Baarìa (2009) - full transcript

The film begins in the 1920's, in the Sicilian town of Bagheria (a.k.a. Baaria) where Giuseppe "Peppino" Torrenuova works as a shepherd to financially help his poor family. Over the next 50 years Giuseppe's life, as well as the life of the village, is observed. Giuseppe grows up, joins the Communist Party, marries a local girl (Mannina), has children and forges a political career for himself.

Shit, that's fast!

You liked that?

Pietro, come here!

I'm talking to you!
Come here!

Come here!

What do you want?

Go buy me some cigarettes.

Exports without filter.

I'm playing.

I spit on the ground.

If you go back before it dries,
I'll give you 20 lire.

Hurry, the spit dries quickly.

Run, Pietro!

Run, Pietro!

Run, Pietro! Go!

Go, run!

Peppino, hurry!


...a people of peace.

Raise your voices!

A people that say:

Il Duce, Duce, Duce!

Peppino Torrenuova.

Why aren't you singing?

Answer me!
Cat got your tongue?

Get your book out.

Where did you put your
book and excercises?


Where's the book?
Answer me, subversive!

I'm talking to you,
what happened to the book?

The crapa ate it!

- Speaks Italian!
- The crapa ate it!

The *crapa*?

You want to make
a fool out of me?

Singular... and plural.

The schoolboy...

The schoolboys...

The dream of Sofonisba!

Bring Karthalo to
interpret my dream!

What a pain
in the ass!


I don't call for the Queen.

But the Queen calls for me.

For Gurzil, the God of War...

...and for our gods...

I consecrate my iron!

- What did he say?
- My iron. My sword!

Offered him the sword!
Are you blind too?

Can't I ask a question?

Silence, ignorant fools!

Thus, through the artifice of the
royal enchantress...

...the indomidable Numida is induced
to renounce the Roman faith!

And suck!

Now enough with this crap!

- It was Cicco Torrenuova!
- Not true!

Get out you bloated bagpipe!

It wasn't me, I swear!

You think you're smarter because
you read? It was you!

Bite him, Ciccio!

Come on, Cicco!

- Who's that?
- Cicco from Bagheria.

You screwed me
yet again.

- I have no reason to thank you.
- Bravo, Cicco.

Brain of mush...

...and teeth of steel.

What do you say?

The other was younger. You have
to drop the price 300 lira at least.

300? Why, do my children
come to eat at your house?

Let them come over.
We've bread and onions for all.

To work!

The day's ending!

Hurry, go ahead!

Come on. To work!

Look at these
two lazy bums!

Come on, get to work!


You have to pick Ten.
Don't forget.

- Nino, what did he say?
- Nothing. Hurry, we are late.

- We can't even steal these
half-rotten olives?

Steal what? If we do, we'll be in
deep shit with Don Giacinto.

How many olives you steal today?


- Good evening, Don Giacinto.
- Hello, Bidoti.

Seven and three, ten!

Get out of my sight!

Why don't you feel up
your sister, creep!

- Creep to who? Who?
- Get out!

I do not want trouble
at my home. Enough!

I don't want to see you again!

You and all your race!

Eight and two, ten!

Nine and a half.

This one's only half full.

Little punk!

- Then I've come up short, Don Giacinto.
- Whose son are you?

He's Cicco Torrenuova's.

Sorry. A contract is a contract.

It was supposed to be ten baskets.

- Nino
- Let him go!

- He's a baby!
- Piece of shit.

- You like it?
- Yes, but you really know him?

He's my cousin!

Throw out that crap!

Take care.
Keep your hands still.

For just an hour...

I want you!

To tell you something...

...that you don't know!

This one thinks he's witty.

He's good!

I would give... life...

...for you.

What are we going
to do with you?


For just an hour...

Kick his ass!

Come on! Let me
earn my bread.

I didn't write the
song. I just sing it!

Cicco, the books are in the
dressing room. Take them!

Books, eh?

- You were the one laughing!
- Me?

Are you joking?

Shakespeare... and Manzoni.
That's right.

- Dad, why did they
arrest your cousin?

We'll talk about it
when we get home.

You know you have to
get up early, right?

Yes, I know. Do you know
how long I'll have to stay out?

A month and a half, two months.

What? Are you afraid?

Be careful, son. Do
everything Uncle Minicu asks.

- Ok.
- Understand?

Goodbye, Mother.

- Goodbye, Nino!
- Bye, Peppino. Take care.

That's not quite
what we agreed to.

I'll add another cheese roll
and ricotta. I can't do more.

Make it three cacicavalli and four rolls
and keep him another month.

Okay, Cicco.
So long as you are happy.

- Go earn your bread, Peppino.
- Say bye to everyone for me.

May good fortune follow you!

And study every once in a while!

- Good morning, Don Carlo.
- Good Sunday.

God bless you, Don Carlo.

Whose turn is it?

- Let Don Carlo go first!
- You're too kind.

- A kilo of beef stock.
- Which part do you want it from?

The neck?

Or the hip?

From the neck, thanks.

Be careful you don't cut yourself.

Could you give me some
leftovers for the cat?


- You're mad.
- I don't give a Fuck if I'm crazy.

The neighbors don't need to know
it's been a week since we ate.

- And if we die of hunger?
- Never mind!

Better dead than maligned.
Remember that.

- How are we today, Tana?
- Can't complain. Thank God

See those three peaks up there?

Under those three rocks there is a treasure.


The ancients said that if you
throw a stone and hit all three...

...below you will open
a cave full of gold!

We've all tried for
hundreds of years!

- It's hard!
- That's why no one ever succeeded.

- Then it's pure bullshit!
- Who knows?

Until a stone hits all three...

...we can't say it's not true.

Try again!

Shit, they're eating my books!

How beautiful this sausage!

Beautiful sausage!
So fresh!

What beautiful sausage!

Half a liter please.

How beautiful this sausage!

Look how beautiful!

It's completely pork meat!
It's just a fat pig!

How beautiful this sausage!

Look at it!

Look at that beauty.
The whole hog!

Look how beautiful!

Get the fuck out of here.

It's completely pork!

Buy it!

Whole hog!

It's all made of pigs!

- Where are you taking him?
- Prison.

Whole hog!

This sausage is the whole hog!

- Peppino, get me three
quarters take it to my wife.

What do you want?

- Go waste your time somewhere else!
- Don't be afraid.

- Perfect.
- Perfect what?

Half a sandwhich
with four fritters.

Fritter sandwhiches...

How long are you going to
take with that one sandwhich?

If it was me, in four bites I
wouldn't even leave crumbs.

Give me one with four fritters!

Good thinking.
We'll eat well.

Come here.

- You said four?
- Yes, four.



...three and four.

Get the smallest.

Let's see if you are a man of your word.


- You'll choke him!
- Hush you!

Eat! Chew you bastard!

Now you eat them one by one
or I'll cut off your head!

- Go home!
- Shame on you!

You, eat it!

- He's just a child.
- Give him time...

- Shame.
- Get the sandwhiches!

Maestro, is this hassle going
to last much longer?

Silence, shameless fools!

If you move we'll never be done!
How many times must I tell you?

If you have to talk, talk.
But standing still!

Why did I do this?
Lord, forgive me!


Are we sure it'll come out good?

Father, it's useless to come asking.
You can only judge it at the end.

Realism, I can understand.

But why must the apostles
and the angels have faces...

...of these starving bums?

Father, if you want
we can go home!

- Back to your places!
- Beaten and mistreated!

- Shameless!
- Jesus Christ...

You want to argue too?

And the Blessed Virgin;
did you find her?

- Yes. Two of them. Beautiful.
- Two?

- The Blessed Virgin is always one!
- I still need to choose.

The daughter of Princess or
the daughter of the vintner.

Oh, my Lord!

Don't play around!

Peppino, how do you
want them cut?

- You know how they do Rudolph Valentino?
- No sir.

- Then do whatever the fuck you can.
- Bad temper!

What did I do?

Sit still.

Mail for Torrenuova!

For you son, Nino.


Pa. Did my draft summons come?

This time things are looking black.

Half a liter.

- But what will Stalin do?
- What should he do?

- Peppino, get out.
- I won't speak with anyone.

You're still too young. Be patience.

Alright, goodbye to all.

Look at those three in front by Ignatius'.

I do not like that at all.

- Are you Ignazio, the poet?
- Who are you?

- Joachim Corrao, from Palermo.
- And what do you want?

I was in prison, political.

- What do you want from me?
- Some friends told me you can help.

They told you that, eh?

If you could lend a book of Marxssss.


- And who are they?
- Friends.


Why don't you go read
Mickey Mouse, asshole!

Fascists my ass!

It wasn't enough that you
shut down my newspaper?

You want to take even my
bread from my mouth?

Curse you all!

I will not go to make war.

- Nino!
- Peppino!

I'm over here!

I beg you, looks
after the old people!

I beg you!
Don't get shot!


Don Mariano! You fired
me because I was sick.

This is my daughter Sarina.
She's young and works as a mule.

- Worth four men. Take her!
- Times are tough, Mother Tana!

Work is scarce.

See how many people I have?

By the end of June
I must send away half!

Run! Run! They killed a
man at Buttitta st.!

I swear!

In the dark?
How did you see it?

- I tripped over him!
- Tripped?

And how did you know it's
a man and not a woman?

Come on, answer!

Check out these idiots!
You'd think I killed him!

How long are you going to
take for one sandwhich?

Me? In four bites I wouldn't
even leave crumbs!

Good for you then.

Heads up!


Run, Peppino!
Rosalie, you too!

Don't worry, we'll go to the shelter!

- You're shaking like a leaf!
- I'm not afraid of bombs.

But I am afraid of
my mother's screams!

Calm down.

They'll bomb Palermo, not here.

Peppino! They say the Americans have landed!

Tear up your shitty shirt!
I'll give you one of mine!

The party of the poor!


Shit, a safe!

Try this!

Give it to me.
Make way!

A small hand!

No. Not so.

- This one!
- It's Peppino!

Sticks your hand in.

What have you found?

What do you feel?

There's money!


Give me the money!


Son of a bitch! The money!
I saw it first!

Stop! Stop, thief!

Well split it!

We'll split it!

We've arrived!

Mannina, they're like locusts!

Dad, we arrived too late!

Did they leave anything?

Let's try somewhere else.

Are we really going home
without looting anything!?


Wait a sec...

- What can we do with it?
- What do I know!

- We'll enlarge a window and put it there.
- Good idea.

At least we'll have a
momento of the war's end.

- It's broken aready!
- What? Is it made of ricotta?

That's good.


- Mannina, I don't understand.
- I think he said salad.

Go fuck yourself.

Onio! Onio! What the fuck
are they talking about?

Ah, onions!

Mom, he wants onions.


Son of a bitch.
You couldn't say that earlier?


- What is it?
- A parachute.

What are we going
to do with that?

Do not go into the fields!
It's full of American bombs!

They're going to play in the bombs!

Mammina, make it a little larger
so he can wear it next year.

What do you think? Is
there enough material?

Here's a belt.

Pull it straight.




Is that belt really a meter?
He's got a belly like a barrel!

I measured it myself.
It's precisley a meter long.

What? You don't trust Don Giacinto?

For heaven's sake no, Don Giacinto.
But I don't want to sell my land.

Come on. I'm offering a fair price.

Are you fucking over this poor man?

Who asked you to speak?

My belt's a meter and
I'm thin as an anchovy!

- Torrenuova!
- Yes, Torrenuova.

You give me shit. But you still
steal grass from my property.

- It'll be yours when you buy it.
- Put back every blade of grass.

Otherwise I'll teach you not to joke, thief!

Peppino Torrenuova.
Here's your membership!

- Thanks very much, Turiddu.
- You're welcome!

- Can we give my brother-in-law one now?
- No, not him.

Why? He always reads
the Worker's Times.

He reads it, sure. But every
morning he eats two eggs.

Meanwhile, read this.

The duties of party members...

Every communist party member...

...must improve their
own capacity to work...

...manual and intellectual.

Must always have solidarity
with other party members...

...and lead a life which is
private, honest, and exemplary!

Wet your lips.

- What can I wet them with?
- Your spit. Just lick them!

What's all this smiling?
Smile less.

I'll smile if I want.
I came here with a purpose!

To smile? What's so funny?

That's for me to know!
You just take the photograph!

Whatever makes you happy...

Don't breathe.

- They're cages for mice.
- How many mice are there in town?

What are they? Chicken cages?

Their ballot boxes for the
referendum. Ignoranamus.

What? I can't even ask?

Look at Don Carlo Mina.

Did he get younger?

- That's his nephew.
- The little one.

He's uncle's getting older...
Though he's still...

The nephew, it seems, wants
to get in on the action too.

Hello, Mannina.

Good morning, Tituzza.

- Where you going?
- Embroidery class. Where else would I go?

- Good job.
- Thank you.

- Jerk!
- You want to wash our feet?

Don't worry. It's just fresh milk.

Hush you!

To refresh the mouth.

Maruzza, come and dance!

One, two, three, four...

You dog! Is this how'd
you'd treat a girlfriend?

- So you decided I'm the girl, eh?
- Did I offend the politician!

Never you mind.
I'm the only girl here!


- You an anarchist?
- Republican.

So we can can marry then!

Onofrio Pace.

Peppino Torrenuova. It's a pleasure.

Teresa, when will you get married?

I'll have to educate all
the men of bagheria first.

Who do you want?

The king...

or a Republic?

Whose interests does the king look after?

The king looks after his own interests.

Then whose interests
does a Republic serve?

A Republic looks after everyone's interests!

It's rigged!

It's for poor people...

Communist sons of bitches!

I buy dollars!

I buy dollars!

Don't touch the King!

I'll kill you!

It's me!

Stop, it's me!


Asshole! The war didn't kill me
and you want to finish the job?

They're related!

Do me this one favor.

- Only one, though.
- Just one.

A dance for the uninvited!


A small Palermo villa...
So much joy...


Could I have the
pleasure of a dance?

Shit, men and women dancing!

- Who is that?
- What do I know?

- But you didn't stop them.
- Why don't you stop them then?

Men and women of Bagheria:

Thank you for this leap
of liberty and progress!

After the victory of the
Republic this dance tonight...

...will be the start of Socialism!

- Socialism... What does that mean?
- You know how to dance?

- No.
- Then you can't understand.

May I introduce myself?

There's no need...

I know your name.

Can I offer you a sweet?

Or a sweet almond?

Or a candy carob
or something else.

Take one as a favor to me.

- 35 cents.
- Yes... uhm...

- We'll settle our account later.
- Long live socialism!

Get inside!

Dear Mammina, I hope this
letter finds you well.

I've been traveling many
days for some buisness.

That's why we haven't
seen each other much.

It's hard work... though
luckily it pays well.

I always think of you.

I can't wait to see you
and be with you again.

Also, I have decided to
talk with your parents.

But first there's something
you must know.

I'm a Communist.

And people say a lot
of things about us.

For example: that we eat babies.

Dearest Mannina, trust
that this is not true.

It's just gossip. Furthermore
I give you my word of honor...

...that I have never eaten,
not even a single baby!

It's right that you should be
informed of this hateful gossip.

Because I love you, as you know.

But honesty should always come first.

At least between us two.

Hello. Do you have mourning buttons?

- How many?
- All of them.

- But there's more than 200.
- Do you have more?

How much?

60 lira.

We've got 55 lira.

Close enough.

- My condolences.
- Thank you!

Who knows who just died!

May Day celebration incites
barbaric massacre at Ginestra

Dear Peppino. I'm good.
I hope you are too.

Even though yesterday I saw
you on the street looking a little glum.

You say your well off, but my parents
have heard from people they trust...

...that you are penniless
name and that your family is disgraced...

...becuase all the cows you bought at the
end of the war with the money you found...

...took ill one after the other, and
thus you don't even have eyes to cry.

But that's nothing. Some
say of you Communists...

...that though you don't eat babies...'re worse than the
disease that struck your cows.

I don't beleive it my love. But my
parents, who can't read or write...

...have decided to engage me to
someone who owns a lot of land.

Help me, Peppino.
I don't know what to do.

I buy dollars!

I buy dollars!

Children, Go!

Get up!

You can't stay here!
Get up, I say!


Can't you see I'm dying?

Yeah right. Get up!

You'd deny me
even this pleasure.

Pietro Lanza is dead!

- Why aren't you wearng my ring?
- It's too tight.

Effectivley, too small.

- Give it to me, I'll enlarge it.
- Just A little.

So how's it... what's going... Uh...

Why don't you trust in me?
Whenever I come you go to work.

If you don't like it
you can stay home.

Tell me if you have kissed.
For I'll jump to my death.

Let him try!
I'll cut him with a knife!

Good... Women's liberation, must
come from the woman herself.

So the party says.

Does the party says to take the
woman you love and take her away?

It doesn't say so...

But I think it...

Then ravish me.

- When will this pain in the ass be over?
- It's him!

When you break your horns
somewhere else!

Isn't it better that you speak?

Never mind my girlfriend!

Talk to each other!

Talk to each other!

Talk to each other!

Fine. Let's talk.

Let's talk.

Let's talk.

Talk to each other!

Let's talk.


Let's talk.

Talk to each other!

- What do we have to say?
- Fucker!



It'll be better for you if you go home!

- Why do you want to ruin my life?
- We'll talk at home.

It doesn't matter.
Everyone knows anyways!

Look me in the eye!
Do I deserve this end?

- He's rich! Understand?
- But he's an idiot!

- I'll decide my fiance.
- You are already betrothed!

How you betrothed me, release me!

Take back the ring.
I got it appraised: It's false!

And the photograph.
So ugly I can't look at it!

And tell him not to
come around anymore!

Remember, the
boyfriend you want...

...will never set foot in my house!

She's right, ravish her.
Everyone does it and that will be that.

Where will I take her, the Grand Hotel?

- I have not even a Lira!
- You can stay at the office for a while.

We'll clean it up.

With all due respect,
my wife and I...

...spending out first wedding night
under the portrait of Stalin?

If the film is American why
are they speaking Italian?

Stupid, isn't the sound system Italian?

Shit. Good point!

I hadn't thought of that!

It's true!

I hadn't thought of that!

For today you can go.

Who is it?

Peppino! What are you doing here?
What if someone comes?

Stay calm.

No one can get in.

I was thinking of you.


You ruined my daughter!
What do I do now?

- What do I do now?
- Guys, they're kissing again.

Get down!

Get out homewrecker!

We two will not move from here!
Deal with it!

Dear daughter, speak to me.

And what should I say?
He's ravished me already!

Why kind of ravishing is it where
you don't even leave the house!

Help me, if my husband finds
them in there, it'll be pandemonium!

I'll do what I can.



I heard you, Nino!

Mind your own business!

Peppino, don't respond.
Let them be!

- Should I go then?
- Do I have to say it in Turkish?!

- Are you still here?
- Head of a mule!

Mr. Cicco

May the Lord reward you.


It's me; your father.

Come on. Come with me.
I'll deal with it.

Go to the farm.
I'll see you at home.

Could it have been any worse
if we slept in the street?

What street?
We get all the amenities here!

Come on. Come on.
Let's hurry up.


Look Pinnazza, he was arrested
with that other one there.

- The rings...
- Yeah right. Rings.

- You don't even have rings?
- Sarina...

Ah youth!


His father hanged himself and
he gambled away the property.

Maria Anna Ascalia.
Do you take this man...

- Giuseppie Testasecca
- Torrenuova.

- Terranuova...
- Torrenuova!

Whatever. It's all the same.

My cousin, who has cirrhosis.
He looks younger!

...all the days of your lives...

How can we do this?

If you're going to do such a bad
job then we shouldn't even bother.

- Aren't you Peppino the Communist?
- See, I didn't even want to come here.

Whatever God wants.
Bring the next two.

Father, do us the favor.
So what if he's a Communist?

He's already painted among the saints!

- So will you take him or not?
- Of course!

Take the blood.


Take the blood.
One at a time.

Drink it while it's hot.

Are you sure?

When I was expecting your
mother I was anemic too. It cured me.

Drink. Don't be afraid!

Isn't it good?

I'll talk with your father.

Go to his house for now.

I only regret that...

...when you deliver,
I won't be around anymore.

Poor thing, what a tragedy.

What happened?

The eggs were broken, my son.
I'm sorry.

Broken eggs?

How are you?


Too many disappointments.

How much to take me to Point Guglia?

Get in, Peppino.

Let's go.

He's good.

Fresh from Naples!
American clothes as new!

Look at this suit!
- Pity that I can't wear it. Too tight!

Look at this Prince of Wales suit.
Wouldn't it be good for Peppino?

It would. But would he ever
wear an American suit?

And look; It's all oily!

Give it to me.

Philip! This suit'll cost more
to clean than to buy!

- What? You want the difference?
- No, I want what's right.

- Charge nothing and we'll be even.
- Father, son, and the holy spirit.

It would be nice if we had it ready
by the time he's back from Rome

...before the Party Congress.

- Do not look!
- Why?

- Pregnant women who look
at the monsters of Villa Palagonia...

...have children that are
half-man and half-beast!

- Goodness gracious!
- Come.

Michael, Angela, look who's here!

Michael! Come here!


In a socialist government.
Even a cook can become president!

And me? What could I become?

The way you cook...

They'll arrest you immediately.

- Why? Isn't it good?
- Of course, it's good.

I was joking.

When we come to power,
we'll make you Pope!

And you needed to go study with
Communists to learn this idiocy?

Maninna. In those classes I learned the
great works of the Socialist ideology.

I learned politics...

...the art of conducting meetings...

...I learned, in short, how to be the
vanguard that changes all of Italy!

To improve our future...

Go find a job for Peppino Torrenuova
if you don't want to be a shepherd forever.

Come on, you stupid cow!

So, did you meet Togliatti?
What's he like in person?

Come on.

You've got nothing to tell me?
You didn't meet anyone?

- Yes, Yes, I met Togliatti!
- And what did he say?

- To set fire to the barn and the animals!
- Bad temper!

They want to make a European force
under the command of the Americans!

What's this says the mother? I have to give
my flesh and blood to an American General?

I buy dollars!

And who is this general?

If my son dies...
if he falls ill...

How will I visit him in the hospital?

In London, Brussels,
Amsterdam, Asia...

Where are these countries?
How will I get there?


I buy dollars!

Sicilian women understand...

...what this European force is.

And they understand how
many mother's sons...

...from 1940 to 46 are
no longer to be found.

They were dispersed around the world!
And this should not be repeated!


I buy dollars!

When General Eisenhower
came to Italy...

...sicilian women went
out into the streets...

To say no to war!

Shame on you Americans:

The Sicilian people will not be
cannon fodder for anybody!


Is my shop license ready?

- Ready?! It takes six months!
- Can't you do it sooner?

If the law says 6 months,
it's 6 months.

In truth, Don Carlomina sent me.

Well... the big one or the small one?

The small one.

That'll work. Wait half an hour.

It is a terrace of 15, 20, 30
meters at most. What should I do?

Build it first then worry about it.

ID card?

You forgot?

President. I'll vouch for her.
She's my wife.

She has no documents.

Fine. Go on.

Please ma'am, over here.

- Remember, the first in the top left.
- What's this, electioneering?

- Torrenuova, this is the fourth time!
- She's my wife!

I don't care if she's Saint Rosalie!
You can't interfere.


Holy mother! Peppino!


Torrenuova, you cannot
enter the voting booth!

President. It's an emergency!
It's her eighth month!

- Maybe even her ninth!
- This is a trick!

How cute!

Just like his father!

4.2 kilos exactly.

He didn't even eat 300 grams.

But I see him looking fat!

- Mark my accounts. I'll pay you later.
- Don't mention it.

Madam Rosa, can you lend me 150 lira?

- I'll repay you at the end of the month.
- My daughter...

Cicco Torrenuova!
Did you find America in my land?

- What happened?
- Look.

Oh, St. Joseph!
Excuse me, Don Giacinto.

This farce must end!

Once 'cause you're reading,
once 'cause you're sleeping...

I'll behead every one
of these filthy sheep!

- I didn't do it on purpose!
- Any excuse to steal!

- Now you're talking too much.
- What? Are you going to bite me?

...with those four rotten
teeth in your head?

I may have few teeth left...

...but I have many years on
you and deserve respect!

Disrespectful scoundrel!

Dad, we're waiting for you.

Eat, my children.

I have to finish steaming my cough.

How long do you have to steam it?


- No...
- What happened?

It's nothing.
I tripped and fell to the ground.

You drink first.

I buy dollars!

Hello, Don Giacinto.

What is it, Torrenuova?

Boys, run!

- Don Giacinto...
- There's no need to help.

If you touch my father again,
I'll pop your eyes out.


They come to rob me at my home...

...and I have to keep my mouth shut?
This is your Communism?

When you're robbed, call the police.

You don't beat up an
old man. Wretch!

- Who's that?
- Peppino the Communist.

Like father, like sons!

Well... at least he knows how to dress.

Leave him alone...

Don't you bust my balls too!

I buy dollars!

I see a lot of names here...

...just for example, comrade Torrenuova.

Is he here?

I'm here, comrade Corteccia.

I see here that you are in charge
of a lot, even in the union.

But I must be honest...

Comrade Torrenuova, you haven't
written even a single book?

You don't even have a degree?

Blame the goat!

What could you contribute
to the Kremlin?

What can you bring back?
After all, this is not a vacation.

Are you prepared?

In what sense?

Do you have a heavy coat?

And now who'll cut off the dragon's head?

The spokesman of
the provincial federation.

I knew the undersigned
would take it in the ass.

Comrades, what a surprise!


Excuse me, but...

What a pleasure.

- Nice to see you!
- Pace! You've grown.


What's the word from Palermo?

Not much. We hear a
bit now and then.

- To what do I owe the honor, comrades?
- Listen, comrade...

We recently heard that
you purchased a tailored coat.

Is it forbidden?

Who told you guys?

Bolshevik counter-espionage.

Yes, but I'm paying in installments.

- I'm not rich.
- Can we see this coat?

What color is it?

Lodon fog.

- May I ask the reason?
- Party orders.


His ass is big as a house!

It's a bit long.
I must have it shortend.

Shorten what? The coat is fine!

Today is Sunday,
we cut off Mingo's head.

Mingo's not there,
so we'll cut off the king's...

- Mom, will it be much longer?
- We're nearly there.

- the soldier's at war...
- Don't stick your head out, you'll fall!

- Mom. Can we talk to him?
- You can only look at him.


...if you speak to him, he can hear you.

And he'll understand that it's us?

- He can see us?
- What? Am I speaking Chinese?

Give me your hand,
close your eyes...

...and walk with me.

When I say three, open them.

Stop here.

Raise your heads.

One, two...

...and three.

- I don't see anything.
- Where's daddy?

Annicchia, what happened to
the saints and the Virgin Mary?

The Cardinal made them paint over it.
There was too much gossip!


Let's go.

So we can't see daddy?

- Yes, but we'll have to wait.
- Where is he?

In a big big country,
where everyone is rich.

When he gets back, will he
bring me a toy soldier?

Madonna, I can't look!

Goodness, health and providence!


- Thanks, I'll be by later for my medicine.
- Come after lunch.

My fiance's fine!
My fiance's fine!

Goodness, health and providence...
My fiance's fine!

Goodness, health and providence...

Goodness, health and providence...

- Mother Tana!
- No, my child.

My name is Masina.

Is it possible?

I understand. Your mother
passed away some time ago.

- Come in! Sit! Eat something.
- Thank you, Paula.

Come, my house is yours.


It she not the portrait of my mother?

- Take a good look.
- It's true!

My fiance's fine!

My fiance's fine!

- Is someone in the family far away?
- Yes



- Goodness, look!
- Dad!

My fiance's fine!

I buy Dollars!

Peppino, you've been looking
run down since you returned.

Corteccia was right,
It was not a tourist trip.

But not because of the cold...

But ultimately, how are things
in the Soviet Union?


I saw terrifying things!

A downpour is coming! It's coming!

Go back!

Long live San Giuseppe!

I buy dollars!

Stop, everyone!

Until Saint Giuseppe is inside
Not even God should enter!

What's wrong?

I had a nightmare about snakes...
black as pitch

Who knows what'll happen now?

What could happen?

The mafia could come
bust our balls again

- Or the police could arrest us.
- There they are!

Wow there's a lot of people!

Let's go guys, wake up!

Hey comrade, good to see you!

Comrades! Workers!

This land belongs to the
citizens of Carleone!

...Three, four, five...

There is little to do.

I do not know what keeps him alive.

I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.


Peppino is coming now.

Do't worry.

Peppino's coming.

I would have liked... see him sworn into office.

Why shouldn't you?
As soon as he becomes a senator...

...we'll take the train
and find him in Rome.

Politics is beautiful.

How beautiful...

What did he say?

He says that politics is beautiful.


Enough of this farce!
Get out!

Look out!

It's not your land!

Get out!

Watch out, comrades!


Go away!

Uncle Cicco, say hello to my late lamented
husband, Bautista.

And my son Cosimo,
who died in Africa,

tell him that I always think of him.

- And my dear departed mother.
- Tell Diego that the children are well.

- Say hello to my son.
- And my sister Soluzza...

...she died of the Spanish Flu,
if you remember?

Write them all down for me.

Otherwise I'll forget.

An infamous attack by the Mafia this
morning in the District of Agrope.

A crowd of protestors
demonstrating... favor of Agrarian Land Reform...

Peppino's here.

Thank goodness.



I was waiting for you.

I'm talking to you.

You are to blame!

You in the crowd...

...feigning indifference.

Between puffs
from your pipe.

You're nothing but a chimney, an old sooty cap...

dark with ash.

I'm talking to you.
You are to blame!

Look at that face.

The flesh on his bones
shows no traces

but he's gnawed by the worm of hunger.

And the midwife...

...gave you your inheritence,
that day you were born:

bread and onions.

Let's go home.

I buy dollars!


You all know that only the poor
get the school lunch program.

Accomando: What does your father do?

- He sells fruit.
- Rich.


- Fisherman.
- Poor.

- Sciortino.
- Barber.


- DiQuarto
- Butcher.





Charcoal maker.

What are we going to write, Torrenuova?


We demand work!

Torrenuova, Onofrio,
will the party do anything?

Everyone calm down.
We've requested a meeting with the mayor.

We want to talk with the mayor!

Mayor, come outside!

Let's go! Let's all go!

Let's set fire to City Hall!

Brothers, this is wrong!
We should send a delegation!

The mayor is running away!
Let's kill him!

Let's kill him!


Strength, brothers!

Mayor, we wish to testify to the
exasperation of the laborers of Bagheria.

- The conditions under...
- Cousin! How are you?

Shit, they're cousins?!

And you didn't know?

Since third grade.

- They're all in it together!
- It's true!

- Be careful.
- Take care.

Don't worry.

Don't worry.

Mrs. Sorrina, if you'll
pardon the interuption.

Our radio isn't working.

It goes without saying,
come in! Join us.

Mannina, Mrs. Matilda.

A pleasure.
Please, take a seat.

In all the major cities today,
major demostrations...

...against the Tambroni
lead government.

Particularly dramatic are the
riots in Genova, Milano...

...Rome, and Palermo.

Where many are wounded
and some feared dead.

The internal minister Sparado...

...has denied all allegations...

...that he gave police orders
to open fire on protesters.

The police, run!

Mimo! What did they
do to you, Mimo?!

Did you go and get yourself
beat up like a fool?!

Hey everyone,
it's the police!

Our father took a beating!

There's blood here too?!

The ice!

You'll kill him that way.

Give me that ice.

- You have to get in the way too?
- What did I do?

All this fuss,
you'd think he'd look worse.

Everyone get out!
I'm not dead yet!

- Let's go.
- Patience.

Now will you get your head
out of the clouds?

My head is not in the clouds.

What does politics do for you?
Didn't you earn more with the cows?

Why don't you go away too!
You don't understand anything!

Bad temper!

It's a black day for all of us.

Not just because we've lost
one of our dearest friends.

But most of all,
in a political sense...

...of a loss that should make
us reflect on our situation.

Becuase nowadays
we have to sound the alarm...

...for every party member who
doesn't follow the party line to the letter.

That's all I have to say friends.

What happened?

Comrade Onofrio Pace
left us for the Socialists.

No shit.

And the agrarian reforms,
what did that lead to?


The landowners kept the best land.

And the laborers, who went into debt
to buy what land they could,

...they went belly up.

That's Sciara. That's where they
killed comrade Sal Carnivale.

Beyond that mountain they killed
Placido Insoto, the great union leader.

They left the body there... a crevice by Point Busada.

Over there by Campo Reale...

...they killed the the secretary
of the federation, Angelosi.

And that city. That's Scicca.

There mafiosi killed Acusi Mirago.

- The trade union leader?
- Yes.

And there they killed Befano Lepuni.
Leader of the workers.

So comrade Torrenuova...

...why haven't they killed you?

Dad, Grandma says, "here's the
money for the bus and food".


- Pick up the money.
- No.

- Come here.
- No.

That's how you give things
to father?

Angela, do as your father says.

- Dad, I'll pick it up myself.
- No. Stop.

- Pick it up.
- No!

- Pick up the money!
- Angela, pick up the money!

Pick it up if you know
what's good for you.

- Pick up the money.
- No!

For the last time.
The last time!

- Pick up the money!
- No!

I lost my earring.

Louis, open the window.
It's smokey in here!

She's very good...

Be on your best behavior.
I want to make a good impression.

If he asks a question, respond.
Be well behaved.

It's tiring I know. But we'll go
to the beach tomorrow.

- Do you like it?
- Yes.

You, you, you, and you.
Come with me.

Excuse me, why not us?

The director.
Move it!

Michael, what are they?

Monsters that look like men
and men look like monsters.

- Who made them?
- Idunno.

They say he was a half mad prince.

How did you ever choose
this Villa Paligonia?

I was fascinated by the accounts of the
great travelers of the 1780's...

...and by the art
of Renato Guttuso.

And then to best capture the
grotesque atmosphere of my film...

...this is the best place in the world.

And to think... this is only a small part.

What do you mean?

The villa didn't end here.

This road was originally an
access road to that gate there.

Along both sides of the avenue...

...hundreds and hundreds
of hideous statues... lost to history.

Why are you taking so
long? Run! Run!

If I catch you I'll cut off your
head and feed it to the dogs!

Sharp enough to kill a man!
Buy these excellent knives!

What you looking at?

Shoes without feet.
Good as new!

- What's he saying?
- He says to give him the top!

Come on. Give him the top.

Do not be afraid.
He won't harm you.


If you want it fast and light,
bring him a fly... Alive!

- I understand.
- A fly?


So it'll be fast
and light like a fly!

Won't the fly die that way?

Close the door or
everything will fly away!

What an inferno!
Children are soaked with sweat.

Let me worry about it.

Mommy, why?
Now you'll see.

What are we doing?


How nice and cool!

Mom, will father by in
France much longer?

Much longer.


To send us money every month.

Mom, did no one ever
find my earring?

We looked everywhere.

It was swallowed by the earth!

Hurry! If the cripple sees us
he'll whip us with his belt!

Michael. Let's go!

I told you to stay at home

Wow. It's loaded!

The cripple caught my
cousin stealing lemons.

He was stripped, tied to
a tree, and whipped!

Grab a couple of the
lemons from further down.

I've never seen the cripple.

He's big, hairy... missing an eye and limps!


The cripple!

- Run!
- If I catch you, I'll cut off your head!

- Come on!
- Bastards!

If you take...

Michael, take your brother!

Jesus Christ! What happened?

Health and good fortune.
The lord will repay your kindness.

My fiance is fine!
My fiance is fine!

Mrs. Masina!

How long has it been!

My son ran away.

My fiance is fine!

I found him after a month.

My fiance is fine!

My mother' been expecting you!
Come and eat a plate of pasta.

Thank you, kindly.

- Have you read the letter?
- What letter?

Mail for Torrenuova!

Up here.

My fiance's fine.

Dear Maninna, I'm fine.
I hope you are too.

Likewise Pietro, Angela, Paulo and Michael.

What? He didn't
put my name too?

- No!
- He always saves you for last.

Here in Paris the life
of a laborer is hard.

It rains a lot.
And it's always cold.

- Do you want to read it?!
- What did I say?

I think of you often,
especially Wednesdays...

...when the local movie house
has movies for us immigrants.

The other night I saw
a movie by Fellini.

- So he has money to go to the movies?!
- Dearest Maninna...

...the other day my friend
Gino Artania came to see me.

It was very endearing...

- Very endearing? What about us?
- Let it go!

I can't read a single
line with you guys!

Can we not pick into
every little nuance?!

Take if from the top, ma.

It was very endearing...

And he encouraged me, saying I should
return to work for the party...

...which has decided to nominate
me for the city council...

...and would find me work
at a Sicilian company.

Papa's coming back!

Before I decide I'd like
to hear your opinion.

I buy dollars!

I buy dollars!


What are you doing? Are you leaving?
Where are you going?

I'm getting on the first train out of here.
And good by to all!


Even we can hardly
live here anymore.

If I were young,
I'd go too!

Good trip
and good luck!

Uncle Minicu!

Do you recognize me?

- Of course I recognize you. Peppino?
- In person!

No, don't get up.

I am sick, but I can
still bear it.

- Why? What do you have?
- Son, I can't even move.

I broke my foot to avoid the war, my arm
to get another 30% of my benefits...

...and if I hadn't jumped from the
attic and broken three ribs...

...the disability board wouldn't
have given it to me!

The rotten bastards!

And without backpay!

You're looking good.

- Uncle Minnicu: 1
- 1

- LoCoco: 2
- 2

The Lo Coco are turncoats.
They won't vote for you.

- What do you know?
- I know them!

I grew up with their daughter.

- Then cut them.
- Cutting.

- The Ciara famly: 4
- 4

Dad, if they elect you,
will they give you money?

The councilmen control the
decisions of the city government.


He works for the interests
of the citizens!

- So much effort for nothing!
- Why are you always saying that?

Which countries participated
in the Punic wars?

Uh... Punic. Right.
Let's see... Punic, punic...

Ha, he doesn't know!

Distribute these to everyone.

Good evening.
Listen, Peppino.

I received this letter.

What does it say?

What does it say?

Is there a problems?

It is the determination of the
social dept. that unfortunately...

...we must deny your request
for government family allowance.

And you do nothing?

Gaspar... We'll have to
try another appeal.

Another apeal?!

Apeal, apeal, apeal!

The truth is that you all don't
give a shit about my problems!

Let be honest here...

You, the union, the party,
Rome, Moscow and God Almighty!

Son of a bitch!

What now? Did it kill you?!

It's over now.
This medicine is like oil.

One day it's oil, the other vinegar.
But it always makes me see pink elephants!

Do not forget to vote for my son.
Hammer and sickle, number 39.

Take my advice: 3 and 9.

In truth, my husband is a separatist.


Garibaldi unites and he divides!
We are we doing: let's make up our minds!

Grandma, first you did it
for my father and now...

I don't do it for him...

...nor for the party.

Why then?

To stick it to the mafia,
for what they did to my father.

What did they do to him?

Back in the day my father was
rich, and had a nice car.

One morning he
accompanied his nephew...

...who owned a piece of land
that was drying up.

And without meaning to...

...he saw that this boy arguing
with some shady characters...

...that wouldn't give him
water for irrigation.

Whatever happened, or didn't happen,
this nephew was never heard of again.

Poor fellow...

My father wouldn't rest and
was always asking questions.

Question today,
question tomorrow...

One nice Sunday...

...certain friends of his invited
him to the country for a party.

They had him eat
and drink freely...

...and then:

Three months later I was the
one to identify him, my father.

By his boots I recognized him.

Every morning I was the
one who shined his boots.

And what happened to
those that had him killed?

The country is full
of those bastard!

You understand now?

Yes, you like the Communists only
because they are against the Mafia.

For the more than 20 years
the Christian Democrats...

...have governed us...

...they've impeded the adoption
of a regulatory plan.

All of this, in addition to retarding
the development of social...

...and urban planning of our city.

Has favored every
type of speculation...

...and the destruction of our
artistic an scenic heritage...

...of great value.

Even if parts of it are
already destroyed.

Oh please...

The Communist position...

- Lighters.
- Silence.

Alderman, what happened w
with my building permit?

Just build it and tell
them to fuck off.

Peppino, don't get discouraged.

Councilman, do you want to wait
till the power comes back...

...or do you cede the floor?

Yes, let's wait for him
to learn how to read!

Enough now. Let him speak.

The Communist position rejects...

...this shameful state of affairs!

- What did you get?
- Did you find any snails?


Shit! They all have
their horns out!

- Don't they tickle?
- A little.

Ms. Sarina, run!
He died! The cripple!

Shit, there is a God!
Let's go guys!

Sit. Sit down.

Yes, with the beltp
before he stiffens.

Come on. Push!

Soon, he'll be cold! He'll be
stuck all crooked. Poor thing.

A bon locova.

Dad, what do it mean, "A bon locova"?

It's a well wishing. It means...

"May you go to a good place".

And when said to a dead person?

When you say it to a dead
person its like saying...

Go with God. Go to heaven.

Who did you hear that from?


Dad. Can bad people
go to heaven?

In theory, no.

But there are men who seem
bad but are good.

And others that seem
good, but are bad.

How do you know the difference?

It is difficult...

Does the kid need a ticket?

- No, he's too small.
- Then I'll have one ticket.

So before you say that
someone is bad or good...

Think about it well.

It's dark, let's go!

But aren't I here: Your dad?


The cinema is great!

I'll add Palermo, the Inter
and the History's greats.

And the cheese?


I didn't like them anyways.

That's not the whole set.

Some have found them to Rome
the Supercinema and the Capitol.

Clash of the Titans.

The Italian Brigade.

The Chains.

Salvatore Agiuliano.

The Gospel according to Matthew.

The Good the Bad and the Ugly.


Whose afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Look, they're making out!

Young men...

...if you remain quite,
I'll leave you to watch.

...having consolidated
around the mayor's office.

Good day.

Hey Peppino. I was
in the neighborhood...

I received this letter.


I'm sorry, INPS rejected your
request for family allowance again.

I knew you guys
wanted to ruin my life!

What's the problem?
We'll appeal.

Appeal, appeal!
Always with this fucking appeal!

You don't give a shit about me!

I might as well cut off your heads
and throw them into the sea!

- Jump in, pa!
- Maybe later

Mr. Terrenuova. I hope
I'm not disturbing you.

Whose disturbing anyone,
Councilman Bartalote

I was wondering if you ever
had a day free of protesting.

There's not a day you don't
demostrate against Councilman X...

...Congressman Y...

...whoever you choose.

Democracy is beautiful because
we can speak our minds.

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...

You all are ruining a country...

...and we all have a duty
to denounce it out loud.

But not by screwing me!

I don't remember any
attacks against you.

That's what I'm saying.

You take it up with
everyone except me.

What? Did I personally
offend you?

What have I done wrong?

Excuse me, I think
I don't understand.

You understand perfectly.

In truth, Torrenuova...

I am reduced so that in
my party I count for nothing.

I count as much as the two
of cups when the trump is clubs.

If you'll pardon the expression.
There's nothing to laugh about.

The strongest suceed. And who
are the strongest, Torrenuova?

Those whose name is on everyone's lips.

In the points of order,
leaflets, judicial reviews... anonymous letters.

We do not write anonymous letters.

What we say we
say to people's faces.

If only you'd have a nice
demonstration against me.

We can work out whatever
deal you want.

Take it from me, I can
leave you sitting pretty.

Thus we can forget that
old favor you owe me.

Who cares? It's water
under the bridge.

The foolishness of youth!

Of course, it'll stay
between the two of us.

It's just me, and you.

Councilman Bartalote...

There's a lot of us.

They all write!

Six pens 100 lire!

They all write!


It looks good on her, eh?

Walk a little.

Turn around again and walk.

Lengthen it six fingers.

That's too long.
It's out of fashion.

All my friends have
there's above their knee.

- Add eight.
- I look like my grandmother!

There's others' go up to here.
Why do I have to be the backwards one?

Maybe half?

Who are you, the president of miniskirts?
Above the knee looks ugly.

But in your speeches you talk big
about the emancipation of women!

Is emancipation measured
in centimeters?

The draftier skirt, the more
emancipated the woman!


We're still paying
for those earings.

As you say, four fingers.'s difficult to understand
with all these...

No, listen the...

I'll have you try
another jacket...


...not sure about the color anymore.

How now! What
are you saying!

Do you see how
nice it is Mr. Pace?

- It's completely different.
- It is nice.

What? We aren't even
going to greet each other?

I'm the sinner. You just
have to pray for me.

You cheeky bastard! You know
you're like a brother to me.

And for me too.

But do not forget,
I am a *traitor*.

But you will always be too far
left for those outside the party...

And too for right for
those who are in!

Who can figure out this mess?

We the militants of the
revolutionary left...

...can no longer accept
the analysis...

...of colusion between the mafia
and those in power politically...

...which do not spring from point
of view of the proletariate.

The traditional leftwing parties,
traitors to socialism...

...impeded in my view... the opportunism
of their rulings class.

Like, for example, that dirty
reformist Peppino Torrenuova.

Impedes us from really
battling against the mafia.

And reduces every party
position to a bit of propaganda...

That the laborers don't feel
like putting up with anymore.

Let's see who eats more!

- I've been looking for you for three hours.
- Where were you?

- I'll show you later.
- Here, before it cools.

You like it?


Are you never satisfied?


Dad: What does "reformist" mean?

A reformist...

...knows that if you bang
your head against a wall...'s your head that'll
break. Not the wall.

A reformist...

...want to change the world
through common sense

...without cutting off any heads.

- Who did you hear say that?
- Nobody.

Who would I
hear say that?

What can I do for you?

Give me something
that'll kill me.

What happened?

Nothing... so I want to die.

So... How do you
want to die?

Quickly? Or little by little?

Well. I want time to get back home.

Of course. That takes time.

Right, then... Let's see.

Here it is.

There we are.

Take one big gulp.

May the Lord repay you.

In turth it's 120 lire.

- See you in hell!
- Good trip.

Where is he?

In there.


You hear me?


I hear you, Peppino.

But how is it that I hear you?

What time is it?

About 5:30.

- So how come I'm still here?
- You need to be patient.

It must be a slow medicine.
It's got to take it's course.

It's course... Right.

What do you think?
Will I die before tonight?

I think so.

How much course does this
medicine need to take?

Thank goodness!

It's a shame...

With elections coming up.
I could have used your help.

- We never win anyways.
- Who knows!

Myself? Yes or no,
I accepted it.


The nomination.

To Parliament in Rome?


What a disgrace.

What do you think? Was the
pharmacist screwing with me?

We can only hope.

I would hate to lose a vote.

Did everyone agree
wtih your nomination?

Not everyone.

However, the majority wins.

- So what... Shoul I get up?
- If you're feeling up to it.

Tonight... at 6:30...

In Holy Mother's square...
The Italian Communist party will gather.


Meet our candidate.

- Communists my ass!
- Damm.

Here, and vote for the Communist
once in your life.

The square is not very full.
And there's no young people.

The commissioner
said 6:30 sharp.

Comrades, come close.
Get closer to the stage.

Let's begin.

Uncle Luigi!

Good evening.

They all write!

Three pens 100 lire!

Brothers... and citizens
of Bagheria...

What broke? Eggs?

No, why?


I just thought...

I just made these two eggs.
I hope you like them.

My fiance's fine!

Mom, how many eggs are left?

I had only these two.
Should I buy you more?


You get her. Accompany her to town hall.

Withdrawal of the election certificate.
Take her to the doctor.

Get her a certificate that says
she is 100% blind!

And then take her to vote.

- Plan ahead, or else she'll vomit.
- Of course.

And remember:

The blind are entitled to be accompanied
even into the voting booth.

If you want, I'll marry her!

Attanasio, won't you say hello?

Of course, Attanasio.
Don Carlo takes care of us well.

Tell Don Carlo not to worry.

What jerks!
I said they'd vote for us!

Attanasio! Good day!

He even goes with Republicans?

It's as good as done.

The people always have
a finger to the wind.

- Any questions?
- You can count on my word.

Attanasio, have you forsaken me?

For you I have a single word:

My mother-in-law
votes Christian Democrat.

My wife gives the Socialists.
My sister-in-law the Liberal Party.

My son's a Republican.
And I'm for the hammer and sickle.

And so we please everyone!

Who knows who
they really vote for?

Sonny! You're making
me see stars!

Who am I, St. Joseph?

Here you go.

- What? You're going to reject her?
- Very funny!

Booth number two.
We respect the will of the electorate.

God forbid, President!
We are in God's hands.

In one hour, two blind men, two lame
and a paralytic. Does he have a factory?

Afterwards will you accompany
me to my husbands grave?

Vote first, Aunt Ciccina.
Then I'll bring you wherever you want.

- But first we'll stop by the florist.
- If we're stoping 30 times why not 31?

- So who are you voting for?
- For our Lord.

Our Lord isn't there!

I'm blind. Not stupid!

You rascal!

Christian Democrat.

Communist Party.


President, void? We must determine
the intention of the voter.

Intention? What intention?
There's nothing here!

Just... a little ash mark.

And do you think this little bit of ash
fell by accident on the C.D. sign?

Communist party 81.

- That means we gained 30 votes!
- We win!

Easy, easy!

Compared to the last election
we lost a point.

And what does the
federation secratary say?

And from Rome?

It's early yet.

We'll chat later.

They all write!

Three pens 100 lire!

We still don't know
how it'll end up.

However, for what it's worth
coming from me: Good luck.

Thanks councilman.

Best wishes, Peppino.

Listen, read me this letter.

- It from INPS.
- Even I understood that much.

They say that the
appeal is upheld...

...and they recognize your
family allowance and back-pay.


Good evening to all.

Ok everyone. I'll read you
the comprehensive results.

Grandpa Cicco said...

...good news should be celebrated.

- What is this good news?
- Are we rich?

- I wish!
- Aren't we already rich?

Not yet, but...

Come one. Let's see if you guess.

Even if he wasn't elected.
Dad took a lot of votes.

These young people!
They don't understand anything!

Mom and Dad...

...are expecting a little brother!

Or a little sister.
Whatever will be.

Give yourself more to do then!

Will we buy another bed
or we just squeeze in?

We'll squeeze in!

To the child!

To the little sister!

In the face of the envious!

To Bagheria!

We drink to the health
of Renato Guttuso!

Maestro, draw us a picture!

Breath in.

Open your mouth.

Please finish undressing.

Would you prefer
that your son leave?

No. No, he can stay.
Sit down.

Did it make an impression on you?

Do not worry, I'm healthy.

- You know who that is?
- Who?

The city's urban planning accessor.

- City planning?
- Yeah.

But how does he see the
projects; the land use plans?

There's a whole procedure.
For example, a plan for housing development?

They send him to a specialized
institute to print it for him.

Did you bring the dough?


Too beautiful.

Why does everyone think
we have bad character?

Maybe because it's true.


Or because we believe we
can hug the whole world...

...but our arms are too short.

Okay. Go earn your bread.

You weren't very convincing!

One less thing
to worry about!

Good morning, scoundrel!

Even a bomb wouldn't wake you up.

Get out of the way!

How long have I
dreamed of this?

- Put it down, thief!
- It's my daughter's!

- Yeah right! It's your wife's!
- Thief!

if I catch you I'll break your bones!

Here's the cigarettes.

You took all this time?

I went and came straight back!
Not even half a minute!

That spit's by dry
a whole lifetime!

Where did you go to buy
cigarettes, on the moon?

You've smoked away 20 lire!
Your fault for taking it easy!

Come hear! I'll give you
the 20 lire all the same!

I do not want it anymore!
Gamble it away!

Mine's the lightest, look!

Split in half!

It split like a persimmon!

Subtitles: Tommaso Sciortino
whose parents are from Bagheria!