B.A. Pass 2 (2017) - full transcript

B. A. Pass 2 is the story of a young girl, who, in order to achieve her goals and to avoid marriage, makes a few wrong decisions and adopts ill habits that eventually ruin her life.

It's not right to go
to Mumbai over a petty issue.

We can sit and sort this out.

My parents don't listen, and only talk.

Besides, I'm not going forever.
I'll return in some days.

I allowed it, because you insisted.

You were adamant,
so you choose Masters in Literature.

What's the scope of it nowadays?

You have become obsessed with poetry.

In today's life, only common sense works.

Your philosophy will make a joke of you.

But dad, even you used to sit
and discuss poetry with me for hours.

If suddenly you have received
an NRI's proposal for me

you are making fun of me?

Right now, only this is good for you.

This was your opinion even when
Sis wanted to complete her education.

Now, separated from her husband,

the poor girl is staying here
with her kid for two years.

Dad, I don't know what is right for me.

But I do know what is not right for me.

And I don't want to get married now.


Neha... Neha.

Come ma'am, please come.

Ma'am, actually this is my client's house.

He is out of the country for two months.

Whenever he leaves,
he puts up his house for rent.

Usually, he rents it out
only to married couples,

but you don't worry, I'll handle that.

-Thank you, Vijay.

-Ma'am, one more thing.

The rent is a bit steep,
but you don't have to pay any deposit.

Is that okay for you?

-It's fine.

-And Vijay, your commission?
-No ma'am, don't worry.

If you rent the flat for 11 months,
we will adjust it then.

-Alright. Thank you.
-I'll leave.


Keep this aside.

-Sorry ma'am... the keys.

-If you need anything, call me.
-Thank you.


Neha, you planned
to stay only for a few days.

You could have stayed with aunt.

Sis, so many girls live alone.

Do they all live
with their uncles or aunts?

Can anyone win an argument with you?

Okay listen, is dad around?

Hold on, I'll put him on.

Dad, Neha wants to...

Dad has gone out,
I'll ask him to speak to you later.

Just say that
he doesn't want to talk to me.

Ma'am, have you arranged the deposit?

If you start looking now...

It takes time sometimes, you know,
to find a good house.

If I manage to find something
by then, fine,

or I'll be back to my hometown.

Ma'am, if you don't mind,
can I ask you something?

-What do you do here?

I mean, do you have a job
or are you into some business?

To do something, you need
to have mastered a skill.

And I am not a master at any skill.

-So currently, I am doing nothing.

Here in Mumbai,
everyone manages to do something.

It is difficult to survive here
without doing anything.

Ma'am, I have an idea.

Tell me.

Become an actor.


-Come on, Vijay!
-Ma'am you...

You are pretty,
you will get work instantly.

Well, thank you, but along with looks,
one must know how to act too.

And I cannot act to save my life.

So actor and me? Never!

Exactly, ma'am. I know so many actors
whom I'd rented flats to

and who now own duplex flats
within a span of a few years.

But I cannot act. I mean...

Ma'am, a client of mine is a photographer.

Why don't you do a photo shoot with him?

I don't know.

Ma'am, at least do a photo shoot with him.

You will get work instantly.

Nowadays, you have become very famous
on Facebook.

Sister, I was posting
my best poetry on Facebook.

Some days, three or someday four.
But yesterday,

I post my one portfolio picture
and get 200 likes. I mean...

Nowadays, beauty matters,
not intelligence.

So right you are.

Listen, even dad saw your photos.

His friends were asking him
if Neha has got an offer to be a heroine.

Dad was laughing and
telling everyone.

-Is dad happy?
-Yes, he's very happy.


I have brought veggies for you.

Give me a minute.

Sister, just hold on, someone has come.

-I had gone to Andheri station.

I got some veggies for you.

They are priced cheaper there.

-I thought I'll buy some for you too.
-Come in.

I tried calling you
but your number was busy.

-Yes, I was talking to my sister.

-Come, sit down.
-The vegetables.

Just a second.

Yes, Sister. Sorry, someone has come.

Look, dad is in a good mood.

Talk to him.

And talk to him nicely.

Tell dad I'll call him in the evening.

Alright? Okay, bye.


Thank you.

So Vijay, what now?

I came to discuss that.

I have a friend, Manorama.

She knows many big shots in the industry.

-Let's meet her tomorrow?

Okay, whatever you deem is right.

-Fine, I'll talk to her.

-Hello. Manorama? Vijay here.
-I know. Tell me.

I know a woman, an actress.

I wanted you to meet her
for an acting role.

Meet me tomorrow
at 2:00 p.m. at the Coffee Shop.

-Tomorrow at 2:00 p.m.?



Is she good or bad?

-No. Tomorrow at 2:00 p.m.?
-No, wait a minute.

Even the last time you sent fat women.

She is sitting in front of me.
She is beautiful.

-Shall we meet tomorrow at 2:00 p.m.?


If you are so embarrassed in my presence,

what will you do at the shoot tomorrow?

It is an ad for underwear.

Only I will do the shortlisting.

Ma'am, I am not wearing any underwear.

She will be coming right now.

-Is it okay?

Neha, she is Manorama.

She's good. Very pretty.

She is heroine material.

I'll give you a number.

-His name is Raj, he's a coordinator.

Go and meet him today,
he's auditioning for an ad.


-And Neha... Neha, right?

There is a party tonight.

Come, you'll get good PR.

Neha, shall we leave?

Send me message.

Ma'am... Come this way.

No, sir. Tomorrow, it will be done.
You don't worry.

The registration will be done tomorrow.

Don't worry about the flat. It's yours.


Yes, sir.

Yes sir, I'll definitely get it done.

Sure, trust me.

Okay sir, we'll meet tomorrow.

Ma'am, how was the audition?

It was a miracle.
Just one look at me and they picked me.

I didn't even give any audition.

And they said the shooting begins the day
after tomorrow, 20,000 rupees per day.

Isn't it unbelievable?

Neha, it's just the beginning.

Please don't forget me.

When you become a celebrity,
keep me as your driver.

Now you're mocking m, right?

But I'm so happy.

Thanks a lot, Vijay.

In this busy city, nobody helps anyone.

But you helped me a lot. Thank you.

Don't keep turning back and looking at me

You are so fair, who have you taken after?

Don't keep turning back and looking at me

She's Neha.

She is a wonderful girl.
Get her some work.

Hey, take a picture.

Your uncles are all dark

How come you are so fair?

Excuse us,
I want to introduce her to others.

Just two minutes, you dance until then.

It's Rajjo's baby showers

Mr. Ashu, how are you?

She's Neha, a new girl.

Take a picture.

Neha, he's Mr. Ashu, a very big producer.

Wait, I'll be back.

You know what?
Sandesh just recited a couplet to me.

Looking at him,
one can't tell he can write so well.

What was it... ah, yes!

"Destruction makes my home,

Not others, I have defeated myself"

I can't remember the next line.

"Darkness has not brought light
just like that

I have burnt myself to become a star"

I'll speak to you later.

This is a couplet by Asim Aabaad.

Oh. Really?

I thought Sandesh had written it.

-I didn't get your name.
-Neha. Neha Singh.

-Hi, sir.

What do you do? Oh, how silly of me.

You have to be an actress. Right?

If I'm not mistaken, you are the same guy
who was in the music video,

"Jadugar Saiyya," right?

Well, that was ten years back.
You still remember?

You don't know but me and my friend,
we were huge fans of yours.

Actually, I was in school then,

but yet, we were huge, huge fans of yours.


That was quite some time back.

Neha, you are here? And I have been
looking for you since so long.

Mr. Ashu is calling you.

Manorama, meet Mr. Rajdeep.

Do you remember
the "Jadugar Saiyya" music video?

Ya, hello.

-Come! Hurry.
-Ya, sure.

So many girls were hovering
around the old man.

You don't know but the old man is a lech.

He doesn't do anything,
just makes himself happy looking at girls.

He'll die if he does anything.

And Sandesh, the shorty,

he has even borrowed 1.3 million rupees
from the old man

and just pleases him
by introducing him to girls.

So Raj, the coordinator
and I will pinch money out of him,

shoot a pilot for DD and submit it.

Okay. Is DD still in demand?

You pay attention to your work.

I'm sending a client to you tomorrow.

He needs an office to rent. Show him.

And you have an ad shoot
the day after tomorrow, right?

For some face wash?
It's a big brand of Indore.

Her skin is glowing and my skin is so bad.

Wonder what face wash she uses.

Cut it!

Neha, it's not sakin, it's skin.

Skin. Say "skin."

Say what is written in the script.

Okay, sir.


She has such a good sakin
and my sakin is so oily.

Wonder which face wash she uses.

Let's do it once again.

She has such a good sakin
and my sakin is so oily.

Wonder which face wash she uses.

Cut it!

Listen, the girl who is passing by,
try her.

And who will pass by?

We will make Neha do that.
The delay is all because of her.


She has such good skin.
Why is my skin so oily?

-I'm just a passerby in the crowd.
-Don't worry.

It happens to everyone the first time.

Meet with Manorama.
She will surely find some way.

They either choose a heroine
as the main model

or a Miss India or something like that.

So, my suggestion is you try serials.

But don't serials
have really long dialogues?

That's not the case in episodic serials.

In those, they need new people, new faces.

They are not very particular.

You will get regular work,
regular money will pour in.

Even your acting will get polished.
Right, Vijay?

Yes, true. Shall we meet the client?

Yes, sure. Come.

-We'll drop you off too.
-No, I'll sit here for some time.

-Yes, I'm fine.

Let's go.



-You are in quite a hurry. Bye!
-Let's meet the client,

or he'll leave.

-Hey, hi!
-Oh, Neha.

-How are you?
-Good. Please sit.


So, what's up?

I'm good. All well. What brings you here?

-I had just come with friends.
-And how was your shoot?

Don't ask me! It was really bad.

I mean, I could not say a word
when the cameras were rolling.

It's okay. When I was new,
it happened to me too.

I used to get tongue tied.

Everything is going to fall in place
with time, don't worry.

Hope so.

Give me your number.


Sir is calling you.

Yes, come in.

Hello, sir.


Ashish, can you come in please? Yeah.

Yes, sir.

The Nashik story
where the mother-in-law and husband...

Yes, sir.

...burn the daughter-in-law.
We'll keep her for that.

-Okay, sir.
-We'll keep her.

Sir, isn't she a bit too glamorous?

Can you pull back your hair, please?

-Yes, sir.

Apply dark make up on her,
make her wear an old sari,

-she'll be okay.
-Okay, sir.

We have the shoot in two days,
where will you go looking?

You're right.
Sir, shall we take an audition?

No, not required.

Please come.

Thank you, sir.


Yes, Sis.

Mr. Sharma was telling
dad you shot some ad as a passerby?

No Sis, that's not me.
That's someone who looks like me.

Even here, everyone mistook her for me.

Okay, next week, I will be on
a prime time episode. Don't miss it.

Wow, very good.

When will it be aired?

-I'll tell you the time.
-Alright, you do that.

-Okay, bye Sis!

-Somebody save me!
-You bring no dowry from your parents.

You scream at my mother?

You didn't bring any dowry.
Moreover, you are arguing with my mother?

-Save me!
-Shut up!

-You bloody woman! Mother, you...
-I will get the dowry.

-Hit her. Break her legs.
-Move back, I'll deal with her.

I'll kill you! I'll get petrol.

They'll kill me, they'll burn me!

You dare to argue with my mother!

Get petrol!

-Somebody save me!
-You move away.

-They will kill me! Somebody save me!
-I'll burn her right now.

-She'll leave our house and go.
-You just move away.

They will kill me! Somebody save me!

What is she doing? Has she gone nuts?

Does she have any money?

I don't know.

What do you mean by you don't know?
Ask her.

Deposit money into her account.

Shall we leave?

See! Just after watching one episode,
your family sent the deposit money.

That's how it is. Even the family
should feel you are doing good work.

No one cares about the idle.

Shall we leave?

You feel I introduce you to useless men?
I'll introduce you to gentlemen.

Why are you taking me?
What will I do meeting with him?

Just come.


-Neha. Right?

Please sit.

-Where are you from?
-From Bhopal.

Manorama showed me your pictures.

She insisted that I meet you.

So, tell me, how can I help you?

I am a businessman and know
some industry people, via friends.

Other than that,

if you want me to help you
in some way...

Excuse me. Rest room.

You wanted a car
to go into the taxi business?


What is the initial payment?

About two
or two and a half hundred thousand.

Where will you get the money from?

Do you have income tax papers?

The bank will not give you any loan.

She went home.

The washroom is this way
and she went outside.

-Like to have something cold?



-Hi Neha.

-How are you?

Will you please send me romantic poetry?

-Okay. Thank you.

I was just planning...

How was your audition?

It was good.

You don't land any roles.
Your hair is so long.

Don't touch my hair.

I love my hair and I'll bag a role
just because of my hair, watch!

Not for anything else.

Want to have some? Have it.

Hi, Neha.

Neha, right?

I've seen you in crime time.

You act well, I must say. Superb acting!

Why do you have to talk always?
You just have to open your mouth.

Give me.

-Happy? Got your protein?
-It's great.

Paid 7,000 rupees for this.

What are you talking?
You bought it for 3,000 the last time.

-Why is it 7,000 now?
-That one was not good.

There was so much fat in it.
Look at how much fat I've piled on.

-There is no fat in this.
-Does money grow on trees?

Look, no compromise with the body.

I just cannot.

-Please understand.
-I cannot pay so much.

Pay it, I'll repay you later.

I'm expecting payment, I'll repay you.

Please. Okay, I'll leave now.

You pay for it, please. Okay?

You are leaving?

Yes. I'll see you at night.

-At least give me a kiss.
-You start off anywhere.

-Alright, bye.

Look Neha,
I introduce young girls to Ritesh.

If both like it, they exchange numbers.

What happens after that, I don't know.

In exchange, he helps me a little.

He is a good guy.
I have introduced him to many girls.

Everyone has only spoken good about him.

Maybe he has relations with all of them.

Maybe he has relations with none.

But you can also do some proper work,

-This is kind of...
-Say it, that it is pimping.

There are lots of other things
to do in this world.

This is unethical, Manorama.

But do you even understand?

Do you know that I didn't go to school?

My father was a cart pusher.

I also have two children.

You are married?

-You have kids?
-Want to meet them?

I grew up in Kalyan.

I was broke, so since the past few years,
I have moved here.

You must have heard

that the husband and wife
who live separately

want their children to live with them.

But with us, it is the opposite.

We both avoid living with the children

because we cannot fulfill their needs.

My children want to live with me.

But I don't have a permanent address.

How is your relationship
with your husband?

You pay attention to the relationship

when your basic needs are met.

The poor man is working somewhere
on a salary of 8000 rupees.

He cannot even think
of maintaining the relationship.

Look, there he is.

He is 30, but because of all the problems,
he looks 40.

Bye Rishi. Bye Aastha.

Bye Aastha. Bye Rishi.




Come. Come on in.



-It's nice.
-Yes, it is.

Manorama, tell me something.

When you are so broke,
why do you spend so much money on boys?

If you save some,
it will be good for your children.

I cannot be so cruel to myself.

What do you think,
if I don't spend money on the boys,

will they give me pleasure?

Find someone in your age group.

By the time they reach my age,
they settle down.

They have money and plenty of girls.

Why would they come to me?

When you become successful,
appoint me as your secretary.


Alright, I have an idea.

You sleep here in the living room.

You will save on rent
and I will get some company.

What do you say?

Alright, now give me a smoke.

-You smoke?

I used to smoke in the hostel,
in college, with friends.

And what about alcohol?

Yes, just sometimes at parties.


Give me lighter.

Hello Mr. Singh, where are you going?

How are you?

I saw Neha's ad on TV last night.
She looked lovely.

This time,
she had not rubbed her face black.

It was an ad for some medicine.

-It was a medicine ad.

Those that come on after midnight.

They air on the teleshopping channel.
Go watch.

At midnight. On the teleshopping channel.

What is the ad?
You woke me up at such a late hour.

Sharma was telling me about an ad
of Neha's that aired at midnight.

-This time she has not blackened her face.

She's done some ad
in which she is looking very pretty.

Let's watch it.

Now I am going to tell you
the mobile features.

Yes, it's her! Look!

-18 Megapixel camera.

-She's looking pretty, isn't she?
-It's very low price.

Big Ball? What mobile is that?

Zuri, smile.


You can see how beautiful our model looks.

I'll now show you its video quality.

Zuri, can you dance for me?



You saw how much she moved,
but the focus was steady.

This mobile costs 2999 rupees.

Call on the number given
below right away.

I have Big Ball mobile.

Do you have Big Ball... mobile?

Come on! A little sleazy is okay.

Come on.

-She is looking pretty.
-Yes, very pretty.

Alright, you go, I'll join you.


Neha must be awake now.
We'll call her. Come.

Her makeup was so good.

We will tell Neha.

Sharma said she is in some medicine ad.

Before, he used to be constantly tired.

He would return
from the office angry and irritated.

He had even stopped playing with the kids.

I was very disturbed.

When I confided in my friend,
she gave me a solution.

Maingold capsules,

which gave him
new found strength and energy.

Like greenery in a drought?

Maingold capsules changed my life.

And now,

he plays with the kids and with me too.

Thank you, Maingold capsules!

Take it every day and make your wife happy
with Maingold capsules!

Oh, God!

She will put me down.

After you two went to bed,

I saw her in such embarrassing ads.

This girl has embarrassed me.

I'm afraid to step out of the house.

Why did she go to Mumbai? To do this?

She didn't want to get married, fine.
But what is all this?

If she continues to do such bad ads,
they will stick for life.

The family has enough money,
we don't lack anything.

Call her right now
and tell her everything I have said.

Ask her to come back right away.

-Call her.

You'll not say anything. I forbid you!

Call her, Smita. Now!

-Call her!

-I'm sorry.

I understand your problem.

But I have limited staff in my office.

And you are not really qualified
for any specific job.

Even if you begin somewhere,

you will get paid 10000, 20000?

I understand
that you don't want to return home.

Why don't you take your father's help?

But do only good work. Okay?

I'm sure things will work out for you.

I'll leave.


It's small advice but take it.

Everything has a price.

Before buying, check the price.

You may end up paying for it
all your life.

So think twice.

I have learnt to live,
you talk about yourself.

Where is the office of Watersign Creative?

That's a big production house.

They called you?

Rajdeep sent a message.

He said some new serial
is getting launched.

They have called me for a role in it.

They liked my pictures.

They'll make me Laxmibai!

-Yes, Sis.

Shall I tell dad? He'll be very happy.

No Sis, why tell him?

Everything is still in the initial stages.

If they made you sign a contract,
they will make you act too.

Yes, like you know
how good an actress I am,

how well I act.

They will make you do it,
why are you stressing yourself?

Alright Sis, I'll call you in the evening.

-Fine, we will talk at night.
-Okay, bye.


-Is everything fine?

Whenever I talk to my family,
I feel like I am on some mission.

I have to give a report on everything.

You are very lucky.

At least someone is asking you.

How is that lucky?

This is a very ambitious project
of my advertising company.

It's a huge campaign.

Five hundred hoardings are going to be
put up in the whole country.

We have big media plans.

You are a star.

-Now be focused.
-I will.

All thanks to you.

You deserve it.

The treat is on me today.

Now I feel that
I will be able to live with my children.

Work with dedication.

Come off it now! Everything will be fine.

Why have you called Vijay?

He is happy for you bagging the serial.

And I wouldn't be able
to afford the taxi. So...

Tell me something,
why is his hairstyle always the same?

Once, a stone fell on his head from
a building. He's got a bald patch there.

He wears a wig since then.

-But don't tell him.
-Are you serious?

Don't tell him I told you.

I saw one even at the railway station.

Mr. Singh, you must be proud.

Your daughter will become a big actress.

She'll even get roles in films.

-Neha, dear.

Yes, dad.

Are you busy?

No, dad.

Sorry to have bothered you.

Dad, I'm sorry you had to face
embarrassment because of me.

And I promise it will never happen again.

I saw your hoardings today.
I was very happy.

We all are very proud of you, Neha.

Buy a car, to maintain your standard
in the industry.

Yes, dad.

God bless you.

-Bye, dad.

Thank you.

So, you are treating me
for bagging the serial?

I'd gone to the set.
It's really beautiful.

It truly is.

Mr. Rajdeep, you always talk about work.

-Shall we talk about something else?
-Oh, I'm so sorry.

Whenever we meet,
we actually do only talk about work.

Who do you have in your family?

My mom, dad, an older sister
and a cute niece.

Oh, wow. That's really nice.

Are you married?




No girlfriend?

You went all dressed up.

Stop... Enough.

if he is not looking at you that way,

it means only one thing. That he is gay.

Okay, listen...

You know that
he has a 21-year-old boyfriend?

And listen. He was asking poetry from me
that he used to send him.

Gentleman. Man to man.

Okay now stop laughing at him, Manorama.

What are you saying? I'm laughing at you.

You are really very bad.

Mad you are.

What is Smita doing? Sleeping?

You aren't asleep yet?

She's in her room, talking to Sanjeev.

Both the daughters share your character.

No one can dare point a finger.

And they are as stubborn as you.

No one can appease them easily.

That is what I regret up to now.

I cannot bear to see Smita crying.

I abused her husband so much.

He's left her here and is alone in the UK
since two years.

It's nothing like that.
They love each other.

They talk every day.

He has no reason to hate her.

They are only punishing me.

You're assuming things.
It's nothing of the sort.

You were always so worried about Neha too.

God fixed everything.

Good times come unexpectedly.

Go to sleep.

Good night.

You betrayers!
I will not let my honor be filed.

It's defiled.
Will not let my honor be defiled.

Okay sir, one more.

You betrayers!
I will not let my honor be filed.

-She can't do it.
-Honor cannot be de-filed.

-Say defiled.

-Okay sir, one more.

You betrayers! I will not let my...

Hey... What is your problem?

She won't be able to do it,
she'll turn me mad.

She's no good.

What are you doing?
Assume there is no camera in front of you.

There is a camera,
how can I think otherwise?

-We'll do one thing, Neha.
-Yes, sir?

We'll shoot tomorrow. Let's pack up today.

-Call Karan.
-Let us try once more, please.

I'm saying something good only,
it's nothing bad.

Yes true, but...

She is good.

You never give me.
You also should... gift.

Should I take it?


I've brought oblations from the temple.

And also some sweets to
celebrate your bagging the serial.

Give me.

Shall I leave?


No, thanks.

-Yes, I'm tired.

Why, what happened?

I don't know what's happening.

I forget everything
as soon as the camera is switched on.

Not a word comes out of my mouth.

-It happens with everyone. It's okay.
-But yet...

-Do you know any cameraman?
-Let me try.

I think I'll have to practice
day and night.

Besides, you know
they can't handle it for long.

Nothing will go wrong.
Let me see if I can help.


-Yes, ma'am.

So sorry to inform you

that you are no longer a part
of the Laxmibai project.

-We've replaced you.

Ma'am, how could you do this?
At least one chance.

Neha, this is not an audition.

One hour of shooting loss
is a loss of lakhs of rupees.

Ma'am, one...
And what about the contract then?

Read it carefully.
It is clearly mentioned therein

that we can replace you whenever we want.

You will be paid for one day of shooting.

One chance, ma'am!

Sorry, can't help you.

What happened?


I'm out. They ousted me from the serial.

They can't do that.
I'll talk to the association.

No, let it be. Please...

No wait, I'll talk to them now.

Manorama, shut up! Stop the nonsense.

Listen, make arrangements
for your stay elsewhere.

I want to be alone.

Neha has been replaced?

-Yes, mom.

Neha has not been answering
my calls for two days.

What is the matter?

I spoke to her.

She is busy.
She will call when she is free.

Let's go.

I'd come to pick up my clothes.

I was in the hospital.
The kids were asking for you.

What happened to you?

I have a cyst.

The doctor says it could be cancerous.

I'll need to get operated.

I'll get the operation done
when I make some money.

I told Vijay. Even he was sorry
about your losing the serial.

Forget it.

Tell me, will you have something?


I'll leave.

-Where are you going?
-Ritesh called me.

I'm going to meet him.

Okay listen, I'll drop you off.
I have not left the house since many days.

It will be an outing for me too.

Shall we go?

Let's go.

Stop here.


No, you meet him.

You also meet him, he is not that bad.


I saw your "Laxmibai" hoardings.

It's a huge campaign,
and you're looking really nice.

When is it getting aired on TV?

She quit. One has to work
really hard in serials.

But why?

I mean, it looked good.

Anyway, you guys know better.

She wants to do a film.

Oh, really?

Even I am thinking of making a small film.

Nothing that big,
just to experience the market.

No, it's a great idea.

Because small films do big business.
Only the story should be good.

I have found a very interesting story.

And also found a good director.

A good director and a good actress.

That's all one wants.

Yes, why not?

Yes, Mr. Sharma, tell me.

-What do I say?
-Why, what happened?

I was really sad.

Mr. Singh, I have bad news.

-Neha's hoarding has been removed.

The hoarding has been removed?

I also heard that
she has been replaced in the serial.

-I was really distressed to know this.

How terrible you must be feeling.

I called to find out.

I'll call you back.



What am I hearing?

Sharma says
she's been replaced in the serial.

Her hoarding has been removed.

Yes. She said it was very tiring.
She quit.

Why didn't you tell me?


Forget about returning home because
they won't be able to adjust to you

nor will you be able to adjust to them.

We have very little time.
We'll have to do something big.

Are you high, Manorama?
You're talking nonsense.

I have my whole life ahead of me.
Besides, I'm doing a film.

The director is new, the actors are new,
the producer is new.

The chance of such a film

being a hit is one in a million.

Even if it deserves an Oscar,
it won't run here.

Now what is this you are saying?

Tell me something,
what comes first, after childhood?


And then? Old age?

Yes, old age. But why?

Because once you lose this freshness,
do you know what you're called?

Worn out rubber.

Look, it is necessary
that you have a big promotion

and that you get work
with some big time actor.

Or that you get some big film.

And how will that happen, madam?

What do you think of Ritesh?

-He's good.
-He's good, or do you like him?

What kind of a question is that?

He really likes you.

He is in a place
where he can help you with your career.

Why don't you have an affair with him?

Are you mad? You've lost it, Manorama.

Affair? I should have feelings for him.

Oh, really? Since how long
have you been struggling

and being humiliated?
And you still care about feelings?

Alright, give me a smoke.


there's a new article on Neha.
She's doing a film.

Look, she had a press conference.

I'm tired of hearing all that news.

She doesn't know how to work,
I wonder what she does.

She is earning ill repute
and bringing us ill repute as well.

Get me a cup of tea, dear.

Don't trouble me now and again.
You always start off.

There is something about Neha.

Despite being so beautiful,
she hasn't gotten any work for so long.

She is very decent, that's why.

You don't come across
such girls nowadays.

She's an angel.

She will sleep with a man

only after marriage. That's definite!

This uncouth attitude of yours.

You will never change.

You are so cheap.
At least you don't say such things.

Look, a man can do everything.

But a woman must lose her
virginity only after marriage.

-You may dress up modern but your thinking

will remain that of an illiterate.

-You will continue to behave uncouth.
-Okay, get in.

Sir, I cannot mouth such long dialogues.

Neha, you did serials, right?
You did long dialogues in those.

Why can't you do it now?

Yes, but they were simple

one line dialogues.

Sir, I did an ad that had long dialogues.

I have an idea.

We depend on people

and add to the problems in our lives.

Whereas actually, every individual's
journey of life is different.

Is that okay, sir?

Spot! Mobile.

Anuj, when do you think
he will call pack up?

-Pack up?

I don't know.


In dreams, where is the dream?

In sleep, where is sleep?

There's just you...

Which film's song is this?

I've written it. Nice composition?

You composed it?


Yes, I heard someone say you write well.

We must use it in the film.

I'll speak to the lyricist.

Listen, shall we party today?


In dreams

Where is the dream?

In sleep

Where is sleep?

In dreams

Where is the dream?

In sleep

Where is sleep?

There's just you

Only you!

In breaths

Where is the breath?

There's just you

Only you!

What is this girl up to?
She's always on her phone.

She doesn't learn her dialogues
or practice. She only cares about pack up.

I don't understand why sir
is tolerating her so much.

-Do you know who she is?

-She is Ritesh sir's girlfriend.

I'd like to walk such

That you become my journey

I'd like to walk such

That you become my journey

I begin my journey from you

And end it at you

Open my heart

You'll find yourself in it

Let me be

The misunderstanding

You become my belief

I am

Not even within me

There's just you, only you!

Alright, I'll call you back.

Your phone is switched off?

You didn't tell me you didn't go
for the shoot yesterday.

Everyone was troubled.

The director called.

We could have come here later.

You suffered a huge loss
because of me, right?

It's not about the loss.

It's just... it's not right
for your career.

It's okay. Relax.

Come, we'll have breakfast together.

Give me some dreams

That entertain my sleep

Give me some dreams

That entertain my sleep

Give me some excuses

That save my nights

Give me a souvenir that

Shows I belong to you

Give me such fate lines

That change my destiny


There are none on my lips


There are none on my lips

There's just you

Only you!

Spot! Mobile.

Yes Neha, tell me.

-How are you?
-I'm good.

-What's going on?
-All good.


We have packed up.

Let's meet up.

Eight o'clock?

-Alright. See you then.

Okay. Bye bye.

The party was boring for you?

No. It was fine.

Good thing your film is complete.
Your family will be very happy.

Especially your dad.

Yes, everyone is happy.
Everyone liked the story too.

But dad'll be happy when I get married.

Yes, families always insist on marriage.

I did not come to Mumbai
to become an actress.

I even did a film to prove to the world.

I mean, I want to work,

but at least I won't have
to struggle after this film.

Dad insisted that I get married,

but at that time I hated even
the mention of marriage.

But after meeting you,
my view has changed.

I mean, with time, people's views change.

I was wondering, should we get married?

We won't announce it publicly now,

but we can live together, you know.

Hello. You had called?


Yes, alright.

Neha, I will have to leave,
something urgent has come up.

We'll sit and discuss this at leisure.

I'll be back in an hour.

-Alright, then come upstairs.
-Yes sure, I will.



Come on in! I am very happy today.

Tell me, what will you have?

Will you have chow mein, a drink, what?

What's the matter, you're very happy.

Have you found a guy?

What rubbish!
I have a queue of boys waiting.

I don't enjoy sex any longer.

So... By the way, I'm very happy today.

-Ask me why.
-Tell me why.

Ritesh is buying me a car

to operate as a taxi,

that too, without a loan.
So my life is sorted.

This is what I wanted.

Tell me something,

you are no longer introducing Ritesh
to girls, are you?

What kind of a question is that?

Don't I know what's going on
between you two?

Why would I introduce him to any girl now?

Anyway, Ritesh is coming home in a while.

So you leave the house for some time.

He may not like you being around. So...

Get me a glass of water.

Come, sit.

Manorama, I want to tell you something.

Although it's a secret,
but I must tell you.

Because never know about you...

But I can trust you, can't I?

Have I made any mistake?

Anyway, forget it. I'm getting married.


I mean, to whom?

Who am I involved with?

-So of course I will marry him.

I don't sleep around with everyone.

Anyways. I wonder what
happened to my language.

And yes, I may not be able
to meet you much after marriage

because you know

how insecure these men
become about their wives. So...

Okay then, I'm leaving.

What does Ritesh say now?

When I met you, I was
told you were very ambitious.

I wanted to make a film and
coincidentally, you were working in it.

Look Neha, if I had any idea that
you had future plans

regarding me,

I would have stopped you long ago.

So as to avoid hurting you,
I never told you this earlier.

I'm married, Neha.
I also have a four-year-old child.

My family lives in the UK.


Come here!

-You knew Ritesh was married.
-What? I didn't know.

You knew Ritesh

was married!

-Wait a minute. I didn't know.
-You knew Ritesh was married!

Listen to me. I didn't know.

To make money, you sold me
to a married man!

-You knew! You knew!
-I didn't know anything.

-Listen to me!
-Get out right now!

-At least listen to me. Neha!
-Get out of my house!

-Neha... Neha.
-Get out of my house!

And don't ever show me your face again!




You are more intelligent than me.

How is being depressed going to help?

I mean, you will only ruin your health.

And your film is also going to be released
in a few days.

You will come across many people
like Manorama.

You should not have trusted her so much.

You start going to the gym, eating well.

If you wish, we can go shopping,

buy stuff.

What nonsense is that?
How can he replace Neha in the film?

You know how much hope Neha
had for this film.

She could not act.
And you know what a big chance she had.

But she has a short attention span.

Anyway, tell her she has been replaced.


How can I tell her?

I can't tell her. You tell her.

Just tell her.

-If she finds out from someone else,
-Hey, listen!

-she will be hurt.
-Hey, listen!

How can I tell her? I won't... Mano...

Sorry Sis, I was so busy with the shoot,

I never got the time to speak to you.

What do you mean?
You didn't have time to say hello?

Anyway, forget that.
Dad is very excited about your film.

He even liked the story.

He said that the whole family
will watch it together on its release.

If you know the release date, tell us,

we will pre-book the show.

Did you act well?

Yes Sis, the director was very good.

Good. Okay, talk to mom.

Yes, my child, tell me.

Yes, mom?

Do you observe the fast

on Saturdays?

Don't forget.

No, mom.

Shall I tell you something?
Malhotra came to our house

with his son and daughter-in-law.

The Malhotra who had brought
his NRI son's proposal for you.

Your dad told him that you are
in Mumbai and doing a film.

They were shocked.

Forget that, mom. Tell me, how are you?

What will happen to me? I'm fine.
You take care.

I'll talk to you later, mom.

-Fine. Do call.
-Yes, mom. Bye.

Hello. Neha?

I have to tell you something.

I met Manorama yesterday.

She told me
you have been replaced in the film.

I play every time

I lose every time

I play every time

I lose every time

The games of life

Are very enticing

I have been fooled

By life a lot


Has given

Many excuses

I have been fooled

By life a lot

It makes me cry

While it laughs at me

It makes me cry

While it laughs at me

Life plays

A lot of pranks on me

Life plays

A lot of pranks on me


Has given

Many excuses

Life, tell me, are you with me

Or against me

You show me the destination

And then cheat me

For a few moments

Of laughter

Why are you punishing me

With a lifetime of tears

Don't bless me

With a life now

Don't bless me

With a life now


Has ill-treated me a lot

Listen, Neha's phone has been
out of reach for two days.

Even Sonal is not in Mumbai.

Smita and I were thinking
of going and meeting her.

I wonder where she is living,
how she is living.

We should go and meet her, right?


What did he say?

He said he'll come home and discuss it.

Because once you lose this freshness,
you know what you are called?

Worn out rubber.

Neha, the doctor has called you
for a check up.

Neha, do you want water?


the doctor has forbidden you
from taking any kind of narcotic.

I'll get fresh food in the evening.

If you permit, shall I keep the house key?

I'll leave.

In today's practical life,
only common sense works.

Your philosophy will make a joke of you.

Neha has got a film offer as a heroine.

Dad was happily telling everyone.

She's doing a cheap ad.
I'm so embarrassed.

She is an item!

Why don't you take your father's help?

I saw your hoardings today.
We all are very proud of you,


What do you think of Ritesh?

He really likes you.

Why didn't you tell me earlier,




I've brought food.

If you wish, I'll call your family.


What have you done to yourself?

-I'll get something to eat.
-No, sit.

I'm finished.

Even you find me bad.

I didn't mean that.

No, no, I have become ugly.

Finished. Worn out rubber.

-No, that's not what I meant.
-Shut up!

Don't change your statement.

Dad had said

that if I don't make a career,
my life is finished.

Finished. I'm finished!

Even you won't come? Right?



this field is not for girls like you.

You go get married.

Who will marry me, a loser?

No one will. Look at my face.

I've lost my youth, my freshness.

Anyone would marry you.

You are saying that to comfort me.

-No, Neha.
-No one will marry me.

-It's not like that.
-Go away!

-Get out of here!
-It's not like that.

It's not like that?

Will you marry me?


Come on, let's get married.

-No, no. Come on, let's get married.
-No. No. Neha, I didn't mean that.

-Marry me.
-No, Neha.

-Come on, marry me.
-Listen to me. Neha, listen to me.

-Listen to me, please.
-Let's get married.

Please... Please.

-What the hell are you doing in my bed?
-Listen to me!

-Get out!

-Get out, I said!


-I said go! Get out!
-At least listen to me.

-Go away, or I'll call the police.
-At least listen.

-Go away!

-Listen to me. Let me explain.
-Go away!

-Let me explain. Listen.
-I said get out.

I'm telling you.

-Let me explain. Listen. Listen to me.
-Go away!

-Go away!

-Listen to me...
-I'll call the police.

-Listen to me...

Shut up!

Shut up!

Who will you call?

What are you going on ranting?
We have gotten married.

What? Are you out of your mind?

-Are you mad?
-Shut up!

Shut up!

I kept refusing.

You were ready to die.

You kept a knife to your neck.
What if you'd hurt yourself?

If you'd died?

Why did I?

Look, we got married.



Take a look.

-See some more.

Bloody fool.

Why are you crying so much, Neha?

We only got married.

We didn't commit any sin.

God has given you a new chance now.

We will begin life afresh.

And yes, don't take narcotics hereafter.

If it had been someone else,
anything could have happened.

Vijay, you have not told anybody,
have you?

No, I just put the pics on Facebook.

-Oh, God!
-My friends really approved.

I got many likes.

I tagged you too. Just check,
even you must have gotten many likes.

Your sister was calling again and again.

We'll go to my village tomorrow.

My mother will like you, I'm sure.

Saw what has your daughter
been doing for the past three days?

Her phone is out of reach.

I don't want to see her again!

She has put me to shame!

Who does she think she is?

I'm asking you!

Do you know what a shock this is for me?

My friends are congratulating me

for my daughter's marriage

and I, her father, doesn't even know.


What does this boy do? Who is he?

Even I just found out this morning.
He's Vijay.

He's only tagged everyone.

I think he's an estate agent.

An estate agent?


Yes, we don't know, Sanjeev.

Even for us, we just saw it
on Facebook this morning.

I wonder who he's gotten married to.

I had so many dreams of his marriage

where he got married in a temple.

Mom, she's very pretty.

Vijay has put her photo on Facebook, look.

I don't want to see it.

I'll see her in person, she's coming now.

Vijay was always smart, I knew it.

He's caught a big fish.

Don't sit and chat here.
Go and buy vegetables, I have to cook.

-You come with me,

there's lots of chores to be done.

We don't even know
which caste she belongs to.

This boy burned all my desires to ash.

Passengers please pay attention.
Platform number one, two, eight...

You haven't gone
for a walk since two days.

When we were little,

my grandma always told my father

that you cannot teach your children
to be successful.

But they can be taught how to be happy.

I'll make tea for you.

Look Vijay, we had fixed your marriage
with a dowry of 400,000 rupees.

Will we get that money or not?

Is the girl from a poor family?

Mom, they are rich people.
You will get everything.

Don't worry about it.
And she's sitting inside,

so speak softly.

Vijay, come here.

-Yes, sister-in-law?
-Why is she so sad?

Have you done something wrong to her?

No, of course not.

She must be tired, nothing else.

-What happened?

It's nothing.

You don't worry about it.

What happened, Neha?

I know.

It takes some time to adjust in a village.

But with some time,
you will begin to like it here.

You know, everyone in
the family is happy.

And why wouldn't they be?
You are so beautiful.


tonight is our nuptial night.

Neha... Neha. What happened?
Show it to me, dear.

-Please go from here.
-Show me.

-I'm fine.
-Show it to me.

-Go from here. Please. Please go.

You're back.

Where were you? I've been calling you.

I'd gone to meet the lawyer,
to get the property papers made.

I've decided to transfer
half my property to Neha.

Tell Smita. Ask her to be ready.
We have to go meet Neha.

We lost our father 15 years ago.

We are two brothers,
I am older and he is younger.

We also have a younger sister.
That's our small family.

I own a spare parts shop in the market.

It's a small business.

What does your spouse do?


She's asking about your husband.

Your husband.

He's a civil engineer.

You didn't bring your kid along?

I have six, four sons and two daughters.

In eight years of marriage,
I produced six kids.

Please call Neha.

I'll call her.

Kids, go to your granny.

These kids, they will gobble up
all the snacks otherwise.

Why are you here?

Leave, come in the evening.

Come and meet them.

How will I face them?

You are educated.

Why don't you tell them the truth?

What do I say? That I was so drunk,

I didn't realize how I got married?

Please eat.


-No, thanks.
-Please have some.

-No, thank you.

Dad, these sweets are very famous here.

Yes, they are.

-Please have.
-No, dad cannot eat it, he is diabetic.

Have it. Death will come when it has to.
Have it.

Dad cannot have sweets, it's forbidden.

Let it be, why are you forcing them?

It's okay.

Look, this is how daughters are.
They care so much for their parents.

We had so many dreams
about Vijay's marriage.

She is not coming, she's feeling shy.

Your daughter is very shy.

Your daughter will live here now.


Stop crying.

Look at you!
What have you done to yourself?

You should have at least told me.

You could have called.

What have you done?

Do you know how hurt mom and dad are?

Bhopal to Chapra is an eight hour journey,
right dad?

How long did it take you?

Please call Smita. We have to leave.

You could have stayed back today, dad.

Please call her.


Dad has brought the property papers.

He's transferred half the property
to your name.

Are you alright?

-Smita, dad is calling you.

I'm leaving. Take care.


Take care.

Dad, let's go.

You guys took very long.

How are those people?
What kind of people are her in-laws?

-And her house?
-Mom, I'm very tired.

Shall we talk tomorrow?

In dreams

Where is the dream?

In sleep

Where is sleep?

In dreams

Where is the dream?

In sleep

Where is sleep?

There's just you

Only you!

In breaths

Where is the breath?

There's just you

Only you!

Look Manorama,

I didn't have any personal enmity
with Neha.

She just had one problem.

She's a very bad actress.

But she wrote very well.

This song is so good.

Fabulous composition.

A million hits on YouTube in two days!

The music company has called me
several times.

Even today,
they have already called twenty times.

You know how these companies are.

They fear some other company
may sign Neha before them.

So they want to sign her
on an exclusive basis.

Ask her

to speak to the director at once.

Where is she these days, by the way?

I don't know.

But I'll find out.


I'd like to walk such

That you become my journey

I begin my journey from you

And end it at you

Open my heart...


You'll find yourself in it

She wasted so much time.
Why didn't she try music?

My daughter finally got her success.
She finally made you proud.

I always used to say she writes well.

This song is now a super hit.

Everyone is tuned in.

Call her, she'll be very happy.

You'd come back without meeting her.

How are you, Neha?

Since we have gotten married,
I have not given you any gifts.

I bought it for you.


Smita and your dad are very nice.

They did right in transferring
the property to your name.

We will sell the property, go to Mumbai

and start a business.

Or if you want to live with your dad,
we can go there too.

It will make him happy.

Sister-in-law said you don't like it here,
so we won't live here.

Look Vijay,

I owe you a few favors
that you did for me in Mumbai.

And I don't feel angry with you,
I feel pity for you

when I see you make
all these futile attempts.

Because none of them is workable.

Because forget others,

I only loathe myself.

Dad, remove my name
from the property papers,

I don't want anything!

What happened, dear?

You always do the talking,
now listen to me.

You never listen to me.

I cannot take this anymore.

-I cannot handle anything, dad, I cannot!

-What happened, dad?
-What happened?

-What happened?
-She disconnected?

She disconnected?

And you, I neither like you nor hate you.

You don't exist in my life.

Go! Go away! Go!

Go out!

You will oust me from my home?

Both father and daughter
made a fool of me.

I don't exist, huh?

Then why are you living in my house?

Okay, this was missing!

Your bloody father!

-No... no.
-Tell me, pimp!


You will talk to Neha?

You two ruined my life.

-Papa, one minute.

-Don't hit Neha.
-Dad, give it to me.

Is he beating her?

-You ruined my life!
-Vijay, don't beat me.

-Don't beat her.

See what I do to you now!

You are very proud, aren't you?

-Vijay, don't beat her.

Please don't beat my daughter.

-Leave my daughter.

-Take this!
-Vijay, don't!

-Here, see.
-I beg you.

Are you listening? Come and save her.

-See how she is begging?
-Don't beat Neha, I beg you!

Listen! He's begging me.



Vijay, don't beat her.

He's beating my daughter.

You will talk to her.

What will you say?

You bloody pimp!

How can you talk like that!

I'll tell you all she's done.

Damn you!

-He is beating her.

Now you are pleading with me?
And you didn't even want to see my face.

You came to my house

and humiliated me.

-We are cheap?

Vijay, open the door.

-I am cheap?
-I plead with you, son!

Son? Now you are calling me son?

You didn't even want to
see my face earlier.

Vijay, I plead with you.

-Don't call me son, you pimp!

Vijay, open the door.

Listen to what your daughter
has been doing.

Vijay, I'll do all you say, open the door.

Your daughter was a whore.

-Don't say that.
-She wanted a new man every day.

Do you hear me?

She slept with one man
and woke up with another.

What upbringing did you give her?

Vijay, don't tell him anything,
he will die.

Yes, now I know! You made
all this property from pimping.

You must be selling
your older daughter too.

That is why she is living with you.

And you call us cheap?

And you call us cheap?

Now tell me who is cheap.

Listen, your father is crying.

He's calling me son now.

Rascal, lower your voice and talk to me.

Vijay, he will die.

Do you know what your daughter is now?

I admit my mistake.

Shut up, you pimp!


I'll put the phone on speaker,
hear your daughter's torment.

Listen! And you... rot!

Now you understand?

Both father and daughter
want to humiliate me?

She ruined my life.

She was sleeping with men all drunk.

She used to do all kinds of drugs.

She couldn't stay awake without them.

Just wait, rascal!

My existence...


Mom! Mom!