Baaghi 3 (2020) - full transcript

Ronnie and Vikram are brothers who share an unbreakable bond. Their journey begins when a certain turn in events, leads Vikram to travel. On this trip, he gets kidnapped by people. Ronnie witnesses his brother getting beaten and kidnapped, Ronnie will do whatever it takes to destroy anyone and anything that stands in the way of Vikram's safety. Ronnie goes on a rampage of destruction to see his brother safe, even if it means that he independently has to take on an entire country.

No, Vikram... Vikram.

No... no... get up!

You cannot die like this.

Get up.

You cannot die like this.

Get up already.

- You cannot die like this.
- Ronnie.

Vikram... Vikram.


Got it! Yes! Yes!

Vikram, how dare
you cut my kite string?

What do you mean?

I'll show you what I mean.

- Beat him.
- What did I do?

Let him go!

My kite, huh?
How dare you cut my kite?

Beat him Bali!

- You hit me?
- Yes.

I'll call my brother.

Go call him.


Look, he called his little brother...

Couldn't you find
someone bigger than him?

Vikram, where did you
find this little guy?

Is he going to fight Bali?

Get lost.

When it's about me,
I keep calm.

When it's about my brother,
I cause harm.


No, father, please...

- You're always getting into fights.
- No, father, please...

- No, father, please...
- Wear the uniform then!

- Wear it!
- It won't happen again...

- Wear the police uniform!
- It won't happen again...

Father, no!

Always causing trouble!

Sorry, Ronnie.

Father beat you a lot,
didn't he?

No, brother.
He wasn't beating me.

He was just dusting
the dirt off my clothes.

Don't worry.

Come on, sir,
why torture the little one so much?

What you call torture
is actually just his warm-up.

He's still a kid.

But if I don't set him straight now
he might take a wrong step tomorrow.

That's true.

But it's the older
one who started the fight.

So he deserves to be punished as well.

I am not crazy.

If I even touch the older one...

the little one will
shoot me with my gun.

Yes, that is possible.

Lets go.

Vikram, Chaturvedi hit me.

So why are you sobbing?

I could have hit him
back if I wanted to..

But it's not appropriate
to hit your father.

Here, eat.

- Eat.
- Children.

Uncle, you?

I've come to take you home.

Why didn't father come?

Father didn't come...

but all his brothers
in uniform are here.

A fight between two gangs
in Sadar Bazaar turned into a riot.

Sir arrived on the spot
unarmed without any backup force...

and protected all the innocent
families stuck in the middle.

Rioters have no religion,
conscience or morality.

But a man in uniform
has only one oath.

Protecting the Citizens.

Between his duty and his life,
he chose his duty.

And while paying his
debt to the uniform...

he kept fighting.

Those cowards shot him in the back.

But even though he was wounded...

he didn't let a single-family
come in harm's way.

Sir has fulfilled his duty...

by shedding his blood.



- Father.
- Come here son.


This is probably the first time when
a father is asking his younger son...

to look after the older one.

Never leave his side.

He needs you.

I don't have much time.

And don't cry.

Don't cry son.

Promise your father.

Promise your father
that you'll look after him.

Promise Chaturvedi!




How is that fair?

I'll get us something to eat.

Here, hold this.

How is that fair?

Connect... Come on...
Connect already!

Come on. Come on. Come on.

Got it!

Excuse me, madam.

Do you even know where you are?

This is a gent's toilet.

I mean,
aren't you embarrassed?

You should be embarrassed, you...

Standing like this in front of a girl.

What do you mean like this?

But this is a gent's toilet, madam.

So when did I say this is
a lady's dance bar, you...

Little Ol' me came
here searching for network.

And you lot... are blaming me!

But sister, we're being polite...

You all just don't know
how to speak to a lady.

Look at the language you idiots use.


Our language?

You were in the gent's toilet?

I guess all the towers are in there.


Let's go finish your boring film.

I am starving.

I am going to have a feast.

Yes ma'am.

One cheese nachos and a popcorn.

And, a cold water.

Okay ma'am.

Thank you.

What happened?

All okay?

Don't know.

That I will find
out after the interval.

The thing is, in these renditions
I get a little handy.

- What?
- I mean...

in such conditions,
I get a little cranky.

- Thank you.
- Excuse me...

Wait. Wait. Wait.

There's no point in getting
so sentimental, friend.

Films are miles away from reality.

Hold on to this,
I'll explain.

For example,
the hero's entry.

I mean when he enters...

why does he come in slow motion.

And one guy beats up a
dozen guys single-handedly.

Does any of it even make sense?

What have you done?

I'll clean it.

Boss, he's saying
he'll clean you out..

What did you just say?

No, I mean I'll wipe it.

No, he's saying he'll wipe you out.

How dare you?

I mean I'll wipe it,
then clean it and hang it out to dry.

This is too much, now he's
saying he'll hang you.

Aye, you c grade film's
low grade dubbing artist..

You're making this simple scene over
dramatic with your wrong translation.

I'll show you "dramatic".

Me? You'll wipe me out?


That's Ronnie.

Rony (CRY BABY).

Tell him who I am.

This man here is called Rocky Insane.

The thing about people is, they
keep saying something or the other.

Don't take them too seriously.

I am the 'bad bro' of this area.


I see...

So where are all your sisters?

What did you say?

What did you just say?

What the...?

So what happened here?

I accidentally spilled food on him.

Now listen, we're sorry for this.

We'll get out of your way.

Lets go.
Come on.

Come on lets go.

He's a complete mess.

The tray wasn't mine. What could I
have done if the girl just handed it over.

Forget them,
but you should be more careful.

My focus was on the tray.

By then...

What happened?

What are you doing?



It's okay.
It happens.

Leave it.
Let's go.

Did someone hit you?

Forget it Ronnie.
Let's go.

Vikram, who hit you?

'Why are you hitting me?'

'Here's another one.'

- You'll hang me?
- 'You cannot hit him like this.'

Forget it.

Let's go home.

Come on.

When it's about me,
I keep calm.

But if it's about my brother,
I cause harm.

You shouldn't have hit my brother.

Ronnie... Ronnie... Ronnie... Ronnie.
No, no, no Ronnie.

Don't do it.
Don't do it Ronnie.

Ronnie, stop.
Stop it.

Let him go.

Let him go.


- No no no. Let him go.
- Ronnie. Ronnie! Let him go!

You shouldn't have hit my brother!

Ronnie. Ronnie.

It's okay.

- Calm down.
- I'm fine.

That macho destroyed everyone.





I love you, Ronnie.

He is such a handsome fellow.



These people
have made a hero out of him.

How long are you going
to keep beating up people?

Already old enough to get married.

Then get married.
Who is stopping you?

Hey, you quit messing around with me.


I've put in a good word for you
in Agra's Lohamandi Police Station.

They have a post vacant.

Underlining the fact that your father and
grandfather served in the Police Force.

Okay fine, uncle.

Hey, Ronnie.
You know what.

You take up this job as a Policeman.

I can't get this job.


I've 32 cases registered against me.


32 cases.


Why do you keep getting in fights?

These 32 cases are
because I saved you.

Not 32, but 33.

Add the one from yesterday.

You take this job.


How will I look selling forms?

I mean how will I look in a uniform?

you know how scared I am of criminals.

Once you put on this uniform...

the same criminals
will be scared of you.

I see.

Look at him. He's been
wearing this uniform for so long.

But what's his achievement in life?

Why do all your
conversations end up on me?

You know what, fill up his form.
Vikram will do this job.


Think about it...

He who puts on the uniform...

always stays in form.

He who wears the Police outfit,
turns criminals to dust.

He who carries the
stars on his shoulder...

is the real superstar.

Inspector Vikram Charan Chaturvedi.

Just watch...

The People of Agra are
going to look up to you.

Sorry, sir.

I will break your legs, understand.

Do you think I'll just let you go?

What did you say?

Sorry, lets go.

You escaped today otherwise...

Ronnie, there's one thing.


There's something about this uniform.

Chaturvedi always fed you this.

Now go and enjoy.

Jai Hind Sir.

Vikram Charan Chaturvedi
reporting for duty, sir.

Welcome, Mr. Chaturvedi.

I am S. Kute.


Two-Star Inspector Sharad Kute.

Ku... Te.

Ku... Te.

- Understand?
- Yes sir.

Go meet Mr. Tripathi.

The one who is supposed to carry
the flag, can't even carry his baton.

Yes IPL sir..

You? Here?

You did the right thing
by coming here, Bajwa.

After all, this is our home ground.

Where is Mr. Tripathi?

- Tripathi.
- Yes.

Rumours are that you
enjoy writing reports.

Now write what I tell you...

This man's wife was playing a
T-20 match with some guy.

And he watched the entire
Game like a Third Umpire.

What a great idea sir!

I have a riddle for you all.

A thing that people buy,
but not for themselves.

And the one who its meant
for doesn't buy it for himself.


Sorry, sir.

Next time be careful.

Let's go.



They burnt a man alive
in front of the police.

And no one did anything.

Do you see Mr. Tripathi?

He had once just considered
taking action against these people.

Do you know what they did?



Ronnie... being a cop himself,
Tripathi could never prove...

that his daughter never had
an accident but was actually murdered.

That guy Bajwa and IPL.

Do you know how dangerous they are?

And they are involved
in many illegal businesses.

The biggest of them is kidnapping.

They kidnap an entire family...

and don't even ask for ransom.

Then what do they do with them?

How would I know?

What do they do with
them or where they take them.

In fact, the cops don't
even know who is backing them up.

Okay forget that, give me a hand.


Not here, here.

If you can't lift it yourself
then why do you do it?

- What did you say?
- Come on, Ronnie, come on.

- Boss, the delivery has arrived.
- Yes.

Remove all the tags from the shirts.

Abu Jalal wants to meet me.

We'll have to send them at least
another 20 to 25 more families.

But boss, right now
that is difficult to do in Agra.


Pathankot, Kerala.

Assam, Bihar...

And in Agra too,
if you keep your eyes open...

you'll find what
you're looking for.



Boss, you never told me...

what Abu Jalal Gaza
does with these families.

Abu Jalal Gaza.

The most dangerous man on Earth.

Leader of the terrorist orgsanisation,

Countries from around the world...

have invested millions in
Abu Jalal's terrorist organization.

And his job is...

to spread terrorism.

To conduct suicide bombings.

Don't hurt my child.

Let us go...

Don't hurt my child...

Let us go.

Ssshhhh... Sssshhh.

Let us go...

No... No... Please No...

No... No...

I'll die.

I'll die.

I'll kill myself.

I'll kill myself.

- No.
- Please don't harm my child.

Please don't harm my child.

I'll die.

Let us go.

Let us go...

Don't hurt us!

Stop! Please!

He's a fine example of
a sharp mind and limitless power.

Abu Jalal Gaza.

He often says, if a person
dies alone its of complete waste.

But if they die along with a hundred,
then that's accepted.

This is the 11th proposal you
rejected. What's wrong with you Ruchi?

He was a confectioner.

Imagine your brother-in-law,
a confectioner.

Hey, you stupid little...


- Stop yelling.
- He was driving rash.

Okay, fine.
The Academy is right here. Stop.

That's it.

Take care, okay.

Go carefully and come home soon.


Okay, bye.

- Hello?
- Hello Hafeeza..

- Siya.
- Hey, listen up..

Hafeeza... this network!

Here at Lohamandi Police Station,
they are not taking my complaint.

- Yes Hafeeza, you wait right there. I'm coming.
- Hello?

Can you hear me?

Damn! Just wait right there.

I'm so... I'm so sorry...

Are you blind?
Couldn't you see such a big bike?

I was looking at that girl...
I'm really sorry.

Looking at the girl.
That's the problem with boys nowadays.

While looking at girls...

- I'm really sorry. I'll pick it up.
- Don't touch it.

Let go.
Let go of it right now.

You let my bike go.

You said let go.

I know boys like you really well.

Who do you think you are?

Could you not see such a big bike?

My scooter's yellow, not black.

But listen...

You don't know who I am.

But everyone in Agra knows who I am...

and they also know my yellow bike.

Why are you looking around?
Can't you hear my voice?

How can I hear when two people
are talking at the same time?


Did you just compare me...

Does he know...

Where did he go? Where did he go?

We'll run into each other somewhere.

And I'll teach you a lesson then...

or my name isn't Ruchi.

What kind of a joke is this, madam?
What are you doing?

Someone told me outside that
if you want the cops to do anything...

then you must warm
up their pocket so I did it.

- What is your complain?
- As I said...

while passing
through Pritampura, I clearly saw..

That some people were taking
families as hostages inside a factory.

But Madam, we don't have any
report of a kidnapping in our area.

But the area where
they are being held hostage...

comes under your area,
doesn't it? You...

- Look
- What? Madam...

I am having this strong urge...

What for?

This strong urge
of wanting to abuse you?

But right now, not an abuse
but instead my phone will come out.


What, what exactly are you doing?

I am going to put you on social media.

I have 265,000 followers.
The video will go viral in minutes.

Are you going to write
the complaint or not?

- Bosco...
- Yes Sir.

The factory where they are
being held hostage belongs to IPL.

Yes Sir.

Who will volunteer to put their
life at stake and raid IPL's place?

Who will be the scapegoat?

Sir, there's our scapegoat.

That's a real goat.

Sir, in front of the goat...

Mr. Chaturvedi.

Come in... Welcome.

The time has come to show
the real power of this uniform.

And to repay
your debt to the country.

But sir, I didn't take
a loan from the country.

But you must pay it back.


All you need to do
is raid IPL's factory.

And save those innocent hostages.

- But Sir...
- Many names were suggested...

but I told the Commissioner...

you're the man for the job.

You will go.

I will go?

See... he's saying that he will go.

A big round of applause for him.


But before that,
I'll just go late a teak.


I mean take a leak.

You're a cop,
they won't send you to deliver food.

Why don't you understand?

But if...

If I go, then I'll
let the bag out of the cat.


- I mean, the cat out of the bag.
- Your secret will be safe.

I am there with you... always.

What do you mean?

Now go and say that you will go...

and that too, alone.





Yes, alone!

There's no one here.

So stop trying to scare me.

Want to play hide and seek?


Come on.

How is this a place to sleep?

They've left the platform
and are now sleeping on the tracks!

Now listen carefully...

When I whistle, turn the lights off.

When I whistle again,
turn the lights back on.


Not yet.

I am just holding on to it.

What if you get caught?

A police baton?

He must be around here.

Find him.

Who is it?

Hey, who is it?

He must be here somewhere!
Go find him!

We won't let him get away!

I get it now.

He whistles to turn the lights off...

and whistles again
to turn it back on.

I see... then whistle.


If you're here, then who is whistling?

the exam papers have leaked out.

So what now?

Lights full off.

Action full on.

45 seconds.
Game over.

Mom, it's the Police.

Thank you, sir.
Thank you so much!

No, please don't do that.

Where is he?

Where is he?

Where is he?

There is he.


There is he.



Hold the Google.

Bhokelal Mupe Chatora.


My name.

Commissioner BMC.


But what's in a name?

It's you who has made us proud.

Yes, you...

Cops and Cops, he's the Dabangg
(FEARLESS) of this Police Station...

Singham, Simmba...

and in a couple of weeks...
he'll be Sooryavanshi as well.


he can even be the
next Bhokelal Mupe Chatora.

No, sir.
It suits you better.

I know, I know...

Don't teach me.

Wait a minute.

Looking at your posture...

It seems as if
you didn't do this job...

But it was someone else.

Cops and Cops...

you should learn from him.

Not even an ounce of pride.

Like me.


Bravo. Bravo. Bravo. Bravo.


- Photographer.
- Yes Sir!

I always keep a personal
photographer with me.

Click please...
with kiss.


Al-Habibi Abu Jalal, Kabuliwala...



- Oh...
- Kifala.

- Kifala.
- Yes, Kafela. Kafela.

You will do a big job for us.

Oh, so You know Hindi.

Yes, you sweat and I speak Hindi.

I'll do the work. I'll do it for you.


Those families we abducted...

some cop called Vikram...

raided our place and freed them.

Bajwa, you...

You can't do a single job.

What happened?
Any bad news?

Ah, wife calls, bad news always.

Good news.

Fearless Hero of Agra.


Top cop.

- Congratulations, man.
- Thank you.

But how are you still safe?


Shut up Asif.

He means how are you still single?
And not married.

That's what I keep
telling him all the time.

You did the right thing
by bringing up this topic.

And if he doesn't do it now,
then when else?

Uncle, if you can't
control yourself anymore...

then why don't you get married?

Why do you have to
make everything about me?

Brother Vikram, Asif and
I had an arranged marriage as well.

I have a friend and she's very sweet.
If you could just meet her.

Maybe you two will get along...


I am fine as I am.

See you later, uncle.

Where are you going again?

Ronnie, talk to him.

Ronnie, now you must convince Vikram.

Come on, get up!

Its decided,
you're getting married.

Are you trying to scare me?

Look... Chaturvedi would've
wanted the same thing.

Father would've asked me politely...

and not scared me.

If father was still here,
you would've said 'yes' right?

Now listen to your brother.


But... you must go and choose my bride.

Please, do I have to do everything?

No... I'll handle the
wedding and honeymoon.

You just find me a bride.


"You're not ready yet,
but I am all decked up."

What's wrong with you, Siya?
Are you out of your mind?

- Why are you wearing sunglasses?
- But that was looking so cool.

Listen lady...

Siya please!
What are you doing, Siya?


Hafeeza says that the guy is
Smart, dashing and handsome.


I'll check and report back to you.


She is here.

Okay, I'll talk to you later.

- But don't be mischievous.
- Okay?

- Promise? Hi-five...
- Ok brother.

- Hello.
- Thank you.



- Did you say something?
- Huh...

Do you...

Do you have something to say?


I mean yes.


I mean...

I do.

Say something.

There's still time.

- Should I?
- Yes, please do.

What a mess!

I imagined something else
but now look at what's happened.

You and I both have turned
out to be such idiots.

In situations like this the
best of people would get flustered.

And here we're stuck
in such a big pickle.

Now should I smack your head
into this situation to fix it?

You didn't say anything.

What's the point?


It will get censored.


What's the matter?

So you guys have spoken, it seems.

That's great.

So the two siblings
can fix a date for the wedding.



Groom's brother, bride's sister.
Speak to each other and fix a date.

- Bride's sister...
- Groom's brother.

Bride's sister...

Groom's brother.

Bride's sister...

- Groom's brother.
- Bride's sister...

Groom's brother.
Bride's sister.

Groom's brother.
Bride's sister.

Brother, sister.
Brother, sister.

Brother, sister.
Brother, sister.

You two look extremely happy.

That's her...


- I am so... I'm so sorry.
- Are you blind?

- Did you not see such a big scooter?
- I was looking at that girl.

I'm really sorry.



Hafeeza was saying that she
is a very simple and sweet girl.

She humiliated you twice.

The other day on the street. And
now she threw you out of her house.

His brother must be on
his way to see someone else.

He only rammed into your scooter...

but you just rammed your...


Now keep watering
the plants and chill!

You insulted the poor guy.

His brother must be furious.

No need to go back
in that house again.

- This relationship is completely...
- Right.

Yes... No.
What are you saying?

Look bro,
you are naive and she's feisty.

It's a perfect match.

Rot... I mean what?

I mean one needs the
hardware to run the software.


So you're the software,
she's the hardware.


You're soft,
and she's equally...


You lost this good proposal
because of your hot-headedness.

I wonder when you'll get
a proposal like this again?

It's here.
Hafeeza called.

Vikram is ready to marry Ruchi.





I'm fine...

' Vikram Charan Chaturvedi is now
known as the "top cop" of the city. '

' It is almost as if...'

Bajwa. Riddle.

What's the one thing that
you wear but can also get hit by?

What is it?


What can I do, boss?

He's raiding all our dens...

and takes out fifty
of our men all at once..

He must have a weakness,
every human being does.

What about his family?
Parents, wife, kids... anyone?

Boss, he has a younger brother.

His name is Sony, Mony or something...

He's a little naive kid, isn't he?

Sony, Kony, Mony.
Bring him to me now.

- Go!
- Go now!

That's his brother, Sony.

Or Mony. Whatever.

He looks innocent.

- Let's get him.
- Come on.

Excuse me...

Sorry sorry... excuse me...

He's signaling us to stop.

He's hurt.
There's a vet clinic in the next lane.

Can you give me a lift, please?

Hop in.


Seems to be an emotional kid.

- Let's do our job.
- Such admiration towards a puppy?

Boss, this pup got in
our car with a puppy dog.

Great. Bring him in.

Yes, boss.

Take a left.

I said take a left.

Hey kid, calm down...

or we'll cut you down to strands.

Where are the families, Rocky?

But brother...

I told you to get
families from Ghaziabad.

From today you'll be on silent mode.

Finger on your lips.
Finger on your lips.

Sir, please tell me why
you have brought me here?

So Sony, Mony or whatever...
What's your name?

- Ron...
- Hey...

So you're the little, naive, brother.

He can't even grow a beard yet.

Look, none of this is your fault...

but you'll get beaten
up today for no reason.

This is Inspector
Vikram Charan Chaturvedi.

And this is IPL...



He hung up...

Take out your phone.


Listen up,
IPL speaking, don't hang up.


And put it on speaker.


I want the entire Police
Station to hear this..

Now listen carefully...

Your so-called Supercop
freed my hostages...

and I kidnapped his
innocent little brother.

Either you return the families...

or get down to Pritampura
backyard to play supercop yet again.

Otherwise, your brother
won't get to see another day.

Now hang up.

Calling from Ronnie's phone...

kidnapped my little,
innocent, brother.

Who did they kidnap?

Please don't hit me.
I am very scared.

No Sir... please...

Sir, you're my senior but I am older.

In my 35-years of service...

I lost my daughter because of them.

Before I retire from this job...

I will definitely
take two things with me.

A small medal...

and a huge burden.

Please go, sir.

Your brother needs you.

- Sir, give me the phone. I want to try.
- Yes, yes. Go ahead.


Hello, brother.

Yeah Ronnie!

I am very scared.

Please come soon.

These are very dangerous people.

You know what...
Come down in 15...

I mean 10 minutes.

Please, I am very scared.


I get it.

Sir, he's coming.

Naive but smart.


If his brother doesn't
show up in 15 minutes...


then send him his severed thumb.

I'll dislike it...

- Where are you going?
- But he will like it.

Please don't leave me.

My brother's coming.

- Be quiet!
- Let go!

- Who will wait for 15 minutes?
- Don't hit me!

- Bring him here!
- What are you going to do with me?

- No please, let me go!
- Bring him here!

- Hold him properly.
- Please!

Hey, where are you taking him?

- Bring him back. Bring him here.
- No, please please!

My brother is coming! Please trust me!

Please forgive me!

No, no brother...

Please, please brother!


I've been trying to tell them since
long that they got the wrong guy.

Now I've lost my thumb because
of their "finger on the lips".

Now I like it!

The older one is bad enough.
The young one's a tough nut too.

IPL sir said he didn't
even hit puberty yet.

But he's destroying us.

It's not here.

He's throwing the guys like a ball.

Hey Insane...


It's there.

Thank you.

Mention not.

Not here either.

Why me, boss?

Boss... boss... boss!

What is he doing?

What did their father eat
before giving birth to them?

Come here, little one.

Are you ok?

Shall we go?

Get up you animal!

Let's go.

- Tripathi.
- Yes Sir...

Shall we?

He has a hearing in court today.

He does?

You just watch, Mr. Tripathi.
In a couple of months...

you and I together,
will make this city crime free.

Teasing girls? Now try messing with me!

- Do it now?
- Mr. Tripathi...

I will beat you so much...

- see what's going on?
- I'll check.

Teasing girls are you?

Getting drunk and picking a fight?

- Now I'll show you two.
- Move. Move aside!


it's your little brother,
getting in a fight.

Call him here.

What's going on here?

I am just getting started.

Trying to be a hero, are you?

What shall I do?
Other's don't get it...

and I can't lose it.

Come on.
Come with me.

Sir is calling you.
Come on.

Here he is, sir.

Arrest him.

He's your brother, sir.

So what?

Law and Order is
the same for everyone.

Handcuff him with the other one.

Move in, will you.
Make space.

Will you let me scratch?

- It's time for my cardio.
- What?


Hey, let go! Hey!

What are you doing? Stop!

Why are you dragging me along?

- Hey stop! Are you crazy?
- Sir... sir!

Stop them.
They are running away...

It's you who has been
running since so long..

Mr. Tripathi...

from yourself.

The time has come...

to make the medal
on your chest heavier...

and to make the burden
of your daughter's death...


Shoot him.

Hey, I told you to stop! Stop!

I did one good deed, and now the
department has given me all the cases.

Just because I beat
up those innocent goons...

and saved them from
those damn families..

You... you beat up those damn goons
and saved those innocent families..

Now the Commissioner
has given me all the cases.


I am telling you.

This job will...
One day...

one day get me killed.

Like father.

Nothing will happen.

I am there with you. Always.

Are you Shahrukh Khan?

Someday because of your 'I'm there
for you' one day I won't be here.

Tell me something...

if big criminals can have henchmen.

Why can't a Policeman
have a henchman too?

What do you mean?

Meaning the action that took place..

There's going to
be an action replay of that.

Well done.
Well done.

Well done.

You deserve my ancestral sword.

- Photographer.
- Yes Sir..

Photo please.

Smile cops.

Bhokelal Mupe Chatora

is proud of you.

Proud of you.

Proud of you.

Good boy.

Take it.
It's yours.

This garland.




Welcome inspector Vikram.
The most decorated cop.

By the way...

Intelligence has confirmed that
Inder Paheli Lamba aka IPL kidnapped

some families from our country...
and sent them to Syria.

We fear that he's connected with the
head of Jaish-e-Lashkar, Abu Jalal Gaza.

Now, this is your
special white passport.

And a letter from the
Ministry of External Affairs.

You will submit this
in their local Police Station...

and put in a request to
start the extradition process.

Sir, I am going to Syria?

See... he's so excited to know this.

I mean... don't kill anyone there.

So... here are your tickets.

Your flight leaves tonight.

So all the best.
I'll see you soon.


Take care.

I've packed warm clothes for you.

In case...


Brother-in-law, paid holiday vacation.
Isn't that great!

Honestly, Siya,
I am in a huge mess!



Hey Ronnie...

let's go.


With me.

It's just routine paperwork,
finish it and come back soon.

Tell me something..

If I go everywhere with you
the bag will be out of the cat.

Cat will be out of the bag.

Same thing.

- What happened?
- What happened?

Nothing. Nothing.


Have a safe flight and come back soon.

And take care of yourself.

Come here...

Feed me...

I'll miss you.

Take care of yourself.


Come! Let's leave them alone now..




I want to tell you something.

Someone who will hold your
hand and learn to walk is coming soon.

- Our...
- Our child.

I love you.

Come back soon.



Hello Ronnie...


I was worried about you.
How are you?

I am fine.
How are you?

Wait a second.

Should I tell Ruchi
that you called me first?

No, I'll call her later.

You see, I've never been so far away,
to a different country, without you.

So I was missing you.

Ok tell me what you're up to.

Well, right now I am eating dates.

And do you know the best part...

someone stole my wallet
as soon as I entered the hotel.

Are you serious?

But what's even more interesting
is that no one recognized me as a cop.

Because my disguise was so good.

So tell me when you are coming back?

Your wife is winding me up!

I guess the backup team's here.

Wait. I am coming.

Yes, I'm waiting.

Be quick!



Shall I tell her that he
called me first instead of her?

She will be so jealous.


No... Vikram.

Vikram get up!

Hey stop... hey!

Hey... stop! Let my brother go.

Vikram... Vikram!

Vikram get up!

Vikram, Vikram who are these people?


Vikram tell me, who is it?

No... no! Don't touch him!

Hey... stop that!

No! No!
Hey you, leave my brother alone!


Hey, hey, hey you!

If anything happens to my brother...

then I swear on our father...

I'll wipe your country
off the face of the earth.

I'll wipe your nation
off the God damn map!

Good luck with that.



I don't think
they are going to help us.

I think these people
are also involved.

I have a feeling we'll
have to find him on our own.

Where will we find brother-in-law?

Vikram Charan Chaturvedi.

Your brother.

You're looking for him, aren't you?

Who are you?

The question is not
"who am I" but rather "what am I".

I am a Pakistani.

The name's Akhtar Lahori.

And I know where my Indian brother is.

Your brother Vikram...

He came here looking for
IPL and went missing yesterday.

How do you know all this?

The question is not
"How" its "What I know".

What do you know?

Just follow me.

Not on Instagram, twitter or Tik Tok.

- But on tok tok.
- Huh?

On the streets.

And careful,
the cops are on your tail.

Look behind you.

Look behind you.

Follow me.

Come on.

This is a crowded area,
so don't get lost.

Come, come! Sale is on.
Come to my shop!

Where are we going?



Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop.

Look over there...

We've lost the Police.

You're in Akhtar Lahori's area.

Akhtar Lahori!

Look behind you.

Look behind you.


Don't worry.

Empty your pockets.

Slide the bags over here.
I said slide it over to me.

What are you looking at her for?
Exchanging looks here, are we?

And you... handover everything you have.
Bangles, bracelets, earrings, anything.

You don't have a thing on you.

Anyway, hand over your credit card.
What are you staring at?

Want some. Shall I give it from here?
From here? Shall I give it from there?

Don't mess with me.
I'll cut you open like an eggplant.

Turn you into mashed eggplants.

The name's Akhtar Lahori.

Even birds don't flap their wings
without my permission around here.

What do they not do?

What just happened here?

Look down.


Look down.

Scared out of your mind, aren't you?

Yes, sister, I am.


Excuse me.

You see, I was at the Police Station when
you were trying to make a complaint.

And I overheard your conversation.

I used that same story
to lure you in here.


I am doing this for my brother.

He's suffering from Polio.

He's the reason I am doing this.

You're doing it for your brother?


Then you're doing the right thing.

But don't ever rob anyone
else while pretending to help them.


My brother doesn't have Polio.


I don't even have a brother.

Frankly speaking...

when I came here from Pakistan...

I arrived with "Shaan"
(POMP) and "Shaukat" (GRANDEUR).

But then they left me stranded here.

Shaan and Shaukat
were my uncle's kids.

You really don't know
anything about Vikram.

I'm not that well connected..

My contacts are pickpockets, chicken
thief, locksmiths, goat thief...

"You want to know
an interesting fact..."

"someone stole my
wallet as soon as I got here."

- If you need anything from them...
- Wait a minute.

Vikram's wallet was stolen
yesterday evening at 6 pm.

You know every pickpocket,
can they help?

Don't worry, sister.

With the grace of God, I'll find
every piece of information I can.

Ask how?


"Rehmat and Barkat"

They know every
pickpocket in the city.

I'll ask him when, how, where, who...
What time did you say?

Day before yesterday, 6 pm.

Keep this.

You touched my heart.
I will help you out.

Let's go.

He's the one.
Andre Gomez.

Rehmat and Barkat told me about him.

- I...
- He's a little hard of hearing. Let me try.

It's not about a toilet.
It's about a wallet.

You stupid little deaf idiot...

Sorry for using such
words in front of you.

Wallet! Wallet!


Yes, this is his wallet.

He's trying to be over-smart.

I found out everything.

Reached down the throat of
a bellboy and got all the information.

There was some trouble
in room no. 121.

Let's go.

Room no. 121.

What are you doing?

God's blessed me with skills.

And Noor gave me this
master key on request.

You just wave it and...

It's got a keyhole.
Please continue.

Listen, wait.

- Go, hide.
- Yes, yes. We're going.

What is she doing?

Come in.

This is the room.
His phone was right here.

I could see everything.

How are you?

I am absolutely fine.

How are you?

Vikram was sitting here.

Then suddenly,
he went there to the door.

I guess the backup team's here.
Wait, I'll be right back.

- Vikram?
- Yes.

He asked for my help.


He was begging them...

Don't hit me.

And I couldn't do anything about it.

Then he picked up the
phone and spoke to me.

And then he threw the phone down.



Brother, don't touch the phone.

It will have that idiot's
finger prints all over it.

I'll find out all
the details about him.

But only the Police can find that out.

And I don't trust them.

Don't worry.

This city is my Raj and Taj.

You mean you have friends
called Raj and Taj.

Who are going to do this job.

No, I just spoke in general.

Doesn't matter,
we'll find out who he was.

Let's go.

Hey, you blind or what?

Yes, that way.

Come on, let's go.
Let's go quickly.

Ronnie, I'll be right back.

Yeah, Ruchi.
What is it?

I've been trying Vikram's
number since yesterday.

But his phone's switched off.

And that stupid Ronnie...
He keeps wandering around all day.

And I am worried about Vikram.

Don't worry, Ruchi.
Brother-in-law will be home soon.

In fact, Ronnie did call.
He spoke with brother-in-law.

He said that brother-in-law
was trying to call you and say...

that his phone will stay
switched off while he's on the job.

I forgot to tell you.

Thank God, Siya.

And you're so stupid.

Couldn't you tell me this earlier?

Poor Junior hasn't eaten all day,
you know.

Feed something to my Junior.

Brother-in-law will be home soon.

Anyway, I'll hang up now.

And you take care.

And please come back soon.
I miss you.

- Okay, bye.
- Bye, bye.

No, no.


How long will I have to lie
to Ruchi about brother-in-law?


Listen to me.

Everything will be alright.

We're a team, aren't we?


You're with me right?

You're with me, aren't you?


Promise your father
that you'll look after him.

- Promise Chaturvedi.
- Promise.

Amazing, man.
You hacked the Police record.

Here you go.
I am very happy.

This is where we'll find Zaidi.

Akhtar you go there.
Siya, you go that way.

Have you seen this man, sir?

Wow... what a woman.

She's not Kamal's but Jamal's woman.

These boys are giving
some sort of signal.




Where is my brother?

He's just started a family.

He hasn't harmed anyone.



Get up.

Get up.

You can't die like this.

Tell me where my brother is?

Tell me...


Woke up?
Good morning.

Get up, get up.

You came here after me, huh?


Vikram get up.


Brother Vikram.

Who did this to you?


You're here?

They kidnapped us to...

along with the rest...

We've no hope of escaping from here.

Only God can help us now.


Ronnie... Ronnie...
What happened?

- Where are you going?
- Brother!

What's written on it?

It's the name of the club.
Taj Mahal.

I have seen the same box with IPL.

He must be a regular at the club.

Siya, the only one to know about
Vikram's whereabouts now would be IPL.

But even if we go to this club...

there's no guarantee
that IPL will show up.

Zaidi's phone.

Come on... come on...


This dead Zaidi...

Will come in more handy
to us than the living one.

IPL will show up at Taj Mahal
today at 10 o'clock.

You? What brings you here?

My brother Zaidi has been murdered.

The one who called you
here is my brother's murderer.

I want him.


I am looking for my brother Vikram.

And very stressed.

You won't understand.


Who would understand better than me...

the sorrow of losing a brother.

If you don't find your brother,
then come to me.

I will help you.

Thank you.

Don't worry,
nothing will happen to your brother.

I won't let anything happen.


Abu Jalal?

- No.
- Abu Jalal?

He hasn't even hit puberty yet.

Abu Jalal?


Abu Jalal is not a man,
he's a shadow.

Come on.


Did you come here with
a death wish like your brother?

Last time you lost a thumb.
Didn't you? Hero?

Your man lost a thumb.

Now you'll lose your head.

Look behind you.
We passed the Police Station.

This... Where are you taking me?

Don't you watch films,
You loser?

Where are criminals taken
other than the Police Station?

That reminds me, wasn't there
a famous kawa (TEA) shop around here?

- Let's stop the car, let's have some Kawa.
- When did I say that?

Yes, okay.

Akhtar, order some tea.

Whether you offer me tea or poison,
but I'll never open my mouth.


Cheers brother.


Keep this...

Here, here..
You want this?

This isn't right, sister.

We're feeding the enemy,
entertaining him, giving him money...

and letting him go.

Abu Jalal's men were following us.

They will think that
IPL has joined hands with us.

We let him go because
he told us everything.

Abu Jalal's men will try to kill IPL.

What next?

- Behind you.
- What?

Look behind you.



Those mad men!

I worked 15-years for these people.

Without caring for my life.

And now they want to kill me.

You wanted information, didn't you?
I'll tell you everything.

Abu Jalal is planning a
big terrorist activity in 3 hours.

The hell with Abu Jalal.

Where's my brother?

He has your brother, Ronnie.

He's alive,
but I don't know for how long.

He's planning at least 10 blasts.

The domestic airport,
people's council...

Government schools, Central Mall...

All Human Bombs.

And they are using Indians,

and the locals for this mission.

The first attack on the
embassy will be by your neighbour.


and his son.



Hurry up, I know the locations.

Siya, you go with Bilal.

And you?

I'll go get Vikram.



That place is not safe to go alone.


You explain to him.


Will you do me a favour?

If you find Abu Jalal...

Then knock his lights out.

IPL said that his son Junaid
must be in one of the cars.


I'm sorry...

This is Abu Jalal's check post.

There are two big
watch towers over here.

And at least a dozen armed guards here
who guard the place day and night.

And they are all very dangerous.

Beyond that is a huge ground
that's as big as a desert.

Maybe they are already
bringing the hostages here.

And maybe Vikram's among them.

After this huge ground...

comes Abu Jalal's real den...

which is nothing
short of an army base.

As good as an entire country.

You can say that he's
created his own world.

Abu Jalal Gaza keeps
himself surrounded by...

Dozens of tanks, missiles,
helicopter and dangerous weapons.

But this is a very dangerous area,
believe me.

We'll have to make
a plan and act accordingly.

Are you listening to me, Lahori?

Yes, yes.


Where did he go?

IPL, not behind.
Look ahead.


- Check post's completely destroyed.
- What are you doing?

- He did it pretty well.
- Exactly, let's go over to the ground.

- No, I've always been scared of grounds.
- Come on.

I've never gone to any ground.


Ronnie, be careful.

They are wearing bombs.

One by one get them all down.

- Don't worry...
- Come down one by one.

- Careful. Come out.
- Where is Vikram?

Come on. Come on.

This is just us.
Vikram isn't with us.

I guess Abu Jalal
has changed his plan.

Vikram must be with the other group.

Go Ronnie. We'll handle it here.
You go.

Take your jackets off
and lookout for the landmines.

But you need to hurry up,
because we're running out of time.

Brother Asif..

Brother Asif..

Siya, you...

Go away from here...

- Move back!
- What are you doing over here, Siya?


It's about to explode...

Everybody move back!

Move back!

Get back everyone!

Stay back.

- Move back. Move back.
- This is going to explode.

- Why did you bring them here?
- Everything will be fine.

They have my family.

They have Hafeeza.
You go from here.

This is going to explode.

They're fine... nothing will happen...

Junaid, speak to your Dad...

- It's about to explode...
- Everything will be fine.

- Siya...
- Nothing will be fine!

My Hafeeza... My Junaid...

Go away.


- Asif.
- Papa.

Asif, are you okay?

Asif, where are you?

Yes, both of us are safe.

They are safe?

Junaid and Hafeeza are fine.

Junaid and Hafeeza..

They're safe...

They're fine...


Go to them please...

Bring them to me...

Go and bring them to me...

Watch your steps everyone.
Walk carefully.


Dear, don't move.

Don't move!

- Sophia.
- Everyone, stay right where you all are.


Don't move...


- My child.
- You can't go there!

Hey, look here.

Don't move.

I am here. Uncle's here for you.
Your mom's there.

Save my child.

It's a bomb...

Do you want to see magic?



- Bomb...
- Save my child...

Go kid.




What are you doing?

- Akhtar, take everyone away from here.
- I am not leaving.

Have you lost your mind?

- Do you not understand?
- I won't leave you.

Should I..
Just leave already.

I said leave.

Go man...

What are you all looking at me for?
Go away.

Are you having pity on me?

I brought half of you here.

- Go away.
- IPL...

I beg you.

Please take them away.

Or we'll all die.
They will get here any minute.

Please listen to me...

Go away, brother.

Let's go.

Hey, come here... come here.

Hey clown, can you solve a riddle?

What goes around and comes around and
stops to look you right in the eye.


Come on!!


I am looking for my brother Vikram.

They are asking about Vikram.

Vikram, don't come out.

Someone has destroyed their
whole territory for Vikram's sake.

They are very scared.

But God has given us hope,
which we don't want to lose.

Vikram, don't come out.

Don't come forward Virkam.



If you guys think you are smart,
then you don't know the half of me.


I am Vikram.

I am Vikram.

I met your brother.

I should have shot him right there.

It was a big mistake.

I am the one who made a mistake.

Every time I got in trouble,

I would scream and
call out to my brother...

and he would come to my rescue.

But this time I didn't call him.

But now I will...

So listen.


It's okay...

Let it go...

Take me home.

If it was about me,
I would have kept calm..

But if it's about you...

I thought, America, Russia..

But you two Indian brothers...

Made a...

How do you say in Hindi?

Made an idiot out of me.

I told you...

I'll help you find your brother.

Take him.
Take him.

Stop this madness.

I won't take him alone,

but also the rest of my brothers.

Okay, take all your Indian brothers.

Separate the Indians
from the Pakistanis.

I don't think you heard me clearly.

All my brothers.

They are Pakistani.

Your enemy.

We all have a common enemy.


Okay. Fine.

You can take all of them.




Ronnie... Ronnie... Let go!

Leave him.

Ronnie... Let him go!

Leave him.

Get off!

I'll kill you!

Let my brother go.

I swear on my father!

I'll kill everyone!

Don't touch my brother!

I won't let you go alive!

I'll kill each of you!

I'll kill you all!

I'll kill you all!

Let my brother go!

Hit them Ronnie!



Leave my brother alone.

Let go.

You were hitting my brother!

Don't touch my brother!

Ronnie hit them... Ronnie.

You were hitting my brother!

Leave him.

I won't spare any of you.

Don't touch my brother.

Don't touch my brother!

I'm coming Ronnie...
don't hurt my brother.


I'm coming Ronnie.
Hey you, don't touch my brother..

You hurt my brother!

You hurt my brother!

You hurt my brother!

You hurt my brother!

How dare you hurt my brother!

You touched my brother!

You shouldn't have hurt my brother!

You shouldn't have hurt my brother!

How did you lay a
finger on my brother?

How did you? How? How?

You shouldn't have hurt my brother!

Abu Jalal..

You shouldn't have hurt my brother!

No one has dared to
touch my brother till date.

How could you do it?

Abu Jalal..

You shouldn't have hit my brother!





- Ronnie!
- Get up.


He's not getting up!






Get up.

Go Siya. Go.


Get up brother!
Get up already.

See how much he's bleeding, Siya.

Why isn't he getting up?

Do this.
Do this.

Come on.

I am doing it.
I am doing it.

Do it again, please.




This cant be happening.

Ronnie get up!

- Ronnie.
- Ronnie If you don't get up...

I will kill you.

Siya, whenever I scream Ronnie,
he comes.

I'll call him.

- Ronnie!
- Ronnie!

- Ronnie get up.
- Get up.

- Ronnie!
- Ronnie! Wake up.

Ronnie! Wake up.

- Ronnie! Wake up.
- Ronnie!

Inspector Vikram Charan Chaturvedi
has made us proud.

People cross limits
for relationships...

but I have one such relationship...

for which I crossed borders.

What do we humans want in life?

Just that our loved ones are safe.

When they are in harm's way,
it scares the life out of us.

They get hurt, and we feel pain.

We might come from any caste,
religion, or country...

we might follow different
customs and rituals.

But we are human beings after all.

The same blood runs through our veins.

Our emotions are the same.
And our feelings too..

And when someone tries
to play with our emotions...

then every common man like
me won't stop to think whether...

his enemies are 10 or 10,000.

Or the entire world.

All he'll say...

if you hurt my family...

I will destroy the world.

Like me, he will turn into a rebel too.

I wish you were here.


If crossing any limit, to
keep your word given to your father...

is rebelling.

Then I am a Rebel.

If saving your brother's life...

and putting your own life at stake,
is rebelling.

Then I am a Rebel.
And always will be.