Baat Ban Jaye (1986) - full transcript

Mr. Singh lives a wealthy lifestyle in a mansion named 'Ashiana' on 10th Road, Juhu, Bombay, with his only relative, a niece by the name of Nisha, who is unmarried and runs the family's business that faces strong opposition from Khanna Group of Industries. Singh would like to see her get married but she hates wealthy men. So her uncle finds a poor man, Ajay Srivastav, but subsequently finds out that Ajay is already married and also has 3 daughters; then he decides to get Nisha married to a TV repairman, Yeshwant Bhosle, who ends up being a multi-millionaire after his invention is marketed; then he wants her to get married to Viju Guide, a Hyderabad-based Tourist Guide, who finds buried treasure and also ends up a multi-millionaire; then he wants her to get married to a motor mechanic, Prakash, who, in turn, ends up being the only son of wealthy builder, Jayant Amar Nath, and ends up getting married to his sweetheart and neighbor, Rosy. Finally Nisha meets her ideal match in Rukhtapur-based Suraj Singh, a wedding singer/dancer, and gets married to him - not realizing that Suraj is not who he claims to be and she is merely a pawn in a charade that has been created especially to pull wool over her eyes.

Good morning Ms. Nisha,

we heard you met the
Prime Minister in Delhi?

It was my pleasure talking
with him. - What did you talk?

You don't talk to
PM but listen to him.

Are you establishing
a computer unit in America?

Yes, I am. But not in
America but in this country.

My ventures will be only in India.

As a woman how do you handle
all these responsibilities?

Like a woman should!
Excuse me please.

Sir, the lawyer is
waiting for you. - Lawyer?!

- Mr. Khanna!

Where did you go?

- Airport?

To see Ms. Nisha. A fantastic lady!

Come give me your report.

First listen to the conclusion.

Ms Nisha Singh will never become
Mrs. Khanna. - Why?

What's wrong with the name Khanna?
- Nothing!

What's wrong is your unlimited

wealth, 20 cars and villas!

Your business and
millions in banks.

You mean my attributes
are my weaknesses?

Is Ms Nisha a communist?

No, she believes that rich
men can't be good husbands.

She believes that successful men,

love their success
more than their wives.

That's the limit!

She doesn't understand life!

A traumatic incident
has made her this way.

Her parent's are divorced.

The divorce has
affected her mentally.

How do you know all this?
- Wow.

The one who asked me to
enquire is questioning me!

After thinking about it for 3 days,
I came to a conclusion that

in order to know her, I would
need to befriend her close friend.

On investigating I found that
Nisha had only one close friend.

Ms. Aruna Chaudhary.

And who is Ms. Aruna Chaudhary?

Nisha's personal
secretary and only friend.

Mr. Khanna,
if your Nisha is wonderful,

my Aruna is no less.


you talk as if something's going
on between you and Ms. Aruna..

I'm not a billionaire playboy
like you, but an ordinary lawyer.

I'll marry Aruna soon.

Congratulations once again!

Could you forget your love for a

And tell me about Nisha?

Yes sure, take this.

Her life history. Ms Nisha Singh.

Good morning!

Good morning Aruna!
All set? Let's go.

That way?!

C'mon fast!


68 seconds.

This is Ms Nisha's
history and geography.

Past and present. I don't
know what's in her future.

Her future lies in marrying me
and be a part of my family.

Wow! My family couldn't get
a better daughter-in-law.

And they won't get her.

She absolutely hates
rich people! Hate!

And there's another problem.

You tell me all the problems.

How to solve them is my problem.

Whatever the situation,
I'll make her mine.

Mrs. Ravi Khanna.

It sounds musical!
- It's no use!

Nisha hates the name Ravi Khanna.

Ravi Khanna. I'm sick of that name!

Gentlemen, the sole
purpose of this meeting

is to find out how Ravi Khanna...

gets all our company contracts!

United Steel Tool's
insulation 1.3 millions.

Bharat Rice Mills new
plant 1.7 millions.

Hotel textile's polyester
plant 800,000!

What was Khanna Industries
10 years ago?


And today this group
is competing with us.

Madam, with your permission,
I'd like to say something.

Sure go ahead.

You're aware of our contract
with Verma Industries.

Khanna industries are
interfering here too.

They want to snatch away this too!

I want to discuss
the details with you.

27th at 9 at Nariman point office.
- Hence madam,

Khanna industries is
always one up on us.

You don't have to wait for long
to make an important decision.

You make the decision yourself.

Hence you work too much
with little time to spare.

Mr. Sinha, you're the first one
to say something sensible.

I'll wait for you today
at 3.00 at our Worli office.

The decision will be made today.

Inform the board,
the strike has been resolved

and workers will
start work tomorrow.

Another good-news. There's going to
be a cyclone in Mumbai on the 27th!

- Mr. Cyclone!

Uncle is coming?
- Yes!

We'll have a lot of fun.
- Yes!

Does he have some work?

When I asked he replied?
- What?

I'm not coming on work,
but not without work either.

There isn't any right now hence
am coming for some work.

Did you understand anything?
- How typical!

Don't forget to order
the Glen Forbes whisky. - Ok!

Aruna it's only 6.30,
give me the Apollo Tyre's file.

I think you've forgotten.

What?! - Dinner appointment
with Bharat Sinha.


Did you put ice in champagne?

Yes sir.
- Good!

Waiter, come here. I meant
did you put the champagne in ice?

Sorry sir.
- Good!

- Yes sir.

Is the chef okay? - Yes
but why do you look nervous?

Me and nervous?!

I'm having an attack, and
you ask why am I nervous?

My guest for tonight
is Ms. Nisha Singh!

Why are you so nervous?
- What if you don't like Bharat?

Then you won't marry him,
that's all!

Nisha, Aruna wanted
us to meet since long.

But you know how it is.

There are only 24 hours in a day
and lots of things to do.

Last week I was with
Swaraj Paul in London.

You've been abroad, right? Ok!



This way.

Madam, sir.

You know all the business you got..

Nisha, Mr. Bharat Sinha.


Somebody made me drink
this a few days ago

and tried to have a relation.

Are you trying to do the same?

With you?!

No, I'm not that kind of a boy.
I mean man.

Don't you want to
marry Aruna? - What?!

What did you say?
- Exactly what you heard.

You're saying I don't
want to marry Aruna?

I don't want anything
except marry her.

Actually we both, you must
be joking. - No I'm not.

Didn't you say you didn't
want to be related with me?

Yes or no?
- Yes but..

But the person who marries Aruna
will be my relative automatically.

Anyway discuss dowry.

What can you give?

Dowry? Me?!

Aruna, at least let me have fun!

Congratulations, Mr. Sinha. No,

I won't call you Mr. Sinha.
Congratulations, Bharat.

You're going to marry
a fantastic woman.


Okay, Mrs. Sinha, I'm leaving.
- But dinner?

Have the meat, the bone is leaving.

All right, good night.
- Bye!

God! Is she Nisha or a bomb?

Didn't I tell you?
- Yes you did.

But when this sten
gun finds out that

I'm Ravi Khanna's legal adviser,

What will happen then?

Who knows?
- Who knows!

God, protect my spouse. Please!



'We welcome you.'

Look Aruna.
- Yes?

If work is worship,
I'm here to worship.

I mean marriage!

Marriage! What?

At this age?!
- Why?

There's no age limit for marriage.

Now days people get
married at 80! - What?

Is that what you both want?
- What?

What faces are you making?

Dear, youth and beauty
aren't permanent.

Get married soon.

Else you and Nisha...

will stay spinsters forever.

You were talking about
us getting married?!

I thought that..

If you had sense, you
would've been married now.

Uncle, I've found a boy for myself

But it's difficult to
find a boy for Nisha. - Why?

Is my niece handicapped or blind?

She's young, beautiful and rich.

She's a princess!
- That's the problem!

Your princess doesn't
want a prince.

She wants a simple, decent,

but a poor boy who loves her a lot.

Wow, I didn't know
my niece was so clever.

But the problem is, uncle,

there's a world of difference
between poor boys and Nisha.


Man has reached the moon,
you cry for these worlds?

Don't worry, it's my responsibility
to bring that boy to this world.

Poor boy! No big deal!

'She wants a simple, decent
but a poor boy.'



Dear, is it difficult
to find a poor boy?

It's very easy to find one here.

I'm sorry. Did I disturb you?

No, uncle, sit,
I'll talk to him for 2 minutes.

- Thanks!

Mr. Dharma Adhikari, I can't
help you in this matter.

At least listen to me.

One of the men involved in the
fight is very ill-mannered.

And I'm not defending him,

But the other boy, is very decent.

He didn't even raise his hand.

He was working, came to solve the
fight but got dragged into it.

I understand all this but
who will make Nisha understand?

Only you can.

Believe me madam,

he's a very decent
and respectable boy.

And very poor.

If he loses the job,
he'll die of hunger.

I'm sorry, Dr. Dharma Adhikari.

It's impossible to
change Nisha's mind.

Can I say something?

I pity that poor fellow.

Uncle, your pity won't affect her.

Her decision is strong.

What? I'm her uncle after all!

So doctor..
- My name is Dharma Adhikari.

Yes, I'm so sorry.

You were saying the boy
is very decent and poor.

- How poor is he?

So poor that if he loses
this job, he'll die of hunger.

Excellent! Very good!
- Yes?

You won't understand,
Dr. Dhoti Dhari.

It's Dharma Adhikari.
- Yes, whatever your name is.

The boy is very poor, right?

Aruna, try to understand. Poor.

But you.. - No buts else you'll
remain a spinster all your life.

Yes Dr. Krantikari.

It's Dharma Adhikari.
- I'm sorry!

I'd like to meet this boy.

Sure, he's sitting outside.

Really?! Then Dr. Bramachari,
call him in quickly!

Excuse me, my name
is Dharma Adhikari!

Dharma Adhikari!...

Now send him in.

See how this country
is full of poor?

This is the wonder
of India's population!

The poor sing,
'We 2 and our 102'. - Uncle!

Can I come in?
- Yes come in.

Come son.

It's a pleasure to meet you!

You may leave. This boy is my
responsibility, Dr. Rishwatkhori.

I'll leave.

Come sit here son.

Son, what's your name?
- Ajay Shrivastav.

Wow! What a beautiful

and simple name.

Do you reside with your parents?

My parents expired
when I was a child.

Good. It's very fortunate!

Had they not passed away,
how could you've proved yourself.

Look at me, my parents are alive
hence I depend on them.

First tell me,
what are your hobbies?


I'm a poor man.

I don't have either
money or time for hobbies.

I sometimes paint to
feel better. - Very good!

You're an artist. Like
a miniature god who create.

If you aren't god, you're blessed!

Because henceforth
you'll start a new life.


Uncle, I think...

you should talk
to Nisha first and then...

- Yes?

Do one thing!

come to the bungalow
tomorrow evening at 7:30. - Yes.

As soon as you see Nisha,
fall at her feet.

No, how can you touch her feet.

Ask for forgiveness.
I'll manage the rest.

Will I get my job back?

You'll get lots of things
besides the job.

Do come.
- Yes!

Listen son, don't be late.

Greetings! I'm Ajay Shrivastav.
Sir had called me at 7.30.

- Yes.

Come son.
- Greetings!

What did you do?!

You were in tattered clothes
this morning!

What's this?!

Sir, this is a tie.
- Tie?! This isn't a tie.

It's a noose to my
desires and your future.

Who told you to wear
these disgusting clean clothes?

I was coming to a big house, hence
borrowed my friend's attire.

Am I right sir?
- No way! Remove the tie!


Who is it uncle?


Come son.

Dear, this is poor Shrivastav,
I mean Ajay Shrivastav.

Ajay came to ask you something. But
without asking you, I agreed to it.

Now this old uncle's
dignity is in your hands.

Is there any
difference in you and me?

But who is Mr. Ajay Shrivastav?


I'm one of the 2 workers you fired.

I see! - I investigated and
found that he wasn't to blame.

Because of that scoundrel
he was crushed too. - What?!

This must be his pet name!

No my nickname is Ajju.
- Ajju!


I've promised Ajju that you
would give him his job back.

Because I know that you can never
disappoint a poor man.

Don't go by his clothes they belong
to someone else. Right Ajju?

Madam, honestly,

I didn't fight with anyone.


I'll give you another
chance because uncle said so.

But remember one thing.
- There's no need for buts!

Listen to his attributes.
He's a very good artist.

If he paints your
portrait, you'd be stunned,

and wonder what am I doing
hanging on the wall? - Really?

He's a man with good qualities.
He has no parents.

- We cannot talk like this.

Come over for dinner
someday. What say Nisha?

What?! Dinner?

It'll be fun!

Honey, talk to Ajay.
He's a very interesting boy.

When will you come?

Whenever you say.
I have enough time.

Day after tomorrow. Wednesday.

An auspicious day.

What would you like for dinner?

We poor people can't afford taste.

We eat whatever is cheapest.

An interesting thought!

Poor, should be like him. What
did your mother cook for you?

My niece will
cook and feed you too!

You mean me, uncle!


I'll be happy
to eat what you offer.

I must leave,
I have wasted your time.

Go son.

Ajju, work from tomorrow
and food the day after.

Madam, thank you very much!

Sir, you'll have my
families good wishes!

Wife and children?

Yes sir, hence I was very worried!

I have 3 daughters
Asha, Usha and Lata.

Uncle, since you asked,

my mother cooked delicious
flatbread with brinjal.




- Uncle!

Good morning!

Aruna, what's the time?
My watches aren't working.

Today time has stopped.
- As in?

Nisha, if you keep working
like this, I'll fall ill.

Your life has no day or night,
no Sunday or Monday.

Your whole life is
trapped in these watches.

All watches have
stopped so you're let free.

No office, factory, appointments,
no.. - A complete day off?!

Yes completely!

Then I will sleep!

Good night!

"My beauty and my colour,
and every part of my body."

"My beauty and my colour,
and every part of my body."

"All say they miss someone."

"All say they miss someone."

"My beauty and my colour,
and every part of my body."

"All say they miss someone."

"All say they miss someone."

"My beauty and my colour,
and every part of my body."

"An unseen stranger,
wonder who is he"

"Yet he is familiar.
Wonder who is he."

"The man crazy about me,
wonder who is he"

"The man crazy about me,
wonder who is he"

"Climate, dust and every flower."

"All tell me they miss someone."

"All say they miss someone."

"My beauty and my colour,
and every part of my body."

"Perhaps he has forgotten the way."

"He's a stranger,
what does he know?"

"Wind, go and tell him."

"Wind, go and tell him."

"My heart and its every desire
says it misses someone"

"All say they miss someone."

"My beauty and my colour"

"Every part of my body."

Hello. Yes.

Sir, a call for you.

- Hello uncle, this is Aruna.

I'll be late. If Bharat arrives,
could you please make him seated.

Would I make your fiance stand?

You think I'm an idiot.

No uncle, I thought
you may have forgotten.

This is my first
meet with your fiance,

How can I forget
this important occasion?

I've been waiting since half
an hour... I guess, he's come.

My name is Bhosle. Yashwant
Bhosle. Video mechanic.

Please come.


Come son, I've been
waiting for you.

I am Nisha's uncle.

Forgive me I was
late because of the bus.

Bus, don't you
have a car? - Car? No.

Very good!
You should be like that.

Why need a car when you have legs!

Sir, where is it?
- Sir?

Nowadays it isn't sir, son.

Nowadays It is Padhamshree
Padhamabhusan etc.

I wasn't 'Sir' even before 1947.

I was only legs.

Son-in-law, your
favourite Glen Fobs.

No soda, no water only ice.

My name isn't son-in-law.

If it isn't, it will be. Drink!

Will I get intoxicated by this?

No son. When is alcohol
ever intoxicating?



How is work going?

Better now, last year it was bad.

That had to happen, since you
didn't know Aruna then.

I didn't understand.

What is Aruna got
to do with my job?

Her blessing have made you
promote. My Aruna is a goddess.

Goddess! Like goddess Shantoshi?


Lawyer, after marriage,

you'll know it's easier to
please a goddess than a wife.

Lawyer? Wedding?!

Sir, I'll go out for a while.
- Why?

Can't you sit and talk to me?

You have no peace without Aruna?

What are you saying, sir?

I'm joking! I can joke too!

Anyway, have you decided the rest?

What? I've a fixed rate.
- Fixed rate?

It's my business. In business..
- You've come for business?

You think I'm here to drink?

The marriage with Aruna?
- Can't happen!

I'm only... My only
interest is video and TV.

Video and TV?
- Yes.

You scoundrel!

No wonder you weren't happy
to see me.

You knew I'd see through you.

Good evening!
- A very bad evening.

It's your business to trap rich
girls but Aruna isn't so stupid!

When she gets here, we'll talk
about TV, video and fixed rate.

Excuse me,
how are you related to Aruna?

See even a stranger has
so much respect for Aruna.

When I don't know Aruna,
why should I respect her?

The lawyer is changing the topic.

You're a lawyer too?
- Not just that

but also son-in-law
according to him.

Son-in-law? Then who am I?
- Good question, who are you?

I am Bharat Sinha, Aruna's..
- Yes Aruna's..

But then who are you?
- He's a fool!

- I am a TV mechanic.

Why didn't you tell me?
- Did you ever give a chance?

TV and video are upstairs,
go check them.

He sat with me to drink.
It's expensive!

God, save this poor.
- Poor!

Listen son!
- God, help me!

Are you poor?
- What do you think?

You seem very poor.
- Yes!

Are you married?
- No.

Do you've daughters named
Lata Asha and Usha? - No.

Do you like flatbread stuffed
with radish and brinjal?

- No.

Hearing about it
gives me indigestion.

Very good! Go do your work.

Remember god and
me are with you.


Lawyer, do you like this boy?

He's a drunkard.
- What?

I mean he drinks. - I know that,
I only made him have it.


How will he be for the marriage?

Marriage! With whom?

- What!

Good evening, uncle! Bharat.
- Good evening!

Didn't Aruna come? - Aren't you
at peace without Aruna?

To tell the truth, I'm not.

She must be on her way.

What is it dear, you look tired.

There was a lot of work today.

Exhaustion is all over your face.
Go upstairs and freshen up?

Let me talk to Bharat for a while.

Bharat isn't running away.

You've come straight from work.
Go upstairs and freshen up.

Okay. Bharat, I'll be right back.
- Okay.

Do you really want Nisha...

to marry that drunkard?

Wait and watch what happens next!

"When you're sleeping.."

"When you come too close to me,
look what happens to me."

"How do I tell you
what you do to me?"

""How do I tell you..."

Don't move!

Now come out slowly.


Hands up.

Who are you and how
did you come here?

My name is Yashwant Rao Bhosle.

Mukampost, Gambhul pada,

Taluka Sudhgadh, district Alibag.

My father and grandfather
for the past 3 generations..

I don't want to listen
to your life history. - Yes.

How did you get in here?
- By the stairs madam.

What were you doing hiding here?

I was repairing the video.
- You were repairing the video?!

Yes I'm a video mechanic, madam.

Why didn't you tell me before?
- You didn't give me the chance to.

I'm extremely sorry,
put your hands down.

Put your pistol down.
- I'm sorry!

Don't get me wrong.

Why shouldn't I?

That old man down gave me rum
and got me drunk.

You're waving a gun
and making me sweat.

Old man!

He may look young to you,
but he's old! And crazy too!

As I stepped in, he called me
his son-in-law, then a lawyer,

later gave me alcohol
and got me drunk.

He offered me drinks.
Nothing to eat.

Will that not make an empty stomach
burn? What this world will turn to?

You sit.

I'll bring you something to eat.

Hail lord Ganpati!


Uncle, you should've told me
there's someone in my room.

Why? Did he misbehave?

No he's a very decent man.
- Damn!

Why did you make him drink?
- That's a long story.

I thought he was Bharat.

- Yes,

I offered him drinks.

When I realized my mistake,
I forgot to tell you.

Well what did you both talk about?

What else?

He was praising you.
- Yes, he must have.

Give that to me, I'll take it.
A guest is like god.

No, you don't I'll take it,
you sit with Bharat.

She herself took it.
- Yes!

Hail the god of the poor!

Lawyer, can we call Bismilla Khan
to play the flute at the wedding?

Uncle, you've already
planned their marriage!

I don't understand something.
He'll repair the TV and go.

Then how will they meet again?

Very simple.

The things that are
repaired can spoil again.

Don't worry that's
my responsibility.

What will happen when a bull
enters a glass showroom.

He will smash into the glasses
and they'll break into pieces.

The same will happen here too.

As long as that old man smashes
into things with his horns.

Nothing will be safe. Never.

Is it possible that I repair
the TV and it gets spolt again?!

Greetings, Mr. Bhosle!
- Damn! What greeting and..

You're here.
- Yes, this is my bedroom.

How did this stop working again?

Don't know. Uncle said
last night, suddenly.. - Uncle?!

You mean that crazy bald
old man is your uncle?

- A pity.

My uncle is old but not crazy.

Why does he irritate you so much?

Because of this.

It's been an hour an a half!

You tell me how things
must be proceeding between them.

I think there must be a
serious problem with the TV.

The poor fellow must
be busy repairing it.

Foolish girl! I'll tell you!

They must be talking about love.

Two souls will be meeting, two
hearts will beating as one,

two spirits uniting!

This TV didn't just get ruined.

It was hit with a hammer.


Who would hit a TV with a hammer?

That bald bull.

Your uncle.

This is too much Mr. Bhosle! It's a
machine. It can stop working!

I'm a scientist.

I can't bear to listen
to anything against machines.

You're a scientist too?

You're asking me whether
I'm a scientist?!

You would be shocked when
you see my inventions!

Then show me! - You'll see
one as soon as I leave.

Ask me how?

If anyone tries to ruin
this TV or video again,

his face will be ruined.

Mr. Bhosle!
- Greetings.

Have you been called again?
- No, I came just like that.

Is everyone fine at home?
- Yes.

- I'm just asking.

I have a small gift for you.


You said you wanted to
see my new invention,

so meet him.

This is an earthquake indicator.

Bhosle invention number 503.

If there's to be an
earthquake in Mumbai,

it will ring 6.59
minutes in advance.

It's very useful.

We can only know that 6.59
minutes before earthquake.

It's a pity that in
our country every year,

there are cyclones, storms,

famines, floods
but never an earthquake.

Mr. Bhosle, I don't
know much about this but..

It's shameful that
an educated girl like you

doesn't know much
about electronics.

There's a science
exhibition in Churchgate.

Go and watch what inventions
the world has made.

Yes dear, go and see
what's happening in the world.

Bhosle will join you
and explain everything.


- Yes?


Bharat you're unnecessarily
worried. That can never happen.

Why not?

If she wants it can happen.

Till now he came to repair TV.
Today they've gone out together!

Things are progressing
Mr. Khanna! Do something!

Before the golden bird
goes out of your hand.

Don't worry lawyer.

I'm an experienced hunter.

However high this bird flies,

it cannot escape from my aim.

They are very decent people.
- But you're stupid!

Problems keep coming with their
video, and they keep calling you.

And today Nisha
herself dropped you home.

You've also been invited for
dinner! Don't you get it?!

What's there to understand?

Your Nisha wants to become
my sister-in-law.

Sir you?!

I want to meet your brother.

I'll call him, please have a seat.

Sir, I apologize.

I shouldn't have asked Usha
to type my letter at work.

It's my fault, not hers.


Punish me however you want,

but please don't fire her.

Bhosle, you're talking
about punishment.

I'm here to reward you.

- Yes!

You're a genius!

I guess you're unaware how useful
your inventions could be.

My inventions and useful?
- Yes.

This is a small gift.

There's only a million here.

Mr. Bhosle, you're a scientist
and I'm a businessman.

If we work together,

I can assure you that you'll
become a millionaire soon.

Did you understand.


You mean..

You mean millionaire that comprises
of many hundred thousands?

Yes, the same ones that
comprises of a few thousands.

I'm sure you know
what a thousand is.

Hail Lord Ganpati!

Om is the truth!

Om is the truth!

Hail the god of
the poor, you're great!

- I'm here, dear.

What is it?
You seem very happy today!

Any good news for me?
- Yes!

Look! Mr. Bhosle's invention
has stunned the world.

Wow, this is a terrific news!

You agree to it.
I'll amaze you more!

- Yes dear, say.

Uncle, Yashwant Rao Bhosle
is now a millionaire.

I knew he's a lucky husband.

Uncle, a millionaire!

Hence.. What?!
- Yes.

Yes, Mr. Bhosle is a millionaire!

In a few days he'll
beome a billionaire.

Billionaire! This means...


This means, now Mr. Bhosle
won't come here to repair the TV.

There's still time for
things to work out, uncle.

No! Scoundrel! Idiot!


Laugh your heart out!

Now the video mechanic is a
millionaire, there's no danger.

Mr. Khanna, I felt as though

you've lost the game for
the first time in life.

The game has just begun.
My life has no place for defeat.

What I don't understand is,

I told you Nisha hates the wealthy.

And you're aware, she can't
stand the name Ravi Khanna.

Despite this how are you so sure?


Life's a game

that must be either played with
confidence or not played at all.

Life has only taught me to win.

Khanna hates unsuccessful as much
as, Nisha hates the Khanna name.

Now that she's in Hyderabad,
we can sleep in peace for 3-4 days.

Why, isn't poverty there?

Aruna, what kind
of place is this?

I haven't seen any
poor since half an hour!

What's the use of democracy?

Please uncle! We've failed twice!
I can't endure another.

For god's sake,
stop this for a few days.

Good morning sir!
- Good morning!

Good morning, ma'am.
- Thank you.

- Yes sir?

Do you work here?
- Yes, any problems here sir?

How can we have problems with
people like you working here?

Am at your service sir.

Yes I won't call anyone except you.

Thank you! Father told me
to take good care of you.

Whose dad? - This hotel
belongs to my dad.

I'm Vicky Menon. undergoing
training. - Vicky!

Good morning uncle!
- Good morning.

Good morning Aruna!
- Good morning!

Sorry I made you wait. Shall we?
- Come. Let's go.

Nisha is here.

Good morning ma'am.
- Good morning.

Come. This is your guide.

Greetings. This poor man is
known as Viju Guide.

Wow! Destiny! Jackpot!

'Atmosphere is filling
the garden with colour.

So the flower
business can flourish.'

This building was constructed
200 years ago in1803. - Great!

Col. Achilles Patrick designed it.

Later King Shahan Shah
Azam bestowed upon him

the title of Navab Hassan Bahadhur.

- Very nice!

This mansion with an
area of 80 acres has 240 rooms.

It's a very important historical
structure in southern India.

Hang on son.

Dear, won't you click a snap
of this beautiful structure?

Yes uncle.
- Yes, take it.

Nisha, you're taking a snap?


Amazing son!
You have great potential!

I've never met anyone
as knowledgeable as you.

How do you remember so much?

Sir, this is my business.

If I don't show my
potential, who will pay me?

Yes, correct! And without money
how will your family survive?


My parents expired when I was
child. - I knew it when I saw you.

If not parents then
what about wife or kids?

I only have one whom
I can call my own.

Who is that?
- Me, myself.

Now we are all set.

Listen son, here's
some priceless advice.

Never invent anything.


I don't understand. - You don't
need to. I'll invent something.



Uncle, give this to Vijay.

What is it dear, a letter?

Why would I write to him?
It's his fees. - All right.

Mumbai isn't so hot?

Thank you very much Vijay.
We'll meet tomorrow.

Come Aruna.
- Greetings.

Okay, greetings!
- When will you come tomorrow?

Whenever you say.

At 9.30.
- As you say, sir.

I'll wait for you all at the lobby.

Why, lobby?
How dare you say that?!

Are you a stranger? No!
You come to the room directly.

Room 116. And take this dowry.

- I mean your fees.

Pardon my mistakes.

I don't understand what you mean.

That will take some time son.

That TV mechanic
couldn't understand me.

Anyway we can chat tomorrow.

You come upstairs directly.
Room number 116.

"The promises of seasons.
The climate says"

Greetings. Am I late?
- No!

Today we might not be comming.

Why? - Uncle is unwell
since last night.


Who is it, Nisha?

Come in.
- It's Viju Guide.


He's unwell?

What can I say? Last night
he said he had a headache.

Then the throat pain. This
morning he has a stomach ache,

and now he says his legs ache.

My whole body is aching, dear.
- Uncle.

This is called
as Hong Kong illness.


Hammer? What is he saying?

Didn't you call a doctor?

I've been telling him since
morning, but he refuses. - No!

No doctor can treat
my illness dear.

Only you can treat it.


My life is at your disposal.

Son, there's only one medicine.

To talk less. Solitude.

If I stay in this room
alone for the whole day,

you'll see me jumping
around after you return.

I think we should
leave uncle alone.

You go with him.

I'll stay in my room, what
if uncle needs something then.

That'll be fine.

That'll be fine.

I have nothing to
fear if Aruna's here.

She'll be talking
with the lawyer,

and I could rest here calmly.

I'm saying,

if he feels better when we he is
alone, then it's good to leave.

Uncle is very stubborn.

Aruna, I'll leave.

I'll call to find how uncle is.
- Okay.

They've gone.

Uncle, things are set!

"The thing should work."

- Excuse me, I'll be right back.

"The thing should work"

Walk carefully,

the steps are very old.

Who know when they might slip?

This way.

Where have you brought me?

The past.

History isn't only
about places and structures.

It isn't always written on
silver paper with a golden pen.

Can this place too
have a history? - Yes.

Even this ruin has its own story.

There's a beautiful
love story beneath

these mute stones.
- Then say.

"In this place. In this ruin."

"In this desolate place."

"It's said that two lovers met.
Once upon a time."


"One was a nomad, the
other was a princess."

"One was a nomad,
the other was a princess."

"This place narrates
their love story."

"This place narrates
their love story."

"One was a nomad,
the other was a princess."

"How they met, how
destiny played its game."

"Once, the nomad
passed by the castle."

"It's a tradition for nomads
to sing. He played a song."

"When she heard his voice,"

"the princess just squirmed!"

"She ordered this requester
to be present before her"

"She ordered this requester
to be present before her"

"Once, the nomad passed
by the castle."

"After hearing the princess'
name, the nomad greeted her."

"Love played its trick. The heart
gave a message to the other heart."

"All people tell the truth."

"The disease called
love is very grave."

"The victim is always restless!"

"The nomad kindled a fire
in the princess's heart."

"The nomad kindled a fire
in the princess's heart."

"One was a nomad,
the other was a princess."

"One night, the princess came
laden with diamonds and pearls."

"She said, I'm ready,
I've left my house."

"The nomad said no."

"Throw away the
diamonds and pearls."

"We have to live and die on love."

"What do we have
to do with wealth?"

"Love, in a moment made the tall
wall of the world collapse."

"Love, in a moment made the tall
wall of the world collapse."

"One was a nomad, the
other was a princess."

"This place narrates
their love story."

"One was a nomad,
the other was a princess."

I think they are born
only to meet each other.

But tomorrow we are back to Mumbai.
What then? - Hammer!

Yes? - Like lord Shiv's trident.
Lord Hanuman's mace.

As it my hammer.

I don't understand.

We have to take our son-in-law
to his in-laws place.

That's the problem, right?
- Correct.

The solution is Nisha has
a travel agency in Mumbai.

Yes. - We can call
Vijay there for a job.

They can meet in office,
and he can visit us at home.

Problem solved.
- Uncle, you're a genius.

You realized now?
- They are here.

Come dear!
- Hello!

How are you feeling?
- Absolutely fine, dear.

Here's some good news.

What? - I've offered Vijay
a job in my travel agency.

So much joy at this
age is unable to bear!

Son, aren't you happy?

I'm lucky for you to
think I'm capable of this.

Okay. Vijay, see you in Mumbai.

I'll definitely be there.
- All the best!


How was your day?
- She's a very nice lady.

Vijay, you come to Mumbai and rule.

- I can't say how happy I am!

Sir, can I say something?

The day I saw Nisha
for the first time,

I said to myself,

Viju, the doors of
destiny are going to open!

And it has!

With your permission, I'll leave.

- Greetings.

Hail god of the poor, you're great!


'I know your dreams for tomorrow.
But don't forget your past.'

'The history which
gave you life, support,'

'won't you look at it again?'

'Won't you say goodbye?'

"One night the princess came
laden with diamonds and pearls."

"She said, I'm ready,
I've left home."

"The nomad said no."

"Throw away the
diamonds and pearls."

Uncle, only god knows
whether I'm lucky or not.

But I didn't know Nisha
was unlucky.

First you tried to
make her Mrs. Bhosle.

Now Mrs. Nisha Guide.

What's next, Mrs. Nisha Smuggler?

Don't ruin what's happening.

Didn't Kalidas say
what's in a name!

Uncle that was Shakespeare,
not Kalidas.

When there's nothing in a name
what difference does it make?

Really uncle,

if you were a lawyer, by now all
the judges would've resigned.

I got to suffer the consequence
of Nisha's stupidity.

What mistake did I do, uncle?


You should've waited for me before
saying yes to him for Aruna.

Had I been there then...

He's coming by the
afternoon train today.

- That Kalidas.


Don't hear to this fooI,
Viju is coming.

Don't worry uncle,

I told the manager to take
him directly to office.

And I told him to
bring home directly.

Dear, he's coming from far.
He'll be tired and...


Who has come?


Greetings uncle.

Uncle, do you remember,

Didn't I say I'm going to get lucky
the first time I met Ms. Nisha?

Excuse me!

Are you Viju Guide?
- I was.

Now I'm Vijay Thakhderwala.

- Yes?

There's a saying, 'when god
gives, he gives open-heartedly'.

But for me he opened the ground.

Remember the story, about
the princess and the nomad?

Before leaving to Mumbai, I went
to bid farewell to the ruin.

I found jewels on the ground and
took them to the government.

The government gave
me 40% tax free.. - Vijay!

Don't worry Mr. Sinha,

Aruna knows better
about this contract,

She'll be in Delhi by tomorrow,

and stay there till the
negotiations are complete.

Right! Bye.

Good news Nisha! We've
bagged the FCI contract!

We've won against
Khanna Industries this time.


Khanna Industries
didn't float a tender.


That's exactly what I'm thinking!

It's a big contract,

What's Mr. Ravi Khanna doing?

No one has benifited
by filing a case.

Will Mr. Jankidas suffer a loss?

Yes, his time and
money will be wasted.

We'll be profited from his loss,

File a case Bharat.

But not from here,

file it from Delhi, Punjab,
Kashmir, Kanyakumari, Bhatinda.

Make Mr. Jankidas run so much,

he won't dare betray
the Khanna family again.

Okay. As you wish.

Any news about Nisha?
- She's fine.

But I thought you aren't
interested in her anymore.

Never Bharat.

Look at her strengths.

After meeting her,
2 poor men became rich.

If Nisha could make
them billionaires,

what could she do for us?

Okay, I'll leave.
- Bharat, meet Ms. Seema.

He's my friend, Mr. Bharat.

- Hello.

Seema is my fiance.
- Fiance?!

You never told me
you got engaged...

Certain things should be said

at the right time.
- Yes.

Okay, I'll leave. Congratulations!
- Thanks.

Darling, how was your swim?

What happened?
- Nothing.

Darling, what happened?

We've got engaged for
more than a year.

I have a feeling,
I'll stay your fiance forever.

You'll never marry me.

No, it won't stop.

No one stops at such a place.

You spend millions on a car

then why not hire an expert
driver who knows about cars?

This fool doesn't
know anything besides

the petrol tank and steering.

It's of no use!

Driver, enough!

Get a taxi. We can't wait longer.

Forget this car for 6 months. Once
it goes to the garage, that's it.

Uncle, I have an idea.

We have a total of 50-60 cars,

including office
and personal vehicles.

Why don't we start a garage?

I'll discuss this with Aruna.

Excuse me.

- Are you a mechanic?


My car has broken down. I'll be
grateful if you take a look.

All right!

What will he know?

We can tell from his face
he's never seen a Mercedes.

At least give him a chance.

Your car is fine now. Something
was stuck in the carburettor.

But get it to a garage soon.

It needs to be serviced
immediately. - Amazing!

Son, you're a magician!

No, I'm a small mechanic,

who's never seen a Mercedes.

A poor mechanic,
hail the god of the poor!

Can I ask you a question?
- Yes.

Are you poor?
- What?

You're poor, right?

Weird! People ask for name,
address, business, religion.

After 25 years someone
asked for my status.

25 years!

Perfect! Absolutely fine!

But you haven't replied.

Sir, I'm very poor compared to you
guys. - Excellent. Very good!

Take this.

This much money for little work?

Yes. But you have
to do something more.

I'm tired of Mumbai's garages.

It takes very long
for a car to get serviced.

You're a competent mechanic.

After you finish your work in the
evening and tend to our cars,

I'd be very happy.
We'll pay you what you want.

Okay. sir, I'll come.
Give me your address.

Wonderful! Address is Ashiana,
10th road, Juhu.

Ashiana, 10th road, Juhu.

Come son!

I've become a watch
waiting for you.

Is it any occasion?

The house seems to be decorated.
- Not the house, the garage.

Come son.

Where do I start?

Start with this car.
- What's wrong with it?

That's your job.
My job is only to...


What's your name son?

What's a better name than son?

I haven't heard this
name since ages.

Okay, then so be it.

I hope that, one day...



Since you're coming
here in the evenings,

does It upset your family?

I don't have a family,
I'm all alone. An orphan.


That movie was a big hit.

Consider that story as my life.


You're poor and orphan.
BA, M.A. Wow!

Do you invent anything at home?

'Invent'. Rajesh Khanna from
a mechanic to a billionaire.

That happens in movies.
Not in life.

Unfortunately that
happens in reality too!

Haven't you heard
of Yashwant Rao Bhosle?

Yes! The one who came
in the newspapers?

He was literate.
I'm an illiterate.

Iliterate! Wow! PhD!

Last question!

What will you do if
you find a treasure?

I'll throw it away.
I'm a hard worker, sir.

Dilip Kumar. If money doesn't
have the fragrance of my sweat,

I won't accept it.

Great! Say that dialogue again.

- Yes?

Where are all the drivers?

Your blue Mercedes broke down on
the highway. They went to get it.

All of them?
- Yes!

One will steer, the rest will push.

Then he'll repair it.

Greetings, madam.
- Greetings. How are you?

I'm fine.

I have a party to attend.
Who'll take me?

How do I know?

I could drop you madam.

Yes, he'll be fine.
- No, don't take the trouble?

I have to test this car anyway.
I could do both together.

- All right. Thank you!

Don't wait for me, I'll be late.

That you'll be.

The later you be,
the work will be faster.

What's your name?
- Prakash.

I'm sorry, Prakash.
You're late because of me.

No madam, Can I ask you
something? - Of course.

Does your uncle stay with you?
- Yes. Why?

He's an interesting person.

He called me son
in our second meet!

Dear lord!

Madam, can I have a look?
Only 2 minutes. - Sure.

Hi darling!

Who are you waiting for
in this lonely place?

Not you.
- What a melodious voice!

Your delicate neck is loaded!

Let me lighten your burden.

Beautiful hands!
Must not get twisted!

Salty fingers.
Shall I taste them.

Great! I told you...

Please come.

Come in please.
This is my small house.

Sit down.

I'll be right back.

Aunt, bring some hot water.



What happened?
Why are you shouting?

Get Dettol and cotton quickly.

He's been in another fight.
- Give it to him.

Where are you hurt?
- I'm not hurt, Ms Nisha is.

I'll be right back.

Where are you hurt? - Don't worry!
It's a small wound.

A small injury can also
cause become big. Show me!

So you fought again.

I had to.

I was dropping madam home. Goons
tried to snatch madam's jewellery.

Madam? I work in the
evening at her place. Ms. Nisha!

You've started social work again.

You still have
sympathy for the rich.

You risked your life to
save that woman's jewellery?

Speak softly, she'll hear.
- Let her! I don't care!

I know these rich people very well.

After their job is done,
they don't even look back.

Stop your nonsense!
- No!

C'mon, put the medicine.
- I can't.

Do it yourself if you want to.

Rosy, aren't you ashamed of
misbehaving with a guest?

No, because rich people aren't
worthy of being called guests.

Stay in her house as a guest
after our homes are demolished.

Why will houses be demolished?

A rich like you deceived us
and took over this colony.

He made us sign papers by
enticing us with a house,

water and electricity.

Now we found that the building
is to be built for the rich.


What has madam to
do with our problems?

That's right.

What has Nisha to
do with our problems?

Don't be offended
about what she said.

We're very worried these days.

I apologize for Rosy's behaviour.

I felt the pain behind
Rosy's behaviour.

Who betrayed you all?

His name is Jainth Amar Nath.

Jainth Amar Nath, Lion builders.

I took Nisha home,

applied medicine to her wound
and got her back.

That's wonderful!

I never thought the
path would be smooth.

This is the first time Nisha
went to someone's house?

She wasn't willing to come.

I forced her because
she was bleeding.

That's the pity.
No one could force Nisha.

You continue.

If you force Nisha,
you'll have good results.

Forgive me, Sometimes
I don't understand you.

You will, when the time comes.

Tell me something,

whenever we give
the car to a mechanic

he goes beneath the car to check.

Hence I thought all the
parts of the car are below.

But you haven't gone beneath
not even once in these 2 days.

Check below too.

First we have to find
the problem from the top,

then go down to repair it.

Now I'm going down,
get me some water. - Sure.

- Greetings.

I'm glad I've met you.
- What is it?

It's a pity,
I couldn't help you out.

I spoke to Amar Nath
but he's a rude man!

I told him to not to make
you vacate your land,

but he didn't listen.

You spoke to him for us?
- Yes.

Get me all your documents
regarding this case.

I want to show it to someone.

Ms. Nisha, why are you
doing all this for us?


What's that noise?

Prakash, you said we would not be
able to do the veneration ceremony

since our colony is to be razed.

Yes! We received a
notice from the court.

We've received a stay order
from the same court.

Stay order! What?

The biggest court is
that of god, Prakash.

When the Goddess herself
wants the veneration,

who can flout her wishes?


Do you know which goddess is
responsible for all this, Rosy?

What do you mean?

Goddess Nisha.

This is all thanks to her.

What are you saying?
- Yes.

Some time ago...

Wow! Fantastic!

Surrounded by greenery
on all sides,

whiter than milk,
my bungalow of marble.

at the front....

A beautiful rose garden

And behind it,

a tennis court,

swimming pool
and rooms for the dogs.

Hail god!

Who is this monkey?

Our elders say monkeys are
human beings' ancestors.

So you can call me father.

Who's this rogue?

You don't know me, I know you
very well! Mr. Jayant Amar Nath.

The whole world knows me.
- They don't know the real you.

You're a demon, who sucks the
poor's blood for your pleasure!

Our blood will be very expensive
for you, Mr. Amar Nath.

I have a habit of getting
expensive things for free.

So are you a
scoundrel and a wretch!

Dogs like you lie beneath my cars.

But not this time, because
the law is on my side today.

The rich think the law
will always do their bidding.

But that same law has
supported us today.

Look at this. A stay order.

I forgot that in a war you must
never consider your opponent weak.

Whether it's a woman or a child.

What are you doing
here at this hour Prakash?

We got the stay order
and we know you're responsible.

Did you think
I wouldn't come to thank?

There isn't any need to thank.

I thought of you as my own
and did what I could.

One should help their own.

But that isn't nice.

Because now I have a request
thinking of you as my own.


Do you want me to go inside?
- No, this isn't a secret.

It isn't a secret?!

Nisha, we are having a celebration,
because of the stay order.

If you come,
we'll be doubly happy!

Sure, why not!
She'll certainly go.

Right from childhood she enjoys
dancing and singing in colonies.

I'm sorry Prakash but I have
a very important appointment.

Because of one appointment,
you can't disappoint so many!

That's unfair!


I'll come, but a little late.

We'll wait for you
however late it may be.

All right, goodnight.
- I'll take your leave sir.

Son, you have my blessings,

so that my desires come true.

Oh God.



Yes uncle, what news
do you have for me?

A lot, dear. Enough
to fill the whole Times!

For now, listen to the headlines.
I've found a poor boy for Nisha.

Oh uncle, not again!

Yes, his name is Prakash Mechanic.

He has studied only till 3rd
grade. - Prakash Mechanic?

Yes, the time from mechanic
to owner is nearing.

Return quickly, we have to make
arrangements for two weddings.

Uncle, where is Nisha?

She has gone with Prakash
mechanic to the colony to disco.

Imagine Prakash
and Nisha playing hide and seek

in the colony.

"Darling, you're a
guest in my heart."

"Darling, you're a guest
in my heart."

"Meet me; you aren't
a stranger to me."

"Meet me; you aren't
a stranger to me."

"You're in my eyes,
breath and dreams."

"My life, where are you going?"

"Darling, you're a guest
in my heart."

"Darling, you're a guest
in my heart."


"Let our eyes meet."

"When we talk,
things will work out."

"When we talk,
things will work out."

"I can't sleep the entire night."

"I can't sleep the entire night."

"You aren't an innocent girl."

"Meet me; you aren't
a stranger to me."

"Meet me; you aren't
a stranger to me."

"In your love."

"Defamed in your love."

"Thinking of you, I've
forgotten my own name."

"I've forgotten my own name."

"Now you're my identity."

"Darling, you're a guest
in my heart."

"Darling, you're a guest
in my heart."

"I had once.."

"I had once prayed for
a beloved like you."

"I had once prayed
for a beloved like you."

"My lover, thank you."

"My lover, thank you."

"I've been obliged by you."

"Darling, you're
a guest in my heart."

"You aren't unknown to me."

"You're in my eyes,
you're in my breath."

"My life, where are you going?"

"Darling, you're a guest
in my heart."

"Darling, you're a guest
in my heart."

Black clouds float
in the sky Mr. Pratap.

Ms Nisha Singh's interference
can prove to be dangerous for us.

Sir, how can a woman hurt you?

Had she been just a woman
there would be nothing to worry.

She wants to be the messiah of
the poor and protect my enemies.

May I ask you something?
- Yes.

Why do hate the poor so much?

Because of them
I'm all alone in the world.


twenty years ago,

when I wasn't what I am,

I used to be the poor man's friend.

I had a family then,

a wife and an innocent son.

One day, when I returned home

I found my home had
turned into a graveyard.

My world had been reduced to ashes,

because of those friends,
those poor people.

Since that day, I consider
the poor to be my enemy.

So, is everything arranged?
- Yes boss.

Today will be the climax.

As soon as Aruna arrives, I'll get
both my daughters married.

No! Brothers, everyone
has to die one day.

But very few die with dignity.

Will all of you support me?
- Yes, we are all with you.

We are all with you.

What's the need for all this?

When Ms Nisha has found us
another place. - Try to understand!

We aren't fighting for
shelter but our land!

Ms Nisha, we never
experienced a mother's love,

but this slum has brought me up

like a mother with
love and affection.

Does anyone abandon his own
mother for a stepmother?

Understood, Inspector?

If my plan succeeds, there'll
be no slums in this city.

These aren't just slums,
but a cancer attacking the city.

It must be eradicated.

But where
will these poor people...

They'll move out of the city,
will come to work for us on foot.


why not burn the slum
instead of demolishing it?

Even dry sticks
are here for burning.

Mr. Inspector, control them.
They want to obstruct it.

No Mr. Inspector, we
won't obstruct anything.

I knew it! Cowards!

But we won't move from the road!

These bulldozers can
move over our dead bodies.


I've heard a land irrigated
with blood is more fertile.

My Nisha will be a widow
even before she get married?!

Oh Mr. Poor, where are you?

Don't obstruct else
we'll have to use force.

Take them.
- Come, Rosy. You come, too.

Catch this rascal, he's the
root cause of all problems.


Munna! My son!


- My name isn't Munna.

Son, your name is Munna,
you're my son.

That's your birthmark!
You're my lost child.

No! I can't be your son.
I'm a poor orphan.

No! You aren't poor; or an orphan!

You're a millionaire,
heir to all my wealth.

I can't.

Why son?
- For a house of my own,

I can't see them all
rendered homeless.

They won't be rendered homeless.

I'll construct houses of cement
for them. I'll make a heaven!

I swear! Come with me.
- Father, you're so kind.

But if you want your son, you have
to accept your daughter-in-law too.

- Yes.

Am I so blessed that
I have a daughter-in-law too?

Who is she, son?

Go, Nisha, don't delay.

Hail the saint of the poor.

Go Rosy!

Can I go brother?
- Go, sister.


I can't tolerate anymore.

There's one option.
- No!

Pundit Bhavishyanarayan Agnihotri.

Sage! Why isn't he
answering my question?

Because he doesn't know.
He's silent.

Foolish disciple, you're taking
advantage of the sage's silence.

I don't know the answer!
I myself am the question.

My name is Pundit Chakravyuh
Bhavishyanarayan Agnihotri.

Everything in this world knows me.

And I know everything
in this world.

From politics to
experience to snakes.

Even sexual diseases fear me.

Child you've come to me,

hence you'll pass
the examination.

Saint, are you really
sure I'll pass?

I haven't answered
half the papers.

Whether you answer the examinations
or not, give me my donation.

Fill my grail with notes,
my bag with money.

And I'll fill your
brain with knowledge.

As you say, saint.

- Yes sage?

- Coin!

Foolish child, you'll
pass the examinations,

but with a third class and
you'll be jobless all your life.

Saint, you handle my exams,
I'll take care of my life.

He shook my seat and went away.

- Saint!

The sage is angry, if anyone wants
to ask something, ask, or leave.

Go. Calm down, sage!

xxx. Sage!

Disciple, we are done.
- No!

Take out the cigarette.

Take out!

So small? - Things are
very expensive these days.

Light it. Don't burn
the beard, it's rented.

Oh disco dancer,

who is this beast with beauty?


This is the same Ms Nisha, whose
uncle made an appointment with you.

Ms Nisha, a millionaire!

Then sit on the seat, stub out the
cigarette and put up the ladder.


Be happy forever.

The saint is calling you.

What a fortune.

The Moon enters
scorpion through Gemini.


The saint wants to see your hand.

Very beautiful!

Your name starts with the
letter N and ends with an A.

You're still unmarried.

And even if you're married,
it won't last long.

Your dead brother's name is
Ashoka the great.

And even if it's not, it must've
been in a previous birth.

Your daughter's name starts
with K and ends with R.

And if not, then change it or she
will change you. Any question?

Saint, I want to ask you
a small question. - Ask!

When will my niece get married?

She'll definitely get
married to a respectable, .

Educated, strong, sexy,
and rich man.

A rich man?
- Yes, a millionaire!

No, don't say that.

Don't use the word rich,
my niece hates that word.

Very surprising!

You hate the word
'millionaire'? Why?

Because Pundit - No,
child not in English.

Yes, tell me the reason.

Because a rich person is
only concerned about money.

Absolutely right.

God doesn't reside in the heart
of people...

who have lots of money.

His heart consist of
bundles of notes only.

A person without god in his heart
isn't a human being, but a devil.

I bless you, so you marry...

the poorest person of the century.

Touch his feet child.

Now that you've touched my feet,

I'll introduce you
to the poorest of the poor.

One minute.

The one you touched became yours.

Saint, what are you saying?

30 years ago, whatever you
predicted about me came true.

And today you're talking nonsense!

Forgive me, I'm not

I'm his son Nagadnarayan,
of the grass roots,

metric failed, alias John Travolta.

I was jobless, so I put on a beard
and pretended to be my father.

But uncle, I assure you,

you won't find a poorer,
more unfortunate,

lazier husband than me, even
if you go searching with a lamp.

Madam, accept me.

Cheat! Fraud!
- Cheat! Fraud!

Do I call them?
- Call them?

- Police!


At least think about my late
father. Whatever he said was true.

I'm letting you go because of him.

But leave for Banaras
immediately. - Yes!

Understood? Come, child. - Child!
I mean dear! She's left!

Disciple, come we'll go
to Banaras and sell bananas.

Wow, Mr. Lawyer.


You've outdone me
when it comes to marriage.

Yes Mr. Khanna. Uncle got tired
of hunting for someone poor.

So to reduce his stress,
he's letting me get married.

Congratulations once again!

But now I must do something myself.

I have to meet Ms Nisha at your
wedding. - Sure, Mr. Khanna but..

Don't worry, Bharat, I won't
let your wedding be dull.

Now listen carefully,
and do as I say.

Mr. Khanna!
- Congratulations!

So you're the famous
Aruna Chaudhary.

Wrong! Now the not so
famous Mrs. Bharat Sinha.

Bharat has told me
a lot about you.

Sister-in-law, lawyer
has robbed me often.

So this gift is only for you.

Here's a small gift.
- Thank you so much!

Mr. Khanna, let me introduce
you to Ms. Nisha.

It's a pleasure to meet you.


But I heard you
hate the very name Khanna.

You've heard it wrong, Mr. Khanna.

It's not hatred,

but enmity. And
not with your name or family.

But with Khanna
Group of Industries.

But we don't hate you, and we
don't even compete with women.

Because in our eyes, there
are only four types of women.

Mother, sister, daughter and wife.

But there are many types of men.

And I don't know
yet what kind you are.




"Who are you?"
- "Me?"

"I'm a Punjabi Indian."

"I'm a Punjabi Indian."

"My walk is flamboyant."

"The city's liquor
can't be compared"

"to the water in my village."

"My country is great."

"My country is great."

"There's no other Punjab."

"My country is great."

"My country is great."

"I don't have money."

"But still, there's
no one like me."

"But still,
there's no one like me."

"I entertain people."

"I dance and I sing."

"My job is to sing and play.
I'm an ordinary man."

"Not a king or a prince."

"My country is great."

"My country is great."

"Love, romance and youth
are signs of my country."

"Love, romance and youth
are signs of my country."

"Fairs are held on the river bank."

"But my days and
nights are lonely."

"I'm unfortunate since
I'm still a bachelor."

"There's no account of my sorrows."

"My country is great."

"My country is great."

"Girl, what's your name?"

"Why are you in the city?"

"Girl, what's your name?"

"Why are you in the city?"

"You look like a village girl."

"A string of threads of silk."

"Pardon my daring.
I'm admiring you."

"But I don't have bad intentions."

"My country is great."

"My country is great."

Madam, somebody's
here to meet you.

At this hour? What's his name?
- Nisha!

It's me, Suraj.
- You?!


I've come to entertain you.

I knew I'd find you sad.

Aren't you sad that
your sister left?

Thank you!

I'm sad too, because my
childhood friend has left.

Both of us get could be sad
together, hence I'm here.

That's good, sit.

Get some buttermilk.
Make it fast. - Yes.

But my sister and your friend
haven't gone away forever.

They're on their honeymoon and
will return in a few days.

Then you don't understand marriage.

Marriage is a pure relationship

that weakens all others.

You seem to have
a lot of experience.

Yes, you have just one sister.

I've had many worthless
friends since childhood.

After marraige they
became their wives slaves

and had no time for me.

Good for nothing creatures.

I can't say about Bharat,

but Aruna has been
anyone's slave,

it would mine.

She couldn't forget me so easily.


Anyway this disease is more
injurious to men than women.

I've noticed that marriage makes
a woman strong and a man weak.

Meaning you'll never get married.

Ms Nisha,

even if I want to,
who'd marry me?

Why, what's wrong with you?

I have just one flaw,

but it's so big,
it hides all my good points.

I'm very poor, Ms Nisha.
And no girl wants a poor man.

A woman only looks
for money in a man.

Whether he has property, villas!

I have nothing, Ms Nisha.

But if I get married,

I'll love my wife so much,

she'll forget everything.
I'll drown her in my love.

She'll be very lucky.

I came to entertain you and here
I am telling me sad story.

Come. Take me on a tour of Mumbai.

How much?
- Rs. 5.

How much?
- Rs. 5.

This is Rs. 4 and 1 from here.

Yes I was saying, Ms Nisha.

Why do you call me, Ms Nisha?

Just call me Nisha.

The girl has been
caught in the net.

What? You're marrying
that idiot Suraj?

Yes, any problem?

But how long will you discuss
the varieties of manure?

Yesterday he lectured me about the
problems of manure for 2 hours.

I felt like I had
turned into a lentil.

Marriage isn't child's play.


do you think I am a child?
- Yes.

I've thought about this a lot.

Ask him, if he's willing.

He'd have to be an
owl to refuse marriage!

Just ask him.

Ok. I'll talk to him today itself.

Send him to me, when he comes.

You have demands, too? Isn't
getting a girl like Nisha enough?

Because it's Nisha,
there are demands.

Okay, tell me, sir.

But I don't understand Punjabi.

First demand, this wedding
won't take place in Mumbai.

Because if it takes
place in Mumbai,

people will say Nisha
married a penniless man.

People will spread stories!
I can't bear that!

If we have the wedding
in our village,

people will say she's so lucky.

She's marrying such a respectable,
honest man. I like that!

So you want Nisha to get married in
a place where nobody knows us?

Do you know, even the Prime
Minister.. - Uncle, I agree.

That's settled.

My second demand is
that Nisha lives with me

in my village after marriage.

Wow, my niece, Nisha,
raised in luxury,

will live in your hut ?!
Very good!

I accept that condition.
- Yes! Then I'll leave.


27th of this month
is a very auspicious day.

On the 27th,

I'll wait for you on platform
no. 2 of the Jagadri station.

Below the clock. From there,
I'll take you to my village.

Rukhtapur, where we'll be married.

I'm fine with that.
- Yes.

I agree too.

And so am I.

I'll see make you a producer,
not just a director.

You have to do under my direction.

I want you to create
a fake village.

Tomorrow itself I'll create
one with the art director.

What? - The village in the
movie 'Sholay' was Ramgarh.

Fine, set it up,
fill it with people.

But remember,

there should be no problem
with the wedding.

Once Nisha is married,

Ravi Khanna will make her
every night a wedding night.

'Rukta pur.'

So brothers and sisters,
this is the last rehearsal.

We have very little time left.

So let's be clear about everything.

Suraj will bring Ms Nisha

to the village on a
horse-cart to get married.

When you see them, leave your
work, run to welcome them.

Sir, you have been saying the
same thing for the past 4 days.

We know the scene, don't worry.

This isn't a movie, but a
real life scene, with no retakes.


Now everybody get in position.


'Rukta pur.'

Suraj brother, you've come.

Brother, where's our
to-be sister-in-law?

Suraj, have you brought me toys?

Suraj, have you brought me a sari?

Suraj! Suraj!

Have you brought it?
- Yes!

I have something for everyone.
But first, let me get married.

C'mon quick! We have to make
arrangements for the ceremony.

Now I know why you were
keen on getting married here.

Yes, this is my village. It may
be small nevetheless my home.

Okay, go inside with
aunty and get ready.

Come my child, come inside.

Boss, how do you
like our arrangement?

You can easily tell
it's a fake village.

A movie set.

But it doesn't matter

because Nisha's seen
villages only in movies.

She won't realize anything.
- Boss,

Mr. Khanna has sent you a letter.

Mr. Khanna?


That old man with Nisha is very
dangerous. Keep an eye on him.

Okay, boss.
- Yes.

What's this?
Everything seems fake.

Is that a real priest?

Everything can be fake
but not the priest!

Don't worry boss,
the priest is 100% real.

Okay, keep it up.


Child, if I could,

I'd give you all the peace
in my heart.

Oh uncle, even you
should be in the snap.

Come, I'll take your snap!
Get back!

- Give it!

Yes, ready, steady.

Smile, thank you!

I'll keep the camera
in your car. - Okay.

Okay child, I'll leave.

Long live, my child.

Suraj Singh, I'm leaving.
- Okay.

Take care of your health.

That's okay,
but right now, I'm going.

Yes, do visit us sometime.

Suraj Singh.
- I understand.



C'mon, driver.

Oil. Oil from my land.

What happened?

"I've become a big man."

"And look how
arrogant I've become!"

What's this?
- Oil from my land.

Now I'll be Burma-Shell Singh,
not Suraj Singh.

Billionaire! Trillionaire!

You don't understand?
We are rich darling.

I'll be able to give you everything
a man should give his wife.

A bungalow, jewellery, car.
Whatever you ask for.

See how people swarm...

like flies around a rich man.

Seal it quickly or
we'll lose lakhs.

Heard that? They are
talking about lakhs.

Sir, he isn't listening.

Sir, this is my land.

Maybe, but the pipe below this
ground belongs to the company.

'Dear Aruna,'

'I've just received
the letter you posted 21 days ago.'

'You asked about my
life in Rukhtapur.'

'If peeped into the window
of my life,'

'you'd see this scene.'

'I get up in the
morning and make him tea.'


I said tea.

Oh! God.

And then my husband's breakfast.

'You won't believe this,'

'but I have also learnt
to clean the house.'

'I go to the market
after doing the housework.'


Fast! Fast!

C'mon! Go!

'And then, yes, I cook the food.'

'My cooking is very weird.'

'Sometimes the food
is so tasteless,'

'I myself can't eat it.'

'And sometimes my husband
doesn't get tired of praising it!'

Wow, what a wonderful dish.

I followed a recipe.

You eat it.

Wife, in this country wives
die with their husbands.

And you're shy of eating
with your husband. Have some.

'And then I go to bring water.'

'Yes, if there is any similarity
between Mumbai and Rukhtapur,'

'it's the scarcity of water.'


'And in the evening, comes the
man I wait for the whole day.'

Do you want tea?

Nisha, do you feel
very lonely here?

No, why?

No matter how much you lie,
I know you feel choked here.

You're lonely and you
don't know anybody but me.

Sometimes I feel very bad,

that because of me - How can
you assume I only know you?

Who else?

Nisha! What happened?

Nisha, what happened?

Ghaniya, call the
doctor quickly. - Yes.

Call the mid-wife.

I should have listened to you.

I should've gone to the
city to some big hospital.

There's still time.

Do you want to go
to the city? - But now..

Do you want to go to
the city or not? - Yes.

Come quickly.

Be careful!

Easy, slowly.



Lend a hand.

You people go.
I'll park the car and come.

Aruna, in a history of 2000 years,
twins have graced our family!

Just pray both of them
resemble their mother.

There's Nisha's room.

So cute.

Did Nisha..

She doesn't even want to meet me.

Open the door.

I said open the door.

Why have you ruined me like this?

Why did you play with
my heart and my life?

Why did you perform this charade?


We spent 12 romantic
months in that village,

and you call it a charade?

Did you feel even
for a single moment

that your love wasn't my love?

That your life isn't my life?

And the children, are they
also a part of the charade?

But you lied to me.
You can't be poor.

Maybe... maybe you're
even richer than me.

Not maybe, definitely.

I hate you.

No, you love me as
much as I love you.

And you know who made me lie?

You, all this happened
because of you.

I haven't seen a
fool like you, Nisha.

Do you think a person is identified
by his wealth or poverty?

Are all the rich devils
and the poor, saints?

And you're right.
I'm much richer than you.

I have mills, factories,
a very big business.

And I stayed in that
village with you for a year.

Just to prove my love for you.

I have said what I had to,
now it's up to you.

But who are you?

Whose wife am I?

My name is Ravi Khanna.

What? You're Ravi Khanna?!

100% and I m Ashok Khanna,

Ravi Khanna's younger brother.

Oh my god!

God is everyone's, sister-in-law.

But because of you, both
of us had to wait a year.

Now bless us and get
us married quickly.


Mr. Khanna, congratulations!

Mrs. Nisha, you are so lucky!

You're so fortunate, not one but
two, double congratulations!

Double thank you!


What happened uncle?


Aruna knew, Bharat knew,

everyone knew,

but nobody told me.

and why should they?

After all I'm a silly old man.

But child, now that things are
settled and I'm no longer needed,

I'll go.

Be happy!

- Uncle!

- Your honour!

- Uncle,

if you I go, who'll love
them like a grandfather?

Who will find a boy for
her and a girl for him?


I'm there!