

Enough of this drama.

lt is clear from the police
report that Madan shot Leena.

On the basis of the
evidence presented and...

according to Article 302,
the accused is charged with murder.

Have you heard the accusation?

- Do you have a defense lawyer?
- No.

Do you confess to killing her?


Sir, may l discuss the case?

- ls this the file?
- Yes.

Madan is innocent. He's hiding
the identity of the murderer.

How can you be so sure?
He has confessed to the crime.

What proof have you
of his innocence?

l can prove his innocence.

The court's decision is final.

Someone's life is at stake.
l'm sure of his innocence.

l cannot help you.

After examining the evidence,
the jury has come to a decision.

According to penal code No. 302...

you have been sentenced to hang.

What have you done?

Don't cry, Manju. l feel worse.

Walk with your head held high...

and face them all proudly.

l've made arrangements.
Manju will stay at the sanatorium.

Don't close the dispensary.

Let it be a symbol
of our love.

- l confess.
- Make your statement.

Let me see Rajni.

- You phoned.
- Me?

- He is innocent.
- l confess.

l know you're innocent.

l've tried to save you.

How can l without your help?

Why are you hiding the facts?

Trying to save Rajni's father?

- He's not worth saving.
- l killed Leena.

You're lying.
When you were in lock-up...

you told me you were innocent.

You've been silenced.

You're keeping quiet
but you're not guilty.

We're all guilty of crime.
l did it for my sister's sake.

Someone else possibly
for a daughter.

You shall be hanged at 6 in
the morning. Any last request?

A cup of tea, special.

lt's all due to me.

Heed the cry of the bird.
Life is brief

lf you talk,
your sister will be killed.

You're asleep?
ls this a time to sleep?

- l came to congratulate you.
- What about?


lt's 5 minutes past 6.

Now, it's between you and me.

What do you mean?

You were hiding something.

l concede you are very clever.


Don't pretend. You killed Leena
and Madan has been hanged.

You're free. l won't talk.
l've held my tongue until now.

You've saved Rajni,
your family name...

and my life, as well.

l can't survive without her.
l'm grateful to you.

l'm delighted to see
that you're on my side.

l expected that.

He was a fool,
standing up to me.

What if he had
talked in court?

He knew nothing.
He didn't know who fired.

Otherwise, l'd have
implicated Sher Singh.

l play with the law,
though l know it's a crime.

Still, l'm respected in society.
l might have let him go...

but he didn't deserve Rajni.

You're under arrest.

l put the clock back an hour.

Madan is still alive
and will stay alive.

lt's empty.

No use running.

The real murderer has been
caught and you are cleared.

Because of aiding and abetting...

in unlawful activities...

according to Article 409...

you are sentenced
to 3 months imprisonment.