Ba bai zhuang shi (1976) - full transcript

A battalion of Chinese soldiers defend the Sihang (4 Bank) warehouse from the invading Japanese army in 1937 at the end of the Battle of Shanghai during the Second Sino-Japanese War. There are only 452 defenders, but to mislead the Japanese they tell the outside world that they are 800 in number. Their heroism leads to them becoming known as the 800 Heroes.

For a hundred years, Asia has seen an
unending series of devastating wars,

resulting in the destruction
of ancient civilizations,

and the obstruction of modernization.

The wars were caused by unscrupulous
politicians and militarists,

like the Japanese imperialists.

On September 18, 1931,

Japanese invaded the heart
of Northeast China: Shenyang,

establishing the Empire of Manchukuo.

In 1933, Japanese attacked the
Great Wall at Northern China:


On July 7, 1937, Japanese attacked
Marco Polo Bridge in Beijing.

The next month, on August 13th,

Japanese Army, Navy and Air
forces joined together and

attacked the capital of
Central China: Shanghai.

After 3 months, Shanghai was occupied.

Japanese proceeded to
attack the capital, Nanjing.

Eight Hundred Heroes

portrays a real event

during the Japanese
invasion of Shanghai.

500 soldiers from the 1st Battalion,
524th Regiment, 88th Division

led by Commander Xie Jinyuan,

covered the retreat of the
National Revolutionary Army.

They were surrounded
by Japanese on 3 sides,

and fought for 4 days and 1 night.

After that, they crossed Suzhou
Creek from the Sihang Warehouse

and entered the British Concession.

This is a story about
fighting with braveness.

This is

Eight Hundred Heroes.

Stop, don't run anymore!

Japanese planes are bombing!

Help! Help!

Yang Huimin, come back!

Yang Huimin, get back here!

It's too dangerous!

Come back now!



The aircraft carrier Notoro
has taken up position.

Fifteen planes are ready for
bombing and reconnaissance.

Because of the Jan. 28
Ceasefire Agreement,

we're not allowed to station troops

in Shanghai and suburban areas.

The Japanese have
taken advantage of this,

and their mobilized forces have
launched an attack upon us.

I will lead the army
to fight to the end!

Our army along the
Beijing-Shanghai Railway

has moved towards Shanghai.

Now I'd like to introduce Mr. Chang,

Chief of Staff of the 88th division.

Mayor Yu.


General Sun Yuanliang,
88th Division Commander,

has arrived at Zhenru station.

Our offensive will soon begin.

At 1 PM today, his division will
engage the Japanese at Bazi Bridge.

We have also planned another attack.

600 of our guerrillas infiltrated the
Japanese Concession at Hongkou,

their objective: destroy the
Japanese Marine headquarters.

Some of our leaders already
infiltrated three months ago.

Du Yuesheng's constant help
has made this successful.

My mission is to contact them
and begin the operation.

This way.


Please help yourself.

- Is that OK?
- I'm sorry, sorry.

Madam, come here!

Damn. What's wrong with you?

How come you haven't
even sewed the drinks?

Sorry, sorry...

Right away.

After you.

Sir, the Chief of Staff is here.

Chief of Staff.

Jinyuan, you're doing a good job.

This is Major Sun of the commando group.

His younger brother,
Second Lieutenant Liu.

How do you do, Sir?

Dirty Japanese!

Good for nothing Japanese!


Get out!


Get out!

Sorry, sorry.

From here you can keep an
eye on Japanese activities.

We believe they have
3,200 men at present.

They'll be joined by
an additional 3,700 men,

as well as the support
of 120 artillery guns.

The Japanese have also installed
about 80 machine gun emplacements

in Yangshupu's Kungta Textile Mill,
along the Western Shanghai road.

This is effectively covering
the entire Hongkou area.

All these areas are within
their area of influence.

Your information is very accurate.

On August 17, at 5 AM,

we will raid their
headquarters with 600 men.

Liu will lead the attack.


Meanwhile, a boat filled with
dynamite will ram their flagship

at Huishan Wharves.

You Jin Tian will lead the attack.


Once the raid gets underway,

we will need support to
defend against the Japanese,

and we must wipe out their machine guns.

Our men will get
there in time to help you.

Everyone has been briefed.

Wang's artillery unit

and Cai's engineers will
arrive to assist you.

I suggest we call this
Operation, "Iron Fist."


Our command headquarters
moved to Guanyin.

I'll return to make my report.

Xie Jinyuan has an accurate evaluation.

Tell Wang to get his men ready.

Half of them will be in plainclothes.

That way, we'll confuse the Japanese.

Execute Operation Iron Fist as planned.


Be sure to tell Du Yuesheng to

send Xie's family back
to Guangdong before Aug. 17.

Keep them safe.



I'm not armed.

My name is Wang. I'm
delivering a letter for Mr. Du.


I'm glad to see you.

I brought my wife and children
here as a cover for my assignment.

If they go with you today,

I'm afraid they may catch the
attention of the Japanese.

It's better not to leave today.

Come back tomorrow to pick them up.

If the Japanese make any
trouble, we'll open fire.

OK. I'll come back tomorrow morning.

I'm sorry.

It's the right decision.

Cai Renjie. Wang Jie.

Be ready.

Come to Liusan-Park at 5 AM tomorrow,

and report to Xie Jinyuan.

The general called, he
wants us to stay in Chapei.

The 524th Regiment had a
difficult time at Bazi Bridge.

I'll go visit them.

I'll accompany you.


Sir, the situation is under control.

The Japanese are retreating.

Yes, Sir. We'll hold on to Bazi Bridge.

I'm Deputy Commander, Shangguan Zhibiao.

- Here to see Lieutenant Colonel Huang.
- Over there.

Be careful.

- Chunming, bring me a stretcher.
- OK.

- Here he is.
- Thanks.

- Colonel.
- Colonel.

Tang Huili, please get
some bandages for me.

I can't find any.

OK. We'll get some
from the British camp.



We have an emergency mission.

We have been ordered to join
Operation Iron Fist at 5 AM tomorrow.

We'll join the commando
force in plainclothes and

attack the Japanese marine
headquarters at Liusan-Park.

How are the men?

They're fine.

Although they haven't had any sleep
for two days, their morale is good.



Very good.

Yang Huimin, your father's here.

My father?

Be careful.


Huimin, I've looked for you everywhere.

I'm glad to have finally found you.

What happened? You joined the army?

The army? They don't need me.

Look. I'm a girl scout.

What's that?

30 dollars a month?

No, the 3 fingers represent
wisdom, benevolence and courage.

You are a girl.

What use is courage for a girl?

Come back to Zhenjiang with me.


Your mother's eyes are
teared up because of you.

I can't, I can't.

I have to fetch bandages.

Tang Huili!

Carry them inside.



Huimin! Huimin!

Mind your feet!

All units launch the attack!


Permission to withdraw the front line.

No, I am not retreating.

- After you.
- Welcome. Welcome.

Hey, countrymen!

Let's celebrate the successful
landing of the Japanese!

Help yourself to
a drink! I'll treat you!

Sir, the Japanese political
police is down there

and Liu wants to fight them.

- Tell him to come up here.
- Yes.


Let the Japanese play
top dog until 5 AM.

After that, we're the masters.


We have enough farmland
to take care of everyone.

My parents...

and our children...

are now in your hands.

Hongkou is a dangerous place these days.

Aren't you afraid?

You are better than me in many ways.

Especially in patience and endurance.

The war needs people like you.

Salute! At ease!

Attention! Salute!

You'll have to do better
with the Japanese!

They're here to help us!

You bunch of good-for-nothings!

Sons of bitches!

We're ready for action.

I'll take you to Huishan Wharves.

Our men will be
here soon. Wait for them.

Young men, Izumo is their flagship.

Once the head is gone,
the body won't move.

I will count on you.

If I don't destroy it,
it will destroy me.

And maybe my bones
will fly over your roof.

Who is it?

Mr. Wang, are you alright?

Sir, Wang Jie has arrived in position.

All our men are hidden in homes.

Within half an hour, the
second group will be here.


We're right on schedule.

Xiaolan, you're a big girl.

You've grown up.

Don't misbehave during the trip.

Mr. Wang will take you to Guangdong.

Tell your grandpa and grandma...

father hasn't let them down.

Daddy, I don't want to leave.

I want to be with you.

My son...

Take this flag home.

Whenever you think of
me, look at this flag.


We're leaving.

Don't cry.


Children, I don't like
to see you crying.

Please be good...

Mr. Wang,

Try to take them to Guangdong...

With luck, they'll make it.

The gods will decide.

If things go wrong, return to Shanghai.

I won't blame you.

I'll do my best.

Hurry up...

Where are you going?

Taking my wife home.

You're lying.

Isn't she the owner of the
Kwangtung Restaurant?

Tie them up!


That way, quick!

Quick, quick.

Mama! Leave my mother alone!

Let go of her!

You go first.

That gunboat must be carrying dynamite!

You have to sink it!


- Wang Jie.
- Jinyuan.

Has Cai Renjie arrived?

He's in position.


We'll wait here until dawn.


The target's straight ahead.

Wang, we'll take the front.

Cai Renjie takes the right.

Liu Hongren, Liu Hongshen,
you two Lius take the left.

Once inside, we'll make
for the command center.

Is that clear?


The Chinese commandos
have entered the grounds.

Prepare to withdraw.


Quickly destroy all essential documents,

to keep them out of the hands
of the Chinese commandos.

- Go!
- Let's go!

- Do you have the documents?
- Right here.

Come on! Let's go!

Don't swarm in!

Don't panic!

Please, go that way!

There is a refugee reception center.

Don't crowd!

Calm down! Go that way!

Miss, tell me, where are they going?

Across this bridge,
to the British Concession.

There's a refugee center. You
can take your children there.

Alright, thank you.

Operation Iron Fist...

was a classic example
of a surprise attack.

All our fallen comrades,

whether militarily, or psychologically,

have given us an immortal memory.

Don't feel disappointment
or expect punishment...

for this setback.

On the contrary,

I urge you all to
vigorously and thoroughly

prepare for the next operation.

It is essential to keep the morale high.

We've been ordered by the National
Military Council to cooperate with

the national guard,
militia units, and police,

in an all out effort to hold
the defense line at Chapei.

The Japanese have announced they
will occupy Shanghai in three days.

We shall have a chance to test
the Japanese and find out

if their fist is as strong as the
solid ground we walk on.

- Jinyuan.
- Sir.

Take command of the 262nd Brigade.

It's yours.

I-- I--

Don't say anything. Just prove yourself.


Please line up!

Don't push!

All of you can get some!

Here. Here.

- Hurry up! That way!
- Excuse me...

Go get it. Let's get some rice.

Let's get some rice.

Give me that!

Stop pushing!

Everyone gets their share!

We aren't treated as people.

No food.

No water.

Family scattered... Home destroyed...
People bombed to death!

The central government
should give us some money!

We have no money. We'll be
beggars for the rest of our lives!

The central government owes us a lot!

Can you shut up?

If you feel bad, go back to Hongkou.

Let's take a bath.

Good boy.

Poor little baby.

You're a good boy.

Wait for me here, I'll be back soon.

Go slowly, please!



I got your letter, that's how
I found out you were here.

Please come home with me now.

Daddy, we have nowhere to go.

Shanghai is unstable but Zhenjiang
is peaceful. Come back with me.

Take it easy!

Dad, once Shanghai is
occupied by the Japanese,

Zhenjiang will also become unstable.

We have nowhere to go,

except to follow the
government troops and to fight.

If you refuse to go back, I'll tie
you up and carry you home!


Huimin! Huimin!

You must be crazy!

Come back with me!

That's right. She's acting like a man.

It's ridiculous.

Go home and become a lady!

Such nonsense.


Please leave here.



Huimin, come with me.

- Don't pull me!
- Sir...

We Shanghai scouts
are fighting Japanese.

The entire country's scouts
are fighting Japanese.

We don't ask for pay or food. We
don't fear hardship or death.

We believe our work is great.

We are not playing.


He's right.

Why do you beat her?

Aren't you proud of
having such a daughter?

Yang Huimin is our representative.

She is our model.

She always works hard!

Yet never asks for anything in return!

She has courage and strength!

If you should get
killed by Japanese planes,

she will surely avenge you!

As for me, my family owns a big factory.

But on the 13th of this month,

both my father and mother
were killed by Japanese planes!

Here are their blood-stained clothes!

I swore to get revenge for them!

But I'm not strong enough,

I don't have the
strength or the ability!

My parents should rise from
their coffins and slap me!


It hurts me so much
when you beat Huimin!

Here is a club.

Why don't you beat us all to death?

The Japanese are here.

You can bear it, but we cannot.

If we are not killed by you, we
will jump into the Suzhou Creek!

Zunin, thank you.

Huimin, there are 20 bags
of rice in my cart.

You can have them.

You mean you'll give us all that rice?

Get up.

I won't regret it.

I don't want to lose you.


Your division has held
Chapei for three months.

Japanese call you the
"Hateful Chapei Division."

They now know Chinese
aren't easy to deal with.

But we've got orders to join the
troops in the defense of Nanjing.

You are to leave a battalion
for guerrilla fighting in Chapei.

Not only will they cover our withdrawal,

but they will also cause commotion,

attracting the attention
of the League of Nations.

What do you think?

I'll leave the 524th
Regiment's 1st Battalion.


Please make it clear to them that
they might not leave here alive.

They were already aware of that when
they came to Shanghai with me.

I am the Chief of Staff of the
262nd Brigade, Xie Jinyuan.

The Japanese have retreated.



Division Command wants
us moved to Nanjing.


Look who's here.




it was really dangerous, I
almost couldn't get through.

Xiaohu, are you afraid?

Not at all.

Mr. Wang said he couldn't find you and

was afraid something
might have happened.

We've been in Shanghai all along.

Where have you been living?

At a refugee camp with girl scouts.

I learned you were here yesterday.

We came over right away.

Why didn't you return to Guangdong?

I couldn't leave you here.

I left...

but I returned again with the kids.

Leave here.

We have two children
and parents at home.

Shanghai will be turned over
to underground fighters.

We're going to Nanjing this afternoon.

Chief, Division Command wants
you to report right away.

Yes, I know.

Dad, I don't want you
to go away. Stay...

- Dad...
- Hongren.


Help them out of here.

Don't worry, I'll take
good care of them.


my movements are dictated by orders.

I haven't been able to take care of you.

You married the wrong man.

Face the music,

go back to Guangdong and
till the fields and cotton.

If you can't live that way, you're
free to make your own life.

I'll never blame you.

I'll die happy even if I'm killed.

Do you understand me?

It doesn't matter if you live or die,
I'll kowtow three times to you.

If you die, please return with the
heavenly winds to see your parents.

Look over me and
your four poor children!

Xiaohu, are you alright?

Mom, I'm fine.


- Xie Jinyuan.
- Sir!

- Shangguan Zhibiao.
- Sir!

- Yang Ruifu.
- Sir!

- Step forward.
- Yes!


At ease!

I have a mission for you.

Do you have the resolve?


I want you to wage a
guerrilla operation in Chapei.

To show our continuous resistance

and prove we Chinese are
determined to fight to the very end.


This way.


Any comments?

The Japanese have
340,000 men in Shanghai,

while we have only one battalion.

I suggest we concentrate
our forces in one place,

fortify the location, and
wait for the Japanese.

We will fight to the last man,

long enough for the League of
Nations to complete its investigation.

What do you think
of the Sihang Warehouse?

It's ideal.

It's stocked with soybeans,
ox hides, cotton, ammunition

and a telephone.

If it's available, we can
move our troops in tonight.


- Jinyuan.
- Sir.

- Zhibiao.
- Sir.

- Ruifu.
- Sir.

I hope your names, along
with the Sihang Warehouse,

will be remembered forever.


The expedition to invade Shanghai has

extended its schedule
from 3 days to 3 months,

and increased its forces from
15,000 to 300,000 men.

All these failures

will be transformed into victory...

by me.

I believe the Chinese troops
will leave Shanghai very soon.

Chapei will never see the
Hateful Division again.

Thanks to the League of Nation peace
mediators for coming to Shanghai.

I believe within a few days the
committee will understand

that Japan has taken action based
on mutual benefit and justice.

First Company Commander, Tao Xingchun.

Second Company Commander, Deng Ying.

Third Company Commander, Tang Di.

Machine Gun Company
Commander, Lei Xiong.

At ease.

Now all four companies are
here. A total of 423 men.

From now on,

we're all in the same boat,

we live or die together.

Follow my orders exactly.

1st company will build a
trench 100 meters long

to form a perimeter defense.

2nd company will defend the ground
floor and will make holes in the walls

for firing at any approaching enemy.

3rd company will defend the 2nd

and 3rd floors in positions
behind barricades.

Be prepared.

Machine Gun Company will set up a
cross fire network of emplacements,

blocking off and limiting
outside enemy movement.

Our Chief of Staff is observing

enemy movements from a
French Concession hotel.

He'll relay orders by telephone.

Deputy, perform a daily check
of the food and water supply.

We will have one meal a day,

consisting of soybeans, flour
and half a jug of water.

To prevent the enemy
from sabotaging us,

we will cut off the power supply.

At night, we will burn cotton for light.

My daytime position
will be on the roof-top.

At night, I'll be in the front trench.

Contact me anytime.

The Suzhou Creek and British
Concession are in front of us.

The enemy is behind
us and on both sides.

5,000 to 30,000 men may
attack us in any one offensive.

In other words...

We're besieged in the center.

Hang on as long as you can.

When it's no longer possible,
use a hand grenade.

Heaven or Hell...

We'll meet again.


Sihang Warehouse and Suzhou
Creek are in front of us,

but we've yet to see
any Chinese soldiers.

They all run away.

Alright, search the warehouse!


There are Chinese soldiers
in the warehouse.

How many are there?


We have discovered Chinese troops.

They are in the Sihang Warehouse.

They must be wiped out immediately.

Call in artillery support to
destroy the warehouse!


The Japanese are attacking
on the right flank...

from North Tibet Road.

A unit of about 400 men.

A second unit...

with some 700 men, is 300 yards away,

inside bombed-out homes.

A third group

of about 200 men is inside
the Bank of Communications.

It is important that we maintain
our front line trenches.

Don't let the Japanese get through.

Front trench units, don't
let the Japanese through.

Sons of bitches!

Have the guts?


I'm a Chinese girl scout!

Hello, how are you?

What unit are you with?

1st Battalion, 524th Regiment,
88th Division!

Why didn't you retreat?

We're ordered to hold
the Sihang Warehouse.

Look... Look...

What did he say?

He asked how many
soldiers in the warehouse!

There's a Chinese soldier.

We have 800!

Do you need anything?

We're short of water and flashlights!

Everyone, listen!

- I have some good news.
- What is it?

Not all of our soldiers
have left the city,

some are still in the Sihang
Warehouse fighting the Japanese.

There's still hope!

We have to help them!

Chairman Wang!

Chairman Wang!

- I'm Wang Xiaolai.
- Chairman Wang.

We need help.

We need 2,000 tanks of distilled
water and 800 flashlights from you.

- And...
- So many? Do you have any money?

Yes, we do.

And some jewelry. Here it is.

We have money.

All this was donated.

Since this is for refugee relief,

I will donate all the supplies.

Thank you!

If you can, could you donate more?

We need 500 cases of biscuits.

300 bottles of blood plasma,
300 blankets, and...

Ah! I'd like to be a refugee...

Chairman! I will tell you a big secret.

All these resources will be
sent to Sihang Warehouse.

We have 800 soldiers there.


Of course, it's true.

Good, I'll donate what I can.

Thank you, Chairman Wang.

These truckloads... how can
you deliver that to them?

We haven't thought about it yet.

How about talking with Du Yuesheng?

I'll have a word with him.

He knows people who
could deliver the goods.

That's wonderful!

It's stifling.


Move aside the barbed wire!

Get the trucks moving, come on!

Go faster!

Hurry. Hurry!

Step on it!

Move those vehicles!

We only have 30 minutes!

Hurry up!

Speed it up!

Hurry up, we only have 30 minutes.

Hurry up.

Step on it.

Move those vehicles.

We only have 30 minutes.
Only 30 minutes.

Keep up.

Go on!

Hurry up, quick.

The Japanese have opened fire, watch it.

Quickly, the warehouse is just ahead.

Come with me.

Faster, this way.

Come on.

How is it going?

- We can't hold much longer.
- Alright, pull out.

Hang on.



- Water...
- Give me water.


Without their help, we'd
have nothing to drink.


That water's the best I've ever tasted.

- Get those flashlights!
- Hurry!

- Right away!
- Just give me that!

- Hurry!
- Here's the flashlights.


I need flashlights.

Over here.

Shut up!



The Chinese resistance is stubborn.

We haven't been able to take them.

We need reinforcements.

Japanese gunboats along the Suzhou Creek

are attempting to blockade Le Se Bridge.

The situation's gotten much
worse. Do you need anything?

Sir, we are alright.

We'll fight to the last
man. The last bullet.

3rd company, come over here!

Hurry up!

Damn it!

Liu Hongren, what are you doing?!

I gotta go!


It's for my brother!

Sir, go all the way! Don't give up!

Here I come!


Look! Japanese flags on every side!

Let's take a Chinese
flag into the warehouse!

- Right!
- Let's take a flag in there!

- That's right!
- Let's take a flag in there!

Yang Huimin, thank you
for being a volunteer.

Now we're asking you to
risk your life once more.

You know the area around the
warehouse and are a good swimmer.

If this flag is raised
at Sihang Warehouse,

it'll boost the morale of the troops,

and give courage to the Shanghai people.

We will prove to the League
of Nations committee,

and show the foreign correspondents...

that our nation and
flag will endure forever.

Girl, everything is now in your hands.

There are gunboats in the river.

I'll swim from 500 yards
away to avoid being spotted.

Once ashore, I'll make a
break for the warehouse.

If I don't come back,
please comfort my parents.

Huimin, Huimin!

Huimin, watch out.

When you marry...

don't forget to invite my parents.

Do you hear me?

- Do your hear me?
- Yes.

Don't forget my parents!


- The girl...
- It's a girl?

How did she come in?

- It's dangerous.
- Yes.

A scout...

Sir, Yang Huimin is here.


The flag...

Commander, the flag.

- It's our flag.
- The flag...

- Thank you.
- The flag...

The flag...


This girl scout, Yang Huimin, has
risked her life to deliver this flag.

Thank you, Yang Huimin!

We owe much to you!

Long live the scouts!

Now, men, we're
sending Yang Huimin back!

No... I am not leaving.

I want to stay here to help.

I can cook, heal, load
guns, I can do anything.

It's too dangerous. You can't stay here.

Do you have letters to send?
We'll ask her to deliver them.

Those who can't write, ask
your platoon leaders to help.


I can help!

- Help me!
- I'll write for you!


Long live the Republic of China!

We have to destroy the Chinese
flag on top of Sihang Warehouse!

Prepare the planes for take off!

Machine guns, start to fire!

Shoot down the flag!

Commander, goodbye.

Be careful.


- Go.
- Good bye!


Run! Just run!


- Thank you!
- Yang Huimin! You're the best!

Thank you!

- Yang Huimin, you're the best!
- Thank you!

Get it up! Get it up!


Long live the Republic of China!

Long live the Republic of China!

China will not die, China will not die,

look at our national hero Commander Xie.

China will not die, China will not die,

Watch the 800 heroes of the lone
battalion fight for every inch of land.

There are shell fires all around,

there are jackals all around.

They would rather die than retreat,

they would rather die than surrender.

Amidst the sea of chaos our nation's
flag flies proudly, flies proudly,

flies proudly, flies
proudly, flies proudly.

800 heroic hearts all beat as one,

unstoppable to the thousands of enemies,

Our actions are mighty,

our integrity heroic

Comrades, arise! Comrades, arise!

Let's answer the call to arms,

and follow the example of
the eight hundred heroes



After a discussion, we decided
that you should make this call.


Xie Jinyuan.

This is Zhang Boding. Can you hear me?

We got cut off several times.

I'm having trouble hearing.

We have some new developments.

- Listen carefully.
- Yes.

- Go get the Deputy Commander.
- Yes.

For the safety of the Concessions,

all foreign consulates and commanders
have asked the National Military Council

to cease fire.

The Division Commander is here.

He has direct orders from the
National Military Council.

1st Battalion...

abandon Sihang Warehouse immediately.

Retreat across the Lese Bridge
to the British Concession.

Do you understand?


I can't hear you.


Suzhou Creek is full
of Japanese artillery boats,

if we attempt to cross,
they'll cut us down.

We are determined to defend Sihang
Warehouse. We fight until the end!

What did he say?

They rather die with
honor than surrender.

This way.

This is Du Yuesheng.

Jinyuan's family refused to leave
Shanghai. He's been looking after them.

Mrs. Xie wants to talk to her husband.


Chief of Staff.

Mrs. Xie, why didn't you leave Shanghai?

I heard that he's
defending Sihang Warehouse.

I just can't leave him alone.

I want to wait here for the outcome.

Even if he dies,

I'll be with him eventually.


Retreat to Lese Bridge.

Sir. The Japanese
have reinforcements now.

500 to 600 soldiers are in front.
I don't want to be here anymore.

Please let me fight outside.

- Be patient, soldier.
- Sir. You have a call.

Who is it?


It's you, Weicheng?

Yes, Mr. Du's looking after us.

How are you?

Why didn't you leave?

I heard that our troops will
retreat, and I want to be with you.

This unit is not a machine.

It doesn't just stop or move anytime.

As leader, I know their morale,

and the morale here is high.

Nobody can make them leave.

But you'll get killed if you stay.

You may live if you come out.

Jinyuan, I understand
your strong fighting will.

I understand!

But there are 400 men in
there too, must they all die?

Nobody will say that to you, but
I'm the mother of your children!

This evening, we'll be waiting
for you on the bridge.

If you decide not to come, I
won't hold it against you...

or blame you.

Life has been worthwhile.

Our children are so proud of you.

Jinyuan, please take care of yourself.

If we don't see each other again,
I'll find you in the next life.

Prepare to leave.

- Sit down.
- Excuse me, Sir.

What is it?

We start retreating at midnight.

Don't carry anything
except guns and ammo.


It's difficult to pass that bridge.

Take out a patrol.

- Destroy the Japanese searchlights.
- Yes.

How many wounded?


They'll stay here.

Leave me 3 machine guns,

I'll give you covering fire.

You're staying?

Commander, retreat.


Commander, retreat with us.

Don't force me.


How long do you think you can hold on?

Here, I'm a man. Outside, I'm nothing!

It's been 10 years...

At Yolong, Tonglu, Longtan, Jinan...

January 28 at Shanghai...
I fought with honor!

Now, I'm older
and a father.

I've become cowardly and confused.

So many people have sacrificed
for Operation Iron Fist.

The Division Commander trusted
me to defend Sihang Warehouse.

A chance to prove myself.

Now, you tell me to secretly retreat?

What would I be? What kind of leader?

I'll be ashamed.

If I have no confidence
and no will to fight,

why should I live?

Hold a gun and then get the wage?

Is that what the
Military Academy taught us?

Tonight, your wife
will be waiting for you.

Brother, since the beginning
of my 524th Regiment duties,

you've always been under my
command and helped me.

You're a real man.

I know I can depend on you.

Send my wife and children
back to Guangdong.

Don't let them get
caught by the Japanese.

Thank you.

Commander, don't say a word to our men.

If they know that you're staying,
they will never leave here.

I won't tell them.

Please hang on. Cheer up
and watch them leave.

I will.

Don't worry. I'll be as tough as iron!

Due to the requests
of foreign consulates

and the 88th Division
Commander's order,

the 524th Regiment

began to retreat from Sihang Warehouse,

passing through Guangfu
Road and Lese Bridge,

to the British Concession.

This is the end of the
Battle of Shanghai.

The spirit of the 524th Regiment

inspired the entire Chinese
population and military.

The Chinese people finally
achieved victory in 1945.


Since August 13th,

you've fought for 3 hard months.

Obedience is the
first duty of a soldier.

When I command you to defend,
you're not allowed to live.

When I command you to retreat,
you're not allowed to die.

Starting at 2 AM, you'll retreat
according to this order:

1st, 2nd, 3rd, then Machine Gun Company.

Make a run for it across Lese Bridge.
The Chief of Staff will be waiting.

At the front gate of Guangfu Road,

at North Tibet Road, and at the
Bank of Communications roof,

there are Japanese machine guns.

Artillery boats are positioned
along Suzhou Creek.

Once you start,
don't stop, and stay low.

Every man and gun is crucial.

Survivors will get another
crack at the Japanese!

I want all of you to get
across that bridge to safety.

Afterwards, go to
Nanjing or somewhere else.

Continue fighting and take revenge for
all those who sacrificed in Shanghai!


Now, we have 387 men left.

9 wounded soldiers will
stay here to provide cover.

After crossing the bridge, remember
to count off your number,

so that we can check the casualties.

- Now, then, understand?!
- Yes, Sir!

- Mom, I can't see.
- I can't see, either.

Come here.


Can you see that?

It's Sihang Warehouse.

- I see it.
- Right.

- Do you feel cold?
- No.

Xiaohu, do you feel cold?


Come on!

1st company, attention!





Move it!



2nd company, attention! Run!


Come on now! Move it!


Go! Come on!


Hang on!

Let me carry you!
We must pass the bridge!


Go! Count off!

- We made it, Sir.
- Good.

Good to see you.

Come on. Ho!

No. 123!

No. 124!

No. 125!

No. 126!

Xiaohu, Xiaolan.

Hurry up!

3rd company, move it!


Come on!

Machine Gun Company,
prepare to move out.

But don't drop your gun!

Jump into the river if you lose it!

If you don't, then you're
not my brothers!

Now get the hell out!

Come on!



Watch your gun!

No. 301!

No. 305!

No. 306!

No. 307!

Commander, if you don't
leave now, then no one will.

Maybe the men who cross the
bridge will come back for you.

Commander, please.

Ruifu, just go.

More Japanese are coming.


Don't drop your gun!

Commander... I can't move anymore.

Let's get out of here, otherwise
we'll both end up dead.

Bastard! You bastard!

Jinyuan! Jinyuan!

You can't die! Not here, not now!

When the Japanese attack Nanjing,

the Division Commander
will lead us to fight!


Commander Xie, run!

Commander! Commander!

Dad! Dad! Come over here!


Jinyuan, run!




Go away, damn it.

Run faster!

Jinyuan, run faster!

Run faster, Jinyuan!


Weicheng, I have to fight on.

Don't cry.

This is war.

No. 342!


No. 343!


No. 344!


No. 345!


Good bye, Dad.

Commander. A total of 357 men.

Hey. What's my number?

No. 358!

I'm No. 358!

China will not die, China will not die,

look at our national hero Commander Xie.

China will not die, China will not die,

Watch the 800 heroes of the lone
battalion fight for every inch of land.

There are shell fires all around,

there are jackals all around.

They would rather die than retreat,

they would rather die than surrender.

Amidst the sea of chaos our nation's
flag flies proudly, flies proudly,

flies proudly, flies
proudly, flies proudly.

800 heroic hearts all beat as one,

unstoppable to the thousands of enemies,

Our actions are mighty,

our integrity heroic

Comrades, arise! Comrades, arise!

Let's answer the call to arms,

and follow the example of
the eight hundred heroes

China will not die, China will not die!

China will not die, China will not die!

Will not die!
Will not die! Will not die!