B'Hinat Bagrut (1983) - full transcript

'' Matriculation''

Dan Toren
lrit Frank

Ronny! Ronny!


Subtitles: Elrom Studios

Orna, keep an eye
on my shirt.

Yoav, you've got to get the
ball. Only 2 minutes left!

Yeah, you gotta.

lt's just
his shirt, Orna' le.

Some have to make do
with shirts, Ruthie.

And some have to make do
with you. -Funny.

Hanita, how about this
lighter? lt costs only...

Omri, you know
l don't smoke.

One day you' ll
start smoking

and it' ll cost you
a fortune.

Right. But not right now.
-l' m offering it to you.

2 seconds. lf you don't
score, we've had it.

Bet it's out?
-lt's in.

Out. 30 shekels.

Yes! -Yes!

Ronny! Ronny! Ronny!

l' m gonna pay you
at the end of the month.

You were great.
-l was?

Not too tired for
a cup of coffee?

Sex before coffee, eh?
-l' m not talking about sex.

Give me a break, Ruthie.
Go home.

l' m gonna tear llan apart

for the kind of game
he played.

l know those seniors.
Only a re-match' ll do.

We' ll give them hell at the
re-match too, don't worry.

Alright, let's go.
-See ya! -Bye.

Good night.
-' Night.

Your shirt.
-l' m smashed.

You were... fantastic.
-They were weak.

Where are you going?
-To catch the bus.

Want a ride on my bike?

Some girl passed?

No, it's Uzi. He's afraid
he'd catch cold.

He feels hot after the game,
afraid to ride the bike.


Just a sec.

-You' re welcome.

Wanna catch a movie
tonight? -Me?

There's no one else here.

You hitting on me?

lt's just a movie.

They' re showing '' Anna
Karenina'' at the museum. -OK

What time does it start?

l' ll come get you at 8:00.
l' ll whistle.

lt's not 8:00 yet!
-Just checking the whistle.

See you tonight.

Hi. -Hi.

Hello everybody.

Who won?
-We did.

Mom did you wash my striped shirt?
l' m in a rush.

What about dinner?
-l don't have time to eat.

No time to eat?
-l' m going to the movies.

With who?
-None of your business!

Give me a break. l' m trying
to do something here.

She's off to the movies.
-So what?

With somebody.
-lt' ll be on the news.

You lost. -l can't manage
here. Give me yours.

You' ll lose anyway.
-Alright, go on, play.

What movie?
-'' Anna Karenina'' .

With Liora? -What Liora?
lt's Greta Garbo!

Sure. -Mom, it's a boy
from school. OK? -OK.

Put your purple coat on.
You look great in it.

-And don't be late.

'' A song is coming now
song in my heart

'' Opening like a bud

'' ln the open air

'' l' m reciting it
just for you

'' And it says l only want
to be with you

'' lt's a song just for us
to go to that special place

'' Where we' ll be standing
at the threshold

'' lt's a song just for us
to go to that special place

'' Where we' ll be standing
at the threshold

'' lt's a happy song
A song in my heart

'' A song l shall
never forget

'' Opening slowly
like a bud

'' l' m reciting it
just for you

'' And it says l only want
to be with you

'' lt's a song just for us

'' Ringing in our ears

'' And we' ll love each others
so very much

'' lt's a song just for us
to go to that special place

'' Where we' ll be standing
at the threshold of...''

Newton's third law.
-What about it?

To each and every action
there's a reaction

equal in strength and
opposite in direction.

You sure?
-Sure l' m sure.

Look here. When two bodies
collide... -Worth a try.

What d'you mean?


M-y p-l-a-c-e.

''Tonight, my place.''
-Tonight, my place!

And bring your parents.

Continue, please.

You' re doing great!
lgnore the rain! Go!

Step on the gas,
don't be afraid!

What? -The gas!
-l don't know how!

Hit the brakes!

Brakes! -Where?

Here. That's the brakes.

Let's do it again.

Clutch, then you let go
gently, then gas. OK? -OK.

l wanted to tell
you something. -What?

l' m dying to make love
to you.

Me too.

But not here.
-No, not here.

My folks are going away.
We could go to my place.

You really mean that?

Ronny. -Yes?

Good morning.
-Mornin' .

How do l look? -Washed out.
-Look closely!

Washed out why?
-You were out all night?

Yeah, right.

Last night l went
to some pub.

What a night...
the lay of my life.

She virtually raped me.
l swear. Right over there.

-Right over there!

Omri! -What?

Where did you buy the...?
-What? -You know.

What? -You know.
-The condoms?

Orna's decided
to give out?

Not her. A guy asked me
to get him some.

Look, nobody uses condoms.

Only those guys going
to the whores use them.

Haven't touched them.
Tell her to go on the pill.

So, Orna's giving out now?
-lt's not Orna!

Alright, forget about it.

Forgotten already.

Hey, what's the big deal?

Here you are, Mrs. Fran.
l hope this helps you.

Thank you, Mr. Rosenberg.
My regards to your wife

and all the best.
-Thank you.

See you.
-See you!

Can l help you, sir?
-Who, me?

Do you need anything?
-Yes, yes.

l' m feeling awful.
Lately l've been feeling

that l' m like growing tall,
you know,

and l... Could you give me
something for...?

Cut the bull, sir.
What is it you want?

Some nasal drops.
-For you?

No, for my brother.
He has a terrible cold.

He's so sick he's...

Here you are. lnstructions
are inside. 30 shekels.

Nothing cheaper?
-30 shekels!

How about some ear drops?

But only a few. 2-3,
no more.

Go away, you moron!

See you again.
-No way!

Put this one
inside, too.

Good. Are you going
to be all right? -Yeah.

You promise?

You won't bother Ronny?
-No we won't.

Who are you going to call
every Friday? -Grandma.

Good. Don't forget,
you hear?

lt's very important.
Otherwise she gets offended.

Take care of Ronny.

See you soon!

Alone at last, eh?


Come here!

Dad authorized me to kill
you and you know l' m strong.

How strong?
-How strong? Let's see.

That's how strong l am.

You can go now.
Judith, sit straight!

My bus. l gotta go.

7 o'clock?
-7 o'clock.

7 o'clock!

What time is it?
-1 8: 1 0.

'' We've sworn our love

'' At a moment
of weakness...''

What's the question?
-How many units in 2?

Gila? -Yes?

What's units?
-Single or plural?

Why, singles you know?
-Single is unit, right?

lt's pronounced differently.
-Differently, eh?

Arithmetics, right? -Mom,
where's my purple coat?

She put lipstick on!
-lt's no lipstick, dumbhead!

Where is it? -On the hanger
in the hall.

Orna, come here.
-What is it?

You going to Ronny's?
-Yes, why?

He promised me long ago

to bring Yaeli the
'' Crazy Chicken'' video.

-No, he promised you.

Me, you, same thing.
As long as it's here.

OK, l' ll get it for you.

You look very pretty.
-And don't be late.

See you.

She did put lipstick on.

She never does.

Another round?

Dad, l have homework!
-OK. Just kidding.

And straight to bed!

Judith, you' re going
straight to bed

or you' re gonna get it.

You promised me a story!
-OK, alright.

Keep quiet.
Don't wake him up.

We were reading
'' Max and Moritz'' , right?

Their teacher was
a very wise man

so Max and Moritz decided
to set him up.

They put a bomb in his pipe
and he blew up. Bang!

Here, he's all black. Then
they took some cockroaches

and the miller sold them to
all the kids. Nice, eh?

Yes. -Great story.
Now go to sleep. Good night.

They' ll never go to sleep.
-They will.

Avner's already asleep and l
hope Judith falls asleep too

Did you get any?

No. They were fresh out of.

l mean, l didn't have
the nerve to ask.


These are my safe days.

What's that?
Sounds ominous.

Ten days after...

My period, you know.
-OK, never mind.

Thought you'd want to know.
-lt's too embarrassing.

l' m scared.
-Me too.

Hide under the table?

Anything to drink?
l' m awfully thirsty.

My throat's as dry
as a bone.

How am l going to sing
in the choir tomorrow?

Here, l've got
something for you.

One swallow of this and the
guys start playing like mad.

There are all kinds
of vitamins in here,

especially vitamin C and...

What are you
thinking about?

l don't understand why.

Why didn't they include
Jamchi in the first five?

No, seriously. What are you
thinking about?

Dunno... This is
the big league, right?

The books say l should
be crying now.

And l should be
smoking a cigarette.

Did it hurt?

lt felt strange.

As if l was watching
the whole thing from aside.

Was it good for you?

Yeah. Terribly new.

Do you love me?

Very much.

How about some breakfast?
Or Dinner?

Coffee? A newspaper?

No. Let's stay like this. As
if l didn't have to go home.

No time to eat. -At least
take an orange with you.

Yael, hurry up.
-Here's your lunch.

Eat it all.
-Here's your video.

Your omelette.
-l don't want any.

Let's have a go at it.

Almost got it!

He wasn't always
like that.

When we met, as students,
he'd go out and demonstrate.

Everything was an issue.
-You lived together, right?

For a year, in the dorms,
before we got married.

And you had sex, right?

Orna' le, when you and Ronny
share a room in the dorms

l' ll tell you my secrets.
Until then, you' re late.

Hurry up, will you?

Stop it already! You' re like
two little children!

You' ll be late for work
and you for school. ' Bye!

What's your score?

What's mine? -Six.
-Well, it's a new game.

Enough already!
-Excuses, excuses.

When will you be back
from school?

At noon. -Good! l've a short
day too. Come on.

See you!
-See you.

Physics. Gross something.
-That Gross again!

He's handsome, isn't he?
l'd love to hit on him.

Rumour is that since you got
together he misses rebounds.

What are you doing to him?
-l just love him. -Excuse me

Good morning.
-' Morning.

...and then another kind
of poetry begins,

more lsraeli,
or '' purely lsraeli''

as some are calling it.

That of Shlonsky
and Alterman.

'' l dreamed we were together
last night. Love you. Orna''

Try and find the books.

Another dream coming up
tonight. My place, 1 9:00.

Bring it to our next class,
then we' ll begin.

Remember those '' safe'' days?
-Yes. So?

They' re over.

That's it?

Alright. l' ll be careful.

What is it?

lt's nothing.

How about you go
on the pill?

l' ll need to go to the
doctor. l don't want to.

OK, let's just wait
a few more days. -OK.

l don't want to.

l won't!

Hey, kid!

What's your name?

l' m Omri. Nice to meet you.

llan, l' m going to make you
an offer,

first and last
and unique.

This is an electric shaver,
with batteries,

3 year warranty. 400 shekels
only. -l don't shave.

What d'you mean
you don't shave?

Listen, 3 years from now
this' ll cost like a car.

By then you' ll have grown
a huge beard.

Don't wanna. l don't shave!
-Buy it for your Dad.

l' m losing on it.
-l don't want it.

1 , 000 shekels, for Mom?
-She's already got one.

lt's American! Japanese!

Teach... You' re early!

Could be my watch.

Yeah. Could be.

l happen to have here
an Omega watch. -Omega?

Second hand. -Yes, l' m
missing an Omega here.

OK, we' ll talk later. Zahi,
let's get together at break,

l' ll tell you about that
girl last night at the pub.

You've no idea!

Found somebody who liked
your looks, Omri' le?

l called you, you know,
but your Mom said

you went out with a whole
company of parachutists.

Two companies. Two!
-Whatever. Ronny, what's up?

Alon? -What?

A shaver. 60.
-40. -What?

OK. Hair dryer. 200.
-What hair?

Yours. lt's always wet.

Get of it! Leave me alone!


A hair dryer.
-What hair?

Guard him tightly. Lately
you've been missing shots...

All right.


How do you two keep
from...? -We don't.

Aren't you scared?
-We just don't.

How about you?
-We don't, either.

Yes. That's it.

That's it.

Now we can start.
-Hit it!

We' ll resume tomorrow.
Good bye.

So we've decided to rent
the car for a week

and go on to St. Moritz.
To the snow.

lt was very nice,
and we were lucky

to get a hotel room
for 80 francs a night.

Could be. You could also
be late.

Five days are more
than just late!

Let's go see a doctor.
-What Dr.? -A gynecologist.

Maybe Ruthie knows someone
who... -That's all l need.

Tomorrow, the whole
school will know about it!

l' m only trying to help.
-l know.

Look, ,my cousin
works at the hospital.

We could go ask her
if she knows

a good doctor who...

We' ll tell her that a friend
of mine got into trouble.

l don't know.

All of a sudden
everything looks so bleak.

Whenever l close
my eyes

l see doctors, your folks,
mine, and they' re all angry.

lf you only took
the pill.

What pill? What is this,
a bloody commercial?

You should've bought
those condoms!

l couldn't,
and l didn't want to!

Besides, Omri says you only
use them with the whores,

so as not to get
a disease.

Then let Omri go
on the pill!

OK. l' m going in

to look for the doctor's
phone number.

Can l speak with Dr. Tavor?

This is an emergency.
l'd like to...

Please calm down
and tell me your problem.

She's late.

Who's late? -l mean...
-Your wife!

My girlfriend.
-Why did you say that?

Excuse me?
-l see.

This is what you
should do. -Yes?

Come to my clinic. l' ll send
her to do a blood test,

then you come back to me
with the results.

Make a fist.

You didn't have to pay, it's
my pregnancy! -No pregnancy.

Are you coming?

They won't have the results
before 4 o'clock.

Let's go to school.
-l don't wanna!

Would you mind explaining
what's happening to us?

l don't think we' re going
through the same thing.

All the time you' re
organizing things,

as if l' m some kind
of a project in biology!

l've had it! l want
to be left alone!

Love me? -l do, but what's
that gotta do with anything?

What d'you mean?

Movies and making love?
That's all there is to it?

Want to be left alone?
Be my guest.

Hi. Can l speak
with Ruthie?

You' re not pregnant.

How d'you know? Look
at all those numbers!

Orna' le, l've been through
this more than once.

Believe me,
you' re not pregnant.

Does your mother know?

Since their divorce she's
become my friend.

Who gave you the pills?

l' m not taking any pills.
-Then what d'you do?

We broke up.
-What happened?

He started managing my life.
lt was too much pressure.

That's alright. You just
needed some time away.

Now you' ll find out if
you really love him.

Let's go in.

'' Dr. A. Tavor''

You' re not pregnant.

Just like l said!
-And you are? -Ruthie.

That's alright,
she's with me.

Orna, you were late because
of stress and anxiety.

lt's normal.

Dr. Tavor. -Yes? -She and
her boyfriend were careful,

l mean they were using
'' safe days'' ,

coitus interruptus etc. We
should give her some pills.


'' Microginnon 30'' would be
best for her.

But you' re the doctor.
-Yes. l almost forgot.

l think it would be better

if l examined her before
l gave her anything.

Do you agree?
-Yes, yes, by all means.

Go in, take your underwear
off and sit in the chair.

Come, l' ll help you.
-That's as far as you go.

lt's her first time.
l want to help.

Orna, what l' m going
to do now

is check your cervix.

Lean back, please.

That's all.

You can get dressed now.

lt's starting to rain.

l just wanted to tell you
that everything's all right.

Ruthie checked you?
-Dr. Tavor did. l' m fine.

Yeah. l guess.

Your Mom's books.
Thank her for me.

l will.

' Bye.

lt's no big deal.

Some people don't even
return the books they borrow.

Your bike is free now.
-Let it go, Omri.

lf you feel like
being alone

you can come to me. l' ll...
-l said let it go!

Okay. -Thank you.

This poem is a little more
lyrical. More loving.

A little different from
what we've seen so far.

'' l shall come
to your door'' .

'' l shall come to your door
with trembling lips

'' l shall stretch out
my hands towards you

''Then l shall say the words
that l promised to keep

'' And that would be
forever yours...''

Are we going to get
that humus?

What's the matter with you?
One little humus is all!

You've got to read
this book.

lt's about a 1 2 year old boy
who leaves home.

Why go straight home? Let's
go have some humus first.

Daphna, come here.

Want a ride home?

What' re you doing?
-l' ll see you tonight.

What's tonight?

There's a party tonight.
You coming?


Come upstairs for some
coffee? -No, thanks.

Suit yourself. ' Bye.

Good evening.

lt's not bad at all.

Give it here.
-No, no...

No, thanks.

lt won't kill you.
-l don't smoke. At all.

Anything else you
don't do at all?

Anything l don't
want to do.

What' re you waiting for?
Dancing? Lego?

Games, maybe? -l' m not
waiting for anything.

lf you focus on your
own heartbeat...

Focus on your own heartbeat.
And another thing.

Flow with your blood.

lt's cosmic energy. l swear.
-l' m splitting.

Yeah? Why?

Why? What's the matter?
-l' m bored out of my skull!

lf only you understood
what it's like to...

The party's just starting!
-l' m gonna party at home,

in bed, with a good book
and some biscuits.

Got biscuits, eh?
-What kind of biscuits?

Some friends you've got.

You know, if you get
into that cosmic flow...

You a couple! l' m just
the fifth wheel here...

Why didn't you say so?
lt should be you and me...

Don't tell me you just
happened to pass by.


Bible studies: 7 0.

7 0. -1 00.

Biology? -90.
-1 00.

l'd like to know. You got
nothing less than 1 00?

Not even one or two?
-Yes. 90 in gymnastics.

She must've cheated
in the long jump

and she got caught.

Very funny.
-Yeah, it's funny.

No, it's not funny.

What is it?
-What's the matter?

Got any valium for me?
-What is it, Ruthie?

l passed!

l passed!

l can't believe it!

l suggest we go to Eilat
for three days.

Take our sleeping-bags.
-To Eilat on my bike?!

lt won't get me half way.
-Wait a minute.

l have an idea. We could go
to Hadera via Wadi Ara,

then to Megido Junction
where there's a lot of...

Geography. -Then we could go
back along the beach

down to Sidney Ali.
-That's across from Eilat.

Omri! Omri!

What's the matter?

They've expelled me.
-What' re you talking about?

Absences. Tardiness.
You know,

all that crap.
My bad marks. The lot.

You' ll have to tell your
parents. -They already know.


lt's nothing new.

lt's started when l had
to repeat ninth grade.

They were worried about what
their friends would say.

l said l'd go to a technical
school or out to work.

But they wanted their son
to become a lawyer.

Well, all that
is history now.

From now on, l' m managing
my own life.

Are you out of your mind?

You' re enlisting?!
-l' ll be 1 8 soon.

So? Do your folks know
about this? -They will.

l've had enough
of this shit.

l' ll do my army service,
then l' ll start doing stuff.

What stuff? -The stuff
you do with money.

l got an F in mathematics

but l've made tons of money
in business this year.

l' m good at these things.

l don't need one penny
from my folks, OK?

Come see me in the army,
l' ll give you a hard time.

See you around.
-Forget it, Omri.

You' re coming with us
on a bike trip.

They can expel you
from school

but getting out of the gang
isn't that easy. Wait.

Ruthie, come here a sec!

Listen, don't you...?
-l' ll set it straight.

l' ll get it right for you.
You just shut up.

Ruthie! -Yes?

This is Omri. He's...

Get to the point!

He's coming with us,
on your scooter.

You' re managing me now?

Listen, get off it.
See you in the army.

-What's going on?

He got expelled from school,
he's going to the army

for three tough years

and we can't give him
two nice days?

Alright, l' ll call him.

'' Such a beautiful trail
Only takes time and speed

'' Such a beautiful trail
Right now it's all we need

'' Such a beautiful trail
Let us storm it to the end

'' Storm it
from end to end...''

Hands off, Omri.

What's the matter
with you?

You think l want
to touch you?

l keep falling off!
-Then what's this for?

l keep falling off!
l can't take it anymore!

Just the waist, hear?
-Sure, no problem.

'' Such a beautiful trail
-All doors are opening to us

'' Such a beautiful trail
-Valleys and hills and such

'' Such a beautiful trail
Let us storm it to the end

'' Storm it
from end to end

'' We' ll take our exams
between the sheets

'' Drawn by gravity
like two connected vessels

'' We' ll pass our tests,
don't need the marks

''You and me... -Me and you
-So much in love...''

Let's go in the water!

Say, Omri, d'you iron
your shirts with starch?

'Cause l...

-l' m coming to get you!

'' We' ll take our exams
between the sheets

'' Drawn by gravity
like two connected vessels

'' We' ll pass the tests,
don't need the marks

''You and me... -Me and you
-So much in love

'' C-L-H2O
-We' re better than chemistry

'' l am going, l go
-Present perfect is our time

'' Blue eyes looking at me
make void all the rules

'' Crossing out
borders and laws

'' We' ll take our exams
between the sheets

'' Drawn by gravity
like two connected vessels

'' We' ll pass the tests,
don't need the marks

''You and me... -Me and you
-So much in love...''

The Crusaders built this
stadium in the 1 200 B.C.

lt held 1 0, 000 seats.

They built cloakrooms,
invested in facilities,

did a good thing here.

Say, would you like to go
in the caves on top? -No!

All you care about is the
water and making out! -Yeah!

Look at the sun setting.

lt's nothing compared with
what happened to me once.

l set down...

Down, down almost
to the carburetor.

Some setting-down
that was.

Reminds me of the downfall
of the Roman empire. -Who?

The Roman empire.

lt looks more like
tomato with eggs.

Same thing.
Big and yellow.

Who made this bonfire?
-Yoav did.

Just like him. -Yoav, what's
the bonfire for?

How d'you say '' virgin''
in African?

'' Nohymenba'' . -'' Noinba'' .
-What's that?

'' Noinba'' . That's '' virgin''
in African.

Got it!

And '' whore'' ?
-Noinba? lninba!

Nice! -And if her father
tells the joke?

No father would tell
such a joke.

Then it's '' lninba,
lnbabba ininba'' .

Got it? -You' re killing me.
-l' m killing him.

Was l laughing?
-Yeah, you were laughing.


Where have we been
all those years?

We were running around.

Maybe we were just
practicing for this moment.

But now you' re going to
the army. -Just for a while.

But at least now l know
what for. -What for?

To defend you. Ruthie's
Defence Forces. That's me.

l miss you already,
my soldier.

Your boyfriend.
-My boyfriend?

You want to be my boyfriend?
-That and much more.


You' ll wake the Crusaders!
-l' m looking for my pills.

You' ll find pain-killers in
the pocket. -No, The Pill.

Take one from Ruthie
tomorrow. -Changing's bad.


l forgot to take one
yesterday, too. -You did?

Because of the rush.

We' ll have to choose a name
for the child.

What child?

We' ll call him Doron Jamchi.
-And if it's a girl?

No problem. We' ll
call her Berkowitz.


What do you think?


Let's go inside.
lt's cold out here.

What's this?

What's this?

lnside, girl. lnside!

Think parsley will do
on a pie?

He's eating army food.
He' ll love it.

The only thing Omri loves
is his business deals.

Half his letters are about
what to buy and what to sell

But the other half...
-What should l do?

l think you should
take Ronny,

go to the lab
and do the test.

l don't really miss our
separation last year.

l'd go with you
but Omri...

l could go
with you tomorrow.

lt's him!

l missed you terribly.

Thief! l've been practicing
those words the whole month.

l love you so much.

We've got 6 hours
to put it to a test.

Orna. -A soldier, eh?

OK, l' ll leave
you guys alone.

l made you a meal
fit for a soldier.

A meal? -Chinese style.
A smashing pie.

Right now l' m not thinking
about food.

l had a falafel.
l' m full.

l'd rather have some...
-What is it?

Omri, what's the matter?
-lt's the bullet l took.

What' re you talking about?
-lt was nothing serious.

Where? -Got it in the
kidney. They took it out.

Here, look.
l can't even talk.

You little liar!

No bullet, no Chinese food,
no nothing.

l rather wanted Chinese.

And l was all
for dessert.

l' m Orna Shapiro.

l' m here for the results of
my test. -What kind of test?

Blood test for pregnancy.
-l' ll go look for it.

Orna Shapiro.
Here you are.

What does it mean?
-Positive. You' re pregnant.



Hi! Come in the water,
you chicken! -Ronny!

l came to tell you that...


You' re handsome like that.
-Even better as a swimmer.

Now watch me tearing this
swimming-pool apart.

When you count to 20
l' ll be at the other side.

Ready? When l give you
the sign.

Start counting. Now!

One, two, three,

four, five...



lf you' re not asleep
we can't begin.

You' re falling asleep...

Go to sleep!
-l can't.

Go to sleep!

l know l' m not asleep!

l can't sleep!
-You' re falling asleep now.

l' m not. -Yes you are.
-l' m not! l' m not!

l' m not asleep!

l' m not asleep!

l' m not. l know l' m not.

Everything OK? See you.


Go to sleep now.
You' ll be fine.

You' re asleep now.
-l' m not. -Yes you are.

Show her to her.

Mrs. Shapiro,
you a have a daughter.

Orna! Orna' le!


What is it,
you had a bad dream?

lt' ll go away. You OK?
-Yes. -All right?

-That's good.

Honey, l' m in a rush.
lt's already 07: 1 5.

Do me a favor, send Yaeli
to school, OK?

Have something to eat.

Give her breakfast.
l' ll be home by noon.


l want a sandwich
with a pickle,

and grapes
and a chocolate.

And l want it in bad
'cause l' m sick. -OK!

l have the flu
and the mumps.

What's the matter
with you?


So, you've decided
on abortion? -Yes.

Orna? -Yes.


We have to finish school,
do our matriculation,

army service, university.

We' re not yet ready to deal
with this kind of thing.

Have you considered
all the risks involved?

A friend of mine had an
abortion and she's fine.

l'd like to explain. There
could be an internal damage.

You could develop
a severe infection

which would mean this
would be your last child.

l want you
to understand that.

You' re saying that every
abortion is a disaster?

Not necessarily. But l want
you to think about it,

to weigh it seriously. -We
have. We don't want the...

This child.


Here are the forms for
the abortion committee.

Go to the social worker,
fill them up together

and come back to see me
in two days.

Thank you.

You' re against it, right?

l' m a doctor. A pregnancy
is not a disease.

So many forms!

Maybe Ruthie knows a doctor
who needs fewer forms.



lf we had him, who d'you
think he'd resemble to?

To the sleeping-bag in which
he'd been conceived.

l gave birth to a doll.


Let's go.

To school, to speak
with Ruthie. -No!

lf we do it, l want
Dr. Tavor and the hospital.

'' lf'' we do it?
-l don't know. l' m confused.

He said to come back in
two days. Let's wait.


Hold this a sec.

Daliah, what is it?

lt's Omri.


He was here just the day
before yesterday.

Only for 6 hours.

That's very little, right?

'' l came in the flesh instead
of a letter,'' he said.

We laughed,
and l held him.

l held him tight
and l wouldn't let go.

We' re so young.

Why don't they let us
grow up?

l don't want him
to stop coming back!

l want him back!

What shall l do with all
the photos and the letters?

l can't be alone!



''The Committee for
Termination of Pregnancies''

lt's out of the question.

They want
to get married.

To who?
-To each other, dummy.

Orna's pregnant. l' m gonna
be an uncle. -Me too.

l' ll talk to Ronny.

Ridiculous! We' ll have
an abortion! -'' We'' ?

lt's my child
and l want it!

You think flying course
would give you a pass

to go see your kid?


l sure hope so.

lf not, maybe l' ll join
a fighting unit.

l was pregnant
with Orna

when we were taking the
exams for the university.

You' re comparing university
exams to matriculation?

Matriculation's much harder!

Orna' le, sweetie,
listen to me.

Matriculation and pregnancy
don't go together.

What's going on here?
l never heard

of 1 7 year olds getting
married and having kids!

That's unheard of!

So this' ll be a first!

What are you blabbing about?
lt's out of the question!

Anything to drink?
-Yes, please.

You don't understand.

We' re not asking
for your consent.

We' re telling you!

You can either go along
with us on this or not!

lf we' re mature enough
to get killed at 1 8,

then we' re mature enough
for everything else!

Look, Ronny, you don't
understand what's involved.

Why? -You should
consider it seriously.

They've been together a long
time. -lt's no kids' stuff!

They' re mature enough.
-What's wrong with it?

You think this is just
about a child?

What' re they gonna do now?

They' ll talk and decide if
l' ll be an uncle. -And l.

OK. You, too.

Let's go upstairs,
it's boring down here.

Let's play
'' House or Card'' .

Eyal Buchman, Vered Arazi,
Hefziba Aaron,

Daliah Arbel.

Yoav Banai.

Lior Barak. -Good luck.

Eli Benyaminy,

Ruthie Ben-Dor. Ruthie...

Sigal Be'eri.

Daphna Baruch.

Ronny Brenner.

Orna Brenner.

Brother and sister?
-Not exactly.

Sarit Gilor,

Hanita Schriber and
Alon Tomer. -Here.

That's it, guys.
We've made it.

l wish you luck.

Try to be good. See you.
Good luck.

See ya, teach!

Normally she's very quiet.

Not a peep out of her.
l'd leave her at home,

but when you' re

l think we'd rather start,
'cause in two hours

she' ll start screaming. OK?

Yes. Definitely.

This is your chemistry...
eh, physics exam. Two hours.

No cheating
and no talking.

You may use your computers.
Good luck.

Efrati, sweetheart,

be quiet, sweetie-pie...

Be quiet. lt' ll be
over soon.

'' Kinetic Energy''

'' Such a beautiful trail
Only takes time and speed

'' Such a beautiful trail
Right now it's all we need

'' Such a beautiful trail
Let us storm it to the end

'' Storm it
from end to end

'' Such a beautiful trail
-All doors are opening to us

'' Such a beautiful trail
-Valleys and hills and such

'' Such a beautiful trail
Let us storm it to the end

'' Storm it
from end to end

'' We' ll take our exams
between the sheets

'' Drawn by gravity
like two connected vessels

'' We' ll pass our tests,
don't need the marks

''You and me... -Me and you
-So much in love

''Turning around,
rushing on

'' Don't want to remember
names and numbers

'' Something's burning
in our hearts

'' Nothing's worse
than failure...''

'' Matriculation''

English: Nurith Yehudai

Elrom Studios