Baan sau chuk dak hin dui (2002) - full transcript

Hit by a media storm over his own mounting debts, a police officer leads an investigation against the loan sharks behind a sinister credit scheme.

What did you say?

I said, you drove too fast.

I drove too fast? When?

I've been following you.

You exceeded the speed limit.

How did you know that?

I was riding at more than
100km per hour,

but I couldn't catch up with you.

You were riding at more than
100km per hour.

You exceeded the speed limit,
but I didn't.

I saw you.

You saw me exceeding the speed limit?

Are you telling me that
your eyes can measure speed limit?

You must have proof
before charging me.

If you don't,
then please don't waste my time.

And don't waste
the government's money.

Are you trying to stop me
from going to work?

No, sir.

Fix your tie.

Madam, look! It's bad!


It's really bad!

It's really bad!

Do you know how bad this is?


Benz, we are reading the news.

Excuse me.
Where is the changing room?

Let me show you.

No, thanks.

It's on the second floor.

- Sergeant.
- Officer Lee.

Whose car is it?

I think he is
the new superintendent.


Why did he park in my parking spot?

- He...
- Park my car.

I can't believe that
Officer Lee owes so much money!

He is highly paid.

That's why the credit limit of
his cards can easily exceed $400,000.

- That's right.
- I have over ten credit cards too.

Each has a credit limit of $20,000.
I can loan $300,000 easily.

Watch your debt, kiddo!

It's easy to drown yourself in debt.

- Officer Lee.
- Officer Lee.

You bought all the newspapers?

I think I am not respected
in this station anymore.

Someone parked his car
in my parking spot.


I'll check it out
and ask him to come and see you.

Ask the driver to stop driving that car
to the station.

Get that jerk for me.

He's not in a good mood.

What does his parking spot
have to do with me?

You'll be promoted soon.

I pay my dues every month.

Yes, I spent over my
credit card's limit this month.

But I haven't received
your statement,

how do you expect me to pay?


You're working in a trustworthy bank!

it's all over the newspaper headlines!

You ruined my reputation
and you said this is a misunderstanding?

I reserve the right to sue your bank.

Officer Lee, did you ask to see me?
I am the owner of the red car.

Are you new?

Sorry, sir, APC8572,
reporting for duty.


So, it's you.

You are a lawyer.

Why are you working
as a police officer now?

I've always loved guns.

And I've always dreamed of
walking around with a gun.

You know,
if I want to take a gun with me,

I must either be a criminal
or a police officer.

I don't want to be a criminal.
So, I chose to be a police officer.

This way, I can serve the society too.

Anyway, I don't care what car
you drive to the court.

Now, you're a police officer.

Don't drive that car
to the police station.

Otherwise, the ICAC and the press
may give you trouble.

- What is this?
- Sir.

Are you having financial trouble?

So, you... You have it too.

Sir, I have no idea how this happened.
I always pay the bills on time.

They published this headline
without sending the latest statement.

The commissioner just called.
You know how they are!

And, the officers want
to investigate this matter.

How do you expect me to help you?

Sir, I can't stop them from investigating.

The flats we bought in 1997
became negative assets.

Everyone owes the bank a lot of money.

I can't stop the press
from publishing stories in the paper.

Officer Lee, you can sue them.

You can sue the press,
sue the bank and claim your loss.

- Who is he?
- Sir.

Sir, he is the new auxiliary police.


Can you drive away your car?

Next week, I'm going
to Tsinghua University

to study Putonghua.
Before I come back, settle this.

- Hey, there!
- What is it?

An auxiliary police?

Do you know who I am?

You didn't know and parked
at Officer Lee's parking spot.

Do you know that
this is Officer Wu's parking spot?

- No, I didn't.
- No? I am telling you now that it is!

Park somewhere else!

You parked at Officer Lee's
spot this morning.

Earlier, you parked at Officer Wu's spot.

This is Officer Lam's parking spot.

Park somewhere else.

Sorry, sir, I'll park somewhere else.


What now?

Why are you parking here?

This is Officer Chan's parking spot.

Go and park somewhere else now!

Yes, sir. I'll look
for another parking spot.


What is it?

Where can I park my car then?

With your post, I don't think
there is a spot for you.

You can park the car outside the station.

But, it's illegal to park out there.
You'll give me ticket.

Of course, I will.

Unless you keep watching your car.

No way! If I keep watching my car,

then I can't take my gun
to go patrolling.

Which means, I would be wasting
the government's money.

This is your personal concern.
I can't help you.

You better figure it out.

Honey, you frightened me.
Why did you open the door suddenly?

What did your boss say?

Forget it! He didn't say anything.

He only told me that he is going
to Tsinghua to learn Putonghua.

Oh, my God, he is trying
to stay away from you!

He must be worried that
you'd cause him troubles.

What nonsense.

It's just a debt.
It's not like I killed anyone.

But, people will gossip about this.

Your boss won't appreciate it.

If your file is stained,
you won't be able to get a promotion.

So, what if I don't get promoted?

You're so rigid.

You always think of the worst.

We'd be in trouble if you
don't get promoted. Do you know that?

If you don't get promoted,
you won't have an increment.

We have to pay the installment
for two flats.

The payment takes up most of
your salary.

And your daughter is going
to study in a university next year.

How can we possibly
have enough money to use?

Honey, you were the one who wanted
to buy two flats.

One for us, one for renting out
to finance us after my retirement.

Now, we are able
to rent the other one out,

but the rent can't cover
half of the interest.

Are you blaming me?
Let's sell it off then.

You think it's that easy?

You have to pay the price difference,
that's about 3 million!

What about the $400,000 that
you spent on your credit cards?

You can't blame me for that.

You took our daughter to England to study.
And you spent $200,000!

Do you know that?

We won't be able
to use the credit cards this year!

I always use the cards cautiously.

I didn't expect the debt
to accumulate this much.

- Hello.
- Daddy, it's me.


I read from the net that you owe the bank
a lot of money.

Silly girl,
you're as sensitive as your mom.

I was just talking to your mom
about this matter.

It's nothing. Don't worry.

Daddy, no...

if this is a financial burden to you,
I'd rather quit studying here.

Don't do that.

Your mother and I are adults.

We know how to handle this matter.

Don't be silly, just study hard, OK?

Don't lie to me.
Can you really handle this?


- It's mom.
- I am going to take a nap.

Wake me up when the meal
is ready, OK?

How have you been lately?

You're blocking the way
if you park your bicycle here.

But, it is too narrow
for anyone to walk.

It is not narrow for me to walk.

If you park your bicycle here,
you'd be blocking my way.

Sergeant, where can I park
the bicycle then?

Just put it inside your locker, stupid.

No wonder everyone hates
traffic police so much.

He gave me such a hard time
for parking a bicycle here!

I don't think
it'll block anyone's way now.

Let me get the gun first.

Are you crazy? If you keep it up,
I'm going to report you!

I am sorry, sir.

This isn't loaded yet.


Load it now!

How can you play with your gun?
Is today your first day here?

Sir, how do you know that?

There are so many other options
yet you chose to be an auxiliary police.

You're crazy.

Put it in the pouch after loading it!

Yes, sir. I am sorry.

- Don't simply pull it out.
- Yes.

- Leave!
- Yes, sir!


Officer, is he crazy?

I think he is.

I wish they gave me a Magnum 357.

It would be so cool.

I have to pay 357,000
for the flat each month.

It is such a big burden for me.

Come on! You own a flat.

You don't have any financial burden,
that's why you can say that.

Back in 1997,

the government officials claimed that
the property price wouldn't drop.

Officer Lee trusted them.
He bought two flats.

I bought a flat and gave up the hostel.

Now, both of us are suffering.


For the same flat,
the price has dropped 50%.

Now, they are only worth one million.

You're right. It's worth buying now.

I think I should buy one or two now.


Free gift. Tour to Europe.

Borrow money now.

No proof of income needed, come on.

No proof of income is needed.
Come and borrow money now.

Sir, no proof of income is needed
for police officers to borrow money.

Do we have to pay back?

You'll be given a free gift
to tour Europe.

Do you think we need
to borrow money from you?

Get lost now. Otherwise, I'll charge
you for obstructing the public.

All right! Sorry.
No proof of income. Instant approval.

Benz, are you in a hurry?

Isn't it obvious?

Give way please. I am in a hurry.

- See you then.
- Bye!

Fred, is Benz always in a hurry?

How would I know?
I am not that close to him.


Thank God. I was worried that
your office was closed.

We don't close to early.
How can I help you, sir?

I want to borrow money.

We always welcome police officers
to borrow money from us.

You welcome all sorts of people
to loan money to.

That's right. But for police officers,
the procedures are a lot faster.

Sir, please give me your ID card
and warrant card.

Also, you need to write a check
with full payment to our company.

And, please write down
the guarantor's name here.

What guarantor?

It's just part of the procedure.

When it's done, we will deposit
the money to you tomorrow morning.

Please fill this out. I'll be right back.


Mr. Hui, thank you.

I asked you to come because
I have good news!

What are you planning to do this time?

What am I planning? Something amazing.

Look at the charts now.

Lift it up. Higher.

This is the statistic chart of the
unemployment rate in Hong Kong.

According to the latest statistics,

the unemployment rate has
reached up to 6.7%!

Along with many other good news,

including Mr. Tung's another
five years of leadership,

I can guarantee that

the unemployment rate will increase

to another ten or twenty%.

In the next five years, Hong Kong
will be in big trouble.

This is a golden opportunity
for us to develop our business!

We used to collect debts
for banks and enterprises, right?

Now, we will be the loaner too!

I will invest ten million

for a promotion plan!

We'll do what the banks do.

We'll advertise through road show
and TV air time.

We'll offer bonus plans
to the borrowers.

The more they borrow, the more we get!

Good idea!

Listen to me.

People want to loan money because of

the bad economy.

We can raise the interest rate,

so that the borrowers will pay us
interest for a longer period.

They will work for us,
maybe for the rest of their lives.

We loan money and get high interest.

The borrowers will work for us
for the rest of their lives.

What an exciting project!

Are you excited?

According to law, the interest rate
should be less than 60%.

Forget the law!

It's hard to make a living now!

I have the say over the interest rate!

Am I right?


What? Why are you not clapping?
Keep clapping!


Daddy, you're home!

Coco, my good girl.

Have you done your homework yet?

- You're home!
- Yes.

Coco, finish your homework now.

Go on.

Hubby, did you get any money?

The landlord came asking
for the rent for this place today.

And we haven't paid
the installment for the other flat.

The bank said that they will take our flat
if we don't pay the installment.

And they would make you declare
bankruptcy. What should we do?

Stop complaining, OK?

I settled it.
We will have money tomorrow.

That's better. You have no idea.

I've been so worried all week.

But, how did you get the money?

I borrowed it.

But, you said you couldn't borrow
from your friends.

Don't ask so much.
The money will be ready soon.

You have to work and worry

about the money. Poor you.

Why don't we just let the bank
take the flat?

I'd love to if they are
willing to take it back.

Our flat is a negative asset for us.

What about the price difference?
We have to pay that too.

If we do, I would really have
to declare bankruptcy.

Let it be then.

We can handle it together.

Easier said than done.

The problem is, we can't handle it.
I am a police officer.

If I go bankrupt,
it will be published in the papers.

My boss hates seeing news like this.

I would lose my job.

I am too old
to find another job now!

It's all your fault.

If you took my advice,

this wouldn't happen.

You insisted to buy
and speculate the flat.

I didn't speculate.

This is the only flat
that I have ever bought in my life.

I just wanted to sell it
and make some money!

I wanted all of us to have a good life.

We are so unlucky.

If I had known that the price
would fall that swiftly,

I would have stopped you
from buying it by all means.


Coco, what's wrong?

Why aren't you doing homework?

Why were you eavesdropping?

Daddy, are you troubled?

Yes, I am troubled.

But, when I see you,
I don't feel troubled anymore.

Go and do your homework.
Dinner will be ready soon.

Sir, are you a university graduate?


Do you know English?


Do you have any experience
as a loan collector?


Please ask me to pay up fiercely.

All right.

Pay up!

Thank you.

Do you have any tattoos?

Of course not.

Then, get lost!

There are many people lining up
for the interview. Get lost.

Next, please.

Firstly, welcome the new recruits
to this big family of ours.

Give yourself a big hand
and a warm welcome, will you?

All right. Enough.

First, let me introduce myself.

My name is Ho-lung Chan.
I am the Director of this company.

These are my assistants.

This is Chicken.

This is Pao.

This is Crow.

All of you know that this is

a financial service company.

A professional one.

We loan money and we collect interests
by all means.

Now, let me introduce the new colleagues
who are wearing nice suits.

They are from
the Cultural Information Unit.

Because they are well educated,

they are responsible for collecting
loans from the foreigners.

These men here are responsible

for outdoor service.

They will settle those stubborn
borrowers who refuse to pay up.

When are you going to pay the interest?

And the men behind here
are from the graffiti unit.

They are responsible for pouring
red paint and writing slogans.

They will think of creative ways
to make the borrowers pay up on time.

And, the last unit that everyone here
is responsible for is the promotion team.

The task is to post posters everywhere,
got it?

If you have any questions,
you can ask me.

What should we do
if we are caught by the police?

In that case, we will hire lawyers
to help and protect you.

You don't have to worry.

Now I have two jobs.

You'll get a reward of $3,000 each.

Who is willing to do it?

What are we supposed to do?

It's simple. Just pour thinner.

Such an easy task for $3,000?
What if we light it up?

You'll get $8,000 for that.
But, that's not needed now.

Please let me take the job.

What a good exemplar.

Open the door!

Lo Siu-fai, come out!

I know you're there!

999? I would like to report a case.

Yes. They chained my gate.

I am afraid that someone
might set my house on fire.

Please send some cops to check it out.

PC35450, go to the fifth floor
of Wong Tai Sin Estate.

Someone is suspected to set fire.
Go check it out.

PC35450 copy. I'll be right there!

Sergeant 7297 calling control.

I am nearby.

I'm on my way there to check it out.

- Freeze!
- Stay where you are!


- You go after that one!
- OK!





Stop running!

Go upstairs and check!

- Benz.
- Yes.

Sandy is upstairs.


Sir, what's the matter?

Police. Open the door.


Stay calm.

Do you have any tools?
Hammer or anything.

- Wait.
- I'll break the chains for you.

APC8572 is now at the scene.

I am trying to break
the chains for the flat owner.

What are you doing? Open the door!

Officer, someone broke into my house!

- Where's the key?
- In the house.

Move aside.

Don't move! Get down!


Get down! Hands on your head.

- What's the matter, sir?
- PC35450 calling Control.

We've caught the suspects. We are at B8.

- You don't live there.
- What were you doing there?

We went to see our friend, sir.

See your friend?

You brought thinner and the chain
as gifts for your friend, is that it?

Did you want to set fire?

These things are not ours.

Do you know them?

They came to collect debts.

I owe the bank
$30,000 for my credit card bill.

The bank sent someone
to collect the debt.

I was afraid. So, I paid them
by borrowing money from my friend.

But they still wanted $15,000
for some administration fees.

I couldn't pay that.

They threatened to burn my house down.

Now, you two are charged with

assaulting police and attempt to set fire.

I would like to make a call.

Why? You want to call for backup?

Let them do it. They have
the right to make a call.

You hear that? It's my rights.

Watch your mouth, jerk.


Boss, I got caught. Now, I am
in the Wong Tai Sin Police Station.

Wong Tai Sin Police Station?

Is there a cop named Jean Paul there?

Ask him to answer the phone.

Who is Jean Paul?

You think this is a market?
Why are you shouting?

- Sir, you're shouting louder than I did.
- Jerk!

Don't assault me.
Officer, mind your staff.

- Who are you to call me Jean Paul?
- My boss wants to speak to you.

Who is your boss?

- You'll know it once you answer it.
- Hello.

Jean Paul, this is Pao.

What do you want?

My fellows are caught.
You know what to do, don't you?

No problem, but how about my debt?

No problem.
Just take good care of them.

Pass the phone to him.

Your boss wants to speak to you.

- Boss.
- Stay calm.

I'll ask a lawyer to pay your bail.

All right, be quick please.

Hello. Yes, speaking.

All right.

I'll be right there.

Benz, I am sorry.
I have to go. It's urgent.

- Are you Gold Hair and Blue Hair?
- Yes.

I am their lawyer.
I came to pay their bail.

- You're for them?
- Yes.

Did you know, they poured thinner
at someone's house.

They attempted to set fire and assaulted
police! How can you bail them?

I don't care what they're charged with.
I am only here to pay their bails.

What makes you think you can do it?

By paying money.

Let me ask my boss first.

That's great.

Officer Lee, an APC became a lawyer
and wants to bail two suspects.

Ask him to come in.

Were they caught red-handed?

No, sir.

The flat owner reported the case,
then they were arrested.

Let him bail them out.

Thank you, Officer Lee.


Brian, you get paid $61.5 per hour
by the government.

You can't use the government's time
to settle your private affairs.

Sir, I am a police officer
as well as a lawyer.

I am responsible to give
professional service to my clients.

I spend five minutes
to bail the two jerks out.

Just by doing that, I get $16,000.

Sixteen thousand dollars?

My rates are cheaper than others.

For some lawyers,
they charge $26,000 at least.

I don't care how much you charge.

Now you're on duty, don't do private
matters during office hour again.

Or else,
I'll file a complaint against you.

I'm sorry. I promise,
it will never happen again.

I've almost forgotten
to tell you one thing.

The bank has sent you an apology letter.

This letter is written by me
to Banana News.

I asked them to pay the loss
for harming your reputation.

I didn't employ you to be my lawyer.

I won't pay you for these.

I won't charge you any fee.

But, when we get the claims,
let's share it 50-50.

Sir, I'm Inspector Chan
from the I.A. Department.

I want to investigate
the Banana News case on March 15.

Can you give me a statement now?


Let me introduce myself.
I am Lee's lawyer.

Please take a seat.

Thank you.

Officer Lee, what is your explanation?

The bank just sent me an apology letter.

They admit that they made a mistake
by informing the press.

Here I have another letter
that I wrote to Banana News.

Their report ruined
the reputation of Officer Lee.

Now, I want them to pay for his loss.

OK. I can accept this explanation.

For the sake of procedure,
please give me the details

of your credit cards and passbook.

I don't have my passbook with me.

I'll send you all the information
you need tomorrow.

OK, let me copy these papers first.


Thank you for your cooperation.

I have been investigating others
for the past 30 years.

But now, I am the one being investigated.

You should fill the application form
for leave now.

If someone finds out,
you and I will be in trouble.

I can help you, trust me.

I'll send the bank a letter
to discuss your financial problem.


It's a matter of my professionalism.

But I can make sure that the interest
rate would be cut to the lowest.

- If I want...
- Next.

No, if I want...

It's my turn.

What's your problem?

I want my mother to come
to Hong Kong from Chiu-chou.

In that case, donation please.

Is Shenzhen all right?




You haven't paid interest
for ten days, huh?

You promised to give me
two more days, didn't you?

I told you that two days ago.

But, you just promised to let go
two days of interest on the line.

How about the interest
of another eight days?

I'll pay it later, OK?

- Madam.
- Yes?

- Have you seen the foreign APC?
- No, I haven't.


Sergeant, do you want to scold me again?

- Of course not.
- Am I not allowed to walk here?

Of course not.

You are a lawyer, aren't you?

I need your help.

Hands off me first.

I have to pay 20 years
for the installment of my house.

I want to delay it
for another ten more years.

So, I would like you to write
a letter to the bank.

Sure. But, I really can't find a place
to park my car.

Let me settle this for you.

How about my bicycle then?

I'll grant you a fixed place to park it.

Just ten more years.

Ten years might be too long.
Is five all right?


I worry that when
the bank manager sees you,

he won't think that
you can live that long.

I'm just kidding.

Don't worry, I will surely help you.

Please try.

- One more dish of scallop.
- Sure.

Why aren't any one of you ordering?

You want to wait for Officer Lee?

With this price, how can we order?

- Sir.
- Hello, Officer Lee.

Who suggested having a meal here?

- Brian did.
- It's Brian's suggestion.

You are a rookie.
You don't know our rules, do you?

Don't you think that
I would pay for the meal.

We have always shared the bill.

A plate of bean sprouts please.

Any more orders?

No, that's enough for me.

Sir, can we just order fried vegetables?

It's not against the law
to order only vegetables.

You're right. I'll have the same.

I am a vegetarian.
I want fried vegetables too.

Yes, same order please.

How much does a plate
of fried vegetables cost?

Sixty dollars,
plus ten percent service charge.

Ten percent service charge?

Fred, let's share one, OK?

No! That's not enough for me.

I'll have one too, please.

In that case, I don't want any food,
thank you.

Don't tell me that all of you
are having financial problems.

This will harm the image
of the police department.

You'll have an image if you have money!

Don't think that Lee is highly paid
and can spend a lot of money.

After paying the installments
for his houses and family expenses,

he only has $2,800 a month to spend.

Next year,
my daughter is going to university.

I will only have $1,800 to use.

Sir, would you like to order a drink?

Tea, please. Thank you.

Don't be so upset.

I will settle your case for you.

I'm going to claim a loss from the press.

- How much?
- Few millions.

That's great!
It'll lessen my burden then.

Anyway, we'll share the compensation.

Hey, you are earning a lot
from the triads and the police.

You still want to take advantage of me?

I'm just trying to make a living.

To be frank,
I don't want to help those jerks.

But, they pay me.

I'm responsible to help them
get rid of troubles.

It's hard for me too, you know.

You have extra income.
We receive fixed income every month,

but most of the money goes
to the bank and the loaners.

I have to pay $8,000
for the credit cards, poor me!

Chef, can you give it to me first?

Officer Lee, I am sorry.

We have already bought tickets
to Macau. We're in a hurry.

Make one more for her. Thank you.

It costs $60?

Is it a pre-married holiday?

No, I just want to spend
a short holiday with Sandy.

So sweet!

When are you getting married?

- I am saving money now.
- He always says that.

We have to go now.

You're leaving without paying?

Don't leave without paying.
Leave your money here.

I'll pay you back when I return, OK?
I won't forget that.

Don't let the loan shark escort you back.

Touch wood!

Brian, you suggested coming here.

So, you have to pay for them.

Please pay for mine too.

How about paying our shares too?

That's right!

Sure. I earned $16,000 today.

Pay how much you can afford.
I'll pay the rest, OK?

Thank you.

Chef, please give me this set.

- Sure.
- I'll pay you a hundred.

Chef, me too.
But I'll pay you sixty only.

Chef, I want this set.

Jean Paul, please pay $40 for me.

You still owe me $500,
just deduct $40 from it.

What? I just made my bet
in the horse race. I have $20 left.

But, I do want to pay a $100.

Brian, please give me $900,
I'll owe you a $1,000.

- No way.
- Why not? Brian.

- I don't care.
- I'll pay you back, trust me.

I'll treat you this meal, OK?

- Thank you!
- Thank you! Cheers!

Stay back, would you?

I promised to withdraw money for you,
didn't I?

What if you run away?

I'm a cop!

I won't do that!


What now?

Crow, I'll leave them to you.

What are you trying to do?

You're a cop.

We are from Macau.

We don't know you and the place well.

We worry that you'll put an end to us.

So, we're counting on our friends
in Hong Kong.

Are they clear about the debt?

Don't worry.
You just have to pay the money to me.

Thank you.

I borrowed $40,000 in Macau.
I've already paid $20,000 to your friend.

Now, with interest, the total is $50,000.

So, the debt is clear.

No, you still have to pay
the travel fee for them.

And, together with the executive
charges for our company...

- How much is it?
- Another $30,000.

Are you crazy? Go rob the bank instead!

Come on! It's too rude
of you to say that.

If you don't pay now,
we'll charge you interest immediately.

Only a fool will pay you money.

All right. Leave then.
I'll ask someone else

to collect the money from you.

Go ahead.

Open up.

Who are you looking for?
Why are you banging on the door?

Is Benz Hui there? Open the door.

They're looking for daddy.

What is it? So noisy.
Who are you looking for?

- Does Benz Hui live here?
- Yes.

- Open up then.
- Why?

He owes us money. I am here
to collect interest. Open up.

- Hurry up.
- I have to call and ask him first.

- Let me call and ask him first.
- Open up!

- She refused to open the door. Do it.
- Yes.

Wong Tai Sin Police Station.

Is Benz there?

I'm his wife.

Please hold on.

- Benz, your call.
- Thank you.

- Hello.
- Hubby, come back now!

Two guys are here for you!
They look so fierce.

Honey, don't panic.
I'll be right back.

- Mandy! Coco!
- Who is it?

Open the door!

Are you all right?

Coco, are you all right?

Two guys came for you.
They were so impolite.

- Don't be scared.
- They looked so fierce!

They want you to pay up.

They left a note and phone number.

Hung Lung Finance Company.

I want to speak
to the person in charge!

Hold on.
Chicken, it's your call.


Are you the person in charge?

Just speak.

I'm Benz Hui.
Now I want to tell you one thing.

I'll pay you money,
but you must give me some time.

If you lay hands on my family,
I'll pay you nothing!

All right, go ahead and try.
I'm free anyway.

I don't have time to play with you. Bye.


Can I speak to Piggy?

What are you talking about?

I want Piggy to pay up.

Piggy, settle your debt.

- What do you mean by Piggy?
- You must be Piggy.

You can whore to earn money
and pay me back.


What happened?

I'll never go to Macau with you again.

What exactly happened?

Sir, are you looking for me?


Your fellows are making trouble again.

Sam and Sandy borrowed money.
Even the commissioner knows about it!

He just called.

Sir, let me find out the truth first.

Go now. Please do me a favor.

I'm going to Tsinghua University
to learn Putonghua soon.

Study hard, sir.

Sorry, sir.

Look! The loan sharks pushed
the borrower to commit suicide.


She didn't die
and was sent to the hospital.

He even helped her to pay the bills
and escorted her to leave.

He wanted her factory as mortgage
which is worth five million dollars.

The loan sharks always
force the borrowers to die.

But she owed him $900,000 only.

Why did he take her factory
that is worth five million?

That's what a loan shark does.

What are you doing?

You know him?

Hello, Pao.

- Are you going to pay up?
- It's ready.

Keep it first.

- You have to pay some more.
- Two more days.

Show me your hand.

- You must be kidding.
- Show me your hand!


Jean Paul!

Are you trying to run away?

Of course not. I'm going to the toilet.

What nonsense.

Don't talk to me that way.

Pal, don't speak foul language
in the police station!

Pal, you owe us money too, don't you?

Cut it! I only owe
the credit card center money.

I don't owe anyone else!

You cops always forget
your loan after getting money.

Just wait and see. I'm going to ruin you.

All right. Bring it on.

- What? Do you want to beat me up?
- So what if I beat you up?

- Don't move!
- Police assaulted me!

Police assaulted me!

Police assaulted me!

- Officer Lee.
- Did you all see it?

What's going on?

Officer Lee, these two guys
came to collect debts.

How dare you do it here?
What do you think this place is?

Sir, we just came to eat something.

I saw him here, so I took the chance
to collect my money.

If he doesn't want to pay you back,
you can sue him.

But you can't cause trouble
in the police station.

All right, sir.

I'll file a complaint!

I will definitely do it!

Do you know the number?


Don't let those jerks cause trouble
in this canteen again.

The three of you, come with me.


I've got it! I won't let
those two guys come again.

But you know, I can't make a living
by serving the officers only.

Please help me out.

- All right, I'll tell the boss.
- Thank you.

Give me a plate of fried noodles.
More beef.

Sure! Please wait.

What did you do in Macau?

Even the Commissioner
of Police knows about your debt.

The boss just called to ask me about it.

Sir, I borrowed $40,000.
I paid them $20,000 in Macau.

When I returned to Hong Kong,
I paid them $30,000.

I've already paid $50,000.
Now, they want another $30,000.

It has only been two days
since I borrowed from them.

It's your fault.

They flattered you
and you took their money.

You shouldn't have taken their money.

It's a matter of face, you know?

Now you've lost face!

You know that they won't
let you go easily.

If they want to blackmail you,
you can report to the police.

Catch them! You're a cop!

How much did you owe them?

Sir, it's just a small amount.
It's nothing.

I remember. I still owe you $3,200.
Why not make it $5,000?

Pal, please help me.

Same old trick.
You've been using this trick for years!

Officer Lee.
Friends help out one another.

Are you my friend?

Hung Lung! The police forbid us
to collect debts at the station.

We are not allowed to go there anymore!

They have money?

They should pay
the money they borrowed!

I'll upgrade the action!

Get to work!

What do you want, Pao?

I thought you live at the station!
Pay up!

All right, I'll pay.
You don't have to beat me.

- Pay up then.
- I'll pay you two days later, OK?

Two days later?

Pay up!

This is the police station,
give me some face, OK?

I will beat those who don't pay me back!

Pay up!

You jerk!

You stupid thing!


- What is this?
- Help! Fire!

- PC35450, over.
- Send.

There is a fire at 9A, Wah Pai Street.
Please check it out.

That's my home!

Officer Chan,
the fire is under control now.

- Dad!
- Coco, don't be scared.

Are you OK?

How is my wife?
Is my daughter all right?

- Don't panic.
- How is my wife?

She is fine.

Hubby, don't worry, I am fine.

It's all right, daughter.
It's all right.


- Take care of my daughter, please.
- Yes.

Don't worry. They'll be fine.

Pal. What is the cause of the fire?

The loan sharks did it
because they failed to pay up.

I wonder who lives there.

Don't worry.

Please take the gun back to the station.

What are you talking about?

Benz, what's wrong with you?


I said, they'll be fine.

Twenty years.

I've been a cop for 20 years,
How did it end up like this?


Calling Control.
Something is wrong with Sergeant Hui.

Get some help, please.


- When is the negotiator coming?
- Another 30 minutes.

Officer Lee.


Come down first.

Officer Lee.

I am really sorry.

I have to die.
I don't have a way out.

It's all my fault!

My wife warned me not to buy a flat
and stay at the hostel instead.

I didn't listen to her!

Now, the bank wants
to take the flat back.

And they'll put me to bankruptcy.

The loan sharks tried to burn my house.

I did want to borrow from you.

But all of you are having
financial problems too.

I didn't have a choice.

I did want to tell you.

But you have your own problems too.

I don't have a choice.
I really have to die.

I don't want to drag anyone down.

I won't drag others down by dying,
I won't be anyone's burden!

Jean Paul!

- Don't come over here.
- Stay cool.

I will jump.

Don't worry,
I won't stop you from dying.

But I want to die with you.
If you do this, I'll do it with you.

Let's jump together.

Why do you want to jump with me?

I've been wanting to for a long time.

But, it's too frightening to do it alone.

Now, I have you to do it with me.

It's my debt. It's none of your business.

Benz, my situation
is even worse than yours.

I retired two years ago.
I had about a million in hand.

I thought I could enjoy a good life.

But I don't have money
to pay the price difference.

I joined the force again,
but the pay can only cover the interest.

What can I do? I have to pay for food.
And my son's school fee too.

I need money to drink and gamble too.

My wife hated me gambling and left me.

When did Jean Paul divorce?

He isn't even married, right?

I am only living pay check to pay check.

I'm poor and old.

Even my wife left me.

Let's not waste our pals' time.

- Let's jump together!
- Hey, wait!

What is it?

I can solve your problem easily.

I'll give the bank a letter using

my name as a lawyer.
I can talk to them and settle this.

That's impossible.
They want to take my flat back.

But they want money more than you do.

If you are willing to pay,
they'll accept it.

What about the loan sharks?

You're the police.

Of course, you can handle them.
Just ask Officer Lee. Am I right?

That's right,
we police won't give face to the triads.

Benz, I don't think
it's the right time to jump.

Your wife has just been sent
to the hospital.

If you jump now,
who will take care of her?

Do you remember? You have a daughter!

Don't leave her behind.
We can't take care of her for you.

I have to take care
of my own daughter, you know?

Jean Paul, come down.

You know, I've got tips
for the coming horse race.

It's trustworthy!
We can win some money.

Come down first.

You can't believe in tips, you know?

I trust myself.

What should we do now?

It's up to you.

You can jump now
or you can jump later.

Let's jump later, OK?

OK, call me when you are ready.

Let's go.

Come down now.

Officer Lee is back.

Officer Lee, who hanged this pig head
in front of your door?

- Is it related to your debt?
- Is it related to your debt?

As police, how can you protect
the citizens from triads' harassment?

Pay up!

Do you think the citizens should be
protected from this?

Your fellow wanted to kill himself.

- Remove it.
- Officer Lee.


I came back and saw the pig head.
I was so scared.

Your staff and the reporters kept
asking me questions.

What happened?

It's just a pig head.
It's no big deal.

Did you borrow money
from the loan shark?

- Crazy. Are you done here?
- Yes.

Just call it a day.

Yes, sir. Officer Lee, what should
we do with the pig head?

Take it back to the station as evidence.

All right.

Did you borrow money to pay
the credit card center?

You're crazy.

I wouldn't do such a foolish thing.

Honey, are you kidding me?

$2,800 is enough for my expenses.

But they hung a pigs head
in front of the door.

I can't stop others
from pulling a prank on me.

Did we offend anyone?

Just check it out, or go to the temple
to seek help from Buddha.

I am not superstitious.

I wonder what the reporters would write.

What if this appears in the headlines?

So, what? It's not the first time anyway.

You can't stop them from doing it.

Not everyone can appear
in the headlines anyway.

It costs $200,000 to do that.

What if you get fired?

Don't worry.

I didn't commit any criminal offence.

They won't fire me because of a pig head.

If they do, many people will be fired too.


Officer Lee, your name is on this paper.

I dared not tell your staff.

ME. MR. CHAN. 97170351.

All right. Mr. Chan, is it?

Honey, don't worry,
I've been a cop for 20 years.

I'm confident I'll get this Mr. Chan.

If I get him, I'll feed him a rats head.

Settle your debt?


- Did Officer Lee offend God?
- Yes, he is on the front page again.

He must have owed a lot of money.

You are so experienced!

Whatever you say.

Benz, what's wrong?
Why are you walking back and forth?

We're in big trouble.

- Officer Cheung.
- Sir.


You haven't settled the previous case.
Now you have a new one?

What is wrong with you?


Why do you keep
causing the same trouble?

It's none of my business.
Benz borrowed money.

Remember Benz?
He wanted to jump to death that day.

Your staff copied what you did, right?

Sir, they are your staff.

No, they won't be my staff after tomorrow.

They will be your staff.

I am leaving to Tsinghua
University tomorrow.

Please clean up this mess.

Let me leave in peace, OK?

Officer Lee, may I speak with you?

Please take a seat.

My flat was set on fire.

I was forced to jump to death.

It's all because of my debt.

So, the pig head
was because of you too, right?

I am sorry, sir.

I called and they told me that
you made me your guarantor.

They've gone too far.

How can they harass the guarantor?

But you should have told me your problem.
Why did you loan money from them?

It will never end well.

You have your own problem.
How can I seek help from you?

I may not be able to help.
But, you have many pals out there.

They can help you.

All of you come in.

Sir, how much should we each pay?

I'm not asking you to share the debt.

Let's get to work.

This finance company did a dirty job
to collect debts.

I want to search their office.

Let's meet at the car park
in five minutes.

- Brian.
- Sir.

You don't have to go.

Why? Take me with you please.

- Do you want to earn big money?
- Of course I do.

Change your clothes and be a lawyer.

Why didn't you pick up my calls yesterday?

- Where did you go?
- I was asleep.

So early?

Sir, how can I help you?

I want to see the person in charge.

- Jean Paul.
- Don't obstruct police work.

Sir, how can I help you?

Are you here to borrow money?

We have a new promotion plan
for police like you.

Save your breath.

I suspect that someone here set fire
to threaten the borrower.

This note was found at the scene.

Ask the borrower to contact Mr. Chan.

I love to co-operate with the police.

How can I help you?

You know what you've done.

It's just a debt!
Must you resort to killing?

Sir, you look so angry,
I bet you must be troubled.

I'm sorry.

We have license.

We won't set fire or do anything illegal.

But, if you need our help,
sure, no problem.

If you can't get the criminal
to close the file,

and you want me to send you
a scapegoat, no problem.

I have a lot of staff here.

All of you stand up and show your face
to the officers.

See if you can help the officers.

What's the name of the person you want?

Now, I remember. It's Chan.

My fellow staff, listen up.

If your surname is not Chan, sit down.

Sir, what now?
Have you picked your choice?

We're not here to choose.

Take all of them back to the station.

Get to work!
Take all of them back to the station!

- Let's go!
- Get up!

Are you deaf? Let's go!

To where?

Let him stay here.

Otherwise, no one will pay
the bails for them.

- Let's go.
- What?

- I asked you to move.
- Don't push me.

Go that way!


Sir, are you done?

Yes. It's your turn.

I am Superintendent Chau
from the Commercial Crime Bureau.

I want to see the person in charge.

I'm here. What's the matter?

We suspect that you are running
an illegal loaning business.

Now I need to take your papers,
accountant books and computers.

Are you serious?

This is a legal company.

They took my staff.
Now, you're taking my things too?


- I'm willing to co-operate.
- Pal, let's get to work.

Officer Lee.

What do we do with them?

For those who are suspicious,
let them pay the bail for $8,000.

And for the rest, $3,000.

What? $8,000 for each?

You claim yourself a professional lawyer?

You should have bargained with them!

Tell them that I said so!

Do you think I'm a fool?


I wasted half a million to pay the bails.

And now you charge me $960,000
for a service charge?

How dare you charge that much for it?

Mr. Chan, this is a separate matter.

You paid half a million to pay
the bails for your fellows.

I didn't take a penny from that.

Exactly! Since you can't earn
a penny from that,

you should have bargained for me!

It's not like buying food in the market.
You can't bargain like that.

What do you mean?

I'm usually the one collecting money!

But you are the only one
who is asking money from me!

This isn't fair.

What? Don't speak English in front of me!

What do you mean by fair?

I'll pay only half of your bill!

You can't bargain
after the work is done.

What do you mean? This is my style!

I always bargain after a task is done!

If it weren't for me,
your fellows would still be in jail.

You're stupid!

Fine. You can hire another lawyer.

I don't want to help
an idiot like you anyway.

You called me an idiot?

What? You've never been
scolded by a foreigner before?

I dare you to say that again.

Bastard! You jerk!

What? You want to fight with me?

You are no match for me.

You foreigner!

What is going on?

- He wants to fight with me.
- Good.

Do you want me to be the referee?


Why are you here?

The officers from the Commercial
Crime Bureau is here again.

They want to borrow money?
Ask them to wait!

Mr. Chan, I don't care.

I want you to clear the bill
within three days.

Otherwise, I will sue you
until your company closes down.

How dare you do that to me!

I bet you dare!

I won't pay you, so what?

You useless guys!

I wasted half a million
to pay your bail!

And it cost me $960,000 to hire
a lawyer for you!

You can't get a penny back!

Why are you standing here?

Boss, you have to go out.
The officers are waiting for you.

So, open the door!
I have to go out!

I've been a cop for 30 years.

I haven't arrested loan sharks
or the owner of a finance company.

I know these types of cases well.

They are smart.

The cops may not have
enough evidence to sue them.

They are all trash.

Those who borrow money
are not good either.

When they go to court,
the loan sharks make sure

the witness will not attend the trial.

The loan sharks report to the police
when they can't get their money back.

The borrowers report to the police
when they can't pay their debts.

They always abuse police force.

Sergeant, you're a cop.

But your flat was set on fire too.

Jean Paul, you are a cop.

You were caned by the loan sharks,
are you ashamed?

You borrowed money from loan sharks
and annoyed the CP.

But, my case is the most
ridiculous of all.

I go home after work every day.
I have $2800 to spend each month.

Just because I am a guarantor,

someone put a pig's head
in front of my door.

They even dare to treat cops like this.

How can the innocent citizen
face their threats?

It's ridiculous.

Should we pay them back
with what they've done to us?

So, you mean the cops
are just like triads?

To a certain extent,

we are alike.

If it were the old days,

those bastards would have been
in deep shit.

An eye for an eye.
We'll serve what they served.

Sir, this is against the law.

We'll get fired or even put behind bars.

Don't worry, I am a lawyer.

I'll represent you in court,
free of charge.

But, you must make sure that
we won't be caught red-handed.

If I don't arrest you, who will?

Besides, on that day...

Damn it!

What did you say?

Damn you.
We can do whatever we want.

We can do anything.

Come on.

Your words encouraged us.

First, we'll take all the papers
from the Bald Head's office.



Boss, it must have been done
by the collectors.

What do you mean?

I mean those rubbish collectors.

What is it?

Your home is on fire!

What do you want?

Go in and put it out!

My home isn't on fire!

Don't bother us from
putting out the fire, got it?

Don't move!

Report, sir!

What is it?

It's a mistake.
We came to the wrong place.

The opposite place is on fire.

- Are you serious?
- It's true!

Let's go!

Call us earlier if your home
is really on fire!

On fire?

That idiot must spend a lot of money
to redecorate his home.

Serves him right.

Did they put out
the fire with sea water?

They did.


Honey, it's all right, don't worry!

Officer Lee.

Officer Lee.

The Commercial Crime Bureau found
that the papers are not suspicious.

They won't keep
the important documents in office.

- Any news?
- Officer Lee,

I've been tailing
Hung Lung Chan the past few days.

He always goes to another office
before going back to Hung Lung.

That means, he has another turf.

Sandy is so hot!

Sam, didn't you say
Sandy hates wearing underpants?

She is sacrificing for justice.

Good! Come in.

No one is in there.

Right, no one is there.

- Let's get to work.
- OK.


Next time when you work,
remember to wear underpants.

What are you talking about?

He said,
sacrifice may be needed when you work.

That's right!

You think I would do that?



You're only charging one thousand?
You're so cheap.

What did you say?

Let's get to work.

Let's go.

What is missing?

I haven't checked, boss.
Might be some of the checks.

How can we ask the borrowers
to pay back without the bills?

What! We are loan sharks!

I don't need any proof to ask
the borrowers to pay us back!

That's right.

If that's the case, we don't need those
computers or advanced technologies.

- What did you say?
- Nothing.

Do you know who did that?

They were Arabians.

One of them is Bin Laden.

What? Did he come to Hong Kong?

That's him.


Why didn't you report
to the US Embassy?

They will give you
a reward of $20 million!

Don't beat me, boss!

Say, if I call the US Embassy,

telling them that Laden
is now in Hong Kong,

will they give me a reward?

Boss, I'm not quite sure about this.

But you can try.

It might work.


Blood sucking loan sharks.


- What are you two searching for?
- I'm looking for my bill.

They paid the bank two million
to collect bad debts of a hundred million.

This is a good deal.

If they collect ten percent of it,
they will get ten million.

We've got the checks and bills.

They'll suffer a great loss this time.

I think we should just burn them.

- Do you agree?
- That's right.

No, the borrowers will continue
to pay them money. It won't help.

Let's send the borrowers
their bills accordingly!

Are we going to be Santa Claus?

Whether you are Santa Claus or Robinhood,

let's fix this within two days.

When Officer Cheung's back,
I won't be able to do much.

Over a thousand colleagues
borrowed money from them!

- Let me take a look.
- Go ahead.

Jean Paul, we can seek help
from these thousand colleagues.

See anyone you know.

Choi's bill is here!

Hello, sir. I'm Gong Zi.

Are you being forced by the loan shark
to pay your debt?

Of course.
I have your check and bill.

But, sir, I need your help.

Settle those loan sharks.

Officer Chan?
I want to beat those loan sharks.

Think about it.

We've got all the bills here.

Are you interested to join us?

Thank you!

- This is your letter.
- Mine?

It's mine.

How much did you owe them?

Fifty thousand.

How much have you paid?

Thirty thousand.

I'll give it back to you
when you pay the rest.

You owed them 30,000,
how much did you pay them?

Seventy two thousand.

You don't have to pay them anymore.

If they harass us, what should we do?

Call this hotline, we will help you.


Thank you.

Do you have to charge us?
Do we have to pay you for your help?

Boss, what should we do?

What is this?

Tear them down!

Hurry up!

Pay us back! Come out now.

Anti-Loan Collector Squad?

The loan sharks came to collect money!

They are so fierce!
Please come help me.

Don't worry, ask them to come
for the money tonight.

We'll handle them.

I'm sorry. I was stuck in traffic.

So? Where is the money?

Money? I've already paid them.

Look, I've got the check and bill back.

Unless you have proof,
I won't pay you anything.

- Are you tricking us?
- It's not a trick.

Young man, stay cool!
It's not your turn to speak here.

Someone returned the bill
and check to me.

You don't have any proof
to claim my payment now.

Don't think that I'm stupid.

It's just acid.

I was just kidding.

Kidding? You want to kid around?

It's acid!


Idiot! You tricked me?

- Over there.
- Jean Paul, come back!

Idiot! How dare you come here
to collect debt?

- Sir.
- What's the matter?

Someone is fighting there.

Get up! Police! Freeze!

We are cops too.

We've followed this case for ages.

We've looked for these two guys
for a long time.

- Hand them to us please.
- Sure.

How dare you fight on the road?
Follow us to the station.

Sir, I'm willing to be a witness!

Let's go.


- Hark, thank you.
- Go now!

Take a look at that guy.

Are you all right?

They assaulted me!

We took them back to the station.

So fast?

You fainted for one hour.

One hour?

Why didn't anyone wake me up?

Hong Kong people
are so cold-blooded.

One hour already?

Yes, boss.

No, I thought...

It's the accountant's mistake.

I'll return the money
to you soon. I'm sorry.

He hung up my call!

Now, he called to ask me for money!

But you collected nothing for me!

How can you be a loaner?


There's nothing we can do.

All the borrowers have the bills
and checks back.

They claimed that
they didn't owe us money.

That's right.
Someone is helping them.

Someone is helping them?

So, I can't get my money back?

Get a borrower for me.
I want to see the man behind this!

Let's go!

You stupid thing!

He is right there.

Boss, don't do this to me.

Get down! Move!

Let go!

Idiot, who helped you?

No, no one helped me!

You still want to deny?


It's them.

Anti-Loan Collectors Squad.

They helped those borrowers.
They have a hotline for help.

Hello. They are fierce? We are as fierce
as the loan collectors.

We have many people
to back us up too.

Tell me where you are now.
We'll be there soon.

Are you Chan?

- Which unit are you looking for?
- I'm looking for a Chan family.

- Which flat are you looking for?
- I am here to find Mr. Chan.

Which flat are you looking for?

1B, named Chan.

I am not Chan,
1B is just next door.

Why did you open the door?

You rang my bell.
My bell is underneath.

You must ring the upper bell.

Don't ring the lower bell again.

You don't need to ring it.
They've moved out three months ago.


They moved out three months ago.

Thank you.

Thank what?
They moved out three months ago.

Did you make a mistake?

No! I don't think I've made a mistake.

Maybe I did make a mistake.
Let's go back first.

Hung Lung Chan, what a coincidence.

It's not a coincidence.
I've been waiting here for you.

Waiting for me to arrest you?

Arrest me for what?

What proof do you have?

Ask the lawyer!

Police must possess evidence to sue.

But I don't need to.

We rascals can take you away
without any proof.


I can melt you just by whistling.

I can do the same thing to you.

Let's see who acts faster.


Benz, call now.

They are so fast.

I still have to dial a nine.

Are you scared? I knew it was you
who stole the bills!

Anti-loan collectors.


Hurry up!

Help us. There are many people
chasing after us!

We're now.

Of course, you can't hear it!

There are so many people around.

Did you call for help?

I lost my phone!

I'll call Officer Lee!

Get out!

What are you doing? Do you know me?

This car belongs to the company.
Don't mess up!

Get lost! Police are working!

Run over them!

There are so many people ahead!
How can we run over them?

- Run!
- Fine!

Jean Paul, did we run over someone?

No! Jean Paul fell out!

Drive! Jean Paul!

They're going to get in!

Push the car over!

Did you hear me? Push it over!




Sir, is walking illegal too?

Cut the crap! On the floor!

What's the matter?

- Stop!
- Get down!

What's the matter?

No! No fighting!

- Stop!
- Get down!

Officer! What do you want?

Were you running to lose weight?

Stop! On the floor!

Officer Lee, what's the matter?

I should be asking you.

Me? I was just wandering around.

- Wandering around?
- Yes.

You led a gang
with rods to wander around?

I don't know them, sir.

- You don't know them?
- That's right.

But I will make them know you.

- Take him back.
- Yes, sir.

- What are you doing?
- Let's go!

The police assaulted me!

What happened?

This way. This mission is well organized
by our superior.

Yes, this is done
by our part-time undercover cop.

We collected evidence...

And broke a group of loan sharks.

The bald one is the person
in charge of the group.

- That's right.
- Yes.

Sir, which department are you from?
What position are you holding?

He is in charge of this part-time mission.

Yes, this is the undercover
of our department.

- We...
- We have to leave now.

Sir, everything is under control.

Take them all back to the station.

Sir, your staff
is assaulting the suspect.

They just wished him "Happy New Year".

What is going on?

Let's go.