Baahubali 2: The Conclusion (2017) - full transcript

When Shiva, the son of Bahubali, learns about his heritage, he begins to look for answers. His story is juxtaposed with past events that unfolded in the Mahishmati Kingdom.

'Lord Shiva the Omnipresent!'

'lf atonement for my sins is death...'

'...then take my life'

'But he has to live'

'For the sake of his mother
who will be waiting for him'

'To ascend the royal throne of Mahishmati'

'Mahendra Baahubali has to LlVE'

"A single life."

"Many a sacrifice."

"Rewriting history."

"Dawn of a story."

"From ardent affection."

"Rose vows of veneration."

"Did it kindle synergy
of war strategy?"

"Persecution... death
lnception... within it a birth."

"Fiery flames surrender hungrily
to the sacrificial offering voluntarily."

"With those beseeching pleas
the kingdom will embrace peace."

"When dawn breaks again
Unity will prevail in a new reign."

"He became the chisel and sculptor."

"He was the lamb for the slaughter."

"He sculpted his own signature."

"Blood, a fiery mixture."

"Of rage will venture"

"ln every drop of blood and gore."

"Karmic confluence."

"Rudra's concurrence"

'The war with the Kalakeyas was over'

'ln warfare, Baahubali and Bhallaldev....'

'...were on equal footing in
their bravery and boldness'

'But the way the people were saved
the balance tipped in his favor...'

'...the Queen Mother announced
Baahubali as the crown prince'

'Mahishmati was drenched in happiness'

'Anticipating the coronation day...'

'...the entire kingdom was
awaiting the occasion'

'Meanwhile once in 26 years, this festival
was commemorated without fail'

'A celebration to exhibit
the destruction of evil'

'To save Mahishmati from evilness...'

'...the daughter-in-law of the royal family
has to carry a pot of hot coal as custom'

'Goddess Kali temple is situated in a jungle
7.5 'yojanas' from the royal fort'

'The vow entails walking and
destroying the demon's effigy there'

'Without faltering a single step
till the temple is reached'

'Long live Queen Sivagami Devi'

'Long live our beloved
Queen Mother Sivagami Devi'

'Long live Queen mother
Sivagami Devi'

Hold back!

- Kattappa.
- Queen Mother?

Escort everyone to a safe place.

How can l abandon you half way?

lt is my order, Kattappa.

Your wish is my command.

Run... run.

"Lord Rudra with trident in hand."

"Protector of the seas and land."

"As Shiva He comes to the rescue
Our guardian and godsend true."

"He who wears the moon on his crown
Who never lets his devotees down."

- Baahubali!
- She did not stop in her stride.

"Kudos truly Bravo, Baahubali."

"Tiger who pounces without mercy."

"Broad shouldered one, Baahubali!"

"Tiger who springs in a frenzy."

"Hark the lightning and thunder
Tattooing against clouds loud and louder."

"Let heartaches dissolve and evaporate."

"Let all 8 directions tremble and quake."

"Time played games to part
Fury blazed in the heart."

"Courage breathed fire
Aiming at the skies higher."

"Dance and bind the world ahead."

"Tie clouds as turban on your head."

"Here comes our prince dear
Add him also to your vow here."

"He came softly right up to God's side."

"To see a part of him reside."

"What l behold before me
ls it poignant poetry?"

"My song like the Ganges river
over flowing altogether."

"O' broad shouldered one l ascertain
Just a glimpse of you like a mountain."

"You were called Shiva by the world later"

"l heard that lovable name, just a whisper."

"Those who know clearly
Will shout out 'Baahubali' in glee"

"ln the battlefield yonder
he is a fire ball of splendor"

"ln his mother's lap however
he is a gentle flower so tender."

"With Lord Shiva as witness overhead."

"His mother's words are his Vedas sacred."

"Time took its toll complete
Rage rekindled in every heartbeat."

"Bravery breathed fire
Aiming at the skies in ire."

"Time played games impaired
Outrage in the heart flared."

"Courage breathed fire
Aiming at the skies higher."

"Time played games to part
Wrath wrenched the heart."

"Valor scorched fiery fire
Beyond the skies and further."

"Here comes our prince dear
Add him also to your vow here."

"One with strong arms, Baahubali!"

"Tiger who pounces without mercy."

"Hark the lightning and thunder
Tattooing against clouds loud and louder."

"You deserve this glory, Baahubali."

"Tiger who pounces boldly."

"Hark the lightning and thunder
Tattooing against clouds loud and louder."

"Let heartaches dissolve and evaporate."

"Let all 8 directions tremble and quake"

'Our beloved prince, Baahubali'

'Our godsend, Baahubali'

'Our benevolent Empress'

'Queen Mother'

Queen Mother!



Have you everthought...

of killing your mother?

l wanted to do so

lnstead of nursing only you
when you were a newborn...

she also nursed thatjackass.

That was the 1st time
l wanted to kill her.

When she was sharing your name, fame,
title, eligibility, everything with him.

Every single day
l was dying to kill her.

Today when she is bequeathing
the throne meant for you to that lowlife.

This hand is trembling to strangle her.


Shall we kill her?

You have drunk
more than your normal limit.

Your mother's watchdog is coming.

Hey! Bloody dog!

- My lord?
- What is your latest bark?

Queen Sivagami has decided
to crown Baahubali as king...

on the 10th day of 'Dussehra'

Queen Mother wanted you to be
the 1st recipient of this news.

History repeats itself!

The throne meant for me
was given to my younger brother!

Now you are bequeathing the throne
meant for my son to my brother's son!

Should my son, grandson,
great grandson also...

' fanning your ego
through the ages'

Are we your slaves
for generations, huh?

Dog, answer!

Why was l not crowned as king then?

Was it because l am disabled?

So what if 1 hand is incapacitated?

ls this 1 iron fist not enough
to rule our kingdom?

Kingship was denounced to you
not because of the disability of your hand.

Because of your dysfunctional brain!

Command me, my lord.

Dog! Are you not aware your razor tongue
can be sliced into 2 for your insolence?

Forgive me, my lord.

The brain that wishes to
kill a beloved wife...

what else can it be
but deformed and devious?

- Did you overhear?
- No, my lord.

Since l am anyway a 'dog'...

like a scent hound l could smell it!

She is the princess
of Pataliputra, Varuni.

Even if you comb every corner of
our world, you cannot find such a beauty.

But her eyes look lifeless.

She is not the right choice for Baahubali.

- Look for another bride.
- Sure, Your Majesty.


Keep this in mind.

She will not only be
Baahubali's wife.

But also the queen of
Mahishmati kingdom.

She should be perfect
without a single flaw.

Mother, did you send for me?

Baahu, you must take a tour
of our entire kingdom.

As you wish, mother.

Queen Mother, with the coronation
just around the corner...

taking a tour now
does not seem a good idea.

Even deities from our temples
are taken on a procession.

Do you know why, minister?

To behold the gladness and
sadness of our subjects in person.

Baahu, only when the future king
steps outside the palace walls...

he can understand
the trials of his people.

- Yes, mother.
- Let Kattappa accompany you.

Mother, do l have to take
this old man also with me?

The stories he narrated
to me in my childhood...

he will torture me
by repeating the same.

Think of it as the last time
and bear with him, Baahu.

By the time you return...

l will find you a princess
to narrate enchanting fairy tales!

He is a thief.

- Please forgive me.
- lt has become a habit for him.

Even at this age
how are you so energetic?

You seem surprised aboutjust this.

The way l wielded a sword
when l was your age...

you know chaste maidens
will be dumbfounded?!

Those are bygone days.

Pindari tribe.

They plunder the whole kingdom.

And then drowning people is their pastime

l got wild elephants just for you
to play with from the Dark Kingdom.

On the banks of
the river Pranahita...

is the Spring palace
l am building for you.

Do you like it?

l had this bow made for you
to kill a target 1000 feet away.


Throne for my brother.

These gifts for me.

Are you trying to
balance your love?

Your son is not so petty minded to lament
for not ascending the throne, mother.

Queen Mother Sivagami Devi's
command will be complied.

Do not offer these gifts
and degrade their value, mother.

- Taste this sweet.
- Alright, dear.

You are a smart girl.

Sir, who are you?

He is showing off like a hero?


These are soldiers
in disguise to nab them.

We do not have
to strain ourselves.

She brandishes the sword
as fast as lightning.

She is fighting well indee-

By the way our hero seems
to be missing in action?

Where is he showing off his bravery-

My lord.

Go that side.

- You go this side.
- Yes, my lord.

A few of you stay right here.


Baahu, weapon.



You are distracted, Baahu.

Your sword could have
easily sliced my neck

l escaped death
by a hair's breadth!

l might have died, you know?

l feel like l can
do anything for her.

Does it mean you can kill?

That too, kill me?!

Wretched fellow! How well l took
care of you in your childhood?!

You should do much more
to unite us you know.

- Madhava.
- Your Highness.

Trace their hideout.

- We must retrieve the stolen goods.
- Yes, Your Highness.

Tie all of them.

No one should escape.

Tighten that knot.

Long live, Your Highness!

You were a godsend
who saved us at the right time.

May you always be blessed.

Standing still like palm trees.

Are you not ashamed to
hide behind women?

Forgive me, Your Highness.

My nephew is a bit of a numbskull.

Come here.

He is not adept at any job.

- He was driven out of his house.
- What...?

Yourfamily threw you out?

Yes, Your Highness.

You seem to be
really compassionate

lf you can kindly
teach him some skill...

he will utter your name
until his last breath.

So be it.

For his robust appearance...

if we train him
in sword fighting

he can at least become a guard

l will teach him.

Grateful, sir.

Truly grateful.

My dear nephew, look over there.

'Full moon night is fast approaching'

'We must pray to Lord Krishna'

'lt is purely a ladies' festival'

'You perform it as you deem fit'

'Why drag me into it, dear?'

Your Highness, in our entire kingdom
no one can beat you in archery.

But still why are you not satisfied?

Not enough, Prime minister.

You cannot string 2 arrows
from 1 bow, Your Highness.

Prime minister, anything
is possible for my sister.

Try again, dear.

Move aside.

You keep forgetting she is a girl.

Are we preparing her to be a bride
or a brave warrior in the battlefield?

Absolutely right, Your Majesty.

Will you choose from
the alliances at hand?

Or shall we get you
married to your cousin?

'lmbecile! l will show
our armory to you, come'

This is a mace

lt cannot be lifted.

This is a spear

lt cannot be thrown.

This is a sword

l will teach you how to wield it.

What do you excel in?

Everything, my lord.

Any ball game Tiger dance.

Hide & Seek
Drop The Handkerchief.

What about hopscotch?

l have watched from far
But the girls did not include me.

Forget that Look at me.

Watch and learn.

You should hold like this.

- Lift it high.
- Aiyo!

Then 1 swift blow.

Try your hand.

You do not know, my dear boy.

Kumara Varma is playing
guru now, Your Highness

l told you so!

Hold it.

Lift it above your head.

Like this.

- What a blow, my lord.
- Did l?!

Of course you Who else, my lord?

l did it.

Monitor lizard's tight grip.

'Bull's blow'

'Eagle's keen eyes'

'Elephant's might'

Tiger's body Panther's speed.

'Lion's magnificence'

l can see the entire jungle
in you, my lord.

- My lord.
- l like you

'l shall teach you also
to wield the sword'

'For me?'

Why this drama for a princess
of such a small kingdom?

lf you reveal your identity
she will worship you immediately.

What is this drama in aid of?

To a 60 year old man
who is still single...

how do l enlighten him about love?

Do not simply let yourtongue run, Baahu.

Describe love to me and if l still
do not understand, then ridicule me.

Look at the birds on the branch
in this cold wintry night.

The moon shining
in herfull glory.

Having their fill of the moonlight
scattered on the silken petals down there.

Watching them caress and feed
each other with affection.

What do you feel?

Having lived on this earth
for all these years...

l have never enjoyed
anywhere, anytime

lf we catch these 2 love birds,
marinate with salt and pepper.

Roast them in a low fire
at simmer and eat them.

Sheer heaven!

What is wrong with you?

You will not chop
after sunset, huh?

My lord?

Princess Devasena is coming to see you.

Welcome, Devasena

lf you should meet me
at this time of the night...

there must be a special reason.

My dear cousin

l was unable to watch
your brave feat in the morning.

Will you demonstrate now?

How can l get a log of wood now?

lt is right there.

Oh look! lt was hidden there.

You found it, huh?

Good you found this.

But where is my sword-


Move a few paces away.

Stop... stop, my lord

lf a brave warrior like you...

repeats the same feat at night

it is considered a bad omen.

Are you not aware of this?

Why not?

l forgot.

You reminded me
at the right time.

We will go hunting tomorrow.

Wild pigs are ruining our field-

- Pigs are dirty creatures.
- Not pigs.

- Wild boars.
- As bad as pigs.

Our farmers are troubled by
these boars ravaging our fields.

Bring him also.

- Er... um... wait!
- Even a rat will make him scurry.

Why do you want to
take him along?

He is stuck to you all the time

lf he accompanies us
only then l will know.

How useful he will be.

- Bring him along.
- Yes, Your Highness.

Look! A wild boar.


- Do not fall over me.
- You ki-killed it.

Blue arrow lt is Kumara Varma's

Kumar Varma killed the wild boar!!

Kumara Varma did it again!


Wi... wild boar.

Will it be so huge?

So fat, huh?

Dead center!
You were too good!

Arrow of Varma
is like arrow of Lord Rama.

Long live Kumara Varma

l have never seen
such a brave warrior.

What accuracy of aim!
He is a seasoned hunter.

Amazing! Kumar Varma's bravery
Unsurpassed glory!

Singlehanded he killed
a sounder of boars!

Pig-hogger! Such a hog!

Pig... hog... boar!

- l hate flattery.
- l know only too well.

Devasena, we must
preserve these arrows

lt will be a lesson of faith
to disciples of archery.

What a vision-ary!

l had my own doubts
the 1st day l set my eyes on you.

Your acting skill.

And his extra meekness.

- Me?
- Does not look like that.

What did you say your name was?


Hooked her!

This hand is adept at wielding
a sword in the battlefield.

Do l not know a warrior's hand?

She is saying something.

Aiyaiyo! What are you saying?

Poor fellow He is a simpleton!

Let me be the judge of that.

Bring 'Basava' here.

'What is this, Your Highness?'

'A man who cannot even lift
a twig to brush his teeth...'

if you give such a huge spear
what can he do?

What are you trying to prove?

Hey! What is happening?

The bull is charging
towards this coward.

Wonder what will happen.

Dear God, help him.

Aiyaiyo! My nephew has been killed.

What injustice meted out to a boy
who has not yet seen the flush of youth!

ls it a fracture?

lt is over, doomsday for him!

Who will marry him hereafter?

Which girl will be ready
to fall in love with him?

- Who is that big hearted princess?
- Stop it!

Bring the chariot.

'Aiyo! What will l do now?'

'Oh God! Help me'

The angel who promised to help
has broken his arm.

Lord... God, show mercy.

Can you get up?

lmbecile! Can you not hear him?

Get up.

Adjust the pillow.

Give him this brew at once

lf he sleeps well tonight,
he will be right as rain.

Writhing in agony like this
how can you expect him to sleep?

The God l believe in...!

- Oh! Please.
- Lullaby?

You want someone
to sing you a lullaby?

Where will l find someone
to sing you a lullaby now?

Do you know to sing a lullaby?

- You do not know?
- No.

- What about you?
- l cannot sing.

Neither can you, huh?

Your Highness.

Do you sing?


Ever since my nephew
broke his arm...

like a headless chicken
l do not know what l am blabbering.

Dear God whom l believe in, help me!

'However off-key and jarring
it may sound, l will do the honors!'

"To shower words tender
he has no mother."

"No father either
to comfort him here"

"l wonder who is here, near
to shed a few teardrops dear?"

My dear, can you hear
my soulful lament here?

"Like the moon single and lovely
you were also born on this earth lonely."

"Wonder who is here so dear
to ask if he was hurt severe?"

Are you still in
your hunting attire?

Please come, it is time now
for Lord Krishna's prayer.

"Blue-hued Lord Mukunda
Lord of the senses, Hrishikesha."

"Mukunda, the liberator of everyone
Whose hair is adorned by moon and sun."

"Precious gem, Mukunda
Heralding happiness, Hrishikesha."

"Shooting arrows swiftly
at every satin petal body you see."

"Moonlight beams infectiously
with refreshing showers joyously."

"On this flower-bed
rest your haloed head."

"Kanna, sleep innocently."

"Dreamland invites you delightedly."

"My song turns into a melody
in yourflute of rhapsody."

"Lord of Dwaraka, rest daintily
Slayer of Kamsa, sleep delicately."

"Awakening bliss true-blue
ln my vein and sinew."

"Son of Devaki, sleep willingly
My dear Kanna, sleep smilingly."

"Lotus eyed Kanna, sleep effortlessly."

"My little Krishna, sleep easy"

"l saw in her beauty unrivalled
of all the blossoms in this world"

"ln the shores of her mind swirled."

"Was your kingdom of Dwaraka built
to entrap, enrapture to the hilt?"

"King of Dwaraka
Enchanting Krsna."

"One who is unequalled: Samana."

"The enchanter: Mohana."

"As a balm to the pain in your body."

"O' wearer of forest garlands, Vanamaali
Let me fast to atone my folly."

"The sin surely
Rests on me only."

"Kanna, sleep uninterruptedly."

"Savior of cowherds, sleep contentedly."

"Kanna, sleep innocently."

"Dreamland invites you delightedly."

"My dear, rest blissfully."

"My Lord, sleep gracefully."

"Krishna who is magnetic
Breaks pots, spills milk."

Eternal enchanter."

"King of embrace
Bestower of blessedness."

"Heart breaker
Charismatic charmer."

"Kanna, fountain of gladness
Unrestrained in every sense."

"Kanna, spring of happiness
Self-willed steadfastness."

"The flute player God."

"Dark-complexioned Lord."

"Radha's lover dearest
Lord with the peacock feathered crest."

"Thief of my heart, take rest."

Baahubali and Kattappa are
in Kunthala kingdom now.

Baahubali is pretending
to be a blockhead.

Why should a blockhead
pretend to be one?

Why is he doing so?

Baahubali may be in love with Devasena
the princess of Kunthala kingdom.

This is a portrait of Devasena.

He gets to sit on the throne
and marry such a beauty!

Devasena should belong only to me.

How is it possible?

lf my mother gives her word.

How can she promise you will marry
the beauty your brother is in love with?

She is unaware of the fact
my brother is interested in her

l intend making the 1st move.


Neither did you come for breakfast.

Nor attend court like you do.

- Why, Bhalla?
- Nothing, mother

l did not feel like coming

l know what is happening, Queen Mother.

What is the issue?

Maleficent 'Vaastu'

- Architectural imbalance?
- Yes, Your Majesty.

The south east corner has
become heavy suddenly.

- Do you want to see?
- No need, Yakkani.


l am telling you now.

Show me.

The most beautiful lady
who will put beauty to shame!

Who is she?

Princess of Kunthala kingdom
Her name is Devasena.

A nomadic artist gifted
this painting to our prince.

That very same instant...

north east corner
gained favor in his heart.

Are you so besotted
with this princess, Bhalla?

Yes, mother

l want her as my wife.

What is this, Your Highness?

lf you want her...

will she become yours?

Why not?

ln the blink of an eye...

my son sacrificed the throne
of Mahishmati kingdom

lf l cannot give him the princess
he has set his heart upon...

how can l call myself a mother?


Devasena will be your wife

l give you my word.

Prime minister

ln such a way these ornaments
are not worn again for a whole year...

send caskets with varied
jewelry as gifts to Devasena.

- Your wish is my command.
- Dandanayaka.

Send clothes in spun gold to
the royal family of Kunthala kingdom.

At once, Queen Mother.

Royal sword of Bhallaldev.


Make Devasena tie
a knot to this sword.

- Let the alliance be finalized.
- Your command, Your Majesty.

Make arrangements for
my daughter-in-law to be welcomed...

with royal fanfare
amidst pomp and splendor.

'With blessings to vassal king
Jaya Varma of Kunthala kingdom...'

'...Sivagami, Queen Mother of Mahishmati
the renowned kingdom, writes herewith'

'For my son, fed with bravery, knowledge,
love, affection and good values'

'l have chosen your sister
Devasena as his life partner'


'Send Devasena to
Mahishmati at once'

'By the time you return...'

'l will find you a princess
to narrate enchanting fairy tales!'

Mother has chosen the same girl
the son is in love with.

'Yours truly,
Queen Mother Sivagami Devi'

To seek alliance with
Mahishmati kingdom...

when so many powerful empires
are queuing up ever so eagerly.

Queen Mother's compassionate gaze
has fallen on your small territory

Princess is indeed fortunate.

Look at the trousseau Queen Mother
has sent to seek your sister's hand.

You would have never set eyes upon
such wealth and valuables in your life

ls itjust you and
your Queen Mother?

Or is everyone in
your kingdom like this?

Looking at these riches...

you may wag
your tail like a dog.

This is equivalent to
dust under my feet!

- Devasena...!
- Minister

lf your prince had even
an ounce of this arrogance...

l would have been glad
he is also a man!

ln our kingdom, a wimp like him.

Forget our girls.

Even our dogs will not favor!

- Devasena...?
- Bravo, Your Highness!

Your Majesty, at least
can you persuade-

lt is her decision, Prime minister.

You send a befitting reply, Devasena.

Write this down.

To Sivagami Devi, Queen Mother
of Mahishmati kingdom...

greetings from the princess
of Kunthala kingdom

lnstead of seeking my hand
in person courageously...

' sending mere gifts'

'...l learnt about
your son's bravery'

'...and the fact he needs a woman
like you to hide behind'

l am sending you my sword.

Bedeck your son with gold
and preciousjewelry.

'Ensure he ties the knot to my sword'

'Send him to Kunthala kingdom'

'l will take good care of him'

With utmost humility, Devasena.

- Prime minister...!
- Queen Mother...?

We will wage a war against
Kunthala kingdom right now.

- Ask our army commander to be ready.
- Sivagami...!

Why is a divine weapon needed
to kill a mere sparrow?

l heard Baahubali is somewhere
around Kunthala kingdom

lf you send word to him, he will crush
that kingdom to pieces singlehandedly.

And he will bring Devasena as his prisoner

l stretched out my hand
seeking amity.

They seem to want enmity.

Ask Baahubali to bring Devasena
as captive to Mahishmati.

Send word to him
as Sivagami's command.

As you order, Queen Mother

lf she could reject such a worthy alliance
in an outburst of rage...

do you understand
how much she loves me?

But, my Lord, the princess seems to be
singing lullabies forthat blockhead...

is what l heard from
my grapevine in the harem.

- That blockhead?
- Yes, my lord.

Bring the elephants
to trample him.

Baahu, a piece of good news
and a piece of bad news too.

- Which do l tell you first?
- Tell me both

l will decide which is good or bad.

Queen Mother has sent a message
asking you to marry Devasena.

Will my mother not know
what l like best?

But the princess however...

has rejected the proposal angrily.

This is also good news.

Good news?

Having fallen in love with this 'me'
she would have rejected that 'me'!



You imbecile!

A man who scurried like a rat
is prowling like a tiger today.

Where are you going?

- To the princess's chamber.
- What audacity!

You want to meet Devasena
at this time of night?


This kingdom is in danger, Kumara Varma.

- Listen to me.
- You dare call me by my name!

l do not have time to explain.

Move aside.

How dare you lay your hand on me!

They are bandits, Pindaris.

Sound the alarm.

Look! Shiva


Shiva, save us.

They are here too.

Kumara Varma.

Time offers every spineless man
a minute to become a brave warrior.

That minute is ticking now.

God creates life.

The physician saves it.

One who protects that life...

is a true Kshatriya!

Your Highness, Four fingers.

Turn the wrist facing outward.


Braveheart Who are you?

This is not the right time
for explanations, let us go.

'We are all mere cowherds, sir'

'How can we fight?'

'lf you fight intelligently
even a blade of grass will be an arrow!'

'Army alone is not enough
to oppose them'

'Your kingdom needs
every helping hand'

'-Are you ready?
- - Yes, we are'

"Ever loyal and dependable
Lord of miracles, mystical."

"He vanquishes the wicked as Lord Shiva."

"Hail the 3 eyed Lord Tryambaka
Ash clad monarch of Mount Kailasa"

'Demonstrate your strength'


'Praise be to Goddess Bhavani'

Climb up.

Fix the hooks below.


Not knowing your real identity

l spoke out of turn

l kicked you on your chest.

Only when you stamped me
l realized how strong you are!

This is not blood, Kumara Varma.

A mark of victory pronouncing you
as a warrior and not a coward.

You saved us like God
from an unexpected peril.

Who are you?

Where are you from?

What does it matter who he is?

We came believing
only you can help us.

This brave warrior
needs help from me-

He is... in love with
a girl from your kingdom

ls that so?

Who is that lucky maiden?

She is... er-

Your... princess.

What more joy can one ask for?

'What is the news?'

What is it?

Queen Mother Sivagami has ordered me
to bring you to our kingdom as captive.



Your Highness.

Just a while ago we hailed you
as a godsend and our savior.

You have proved
our gratitude was false.

Tell me Who are you?

Even a sweet will taste bitter
when you are angry, Your Highness!

Just answer my query
Who are you?

After this anger dissipates.

Crown prince of
Mahishmati kingdom.

Son of Queen Mother
Sivagami Devi.

Bravest of braves, achieved the impossible
by defeating the invincible Kalakeyas.

Amarendra Baahubali.

Affection between kith and kin will do.

Why do we need respect?

Queen Mother asked for
Devasena's hand for you?

Yes, Your Majesty.

Queen Mother is unaware
Baahubali loves your sister.

Because you rejected her son
she has sent for you in anger.

My mother has never
gone wrong, Devasena

ln whatever she does, a deep
inner meaning is bound to be hidden.

This is an error based on confusion
Not born out of contempt.

Come with me as my prisoner.

You are the brave warrior
who won over my heart

lf you ask me to come as your attendant
l will gladly do so till the jaws of death.

But disrobing me of my dignity
not even one step as your captive...

will l move forward.

From this instant...

till death embraces me

l am yours, Devasena

'l promise this based on the Dharma
my mother has instilled in me'

'l will not let your chastity and
respect be tarnished in any way'

'l swear'

We are sending our kingdom's light
with you, Your Highness

l shall protect her
like the pupil of my eye.

We will take leave

Princess, you are not hurt, l hope.

Your thoughts...

are flitting elsewhere.

"ln a kingdom illustrious
Ruled a king so courageous"

"ln a kingdom prestigious
There was a king famous."

"Let me be the queen of your kingdom."

"Like your veena's melody boundless
make me forever your precious princess"

"ln a swan sailboat in tranquility
when your breath falls on me"

"l, Devasena, am reveling
in this love-ly heavenly feeling."

"Like your battlefield of conquest."

"You fight in real earnest
o' warrior invading my chest."

"O' enchantress, a flash of lightning
ride my heart like a chariot enlivening."

"Are you a demon kissing me random
with your sword holding me to ransom?"

"Shall l show you my magic tricks
seductress at the brink of your lips?"

"Did he find a place
his own solitary space?"

"As a captive in your passionate embrace."

"Shall l be your prisoner
For 100 years and ever after?"

"ln a kingdom illustrious
Ruled a king so courageous"

"ln a kingdom prestigious
There was a king famous."

"Let me be the queen of your kingdom."

"Like your veena's melody boundless
make me forever your precious princess"

"ln a swan sailboat in tranquility
when your breath falls on me"

"l, Devasena, am reveling
in this love-ly heavenly feeling."

Do not worry about anything, Your Highness.

Our Queen mother will take
care of you as her own daughter.


Royal Court.


l spoke out of turn
and insulted you

l should not have replied
to you in haste angrily.

Please forgive my arrogance, Queen Mother.

For this Sivagami's daughter-in-law...

a little bit of temerity
is appealing indeed.

Come and stand next to my son.

Whether my selection
was perfect or not...

let the people of Mahishmati witness.


What are you doing?

You asked me to stand
next to your-

l chose you as bride
for my son Bhallaldev.


The man l fell in love with
and wished to marry...

is Baahubali.

What is happening here?

Please forgive me, Queen Mother

l made a huge blunder.

The son you had referred to
in your royal message...

l mistook to be Baahubali

l am responsible
for all this chaos.

Her Highness is not to blame.


No point in dissecting the past.

We need to focus
only on our future.

Queen Mother-


l have given my word to your brother
that he will marry Devasena.

'Stop it'

Who are you to give your word
for my marriage without my consent?

Do you not know a princess has
the right to choose her husband?

Do you not possess
even that courtesy?

What audacity to raise
your voice in front of me?


Tie this boorish girl
and make her kneel.

As you command, Queen Mother.

A hand laid on Devasena...

is equal to anyone
touching Baahubali's sword.


l have given my word to Devasena
to protect her dignity.

Your Highness, are you the one
confronting our Queen Mother?

You always say
'Even Lord Shiva can make a mistake'

'But our Queen Mother's words
can never go wrong'

'For a word given in good faith
For upholding justice'

'To protect the code of Dharma
oppose whoever the offender is'

'Even if it is God, do not be afraid'

'That is the Law of Dharma'

'Righteousness of
the Kshatriya clan'

Promising your son blindly
not knowing a woman's heart is wrong.

What you did was wrong, mother.

What Sivagami did was wrong?

What is wrong?

You killed your mother
when you entered this world.

And she nursed you
Was that wrong?

'She shared the fame and fortune
of her son equally with you'

'Was that a crime?'

She was happy to make you
the crown prince.

Was that a misdeed?

lnstead of her son, she chose you
of lesser worth to be crowned king.

Was that wrong?

'Wrong doing!'

Did you see that, Sivagami?

Your sacrifice has been
named by him as...


You must honor your promise.

But your mother's word
should vanish into thin air!

'So your mother's promise
has no value or respect?'

No need.

The pearls of wisdom you spoke now...

have fallen on deaf ears.

Amarendra Baahubali...!

You have 2 choices
laid before you.

Do you want to be the ruler of
the resplendent kingdom of Mahishmati?

Or do you wish to marry
this manipulator Devasena?

lf l choose that regal throne...

it will be a disgrace
to my upbringing

l cannot break my promise

ls that yourfinal decision?

On the 10th day of Dussehra
the same auspicious hour...

Bhallaldev will ascend
the throne of Mahishmati.

Underthe supervision
of commander Baahubali...

the grand coronation
ceremony will be performed.

Queen Mother, kindly reconsider.

This is my command.

My order is my ordinance.

To the east of Mahishmati
is the Udayagiri range.

Malava islands to its west.

Rivers of Kunthala kingdom in the north.

Vast extensive Katkari forest
and Kalakeya forest in the south.

Flanked by nature in all her glory
as landscape boundaries.

To rule the unequalled
Mahishmati kingdom.

This is the coronation of
Bhallaldev as the ruling monarch.

"May Mahishmathi always be indestructible
through passage of time indisputable."

"May all its endeavors be victorious
until the sun, moon, stars shine glorious."

Cavalry of Mahishmati.


Salute the king

"lmpenetrable, fortified in every form
Formidable even to enemies fearsome."

"May warfare tactics core
be the military forms 4."

To receive His Majesty

the elephantry pays tribute.

"Parade a march of victory."



Consecration by the infantry with arms.

"May the battlefield display in history
Mahishmathi's greatness and glory."

"Let the flag exemplify
with this emblem sky high."

"A golden throne flanked by horses two
lmprinting the glory of Mahishmathi true."

Underthe tutelage
of Karikala Kattappa...

exclusive troop

salute the king at his feet.

Pay obeisance.

'Our Mahishmathi kingdom is indestructible
through passage of time indisputable'

'With the sun, moon, stars glorious
aligned triumphant, always victorious'

l, Bhallaldev, son of
Bijjaldev and Sivagami Devi...

take the noble responsibility of
ruling this vast empire Mahishmati

l hereby promise to fend and defend
my kingdom with Lord Shiva as witness.

'King Bhallaldev'

'Long live... long live!'

'Emperor Bhallaldev'

'Long live!
Long live!!'

King of Mahishmati.

Long live!

'Our kingdom of Mahishmathi is invincible
through passage of time undeniable'

'May the sun, moon, stars effulgent
Shower victory forevertriumphant'

l, Amarendra Baahubali


l, Amarendra Baahubali...

will protect the people of Mahishmati
Their health, wealth, mortality and dignity.

As supreme commander of
King Bhallaldev's armed forces.

Without any fear or favor
to uphold justice forever

l will not even hesitate
to sacrifice my life.

With Queen Mother Sivagami Devi
as witness, l take this oath of allegiance.

We will never accept Bhallaldev
as the ruler of Mahishmati.

Baahubali, long live!

Baahubali, long live!

Praise be to Baahubali.


From my earliest memories
l have always longed for you.

Even in my dreams and sleep
l placed you on my head.

After all these years.

After all this struggle.

Though in the palm of my hand
why am l unable to clasp you?

When l have given you pride of place...

why did you prefer
that lowlife Baahubali to me?


Now you are the king.

Order Baahubali to be killed.

No one can oppose you.

Close his chapter

l have the authority only to command.

The power to execute...

is still with Queen Mother

l must change that.

Change Sivagami?

The sun cannot rise in the west, Bhalla.

The sun will never rise in the west.

But l shall bury it in the east.

Sivagami, you nursed a snake
and nurtured it on your lap

lt is now baring its fangs
and spewing venom

ln another few days
it will bite you.

You never understand what l say.

l am the cause for your mother
and you drifting apart

l feel distressed by that burden.

My mother's anger will last
only till we give her a grandson

"lndian 'Baby shower' for Sita the Goddess."

"Lord Rama enveloped in effusive happiness."

"Goddess Sita wished warmly
By her friends and family."

"Lord Rama is happy, blissfully."

Place these offerings here.

The rest overthere.

"Waiting eagerly is her consort Rama."

"Festoons of mango leaves auspicious
Gifts of pearls and other gems precious."

"Golden finery-."

Worried your mother has not come as yet?

She will definitely attend

l know for sure.


Your Highness.

What gift did you bring for me?

l am a slave who is not even privileged
to wish you whole heartedly.

What gift can l offer?

lf l ask you for something
you can, will you give it?

My pleasure.

After the umbilical cord is cut for
the newborn according to our custom...

he will be handed over
to his grandfather.

To be blessed to
see 1000 full moons.

Both our fathers are no more.

Will you do us the honor, Kattappa?

For a slave who has no right
to even stand near you...

you have elevated me
to a father's position

l will hold your baby
not only in my hand.

But carry him on my head.

'Hail Queen Mother
Sivagami Devi'


You are bearing
Mahishmati's heir.

Take adequate precautions.

You lost the privilege to
address her as 'amma' long ago.

Her graceful presence here
is only as Queen Mother.

Am l late?


To the newborn cub
to crawl and play.

Tiger skin!

Did you know your cousin hunted
and killed this tiger by himself?


lf a hand wields
Baahubali's sword...

'...if Baahubali's words
are deep seated in any heart'

Why me, even a new born baby
will kill a tiger!

'Hail our King Bhallaldev'


l will give you a special gift
which no one else can offer.

What gift, Your Majesty?

A pregnant woman about to deliver
does not desire riches or possessions.

She wants only her husband's embrace.


ln performing your official duties,
you are forgetting Devasena.

Therefore l am relieving you of your duty
and transferring it to Sethupathy.

Your ordinance, Your Majesty.


When such a drama is being
enacted in front of you...

are you watching the scene
like a statue, Queen Mother?


You have not understood
our customs as yet.

The power to decide who is
conferred which designation...

lies on the king entirely.

Just an excuse.

Queen Mother...?

Compared to a villain's violence
a good man's silence shatters a kingdom.

'Are you unaware of that?'

How can this title
from a brave warrior...

be thrown to a dog?

- How can you be quiet?
- Devasena...!

All our guests came
laden with gifts.

You have not given me any gift
Will you give me what l ask?

You must occupy
Mahishmati's throne.

That is my wish.

Notjust mine.

People of our kingdom
wish the same too.

You always claim a Kshatriya's duty
is to fulfill people's wishes.

Then do so.


Time for the king to enter now.

Whoever it may be.

Enter through the west gate.

Your Highness!
You can enter

lt is alright You go ahead.

'Move fast'

'So many are waiting behind you'

Next will be you.

Catch her.

Handcop her.

'For the crime of chopping the fingers
of the commander Sethupathy'

'lnterrogation of Devasena,
wife of Baahubali'

'ln the presence of
Queen Mother Sivagami Devi...'

'...and Council of Ministers as witness'

'Underthe jurisprudence of
king Bhallaldev will commence now'

Start the inquiry

ls there anything you wish
to speak, Devasena?

Without a fairtrial
you have already shackled me.

You have charged me
guilty of the crime

- ls this what you call 'justice'?
- This is the law of Mahishmati.

You are guilty
until proven otherwise.

Even barbarians will not
frame a law like this.

Throw your Code of Law
into the fire.

Toss your covenants into the sea

lrony is this kingdom is named
Mahishmati, meaning 'Ultimate Utopia'


About our great, renowned empire
if you utter 1 more blasphemous word-

Fame is never measured by
gigantic forts and golden statues.

Only through compassion
born and bred in hearts

l see no such big hearts.

Nor open minds. Shameful!


You heard her, Your Majesty?

lf she can deride us
right in front of you...

in your absence imagine
how low she would have stooped.


Baahubali has come.

"Fierce God of storms, ushers peace."

"Showered by the Lord of the 7 seas."

"Lord Rudra to appease."

"Lord Shiva for injustice to cease."

What happened?
Tell me, Sethupathy.

The temple was thronging with devotees.

Devasena also arrived.

Your Majesty was about to-

Since Your Majesty was
about to arrive, l told her-

l told herto enter
through the west gate.

Baahu, what is this?

Why are you intimidating the victim?

The poison in a villainous heart will not
spring if asked politely, Your Majesty.

You are crossing your limit, Baahubali.

When this royal court chained
a woman in her final trimester...

this court already
crossed its limit, mother.

Be it a pregnant woman,
tottering old hag, you or me...

rules of interrogation are the same.

Do you know what happened?

What happened, Devasena?

He asked the women to form
a separate line inside the temple.

Then he made a pass at them.

No, Your Majesty.

- He tried to grope me too.
- She is lying

- l chopped his fingers.
- What you did was wrong

lf he laid a hand on any woman,
you should not chop his fingers.

His head!

"Our Mahishmathi kingdom is indestructible
through passage of time indisputable."

"With the sun, moon, stars glorious."

"Aligned triumphant, always victorious."


What audacity!
How dare you insult my court?

Since Sethupathy was guilty,
he was perturbed and panic-stricken.

Because Devasena spoke the truth
she stood absolutely fearless.

His guilt has been proved.

His head was cleaved!


As you suggested
Sethupathy might even be guilty.

Who should interrogate
and pass the verdict?

You or the king?

Or are you thinking
you are the king?

During the baby shower, your wife
wanted you to be crowned king.

Are you planning to become
the king to make her wish come true?


Your wife found fault
with Mahishmati's reign.

She maligned our Code of Law
which is 100 years old.

You proved her scornful words
with your sword.

Both your deeds tantamount
to royal treachery.

- Minister.
- Queen Mother.

What is the punishment
to be meted out to them?

lf any member
of the royal family...

violates Mahishmati's laws

they should be expelled
from the palace.

So be it.

Both of you leave the palace
this instant, right now.

On one hand is the law you trust.

On the other hand
is 'Dharma' you taught.

Between the two
this sword you gave me...

made me choose
the path of righteousness.

Whether l am banished
from this palace...

to serve and sacrifice
my life for Mahishmati

l will always be
waiting for your call.

"O' resplendent sun, racing ahead
Unmatched, unsurpassed"

l shall take leave, mother.

"Protector of our hearts true
Dharma will never desert you."

"O' glorious sun, dashing ahead
Unequalled, unparalleled."

"Dharma will never waver
Protector of the poor."

"Tears as rivulets of pain
Will they flow again?"

"Will the poor and oppressed
step on this land of unrest?"

"To remove the swirling darkness
in our mind's alcoves of bleakness"

"lll-fated beings are we
Only you can dispel our misery."

"Our humble salutations
With awe and adulations."

"Striking out strife
you gave us back our life."

Stop crying.

God is leaving the temple and
stepping out to live with us.

Let us celebrate this
Revel in this festival.

"Brave warrior; our beloved."

"Gallant spearhead."

"Lion hearted and fearless."

"Courageous and dauntless."

"Destroyer of evil."

"Favorite of all; dare devil."

"Common people are in favor
of only you as their ruler."

"Your name inscribed on stone as edict
voluntarily will turn into gold implicit."

"Even if a drop of your sweat falls
fields will be filled with wheat stalks."

As long as he is alive
he will always be regarded as king.

"This world will be clothed serene
Like paradise on earth lush and green."

"Your word is gospel truth for us."

"Your glance is an ordinance."

How are you able to sleep?

He is rebelling and
renouncing kingship.

He claims he can solve
any problem all by himself

l am scared something untoward
is about to happen, Sivagami.

"Our life and heaven true
You are our karma too."

"You are the heartbeat of the people anew."

"Our humble salutations
With awe and adulations."

"Striking out strife
you gave us back our life."

"Our revered salutations
ln joy and jubilations."

"With your love so merciful
You made our life meaningful."

Bhalla, what are you doing
at this hour of night here?

Why is he here?

Forgive us, Your Majesty.

He escaped this time.

Tomorrow if you do not place
his head in my hand-

Whose head?

l will chop your head and
place it in your hand... go.

Bhalla, whose head?

Who else?

Baahubali of course!

You usurped his throne, exiled him
Stooping down further you want to kill him.

You are my-

Not just him, but his wife too

l will kill her unborn baby too

lf you oppose me, l will disregard
the fact you are my father!

l overheard

l know about my son very well

lf he makes up his mind...

he has to achieve it.

- We must inform Baahubali at once.
- Will he believe us?

Baahubali is very innocent.

He will never believe
this evil side of his older brother

l can see only one way out.

Please tell me.

That is also only in your hands

ln my hands?


should be killed by you!

Do not say 'no', Kumara.

For Baahubali's sake.

For Devasena.

For the baby in her womb.

Kill my son Bhallaldev.


'Kumara Varma'

'Time offers every spineless man
a minute to become a brave warrior'

'That minute is ticking now'

Are you totally in the dark
of what is happening, Kumara Varma?

Sacrificial offering
is being performed!

To get Baahubali's death warrant signed
and sealed by Sivagami's own hands.

A great 'yagna'

ln that ritual, you are
a small piece of wood.

Look, Sivagami.

Baahubali gave his dagger to Kumara Varma
his wife's cousin and right hand.

He showed him the secret passage
known only to the Royal family.

He has sent him to
kill the king at midnight.

Kumara Varma and his men...

killed all our bodyguards.

'He has slit Bhallaldev's face'

After all this has happened...

we should not delay
even for a minute.

Baahubali should be killed.

Why are you still
introspecting, Sivagami?

Discharge your duty
as the Queen Mother.

'Do not fall prey to
your maternal instincts'

'Choose kingdom
or unconditional love'

'The snake you breast fed'

'Or the son born of your own blood'

'Decide now, Sivagami'

Bhallaldev is not only your son.

He is also the ruler
of our kingdom.

Whoever tries to kill the king...

he has to be sentenced to death.

lf Baahubali is sentenced to death...

our people will revolt.

Our court will split into factions.

Our kingdom will go up
in a blaze of protest.

This does not augur well
for our kingdom

lf that is the case...

do you intend forgiving him
even after all this treason?

Are you blinded by
your love of raising him?

Have you gone mad?

Baahubali's death is certain.

But his blood stains should not
smearthe hands of Bhallaldev.

History should not defame the king
for murdering his brother

lf that is so...

what is your plan?


Your ancestors have pledged
their allegiance to the royal throne.

They have promised to obey
every command by the king.

Do you adhere to that oath?

No doubt indeed.

Your wish is my command.

Kill Baahubali.

What are you saying?

'Why, Your Majesty?'

'lt does not concern you'

Queen Mother?

ls this happening
with your consent?

l beg of you.

Ask the king to
take back his command.

'Even integrity can
take a backseat'

Baahubali has no mean bone in his body.

He grew up drinking your milk.

The Dharma you taught him,
runs in his blood.

Baahubali has to die.

No, Queen Mother

l cannot do it.

As punishment for my refusal...

please sever my head.

Will you kill him?

Or shall l finish this task?

No, Queen Mother.

Your hands should not be
stained by that sin

l will carry out
the royal command

l will kill him.

Can we trust this dog, Bhalla?

Our king will have a son
brave as a tiger.

Everything will be fine.

Accusing Kattappa of royal treason...

they are dragging him
to behead him.

What do you mean?

Yes, my lord l saw them.

Hey! What do you mean?

Devasena, uncle Kattappa is in danger

l have to leave now, Devasena.

He has promised to hold
our baby in his hands.

Please escort him
back here safe and sound.

Look after yourself.


What happened?

Massacre them.

Leave me here and go, Baahu.

Life of this slave is not
more precious than yours.


Baahu, listen to me.

For my sake.

Leave me here and go.

Allow me to die.

Pay heed to my words, Baahu.

Even l want to desert you,
my dear old man.

You have promised to hold
our baby in your hands first

l have also promised my wife
l will bring you back safe and sound.

Therefore if you are
quiet for a while...

l will do my duty.

'How do l convince you?'

'My dear Baahu'

l bow at yourfeet and beg of you.

Leave me here to die.


Are you scared
something will happen to me?

As long as you are by my side
no man has been born as yet to kill me.

"Our dear prince forever."

"Our cherished treasure."



Royal command.

'To kill you'

'From the King'


Baahu, forgive me.


Please for... forgive me, Baahu.

Forgive me, l beg you.

Take care of my mother.

Long live Mahishmati!

l suspected you unnecessarily.

You are my slave, my dog indeed.


Amarendra Baahubali

'l, Amarendra Baahubali'

'...will protect the people of Mahishmati
Their health, wealth, mortality, dignity'

'As your savior'

'With Queen Mother
Sivagami Devi as witness'

'l take this oath of allegiance'

Queen Mother.

Foolish mother

l deceived her, making her think
you planned to kill me

l made her sign and seal
your death warrant.

'Who are you to take your oath
swearing on her?!'


Queen Mother, step out
to address our grievances.

What has happened to our Baahubali?

Blood of Baahubali.

Can we wash away this sin
from our hands in this birth?


You blundered, Sivagami!

A grave mistake indeed.

You did not understand
Baahubali's true nature.

You thought he was opposing you.

'Foolish mother!'

'l deceived her, making her think
you planned to kill me'

'l made her sign and seal
your death warrant'

When he breathed his last...

he did not think of
his wife or unborn child.

Do you know the last words he uttered?

'Take care of my mother'

"Close your eyes, my son."

"To rule the world you were born."

"Sleep deep and peacefully."


"Uncle Kattappa will be."

"With you Wherever you go."

"Your elder brother gaily
will play with you daily."

"You can call me 'mother'
though born to another"

"l will protect you eternally."

"Jewel in my crown, Baahubali."

You gave me the honor to hold
your baby 1st in my hands.

With the same hands
l killed your husband, my dear.

Strangle this tiny throat, Sivagami.

This baby's cry will magnify into
the revolting voices of our people.

Before there is anarchy and uproar...

kill this baby.

Only if we stifle the cry
of this newborn...

all enemies of Mahishmati
will be annihilated.

Crush him, Sivagami.

Realizing the virtues of Baahubali...

you have risen
above the infinite sky.

Killing the son whom l nursed...

l have fallen at your feet in disgrace.

Other than joining him in his abode to
wash his feet with my tears of remorse...

how else can l repent?

What else can l do?

Queen Mother, step out
to address our grievances.

We are hearing various sad rumors.


Not knowing for sure
if Baahubali is dead or not...

herd mentality, the people
are clamoring for an official declaration.

They will believe
only if you announce.

Go and announce

l will decide his fate.

Amarendra Baahubali is no more.

Now your new king.

Mahendra Baahubali!

"Lord Shiva, decider of destiny."

"Omnipresent in every journey."

Mahendra Baahubali Long live!

Kattappa, call for an urgent meeting
of the Council of ministers.

The guilty should be
hanged until death in public.

So be it, mother.

Baahubali was your breath.

You executed his death
believing he had sinned.

How will l think
you will forgive me, mother?

Would l not have taken
ample precautions?


Kill Sivagami and
the baby in her hands.

Come with me, Queen Mother.


Get up Listen to me.

Saving my son...

is equal to giving
my husband back to me.

Mahendra, you must come back here

l will be waiting for you.

This kingdom will be waiting for you.

Will you come back to me?

Your Majesty, she has escaped.

'The entire administration
of Mahishmati...'

'...slipped into the hands
of the demon Bhallaldev'

'Due to his murderous rage over Devasena
he reduced Kunthala kingdom to cinders'

To love or hate in this world...

only l remain, Devasena.

'Everyone thought you were dead'

'Your grandmother sacrificed
her life to save you'

Your mother.

Your kingdom.

Waited for 25 long years.

Only for you, Mahendra.

Send word to our kingdom, grandfather.

Ask the young, old, brave, coward,
everyone to assemble before me.

Tell them to bring any weapon they can find
Sword, sabre, stick, spear, scythe, sickle.

To eradicate the disease
defiling this kingdom.

Queen Mother Sivagami's grandson
and Amarendra Baahubali's heir.

Tell them Mahendra Baahubali is back again.

They have 30000 warriors, Your Majesty.

We do not even have proper
weapons to wage a war.

Our hands are our weapons.

This life is our battlefield.

Each one of us is
a powerful army.

Praise be to Mahishmati!

Long live our kingdom!

Golden statue praiseworthy
Throne of Mahishmati.

Crown over my head
And title as king.

All along l assumed
this only gave me happiness.

But l was wrong.

This iron chain is
the source of all my joy.

And the pleasure of giving
Devasena hell on earth-

This iron chain.

When l see she is not
enslaved any longer...

the veins in my skull
are erupting to explode

l want Devasena.

Your Majesty, Kattappa has garnered support
from those third-rate people to fight us.


Why should this slave dog
Kattappa revolt now?

"Hail the one who wears skulls as necklace."


What happened?

"Rudra, omnipotent, omnipresent always."

Bhadra, every single head there
which witnessed your death will roll.

My beloved son, l will pile
all those heads and place yours on top

l will cremate you
on the funeral pyre.

With the anguished cries
of 10,000 families...

echoing as an auspicious tune

l promise to perform
your funeral service.




"Fierce God of storms, ushers peace
Showered by the Lord of the 7 seas."

"As Rudra He dances in fury
Lord Shiva, our sentinel and sanctuary"


Your son was in your womb.

After all for 9 months.

Being my captive for 25 years...

,ou think l will let you go,
depriving me of my mental happiness?


"Dharani, earth for sustenance."

"Janani, divine mother of benevolence."

"Avani, basis of existence."

Blow the bugle.

Release your arrows.

Wait, Mahendra

l am not stone hearted
to watch him drag my mother

l do not care if l die
l must save her.

Was your mother's penance
all these decades to see you die?

To watch him die!

Are you Amerandra Baahubali's son
whose radiant thoughts lit the dark womb?

Think like your father.

Think like Baahubali.

'Push... help us Goddess Shakthi'

'Pull harder... with the grace
of our Goddess Shakthi'

'Give it your best
with all your strength'


Find the sentry
who operates the draw bridge.

What are you doing, Kattappa?

Your forefathers for generations
were servile to the king.

And earned unbounding good will.

You have tarnished
their good reputation.

Are you trying to
go back on your word?

Do not succumb to this, Kattappa.

Set right your wrong-doing

ln the same way
you killed Baahubali...

close his son's chaptertoo.

Go, Kattappa.

Kill him

25 years ago...

Queen Mother proclaimed
Mahendra Baahubali as our king.

Assuming he was no more...

all these years l have served a lie
discharging my duties duly.

Our king has returned.

Kattappa never breaks his promise.

Half the army of Bhallaldev
is inside the fort, Mahendra.

We must find a way
for our troops to enter

l want a hammer, grandfather


Light the fire, Avantika.

Hand me the staff, grandfather.

"Hail the one who wears skulls as necklace."

Take that step, mother.

"To the one who gives Shakthi equal space."

Before you circumambulate
Lord Shiva thrice...

to burn him alive and reduce him
to ashes, l will make him lie on this pyre.

Go ahead, Devasena.

Before you come back here, l will
place your son's head in your hands.

Trial by fire.

Whoever completes it
will never face defeat, my lord.

Create hurdles.

Stop Devasena from
completing her 3 rounds.

'Before she circumambulates Lord Shiva...'

set the bridge on fire.

Cover... protect her.

How dare you break my statue's head!

As soon as l set eyes on you
when all along l thought you were dead...

mere words cannot express
how joyous l felt

l orchestrated yourfather's murder.

My own hands did not slay him
has given me sleepless nights.

You are the splitting image of him.

You have come to grant
my unfulfilled dream.

Now you have given me the chance to
pluck your heart out and fling it into hell.

How can l express my gratitude?

Mahendra Baahubali.

"Parvathi, Lord Shiva's consort
Daughter of mountain king Himavat."

"Whose powerful mind rejoices
at her side long glances."

"Lord Shiva's eyes of mercy
remove hardships with accuracy."

"My mind takes pleasure in His form magical
He who wears the directions as his apparel."

"Fierce God of storms, ushers peace
Showered by the Lord of the Seas."

"Hail the one who wears skulls as necklace."

"To the one who gives Shakthi equal space."

"Lord Rudra, champion of the dishonored
One who wreaks havoc on the wicked."

"Fierce God of storms, ushers peace
Showered by the Lord of the Seas."

"Lord Rudra with trident in hand
Protector of the seas and land."

"Hail Shiva, whose mercy is boundless
Lord of the seas; eternal and endless."

"He who wears the moon on his crown
Who never lets his devotees down."

"Hail the 3 eyed Lord Tryambaka
Ash clad monarch of Mount Kailasa."

"As Rudra He dances in fury
Lord Shiva, our sentinel and sanctuary."

Hey! Kattappa-


Come with me.

We can both die.

No, Devasena.

'Bhallaldev's anguished cries
petrified of death...'

'...will echo around and far beyond
the walls of Mahishmati'

Long live!

Long live!

'My 1st order with Queen Mother
Sivagami Devi as witness'

'ln our kingdom those who believe
in hard work and justice...'

'...will be able to walk
with their heads held high'

'And if anyone thinks of
harming these good people...'

'...whoever it may be, that head will
burn in the flames of hell'

This is my order.

This is my ordinance.

"River of life."

"Savior from strife"

'But, grandfather...'

'...will Mahendra Baahubali's son
be the heir to Mahishmati's throne?'

'God only knows!'

'How will l know what lies
in Lord Shiva's heart and mind?'