B.O.R.N. (1989) - full transcript

A speeding ambulance abducts three beautiful young women to a sinister medical center where someone is making a killing selling healthy human organs on the black market. The title stands for Body Organ Replacement Network.

Baby, what's going on?

NURSE: She could be dead within 24 hours.

Have you checked with the donor banks?

Michael, the problem is supply.

Then what are the options?

Black market.

Dealer on.

What's up, boss lady?

We have an emergency order.


Let me have it.



How long have we got?

LIZ: We have got to ship tonight.

No, there's-- there's not enough

time to set up the subject.

It seems like it's too high of a risk.

20,000 bonus if you can make it tonight.

Consider it made.


Now shut up!

Shut up! -You're dead.

Well, then finish him.

We can't leave a witness!

Now, shut up!

I don't wanna hear a word outta you!

Forget it.

We've gotta get outta here.

Come on.


Come here!


Go ahead.

Quick, give me that arm.

-Come on. -Hold her.

Hold her tight!

Shut up!

Come on.

Get it in, will you?

OK, go to sleep.

What a night.

Even got 3 for 1.


You really screwed up, Hugh.

Don't worry about it, Liz.


I can handle it.

Here's the address.

It's a long drive, so you'd better leave now.

OK, but I gotta change my suit first.

One of these girls got some perfume on me.



Call me.

The labs tests are clean, Dr. Farley.

She's ready.

Well, that's fine, Doris.

Please prep her for surgery.

Thank you.

People die so people can live.

Now that's a paradox, Dr. Farley.

It's payday.

What was this about a witness?

Have I ever let you down?

Not yet.

Fantastic money, short hours-- I wouldn't

do anything to screw this up.

That witness is dead.

I certainly hope so.

You're better off.

Just think.

You'll never be abused, and you'll never grow old.

We found a match for the heart transplant.

That's $250,000 for a rush order.

Hold on a sec.

I found one.

$350,000 is the best I can do, plus hospital expenses.


If I was your daughter exposed to that temper,

I would have left home too.

The whole goddamn world is missing,

and you expect us to find them?

You're talking runaways.

My kids were stolen.

Listen, cowboy.

You got an attitude.

Shut up, Both of you.

Look, we care about your girls, but the whole damn system

is impossible.

Then where do I go for help?

I don't know.



Bobby, put your mother on the phone.

Mom's worried sick.

Put your mother on the phone.

Do you hear me?

OK, Dad.

Della, Dad wants to talk to you.

Buck, what's wrong?

Oh my god.

Are you all right?

I'm not leaving here without the girls.

You can reach me at Charlie's.

I love you, sweetheart.

Yeah, I love you too.


What's wrong, Mom?

Excuse me, Rosie?


Hi, honey.


What are you doing here?

I need to talk to Charlie.

Yeah, you and American Express.

Haven't you two had enough drinking for one night?

The girls are gone.

They've gone and disappeared.

I don't understand it.

It must have been a hell of a [INAUDIBLE].


You mean they're really missing?


He'll be right out.

You go sit in his office.

I'll get you a drink.


Spread 'em, one cowboy.

What'd you come back for?

A drink or did you want one more dance?

God, you look like shit.

The girls are missing.

What do you mean they're missing?

What did they do? Run off?

Some truck hit me, and when I came to they were gone.

Now, wait a minute.

Wait a minute.

Did you file a missing report?


All right.

Now, what kind of a truck was it?

Give me the make, the license plate on it.

What about the drivers?

Are they male or female? Come on.

Give me something to go on here!

Goddamn it, Charlie!

I don't need a cop.

I need a friend!

You two hot heads zip it up.

Nothing on the computer about the girls.

I thought you filed a report.

I did.

Somebody coulda hit the wrong button.

Or the goddamn computer's down again.

Maybe somebody didn't want it found.

Jesus, Rosie.

You're right again.

Buck, get that case.

Bring that.

And all right.

Let's go.

Keep in touch, and try not to kill each other.

Well, maybe.




I really did it, didn't I?

You blew it.

Oh well.


Clean that up for me, OK?

Thank you, baby.


Can I help you?


You filed a report on some missing family?

Yes, my daughters.

Have you found them?

Yes, we-- we've got them.

Is your husband home?

No, just us.

Are they all right?

Not exactly.

What happened?


Bobby Joe, run!


Get back here, kid!

Now, listen.

Get out of line again, and you both die.

Do you understand?

All right.

Now why don't we move over here, and sit down, and have

a nice little family chat?



So what the hell are you saying?

That the missing report is missing?

Goddamn machines.

Well, refile it!

Listen, what about the morgue?

All right.

Describe that Jane Doe for me, will you?

Oh no.

That's too old.



Thank you.

Appreciate it.

How you guys doing tonight?

Haven't seen you for a while.


We're looking for-- We're looking

for these missing girls.

Seen them around here?

Listen, if you see them, will you give me a call?

My number's on the back, OK?

Everything looks so damned innocent from up here.

It always gives me a lift.

Like looking for a needle in a haystack.

How in the hell could something like this happen?

Down there.

Everybody's going no place.

All just picking at each other's bones

trying to make that big score.

Runaway kids looking for love.

All they got is themselves, and they end up selling

that to the highest bidder.

The whole world is a stinking toilet waiting to be flushed.


Your name really fits you.

Why is that?

All those years of shit stacked up in you.

Hell, you're the one that needs flushing.

Yeah, well, that's reality.


You might as well face it, Buck.

The girls could--

I know.

They could end up dead.

That's all I need to think about.

Well, Charlie come on.

Let's get back down to your world.

I'm not leaving here without them.

OK, Lizzie.

Well, listen.

I'll check in with you every half hour, OK?



Well, sorry, but it looks like I'm gonna have to wait

around for your-- your husband.

In the meantime, you got any fresh fruit?

Why are you doing this?

For the money.

Nothing personal.

Listen, you got a blender too?

In the kitchen.


Hey, I just got an idea.

Why don't we put the kid to bed, eh?

And then you and me, we'll have a fresh fruit slush.

I'm staying with my mom, asshole.


Oh, tough guy, huh?


Leave him alone!

Stay out of this, mama!

Hey, look, son.

Didn't your know that big boys aren't supposed to cry?

That's right.

You're not supposed to show any pain!

Don't hit me!

My daddy taught me that.

So let's try it again, huh?


Shut up!

Look at that crying.

Ahh, ahh! Go on.

Get outta here.

Go on up there.

Don't you just hate kids?

Jerry, leave the merchandise alone.

I'm gonna give her a shot.

Anything you say.


When she's out, get her undressed and into surgery.





How are you?

I'm great.

I'm great.

Diane, this is an old friend of mine, Buck Cassidy.

Hello, Buck.




Thank you.

How have you been?

I've been great.

How about you?

Not that good.

What can I do for you?

Buck's got three daughters missing,

and he thinks maybe they've been kidnapped.

What I need to know is, who's buying?

I've got to move fast on this.

Got it, Charlie.

I'm thinking.

Sid, he's gay, and that makes the girls feel safe.

Then he hits them with downers.

Has a couple of his boys work them over.

Then Sidney owns them.

Yeah, but I heard Sidney left town.

Sid leave Los Angeles?

The mecca of [INAUDIBLE] beauties?


He's out there somewhere.

Thanks, Diane.

He's clean.

Send it to San Francisco.

And then strip out all the other viable parts.

Put them in storage.

Dispose of her.

I'll clean her out.

It goes to San Francisco.

There's 10,000 for you.

Not bad for a couple hours work, huh?

Better than running drugs.

See you next trip, Lizzie.

I dream of Jeanie with the light brown hair.

Born like a vapor on a summer air.

You think this is gonna work?

We put out the feelers and we got no answers,

so we've gotta wait.

I guess I've spent half my life waiting.

Suppose he doesn't show.

He will.

Jesus you look like shit.


Well, why don't you catch a couple of winks.

I mean, this could take a while.

Hell, I can't sleep.


Remember the foxholes, Charlie?

All the waiting?

Hoping they'd never come, but they always did?

Two different wars, Buck.

Hell, life's a war.

I ever tell you about finally finding

employment when I came home?

No, I don't think so.

Well, I walked into the office, and the woman asks me.

She says what was the last job experience you had?


And I told her I was a killer, an expert killer.

-No. -Yeah.

I said, do you got any jobs for goddamn killers, lady?

Did she find you any work?


She suggested I re-enlist.

Think we'll ever find 'em, Charlie?

All we can do is wait, Buck.

Why do you cops all look alike, huh?

Suspicious, nervous, run-down?

You forgot worn out.

I pulled it from the computer.

Trouble is, someone's already working on it.

I'm paying you to talk.

This is expensive.

Have I got any choice?

Are you paying, or do I walk?

Birds of a feather.

Something like that.

Some rancher is wallpapering the town with photos

of the missing girls.

That's where you made your first mistake--

leaving a witness alive.

Forgetting what I taught you?

Dead people can't talk?

He's got an old friend of mine from the department

helping him-- Charlie Stack.

Charlie'll find you.

You got two choices-- leave the country or kill them.


Nice doing business with you, Liz.


Charlie, come here.

Is that him over there?


By that car.

No, that's not him.

I just talked to Hugh.

I don't think it's going to be a problem.

I think it is.

Suction, please.

He is waiting at the guy's house.

But he is an old ex-cop.

They're looking for those girls somewhere in the city.

They're looking in all the wrong places.

Would you please find them before they find us?

And would you get that idiot Hugh back?

How could you possibly let a crazy man

like that out on the street?

He'll do anything I tell him.

What a waste.

A beautiful face.


What a waste.

Doris, you fool.

You've given me the wrong instrument.

Sorry, Doctor.

No more witnesses.

Don't tell me how to do my job, and I

won't put on rubber gloves.

He's got a couple of goodies.

You want 'em?

Middle aged in juvie, ranch fed beef?

Oh, you are a greedy bitch, Elizabeth.

Your greed feeds mine, Doctor.

You remember when Della gave Trish

this doll for her birthday.

I think my favorite of all the kids

that I've sent out to your place is Trish,

with her dirty little face.

Missing teeth and dimples.

And no boobs.

Yes, Dr. Farley is totally pissed.

So let's clean up this mess.

I love it.


Oh, I'd say about

HUGH: Now, come on, that price is just right.

The mother's trouble, but we're talking about the kid.

It's not easy getting kids.

We're not talking about lamb chops here.

We're talking about veal.

Know what I mean?

Right. Yeah.

You said what?

Ranch fed beef?

Grade A prime?

I love it.

Well, listen.

I think it'll take about an hour and a half.

I got you, mister!

You're dead!

Bang, bang!

Bobby, don't!


Oh no!

You bastard!

You-- you son of a bitch!


Crazy people.

Goddamn crazy!

You stupid, little bastard!

You know how much money you just cost me?


We made it in time.

Oh yeah.

2 points.


She's quite a good shot.


Come on in.

Guten tag.

Kommen Sie bitte herein.



Hey, guys.

Whatever you want, we have it all.


Come on in.

Nobody's died here yet.

But what can we do for your boys?

We're just looking for our friends.

Well, I know most of our regular customers.

This is Buck Cassidy and Charlie Stack.

It's a family emergency.

They just fled here.

What's the problem.


Do you know where we could find them in a hurry?

We need to find out where they are.

Trouble follows me everywhere.

They took off downtown.

Do you have a location, a phone number?

Are you kidding?

Nobody leaves me their phone number.

Thank you.

Come on back, docs.

I'm due for a check-up.

Any time. Toodle-oo.

Think about it.

You think Dr. Farley would give us money for those girls?

No, nobody wants body parts that have been used that much.

Besides, I bet they got disease.

Now, one more time.

Have you seen these girls?

Policemen are all alike, always shoving people around.

I told you no, but do you ever believe anybody?

Look, if I had any idea where to find his daughters,

I'd tell you.

I swear to God.

You're a goddamn liar, and I'm tired of your phony bullshit!

And if you don't start talking, I'm gonna loosen

some of those goddamn teeth!

Do you understand me?

Get him off me.

Stop it, Charlie.

For Christ's sake.

Stay out of this, Buck!

I'm gonna make this son of bitch talk!

Fuck you, you old, worn out son of a bitch!

Oh, you'd like to fuck me, wouldn't you, Queenie?

Well, come on!

Come on!

Not with somebody else's dick!

Jesus Christ, damn it.

Break it up.

Break it up.

For Christ's sake, break it up!

Stay out of this, asshole!

You son of a bitch!

Goddamn it, Charlie!

Let's get him outta here.

Come on.

Get up.

Get up you son of a bitch.

Son of a bitch.

Get him outta here!

Get out of here, asshole!

Fuck you!

Fuck you!

Yeah, fuck me, fuck you, fuck all of us, Sidney!

Go to hell!

You limp-dicked bastard!

Let's go back to the goddamn bar.

I need a drink.

I gotta be alone, Charlie.

We're getting nowhere.

Listen, I speak the only goddamn language

these guttersnipes understand!

You gotta stomp their ass before they cut yours off!

We gotta kill the whole goddamn world, Charlie?

When does it end?

When all of us are dead?

I mean, look at us!

What the hell are we fighting about?

I don't know!

I forget.


Well, that's what I'm trying to do-- forget.

I'll see you back at the bar.

You and Buck have another fight?

Yeah, well, we disagree on life.

He's been on that ranch too long.

Oh, and that left side, that's-- that's where it's really bad.

How's that?

Oh, that's great.

Thank you, darling.

Well, our life is different than his, Charlie.

Not now.

You know, you've been a cop too long.

Rosie, I don't need you depressing me anymore

than I am already, you know?

Give me your hand.



Thank you for being here.

I really mean that.

Charlie, do you really think we'll

be able to find the girls?

We'll find them.

It's how we find 'em, Rosie.

Prayers don't hurt.

If there's anything--

I know.

I know.



Find anything yet?

No, but we will.



Jerry, you're gonna have to prepare that for transport.

Blaine is waiting.

Let's go.

Ah, Doris, oh my god.

This organ is infected with cirrhosis.

Well, maybe it could get by.

We'll have to have another.

Get him out of here.

And, Doris, you bring me another young lady over here, please.


With utmost dispatch, please, Doris.

You all should prep her in.

I'm tired.

I'm taking a break.

Street's got its own kinda language, Buck.

The way they look at you, the way

they don't look at you-- everybody's got something

to say, one way or another.

The street talks.

I'm listening, Charlie.

And I don't like the sound.

OK, Jerry.

You can take a break.

I'll-- I'll clean up.

I will.

You behave.

Yo, Robert!

What do you see?

What do you hear?

Buck, I want you to meet Robert Morrison, LAPD.


You got something for us?

I don't know a thing, but I got a snitch

says he's got the goods.

This is the father of the girls.

I understand.

Heavy price tag though.

You sure it's good.

The guy is the lowest of life, but I'd bet mine on him.

OK, how much?

5 dimes.

Jesus Christ. $5,000?

You gotta be kidding.

Poor bastard is scared to death.

You cops come in all grades, don't you?

Easy friend.

I'm just the bearer of bad tidings.

Or good.

It depends on how you look at it.

He's an old pal, Buck.

all right.

I expected a break, but, boy, the price stinks.

Eh, it's not negotiable.

Bigger problem-- by 10:30 in the morning, this guy is history,

and he won't surface again for months.

What do you wanna do, Buck?

Pay the so of a bitch.

You guys get it together.

I'll be back.

Where you going?

I'm learning to speak your language, Charlie.

I just heard from Hugh, and everything's cool.

Have a drink.

Thank you, darling.

To health.



I'm tired.

God, Elizabeth, I think-- I think I give too much.

Well, that's the price we pay, isn't it?



Oh, I almost forgot.

Those doctors are in town.

That's good.

We'll show them around tomorrow morning.

I want you there for your evaluation

and your sense of humor.

Now, you come over here.

You know what I want.

I know what you want.

Oh yeah.

Don't I always give you what you want?

Oh yeah.

Give me that hand, those million dollar hands.

We're ready, Doctor.

I think we're gonna take a short break, Doris.

But we've already prepped the subjects.

Well then, we'll just have to prep them again later,

won't we?

Take you, Doris.

We now have doctors in place in London,

Paris, Mexico, and India.


Cheap parts, Doc.

That's marvelous, because I'm tire of this place,

and I think we need a much larger facility.

I was thinking of San Diego.

With all the illegals?

Lots of people there that nobody gives a shit about!

Set it up Elizabeth.

A salud.

Della, Bobby Joe!

Whoop, everybody wake up!

Della, Bobby Joe?


Damn television.

Would you guys turn it off?

Come on.

Wake up.

It's time to go.

Wake up.



Bobby Joe?

Wake up.

Damn it, wake up.

Wake up.

Wake up!

Wake up!

Clock's ticking, Charlie.

You know the game.

No dough, no info.

Where the hell is he?

Take it easy.

He'll be here.

Goddamn it.

He better be.

My man is gonna be gone.

It's about time you got back.

Bring the money?

Son of a bitch.

What the hell's the matter with you, boss?

Where the hell's my daughters?

What the hell?

Take it easy!


Goddamn it!

I got the license plate number here.

That's the key you need.

My man was only interested in cash.

Paid him back already, my own money.

Now you pay me, and we'll be even.

You know, I'm not the kind of man you want for enemy!

Goddamn it, I said sit down!

Hey, Buck, I'm getting a readout-- Elizabeth J Martin,

Simi Valley, California.

I'm ready for a drink.

What do you guys say, huh?


Hey, I know that girl.

Hey, guys.


We're closed.

Where's the bartender?


Hey, you guys.

I know how you feel and everything,

but why don't you go down the street

and try Aggie's bar, huh?

What do you say?

Get outta this place, you old fart!

Now, hold it.

Hold it!

Sorry, guys, but you're dead.

What the hell's going on here?

Cover me.


I understand you're looking for three little piggies.

Who the hell are you?

I'm the big bad wolf.

You don't know me, do you?

See, I recognize you from the ranch.

You're the big proud daddy, right?

Hold it!

Where are they?

They've gone to join your son.

He's dead.


Because he's stupid, like you!

You shoulda taught your kid not to play with guns!

You work for Liz, don't you?

I'm Morrison.

Liz and I know each other.

She must have mentioned my name.

Oh yeah.

Yeah, she told me all about you, Morrison.


In fact, she thought you should go on a nice vacation.


Have a nice trip.

What was the name of that movie with Spencer Tracy?

Yeah, "A Bad Day For Bad Cops."

Hey, you know something, guys?

I bet you the doctor would give us some money for the farmer

here, huh?


He looks pretty healthy.

I bet you he'd give us a dime for the cowboy here!

Now, it's the opposite for the old fart here.


I mean, we couldn't get a goddamn cent for him.

Look at him!

Worn out old piece of shit.

Liver's all gone.

Heart is probably on its last beat.

I bet you can't even get a hard-on anymore, can you?

You read me like a book.

Come on, Hugh.

Let's get it over with.


Goddamn it, Buck!

Don't kill him!

We gotta find the girls!

Goddamn it, talk!

Talk! Talk!

I got your girls.

I know where they are!


Lay it down!


Some people don't give you a choice.

They want to die.

You see, we can only help those that can afford to stay alive.

There's a good prospect in Chicago.

You stay on that.

Yes, sir.

Where do you get all this information?

We're tapped into the system.

Goddamn it, I need back up now.

All right.

Do the best you can.

A half hour.


Please, doctors, this way.

Now, of course, this is a far cry

from 'Nam, when Doc and I were sending

out drugs with the body bags.

All part of the khaki mafia.

But you must understand that new technologies

breed new ethics, new morals, and new laws.

And new crimes.

Like abortions used to be.

Now they're perfectly legal.

Where do you find the donors?

Well, it is risky.

But you see, we can't start a donor bank with the volunteers,

can we?

You see, doctors, one day I envision

the legal use of condemned prisoners and those

that are criminally insane.

We go out and get our donors, but we're performing

a service-- population control.

And what about buyers?

Well, once we get to that point,

you see, the selling is really actually quite easy.

You see, one who is desperately ill

will pay anything to save their lives.

Now, it doesn't mean that they wanna take someone else's life.

That's the right address.

Damn backup should be here.

Can never find a cop when you need one.

Oh, doctors, let me add also that wastes are cremated.

This way, please.

With the malpractice insurance, it was no more longer

feasible for me to practice.

Yes, well, just think.

In a couple of years, one good body will

be worth more than $1 million.

Count me in.

I've got some great ideas as to storage--

bone marrow, skin, everything.

That's good.

That's good.

You see, there are never-- never enough organs.

Disenchanted but highly qualified

physicians much like yourselves who have practices in almost

every major city throughout the entire world

will complete our network.

And they keep quiet because they're part of the crime.

WOMAN: You ever have any problems?

We had to kill a couple once who

had a sudden change of conscience

and wanted to go to the police.

Crudely put, but correct.

Shall we continue, Doc?

BUCK: That's the goddamn ambulance that hit him.

CHARLIE: Are you sure?

BUCK: I'm positive.

Let's check this son of a bitch out.

CHARLIE: Now, wait a minute.

Wait a minute.

We oughtta wait for the backup.

BUCK: Screw the backup.

There you go, Buck-- a little insurance.

That's one thing I learned in 30 years on the force.

You've got to cover your ass.

This is very uncomfortable.

Can't you handcuff me someplace besides the floor, you

fucking farmer?

Selling human organs?

I hope to God he was lying.

The man was telling the truth, Charlie.

Aw, shit!


It's nothing but a goddamn block wall.

Well, they got the front covered,

and it looks like there's no exit in the rear.

Who knows what kind of firepower they got in there?

Damn backup should be here.

I'm going in now, Charlie.

Throw me the gun!

We've been had.

The fucking cops are coming, the witness!

He's still alive?

Yeah, but not for long.

-What about us? -Hey, look.

You gotta get us outta here!


What do you mean die?


I'll meet you at the ambulance in 5 minutes.

Otherwise, Hong Kong.


[INAUDIBLE] Come on!


Get the guns.




Goddamn it.

I want you to take care of this situation for me.

Do it.

OK, you heard what the Doc said.

Let's go.

How many among them?

Hey, there's only two of them, huh?

I mean, there's this old fart and a pig farmer.

Don't worry about it, OK?

What went down?

I-- I made a little mistake.

But don't worry about it.

The guy wants his girls back?

I'm gonna give 'em to him.


Dump the program and give me the backups.

What the hell's happening out there?

Just hurry!

All finished.


Yes, you are.

God help me! Damn it, Ray.

Don't be jumping around like that.

Jesus, give me the gun.

Mine jammed.

Hey, have you seen anything yet?


No, those bastards are hiding someplace.

Come on out, you chickenshits!

Come on, let's go find 'em.

Son of a bitch.


I'm all right.

This place is nothing but a maze of junk!



Let's split up.

All right.






Oh my god.




What's going on?

Jerry, you go to the disposal room,

and you clean it out for me.

God, this place is a damn butcher shop.

Hey, is this what you're looking for, huh?


Well, I'll tell you what.

You want your little sweetie back in one piece, huh?

Then you get the fuck outta here right now!

Otherwise, blondie here goes topless.

You know what I mean, huh?

I'm OK, but you've gotta find [INAUDIBLE]

-Keep her! -All right.

All right. Come on, darling.

It's all right. You're all right.

Stop it, Marybeth!

Stop it!

Stop it!


Johnny, get over here.


All right. It's already done.

It's all right. You're all right.

-Oh, Charlie. -Come on.

Come on, baby.

Come on.

It's all right.

It's him!

Get us away from him!

Shut up.

Now why don't you just take me and let the girls go?

Oh god, how I hate heroes.

And who might you be?

The loving father?

All that loving is going to get you killed.


I wouldn't do that.

I thought-- you don't wanna do that.

Let go.

Let go of that.

You son of a bitch.

Don't do it.


Goddamn it!

All right. Come on.

Just stay with me now.

Come on.


All right.


You take this.

Wait out here.

I'm gonna go get your dad.

Come on.


Good luck, Doc.


Bye bye.

Jerry, Dr. Farley-- Dr. Farley's dead.

What are you doing?

I'm leaving.

You're deserting us.

What do you want?

You bastard!

You're dead.








Let's get outta here! -Wait a minute!

Wait a minute!



Die, you son of a bitch.

Damn it.

I'm gonna kill you!

Listen, you'll take it like a goddamn man.

son of a bitch!

Goddamn you!

Get up, you son of a bitch!

Get up!

Come on!

Goddamn it.

I'm not crying!

I'm not crying, Daddy.


Through it all I'm not crying, Daddy.

I didn't cry.

Tell Mama, will you?

Tell her that I didn't cry, OK?

I know-- I know you don't want me.

You always say be strong?

I'm strong, aren't I?

Yeah, I'm strong like you, Dad.

That's what I wanna be like.

I wanna be like you, Dad.

Please, please, help me be like you, Dad.

Look, look.

I'm not crying.

I'm strong.

You're not gonna be mad at me anymore.

Right, Daddy?

Right, Daddy?


I won't be bad anymore.

I'll be good for you.