Baaram (2018) - full transcript

Karuppasamy, a watchman, lives with his sister, Menmozhi, and her family in Tamil Nadu. Early one morning, Karuppasamy is involved in a hit-and-run accident and breaks his hip. 8 days later, he is dead. How did Karuppasamy die?

(Babble of voices)

- How much for the balloon?
- Ten rupees.

Which one?

Balloon vendors don't
stand middle of road

Move way

- How much for this one?
- Fifty rupees.

- This one?
- No, thanks.

(Folk song)

Rajan, how're you?

I seeing every things

I'll see if I can find it.

- Brother!
- Hi!

Alright, I had to come here.

(Folk song)

- How much?
- Fifty rupees.

Fifty rupees!

What unfair?

But it's just 4 holes!

50's too much.

Give it to me for ten.

Your face has holes in it!
Ten rupees!

Get lost!

(Babble of voices)

Hello, sir.

Hello! Here, take some.

What brings you here?

Come, uncle.

- Come in, brother.
- Coming ma.

- Here, darling.
- She's just stuffed her face!

- Want to drink water?
- Bring it.

I will bring it.

Hi uncle

What a crowd
at the festival!

You didn't come?

How is now?

It used to be exciting
when we were young.

I made dry fish curry and rice.

- Bring it.
- I will bring it.

Study, child.

Remember those flutes we used to
buy at the fair for 50 paise?

Do you want to play
with toys at this age?

Will a toy flute
scare away a thief?

It's not for me, silly!

Come, come, Mani.

Didn't you set
up the stall today?

The new beat cop came.


Dry fish curry.

We have to pay 500
rupees a night after 8 pm.

And what's left for us?

- Sweetheart!
- Veera!

Hey Uncle!

- Come...come
- Mother

- Come, eat.
- I will eat ma.

- Uncle...
- Come, Veera.

Special feast?

Was yesterday they
told like that?

It was aunt's death
anniversary 3 days ago?

You didn't tell me?

It happens every year, son.

I came for my
Aadhar card. Mani!

So how much is
that flute for?

Never mind.

This fish curry's delicious.
I'll have some more.

Veera, come sit.


What is it?

Guavas! Where did
you get so many from?

They're from Vellaisaamy's garden.
He gave them to me.

That old miser only
has a soft spot for you.

Yesterday, I was planning
to visit you at work.

But you came.

You wouldn't have found
me if you'd come.

Why not?

I quit my job.

Quit your job?

What's he saying?

Are you insane?

It's a government
job with a pension.

You're not married yet.

And you've quit your job!

Do you know how many people
I had to beg to get you that job?

I thought I'd join
the union full-time.


That's okay, too.

What's the use of being a
government bus conductor?

See you.

Bring me some water.

Veera, wait.

- He never stand here.
- Come...come, Uncle

Drive safe!

Go carefully, uncle.

Why did he quit his job?


Lend me 20 rupees.
I'll return it when I'm paid.

Is that what you've
been trying to ask?

No, no. just 20.

Keep it.

I'll remind you if you forget.

It's Senthil's daughter's birthday.

How time flies!
She's 9 now.

So I thought I'd buy her a flute.

It's tomorrow?

Fine Uncle.

Don't get me wrong.

You're old now.

Why are you still doing
this watchman's job?

There's the 3 of us.

Or you can move to Senthil's.

Why are you struggling?

Only moths fall into the flame.

I'm a firefly.

You never listen.

Come, I'll drop you off.

Why, don't you like to
see me in one piece?

I'll walk.

(Kids playing)

'The Burden'

Run, run!


- Careful
- What happened?

Give him some water.

My hip!

Watch his hip!

- Let's go that way.
- Easy, easy.

He is here only working.

- Where does he work?
- Here.

Lift him, bro, he's heavy



Lie down carefully.


Who's it at this hour?

Sorry to bother you.
He's the colony watchman.

A motorcyclist hit him.

My home's too far away.

We didn't know what to do.

- Has he given you his address?
- No.

He's not talking.
He only said his hip hurts.

Is this really an accident?

We saw it.

We'll get in trouble.

- Have you packed her lunch?
- Yes.

- ‘Bye, ma!
- You better come straight home.

No stopping to play
with your friends!

Bye grandma.

Take the container.

Bring the bag.

‘Bye, ma.

‘Bye, sweetie.

Oh God!

Tell me.

I sent the cash yesterday

but he's still asking
us to close early.


One second, ma.

Hey Muruga...

- Listen to me!
- One second, ma!

Your uncle hasn't
returned from work yet.

I'll call you back.

It's 1 o'clock.

He can't bear to stay hungry.

Ma, he always comes
straight home from work.

He must have stopped
to chat with someone.

You're crying over this?

He's never done this before.
He'd at least call.

Tell me, Muruga.

He's not back yet?

He said yesterday that he
was going to Senthil's house.

It's his daughter's birthday today.

Maybe he's gone there.


I told you, ma, he's
gone to Senthil's house.

Call Senthil, son

You know Senthil can't stand me,

and you still want me to call him?

He is such a nuisance

- I'll dial. Will you speak?
- No, no, you do it.


Are you feeling better?
Can you talk?

How's your hip?


Try to talk.

Should we go to the cops?

No, it'll become a problem.

They'll turn around and
accuse us. Forget it.


Can you remember anything?

Can you hear me?
Please try. You're fine.

How long will we keep him here?

Who'll be responsible if
something happens to him?

Keep quiet!
It's getting too messy.

He's conscious!


My hip hurts.

Don't worry, we'll go to the hospital.

Is there anyone we can call?

A phone number?

Such arrogance!

Does it hurt you to
make one phone call?

Alright, ma, I'll call Senthil.
Don't yell.

Where's the knife?

Check near the grinder.

Who's this?

Yes, speaking.

Yes, he's my uncle.

- When?
- What happened?



What happened?

Okay, we're coming.

Ma, uncle's had
an accident. Mani!

I told you. Did you listen?

What happened?

Call Pachai! Uncle's
had an accident!

Ask for the tempo.

I knew something was wrong!

What happened?

The protest will last 10 days.

Saiyesh, how many have you called?

I've spoken to 30-35 people

But only 10-15 will come.

They laugh when I ask.

We need to explain
why we're protesting.

Retirement benefits
have been withdrawn.

What will the workers do now?

One second.

Tell me, Muruga.


Oh God!

- Call Pachai!
- Pachai, hurry! Lift him.

Oh God!

Gently, gently.
Mani get down.

Mani, lift him!

Just bear it.

- Did you ask?
- Oh God!

- Have you checked his BP?
- Yes, doctor.

Who's with Karuppasamy?
The doctor wants to see you.


Greetings, doctor.

- Are you his family?
- Yes, sir.

Come with me.

His hip is shattered.

We have to operate.

Will he walk again, if we operate?

- He's healthy. Is he around 65?
- Must be, doctor.

If we operate now, he'll live
at least another 10 years.

- Do we have to operate?
- Yes, absolutely.

I'll have to check with
his son about that.

- Who are you, then?
- His nephews.

Ask him to come at once.

Let's go, pa.

I'm ready.
Call your mother.

Ma, let's go.

What a pain!

Tell me, Muruga.

"Your father's had an
accident. Come at once."


We don't know.

We got a call saying
he'd had an accident.

We've admitted him to Dharani Clinic.
Hurry and come.

"I'm going out."

He needs an operation.
You have to come.

That's not possible.
Bring him here.

"To the village?"

"How can I bring him
from town to the village?"

Why, don't we have hospitals here?
It'll be cheaper, too.

Bring him.
Hang up, now.

Hey! Hey! Senth-

- What's he saying?
- He hung up!

1500 rupees!
Are you kidding?

I do all the work.
You're paying so little?

If you want more,
you find the people.

If I do, that's all I'll pay.

- Can you help? He's hurt.
- Hurry, Mani.

My hip hurts. I can't sit.

What happened?

Watch his hip.

Senthil, I can't bear the pain.

- Greetings
- Yes come in.

It's a fracture. There's no
option. You have to operate.

An operation will
be expensive, doctor.

Not really,

but otherwise, he'll
never walk again.

His hip bone is broken.

If you see a doctor
now, it can be fixed.

Can you fix it
without operating?

No, we don't have the facilities.

We can't afford it.

But if he can't walk, you'll
have to look after him.

Consider that, too.

We will operate him in that hospital.
Why is he unwanted travelling?

I can't.

Nothing uncle
Don't worry.

What happened?

You took him away this
morning, and now you're back.

They said we have
to operate.

I told you that in the morning.

Why did you take him away?

It's still not too late. Admit him
to a specialty hospital.

That will be expensive.

Who said that?

Bring me his residence
and income proof papers.

We'll insure him under the
Chief Minister's Welfare Scheme

and the operation will be free.

Where will I get those documents?

Ask the Revenue Collector's office.

- Bring them quickly.
- Okay, doctor.

Your poor father.

Don't drag him around anymore.

Go get the papers.
We'll handle things here.

That side.


Bear it, uncle.

I told him then.
Who's listening?

- Muruga...
- Come, Veera.

- Coming from union?
- What did the doctor say?

He gave tablets for the pain.

He took them, and slept.



Who is it?

Veera? Come.

What's all this?

Shouldn't you watch
where you're going?

How's the pain now?

Much better,

now that you're here.

You'll be okay.

You're the one
who keeps saying,

'I'm not a moth, I'm a firefly.'

I'm a firefly alright.

Let the operation get done.

Then we'll play leapfrog.

Let's see who wins.

You will, uncle.
Where's the doubt?

Fine uncle.

I've been invited to
a protest out of town.

A group of us is leaving tonight.

- I'll be back soon.
- When?

I'll be back in 10 days.

Your operation will be done by then.

I'll be back soon.
Rest now. Sleep.

Mani, come here.
Where's Murugan?

He's gone to the shop.

No, no, I have money.

Take it, for medicines.

Keep me posted.
I'll call Murugan.

Drive carefully.

Uncle, will you have some juice?

I can't take the pain.

I'll ask the doctor for some tablets.

- Doctor.
- Yes?

He's been crying
from pain for 2 days.

- Does it hurt?
- Unbearably, doctor.

He's been saying
this all night, doctor.

I can give him painkillers,

but we need to operate.

What took so long?
Did you get the papers?

I thought about it. Doctor?

I can't come here every
day from the village.

So I'm taking him home.

Home? He can't even turn!

And you want to take him home!

What were you doing for 5 days?

It's impossible to get
those documents.

There's a good traditional
healer in the village.

He says he'll mend the fracture.

With what, superglue?

If we don't operate now,
he'll never walk again.

It's your call.

Listen to the doctor.

I know how to look after my father.

Don't teach me.
Shut it.

Easy, go slow.

Stop, Pachai!
Mani, pick him up gently.

Oh God!

- Pachai, take his legs.
- Yes, sir.

Hold his legs gently.

- Get down now.
- Will you hold him?

Lift him gently.

We're home.

- In this room?
- No, come ahead.

- This one?
- No, no, come further.

- Where, here?
- There.


Gently mani.

Pachai, lay the mat down.

Lift him from there.

Ask pillow.

Get me a pillow.

Nothing uncle.

Where's the pillow?

Nothing to worry.

Just lift his head

Lie down.


Take care of yourself.
We'll leave now.

Could you -

Okay, go.

- What?
- No, nothing.

- You were saying something?
- Nothing.

Okay, look after yourself.
I'll be back soon.


Let me know if
there's anything else.


Like we don't have
enough trouble.

- Why did you bring him here?
- What do you want me to do?

You should have left
him at your aunt's.

Why dump him here?

They'd take care of him.

He gives them all his money.

- I'd still have to take care of him.
- So? Am I just sitting around?

I also go to work, don't I?

Now I have to take
care of him, too.



We have to pay school fees,

buy new books, uniforms.

There's gas and light bills.
Where's the money?

I won't cook for him.

I won't clean him up.
It's just rice gruel for him.

- Shut up!
- What should I do?

- I'm hungry.
- Go away! Nuisance!


What? Why are you yelling?

I can't take the pain, son.

Take me to the hospital.

I'll have the operation done.

- That's not possible.
- Why not, son?

What do you mean why not?

Who has the money for an operation?

But that doctor said it's free.

Only the operation will be free.

I'll have to bribe everyone

from the village officer
to the ward boy.

Such a nuisance

Leave me at your
aunt's house, then.

She'll take care of me.

We'll handle all
the expenses, too.

Is this a game to you?

As it is, Murugan can't stand me.

Will you humiliate me
more by going there?

Stay here quietly.
Don't pull my leg.

At least call Veera.

He'll look after me.

Don't make me beg, son.

Nagamma! One minute.



- My father's bedridden.
- So?

Will you come and
clean him every day?

How much will you pay?

25 rupees a day.

Who'll do it for 25 rupees?

In this day and age,
nobody'll work for 25 rupees.

Who'll work for 25 rupees?

Okay, 35 rupees.

Nobody'll come for
35 rupees either.

You just have to wipe him down.

You can do that yourself.
Why ask me?

Okay, 45 rupees.

No, add 5 and make it 50.

No, I can't. I'm busy.

Take 45, just come
and clean him up.

If you add 5 and make it 50,
I'll do it,

otherwise I'll be on my way.

If you want to save 5 rupees,
you can do it yourself.

Alright, 50 rupees.

You should have agreed upfront.

He's there.
Clean him up.

- Who is it?
- I've come to clean you up.

No. Go away.

Let me do it.

- No.
- Turn.

Turn. I have other work.

I won't hurt you.

Write, child.

Tell me, bro.

Hang on.

Have you fed him?


I'll call you after dinner.

- Darshini.
- What, ma?

Come here.

Give it to him.



Come here, child.

It's grandpa.

See what grandpa bought you

For your birthday.



Why not, child? Look.

Do you like it?


3,500 rupees?

Come in.

This is sudden.

I came to see your father.

He's lying down.

It's so hot!

Careful, watch your step.


Why are you shouting, pa?

Menmozhi aunt's here.

You're well out of it.



Oh god!

You chat.
I'm going to work.

Come, sit.

Stella, ready?

What a state you're in!

Come, sit.

Is there no place for you
in such a big house -

What a fate.

I'm not blaming anyone.

God protect you.

What happened to my job?

They've paid for the month.

Here, use it for
fruits and medicines.

Don't give it to your son.

I'll keep it under your pillow.

Why are you so quiet?

Is Senthil taking care of you?

Very well.

Like a king.

He's hired a woman to look after me.

And yet you're like this?

If there's a problem,
I'll take care of you.

There's no problem.

A traditional healer's
coming tomorrow.

They say he'll fix my hip.

Then, you watch.

I'll come home,

and eat fish curry again.

I'll make it for you every day.

You get well quickly
and come home.

Shall I leave now?

Could you ask Veera to visit?

I'll tell him.

He'll take care of me.

Look after yourself.

Careful with the money.

- Tell Veera.
- I'll tell him without fail.


- Didn't go to work, Mani?
- I'm leaving now.

Where did you get
the greens from, ma?

I get nearby home

Come, come, Veera.

- Tea?
- Yes.

Could you make him some tea?

Did you go see uncle, ma?

I went yesterday.

He said he was okay,

but I didn't get that feeling.

Why? Senthil said they'd operate.

He didn't allow it.

He took him home, saying
he'd hire a traditional healer.

I don't know what he's done.

Damn! How's he now, ma?

I don't know.

He won't say what's on his mind,

but he can't hide it either.

He kept asking for you.

Shall I go see him, then?

Yeah. Don't talk to Senthil

- Yes
- Talk to uncle only

Why would I?

Why's he calling?


Tell me, Senthil.

I called to tell you
Father passed away.

What is it?

- How?
- What is it, son?

It was a good death.

He went peacefully, in his sleep.

- What is it?
- The funeral's at 6 pm.

Tell your mother.

I'll hang up now.

- Oh Lord, what will I do now?
- What happened?

Uncle's dead.

What?! When?

Your uncle died.


He says he died in his sleep.

I knew he wouldn't

I knew he didn't do for him

He was fine when
I saw him yesterday.

What will I do now?

You left me

My brother, when
will I see you again?

Where shall I search for you?

We were born of the same womb.

I saw you just yesterday.

You were fine.

He was a good man.

He taught me how to
live, and now he's dead.

All of us have to die.

But how many die peacefully
in their sleep like this?

You killed him needlessly.

You didn't let him
be even 2 days.

Grandma, Uncle died in his sleep.

No, son, he was killed.


Veera, he murdered him.

Shut up, old woman!

Keep quiet.

Who killed him?

That one, there, killed him

with a lethal injection.

Killed him?

Hush, he wasn't well.

Uncle, is this true?

No, don't make a scene here.

Who's making a scene?

Hey, who killed my uncle?

Keep your voice down.

What do you know?

Who killed my uncle?

Keep quite

You don't talk.

Who will if I don't?

What did you do?

Who killed my uncle?

He died naturally.

She says you killed him.

And you believe her?

How did he die?

Do what you came for, and leave.

You don't interfere.

One second. What is it?

Pay your respects, and leave.

He was my uncle!

How dare you interfere to this?


If you killed my uncle -

If it's true you killed my uncle,

I'll burn this village down!

Bugger off!

How dare you come here
and insult me, you dog!

Don't talk without knowledge

If I find that was you
I will kill you



- Who is it?
- Veera.

- When did you arrive?
- Just now.


(Calling cattle)

Mariakka, come here.

- Excuse me.
- Who is it?

- How are you?
- I'm good.

You said that Senthil
had his father killed.

How do you know?

The whole village
is talking about it.

About what?


We've done it ourselves.

- Really?
- Yes

About 10 years ago,

I came home from work,

and found that my wife
had done it to my mother.

But I don't blame her,

because my mother had
been sick for a long time.

We tried everything.

I was thinking of doing it
myself, but she did it.

When a person's been ill
for a long time,

the family members call me.

I give the person

a cold water head bath,

and lots of tender coconut water

until they get a fever.

Within 3 days, they pass away.

It's a custom here.

- Since when?
- Since my grandmother's time.

One must live happily.

What kind of life is it to be
dependent and miserable?

How much do you charge?

I don't charge.

It's a service.

It's better to ease their pain
and let them go.

They mix mud and water

into a thick paste.

They push that down the
throat, and suffocate them.

Some people ask to be killed

with mud from their own land.

It gives peace to their souls.

So many ways to kill...

They say there are
26 ways.

- Really?
- Yes.

They choke them with
hard snacks and sweet buns,

feed them milk laced with thorns,


There are 26 ways to kill.

Hundreds of people are killed
in our village every year

If elders get a headache,

they run away from home.

I can't work. I have arthritis,

so I tend the cattle.

Why don't you stay with your son?

My son's a struggling
daily wage laborer.

Rather than die
at his hands, I left.

They say uncle was killed
by lethal injection, right?

Who did it?

They say a woman
who works as

support staff in
a hospital did it.

There's a broker here
called Rajan who does this.

It's his trade.
In Senthil's father's case,

they say he used a
woman called Meena...

to give him a lethal injection.

Doesn't anyone go to the cops?

Don't they have to
come back home?

Nobody does it.

- Why not?
- Complaints won't work.

The cops know everything.

Nobody's going to talk.

The cops will say it's a family
matter, and close the case.

We just have to accept it.



Thank you very much.

Don't repeat what I said
about Senthil's father.


I just told you what
the villagers are saying.

'To: The Police Superintendent,
Srivaipuram, TN Police'

'Subject: The Killing of K. Karuppasamy'

'My uncle was killed under the guise
of 'Thalaikoothal', or mercy killing,'

'at the behest of his
own son, K. Senthil.'

'However, this was no mercy killing,'

'but cold-blooded murder.'

Veera, stop!

Tell me

What happened
to that problem?

Uncle's case?

They've been jerking me
around for the last 5 days.

I wrote to the police.

They keep putting me off.

I was there yesterday
from morning till 5 pm.

There's no response.

Veera, this is your battle.
You have to lead.

Don't depend on anyone else.

You keep going alone, understand?

Okay. It's getting late.

Come and eat.

- Next time.
- Come, eat

- Okay. Give Murugan my regards.
- OKay

Bring the salt.

- Aren't you eating?
- In a bit. You start.

Bring the pickle, too.

Did you bring in the stuff
drying on the terrace?


Sit, and eat.

What's this?

- Sit and eat.
- I'll just change.

Later. Eat first.

Give him his food.

- It's uncle.
- Let's see.

Show him

Ma, give me that plate.

Here, ma.

Bless his cheerful face.

You didn't choose one
of him in uniform?

He looks so young in this.

I chose it because he's smiling.

It's nice, ma.

He's left us and gone.

Put this on the shelf.

Give it to me.

What happened?

What are you thinking about?


The cops are ignoring my complaints.

Can you hurry these things?

You're impatient, like your father.

Nothing happens overnight.

- I complained 5 days ago.
- So what?

- Why get tense?
- I keep going there.

- They just don't respond.
- It takes time.

If I let it go now, the issue
will never come out.

Such impatience!

Mani, hand me the newspaper.

Why do you want the
paper during dinner?

If I shout, even our
dog won't get up.

But the right people
will shake the world.

'Please find attached a copy
of my police complaint'

'to which there has been no response.'

' letter to the State
Human Rights Commission'

'to which, also, there
has been no reply.'


Mr. Veera?
I read your mail.

This news should go big.

Okay, sir.

But we're a small publication.

If we cover it, it won't
reach everyone.


Let me see what I can do.

Okay, sir, thank you.

Hello, Mr. Veera?

Who's calling?

This is the editor of the National
Debate newspaper in Chennai.

Tell me, sir.

I've received your police complaint.
It's a big story.

We're printing it tomorrow.

- Give me an ND paper.
- Take it.

We're sending a
reporter to investigate.

- Tea?
- Yes.

They'll call you tomorrow.


Hello. Mr. Veera?

Yes, who's this?

Deepa, National Debate,
Chennai reporter.

Tell me, ma'am.

Everyone knows Meena,

even in the neighboring villages.

Even little children
threaten their grandparents.

If you nag, I'll call Meena.

She'll give you a poison injection.

So everyone knows her.

She works in a hospital.

People call her to dispatch
the elderly with an injection.

You need to be careful.

One important matter

You don't get any problem for it


I need a medicine,

but this is the wrong shop.

Which medicine?

We have everything.

We have a rat problem.

I came for some poison.

Is someone not well -

Hey! Always babbling.
Get out!

What do you want?

My grandmother's not well.

I thought I'd give her a tablet.

Who said you'd get it here?

Where are you from?
I've never seen you before.

I'm from the next village.

I'm visiting my cousin.

I told her grandma's not well.

She told me I could get it here.

How much is a tablet for?

Only 10 rupees, but I can't sell it

without a prescription.

Go see Compounder Ganesan.


- Ganesa, where are you?
- In the forest.


- Ganesa!
- Yeah, come.

They're here.
I'll call you back.


This is her.


I need some medicine.

They said you'd give
me a prescription.

You can't decide whether
it'll be injection or tablet.

We do that.


What else can I do?

There are lots of
ways to do this.

Go meet Rajan.

He'll see your grandmother,
and discuss rates and methods.


No, that'll be too expensive.

But the tree will fall silently.
There'll be no risk to you.

No, just give me the prescription.

Is this cat killing a rat?

It's a human being.

If the cops come,
who'll be responsible?

If you do the job in 10 rupees,
what are we here for?

- Take her!
- Come.


6,000 rupees. I need
an advance of 2,000.

I don't have that much.

You're asking me to kill someone.

Do you know how risky it is?

What was the name of
that man last week?

- Karuppasamy, boss.
- Karuppasamy!

8,000 was the fee.

He was dead in 4 hours.

I've already given you
a discount of 2,000.

It's risky to get those injections.


Give me an advance of 2,000.
I'll start the work.

What was the name of
that man last week?

- Karuppasamy, boss.
- Karuppasamy!

8,000 was the fee.

He was dead in 4 hours.

You're in the papers today.

What do they say?

Hide your syringes, or you'll hang.

Thalaikoothal is a
traditional form of senicide

which is practiced in
more than 40 villages

in the southern parts of Tamil Nadu.

It is practiced by the members
of the family themselves.

They feel burdened.

They don't like old people's habits.

They wander off, and are messy.

It's burdensome.

So they think, 'If we do
something so they die,

'we can live peacefully.'
So they do it.

It's awful to take a life,

but it's also hard to
see them suffer.

They have trouble
sleeping and breathing.

So it's a good thing,

but killing is problematic, too.

Why do we have children?

So they'll care for us at the end

as we cared for them,

and wash our clothes.

That's why we have children.

That's why we have children,

not so they can kill us.

'Today, we're discussing Thalaikoothal'

'and the killing of K. Karuppasamy.'

Everyone knows he did it.

At first, we were told that

my uncle died of natural causes.

So we went to the funeral.

There, we heard that

his own son had him killed.

So everybody knows that he did
it in the name of Thalaikoothal.

Look it

Who did involved..

- What's this?
- Senthil, my cousin,

- See what Veera's done.
- His wife,

and 3 other people

planned the murder.

I should have broken
his legs that day.

Keep quiet.

I only learnt later that
this was being done

in the name of Thalaikoothal.

I found out after my uncle's death

I found out after my uncle's death

He's on TV.

Will it be a problem?

No. The whole village does it.

Just keep quiet.

When Senthil got married,

my uncle gave him the house,
and moved in with us.

After the accident, we said
we'd take care of him

and the expenses.

That hurt Senthil's ego.

He felt that people would talk that
he didn't take care of his father.

When I learnt of the killing,
I went to the police.

I can't bear his face.

I told you he'd make trouble.

Forget it, it's not that serious.

- What's your name?
- Senthil.

- Where do you work?
- I'm a fitter in a spinning mill, sir.

How much did you pay to
have your father killed?

Why would I kill my father, sir?

You paid Rajan 8,000 rupees
to kill your father.

I didn't kill anyone.

What do you mean?

I don't know anything about a killing.

Here, listen.

What was the name
of that man last week?

- Karuppasamy, boss.
- Karuppasamy!

8,000 was the fee.

He was dead in 4 hours.

I've already given you
a discount of 2,000.

That's not my voice, sir.

How do you make your money?

You kill old people for money.

- I don't understand.
- What?

I don't know anything.


Do you know Meena?


Is she your wife, or your keep?

Are you pimping her?

Who's Rajan?

Thousands of people
come to the hospital, sir.

And Rajan's such a common name.

Your father died.
Did you tonsure your head?

I'm looking for a job in Dubai.
I can't go bald to interviews.

We know how to get the truth.

We'll hang you up,
and make you talk.

Will you talk or not?

Who did this killing?

I'll tell you, sir.

I'll tear you apart.

How long have you known Rajan?


- 5 years.
- How?

He used to be my money lender.

One day, he said 'There's a way

to make some quick money.
Will you do it?'

What was it?

If I injected certain
people with poison,

he'd pay me 1,000 rupees.

I said, 'I'm not a nurse,

I don't know how to give injections.'

So then?

He gave me some money
and asked me to learn

from GH Ganesan.

Ganesan taught me

how to give injections,

and how the poisons worked.

Her husband kept falling sick.

They couldn't afford hospitals.

She asked for an alternative.

So I taught her how to
give glucose injections, sir.

- Taught her!
- It's the truth, sir.

How many people have you
killed with poison so far?

Answer me!

How many people have you killed?

Write the names.

- I can't write.
- But you can kill.

- I'll tell you, you write it down.
- Tell me.


Ramasami, last month.


Before that, Pechiakka.


Hurry up.

Before that, Bhupathi.

The last was Karuppasamy.

Mettu street

You've killed 21 people.

How did you carry out
the Karuppasamy killing?

Speak. What did you do?

If you don't talk,

I'll eliminate you in an encounter.

How did you kill Karuppasamy?
Answer me!

Tell me, Meena.

You said you'd pay 2,500 rupees
if I brought a case. Pay me.

- Why?
- I've found a case.

Who? How do you know?

I found out from my neighbor, Nagamma.
You know Senthil?

Gopalan's nephew.
His father's bedridden.

- Why, what happened?
- He broke his hip in an accident.

Nagamma's been cleaning him up.

He didn't want to pay
her 50 rupees a day.

Will he spend money on medicines?

The tree's rotten.
If you touch it, it'll fall.

- Will you talk to him?
- Yes. Senthil is...?

Gopalan's nephew.

- Right. I'll talk to him.
- Let me know.


- Who is it?
- Sir, one minute.

- What do you want?
- Come here.

My name's Rajan.

You don't know me,

but I've seen you around.
Your uncle Gopalan is a friend.

What do you want?

I heard your father's bedridden.

Was that him calling?

What is it you want?
I'm late for work.

I don't want anything.
I've come to help you.


With what?

Medicines are expensive.

Illness burdens the family.

How will you take care of him

and your family on your salary?

What are you suggesting?

A small expense, cheaper
than his medical care.

You say okay, and
I'll handle everything.


How much?

Give me 5,000. I'll finish it.

5,000? Impossible.

Wait, we're like brothers.

Give me 3,500. I'll finish it quietly.


Come, aunt.

This is sudden.

I came to see your father.

Come, he's inside.

1,500! You said
you'd pay 2,500.

Keep your money!

He's only paying 3,000.

How can I pay you 2,500?

This is how you
keep cheating me.

If you want more, you should
have spoken to him directly.

You can't, right?

Keep the money.
He's called us at 11 pm.

You and your head


Who's there?



Who are you?


Don't hurt me.

- Don't hurt me.
- Nothing


Don't hurt me.


Hurry! Hold his hand.

Don't hurt me.

Don't shout.

Don't shout.

Don't shout

Give me the money.

Hello. SP Sekhar.

Home Minister.

What's the status of
the Karuppasamy case?

Sir, the enquiry's over.
Next, we have to arrest the accused.

Look, Mr. Sekhar,

Thalaikoothal seems to
be a norm in that village.

So, if you arrest one person,

they'll all accuse each other.

You'll have to arrest
the whole village.

More importantly, the local
election is next month.

We have to solve this
problem before that.

Think it over.

Sir, this is open news now.

I don't know if I can control the press.

You'll find a way.

Hurry, I need to get home.

Me, too.

One second. Both of
you at the same time -

Come, let's go

What a bad omen!

5 kilos of rice, 1 litre of oil -

We don't have it.
Shop somewhere else.

Ants never break formation.

What time should I come, sir?

Okay, I'll be there at 7.30 pm.

- Will the Sub-Inspector be there?
- Give me some water.

Okay, I'll be there.
Thank you.

- Who was that?
- The police station.

Who were you talking to?

- The editor, Ram.
- There's no need.

Enough of this running
around about uncle's death.

He hasn't eaten or
slept in 3 months.

And that's not all.
Can we show our faces outside?

Women who used
to fear my voice

Now mock me to my face.

Can this child go
out and play now?

When I asked the
shopkeeper for oil,

he insulted me.

We've become refugees
in our own home.

What do you want
me to do, ma?

You can't change anything, son.

You can't change the world.

Your dead uncle's not
coming back either.

Let it go.
Listen to me.

I won't loss all of
you for this.

Go, ma.

Look at him anger.

There's no evidence of murder.

If we had the body,
the post mortem report...

could have uncovered
some evidence.

Since there's no proof,

we're considering closing the case.

Sir, is the sting operation on Rajan

not enough proof?

You can't say that.

There's no proof that
Karuppasamy was killed.

But Meena confessed, sir.

That's what you in the media say.

When we investigated in the village,

people said that Meena
was only giving...

glucose injections to the elderly.

So we've come to the conclusion
that Karuppasamy's death

was not a case of murder,

but a natural death.


This is what happens.
What can we do?

Nobody was ever punished for
the killing of Karuppasamy.

All set? Shall we leave?
Not forgotten anything?

A few months later,
Senthil got a job...

and left with his family for Dubai.

I never saw him again.

I don't believe in God.

But they say the
truth will prevail.

I'm waiting.

'The Burden'