B'Shivim Ushtayim Lo Hayta Milhama (1995) - full transcript

Somewhat autobiographical, the film opens right after the 6 day war, when Israelis euphoric with victory and the kids dress up as the captured Western Wall in Jerusalem. Now it is 1972. The film centers on a young boy, who is failing in school, and grounded from going on Passover trips with his classmates. Instead he must visit private academies (including military school) with his parents, who want him to do better in school. Foreshadowing to the coming war in 1973 and the defeat of euphoria.

Duration: 1:18:28
FPS: 25

To my mother and father with love

Yoni, move a little to the left.
Yes, that's good. Smile.

I said left.
Move to the left.

Smile. Yes.

When my mother, Florence gave birth
first time, the fetus was stillborn.

You can imagine that my arrival
brought her great happiness.

Like she says:
"Happiness is not the word."

Dad didn't waste any time.

Less than a year went by,
Mom got fat, and Yoram was born.

When I was 1 year old, Dad's dream
began to come true.

We moved to a villa.

Mom wanted a goldfish pond
in the garden,

so Dad brought her
carp from the supermarket.

Yoram, why aren't you smiling?

In April, 1968, Mom made
costumes for all the kids.

I was the entire Land of Israel
in front, and the Kotel in back.

Yoram was the Tower of David,

and Dan was an Arab who fled
from combat with only one shoe.

Dad's shoe.

A David Krainer Film

"There Was No War in '72"
"Take the drum, boy.

"Take the drum.

Adam Abulafiah
"Beat the drum and march.
March down the street and beat the drum.

Ava Haddad
"Sing the song, boy.
In a clear, pure voice.

Shmuel Edelman
"Sing the song, beat
the drum and march into the light.

"Take the drum, boy.

"Take the drum.

"Beat and march.
Beat and march down the street.

"And sing the song, boy.
In a clear, pure voice.

"Sing the song.
Beat and march, into the light."

Screenplay and Direction
David Krainer

Subtitle production:
Elrom Studios

"And Samson grasped the two middle
pillars on which the house rested,

"braced himself against them.

"One with his right hand,
one with his left.

"And Samson said,
'Let me die with the Philistines.'

"And he bend..." -And he bent.
Start reading from the beginning.

"And Samson grasped the two middle
pillars on which the house rested,

"braced himself against them.

"One with his right hand,
one with his left.

"And Samson said,
'Let me die with the Philistines.'

"And he bend..." -Bent.

"And he bent with all his might so
that the house fell on all the lords.

"The dead whom he killed at his
death were more than in his life."

So what isn't clear?
- I don't know.

So why did you write that he killed
more during his life?

I got mixed up.

What's clear is that
he never stopped killing.

You got mixed up.

Mixed up?
Keep reading.

You're 14 years old, you know?

A 14 year old.
Start thinking with your head.

I said read!

"And Samson grasped the two middle
pillars on which the house rested,

"braced himself against them."
I don't understand this stuff.

Sir, I told you
to keep reading.

I’m not reading,
do you understand?

Start reading!

From the beginning
and start to understand.

I’m not going to read that.

Go to your room right now.

I didn't ask you what to do.
- Get to your room right now.

Right now!

And don't you
dare leave the house!

You'll pay for this.
You'll pay.

You're worthless.

Don't come back to this house.
Don't ever come back.

Don't you dare!

With a report card like this,
my dad will kill me.

Forget about the report card.
I wrote a song for the performance.

It's called "Papa Rooster."

And Mom's schnitzel.
- That's a good line.

Look. Look at Tamar.

Tamar starting to grow up.


So did you write
a farewell song about school?

We heard they're kicking Batya out.

She only got a "B" in math.

Oh forget about those two losers.

In the shelter at eight.
- Come pick me up.

You did good.

Are you coming to Benzi? -No.
I’m going to Nueba with Nir Shafrir.

Forget about Nueba.
Your dad will never let you go.

Want to bet?

On whatever you want.

Shit. There's my dad.
- Get in the car.

I don't feel like it. I have
a rehearsal. -Get in the car. Now!

Call me.
- I’m going to Nueba, I’m telling you.

Did you get your report card
already? -Yes.

Yoni, you frightened me.

Why were you crying?

I’m not crying.
- Why were you crying?

I cried 'cause I cried.

And why do you cry, sir?

I cried because I cried.
- No.

Is it because of your report card
by any chance?

- What do you mean, "Yes."

They decided that I can't go
to Alliance School next year.

I want to see it.

Give it to me.

Where are you going?

What does this grade mean?
- Barely passing.

I think that's a "D."
In what subject?

Oral Law.
What's Oral Law?

You know, all the stuff
that's by heart.

"D" in English.
Don't you know English?

All I know is that your father
is going to kill you

when he finds out what kind
of report card his son got.

That's probably your father now.
Go answer the phone.

I’m not answering.
- Go answer the phone.

I’m not answering. -Florence,
your husband's on the phone.

What do you want
to tell him about this?

Your son, Mr. Kay,
was kicked out of school.

Exactly what I said.

No. He's on his way
to Nueba now.

No. He's still here.

Okay. Okay.

Yoni, your trip is canceled.

You're not going anywhere
till Dad gets home.

Did you hear me?

He never showed up. -Hi.
Where were you? We waited for you.

Take the cooler.

Take a hat.
Yoni, I have to talk to you, dear.

Your father called
and you're can't go. I’m sorry.

I got the matza ready for you,

the sandwiches with matza,
just like you said,

but you just can't go.
- I don't get it.

Are you going to be a wimp?
Stay at home all vacation?

What can I do?

Yoni, I’m so sorry, dear.

But that's all right.
We'll have another chance, right?

During summer vacation,
I promise, you won't stay at home.

You'll come with us.
Don't take it to heart, okay?

- Have a great time.

Bye. Bye.

Hey, what are you doing here?

They kicked me out of "Alliance."
- Yeah, right. They kicked you out.

I swear.
- And I believe you.


So what are you going to do?

I have no idea.

Didn't you get report cards today?
- We did. So what?

Do you see this tooth?

I need to get it straightened.

You need to get that tooth

Okay. My head hurts and I’m going
to get a drink of water.

Do you think that I'll be prettier
if they straighten that tooth?

I think you're pretty
in any case.

Besides, I just told you
that they kicked me out of school

and you don't care at all.

Yoram, Dani, come and help me
with the ice cream.

Dad, Dad.
Look at the report card.

Oh, nice. You got report cards.
Mom told me.

Wow! Tooty-fruity.
My favorite.

Dani, Dani, be careful, honey.

The ice cream will melt.
Mom said you got an "A" in math.

No. Just an A minus.

That's the kid that I love.
Very nice.

Well, Yoram,
take the gift pack with you.

You can take one. Take it.

And you take the pack of matza.
Just a minute.

Here. Here's a pack of matza.

Make sure it doesn't fall.

The fish are in here.

Where's Yoni?

I think he's in his room.


Yoni, your father wants you.

Go get him right away.

Gershon, is Mickey with you?
- He's with Benzi on the farm.

He's not at home.
- What did I tell you?

I told him
exactly what you said.

I asked that he stay at home.

Did he go on that trip?
- I don't know.

He'd better not dare
come back home anymore.

You can stop cooking. There won't be
a Passover Seder this year.

Yoram, take the fish.
Throw them in the garbage.

Come on, Haled.
Get the flock.

Yoni, let's brush the horses.
Take a brush.

I need you to help me during
vacation. There's a lot of work.

I don't know if I'll be able to.

Come on.
I'll make you a cup of tea.

- Thanks.

Be careful.
It's hot.

That guy from Nueba
owes me 10 liras.

You're really screwed, huh?
- What can I do?

Don't be so down. We'll have
a wild time during vacation.

Hi kids. ls school out?

- Give me a cigarette.

What's this?
What's this give me a cigarette?

Cigarettes are for men.
It's dangerous.

No cigarettes. Go help him
put the saddle on. Get going.

Are you coming home?

What time is it?
- I don't know. It's late.

I don't have anywhere to sleep.
- So go sleep in the bomb shelter.

That's the first place he'll check.
He knows. He's not an idiot.

You should have gone with Nir.

So when you came back at the end
of vacation, he'd have cooled down.

He won't let me in the house.
He's crazy.

Wait till he goes to sleep
and then go home.

That's what I’m going to do.

He almost caught me
this afternoon.

Leave me alone!
Leave me alone!

Leave me alone!

Where were you?
- Leave me alone!

Tell me where you were.
- Leave me alone.

Where were you?
- Leave me alone!

Show me what you did...

Stop it. Leave him alone.

Are you crazy?

The next time you hit one of these
kids, I’m leaving the house.

You broke the guitar.
You idiot.

What did he do to you?

Look. Your arm is swollen.
I’m going to kill him.

Look what he did
to the guitar.

Maybe you can tell me
why you had to go out today?

It's it enough that you were kicked
out of school?

What am I going to do with you?

You can't live together. -He has
to be thrown out of the house.

Your mother's going to find you
a school. Okay? Don't worry.

I promise.

Get those tears out of your eyes.

Aliza, your coffee is ready.
- Thank you very much.

Come and sit down.

And this is for you. -Wow.
- A gift for the holiday.

Thank you very much.
You shouldn't have.

Well, open it up.
- Okay. I'll open it at home.

Open it up. don't be shy.
- Okay.

What is this red stuff?

Oh, it's horseradish. This isn't
your package. I got mixed up.

I'll bring you a different package.
Wait a minute.

"...Praised the settlement policy
promoted by the government

"and reiterated his position
on the future of the Gaza Strip.

"The United Workers Party
has decided that all decisions..."

Don't forget
what we talked about yesterday.

"Gaza is part of the State
of Israel and I don't know..."

This is for you.
- Wow!

Necca 7 soap. -There's mackerels,
too. -I love the smell of Necca 7.

Well, I have to go.

Thank you very much, Michael.

Have a happy holiday and lots of
joy from the kids. -Thank you, too.

See you.

Yoram, Dani.
I'll wait for you in the car.

Ugh, going to that camp again.

Why "Ugh?" You had
such a good time last time.

No I didn't.
It wasn't fun at all.

We made people out of toilet paper.

You played ball, with marbles.

What's that? What happened
to your hand? -He broke the guitar.

What a piece of crap.

Maybe I'll get you some compresses.
- No, it hurts too much.

Florence, your coffee is cold.

Your father's gone? -What a beauty.
- Thank you, dear.

Where are you going? -We're going
to look for schools for Yoni.

I want you to change
your shirt.

Meanwhile, finish cleaning up
the kitchen. -Okay.

I thought I wasn't allowed
to leave the house.

You're not going anywhere.

We're going to check out a school
and will come right back home.

I’m going to fix the guitar
that he broke.

I’m not going anywhere
with that guitar.

I want you to put it in your room.
Change you shirt and come outside.

Got it?

Oh! -Hi.
-I've been looking for you.

Do you want to make a little
money during this vacation?

It depends what I have to do.

I want you to teach Yoni math.

How much will you pay me?
- As much as I’d pay a babysitter.

Don't worry. I'll never learn.
You'll make a lot of money.

I mean you have to teach.
At our house. -Okay.

But one condition.
He has to do everything I tell him.

You wish. -Nobody asked you.
I told you to put the guitar away.

Go and do it
and meet me on the corner.

So tomorrow's a date?
- Okay. But not too early.

- Okay, bye. -Bye.

Look. Look at those grades.

But you didn't really study
last month.

It wasn't interesting.
- Hello. Are you in line?

Hello. Yes. Hello. Come.
Sit down. -Sit down.

Do you really think
that this school is good for me?

It's a very good technical school.

What's your name?
- Yoni.

Are you going to study here?
- No. He's not in our class.

He will be.
What's your name?

- Tamir.

I have to get back
to clean the turkey.

How long have
you been waiting?

Fifteen minutes.

You're American.
- You don't say?

Dr. Sivan, please.
- This is for us.

You're Dr. Sivan.
- Leon Sivan.

Florence Korman.
Nice to meet you.

Good luck, Tamir.
- Thanks.

I like this school.

Even if you turn somersaults,
they won't accept me here.

What you don't know
could fill a book.

What you don't know
could fill a book.

Sit back, honey.

He wasn't accepted.

We've got to find him a school.

With a report card like his,
no school will accept him.

Maybe we can go and check before
you decide? -It's a waste of time.

He should go to work.

That way he'll learn to take
responsibility for himself.

If that's the way you want it,
I'll find him a school.

Do whatever you want.
He's not leaving this house.

Maybe you want to hit me, too?

I don't want to go here.
This place looks like a jail.

You belong in jail.

I’m serious.
I think you're a criminal.

There's the doctor
and his son from yesterday.

What are you doing here?
- What are we doing here?

What are you doing here?

That's what I call
a coincidence.

Next thing you'll say is
that it's all in the stars.

Yoni, why don't you take Tamir
outside and check out the courtyard?

What's to see there? I don't feel
like it. -Go. What's the big deal?


So did you finish making
the turkey for the holiday?

Do you think it's funny?
- No, no.

I just don't know
anything about it.

My wife and I go
to her parents every year,

because she's not willing to prepare
the Passover Seder at home.

She's smart. My husband insists
we hold the Seder by us every year.

Mrs. Korman.

Can I...
Can I ask you something?

I don't know how to say this.

Say it quickly
because I have to go.

I’d like see you,
if you'd agree.

Why not?

Yoni? Tell my son to come in.
- Okay.

What are you doing?

I’m sick of staying at home.
I want to go see Mickey.

You're not going anywhere.
You heard your father.

Now pick up the potatoes
and start peeling.

All the guys went horseback riding,
with Benzi, but I’m stuck at home.

I want you to help me finish
before your father comes home.

After that, I promise.
You can go wherever you want.

I want to go now.

- Hi.

Starting to learn today?

Ruthy, how nice of you to come.
Just at the right time.

I’m not learning anything.

Go into your room
and start studying.

Otherwise, even after the holiday,
you won't ride any horses.

Remember. After the Seder night,
I’m getting out of this house.

First listen to what
Ruthy has to say.

I'll talk to your father.
I promise.

Yeah, sure. Just like you said
you'd leave home, right?

Why don't you take some chocolate
to your room and start studying?

You might
actually have some fun.

Come on. Get moving.


"I will be a captain
of a ship when I grow up.

So that's how you're studying?

Mom, Aliza's bothering us.

Watch out.
He's a horny little thing. -Yoni?

Yeah, like you just discovered
America right now.

Go get a notebook, a pencil,
and start studying.


One and five-eighths divided by two
and two-thirds equals...?


Do you want to study
or just look at me?

Just look at you.

Okay. I’m calling your mom.

Okay, so I'll write.

Yoni? -Okay.
- Be serious. That's enough.

One and five-eighths divided by two.
- Wait.

And 3.36 equals?

Yoni, I’m going
to the beauty parlor.

What's the problem today?
- Same as yesterday.

So what will be?
- I'll run away.

Oh, cut the crap.
- Ouch! That hurt.

Did he hit you again?
- Yes.

I don't understand
why she stays with him.

I already told you,
she is never going to leave him.

I’m telling you
that you can never know.

I know.

Hello. -Hello.
- Can I help you?

This is for Mrs. Korman. ls she home?
- No. She's at the hairdresser.

Who are you?
- I brought this for her.

No problem. What company are you
from? -No. I’m not from any company.

So who are you?

Tell her that it's from...

"Lover's Corporation."
-"Lover's Corporation." Okay.

"Lover's Corporation."

"Lover's Corporation."
I remember. Okay. Wait a minute.

"Blessed art Thou God,
the King of the world,

"Who commanded us to eat
unleavened bread."

A...? -Amen.
-Amen. -Amen.

Now you can eat.


Mr. Blumfeld.
- Henry.

Call me Henry.
- Okay.

Mrs. Blumfeld, I wish you
a kosher Passover. -Thank you.

- Cheers.

- Cheers. -Cheers.

Pass this to Grandpa.
We do this by age.

Who can be calling in the middle
of the Seder? -Hello?

That's probably
Florence's lover.

- I was only joking.

One doesn't joke about these things.
- I’m sorry.

It's okay.
It was only a joke.

So how old are your children?
- My three little stooges, huh?

Dani's 8. Yoram is...
How old are you? 11. and Yoni is 14.

I’m forgetting their ages.

What do you want to be
when you grow up?

They asked you a question.
- A guitarist for a rock band.

What did he say?

He said he wants
to play the guitar.

I'll bet you're going to be
a businessman like your father.

Even better than him.

Don't you agree, Mr. Korman?
- Absolutely. By the way,

I have an announcement
to make.

I found a school for Yoni.

You're kidding. Where?
- It's called Kfar Daniel.

It's near Rishon LeTziyon.

How's he going to get
to Rishon LeTziyon every day?

What are you talking about?
It's a boarding school.

You live in the school. -So you're
going to live without your parents.

Isn't that great?

To business.
- Cheers!

To your wife.

It's a good Israeli wine.
- It's "Carmel Mizrahi."

Yoni, what do you think
about your father's idea?

Why are you asking him?

What do you mean
why am I asking him?

You go to boarding school.
- I already went to school.

What did he say?

- Yoni, come sit down.

Talk to him.

Excuse me.

Yoni, come here.

Can I get you some more wine?


come back to the table.

Come. I’m asking you
to come back to the table.

Don't embarrass us.

You want to kick me out of the house.
That's what you want.

I don't want
to kick you out of anywhere.

Come back to the table.
The food's getting cold. Come on.


Do you mean to tell me that you're
going to miss out on Mom's turkey?

Come on, Yoni.
Come on.

You brought up whole dorm story
in front of Blumfelds on purpose.

Didn't you?

Did you hear what he said?

I don't give a shit what he said.
- Suddenly you don't care.

He even said that in the States,
he never had such good turkey

that only my wife knows
how to make.

You know what he can do
with the turkey.

I hate these holidays.

Tomorrow, I’m on vacation.

Like you had
so much work to do.

It's all a joke to you, isn't it?
Tomorrow, the restaurant's closed.

Go check out what that was.

Go see what that noise was.

Okay. I'll go check.

Sit down.
I'll warm some up for you.


Which part do you want?
The white meat?

I don't care.

You don't care?

Put whatever you want.

Here is a nice piece of meat for you.

Meanwhile I'll give you
Mom's gefilte fish.

And now horseradish.



I don't want it to burn.

Mom doesn't sleep at night
because of you.

Because of me?
Maybe because of you?

Do you think I want
to send you to a dormitory?

I don't think so.
I’m positive.

Please. Bon appetite.

at school they won't accept you.

At home,
we don't get along so well, either.

you have to make tough decisions.

Do you think this is easy for me?
It's not easy.

There, you could turn over
a new leaf.

New surroundings.
Things will be good for you.

Believe me.

Now finish eating
and get to sleep.

What do you think
about Yoni leaving?

I don't know.
I'll get his room and it'll be fun.

I haven't thought about it
so much yet.

What's going on there?
- Stop moving.

Isn't it too tight?

It's tight. Close the zipper.
I want to go out before Dad calls.

Where are you going?

I’m going to the greenhouse,
and you're going with me.

I don't want to go there.
I want to go to Mickey's.

You can go to Mickey's after we go
to the greenhouse, on one condition.

That you come and see the boarding
school on Saturday.

I don't mind going to see, but I’m
not planning on studying there.

Don't say I didn't tell you.

I never said you'd stay there. I
just want Dad to stop nagging me.

Yes, she's here. Just a minute.

Hello? Hi. Yes, we're just leaving.
Yoni and I.

We're going to the Gan Ficus
Greenhouse by Kfar Hayarok.

in about half an hour.

Yes. Fine.

See you.

Who was that?

Do you want me to fill out a form?
- No, just say with whom.

With my secret lover.
Do you mind?

As long as he's not like Dad.

Don't worry.
- Who is this guy?

He's no one.
What do you think I am?

It was a man's voice.

So is your mom good looking?

All right, you can go out.

Just make sure you come home early.
You have a lesson with Ruthy. -Okay.

"Sometimes it's easy

"To understand
and to be silent.

"To hold on
to the passing hours.

"You say that you want
to flow with me..."

Now tell me
how you got my address?

Mr. "Lover's Corporation..."
- From the school principal.

You should be more careful.

"What's inside of me
can't get free,

"And something else is coming.

"You're trembling

"And your heart is no longer
with me."

Where'd you get
the pocketknife?

I got it from my grandfather.

Why don't you come to rehearsals?
We've be playing for a week.

You won't believe what my dad
wants to do. -What?

He wants to send me
to a boarding school.

A boarding school? Are you kidding?
- I swear.

Is he kicking you
out of your house?


That's how I like it.

To keep going?
- Yes.

What do you want to be
when you grow up?

I bet, ten to one that you'll be
a businessman like your father.

Don't you agree, Mr. Korman.

Yoni, put the guitar away.
Get out the silverware, Yoram.

Turn down the fire.

Does someone
know where Mom is?

I think she's at the greenhouse.
- The greenhouse? At this hour?

Here. -Dad, get the sugar.
- Sugar. Where's the sugar.

Here's the sugar.
- Dad, that's probably Mom.

Isn't she here?
Finish eating your fried matza.

Go to sleep.
We're getting up early tomorrow.

Where were you all day?
- Doesn't your mother get a kiss?

Where were you all day?
- Don't start with me.

Just put the flowers outside
and give them some water.

I want to go
to a rehearsal now.

So go. What do you want from me?
- Talk to Dad.

Yoram, I want you to get ready
for bed in half an hour.

Listen, Michael,
Yoni wants to go to a rehearsal.

So what do you say?


All right, Yoni.
You can go. Go ahead.

On Saturday, are we going
to the boarding school? -Yes.

Okay. You can go.

Thank you.

I'll be back at 11.
- Good.

"Why do I have to guess
what you expect?

"Why does everything
I have to say

"Explode inside my mouth.

"Like Papa Rooster,

"How can you

"You never ask a thing,
but you know it all.

"Like Papa Rooster,

"How can you

"You never ask a thing,
but you know it all."

We're not playing that.

We're not playing that,
I’m telling you.

Just because your dad works
in a butcher shop doesn't mean

that we have to sing
about chickens.

You don't decide what to do. Are you
our father? It's a great song.

We're not playing that,
I’m telling you.

So I won't play with you.
- Who are you threatening? Who?

They kicked you out of school,

Oh cut it out already.
All you do is fight.

There won't be anything
at the end of the year.

Gershon, start playing.

Klepton, to you.
And I’m not playing.

Yoni. Yoni.

I swear that if you leave now,
I'll never talk to you again.

Leave me alone, okay?

You know, you're not the only one
who got kicked out of school.

Oh cut it out already.

You're going because of that piece
of crap? You know he's not worth it.

Don't give in to that bastard.
It's a good song.

I swear that we'll play it at the
end of the year. Mickey's word.

You'd better remember.
- Come on.

Hey, is ugly back already?
Can we get back to playing?

We'll play this song at the end of
they year, or I’m leaving with him.

Let's go play.

"Do you see me
when I see you?

"Can you tell the difference
when I’m happy or sad?

"We live in the same house
and want to get out of here.

"Strangers and yet we're the same."
- Hi. -Hi. How are you doing?

Today, we played my new song
for the first time.

Really? What song?
-"Papa Rooster." -Cool.

Give me a bite.
- Take it all. I don't want it.

Where are you going?
- I got paint to make a batik shirt.

I'll come with you.
- Come.

Oh, there's my mom.

What's she doing with Leon?
- Who is Leon?

Some doctor we met at school.

When will I see you?
- I don't know.

I'll try and call you.
- Okay. Call.

What a liar.


She looks like Cinderella.

Where are your shoes?
- Yoni, I tore one of the heels.

I had to throw the other one away.
ls Dad home? -Liar.

I saw you with him in the car.
- Hello, Florence.

Yoni, I want you to
wash my car, okay?

I'll talk about it with Mickey.
- See you. -Bye.

Yoni. Yoni.

Yoni, let me talk to you.
Please. Yoni!

Yoni, open the door.

I want to talk to you.


Yoni, open the door.

Why didn't you
tell me the truth?

Because I didn't know
what to say.

Do you love him?

I love you.
- I asked you a question.

I don't know.

He's a very nice man.
He's a gentleman.

I don't want you to get
the wrong idea.

You actually go well together.

Don't worry.
I won't tell anyone.

Are you hungry?
- Yes.

You know,
Leon seems very nice to me.

Yes I know.
That's what I told my mother, too.

Let's send him a shirt.

A shirt?
- Yes. Batik. Like the one I have.

Why? -Why not? He'll think
it's from your mother. You idiot.

Did you call me an idiot?
- Yes.

Your boyfriend's an idiot.
- My boyfriend's not an idiot.

Do you have a boyfriend?
- I have a few.

So they're all idiots.

Yoni, come sit down.
I want to talk to you.

I told the principal of the boarding
school that we're coming to visit.

What a surprise.

Don't you want to go there?
- I want to work.

Are you taking into consideration
what will become of you?

You'll be a simple worker

like all the Arabs who work
do all the dirty work.

And do you know why?
Because they didn't go to school.

I can work as a gardener.
I can work on Benzi's farm.

And I can wash cars.
Isn't that good enough for you?

So I won't be an important manager
like you. So what?

A gardener has to study, too,

Without a high school diploma,

without education,
you'll never get a job.

And the army won't enlist you,
either. That'll follow you forever.

You didn't go the army. -True,
I was too old when I came to Israel.

We're going there on Saturday,

and you'd better think
about all this seriously.

The games are over.
You're a big kid now.

You have to take responsibility
for yourself.

I don't want to learn
at a boarding school.

I have friends here.
Do you know what friends are?

So what
are you two talking about?

You didn't say where you went today.
- We went to "Lady-Davis School."

We went to check out another option.
The boarding school might not work.

Well, we're going there on Saturday.
That's clear, isn't it?

Excuse me.
Where is the main office?

Where is the main office? Does
anyone know where it is? -There.

Let's go.

Hot chick.

- Please meet my wife, Florence.

Nice to meet you. David Rozner.
- Nice to meet you.

And you are Yonatan.
- Yoni.

That's our hangar.

Is that a real plane?
- We got it from the air force.

Yoni, you're going to be a pilot.
- I’m afraid of heights.

Yoni, come on up.

You know?
You remind me of my brother.

Your brother? Why?

He also had failing grades
on his report card.

- He was hanged. -What?

He was in the IZL and the British
sentenced him to death.

So what will we do with you?
- I don't know.

I can't live at home any more.

But I
don't want to leave my friends.

You know, there are kids
here who don't have a home

and you tell me that you can't
live at home anymore.

What can I say?
I just don't get along with my dad.

Are there girls here?
- No, there aren't.

What do you have here?
Only planes?

I'll give my recommendation
to the school's pedagogic committee

but on two conditions.

One, that you pass the entrance
exams at the end of the year,

and two, that you have
to transfer to our school

at the end of the Passover vacation.
- Yes, he'll do whatever's necessary.

Yoni, I’m asking you.

- Fine. Excellent.

Okay, then. It's all settled.
- Yes.

We'll talk during the week.
Meanwhile, we'll be going.

Do you like it?
- Yes. It's a very nice school.

What about you? Do you like it?
- I don't want to learn here.

You do, you don't.
You don't, you do.

Do you or don't you?

I’m turning the world upside down
for you.

If not, I’m going to tell
the principal right now. Decide.

I don't want to go to school here.
- You don't want to go here?

Now you go to the principal and tell
him that you're not coming here.

And you don't
have anywhere to come to.

Yoni... -I don't have to answer you
and I won't do what you want.

Stop the car!

Are you crazy? Stop the car.
I want to get out.

Yoni. Yoni.




"I sink into the clouds.

in their smothering beauty.

"The winds are blowing.
Don't touch.

"Something inside of me
is sinking."

We don't know where Yoni is.

Maybe you know where he is?

I just want you to call me at home
right away, if you hear from him.

Okay? No. We don't know.
He hasn't called.

I have to hang up now because
the police could be trying to call.

Okay. But call me. Bye.

Call the police again.
- You call the police.

Where are you going?
- It's none of your business.

Where are you going?

Where are you going?

Haled? -Hey, Yoni. What are you
doing here at this hour?

Are you hungry?
- Starving.

Can I sleep here tonight?
- What happened?

My dad
kicked me out of the house.

No problem. You can live by me.
No problem.

Can I have a blanket
or something?

- Thank you.

Hey, my man!
- Hey, Rabinovitz!

I knew you were here.
Everyone's looking for you.

I hope you didn't tell them anything.
- I didn't say anything.

Your mother's looking for you.

I ran away from home. Come.

Hi, Haled.

Hi, hi.
How are you doing, kids?

Mickey, how are you?
- Fine.

Is it cold outside?
- Very cold.

Have some coffee.

To your health.

Thank you.

I'll go home tomorrow
and get my stuff. I’m moving in here.

Tomorrow, Haled's going to fix me up
a place to sleep. -Did you ask Benzi?

Trust Haled. Don't you trust me?
- Of course I do.

Do you recognize this?
- My watch. You fixed it.

Yes. Do you remember it?
- You are some guy.

I knew he would fix it.
- You see?

Haled, play something for us.

What about boarding school?
- I don't know.

I have an idea.

Maybe go to that boarding school,
stay there a couple of days,

and then run away.

I'll run away with you. We'll run
to Eilat or something like that.

You're not brave enough.
- I’m not brave enough

A falling star.
- Make a wish.

What was it about?
- Girls.

You make a wish. -I already did
but I’m not telling you.

There are no girls in my class.
- Really? -None.

What do you do there?

Just learn.

That's not for you.
- No. It's not for me.

What a nice night.

Do you know the Base Theory?

What? The Base Theory?
You're trying to teach me now?

No. What is it?

There's first base. French kisses.
- Yeah.

Second base is boobs.

Third base is that little thing
down there.

And the next base is all the way.
- How far have you gone?

I've gone to second base.

Yeah, sure.
- It was good.

I don't even know what to do.

Someone's at the door.
No, it's Yoni. I'll call you back.

I was so worried about you.

I didn't sleep at all last night
because of you.

Why didn't you call me, Mickey?
- He just got to me.

I had a fun day. -You smell
like horses. I can smell that.

What horses
are you talking about?

Never ever do that to me again.
Do you hear me?

You left me there alone.

You really stink, you know?

Are you hungry? -Oh, Florence.
I see the bandit's back. -Yes. Yes.

Yoni, I’m really mad at you. -At me?
-I've been waiting for you all day.

My car. -Oh yes. Mickey and I
came back especially for that.

well I’m waiting for you.

What are you doing? Put it
in second gear already, you moron.

Let go of the steering wheel.
I’m in second gear, moron. See?

"So Papa Rooster,

"How can you?
- How can you?

"You never ask a thing,
but you know it all.

"So Papa Rooster,

"How can you?"

What about him?
Have you heard anything?

What happened? You're so concerned?
- I asked you a question.

I don't know.
I haven't seen him.

I’m calling the police.

He's outside washing Sara's car.

I didn't see anyone there.

You never see anything.

I can't believe it. It's my dad.
Quick! Quick!

What are you doing?
You moron.

Are you crazy?

Are you crazy?
What are you doing?

You could have killed someone.
Are you normal?

Who let you touch this car?

I’m asking you.

I’m going to call the police.

My father will kill me.

We're in big shit now.

Let's talk to him.

You have one of two options
and I want an answer now.

Either you go to boarding school
tomorrow, or I call the police.

That includes him, too.
Now decide.

You're not going.

You're not going?

I'll go to boarding school.

Mickey, pick yourself up
and get out of here.

Go to your room
and start packing.

I'll go to boarding school,
but you know, Mom has a boyfriend

and when she leaves you,
I’m going to move in with them.

What are you talking about?
- Just what you heard.

Mr. Kay, did you find him?

What is he talking about?
Maybe you can explain it to me?

Do you have a boyfriend? -I don't
know what you're talking about.

Yoni just said
that you have a boyfriend.

I'll explain everything,
but not now. Calm down.

Now. I want to hear
what's going on right now.

There's somebody
I've been seeing.

What do you mean, somebody
you've been seeing?

It's not what you think?
- Who is the guy?

It's no one you know.
- Where did you meet him?

I met him... What does it matter
where I met him?

Did you sleep with him?
- No, I didn't sleep with him.

Are you sure?
- Who do you think I am?

I work like a horse.
What do I get out of it?

My wife is having an affair.

I’m not coming back to this house.
See how you manage without me.

- Now look what you've done!

Are you happy?
- What do you want?

He finally left. You always suffer
because of him. Now, he's gone.

Stop talking nonsense.

Who do you think takes care
of things around here?

Who do you think buys the food? Who
do you think keeps this household?

I'll go to work.
Don't worry.

We can manage without him.

You've done enough damage
for one day.

I want you to go to your room,
pack your bags,

and tomorrow, you're going
to boarding school. That's final.

Now you want me to go there.

If you don't go, he won't come back.
- Very good. So he won't come back.

Who wants him here, anyway?
- I need him.

And your brothers need him.

Now go to your room.
I don't want to hear another word.

"The one I like the most,

"Thinks all about time
and space.

"She wants to know where it comes
from and where it's going.

"And where we'll go from here.

"Always talking
about dream-time and real-time,

"Backwards and forward
in time.

"But I love you all the time,
all the time.

"We talk about love,
about death,

"About continuity
and disruption of time.

"I love you all the time.
All the time.

"And the time, the time,
the time, the time is going by.

"And the time, the time,
the time, the time is flying by.

"And the time, the time,
the time the time has passed..."

Yoni, I want to talk to you.

I'm going to boarding school. If he
doesn't come back, I'll come home.

You know that I don't want you
to go. -You're driving me crazy.

I told you I agree to go
to boarding school.

Stop crying already.

All right, I’m not crying.

Mom, he's hitting me.
- No, he's hitting me.

Okay, okay.
Straight into the shower.

"And where will we go
when we go away from here?

"Always talking
about dream-time and real-time,

"Backwards and forward
in time.

"But I love you all the time,
all the time."

Good evening. Hello?

"All the time.

"I love you all the time.

"And the time, the time,
the time is flying by.

"And the time,
the time is flying by..."

I want to talk to you.

I didn't mean for things
to turn out this way.

I’m sorry.

Tomorrow, I'll take Yoni
to boarding school, okay?

Look at us.

We never do anything.
We never go out.

You're always busy at work.

You come home, you're constantly
fighting and shouting at the kids.

We never sit down
and just talk.

I don't expect you
to buy me flowers.

I just want you to ask me
once in a while how I feel.

I just want you to talk to me.
That's all.

I want you to leave me alone.
- Okay.


Did you pack everything?
- Whatever was on the list.

- Hi.

How often do you come home?

Once every three weeks.
Something like that.

I brought you something.
- Thanks.

What colors!

We're not going anywhere
with a shirt like that.

Florence, you have a phone call.
- Say that I’m not home.

Yoram, get out.


take care of yourself, okay?

Yoni, we're in a hurry.
Get in the car. -Just a second.

Yoram, take care of Mom.

No, no one has to take care
of me. Take care of yourself.

Take care of yourself.

Remember that you can come home
whenever you want to, okay?

I love you.
- I love you, too.

Come on, Yoni. Get in.
We're in a rush.

Yoni, wait. You're leaving
without saying goodbye to Aliza?

Take this Book of Psalms. Keep it
under your pillow, honey, okay?

Bye. Bye.

Dad, stop for a minute.

Hi. You look so dark.
- What's going on?

Too bad you
didn't come with us.

We're playing your song at the end
of the year. Where are you going?

Abroad. -To Holon, huh?
Well, take care. -Bye.

Give me a call, my man.

Keep smiling.

Don't worry. He'll be back
in two weeks. -Or three weeks.

Tamar, give me a kiss or something.
- You wish.

Come on.

We'll miss you, Yoni.

Bye, Yoni.
- Bye.

Did you take your Gibson?
- No.

Well, bye.

"Do you see me
when I see you?

"Can you tell the difference

"When I’m happy or sad?

"We live in the same house

"And want to get out of here.

and yet we're the same."

What are you looking at?
- The road.

Let's listen to the news.

"You never ask a thing,
but you know it all.

"So Papa Rooster..."

I’m taking Mom on a trip
to Greece next week.

I’m taking off work.

But don't tell her.
It's a surprise.

How could I tell her?
I won't even see her.

There's no sign, is there?
Wasn't there a sign here?

You have to turn right.

No, I think
I have to turn left.

You should turn right.

"So Papa Rooster,
how do you do it?

"So Papa Rooster,
how do you do it?"

Did you take everything?
- I think so.

Here. Take 50 liras.

Give me a hundred.
- Why do you need so much money?

What if I want to come home?

Don't worry.
Things will be fine.

It's hot today, isn't it?

Well, I have a meeting soon.

I have to go.

So good luck, Yoni.

See you.

"Take the drum, boy.
Take the drum.

"Beat the drum and march. March
down the street and beat the drum.

"Sing the song, boy.
In a clear, pure voice.

"Sing the song, beat and march
into the light.

"Take the drum, boy,
take the drum.

"Drum and march,
march and drum down the street.

"And sing the song, boy,
in a clear pure voice.

"Sing the song, drum and march
to the light."

"There Was No War In '72"

Subtitle Production:
Elrom Studios