BADAMASI (Portrait of a General) (2019) - full transcript

A flawed Army General attempts to guide an impossible African country through a viciously strained era in this first of its kind, authorised biopic, based on real events.

Imeela Ojukwu, imeela

Imeela Ojukwu, imeela

Agam esoro umuaka ibem gawa

Soldier… were ezigbo
Madison gbaa ndi Awusa

Imeela Ojukwu, imeela

Imeela Ojukwu, imeela

Agam esoro umuaka ibem gawa

Soldier… were ezigbo
Madison gbaa ndi Awusa

Imeela Ojukwu, imeela

Imeela Ojukwu, imeela

Agam esoro umuaka ibem gawa

Soldier… were ezigbo
Madison gbaa ndi Awusa

Imeela Ojukwu, imeela

Imeela Ojukwu, imeela

Agam esoro umuaka ibem



- Forty acres and a thousand men
- Dike!

Dike! Dike! Dike!

If you want to meet your maker

- …oya say amen
- Dike! Dike!

Fire in the jungle, everybody run

I don't know tomorrow I live in Babylon

Everybody wanna run
Everybody wanna stand upright

But they all fall down!

But they all fall down!

And they all fall down!

Yet they all fall down!

Wooo! Ye! And they all fall down!

Now I play the worthy enemy

When I try the thing no funny me

I finalise with tears in my eyes

Don't wanna sacrifice
Because the pressure's all on me

- Fire in the jungle everybody run
- Hold your fire!

- I don't know tomorrow, …
- Hold your fire!

…I live in Babylon

Honestly, when I was doing my
armoury course in India,

I didn't know I would use it to
fight against my own people.

You say what?

Duba, can you read me, over?

I am hurt!

Duba, can you hear me, over?

Duba, honestly…can you hear me?

Duba, talk to me.

Duba, we know where you are,
we are coming to get you.






Hold your fire! Hold your fire!



Are you going to be
alright, Baba?

Everything will be
alright, Ibrahim by the grace of God.

I have to go to
hospital in Kontagora.

When are you coming back?

Your grandmother will
look after you. Okay?

But I will be okay… I will
soon get better and return.

By God's grace.

Mama went to the hospital and
she never returned.

I am not your mother.

Please look after your sister.

Death has not been kind
to me and my children.

But death could not
touch you because you are special.

Be good, my son.
May Allah make you great.


what did he say?

What did he say?

He didn't say anything.

Come on Chief.

No one gets called into
the Headmaster's office,

without him saying anything.

Are you going to tell me or not?

Mallam Ahamadu said that
he will take care of

- my school fees.
- What did you say? You are one lucky boy.

That is not a fair thing to say
to a boy that has just lost his father.

Your father is dead.
Your mother is dead too.

Your grandma treats
you better than your mother.

Your uncles are
falling over themselves for you

and now you get free education.

If that is what orphans get, I
want to be an orphan too.

Be careful what you wish for.

I thought you were
already an orphan.

You called my mother
a whore. Did you or did you not?

What is this?
What have I done, Idris?

You said that to my brother, we
have one mother, so you said it to me.

He started it first.
He called my mother a...

That's enough!
You leave him alone.

Says who?

Because they call you a chief?

Because the Headmaster
is your father's friend?

Does not make you any
less of an almajiri than you are.

Are you okay?

You are crazy, Ibrahim. You
talk to the school bully like that?

Master Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida.

Do you now win the vote of
the teachers for head boy.

You have been a popular boy
since you came to the school

and that has not gone unnoticed.

By some miracle, you have
been made the head

boy of the Bida
Provincial Secondary School.

You will take assembly tomorrow
and liaise with my secretary.

You may leave.

Master Babangida,

being head boy
is not a popularity contest.

You have to make some tough
decisions to take the lead.

Many bloody heads have been put on the

block for you so please
do not let us down.

I won't let you down sir, I promise.

I hope you travelled well.
Thanks, we did. Thanks.

That's good. I called
you to discuss about Ibrahim.


Where is the telegram you showed me?

Good. Sit down there.


Now, tell us what it says.

Not all of us can read the
white man's language.

It says that I passed
the entrance

examination into Nigerian
Military Training College in Kaduna.

What is that?

Our son has been
selected to join the army.

Imam, we thank
you for your concern in this matter.

But Ibrahim has mentioned that

he wanted to join the
army to us before.

Our answer then was no.
Our answer now is "no".

Ibrahim, I thought you said
you wanted to build roads and bridges.

Yes, I can still
be an engineer in the army.

I hear you.

Your father wanted more for you, Ibrahim.

More than just being a soldier.

You can be anything you want
but you are not going to be a soldier.

There is more to this.

The government of the
Northern region will not give scholarship

to any student who
has refused to join the army.

What? Are they forcing
our children into the army?

Well, yes.

The Northern region needs

more officers in the army
to match the south.

Is Abdulsalam going too?

Yes, he is going. If I don't
go, the government will frustrate me.

Whatever he wants to do.
Let him go ahead and do it.

All we can do is
ask Allah to look after him.

Amen. Thank you.

- Thank you.
- It's alright.

- Thank you.
- It's alright.

Master, buy me something
Expensive to satisfy me, eh

Master buy me something
Expensive to satisfy me

Bonsue Azikwe Bonsue ayo-ayo

Bonsue Azikwe Bonsue Ayo-ayo ooo

- Eh eh eh
- Hello Maryam.


Does your brother know you are at the

- disco?
- What are you doing here?

We are celebrating finishing
our secretariat course.

- Oh, nice.
- These are my classmates.

Congrats. Congrats, ladies.

- Thank you.
- Okay, I am also here with my friends.

You know, we just finished,
ah, military academy.

And then we are also here to celebrate.

- Okay, those are my friends right there.
- Hi.

Come over, guys.
So, ladies this is Abdul-salami.

Sani Abacha.

Sanni Sami.

- Congratulations.
- And Magboro.

Oh, baby, dance for me

- I love you dancing for me
- Dancing for me

- Dancing for me.
- Dancing for me.

- Oh baby, dancing for me.
- Dancing for me.

- I love you dancing for me
- Dancing for me

- Oh baby, dancing for me
- Dancing for me

I like the night. Without the dark,

we never really see the stars.

Take a look at that. It's beautiful.

It's nice.

Is that from a poem?

Hm. Poem? No, it just came out

Honestly, I don't know.

Yes, there were times you saw me crying

They never cared to wipe off
the tears coming down my face

Oh, running down my face

Looking for the one to bring me out

But fate keeps turning me
Searching for the way to see the light

The break of dawn is perfect
Waiting for the day that I will smile

The pressure keeps pressing me

But since I found hope
My only companion and this time

I am never going to let it go

Never going to let it go
See the way it shows the way to find me

I am never going to give it up

And yes, I found hope
My only companion and this time

And yes, I found hope, my only companion
And this time

And yes, I found hope

After all, that I have been through, yeah

And yes, I found hope
My only companion, and this time, I am

Just yesterday we announced that the

Head of State, General Murtala Mohammed
announced the creation of new states

the states include Bauchi, Benue, Borno

Imo, Niger, Ondo, and Ogun state.


Your arms up!

General salute! Raise arms up!

Your arms up!

Stand aright!

We are all together.


…any resistance will be met with
death. You are warned.

Any act of blocking of roads
would be dealt with.

Everyone should be calm. Please stay by
your radio for further announcement.

All colleges, air and seaports
are closed until further notice.

Curfew is imposed from
6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Thank you.

We are all together.

Sir, was that not Buka
Dimka I just heard on radio, Sir?

Get ready. Get your boys
and go and flush him out

from the federal radio corporation, Ikoyi.

- Who else is involved, sir?
- You will find out. Now, go.

- Badamasi?
- Sir?

Dimka is very dangerous and ruthless.
I have always

warned the Head of State
not to go out without security convoy.


Cover your positions!

Hold your fire! Hold your fire!


It's you Ibrahim?
You are not armed, are you?

I am unarmed.

You wanted to do something like
this and you didn't tell me Buka?

Buka, you are my friend.
You should have told me.

Ibrahim, this is no joke, alright?

I am not playing games with you.

I swear, I'll kill you.

That is fine. At least, I will know
that I died by the hands of my friend.

Knowing you will look after my wife…
and my children.

Why have you come here, Ibrahim?

I have come to see you…

…as my friend.

And tell you, let us give this up now.

This is not going to work.

- Of course, it is going to work.
- Innocent people will get hurt.

Ibrahim, what do you know? These
people… these people, they hate you.

You are the most hated
officer around here.

Why, why, why don't you come
and join us and be

and be part of us?

Look, they wanted
you dead, but I… I, I saved you.

I am not afraid to die. You know me.

If I wanted you dead,
I would have shot you

from the moment you
stepped into this place.

Let's go.

How is it going out there?

You only have the radio station.

You cannot execute a coup only on radio.

Well, I know.

He is dead. I… I shot him myself.

But Gen Aguyi Ironsi, Colonel… is loyal.

Mamman Rasta, …Usman Jubril, Umaru
Mohammed, they are all loyal.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Listen. Listen, Ibrahim. Okay, this is
what happens when you work without a…

[Dimka breathes heavily

Tell Danjuma that he…

he would wriite a written amnesty for…
for all my men.

And, uh,

If I…,
then we'll talk again.

filed by the tribunal.

Those condemned to death

by firing squad have been executed today.

This includes Lt. Col B. L. Dimka, and Mr.
J. E Badmus.

Two of the principal actors
of the attempted coup.

I am tired of these bloody
civilian bosses.

I swear,
these civilians are like children.

They can't even help themselves.

They are taking care
of the military. So I am fine.

But if this country scatters,
there won't be any military here.


so, why don't you do something about it?

Do not vote them in next time.

You know why I am here, abi?


I can't believe this, Chief.

I can't believe it.

Haba, Sani, come come, just...

At least, take a minute to
think about it, will you?

You want me to join the traitors
against my own country?

This is just like an express road to…
to firing squad. Think

- about that, too.
- Sani!

Sani, you and I have known ourselves

too long to be playing this
military honour games.

The question is are we going
to act to save our country?

It is our duty and privilege to act.

I know you have been called too
many names but not coward.

This is me, Sani. I cannot do
this without you, my brother.

Who else is involved in this?

Do we expect any trouble?

Maybe a few boys I do not trust.

We have to send them on leave
immediately. We don't want any bloodshed.

Look, what we are doing is very dangerous.

Any single mistake can end all of us
in front of a firing squad.

You are the one who is
closest to the president,

so you have to be the one to arrest him.

We don't want him hurt.

In fact we may not have
to fire a single bullet.

May Allah help us.

So there will be no resistance
from the guild of guards?

I have just confirmed from Colonel Ogbeha,
and he has spoken to the

commander, Captain Ayanbo, so we don't
expect any resistance.

So, if we win, who is going to take over?

Don't look at me that way. Look, I am not
interested in this, I hope you understand.

I have no interest,
absolutely. You, are you interested?

Left right,
left right, left right.

What about, uh, Major General Buhari?

He seems to have just done very well
with the Chad crisis and uh, clean.

Lele, fire
Lele, ulele, soldier. Fire my soldier

Lele, fire. Lele, ulele, soldier
Fire my soldier

Lele, fire. Lele, ulele, soldier
Fire my soldier

Lele, fire. Lele, ulele, soldier
Fire my soldier

Lele, fire. Lele, ulele, soldier
Fire my soldier

Uh, Captain Bamidele, I am very busy.

I need to go home. How may I help you?

Sir, I said I should come
and see you and talk about

my fears.

- Your fears?
- There is something happening.

I think… I think they want
to sabotage the government.

- Do you mean a coup?
- Yes, sir.

Who is planning it?

You have gone dumb?

What did you hear and from whom?

Never mind, sir. I think I am mistaken.
I am sorry to have disturbed you.

Sir, I said I am sorry.
Please, sir. Sir, please.

Hello… I think
the time is now or never.

Hey, stop, stop right there.


Fellow countrymen and women, I,
Brigadier Sani Abacha of the army

addressing you this morning on behalf
of the Nigerian armed forces.

After due consultation
over this deplorable condition,

I and my colleague in the armed forces

have the discharge of our National role

and protection and promotion
of our National Interest…

Okay. Okay. No trouble at all.
Fine. No problem. Fine, fine.

Thank you.

Please, sit down.

Ah, ah,

You know that this is the
political side that I don't like.

Left to me,
I will take the best.

I don't care if they
are all from Daura.

I understand.

So, ah, in that case, ah, Idiagbon
will be the Chief of our

Staff, Supreme Headquarters. And you
will be the Chief of Army Staff.

That is, uh, very fine.

That is all I ever wanted to be
since I joined the army anyway.

I am very happy.

Ah-ah Fine.
In that case, I will announce it

at the Council meeting this afternoon.

- Okay
- No problem.


one more thing your excellency.

Brigadier Idiagbon is my junior.

How will it work?

Don't worry. We will see to that.

This wasn't what we agreed.

I helped
make this change of government happen.

I know, you contributed.

What have I got for it?

If you are talking about your
newsprint that was seized.

I am not talking about newsprint.

People are suffering.
There is fear in the land.

Apart from seizing my newsprint they
retired Guso.

Aliyu Muhammed is being investigated.

I even heard that they wire taped
his home. Who do you think is next?

Me? Hmm. Don't flatter me, Kola. Why me?

Because you are too smart.
Because they are afraid of you.

You control the armoury division.

Your association with civilians
like me frightens them.

They will either retire you or hang a
phantom coup

on your neck to eliminate you.

Why are you telling me this, Kola?

Have you finished?

Most Nigerians go through life without
having the opportunity to become a hero.

I believe this is our second chance.

If they sent you, Kola,
tell them you didn't find me.

Maryam, in the military,

if you hear a coup and you don't,

report it, you are as guilty as the
people that planned it.

So… what are you going to do?

General, there was a meeting?

It was not a meeting. Just uh impromptu.

But I was with you a few minutes ago.

Why… why didn't you tell me
there was an impromptu meeting?

May I go in?

He is busy, General.

General, it is me.

The Head of State couldn't
be possibly too busy for me.

Honestly, he is. But you can see
him tomorrow or next week.

Alright, Chief of Staff.
Supreme Headquarters.

Can the Head of State have this?

Your friend, for you sir.

Something is wrong.

He is talking about the
Abiola sting last night.

He is a smart man.

Which is why I say we should
arrest him immediately, sir.

Give me the order to arrest him.

Do you know what will happen
if we are wrong about this?

I am not wrong, sir. I feel it.
Something is not right.

[Sani They are closing in on us, sir.
We need to act now.

On two conditions, Sani.

What condition?

That we live out our four years
and hand over to civilians in 1990.

We can't quickly rush
back to civilian rule.

Looking at what happened in 1979.

And the second,

we will not kill the Head of State or any
member of his cabinet.

We cannot execute a coup without
killing. It is very impossible.

Yes, we can, Sani. We can.

I don't want the cure to be worse
than the disease. Not a single bullet

would be fired.

Even in self-defense?

If we carry
out the plans strictly,

we won't have to lift a
single finger in self-defense.


Praise be to the Allah.

Haba oga

He's my friend and we need some
of his intelligence contacts.

We just need tanks

We need more than tanks. We need men.
Very loyal men.

They already have eyes on Gusau.
They are watching him closely.

Gusau already knows that. I
have already spoken to him.

Why?… Gusau?


It is all of us or none of us.

Sani, just the man I wanted to speak with.

Are you not supposed to be in Mecca?

Yes, tomorrow morning.
What's wrong with him?

Is that the way he handles
pressure? By getting drunk?


Happy Eid.

One more move and I
will blow your head off.

Hey! I said I will blow
your head off. Now put your hands up.

Put them up where I can see them.

We cannot execute a coup
without killing. It is very impossible.

We can. I don't want the
cure to be worse than the disease.

Gusau already knows that.
I have already spoken to him.

Why? Gusau?

He is my friend and we need
someone with his intelligence.

We just need tanks.

We need more than tanks.

Wind down.

Sani? Sani?

Very careless and unprofessional.

That is enough evidence to land all
of us in front of a firing squad.

You couldn't even check
your office for bugs.

Or look behind you to see the man that has

been following you for
the past three days.

I will see you at the regime exercise

Good night, my friend.

This exercise must be precise.

You must be willing and ready to move

within five minutes' notice. Fully kitted.

Tanks fully fuelled.

Your commander would tell you your
designated target when the time comes.

Until then, you are dismissed.

Yes sir.

As you can see, they are ready sir.

I just hope they still
will be ready by the time

they know what it is we are doing.

No problem.

I will be in Minna.

Dear Maryam, by the
time you read this letter,

you'll either be a widow or the first lady

of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

I am sorry to put you and
the kids through this.

But, you're the one that will always say,

that you only live once.

Fellow Nigerians,

when in December 1983 the former military

leadership assumed the
reigns of government…

It's ascension was heralded in the
history of this country.

With the nation at the mercy of
political misdirection,

and on the brink of economic collapse.

A new sense of hope was created in
the minds of every Nigerian.

Since January 1984, however,
we have witnessed

a systematic denigration of that hope.

The principles of discussions

are efficient, and cooperation has
shown that the decision

making process of the
Supreme leading council

and the Federal Resident Council

were disregarded soon after
the government settled down

in 1984. And so it came to be

that the same government which
received the tumultuous welcome

now became alienated from the people.

We do not pretend to have all
the answers to the questions

which our present problems
have put before our nation.

And we do not intend to lead a
country where individuals

are under the fear of
expressing themselves.

The public officers,
protection against false

accusations Decree 4 of
1984 is hereby revoked.

We recognise that the
government be it civilian or military

need the consent of the people to govern
if it aims to reach the objective

We do not intend to rule by force.

Let me reiterate what we said in 1984,

this generation of Nigerians,
and in the future generations

have no other country but Nigeria.

We must all stay and serve it together

God bless Nigeria.

Why didn't you tell me?

It was a coup. We are not
supposed to tell anyone.

Not even your own wife?

Especially my own wife.

But it is over now. Everything is fine.

How is your friend?

He is fine. It was a
bloodless coup. Not a shot was fired.

Thank you.

I have been waiting for this time,

hanging around the corridors of power.

Watching, learning

I am ready now, darling.

I am going to
be the best leader Nigeria ever had.

Real importers cannot get Forex

because import license system
is corrupt and inefficient.

Lack of raw materials
means the industries cannot operate.

They are forced to retrench their staff,

therefore making the
unemployment situation worse.

Inflation is at 20%.

Is there anything positive about
this economy that we have inherited?

Our trade arrears is 4.4 billion Naira.

We have negative growth in GDP.

Our external debt stands
at 18.3 billion Naira.

We have subsidies on everything.

Naira is overvalued and our economy

is 75% dependent on oil.

How did we get here? How
did things get this bad?

We have written ourselves
into an economic black hole.

The last administration
tried to get a loan from

the IMF but they could
not meet the conditions.

Conditions? What are the conditions?

Devalue the Naira. Remove all
subsidies and restructure economy.

We have, uh, declared economic
emergency. We have banned the importation

of rice and beans. We are reviewing the
foreign exchange market.

What uh, again, should we do to tackle
this sickness instead of just symptoms?

We have to renegotiate our loans

with genuine creditors.
Spending 44% of GDP

on servicing loans is unsustainable.

Remove subsidy? Privatize
government companies?

Devalue the Naira?


Do our people have the capacity
to face the hardships

that would come as a
consequence of these measures?

Make no mistake sir. A surgery to
save our economy would be very painful

and sacrifices would be
demanded of everybody.

Doctor, are you asking us
to fulfil all of the IMF loan

conditions and yet we are
not taking any loan?

I am afraid your excellency. But
more borrowing is not what is required

to solve the problem of
already too much borrowing.

The solution is Structural
Adjustment Program, SAP.

We have to do this ourselves, sir.
We have to.

- No more SAP.
- We won't accept.

We won't accept.
No more SAP.

We won't accept. No more SAP.

Alhaji Aminu, could you tell me
what is going on?

Uhm, your Excellency,

some unscrupulous
elements started a rumour that an American

magazine published details of your wealth.
Because of that, students at UNIBEN

started demonstration in Benin.

This man that gave us presidency

in a military government thinks we can

be pacified by platitudes and lip service.

Ebony magazine in the United States
just published details of his wealth.

- See for yourselves.
- Are you serious?

This is serious.
This is serious.

That is it folks. While he wants us to
suffer under the woes of SAP,

treasury for himself and his family.

Dear friends, must we sit
around and wait to die like cowards?


No, no.

Must we watch these cabals
suck this country dry?


- What must we do?
- Fight!

- What must we do?
- Fight!

So how come we couldn't contain the
demonstration in Benin? How did it spread?

My men did a very good job in controlling
the raging situation with minor

casualties but...

Unluckily an incident in Lagos
College of Education set them up in a…

demonstration and soon it was
tagged as, uh, uh, SAP riots.

But we've arrested the...

That is not enough. We must shut
down the universities in question.

Sani, here the Chief of Army
Staff, he has to deploy

soldiers on the street
with immediate effect.

We can't all just sit here
and watch these hooligans

bring Nigeria to its knees.

Sir, only the university's Senate
can shut the university down.

Jubril, I am the president of the
Federal Republic of Nigeria.

If I say that the universities
causing troubles should be shut down,

then they must be shut down
with immediate effect.

People are hurting, your
Excellency and we have

to look for a way to
make it easier on them.

I agree to that. Sir,
please give the adjustment

process a human face. By doing that,

we project an image of a listening
and a caring government.

Or a weak government that falls for cheap,
criminal blackmail.

But have you noticed something?

There is no religious or ethnic
patterns to the riot.

For once, Nigerians are
united behind one thing.

As bad as that may
sound, it gives us hope.

President Ibrahim Badamasi
Babangida said this at the opening of

People's Bank of Nigeria
in Ajegunle part of Lagos

People's bank was established from
the March '88 budget…

…with an initial
allocation of N13 million,

attaining its Lagos status by the
publication of Decree no 22 of 1990.

Socialist crusader,
Tai Solarin as its chairman.

The bank is to meet the credit
need of small borrowers

who cannot satisfy the

- stringent collateral
- You made this guy,

- requirement normally required
- Tai Solarin, chairman of people's Bank?

- By commercial banks.
- Yes.

He likes to scream his Marxist ideas
from the outside. Let him get inside and

this government and see how
impossible Nigeria is.

She is exactly like you, Maryam.

Halima, Halima, presidential baby


So are you going to allow me rest.

You have your four children.
Two boys, two girls.

I have achieved all I
set out to achieve in life,

thanks to Allah. So, at least if
I die now, I die a happy man.

You are not going anywhere.
You can be alive

and still be happy. You
need to take care of them.


The two government formed
and founded parties

are the National Republican Convention,
NRC which is a little to the right

and the Social Democratic Party, SDP
which is a little to the left.

It should be recalled that
NEC, although critical of

that applied for
registration as political parties,

did recommend six organizations

to the Armed Forces ruling
council, AFRC for...

- So, when…
- …researcher made exaggerated claims

that membership size had dropped.
In another news,

the Rangers International
Football club of Enugu

has trashed Bendel
Insurance Football club of

Benin by 3 goals to nil in the
state's available football stadium.

Darling? Darling?

- Hmm-hmm?
- Wake up, wake up. I hear gunshots.

- I am not sure there is…
- Wake up.

Alpha, bravo 1. Can you read me? Over.

Delta, bravo 2. Receiving, over.

UK, what's… what's going on? Over.

We are under attack, sir.
I think it is a coup.

We are holding on. I've rang Bonny Camp

and Ikeja for backup. Over.

Can we contain them? Over.

We are trying, sir. They are many.
They came with tanks.

Tanks? Oh, my goodness. Tanks?

Yes, sir.

On behalf of the patriotic

and well-meaning people of the middle belt

and the southern part of this country.
I, Major Gideon Orkar

wish to happily inform you
of the successful ousting

of the dictatorial, corrupt,
drug baronish evil man.

Deceitful, homosexually centred

prodigalistic and unpatriotic
administration of

General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida.

We have also commenced
a trial for unabated corruption,

mismanagement of national economy.

They had almost succeeded in
subjugating the middle belt,

making them voiceless and
also extended the same

a temporary decision to
excise the following states:

Sokoto, Borno, Katsina, Kano and Bauchi.

UK, who are these… who are these people?

I don't know.

I have reached Major Biyu
at the Ikeja cantonment

and uh, General Sani Abacha.

They are mobilizing men.

Long live the true patriots
of this great country of ours.

May God and Allah, through his
bountiful mercies bless us all.

I think you should leave
through the back exit.

UK, you have to take my family.
I am not running like a coward.

Please. Darling, please go.

Sir, go now.

Ehn-ehn, looking at
this coup plotters,

I couldn't help but notice
that most of them are from

the middle belt and Niger Delta region.

Igbo bastards.

We have to reach out to these people.

Maybe we can create a few new
states and even local governments.

You think this will have anything to...

I know it would show them that we care.

We can even adjust uh, national
allocation formula to

favour the Niger Delta even more.

Ibrahim, you can't keep
on bending to these people.

We take our position and anyone
doesn't …fall into line, we crush him.

No, no, Sani, haba, no. No.

I was even thinking maybe we can
civilianise the government.

What? Civilian?

How about a civilian vice president?
And even civilian deputy governors.


That way someone like Admiral Ikomo can

become a civilian vice president.

With that I'm sure that
they would know that

our transition to civil rule is genuine.

Why? Why?
Sir, no. We…

Get ready, successor.

We are moving the Federal
capital to Abuja.

Yes sir.

Nigeria and other responsible countries

of the south region will not
stand by and watch

the whole of Liberia
turn into one mass grave.

It is in Nigeria's interest
to relentlessly strive

- towards the prevention
- Position!

Or avoidance of the deterioration

- of any crisis which threatens
- Aim!

To jeopardise or compromise the stability,
prosperity and security of the sub-region.



The Federal Capital Territory
Decree 51,

of December 12, 1991. With as from today,

Lagos ceases to be the capital of the
Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Your Excellency.

Why are you doing this, Arthur?

Uh, doing what your Excellency?

ABN. Association for Better Nigeria.

Who are the members of this association
and what is your preoccupation with

campaigning for me to be president
for another four years?

Uhm, These are Nigerians who know what is

good for Nigeria and are
not afraid to say it.

So, another four years of IBB is good for
Nigeria, right?

What is the alternative, your Excellency?
What is the alternative?

To hand over these greedy and selfish lot?

And repeat the madness
of the first and second republics?

You know I am one of them. I know
how I got elected in 1979 and 1983.

No. Since you lifted the ban on us,
people like me have crawled out

of the woodworks. And they
are strangling this new polity.

By the way, why did you unban us?

I said it. I unbanned
you and the old brigade, uh,

because, uh, I am convinced the new breed

in whose interest the ban was
imposed have come of age.

Wrong. You are
wrong your Excellency.

The looming third republic
would be worse than the first two.

Believe me, we are not ready.

The politicians are not ready.
Nigerians are not ready.

But I do not have all the answers.

A leader does not need
to have all the answers.

And everyone knows that you can
do it for our dear country.

Especially in this our trying times.
Ah, Your Excellency.

You are welcome.
We haven't offered you anything yet.

I am fine, Ma. Thank you.

Chief Nzeribe, you are a good man and uh,

I know that you have good intentions
but transition

program is already in full swing.
And not even I can stop it now.

I cannot even
stop you from campaigning either.

In fact, I am flattered by it.

However, thanks but no thanks.

Uhm, even if you arrest me, your

I will not stop the campaign.

Very well, then.

- Thank you for your time, sir.
- Go on.

Thank you.

But darling, if his campaign is going to
cause you trouble, why don't you stop him?

Hence, I will have to stop
all the Ganis, and all the Falanas,

and the Ransome Kutis. And all the NGOs
that are working for all the profiteers,

threatening bloodbath in
Lagos if I do not go.

I will first have to stop all those
ones before I talk about

someone that is singing my praise and

showing support in my favour.

Our maradona has done it
again. He has done it again.

He has moved the election date again.
Would you let that happen?

- No!
- Would you let that happen?


So, I charge you all, every
students to make sure

that your voice is heard.
To fight, to use civil

disobedience as a tool. To make
sure that IBB goes. Agreed?

- Yes.
- Agreed?

- Yes.
- Agreed?

- Yes.
- Agreed?

Solidarity for ever. Solidarity for ever
Solidarity for ever

Your Excellency, I am not
sure this postponement is necessary.

Things are getting bad out there,

and now you want to move the goalpost
again? This is a twist too many.

Tofa, let me, uh, assure you that it is
not only the ABN that wants us to stay.

We are well aware that part of the
military hate the idea of, uh, hand over

to civilians. and this will surprise you.

I am just coming out from a
meeting with the newly elected governors

and guess what?

They are also in support of us staying.

So if the people for whom we are doing
this do not have faith in themselves,

what is the need?

So, your Excellency, are we staying then?

If we are, let's make
our intentions clear.

Instead of playing these little games.

Our people are tired.

"The two presidential aspirants"

that could emerge at the end of the
process come from

the same part of the country,
the far North.

This is very disturbing.

Considering the National
composition of the country,

"this is undesirable and unacceptable."

Let's nullify the
primaries and dissolve all

the executives of the two
political parties at all levels.

No, Sani, that would be playing right
into the hands of those that

said the two parties are
government parastatals.

Who cares? Who
cares what somebody thinks?

Stop disturbing yourself
about what people are saying.

Let them think whatever
they want to think.

That's their own problem.
Let's call the pro…

personnel, uh… professor NEC.
Let him get us the caretaker.

Then I will call an emergency
meeting this afternoon.

We dissolve the primaries.
Then NEC would decide,

would bring a new way of selecting
their presidential candidate.

My problem is not with the system. My
problem is with the people.

So long as the same set of people are in
charge of the nomination process,

things are going to go the
exact way like the past.

Let's ban them. All the
23 presidential aspirants

from contesting nomination
of their parties.

They say I want to succeed myself, so
you might as well put me on that list.

So they at least, know we mean business.

So in that case, we just… we
ban them for distorting

and sabotaging the realization
of our transition program.

Call that meeting.

Yes sir.

Sir, banning them so close to the

December elections would create problems.

We would have to find new
candidates, conclude

primaries, and run elections
in a matter of weeks.

Is that really the only
problem with the ban?

I guess with the benefit
of hindsight, unbanning

those politicians was a very big mistake.

And it would give me great pleasure
to ban them all over again.

But, uh, Clement, any
thoughts on the matter?

Well, your Excellency, decree 48 of 1991

as amended by decree 6 of
1992, clearly gives the

AFRC sweeping powers. But
like the chairman of

NEC has said, ah, it may
create serious logistical

problems, uh, if we should begin to
think of

going that route, considering the
time we have at hand.

History would bear me witness that the
problem is because those aspirants and

those party officers have refused
to play the game by the rules

If timing is the only problem, then maybe
we can move the date from Jan 5th

to sometime in 1993. To maybe
27th August 1993.

That way we have more time to
clean up this mess and, uh,

the handover could be on the
8th anniversary of this administration.

Thank you very much, gentlemen.

Uh, well. Thank you sir.

Nobody cares about the afflicted

living in fear amidst this cruel world

When the shit hits the fan
The children suffer

Preachers are flying in private jets

The National Assembly
election has just happened.

And surprisingly, it went well.

Uh, SDP,
have limped into the lead.

With the original timetable,

the National Assembly was supposed
to be inaugurated,

two weeks before the president comes in.

That means the National
Assembly would have to

function under the
military for that longer.


How do we work that one?

Your Excellency, that
would be a constitutional anomaly

Uh, at best, an official diarchy.

I would say… maybe you can delay

the inauguration of the federal
legislature say by a few months?

And what would they be doing
in all of these months?

Well they can use the
time to move around their

constituencies or indeed
the whole country.

To see what the real problems are.
If they are going to be

making laws for Nigerians,
they should at least move

around to understand what
problems Nigerians are facing.

Thank you, Clement.

Thank you your Excellency. Thank you Sir.

Your son, when is he graduating again?

Uh, next month, your Excellency.
Ah, I didn't know you remembered.

My head might be filled with Nigeria's
problems but I know who my friends are.

Thank you Sir. Thank you,
your Excellency.

…MKO, Kingibe, Action
MKO, Kingibe

SDP Progress. Abiola is the
One. SDP is the party

To solve our problems
And make our lives better

MKO, MKO, MKO. Action

Abiola, Abiola, Abiola, Progress

He is the one we want
For a better tomorrow

All rise, Justice Bassey
Ita-Ikpeme presiding.

Only one case listed, Ma.

Association for Better Nigeria,

as this is an ex-parte submission, NEC
will not be represented, okay?

The Association for
Better Nigeria is seeking

an interlocutory injunction to stop

the National Electoral Commission from
holding the presidential election

slated for June 12, 1993
due to irregularities

in corruption in the conduct
of the Social Democratic Party,

SDP primaries won by Chief MKO Abiola.

And after examining the
preliminary evidence submitted,

I am convinced that the
presidential election

was so massively, cynically,
and shamelessly rigged

that any government produced at
the end of this process

would be without legitimacy.
I am therefore compelled

to grant the interlocutory
injunction stopping NEC

from holding the presidential
election on June 12,

1993 pending the substantive
hearing of the case on Monday.

First to you, Clement, tell me why
you cannot keep your judges in order.

What is the implication of this madness?

Your Excellency, Sir, as the Minister for

Justice, I am not supposed to control

what the judges do or how they rule.
They are independent.

Don't tell us rubbish.

How do you
solve this, eh? Mister Judge, how?

The ruling is clearly against
the provisions of the decree.

Then if the decree is abundantly clear,

then why did the judge
gave the order? Why?

Sir, it is not just about the decree.
There is also the

appeal court ruling, Yes, under
the principle of the, uh precedence,

high courts are supposed to
follow the rulings of the higher courts.

So, if that should be the
case, then we pretend

this never happened and
proceed with the elections.

Sir, it's… it's not that simple.
I mean it is not that straightforward.

Yes, well, we'll have to apply to

have the order vacated. We cannot just go

flouting or disregarding
court orders like that.

If the order is against the
decree or what else did

you call it? Then, we have
no any other explanation

than that the judge is showing some
mischief and we just ignore her.

Prof, what do you have to say?

Your Excellency, I am not sure what the

legal perspective is. I
would leave that with my

learned friend to deal with. But from an

operational point of
view, it would be hard.


NEC has deployed all the
electoral materials.

The polling cards, the polling
registers, the returning sheets

to the states and local governments.

It is my opinion that if we
cancel or postpone these elections,

these materials would be compromised.

We would have to reprint all
the materials for us to be

able to conduct another election.

These things would cost us time and
money that we do not have right now.

Your Excellency, if
you ask me, I would say that

we continue with these elections.

Everyone is ready. Everything is
ready, your Excellency.

We cannot let a small group of people
spoil everything we've worked for.

Okay, you may take your leave.

Thank you.

Bloody civilians.

So what will you do now?


You have to be in Abuja first thing
tomorrow morning. Yes, it is very urgent.


Let me sleep over it. We
will talk about it in the morning.

Darling, what's wrong?

What's wrong?

Look, I am tired.

Just pack your things and get the kids. We
are moving back to Minna in a few days.

What? Why all of a sudden?

I thought I had
the key to Nigeria's problems

but I was just deceiving myself.

Everything is crumbling around me,
Maryam. I can't do this anymore.

And then, what? What happens to everything
you spent your life working for?

Your name, your legacy?

Look, I don't care anymore, Okay.

Of course, you do. Look me in the eye

and tell me you don't care about
how history remembers you.

That we risked our lives
and sacrificed everything for nothing.

Nigeria is just impossible.

I know

You are doing good. Just
keep on doing your best, darling.

Remember when you took over in 1985,

you told me you wanted to be the
best leader Nigeria ever had.

We are halfway there. Just
keep on doing your best.

People think I do not have feelings.

If only they knew how
these things hurt me.

Abiola is winning. He has
won ten states already.

With these, my greatest
fears are coming true.

It wasn't supposed to happen this way.

We have so far received results from

14 states. Now you may be able to do the

maths yourself. But NEC
is not in a position to

announce the final result
until all the results from

the thirty states are handed in.


It's okay. It's okay.

I have court order.

Prof, this fax just came
in from the High Court, Abuja.

Justice Daliyu Saliu has ordered
us to stop announcing the result.

So this is true?

He says that the elections
were carried out in

contravention of the court order
and are therefore null and void.

Assemble the legal team in my
office immediately. Immediately.

So we appealled against the

Admit it Prof. That was a wrong move.

Yes, and since you have started
disregarding court orders,

you should have disregarded this too.

If we all make mistakes the first time,

must we always make the
same mistakes again?

But sir, what we are...

I beg your pardon, Barrister.
I do not have absolute

power over these things. You know!

I report directly to the council…

Gentlemen, gentlemen we are all
on the same side here.

Your Excellency, the problem here is that
we have court orders from everywhere.

Lagos, Benin, Ibadan, everywhere.
Compelling NEC to release the results.

And how many of these court
orders am I supposed to obey?

We have only announced
14 states with Abiola in commanding lead.

The judiciary is making a
nonsense of all our efforts.

Excuse me!

Tempers are high everywhere.

But if we cannot keep our heads,
what do we expect from the streets?

That will be all for now, gentlemen.

I will contact you after the NDSC has
met to decide our next line of action.

So, darling, what are you going to do?


I don't know. I don't know really.

But they likely are going to kill me.
They are going to kill me

if I announce the President-elect as the
winner. They are going to kill all of us.

Who are they?

I don't know. We just
have to stop everything.


Thank you for seeing me, Snni.

Honestly, you are one of us.

Why is Ibrahim doing this to me?
I have worked hard for this.

I have earned this victory.

Kola, sit down. It is complicated.

How complicated can it be? I
have won, everybody knows this.

Kola, calm down. I will find
a way to talk to Ibrahim.

This election result has been
a problem from the onset.

I have won. Let him just allow the result.

Kola, be very careful. You
know, Ibrahim is a very smart man.

Don't put yourself into trouble.

Support me, I will find a way and
give you back your mandate.

Abort! Abort! Abort!

Your Excellency, there is an intel.
A report.

And we must turn around.
Your Excellency, Sir?

Your Excellency? Your Excellency? Your

What is wrong.

The press secretary to
the vice president,

Mr Nduka Irabor, this
afternoon, released a press

statement purporting to annul
the June 12 presidential election

wildly rumoured to
have been won by the SDP flagbearer,

Bashorun MKO Abiola.

In the statement, the Federal Government
also dissolved the NEC,

The National Electoral
Commission, repealing all

decrees pertaining to the
transition to the civilian rule

Although the letter,
undated, unsigned and not

written on any official
letter headed paper.

Yet, the government has not released
any statement denying it.

All efforts to speak with Prof.
Humphrey Nwosu,

the chairman of the NEC
has proven abortive.

This development if proven to
be true will throw the

whole transition process
into great turmoil.

This is Uloma Ugoji,
reporting for NTA news.

Solidarity forever
Solidarity forever

Solidarity forever
We shall always fight for our right


- On June 12, we stand.
- Yes!

Unless your reinstate June
12, Nigeria will scatter.

- Yes!
- We will help you scatter Nigeria.


You shall not steal our mandate from us.

- Yes!
- This is only one mandate.


And no one, no one will steal it from us.

Boys, boys, boys.

I need to talk to you.

I have just done something that would
haunt me for the rest of my life.

What did you do, father?
And why did you do it?

I don't know.

You will just have to wait
until things calm down, Kola.

Just wait. Just give…
just give it some time.

How... How did this happen, sir?

Ah, why are you trying to ruin your legacy
in the name of loyalty...

Barrister… Barrister stop.
Please don't judge me. Don't judge me.

I can only do as much as one person.

There are certain aspects of military
politics, you can never understand.

And I don't expect you to.

Most military leaders in my position

will just lay down the laws
and they will beat people into line.

But I chose a different path.

All I wanted to do was to rule the
people with their consent.

With their love.

Now I think that is my greatest mistake.


I should not apologise
for trying to be a nice person. But,

I do hope that history
would be kind to us all. Barrister.

June 12!

When do we want it?

- Now!
- What do we want?

- June 12.
- When do we want it?

- Now!
- What do we want?

- June 12.
- When do we want it?


- What do we want?
- June 12.

- When do we want it?
- Now!

- What do we want?
- June 12.

- When do we want it?
- Now!

- What do we want?
- June 12.

- When do we want it?
- Now!

- What do we want?
- June 12.

- When do we want it?
- Now!

How are you?

This is anger like we've never
seen before. This is different.

International pressure is building.
I've stopped taking calls.

From the Americans, to the
British… even the Russians.

Let's go home, darling.

The rioters will soon be tired.
And then we can.

Sometimes, it is more bravery
to walk away than to

stand and fight. You can't
go on like this.

These children need their father.
I need you alive too.

For their sake, and for my sake too.

- I...
- Shhhh! You can't win every battle.

8 years is enough. Let's go home.

And one day,

Nigerians would wish you stayed longer.

I am telling the truth. This
nonsense must be stopped.

I really thought Nigerians were incapable
of this type of prolonged anger.

We must stand our grounds.
Whatever happens,

the election remains cancelled. Period.

And then what? This impasse? This
crazy vacuum where madness rings?

- So what do you want to do?
- Come on, Sani. Open your eyes,


We were talking to the party leaders and
elected governors about fresh elections.

We had their support, only for them
to come this morning to

say that the people are
tired of elections.

Me too, I am tired of elections.

Then if that should be the case,
let's do what we have discussed.

Sani, can't you see what's going
on out there? We've messed up.

You've messed up. I told you what to do

but you couldn't listen. You
want to play the smart

statesman but impossible Nigerians.
Go on. This is the result.

So, it is… it is now my fault?


Was that what they told
you in the meeting in Lagos?

Oh, you heard about our meeting in Lagos?

I hear everything.

Then if you hear everything,
then you know it was

to save your neck again.
Someone has to talk to the

people behind the protest.

Fellow Nigerians, following
lengthy deliberations

with my service chiefs, I
offered as my own personal

sacrifice to voluntarily
step aside as President

and Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces
of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

We have put in our best. We have
had sleepless nights,

there have been periods of joy,
there have been periods

of sadness and frustration. In all these,

our countrymen have showed understanding.

Winner o, o, o
Winner. We have won o. Winner

We will win again

Winner o, o, o. Winner
Winner, o, o, o, Winner

Winner, o, o, o, Winner
We have won again o

We do not control
the process, Sani

The process controls us.

It has a life of it's own.

By God,
election is going to happen on June 12

Both Abiola and Tofa will cancel
themselves out

That still needs to happen and we continue
with our plans.

What if it doesn't happen?

- What?
- What if it doesn't happen? Please tell me

We call Oga NEC

He will make it happen.

It will work. It must work.

Tofa is not the most popular person from

the north and Abiola...

They don't want
Abiola to be president.

They say he lacks the morals
to be Commander-in-Chief

Yes, both of them
are not good enough

But both of them are my friends.

Why don't I just

walk away from all of these and say
you take over?

This is a military
government oga

The troops will never be loyal
until there is a coup.

So why don't you plan a coup against me?

Haba oga I can never do that.

You cannot plan a coup against me,
I cannot walk away.

So, what happens now?

Tofa will win from the north and Abiola
will win from the south

None of them will meet the conditions,

There you bring in the interim
national government

Then leave everything to me.

That's all.