Baarish (1957) - full transcript

City bred Ramu is involved in petty crime. When his close friend Gopal dada asks him to go to the village and look after his mother, and sister, Chanda, Ramu does so. After coming to know both mother and daughter, they decide to re-locate to the big city to be together with Gopal. In the process, Ramu and Chanda fall in love with each other. Chanda wants Ramu to give up his life of crime, Ramu agrees to do so, but will his crime partners allow Ramu to lead a normal life?

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Just as dirt
is washed away by rain...

new hope rings in with fresh light.

Similarly, truth and honesty
wipes out...

the game of crime and deceit.

Oh my God. This rain
has become a nuisance.

But I'm thinking
this has never happened before.

- What will become of Gopal now?
- Gopal is no fool.

He'll manage to trick the
cops and escape for sure.

Hello. 234, 234.
I'm calling 123, 123.

Yes, go on. What will become
of the remaining goods?

Try sending it as soon
as possible. Yes, yes, yes.

What do I do? These sufferings
never seem to end

Hey Kalva. Stop talking and
repair the puncture, will you?

Got to send the
lorry at 3 o'clock.

I am busy making it, brother.

But brother Lachchu,
can I ask you something?

How much you smoke and yet you
keep on bloating up like a tire.

- What's the secret?
- What's it to you?

I'm the one smoking and
you are having a problem?

Stop laughing.
Fix the puncture.

Wow Kamli. I love it.
I swear by the automobile engine.

God has really created
you in his overtime.

Put on the headlights.
The boss is coming.

Is the boss really coming?
Hello boss.

- How are you, Kamli?
- I'm fine.

- Is everything okay?
- Okay.

- Hello boss.
- Hello Lachchu, how are you?

- I am fine, sir.
- How's the work going?

- Great.
- I'll make a move then, boss.

Wait. I'll come with you.
All right?

Well Lachchu, what happened?
Oh yes, you'll get it.

Good. Back to work.

I, too, am a family man, master.
How can I just accept Rs.3?

How will I run my house?

What can I do?
Do I owe you?

Great. Give full service
and get paid only half.

- What kind of a law is this?
- Here you go by my law.

Those who want to work can work
else, they are free to leave.

- Now, that's oppression.
- You'll learn what oppression is.

You can quit the work
and you can all walk out.

How will we survive
if we quit work?

Better to go hungry
than work for such a boss.

Of course you'd say that.
Why should you care?

With a smoke and a pigeon in your
hand, life's all gravy for you.

Slog like us and then
you'll know, my friend.

Who, me, and work with you?

- Disgusting.
- You find that disgusting?

But the money you're enjoying...

just like us, brother Gopal
earns that very money over here.

Dare if you even mention
the name of brother Gopal.

- How dare you hit me?
- Shankar. Why the fight?

He doesn't work and
goes around making trouble.

Look how he's hurt
when I told him the truth.

- What did you say?
- Get lost.

- You can't bully me.
- Now, get lost from here.

That's great.

First you don't let us work
and then, you come and bully us.

Brother. How come you're
back so late at night?

Haven't you gone to bed yet?
Did you have your dinner?

- How could I without you?
- All right. Go and get the food.

- Right away.
- Let's have dinner together.

That's just great, brother.

First, you've returned after 5 days.

And then, you're in quite a hurry.

What kind of work is that?

Everyone works, but,
your job is quite strange.

- Well, did you feed your pigeons?
- At least answer my question.

- Why are you ignoring it?
- Ramu...

fortunate are those
who have a brother like you.

You're just like a baby,
so innocent.

No ill-will or malice
in your heart.

Wish I could have educated you
and made you into a fine young man.

But, all this is
possible only by destiny.

Anyway, no need for you to worry.

As long as I'm alive,
I'll take care of everything.

All I want is that...

not even the shadows of
pain and crime ever touch you.

- Gopal.
- Who is it?

I'll see.

- What is it?
- Tell Gopal...

the boss has
called him immediately, pronto.

Brother's having dinner.

For the boss's work,
what's dinner?

One even has to
leave the death bed.

Just a minute, Banke. I've finished
my dinner. I'll be right over.

What's so important that you're
leaving your food and going?

Is your boss a God or something?

Who are you to speak
ill of the boss?

Speak rough with me and
I'll have your head. You fool.

- What nonsense are you saying?
- Shall I show you what I said?

What's wrong with you?
Son, they're my friends.

They pretend to be friends
but act as enemies.

- It would be best.
- What would be best?

You should have come here
first, before going home.

But you didn't come.

You just left the goods
worth thousands and ran off...

in fear of the cops.
Why? Answer me.

- Boss, my life was in danger.
- And today it's not?

You know that none of my work
is without some danger involved.

You're get paid in advance
and get a share in the profits.

What? Doesn't life hold any value
before the pay and the profit?

Why not?
Just 10 or 20 rupees.

Is our life so cheap
and all because...

we're ready to die
for you at your signal?

You always make us do
illegal jobs just because...

we're illiterate,
uneducated and feeble-minded.

You just give us bread
to subdue our hunger...

and make us work for you
like a machine.

We let you take advantage
of our helplessness.

Gopal, I'm not used to listening to
big talk from a small man like you.

Why forget it's little people like us...

who have made you big.
And he who can make can also break.

Okay, but you said it all wrong.

I'm not upset with you
because of the loss.

Profit and loss is
quite common in business.

I only called you here
to ask to you...

- to be more careful in the future.
- Boss, I...

It's been so long that
you've been working with me.

And you still
haven't recognized me.

I consider everyone who works
for me as a brother, a friend.

I know it, boss. But today...

You were just too agitated.
Gopal, it happens at times.

Never mind that.
Here, have this money.

Money? I don't need any.

If not you, then your
brother might need it.

Gopal, it's really difficult
to find a brother like you.

- Now, take this.
- Thank you, boss.

- Gopal is gone.
- Yes, boss.

Mohan, come with me.

Tell me where brother Gopal is?

Brother Gopal must be on his way.
Why worry yourself so much for him?

Man, I'm not only your brother
but of the neighbourhood, too.

Why should you worry when
I'm there? Now, come inside.

Brother, tell me who stabbed you.

- I can't give his name.
- Brother...

- He's a very influential man.
- No brother, I beg of you.

You must tell me.


Very good.

Where's the boss?

Ramu. What nonsense is this?
Have you been drinking?

Where's the boss?

- What's going on, Ramu?
- Who killed my brother?

- Brother. Whose brother?
- My brother Gopal.

- He's been murdered.
- Murdered? You all may leave.

I heard that Gopal met
with a train accident.

Lies. I saw it
with my very own eyes.

Before he died, brother told me...

his murderer is a very rich man.

He gave you the name?

Wouldn't I have strangled
him if only I knew it?

Ramu, you're
a very understanding man.

Whatever had to happen
has happened.

I, too, am sorry
about Gopal's death.

You're sorry.

If you were really sorry, would
you be having a party over here?

What not you made
brother Gopal do for you.

What not he did for you.
And what did he get in the end?

Death. You rich people only
know how to buy up everything.

You have no respect for
man or value for humanity.

If only your intentions
were good today then...

before brother's blood dried
up in the dust, you would have...

Ramu, I will definitely
avenge his death.

I don't consider the people who
work with me as my employees...

but as my friends.
Come on Ramu, be tough.

Consider me to take
Gopal's place. Understand, Ramu?

- Here, take this Rs. 2000.
- I don't want it.

I don't want the money that's
soaked in my brother's blood.

Right now you're angry.
Console yourself.

I'm ready to do
everything for you.

Nobody does anything for
anybody in this world.

Now, I'll do whatever has
to be done. And hear me out.

I'll avenge the death of
my brother and that's for sure.

Mohan, come quickly.

Is Ramu your friend?

Yes, he's my best friend,
very precious to me.

Tell him not to
interfere in my business.

Else, he'll be dealt with
the same way Gopal was.

You shouldn't be doing this, boss.

Unlike brother Gopal and us,
he's not one of your employees.

He's a very simple and straight guy.

You shouldn't be thinking
like that about him.

Only because he's your friend,
I'm telling you.

Listen, take this money with you.

You already know
he won't accept your money.

I'll speak with him.

- Ramu? Hey Ramu.
- Is it Mohan?

Why are you standing
here, so doleful at night?

- Here, have a fag.
- No thanks.

Let's do the same old thing.
Let's share it.

All right. Let me have it.

Why did you go to
the boss's place today?

You shouldn't go there.
It's a very bad place.

I'll go wherever I can find
anything about my brother's murder.

All that is okay, but
what I meant was...

a man can pick up bad habits
in bad places. Take me, for instance.

My parents sent me to the city
in the hope I would study.

But, I fell into the bad company
and now look what I've become.

Those poor folks might think
I'm into some good business.

But what they don't know...

You won't understand it at all.

Forget it. Got a letter from
father. Just read it for me.

But where do I know
how to read and write?

That's what I keep
forgetting every time.

Well, never mind.
My father's not keeping too well.

And above all that, the
creditors have become a nuisance.

He's asked for Rs. 500...

and has asked me to come
for the last time to see him.

Why don't you go then?

I can go in a jiffy
if only I can help it.

But, I've got important
things to take care of here.

Good opportunities don't
come every day.

It's a deal of 5 to 7 thousand.

Money, money, money.
All you ever care about is money.

Did you parents raise you
just for this day?

Man, parental love lasts
only during childhood.

After that, money is the
only relation you ever have.

You won't understand this.
Do one thing.

- What?
- Go to the village.

Why's that?

Go and give him the money
and even check on his health.

Looks like an out-of-towner.

Ask him who he is
and where he's from.

Mr. Stranger,
who are you looking for?

Does anyone of you know
the house of Mohan's father?

There are lots of Mohans here.
Tell us the name of his father.

- Sorry. Don't know his father's name.
- Then, tell us your name.

Whose address are you seeking?

- Your father's.
- Mind your language.

- This isn't your city, but a village.
- Get lost.

Have you ever looked at
yourself in the mirror?

- Let go of me.
- Let go?

First, how about
getting a taste of the city?

Help. Is anyone there?

What happened?
What's the matter, Chanda?

Nothing brother. I was trying to
give him a taste of the village...

but he gave me a taste
of the city instead.

Mister, you're from the city?

- Yes, from the city.
- Why?

I'm searching for the
house of Mohan's father.

But what a terrible village.

I'd have returned to the city if I
didn't have business with his father.

- You want to go to Mohan's father?
- Yes.

- Come, let me take you there.
- Let me grab my bags first.

What's happening to you?

- Mohan's mother...
- What is it?

Give me a glass of water.
I'm parched.


What is it?

- Has dad's condition worsened?
- What's it to you?

You care nothing about the house.
Oh God, what will happen now?

God won't to do anything.
You go and sit beside dad.

I'll take care of everything.
Now go.

Will be returning
back after a year.

Everyone has gone to Kaashi.
Will be returning after a year.

Is anyone there?

Is anyone there?

Where did everyone go?

What's this written?

The house of Girdharilal,
Mohanlal's father.

Has to be this one.
What else is written here?

I can at least read that much.

Well Ramu, sit right here.

They must have gone in the
neighborhood. Will be back soon.

Oh wow. You look better
than the city birds.

Oh shucks.

Hey, are you listening or not?

Who will listen?
There's no one here.

Can't you see the lock outside?

- Let me have the key.
- I don't have it. Take a walk.

I'll break the lock if you
don't give it to me right away.

I'll change my name if I don't
break his eyes who breaks my lock.

You can have your name
changed by your in-laws.

- Call Mohan's father.
- There's no one here.

Better go away nicely. Else, I'll
hand you over to the constable.

I say, there's a big difference
between handcuffs and bangles.

What is it?

- Mother, he...
- Is Mohan's father here?

- Yes...
- No, he doesn't stay here.

Will you be quiet?
Actually, the money matter is...

What money, mom?
There's no money matter.

The man who broke
my lock and insulted me...

the cops should take him right away.

Why are you interrupting?

Listen brother,
Mohan's father is very sick.

Right now, we're in no position
to clear your debt.

Why are you justifying yourself
before a complete stranger?

Oh my.
So now I'm a stranger, eh?

I've come from the city
and am Mohan's friend.

- He's sent this Rs.500 for you.
- Son, at least listen to me.

I thought you were the
money-lender's man.

Come inside. Have a seat.
How is Mohan now?

- He's very good.
- This is Mohan's sister.

How about removing my shoes?

That I would, but you're wearing
a cap where I have to put them.

What was that?

I was anticipating him
for so long now.

- What this you're saying?
- Mohan's mother, call Mohan.

Where is Chanda?
Where is she?

- Father.
- Dear, you've come.

Call the villagers so that...

they, too, may see that
now I will die happily.

There's no reason to grieve now.

Who is it?
Is it Mohan?

- It's not him.
- Mohan, have you really come back?

Very good son, come to me.
Come to me, son.

- Come.
- I was really worried.

Take care of mother and daughter.
My life revolves around them.

Give me your word, son.
Give me your word.

Tell me. Take care of
this mother and daughter.

After me...
My life revolves around them.

Oh great. There, the son
is dying to make money...

and here, the father is
dying after gaining the money.

What a strange world this is.

I'm returning to the city immediately.

I'll send Mohan
as soon as I reach there.

What's the use of sending him here?

What's left for us
in this village now?

We were planning to
go along with you.

You wish to go with me?
You wish to go to the city?

Oh no. Where will
you be staying there?

Why? You are there.
Mohan is there.

But, we stay in
a very rundown place.

What are you saying, son?

How can a place where you
and Mohan live be no good?

Now, how do I explain it to you?

We're quite strong enough.
Mom, we'll go on our own.

If he think he owns the train,
then he can have it for himself.

- You be quiet.
- Why should I?

Why did father take
any pledge from anyone?

And what if I did? So, I will
inform Mohan. What else can I do?

Don't get angry, son.
Just think about it.

How will we mother,
daughter stay here alone?

Just take us to Mohan and then
we won't trouble you any more.

All right. But, you'd better
tell this dim-wit girl of yours...

to stay at arm's length from me.

Hear me loud and clear.

Arms length. I would
prefer to steer clear of you.

City boy.

- Where are you going?
- Go and get ready.

Come on, let's get ready quickly.
Let's pack up.

What do we do now?
The door's locked.

I'll break it in no time.

It seems, breaking locks
is your family profession.

My profession is breaking heads.
Want a sample?

If you really want to break
a head, then break yours.

So the dust in there
might come out.

Why are you always cbabbling?

Wow, what a beautiful
house this is.

Mom look, it's brother's photograph.
He looks so good.

True. He certainly does.

Ramu, could you
find where Mohan is?

Must be at the office.
I'll check.

Until I return,
don't let this girl out of the house.

Else she might run away.

People think others to be
what they themselves are.

Take a walk.

Play fast. Here's the queen.

Ramu. Long time no see.
Join us.

- I'm in a hurry.
- Has Gafoor got new pair of pigeons?

- I'm going to fetch Mohan.
- Mohan?

What's the matter?
Why laugh?

The funny thing is that, these days
Mohan is enjoying the hospitality...

of the jail where food,
clothing and shelter are all free.

- Meaning?
- Don't you get it?

- He's gone to prison.
- Jail.

You went to his village
and he went to jail.

- He's gone to prison.
- Come on, let's play.

Who is it? Ramu, you?

I knew you would do something bad.
You finally landed up in the jail.

Man, this was the love of the
government that brought me here.

Why are you back so soon?

Mohan, your father passed away.

Oh. So, he's got transferred
into the other world from here.

Stop joking. Your poor mother
has come all the way here...

just to see you, and your crazy
sister, too, has accompanied her.

I hope you haven't told
them I'm in here.

Not yet, but she'll learn soon enough.

Ramu, mom will never be
able to bear this shock.

Do one thing.

Tell them I've gone away for
a few days and will be back soon.

Until I return,
their responsibility is on you.

No way. I can't handle
anyone's responsibility.

Man, don't encumber me
with your problems.

Inspector, inspector,
better release Mohan.

- What?
- Better release Mohan. I'll take his place instead.

- You're talking so silly.
- Hey Ramu.

- Listen. Aren't you my friend?
- I am.

- Then, won't you do this little thing for me?
- What?

Just that, until I return...

their responsibility is in your hands.

To tell you the truth, if I live,
I'll definitely repay you.

- Say yes.
- All right. It will be done.

Never mind, lnspector.

Come on in.

Well, how do you find my palace?
Good or bad?

Humph. A palace.

Back in the village, cattle sheds
are better than this.

Nobody forced you to come
here from your village.

There's the door,
if you wish to return.

If brother had been here,
would we be in this cow shed?

You be quiet.
I like this house, son.

The splendor of the house is
with the people living in it.

Who's whistling?

What's up?
What are you peeping at inside?

- Well brother Ramu...
- Well, what were you peeping at?

I was only checking
out your guests.

Then, open wide your eyes and see
your mother and sister. You jerk.

I'll break your legs if I find
you anywhere around here again.

You jerk.

Did you see that mother?
Now you tell me.

How will you ever
survive in this jungle?

Son, this is the world and all
kinds of people live in this world.

Whom are you going to ignore?

Now mother, please
listen carefully to what I say.

- Say it.
- Nobody here should ever know...

that you both are
Mohan's mother and sister.

- And why is that?
- Didn't I tell you?

And, questioning everything I say.

- I know it.
- What do you know?

Why he's ordered us to do this.

Actually mom, as brother
is a very rich man...

and if his sister and mother
live in such a filthy conditions...

then, that could
ruin his reputation.

It's not your brother but
I whose reputation will spoil.

Humph. Brother.
Let's go, son.

Well, pigeons.

- Hey. Where are my pigeons?
- All of them flew away.

Why need those feathered friends...

when you've got
a beauty in your house?

Your tongue's wagging a lot.

If you value your life then,
tell me where my pigeons are.

How about telling us who
your beautiful guest is?

Is she related to you?

The poor fellow's feeling shy.
Should I tell you?

The young one is his wife
and the old one his mother-in-law.

She's your mother, get it?
And get one thing straight.

If I don't get back my pigeons
by the count of 10, you're dead meat.

Brother Ramu, what's this?

Wasn't there anyone to marry here,
that you had to go away to find a wife?

If we had known you were going to the
village for a wife, all of us would have...

If you go, we shan't let you go.
We will stop you from going through


- Oh no. He's already begun to count.
- Nine.

Ramu, here's one pigeon.
Don't know how I got it.

Brother Ramu,
I swear by Peggy's dog.

I got two of them and I just
don't know how they got there.

Don't know how it
got into my pants.

Brother Ramu, I have
proven my friendship.

If it had been someone else,
he would have stolen them.

- I took them home.
- Now, get lost.

- I fed them well.
- Go.

Mom, he doesn't even
allow anyone to come up.

With pigeons as his pets,
he thinks he's become a king.

- Will you be going or not?
- Okay. I'll go.

Wild cat.

Who is it?

Who is it?

- What's this commotion?
- Is this the time for a nap?

- Who are you to order me around?
- Everything. Got any problem?

Listen to me. Any more problems
from you and I'll pull your nose.

And my hands, too, aren't
only for applying henna in them.

Chanda. Did you start
talking nonsense again?

Now mother, please tell me.

Didn't we decide she'd remain
an arm's length from me?

Hey you, measure it.
I'm further away than you.

Now Chanda, go back to work.

Son, drink up your
tea quickly and then...

go and buy some groceries.

- Groceries.
- Why? Won't there be any cooking?

- Cook if you're hungry.
- But what?

- The flour, rice, pulses...
- There's nothing in the house.

I know where to get them.
Give me the money and I'll get it.

- But the money...
- I don't have any either.

All right. I'll see what I can do.

What kind of people are these?

They don't even know hospitability.

Give me a break.
You're a guest.

Take this son.

- But, these are very good.
- They certainly are.

I saved them for her marriage.

Never mind. When Mohan returns
we'll have more made.

- Who'd marry her?
- Who are you to ask that?

Worry about yourself.

Will you be quiet?
Why do you keep on blabbering?

Now go, son.
Get everything carefully.

And if there's any money left,
buy her some clothes.

- Look how she keeps roaming around.
- I'll get it.

Welcome sister. What's your name?

My name is Sheila.
I live in that house.

Put the bucket there. People will stare
if you stay here too long.

Let them. So what?

- They'll eye you.
- I'll chase them away.

It's your turn now.

- I lost.
- Turn around.

What are you staring at?
Turn your head.

- Here are the three queens.
- What? But, there's only two here.

One's over there.

My oh my.

- Here is my name.
- How dare you?

- This is an insult.
- This is our humiliation.

You brutes.
I'll cut you in half.

Better stay straight if you wish to
live in this neighborhood. Understand?

- Forget it, man.
- Else, I'll make your life a hell.

- Let go of my hand. Let go.
- Move aside, beast.

- How dare you molest a girl?
- Look whom you are talking to.

Better vanish else, I'll
make minced meat out of you.

- What are you saying?
- Get lost.

- I'll see you soon.
- You brutes.

What did you come here for?

Let go of my hand and speak
to me at arm's length, get it.

You're quite spoiled.

I came alone. I'll go alone.

At least come along.

What was she saying?
Say it.

Just that, you are a good man.

- And, what have you to say?
- What do I say?

When you're not around,
I think of...

telling you so many things
but am never able to.

I just start fighting with you.

My condition is the same as yours.

Chanda, I think so many things
but am unable to say anything.

Some things are understood
even without being said.

- What kind of things?
- Don't you know?

All I know is that now my train
is running on the right track.

- Which track is it running on now?
- Why ask me that?

You're the signal. Come on, give
me the signal so I can run.

- You say it.
- Of course, let's go. Why fear?

- Welcome. Who are you?
- We're your neighbors.

The reason we've
come here is because...

before anything wrong happens,
we should fulfill our duties.

What's wrong? I don't understand.

When will you understand then?

When the problem slips
completely out of your hands, then?

At least say something.

What do we say? Go and see
for yourself on the terrace.

Witness the romance.

Your daughter is dancing away
shamelessly with that thug Ramu.

What are you saying, sister?
That poor Ramu is...

Did you hear that?
She's defending him.

We know Ramu very well.
He's infamous around here.

It's his own house then. Why
should he worry about anything?

He lost his brother and yet,
he hasn't lost his pride.

Don't know what he
thinks himself to be?

Don't say anything to Ramu.
What's his fault?

I'll talk to my girl.
Do whatever you wish.

But, this can't go on around here.

Why get angry?

If it pleases you...

we'll both return to our village.

Will you be doing us
a favor if you go back?

Why wait until tomorrow?
Why not leave this very day?

Ever since they arrived,
they've been nothing but trouble.

Until now, the pigeons used
to fly over the roof.

Now the girl dances on the roof.

Disgusting. There's a
limit to shamelessness.

The nerve. She talks back to us.

She's more worried about Ramu.
Did you see that? To hell with her.

- What have we got to do with that?
- What is it?

- Did you see that?
- What's the hubbub?

How dare you enter my house
without my permission?

Are you the Lord of this
place to always bully us?

Don't know from where you
brought them into your house?

Ramu, leave him. Why get so angry?
Why don't you talk nicely?

- What's the use of fighting?
- Who are you all to talk to?

What's it to you?

I don't eat your food,
to be pushed around by you.

First of all, in this respectable
neighborhood, you publicly move...

- around shamelessly and then, you dare to bully us.
- Shut up.

You have done your 6 months
term in prison for liquor...

and you call this
a respectable neighborhood.

You rolled up your sleeves.
Why did you fight with Girdhar?

Isn't it because your sister
used to meet him secretly?

Babu, better explain it to him.
Else, he'll be very sorry.

Beat it. Seen many like you.

And this Babu.
Does he have a right to speak?

Because of him, that poor widow
had to drown herself.

Anyone else want to
know their history?

You all act so respectable.

You sully other people's names
just to hide your stain.

Forget it, brother. What's the use
of all this among friends?

All we were trying to say,
is that you're a good boy.

If you danced around with a strange
girl openly in public...

what effect might
that have on our kids?

Oh. You opened up, too, old man?

Who influenced your daughter
to elope with that Gangu?

Even if she did elope with him,
at least she married him.

If you're so good,
why don't you marry her?

I'll get married if necessary,
but you all...

Hey, Lotan is over here.
Come to me.

Why did you tell them
that without asking me?

Tell them what?

Great. You say it
and then you ask me.

Oh. That thing about the marriage?
I just said it to shut them up.

What? Does that mean,
you never meant it?

How can I mean it?
I'm not suitable for you, Chanda.

- I know it.
- How would you know anything?

Chanda, you're my
best friend's sister.

I'll get you married to a very
rich guy with much pomp and ceremony.

- I'm but an illiterate poor m...
- Money isn't everything in life.

A woman needs nothing more
if she finds the love of her life.

Only once in her life does a woman
accepts one man as her true love.

But you,
you never told me that, Chanda.

Didn't you hear it?

Thousands of times
I've said it in my heart.

Now, if you wish,
shall I say it before you?

What's the use of saying it
if it can never be?

All these are but wishful dreams.
You'd better forget it.

Don't you like me?

You've asked me a
very difficult question.

Answer me.

Then my answer is, you'd better
forget whatever's in your mind.

I don't wish to say anything more.

All right. Suit yourself.

Mother and I will
return to our village.

What threat is this that
if you stay, I marry you...

or else you'll return home?

There's no pressure on you.

But where the
neighbors humiliate us...

the one I consider as my own
treats me as a stranger.

I can't carry on
living in such a place.

When there's no respect for man...

what's the use of staying?

At least wait.

Take this mom.

At least listen to me.

Chanda, your husband
is ordering you.

Mom, did you hear that, mom?
Did you hear what he just said?

- Yes, I did.
- Mom. Oh mom.

Actually mom, I just blurted it out.

Just wait.
Where are you running off to?

- You're blushing like a girl.
- Who's blushing?

Both mother and daughter
have put up a strange requirement.

Marry and we'll stay.
If not we go home.

- Go on, go away.
- Why put on a false act now?

What did you say to Chanda?

You gave me such a rough answer
when I was cajoling you earlier.

And now, a husband
is giving the orders.

- Oh wow.
- What could I do? She begged me.

If I didn't marry her
she'd kill herself.

- Go ahead and ask her.
- Lies. When did I say all that?

What childishness is this?
If you continued like this...

even after marriage,
then what will people say?

I don't care about people.
All I care about is myself.

You'll learn to care about everything
after you have children.

I'll be getting children, too?
In that case, I change my mind.

Will you stop talking now?
Listen to me.

Contact Mohan. Ask him to come
here immediately with the money.

In marriage,
what do we need that for?

We'll buy two garlands for 6 paise.

We'll exchange the garlands
and, end of story.

What? You're so naive.

Mohan's sister, my daughter,
and a boy as good as you.

I'll definitely have
a very festive wedding.

Fine with me. Well, what's the budget
for such a festive wedding?

No matter how much,
it still won't be enough.

- But we at least need Rs. 2000.
- Two thousand? Two thousand.

What are you thinking of?

If you have some problem,
then take me to Mohan's office.

I'll get the money myself.

But the wedding will take place
with much pomp and ceremony.

The arrangements for money
will be made, mother.

- Oh, Ramu?
- Boss, I need Rs. 2000.

- Two thousand?
- Less won't do.

- You can have 5 thousand if you wish.
- Thanks, but I just need 2 thousand.

I've never seen
a more honest man than you.

I can't repay you you immediately...

- but I'll serve you all my life and...
- What are you saying?

I mean, whenever you give me a job
or ask me to do something, then I...

As a brother, I have
that right upon you anyway.

Ramu, congratulations
on your marriage.

How did you know?

I consider it my duty
to take care of my people.

Come and take the money.

- What are you doing, brother?
- Who was that man?

Oh yeah. As if you don't know.
Move aside.

Oh. What's the matter?
What have you done to yourself?

Did you have a fight with someone?
Why don't you say anything?

Be quiet, mother. Don't talk to me.
There won't be any wedding.

Go back to your village.
This world is worthless and useless.

- At least tell me what happened.
- Move aside, mother.

What happened, mother?

I don't know why
I got so angry, mother.

- I hope you're not hurt.
- It's nothing, dear.

But what you just said
has hurt my feelings a lot.

Mother, what do I say now?
I don't know what came over me.

I will certainly go mad.

I'll kill someone
and go to the gallows.

If you really wish to kill someone,
then go ahead and kill us both...

- so this chapter may close forever.
- Shut up.

There is definitely something serious.

Won't you even tell me about it?

Chanda, how do I tell you?
It's nothing.

- Who is it?
- I've come from Mohan's office.

Has Mohan sent you?
How is he?

Why didn't he inquire
about us all these days?

He's gone out for
some important business.

He'll be back
in a couple of days.

Consider me in his place.
Accept this 2 thousand rupees.

Mohan has sent it for
his sister's wedding.

God bless you, son.
My son has upheld my honor.

Now I'll have a grand wedding...

which the entire
neighborhood will watch.

Oh. So you're hiding over here.

And I've been searching
for you all over.

What's this? Such a long veil.

I say, hello Mrs. Ramu.
Hello madam.

Learning to be shy, eh?

All right, don't speak. I'm tired.
How about massaging my feet?

- Why should I?
- There, you spoke now.

- Sit beside me.
- Hey, keep at an arm's length.

I see. Even now?

I say, how about
unveiling your face now?

How about a slight glance of your
beauty in this direction, too?

Cut it out.

- Someone's watching.
- Who's there to watch us here?

Hey, steer clear.

Aren't you ashamed of to go
peeping into a couple's affairs?

Go back to your business.

My, what a beauty.

You should be ashamed. Don't talk
to me like that. I'm warning you.

- You're fighting again?
- Oh no.

Now I've vowed never
to fight with you.

You sure are smart.

You used to fight with me
just to hook me.

Oh great. Was it I who hooked
you or did you hook me?

You were the one after me.
I was a carefree man...

enjoying my life with
my feathered friends.

- You spoiled it all.
- Is that so?

Now, I've become a
thorn after the marriage.

If I'm such a pain,
then leave me, divorce me.

Is marriage only for a day?

Since I'm already in this relationship,
I'll make it work. I'm a man.

- All lies.
- Say any more and I'll use my magic...

to turn you into a pigeon
and lock you up in that coop.

- What happened?
- I'm scared.

- Of me?
- Of you, myself and this world.

Chanda, I'll hide
you from the world.

I don't care about anyone.

Oh God, may this world
stop right where it is.

Now, no one can separate us.

Mom is downstairs.
She'll answer the door.

- Who is it?
- Ramu, come here.

- What's up?
- The boss is waiting for you.

- Boss? Where's the boss?
- He's over here. Come with me.

- Congratulations for your marriage.
- Thank you. What brings you here?

You promised to do any kind of
job at any time for me, remember?

Yes, I do.

Then, today is the day
when I need you the most.

But boss, I can't make it today.

I know that tonight
is your wedding night.

But, no one but you
can pull off this job.

I'm sorry boss. Today is impossible.

Okay, as you wish.

If you had gone, then
my job would be done...

and you'd also have discovered
your brother Gopal's murderer.

That's right. I said you'd have
found out about your brother's killer.

- What do you mean by that?
- What I mean is, listen...

All right.
He can't escape me today.

- I will definitely go.
- There's the truck. Good luck.

- Go and check who that is.
- Okay boss.

What's up, lnspector?
What brings you here?

I've come in search of
Gopal's brother, Ramu.

Oh, he's just left with my truck.

- Which direction?
- In this direction.

Constable, bring the jeep.

- How will you escape now?
- Forgive me, Ramu. I'm innocent.

- I only followed orders.
- Orders? What kind of orders?

Boss asked me to kill you.

We have to do everything for food.

And, and it was boss
who wanted Gopal killed, too.

Did the boss kill brother Gopal?

The truck that Ramu was driving
has met with a terrible accident.

That's right. We've found
two bodies in the wreckage...

whose identification
has become impossible.

Please come immediately
to the police-station.

Boss, I think the police
have begun to suspect us.

- What kind of suspicion?
- What I mean is that...

truck belonged to you and even
Ramu was one of your employees.

Whatever I do,
I do it with great planning.

That is so true.
The way you've...

cleanly had Ramu cleared from
our path is truly incredible.

Every day he used
to cry for his brother.

I hope he has no grievances now.

What has happened to you?
I am Ramu.

Chanda, I am Ramu.

I am Ramu, Ramu.

Ramu, why did you
trouble me like this?

Let's go home.
Mom will be so happy to see you.

- What happened?
- I have saved such a great life.

A little blood had to spill.

The sign of my married life.

Wipe it away.
This can't be.

Until I finish this job,
you'll have to live like a widow.

It would have been better
had you killed me.

Chanda, I'm in a very big fix.

Until and unless I complete this mission,
I can't come out before the world.

I need your help.

You see, everyone is
taking me to be wrong.

But one day I will prove
to them how true I am.

But, all I need
is your help, Chanda.

My help. Just say it and
I can give up my life for you.

Listen to me.

If you want me to live...

until my work is done,
you'll have to remain like this.

And, if anyone learns
the truth, then I could...

lose my life for no reason
and you'll become a widow for sure.

Don't say such a cursed thing.

I will honor your wish.
I will do as you say.

But, you'll have
to meet me every day.

Darling, is this an order?

If you don't accept,
then I'll make it an order.

I'll meet you here every day.

But, promise me. Not a word
about this to anyone.

Even mother should know
nothing about this. Understand?

Heard it and understood it, too.

Now, go.

I swear by the automobile engine.

Wow, what a business.

Better make a run for it.

Your life will be in grave danger
if you go against me, too

Oh wow!

Wow Kamli, wow!
I swear by the automobile engine.

It seems as though my ruined
heart has awakened once again.

- Let go of me.
- How can I let go of you?

- Hey, what's happened to you?
- That's right, man.

Why are you sitting over here
like the car without a licence?

- Listen, fat man.
- Yes, say it.

I do everything with everyone
but this I prefer to do alone.

Yes, go ahead and do it alone.

But, we should know who you are,
what you do and where you live.

And one more thing. Where did
you learn to sing so well?

- So many questions at once.
- Okay, first tell us your name.

Listen fat man. My parents passed
away before they could christen me.

And when I grew up,
good people called me a wastrel.

Bad people called me a bully
and the cops called me a criminal.

That's it, man.

Listen man.
My father was never like me.

To hell with you and your father.
Now tell us where you live.

Where I stay?

I asked him his address
and he just laughed it out.

Where are you going?
At least tell us your name.

Where do you stay?

Listen, fat man. The sky is the
blanket and earth the mattress.

I stay wherever I lie down to rest.

And if I feel bored, then
I spend my nights behind bars.

You are truly
a very remarkable character.

I swear by the automobile engine.

You've already told me
your place of residence.

Now, what do you do?

I use scissors, blades, knives
and hammers wherever applicable.

I do everything illegal
in the books as my faith.

Wow. Now, that's quite
a remarkable faith you have.

From now on,
you're my younger brother.

You'll be staying with me.
I follow the same faith, too.

The boss has arrived.

- Hello boss. - How are you Lachchu?
- Fine sir.

- How's everything?
- Everything's going on smoothly.

- Boss, I have something to say.
- Yes, say it.

Boss, my younger brother
has come from my village.

He is quite expert at everything.

But, as you know,
I need trustworthy people.

Boss, he's very reliable, but
he prefers to remain drunk.

- Where is he?
- Kid brother, come over here.

He's coming. He's always drunk.

Kid brother,
say hello to our boss.

- Hello sir.
- Hello.

Hariya, take him.

Hariya will teach you.

He's the assistant boss,
boss's stooge.

- What did you say?
- Assistant boss or whatever.

- But, there's one thing.
- Say it.

I have to leave here
everyday at 8:00 sharp.

After the work is done.
I have to have this no matter what.

That's all right.
Now, follow me.

Congrats, kid brother.
You got the job.

Please have a seat.
Well, what brings you here?

From the investigation of the
accident wreckage...

we don't think Ramu
was among the two who died.

None of them was Ramu.
Then, where did he go?

Never mind, lnspector. Whenever
I hear of him, I'll let you know.

This is what I came here to say.

We're still investigating.

- All right then, goodbye.
- Goodbye.

- Kamli, did you hear that?
- That perhaps Ramu is still alive.

- What's there to worry about?
- There's reason to be concerned.

But, everything has a solution.
Keep an eye on his wife.

Wherever he might be, he will
definitely come to meet her.

You are absolutely right. Hariya,
you keep an eye on Ramu's wife.

Listen, here is the house.
Now, be careful.

See that no one leaves.
Now, sit over here.

- I don't think she has good character.
- You're right.

You've come.
You took so long.

It's difficult to reach you.

How would you know how I've
managed to get to you?

Oh yeah. You faced all the trouble
right from the very first day.

- I'm leaving.
- Chanda, at least come to me.

Come, sit here.

You look awesome, Chanda.
See what I've brought for you.

Put it.

She came right here.
Don't know where she disappeared.

You spoiled it all.

- I just lit a fag and she was gone.
- Shut up.

Come. She might be in the temple.

She won't be here at this hour.
At least come with me.

Hey! What are you
doing here so late?

- Get out of here.
- All right.

Don't know where they came from.

- Big problem, Chanda.
- What happened?

These villains know everything.

They've even started
following you around.

You be careful.
Now, you go.

- Should I?
- Yes.

- But Ramu...
- Don't argue. Just go. Go, Chanda.

Hasn't Chanda returned yet?
Where did she go?

She's gone to the
temple to worship God.

Has she gone to worship God,
or someone else?

Listen, don't make false accusations
against a widowed mother's widowed girl.

Why would we do something like that?

We're only saying what
the entire neighborhood sees.

Even we have kids.
What our duty was, we did it.

- Let's go sister.
- Yes, let's go.

Hey Banduk, fetch me the wrench.

What happened to it?
It was working so well.

Hey kid brother, where were you?
I searched for you everywhere.

- Listen fat bro, stop yelling at me.
- Who's shouting at you?

You think I'm shouting
just because you're sloshed.

Listen to me.
What about tomorrow's job?

I'm full and so is the tank.

- That's more like it.
- Where's the boss?

Boss, the ship has arrived.

The captain said, he'll be here
tomorrow at 8:00 PM sharp.

Well Captain, we've got a deal.

For the time being, take this.

At exactly 8, I'll give you
the signal from the steamer.

My launch will reach you as soon
as it receives the signal.

But, any problems with the cops?

Police? I'm not an amateur player
in this game. It's my profession.

Who is this?

Oh boss, you. Hello boss.

- You're here?
- What are you doing here?

I came to meet you,
but instead fell sleep.

I need some money because
my bottle is completely empty.

Boss, how about
sparing me some money?

Does he work for you?
He drinks a lot.

Don't you say anything
about my drinking habits.

Why did you come into this room and
how the hell did you get in here?

How much you talk.

I came to you with a request
to spare me some money.

Here you go.

Never mind. I'll give it to him.

It's enough for the bottle.

See you boss and
captain, my friend.

Hello lnspector. I've brought
you some vital information.

Tonight, illegal goods
are going to arrive...

by the launch at Bihari's place.

- What proof have you?
- Proof?

All right. You may go.

Have you come?

Won't you speak to me?
All right, don't speak.

I won't speak, either.

- Mom!
- You shameless creature. How dare you!

You make the excuse of prayers
and quietly sneak over here.

Mom, why did you follow me?

How shamelessly are you
asking me why I followed you?

The neighbors are disparaging you.

No, I will never say it!

Kill me if you wish but I'll
never open up my mouth.

- Won't you tell me?
- No, I never will.

- Who is it?
- Mom...

I'll see how you go outside.
Sit right here.

Hello sir.

- Lachchu, what's all this?
- What happened sir?

It's nothing new that
we were caught tonight.

How did the police learn
about everything and why?

Who informed them about it?

I swear by the automobile engine,
none of us has turned snitch.

- Be quiet.
- Boss, perhaps Ramu had a hand in all this.

Ramu, Ramu, Ramu...
You take his name for everything.

He's everywhere. Can't
any one of you bring him to me?

I can bring him to you.

- Do you know him?
- Very well, boss.

- Boss, what will you do with him?
- I will reward him.

In that case, reward me.
I am Ramu.

- Hello boss.
- What happened?

In his statement, the launch driver
will tell everything to the cops.

- Hariya, shoot him.
- Shoot! That means, kill him.

But boss, how will that be
possible in police custody?

You fool. Can't you understand?

First you bail him out,
and then you shoot him.

Boss, Jaggu is a family man.

I am sure he won't
turn snitch on you.

- Killing him will be a mistake.
- Shut up, you impudent.

- Boss, you hit me today.
- Yes, I did.

My men should respect
my decisions. Get it?

Hariya, go and do exactly
as I've told you. Now go.

He killed Gopal.
Never found Vitthal's body.

He sent Mohan to jail
and had Jaggu killed.

Don't know what will happen now?
Seems as though, I am next.

Before your turn, this time
it's going to be Bihari's turn.

Now he'll know that
the car he's riding in...

it's gas tank will already be on fire

- Jaggu, what happened?
- Just heard, the boss suspects us.

All of you are useless. Whatever
job I entrust to you, you ruin it.

Whatever confidential information
I tell you is leaked.

There's no sign of Chanda
or Ramu. Where's Chanda?

That's the problem. Chanda's
mom has locked her in her room.

She never leaves the house.
What can we do?

So she doesn't go outside the house.
But then, where is Ramu?

- What happened?
- Big problem.

- Why? What happened?
- Look what she's asking.

I already told you
your daughter is a pervert.

That's exactly what's happened.
And now she's pregnant.

- Now did you hear that?
- What? What did you say?

- She's pregnant.
- I feel pity for you.

You have nowhere
to hide your face now.

How will you face the world now?

This is our family matter.
My daughter and I can handle it.

Who the hell are you to say anything?
Now, get out of here. Get out.

Chanda, what have you done?

You witch. Tell me
whose sin are you carrying?

- Sin?
- It's your child and you're asking me?

A child? Really?

I'll become a mother.

I'll become a mother.

He'll be so happy
when he hears about it.

I really want to strangle
and kill you...

to cleanse the world of this sin.

Mom, I'm not a sinner.

Being a mother, can't you even
understand the feelings of a mother?

Mother? You pervert! Get out
of here. Get out of my sight.

You've ruined
a poor woman's honor.

If I hadn't been your mother, then
I would have certainly killed you.

Go away. Go away from here and
go and drown yourself somewhere.

Oh God. What wrong had I done
that I had to see this day?

Where do I go now with my sullied
face? Where do I hide now?

Until the world learns the truth,
I won't die.

But, if you have to suffer
because of me, then I shall go away.

Some day you'll learn your daughter
was completely innocent.

What's the matter, Ramu?

- Why don't you say anything?
- What do I say, Chanda?

I hate to call myself a man...

if I can't even save
you from this torment.

Who has tormented me?

The destiny has tormented you.
The world has tormented you.

Your mother has tormented you.

Is that all? And so much
anger for this little thing?

All this happened
to you because of me.

What are you saying, Ramu?

Do parents' beatings
ever hurt the children?

- I don't know what's going on.
- Forget all this.

Now, I will always
stay with you.

Your picture will always
stay before my eyes.

What are you saying?

This is the good news
I've come to tell you.

- Good news?
- Yes.

- What kind of a good news?
- Somebody is going to come.

Who is going to come?
Why don't you say it?

Ramu, I am going to be a mother.

Are you telling me
the truth, Chanda?


What a terrible thing to happen.
This shouldn't have happened.

No brother, this can't be.

I pledged to avenge your death.

But forgive me, for
I can't have my vengeance.

Chanda's condition...

Don't worry Ramu.
I understand everything.

Gopal was my best friend
and you are his brother.

Have courage. I am with you.

To tell you the truth,
we are all against Bihari.

Until and unless Bihari's
secret is disclosed...

the stigma on your name
will never be cleansed.

You won't be able to
avenge your brother's death.

All you have to do is light the hope...

and then you see if everyone's
agitated and flares up or not.

- Everything went wrong, boss.
- What happened?

- Nobody is ready for today's job.
- Why?

They say from now on
they won't do any illegal jobs.

Then, how were they
doing it till today?

I tell you boss, someone has
definitely incited them.

- Has someone incited them?
- Yes, boss.

Hariya, fire them all.

Now, I will do
whatever has to be done.

What will you do? Now, it's
us who will do everything.

Right, brother.

Hariya, the Captain is coming here
tonight at 8:00 for the first time.

Go with him
to the Moon Light Club.

I'll meet him there. Everything
will be decided over there.

And mind you.
Today's job is very big.

There shouldn't be any slip-ups
this time. Now, go quickly.

Moon Light Club...
Captain... 8...

- About the payment, I'm a bit...
- No need to worry.

I'll bring the payment myself.

You personally?
That's very good.

Mr. Biharilal, I prefer to
handle such jobs very safely.

I've made all the arrangements.

Look at this.
This is my garage.

From here, an empty launch will go...

and from here, I'll take
one loaded with gold.

- You'll get the signal from here.
- Okay.

This is Mr. John. This is Baba Khan.
This is Lala Roshandan

Whoever sets eyes on me
becomes qurban (smitten)

When I open my tresses
with a swing...

the world thinks
the falling water drops are pearls

I can say what I like

With just a signal from me,
the world bows before me

In front of me are strewn
the hearts of naive people

Because of me the world adapts
all kinds of disguises

But my eyes aren't fooled
and see the reality

With just a wink
I can fool the world

With just a glance
I reject hundreds

This is Mr. John. This is Baba Khan.
This is Lala Roshandan

Whomever sets eyes on me
becomes smitten

I'm sorry, lnspector. I finally got
the opportunity I was looking for.

I happened to get this map.

Tonight, a launch loaded with
gold will travel here.

I'll be right there. As soon as
you get my signal, raid the place.

Trust me, lnspector.
This map is the proof of it.

- You go now and the police will do their duty.
- All right.

Now, the biggest duty
of my life will be complete.

I made it through here
with great difficulty.

I just came to see you.
I have to go back immediately.

- What's the hurry to return so soon?
- It's neither here or there.

Chanda, today the decision
will be made. You go home.

- Home.
- Yes.

I'll reach home tomorrow
morning before sunrise.

Tomorrow will be the dawn
of a new light in our life.

Tonight, I have great
things to take care of.

Do you know how
happy I am right now?

Now I won't have
to live hidden like this.

Mom, too, will be so pleased.

- All right, I'll go now.
- Like the other night, I will...

Brother, the reason
I've come here is because...

boss wishes to do everything
with his very own hands.

It's a million rupees transaction.

Now you know what you to do.

The boss wants to take
care of things personally.

So, he wants to keep
all the money to himself.

Ten to twelve hundred
thousand rupees.

I, too, will have a share of it.

Definitely. Evening at 8.
Don't leave him.

Yes? Yes.
All right. Definitely.

- Hello boss.
- Hello.

- Mohan, you.
- That's right. I fled jail just for you.

How many times have I told you not
to take the law into your hands?

Why, then, did you
break the law?

Actually boss, we make the
law so we can break it too.

Actually boss,
I heard the news that...

you were going to do a 10 to 12
hundred thousand deal tonight.

I thus thought, how could I,
your loyal slave...

remain away from you
at such an occasion?

I thus broke jail
and now am before you.

But, tonight's job is very risky.

But, none of our work
is without risk.

And it's better to decide
my fate here than rot back in jail.

- Mohan.
- Yes.

Wait for me in my chamber.
I'll be right with you.

- Boss, what have you done?
- You don't understand, Hariya.

It will be difficult for Mohan
to see tomorrow's light.

Mohan, quickly flee this place.
Bihari plans to kill you.

I heard it myself.

But, perhaps Bihari doesn't know
that tonight his game will end.

The police have
surrounded this place...

and they'll arrest Bihari
as soon as they receive my signal.

Why don't you say asomething, Mohan?
I'm your friend, your brother.

Didn't you recognize me?

But, just changing
your guise isn't enough...

to escape the
clutches of Bihari.

You came to frame me
and save Mohan.

Now, it's you
who is in big trouble.

You only recognized me today,
but I recognized you long ago.

You had my brother killed.

- And tried to kill me, too.
- Shut up.

First call up
the police and tell them...

that whatever you said
was all wrong. Let's go now.

I'm not used to lying.

Don't forget that this pistol
is loaded with 6 bullets...

and only one is
enough to kill you.

Hold it.

Now speak. Speak!

Don't make the call, Ramu.

Ramu, don't you worry.
He's mine.

A gun shot.

- Do you have a light?
- Nope, but I have a shot for you.

There are no more bullets
left in your pistol.

Really? Take this!

You're quite smart.

Well then, tell me how much
you'll take to get out of my way?

- Ask that to the cops.
- Ask the cops.

Now, the police will arrive soon.

But, I'm here before the cops.

Boss, the launch is ready.
You proceed.

- Hariya, take care of Ramu.
- Don't you worry.

Now, you're in my trap.
Come here.

- Inspector, here is your culprit.
- Thank you, Ramu.



- Mom see, brother Mohan has come.
- Coming dear.

But, what's happened to him?

He just met with an accident.
Nothing serious.

- Mohan, my son.
- Mother.

- What's the matter?
- Nothing mom. Nothing to worry.

- Where's Mohan?
- Which Mohan?

- What do you mean?
- Nothing.

Listen Ramu, you're a respectable
man. You helped us nab Bihari.

Now, you're committing an offence
by giving refuge to a fugitive.

I've never done anything wrong.

Listen, if you don't hand
Mohan over to us then...

we'll be forced to arrest you.

- Who's stopping you?
- Is that so?

Mohammed, search the place.

You've come to
arrest me and here I am.

There's no need to search the place.

The house will be searched and
you'll be arrested as well.

Mohan, why did you come down?

How could I have
our friendship be sullied?

- Arrest him.
- Wait lnspector, don't trouble yourself.

What insanity is this?

Don't you even care
about mother's old age?

What will she go
through if you go away?

Mohan has told me everything.

He's the real culprit.
He should be punished.

You said it right, mom.


Mom, I never gave you
any happiness, did I?

I ruined all your hopes.

After me,
consider Ramu as your son.

Ramu, take care of my mother.

Why are you crying, silly girl?

Today, there's no other
girl as fortunate as you.

Do you see that friend of mine?
That illiterate and worthless Ramu?

He's truly an angel.

Let's go, lnspector.
Good that I ran and came here.

At least I got to see them
one last time.

Else, my actual house is
that palatial prison.

We have triumphed!

Now, we too will tell the world
that we can do honest work.

- Right.
- Hey Ramu.

- Ramu, come down.
- Hello sister.

Where's Ramu? Send him down.
Got to go to work.

Don't give him breakfast.
We'll have it there.

Wake up. Everyone is calling
for you. Go to work.

I'll go.

I shan't go to work today.
Today, you look so beautiful.

You won't go to work?
Then, I won't speak to you.

- Stay an arm's length away.
- Hey, that's just too much.

Don't get angry.
All right. I'll go.

Here, tie my kerchief.

How about I don't come today?
All right, I'll come.

- Hey Chanda.
- You're back again?

I just remembered
something very important.

- I was thinking that...
- What?

If we have a boy then,
what will we call him?

Oh God.
And, what if we have a girl?

She'll get irked at little things...

and sneak to the temple to
meet her beloved just like you.

And the boy will pick
a fight with everyone...

smoke away and indulge himself
in flying pigeons just like you.

Man, I'll educate him and make
him into a very brave honest man.

I'll teach him not to be afraid
or be pushed around by anyone...

just like his father.

- All right, now will you go?
Yes, I will.

- Well Lachchu, how are you?
- Absolutely fine!

Today is the break of a new dawn.
Our life's changed.

Every morsel of food bears
the name of its eater

A million hands to take
but only one God is the giver

The book of your fate's
already been written

The account of your
everyday life has been penned