B gai waak (1998) - full transcript

Loosely based on the Tokyo Nerve Gas Bombings, a terrorist cult plan the destruction of Hong Kong by deadly Sarin Gas if their leader is not released. One Hong Kong Cop and a seconded Japanese officer are all that stands in the Terrorist groups way.

Over there.

Madam, it's Ken.

The Japanese took
the sarin gas to UBC station.

You have to stop them immediately.

TV station? How do you know?

l saw them going towards
that direction by the bridge.

Ken, don't cause trouble, OK?

Headquarters has issued
a warrant to arrest you.

No one can back you up.
You have to come back first.

Run out of battery at this time?

What's the matter? Madam.

- Is everything OK in there?
- Yes, everything is fine.

- I want to take a look inside.
- Open the gate.

Are you OK?

The car's not moving.

TV station is over there. Come with me.

What's the matter?

We're from the Japanese Consulate.
We're here for an interview.

Yes, car registration number is FU9804.

Appointment at 9 o'clock
for an interview. Open the gate.

lt's so sorry to frighten you.

Keep working.

Madam, everything is OK.

- Let's go.
- Yes, madam.

Who are you?

Madam, look.

Police! Freeze!

Police! Don't move!


Let's fool around with them.

What's the matter?

We are now in charge of this place.

Everybody come over here.

Go to the studio, move!

l promise you to co-operate. Cool down!

Fanny, Seng, come out!

- What's the matter?
- Go...

To the studio! Go!


Cut the line!

Drop it!

Follow me.

Hurry up.

The camera is ready.

Welcome to our new sprung
Shojenomichi Television Network.

I sincerely hope that
you would assist me...

in broadcasting our
next programme world-wide.

Have I made myself clear? Any questions?

The audience would rather
watch a smiling hostess.

Don't you agree? So now, try to smile.

Miss Anita, smile!

Mr. Takizawa.

Is everything OK up there?

Let them in, but no exit!

I'm going upstairs to see a friend.

Call the police, quick.

Find another phone.

find it outside that way!

Let's go.

The lifts are locked. Use the stairs.

Idiots! Kill the two bugs!

Show time!

Let's go.

Take a look upstairs.

Come out! You coward!


You'll be dead soon!

Shoot him!

Come out.


Why didn't you shoot?

They wouldn't have died
if you hadn't hesitated.

For the sake of Uncle Lam,
can you behave like a cop for once?

Let's get started,
show the Hong Kong police a good time.

Are you the person in charge?

Yes, this is the superintendent speaking.
Who am l speaking with?

I'm Takizawa Ryuichi of Shojenomichi.

We're prepared a television programme
for the Hong Kong police.

Trace the call!

There's no need to trace my call.

What do you want? Mr. Takizawa?

Simply turn on your TV set,
and you can find me on the 5th channel.

Bring me the TV set!

Call Secretary for Security
and Police Chief.

Hostages are either on the roof
and in the studio. What do you think?

You know the Chinese saying
a snake can't move without its head.

Our priority is to capture Lone.

If we cut off their electricity
we might have a chance to surprise them.

Don't just talk without action.

At 8:30 Hong Kong time.
Shojenomichi of Japan...

successfully invaded
Satellite TV station.

The main purpose towards
the occupation of TV station...

is to request the Hong Kong police...

for the releasing of Mr. Yoshinaga,
the leader of Shojenomichi.

ln one hour time,

they hope to see Mr.Yoshinaga
sitting onto the plane to Russia.

If not, the members of Shojenomichi

Deputy Japanese Consul...

I'm afraid you are not
a very good broadcaster after all.

If the Hong Kong government
refuse to co-operate.

We'll execute Acting Japanese Consul
Narita right here.

And l'll also activate
this chemical bomb.

which will cover Hong Kong
with sarin in less than 10 minutes.

These people want to ruin Hong Kong.

A police car is coming.

Mr. Wong, l prefer
no disturbance from your men.

Kill them all!

Let's start the game.

Take cover...

Sir, they killed
the first batch of 10 hostages.

These people are crazy and daring.

Did you find out the number of
hostages & their stronghold position?

Sir, we are not sure yet,
approximately 200 to 300 people.

But the OP and heat detector
have confirmed.

The stronghold position is at Studio One.

OK, print out all the information.

Special Duties Unit is on their way.

Sir, anti-terrorist
negotiator has arrived.

Simulation-attack team is standing by.

Good! l want everything
ready in 15 minutes.

Prepare to give our SDU a final briefing.

Did you get in touch
with lnspector Ching's team?

Try another channel.

Sir, they will not change any channel.

What does that mean?

It means that maybe Ching
and the rest of them are dead.

I have made myself very clear.

We'll withdraw upon the release
of our mentor Yoshinaga.

We intend to keep our promise
as long as you'll keep yours.

Mr. Takizawa, we have to get permission
from the Security Council...

before we can set Yoshinaga free.

- In the meantime...
- I don't want to talk to you.

Give me your incident commander.

- I'm the incident commander.
- I don't care who the fuck are you.

Listen, one hour later,

if I don't see Mr. Yoshinaga
sit into the airplane to Russia,

you will pay twice the price
to learn the lesson.

Nobody moves! Drop your weapon
or I'll blow his fucking head off!

It's too rush, there is only
a 50% chance to attack enemy in there.

The possibility to rescue
hostages is only 25%.

I don't care.
You guys are the best in Hong Kong.

If you don't do it, who else will?

Then my men will suffer casualties.

Casualties? All my men had died!

The negotiator has started
their tactical negotiations.

You and your men will attack
the enemy in 15 minutes.

- Did I make myself clear?
- Yes, sir.

- We take action in 15 minutes.
- Yes, sir.

Don't be naive. Hong Kong government
will not release Yoshinaga.

Our purpose is money.

I don't want to die.

You never understand, did you?
You talk about money.

All snipers in position.

Ken, where are you now?

I'm in a kind of a tape library,
just next to the studio.

Nice to hear from you again.

Me, too.

I'm in a control room,
above the security office.

I'll come over, don't go away.

Charlie 2, situation report!

All clear.

A few silly rats are coming up.

This is what you call
your Special Duties Unit?

Charlie 1 compromise, lA stand-by.

Go, go, go.

Take cover!

Medic, gun shot, double.

Medic, on the double.

Charlie 1 withdraw! Charlie 1 withdraw!

Charlie 1 withdraw!
Whole team withdraw! This is an order!


Are you sure?
You call yourself incident commander.

You know nothing about combat tactics,
do you?

l'm sorry for you, man.

Superintendent Wong, Yoshinaga is here.


Mr. Takizawa,

we have something very important for you.

Mr. Yoshinaga has spoken
to our Minister of Security.

He's not going anywhere.

Instead he wants
to talk to you in person.

He's now on the screen.

Leader, please hang on for a while.

We are able to rescue you very soon.


Hong Kong government
will fight against Shojenomichi.

We must fight
the sacred war till the end.

Send him away right now!

It's time to turn on
our satellite broadcasting system.

The Hong Kong government
has made an irretrievable mistake.

by disobeying Shojenomichi.

I would like the world
to witness the punishment.

that such a government deserves.

I, Ryuichi Takizawa,

Special Unit Commander of Shojenomichi...

apologize for the harm
I'm causing to the people of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong will be
destroyed in 10 minutes.

We must cut off
this live satellite broadcast.

But the bomb will still be activated.

He is scaring us!
How can he escape in an explosion?

Lone's never thought
of leaving this place.

But we still have time.

Takizawa, don't be stubborn.

I joined your group for money.
I don't want to die.

Please give me back my gun...


You are more nuisance than woman.

I thought I will never see you again.

It's OK. Don't be afraid.

How did you find this place?

Say no more.

Which floor is
the satellite's engine room?

- 20th floor.
- Take me there. Hurry up!

Will we die?

No, we will make it through!


Go to hell!

Sir, satellite is not working.

Mr. Takizawa,
satellite transmission is interrupted.

It must be that two fellows.
Get someone to fix it.

Yes. Move...!

Mr. Takizawa, when are we retreating?

- What should we do now?
- What to do? Leave the place!

It's useless to be frightened.
You all will die sooner or later.


Killing area ready,
take your opportunity target.

Everyone on the floor!

Don't move. Drop the gun...! Hurry up!

Don't waste your time. Beg me.

Hurry, inactivate the bomb!

There isn't anyone who can help you now.

What's going on?

Get me all the fire extinguishers, now!


The bomb up there is explosing.
Evacuate the people!

It's very dangerous here!
Leave now! Quick!

The compress gas is frozen.

I don't think we can stop the bomb.

Remove the sarin now!

It stopped!

Let's go.

Go. I'll follow you.

- I'll carry you.
- Go.

Come with me.

This is an order from Captain Takami.

Come on.


I'll wait for you.

Wait for me, my friends,
I'll be there soon.