Aum Mangalam Singlem (2022) - full transcript

Childhood friends and sweethearts are ready to get married. But they also want to experience being single before taking the plunge.

Drink the tea or it'll get cold.

Yes, yes.

I won't warm it up again!




What did you put in the tea?


Pepper?! I'll die!

You caught cold, didn't you?

It's for that.

There's this Whatsapp
group called 'Kitchen's queen',

I got this recipe from there.
And there's more,

Tomorrow, I'll make Bhopal's salty tea.

That will cure your cold!

I have to get to the college early tomorrow,

I'll get some coffee there.

That coffee is garbage!

What happened?!


What happened, child?!

I passed the exam! 68%!

- 68? I told you to score at least 70%!
- Mom.

Please tell Mr. Professor

not to quarrel with me over a measly 2%.

- He won't. But where are you going?
- Okay, bye!

Don't ask her that or dad
and daughter will team up!

Of course, she's my special one.

What about me?

Oh yes, of course you are,

I was talking about female category.

Smart answer. Carry on!

Close call. Okay, I'll be off.

Vani's result is out,
I'm going to be busy now.

Bye! Bye!

- Siddhu!
- Hey!

Oh man.

It's over!

- You broke up?
- We're done with college!

- Oh college...
- Vani, you have a master's degree,

I have a bachelor's degree,

you won't leave me, right?

I'm here to leave...


We talked about it,

- we'll donate all the books after
the results are out. - Perfect!

- Let's go.
- Let's go!

Take my bike.

I'll do it, I'll pay, I'll do everything.

I have already paid!

Yes, yes, I know.

So Vani, when's the party?

Don't answer!

Today evening.

Come on,

let's go.


Don't put it back.

Hello, uncle!

We were in the 'C' section.


I mean donated.

Now no lectures, no IMP,
no result, nothing, it's finally over.

Where to put the Arts books?

- Arts? Over there.
- Thank you.

It's a beginning, not an end.

My dad has decided,

Your dad, professor Jitu Vyas,

will not let you go,
he'll make you do triple Ph.D.


- Vani Vyas.
- Yes?

Did you agree with uncle?
You won't be going to the factory right?

I won't agree either!

Anyway I don't listen to anyone except you.

That's why,
I had to tell you that you liked me.

Or you wouldn't have understood.

What I do understand without fail... that I'll spend all my years, from
tinkle till wrinkles in the hand with you.


That volleyball player?

I'm talking about wrinkles, Vani!

How do I explain wrinkles?

- Those creases.
- I see.

I flirted so well,
but you didn't even understand.

How will I?

You flirt with me once every 2-3 months.

You keep count?

you never missed any opportunity to flirt.

Now you don't even if
I give you a chance to.

You know, Vani,

manure is added when a sapling is young,

not after it has grown into a tree.


Hey, wait!

"Only you are in my mind."

"I dream of you."

"And, if you're not there, it feels like..."

"...the world is empty."

"For you, I'll swim across..."

"...all the seven seas."

"Oh my love!"

"My love."

"Oh my love!"

"My love."

"For you, I'll swim across..."

"...all the seven seas."

Classroom has a unique smell.

You won't find it anywhere else.

Trivedi sir and his rajma have a
huge contribution in it. Boom! Boom!

Siddhu, look! It's still here.


Come here, you'll see.

You're still shy coming here?

People used to make fun!

People got divided here quicker
than India and Pakistan's division.

Boys, that side. Girls, this side.

- So, what is it?
- Look.


Vani, Siddharth.

No one has changed
the benches for 12 years?

That's all you could think of?

What I thought,
was that I wanted to emboss an 'S'...

...really hard,
near the 'V' that you wrote,

because V should be with S permanently!

Take this.

All that is fine,

but don't get my name tattooed.

If I had to, I'd get Sachin's tattoo.


You should...

...go to the bench and write 'SS'.

Sachin, Siddharth.

No one can replace Vani.

Say it again!

No one can...

...replace Vani.


One minute.

You can sit now.

Do you remember our roll numbers?

I remember yours, not mine.

In 7th grade, it was 31,

in 8th it was 34,

that's all I remember.

31 was Shreya's, not mine.

It wasn't?!

It was yours!

Thirty one.


It was mine.

Yes! I knew it!

Shreya was 43.

Stop it! Do you remember,

we did 'fast forward' for
the first time sitting here.

There we decided,
you'll take science and I'll take arts.

Let's do it again!

We did it four days ago.

That was for my result. Come on!

Fast forward, one year.

Siddhu's life after one year.


I have lost about 8kgs.


It will! I will lose weight!

And I'll be doing something

that gives me the kick!

The 'kick' again?

Let me speak!


I'll go on an amazing international trip.

If nothing else,
at least one trip to Thailand!

Don't do that!

- Do you know what a trip to Thailand means?
- What?

A stamp on the passport,
but a stain on your character!

What are you saying?!

People don't go there just to, to... do all that, okay?

Don't be a hypocrite, please.

Okay, your turn.

Fast forward one year.

Vani, one year later,


After one year,

I'll own a dance studio,

I'll gift Chintu an Apple
computer from my own money.

And hopefully, dad will let me drive.

He still doesn't trust my driving.

Of course.

I don't either.

You treat a divider as the road.

Stop that!

Why are you hitting me? Are you hurt?

You threw such a small party,
this is unacceptable.

You say that but that's
your fifth Vada-pav.

I got my MA degree,
not a Harvard degree, this is sufficient.

We have it good,

no need to do Master's,

if you do you'll have to throw parties.

- Full stop at bachelor's.
- That's why you're wandering.

And Vani will get a job soon.

She won't do a job!

With the blessings of number 1 dancer
Govinda, she'll start a dance class.

- Exactly!
- That's fine, but Siddharth,

when will I get the chance
to dance in your wedding?

Oh yes! Vani, aunty must be waiting, right?

Marriage as soon as MA is completed.

I mean,
this hasn't been discussed yet at home.

Neither wedding, nor Siddhu.

The root of all problems is professor Vyas!

Her dad, he's going to be a road block,
I'm sure of it.

In my house, everything is sorted out,
they accept her.


- Vani, two more...
- No more!

- Enough now.
- I'm paying the bill now.

Okay Vani, okay.

- Vani!
- Yes?

Tell your family about you and Siddharth.

That's what I was thinking, Riya.

But maybe mom-dad have already realised.


- Preeti!
- Why are you late?

I was collecting all this. Look!

Don't spill it!

This isn't your Dal wada batter!

Look! It's important.

I was collecting the
brochure's of the top three...

...universities in the world,
for Vani's admission!

First this, Psychology Major,
she'll have to go to the US for this.

This is a Humanity’s course,

South Africa, Pretoria.

And she loves dance,

so I brought a dance therapy course as well,
in London Contemporary Dance School.

She just got her result today!

it's not like sending her off tomorrow!

But we have to plan for all this,
and its financial aspect.

- I'm home!
- Vani! Come here!

Hey, you're still awake?

I lose my sleep when I hear your voice.

Look what I brought for you!


This is a Humanity’s course,
in Pretoria, South Africa.

And this is Psychology Major, in USA.

But I don't want to go anywhere, dad!

Really? No problem, we'll look...

...for a college in India.

But dad I don't want to study,
I want to dance!

I want to start my dance studio,
I have told you already!

Yes, I have that too, look,

this contemporary school in
London has a dance course!

Dad, please let me do what I want to!

Then let's look for a groom,
that'll take time!

It won't! I have already found one!


Not like this!
I didn't want to tell them like this!

Vani! Wait!


Vani, what do you mean by that? Who is it?

Open the door! Vani!

- Why isn't she answering?
- Vani!

Is it Siddharth?!

You knew?!

It's not like she'll say everything openly.


He's just a graduate!

He's a loser, a titanic!

Dad, please!

Deep breath.

I thought you had an idea, dad.


You boys and girls these days are "just
friends", I thought that'd be the case.

It's been going on since school?

And no one told me anything!

It was so obvious.

You still couldn't figure it out, Professor?

Only Siddharth picks and drops her, right?

She chats while eating every day.

And brings home heart shaped
balloons on every valentine's day.

Tell him to be creative,
balloons in the 21st century?!

Give it.

Dad, I was waiting for the master's to end.

I was about to tell you.

That's why you don't
want to go out for studies?

To be with this graduate?



career is important, Vani.

And if he likes you so much...

...he'll wait 2-3 years for you.

It's not about him dad,

it's about me.

About what I want.

What's important for you?

My happiness...

...or doing as I'm told without question?

Dad, you never told me 'no' for anything,

even when you knew I was wrong.

But trust me dad,

I'm not wrong here!

I don't have anyone other
than Siddharth in my life.

We've known each other for twelve years.

Since 5th grade!

He's the one for me, dad!

Only him.

What does he do?

Ask him yourself.

Meet him.

Will you?

"My dream to marry you,"

"is finally coming true."

"My desires are overflowing with..."

"...grand procession and wedding rituals."

"I want to sing in a trance,
get painted in your love..."

" wearing an orange turban."

"Oh my love."

"My love."

"My love."

"Oh my love."

"My love."

Nandan, how long?

It's boiling, calm down.

Extra ginger, please!


Over smart!

- "This heart begs for a cup of tea."
- Good morning!

- Good morning!
- Good morning!

What's this?

Why is uncle in the kitchen?

We made a bet,

I said that "Dil tadap-tadap
ke" is sung by Mukesh,

he said it was sung my Rafi, he lost!

Why do you make such bets?

You know aunty is an encyclopedia!

I let her win.

- "Let her win."
- Tea?

Yes, definitely!

Vani what's in the box?


It's yesterday's,
but I made it so you'll have to eat it!

Let's have it with tea!

Yes, but uncle will eat it first,
loser's advantage.

Thank you, thank you, Vani!

- Where's Siddhu?
- He must be asleep, upstairs!

If he sleeps all day, when does he work?

No office!

He manages people's
social accounts from home.

Can this be called a job?

Nandan, here you go again!

You always say that that's
why he doesn't come down.

Oh, come on!

Go wake him up, Vani!

Yes. I'll be back to drink the tea, okay?


What do you want?!

Sleep there, this is my side!

I'll sleep on the same side as you.

Come on, get up!

But why? I don't have anything to do today!

You do!

You have to meet my dad!

I've met him over the years Vani,

why does he still want to meet?

To confirm that my choice is good.

Your choice is amazing,

tell him I said that.

Siddhu, get up!
His lecture will be done in an hour.

So what will you wear?

- Not this...
- Are you mad?

I have to go right now?

Any problem?

He has a problem with me!

He's been insulting me every
time he met me since 7th grade.

How much marks did you score, son?

How are your studies? What was your score?

- That Vyas! He tortures me.
- Enough!

Only one joke on dad is allowed per day.

Fine, I'll crack one joke
and be content with it.

Come on, get up quickly!

Come on, oh...


Go out!


Just go, I'll tell you later.

- Just tell me! What is it?
- This...

How do I say?

The north is covered by this T-shirt!

But south, south is completely bare.


Stop it!

Mom is downstairs!

So is uncle.
Should you be sleeping half naked?

I'll close my eyes, you go.

Keep them closed!

Keep them closed. Don't open it.

- Don't open...
- They're open!

- Fine just go, quickly!
- Keep your eyes closed.

My eyes are closed, just go.

- Did you go? - I'm going!
- See you in the afternoon!

Don't look! Don't look!
Okay, open them now.

Look at this mess.

- Vani?
- Yes?

I'm ready, take a look.

Come on, I'm ready.

What's this?

- What?
- Are you going to the college?

Where else would Vyas be?

We are going to talk about marriage, not
getting admission, wear something formal!

Is this T-shirt inside out? My God!

It's such a smart T-shirt!

It looks so amazing.

- It's great!
- Here, wear this.

I have to wear a coat?

It's a shirt.

It's a shirt, okay.

Wear it. Quick!

- Oh, and the main thing is...
- What?

You both will meet alone, I won't be there.
All the best.

That damn Vyas...!

Only one joke per day,

that's what I was saying.

- Good.
- Okay?

Damn it!

Where's Jitu?

I mean, Jitu! Jitu!

Where does Jitu economics sit?

Professor Vyas?

You call him that?

Where does professor Vyas sit?

He must be in the library,
go in then turn left.

In the library, go in, go left.

Listen, how was his mood today?

- Man, just go!
- Just a little nervous.


It was my cousin's friend, sir.

I didn't know she was in this college.

In this college.

I'll do it, sir.

- Shirt should be tucked in always!
- Sure.

The Principal must be afraid of him too.


I will put it down.

We're meeting for the first time,
right, uncle?


How is aunty?

Time is money,
and I don't like to waste either!

I have a few questions.

First question, ten marks.

Yes, sir.

- Which unique qualities does Vani have?
- Sir, Vani is not a girl!

I mean, the way guys look at girls,

I don't see Vani that way.

Vani is my friend.

I sit facing backwards on the scooter
facing backwards, roaming around,

- and we go to eat betel.
- Betel?!

I mean, Chestnut betel, you know, desert.

Sweet betel.

Without betel nut! Vani loves it.

That's why sir, we go. It's fun.

She started being a girl only recently.

That's it.

- Question two, ten marks.
- Yes, sir.

Name one such habit of
Vani that you don't like at all!

There are two, sir.

First, when we drink masala soda,
she starts sneezing!

Yet, we go there.

We go and I keep two handkerchiefs with me,
no worries.

And second,

she is always right, she is never
wrong about anything, is it possible?

Like, sir, rights and wrongs,

we experience both. Even in traffic...


- Next question, ten marks.
- Okay sir.

If, after marriage,
Vani wants to start a dance studio,

or a job, and your dad doesn't allow that,
what will you do?

He'll be happy.
At least one of us is working!

I mean sir, I work.

Where's the bathroom?

I'll tell you later.

I will go later.

Fourth question, ten marks.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Sir, I don't know all that,

but no matter where I picture myself,

Vani is always by my side.

- Last question, sixty marks.
- Yes!

Sir, the last question is for 60 marks
that's why I will stand and answer.

Give me one good reason,

why should I place my
daughter's hand in your hand?

So then I said...

What did you say?

If the order is placed from one hand,
the delivery will be received in the other.

Stop laughing.

Who says that?

Don't laugh!

The atmosphere was hospital like,
I was very nervous.

So I thought I'd crack a
joke to lighten the mood.

But still, is her daughter a parcel?

- But Jitu is like that.
- Why?

When Vani was teaching
me math in the 10th grade,

Right? That time, he whispered in her ears.

Her dad says,

be careful child, he is a big zero,

he is titanic, you'll sink with him!

He won't achieve anything,
he is a loser, a loser!

He said that to her.

What do I do now?

It's coming, Oh Goddess it's coming.

A rival since childhood.

She'll guide us.

What to do now?

- Do this.
- Do what?

Double A.

Look here.

Jitu will make...

...the next move.


Who are you!

Dad! May I open my eyes?

No, not yet!

Where have you brought me?

Open them!


Dad. What's this?

It was my dream to send
you to London for studies.

Your dream, was this dance studio.

I can't even dream of
shattering your dreams.

Thank you, dad!

- Did you like it?
- A lot!

My first dance here,

with my first love.

I met him today.

How did it go?

Tell me,

what do you like about him?

I don't need to think
before talking to him,

even if it's a swear word.

Only sometimes.

Other than this hand,

I feel secure only in his hand.

What if I don't like him.

Of course you won't like him.

You like me so much that you
won't like anyone else for me.

I was a little strict today.

A little?

You took his exam!

Sixty marks, ten marks, all that.

Oh, he told you?


Tell him to talk to his parents,
then we will take the talks further.

He'll do it tomorrow.


In the morning...

He is still here!

Kalpana, I'm going.

- Leave quickly!
- Okay!

- Mom!
- Hmm!

What did you cook today?

I'll bring it.

- It's toast.
- Wow.

Toast. Bring it.

You won't wear shirt today?

That was, you know, just for a change,

I wore it.

I notice every change,

no matter how small, I'm your mom.

You went to Vani's house? To meet them?

I went to meet her dad.

So, how did it go?

Fine. I'll pass.

Mom, listen.

Do you and Vani want to meet and talk?

We have already accepted Vani.

- Perfect.
- The thing is.

I'm already very bored with
the duo of you and your dad.

At lease I'll have some nice company.

- Mom.
- Yes?

I have a...

...genuine question.

Does your saying 'yes' also
mean dad will also say 'yes'?


You'll have to talk to him.

At least you'll sit together and talk.

- Mom!
- Hmm.

Oh mom!

Forget everything else,
focus on the question.

You talk to him, then I will, bye!

Scared cat.

What's a professor's salary?

Ask him directly, how would a parcel know?


But he made me so nervous.

- I don't like Vyas at all.
- Hey!


Get mad at me.

The entire Vyas family just gets mad at me.

What problem does he have with me?

- He doesn't have any problem, dad!
- No, not dad.

Not dad.

Don't call me that.

I'm not like that.

If someone wants to go to the bathroom,
I let him go!

He didn't let you go?


Thankfully it wasn't urgent,

if it was,
I'd have come face to face with death.

- Really?
- Yes.

Tell me in Gujarati, not Hindi,

- what other complaints do you have?
- There are plenty!

But because of you...

...everything is acceptable.

What did you discuss at home?

How much does she have?

90K right?

Yes, exactly! So you'll have 100K,

that means you'll have
10K more than her okay?

Call me tomorrow for blue tick,
don is here.

- Yes, dad?
- The car needs to be taken out.

- A month has passed already?
- Yes!

Come quickly!

Let's go, dad.

- You'll have to push it.
- Push it?!

This man cares so much about his car,

that it doesn't start without a push.

Everyone tells you to sell the car!

We already have another car.

Because for others, this is just a car.

Some things have...

...more than just money invested in them.

What would you like?

Tea or coffee?

I drink everything.

I mean,

anything is fine. Whatever you say.


The don will shoot today.

Here, dad.

- Let's sit.
- Yes.

In life,

In life, there are two decisions,

that can either make, or break one's life.

First one is work, job.

Second is wife.

Life partner.

In both,

too much experimentation is not possible.

I mean, you can, but you shouldn't.

Because, this... like railway track.

Work and partner.

If both are strong,
the train runs smoothly.

So if you get serious about your work,
it'll be good for you.

But dad, I'm just exploring the stuff.

I still haven't found anything
that gives me the kick.

- But...
- In your factory I don't...

'Our' factory!

I'm not going to find any
kick in our factory, okay?

You care so much about this car,
but at least take a look at the new one.

When this car was new, it ran smoothly.

Now it needs more maintenance.

It needs to be pushed sometimes.

But I'm ready to do all that,
but I won't sell it.

If you and Vani are thinking of marriage,
think of 15 years later, not just now.

For now, everything seems
nice because things are smooth.

But are you ready to push it, if need be?

Yes, of course. Come on, I'm ready!

That's it.

We don't have any problem.

Start the preparations.

He's so difficult.

He made me push the car just to say that?

He could've just said, "Go ahead!"

This car...
He cares for it, yet he missed this.

This is how it should be done.

Don't sleep on my side.

"If you say it is day,
if you say it is night."

"If you are with me, I am at peace."

"If you say it is day,
if you say it is night."

"If you are with me, I am at peace."

"With your hand in my hand,"

"let's talk about a thousand things."

"I have sweet and sour..."

"...thoughts about you."

"For you, I'll swim across I will swim..."

Tell me when you go to play...

- I will come with you.
- "...all the seven seas."

Now everything has stopped.

That's what happens after marriage,
even my cricket stopped,

what do you say, Nandu?

Yes, and look how much
weight he's put on after marriage.

- Who me?
- Yes.

Now now, don't say that.
Child, you don't let him go?

- I never stop him!
- Look, she said it.

Why are you talking about me.
It is his marriage.

- Yes, that's fine.
- "Oh my love."

"My love."

"Oh my love."

"My love."

Yes, I'll be at your photoshoot,
I'll suggest some places.

Yes. Even I will accompany
you both to your photoshoot.

To suggest poses for 'seal the date'.

Hey! We're not doing that!

We're won't do those couple things.

Hey, Akash!

- He's here.
- Where's Akash?

- Where's Akash?
- He went on a date.

On what?

On a date!

He downloaded tinder 4 months ago,
and got his first right swipe today.


If the girl's standards are low,
it's good for Akash, right?

He went on a date without telling me.

Why would he? Have you ever been on a date?

- Of course!
- Not just with Vani.

- Have you broken up?
- No, no.

You never tasted any
flavour other than vanilla.

you're a guy with a fixed deposit.

And this is stock market, you won't get it.

He's back.

- Ahh!
- He's back, he's back.


Seriously stay silent now.

- The carrot...
- He looks disappointed. - Yes.

Careful with the carrots.

- I'll get water.
- Yes. Quickly!

- Bring lukewarm water!
- Warm it! - Yes, yes.

- Whoa, he threw it.
- Oh my god!

- What happened?
- Hey, hey!

- Here, water.
- Give it!

Take it. Let him drink it.

What happened?

- Drink, take a sip.
- Yes. - Don't insult water.

Great, that's it.

What happened?

No I mean,

I understand,

that I look better in a photo.

Stop joking.

Face to face, maybe not...

- Of course not. - No way!
- No one would like that face.

You're not likeable at all, okay?

But how can she do that?

Do what?

She said,

'I have to make a call please.'

I said, 'yes, sure, please go on.'

Proper English, wow.

She went out to call,

and never came back.

I waited two hours!

Two coffees, two sandwiches,

and that long, red colored pasta,

- Arrabiata pasta!
- That red pasta...

You'll explode some day.

She ate and didn't even pay for it.

I mean, at such times, where does...

...their 'equality' go?

Don't worry, next time,
take advance payment.

Then go on the date.

'Go on a date only if you have money,


You're lucky!

You don't have to do anything,
it's all set with Vani.

Your life is set,
you don't have to do anything.

No break-up, no dating.

No move on.

I'm an event person so I'll say this,

God has placed only four,

only four events in your life,



Marriage with Vani.


Their marriage.

Life's finished in only 4 events,
say "Ram".

- Ram!
- Ram! - Hail Lord Krishna!

- Vani?
- It's Vani.


Yes, Vani?

- Right now? Urgent?
- Amazing life.


Yes, I'm on my way.

I'll have to go.

- Go.
- Give him some water.

Your life is set with Vani, solid!

Yes, what happened?

I want to drink masala soda.

Is this called urgent?!

Yes, I want to drink masala soda urgently.

I was talking to them.

At least ask!

I thought it was like we usually do...

Carry on, sorry!


Let's go.

Come on.

Because you are telling me to?

I'm here because you called me.

Everyone's there, everyone!

Only I, only I am here!

So go.

Go, if you have a problem, go now.


I will go!

To drink masala soda.

You want to come?

- Let's go.
- No.

If you come I will like it.

Over smart!

You're over smart!

I always keep two handkerchiefs!

Are you worried about work?

No, not at all.

Yes, I mean,

I'm not enjoying the
social media thing anymore.

So do something new!

But be serious now.

- It's about our marriage.
- I am serious!

I'm just not enjoying it.

I went to dad's factory recently.

Dad might have been so happy, right?

I didn't go in.


why are you calling him dad?

- He's your dad, right?
- Yes, but you call him uncle.

Don't be in such a rush to call him dad.

Look at her talks.


I'm on my periods,

but you are having mood swings!


We are made for each other.

That's not it,
you don't get it Vani, this...

What do you think?

You think I called you here to drink soda?

This was urgent,

the things you don't say,
I can see them in your eyes.

I understand everything.

But I want to hear it from you!

Because not just our relationship,
but our friendship is also getting affected.

Why don't you share it?

Tell me.

I mean, uh,

I can't tell you face to face.


we've been together for 12 years!

Since 6th grade.


Next year,
our relationship will become a teenager.

We won't be able to handle it.

That's why I'm saying,

that we've been together
since we didn't even know...

...what 'being single' and
'relationship' even meant!

You know I,

never lived a 'single' life.

We grew up as a...

...single person, not two.

Our friends used to make fun of us.

The way.

Pav-bhaji, chhole-bhature, come in pair,

Vani and Siddharth are also like that.

Whether it's food,
or movie, it's all our choice.

I realised just now...

...that I don't have a photo in
my phone where I'm alone.

On Facebook, on Whatsapp, on Instagram,
in every profile picture, we're together.


I feel like,

we're already married.

So you miss being single?

That's the point!

I never was single, how could I miss it?

Don't you think that,

we, you know, met each other too soon.

I thought it was good that we met so soon.

We could be with each other more.

Created memories together,
dreamt together.

Not that Vani.

How do I say this.


I liked it all, but,

but now, I'm scared.

There's no space...

...for self, in this partnership.

Have I ever stopped
you from doing anything?

Yes. You have,

- on Janmashtami, you didn't let me play...
- Because you bet money in it!

And you still played, did you listen to me?

Well, you danced with that boy,
in the 'couple dance'.

In the college fest,
it's been 4 years Siddhu!

And just so you won't be uncomfortable,
we didn't go to the state level.

Because I proposed you on propose day.

He knew that you have a boyfriend,

in a different college yes,
but you have one.

He was taking his chance.

Rose day.

It was rose day, not propose day.

I'm telling you for the 100th time,
but you won't listen.

Do I have to explain everything?

That is one advantage of being single,

you don't have to report everything.

Oh wait! I'm the one who reports to you.

And I pick you up and drop you.

You don't like tattoos,
else I would've had some.

Of what?
What tattoo would you get? Tell me.



Like '10' followed by dulkar.

But forget it, why discuss it.

If I'm not going to get it, why discuss it.

Of course not.

The way we don't talk
about me having short hair.

I've kept them long because you like it,
else I would've cut them short.

Do you know how troublesome it gets?

Here, drink.

The fizz is gone.

If we think so much,

we'll be a burden for each other.


We won't do that.

Our friendship is above our relationship,

we're best friends first,
that won't happen.

Earlier, I could tell you anything,

- I really think Sunny Leone is beautiful,
only you agree to that. - Sunny?

- And only you know I find
Harbhajan Singh hot. - Keep walking!

Only you know that I
eat khichdi with ketchup.

Siddhu, tell me,

what would you do if you were single?

Wait, what do you want to say?

Why think that?

Not just you, I'll think too.

- Let's make a list.
- Okay.

Of things we'd do if we were single.

Our single-list!

Our single-list.

A list of things we'd do, right?

Fine, fine.

Then what?

Then, when the list is made,

and if both of us agree,

we'll get married.

Until then, what do we do?


A pause on this relationship.


We were doing 'fast-forward' till now?

Now, let's pause.

Now pause?


That's stupid!

Siddhu! Don't be a hypocrite.

So far, we've made our rules ourselves!

And we'll keep doing it in the future.

a friend means a shoulder to cry on right?


As shoulder is above the heart, same way,
compared to relationship, our friendship...

Is above!



But what do we tell the others?

Come on!

Let's go watch a movie.

They'll take their time.

Dad, please!

Nandan, listen to him.

They're not planning a destination
wedding in Switzerland, are they?

Don't make that face,
I already told them not to!

Tell them now!

You tell them! You're so scared.

Neither of our dads like me,

if they shoot me one or two
then you will be alone forever.

If you want to whisper amongst yourself,
why did you call us?

He must've thought that
everyone's jobless like him.


- Why is my job important here?
- It's not,

- it may have been, if you had one.
- Hey mom!

Here you go again.

- He's right. - Stop it, Nandan.
- Don't interfere!

- He doesn't work! - Fight!
- Fight! Teach him a lesson.

- What do you mean 'fight'?
- Stop talking nonsense!

I know what I said!

- No, it's usual!
- Yes, yes.

- He always interferes. - Oh!
- Stop! - Stop saying that!


We are taking a pause.


What does that mean?

Pause means,

- like in a tape-recorded.

Play and pau...

How do I explain 'pause' to him?

- What pause?
- Vani, what are you guys up to?

We've paused our relationship.

I know it might seem weird to you,

but we thought a lot
before making this decision.

So break-up is confirmed?

- No, no.
- Uncle!

If it was a break-up,
we'd call it a break-up.

This is...


How is it different?

Yes, Vani will explain that,

it was her idea.

Aunty we've been
together since we were kids,

- Since 5th grade.
- Some meet in college, some in office,

but we've known each other
since before high-school...

In short,

in short,
we've never lived a 'single' life,

so we felt that,

we'd life a single life together.

Then we'll decide what to do.

Then you'll decide?!

What do you mean by that?!

This is a question of my daughter's life,
is this a joke?!

Uncle, sir, uncle-sir you...

...look at this matter...

...from afar,
that way you will get some clarity.

Just a little far.

It's a break-up!
They're just calling it a pause!

I'll throw this samosa at you!

It costs? 45, that'll hurt!

Talk some sense into him!

If we had broken up,

would we be sitting together? Idiot!

So how is this pause
different from a break-up?

Say something!

Dad it's not a break-up.

We were, are,
and will always be best-friends.

We have only paused the relationship.


We're just giving each other
freedom to live the single life.

- So that we don't have any regrets.
- Yes!

What are they saying?!


those regrets will be there anyway.

Do we not have them?

Of course, we do!


But Vani, tell me,

what will you do after being single?

I mean, we'll,

make a list, then decide.

So who'll make the list?

We'll make it ourselves.

But we still haven't thought of it so...


I told you to think, not to do this!

We decided it ourselves.

Not because you told us to.

The young generation's ideas are crazy.

I'm not saying that you're wrong, but,

your reality and our realities are,
very different.

And we're worried! So we have to say that!

That's true.

Say you took this pause,
and lived as singles,

what if you like someone else?

This 'my freedom' and 'my space',

are like salt in a relationship's recipe.

Excess is bad, and too less is also bad!

So think again.

Otherwise we accept whatever you decide.

Make the list.

Single. Single.

- Akash is a big liar!
- Why?

He told me cute girls come here to jog.

I only see old couples here.

They do!

They went away while you were eating poha.

Yes! I'll stop it all starting tomorrow,
I'll be on a diet!

You? On a diet?

I have the list.

Where's yours?

I have it, wait,

here's the list, but listen,

- should we show our lists to each other?
- Okay.

No, I mean,

we must! I must see your list!

Let's decide the rules.

- Run two laps till then.
- Here are my two laps.

I'm going.

Siddhu, what were the
things you couldn't do till now?

That's the point,

to do what we want to do
as singles at the right time.

Without taking each other's permissions,
or telling them.

And what rules?

About rules, I thought a lot,

but nothing came up.

What about you?


So then, no rules!


But, what if I like someone?

If you like someone?

You like someone?

Nice joke!

So overconfident!

Tell me,

what will you do first?

What do you mean you
want to leave the house?

So you'll talk nonsense?!

I'm just talking about shifting to a PG.

In this city?!

So you want to live in a
PG while having a house?

It's about living my way!

I didn't go to the US like my cousins,
so that I'll live an independent life!

I've always been with you.

- I just want changes.
- Really?!

So you want to keep us or
change your parents too?!

Mom tell him!

I want to make major changes in my life!

I want to be a little responsible!

About work, about earning,

other expenses,
I want to have all that pressure.

If I live here, you'll take care of it all.

I don't want that, that's why I'm leaving!

You always complained to mom
that I don't ask you anything, right?

I ask you today.

May I go?

I won't if you say no!

People will ask questions!

Let them.

My son wasn't born to answer others.

You'll visit us, right?

I'm not going to US on a 10-year visa!

What do you mean by that?!

Don't be so emotional!
It's just about living in a PG!


"Oh my love, my love, my love,
let's not live on the same branch."

"Oh my love, my love, my heart..."

"...let's not live on the same branch."

"Let's fly with it."

"Let's fly with our wings
taking the whole sky with us!"

"Oh my love, my love, my heart..."

"...let's not live on the same branch."

"My love, my heart..."

"...let's not live on the same branch."

"In the blue sky, in the blue sky."

"Our wings in the blue sky."

"In the blue sky, in the blue sky,
our wings in the blue sky."

"In the blue sky, in the blue sky."

"Our wings in the blue sky."

"In this blue sky, we spread our wings,
we fly to random places!"

"Let's fly with it!"

"Let's fly with our wings
taking the whole sky with us!"

"Oh my love, my love, my heart."

"Let's not live on the same branch."

"Oh my love, my love, my heart."

"Let's not live on the same branch."

"Oh my love, my love, my heart, let's not"

"live on the same branch."

"Let's fly."

"With it."

"Let's fly with our wings
taking the whole sky with us!"

You drive well,
why doesn't uncle let you use the car?

I drive well!

I don't know why dad is insecure!

Where are you taking me?

Right now, on the highway,
a long drive on trial basis.

But then, next comes our Goa trip.

Girls road trip.

Road trip to Goa?!

It's in your list?

Wait, stop here.

I think it's a puncture.

- Yes.
- Right?

We'll have to change the tyre.


Good idea.

Do it.

You don't know how to change the tyre?

I'll see it on youtube!

Put the phone down!

You can't change a tyre but
you want to go on a road trip?!

Should I call Siddhu? He'll come!

Is he your boyfriend?!

Go get the jack and spare wheel!

Jack and spare wheel...

- Nice idea.
- Ugh!

You don't know about jack and spare wheel?

Open the trunk!

- Is this alright?
- Yes it is, continue!

Am I doing it right?

Yes, yes, continue!

Help me a little!

Do it yourself!

Hey, you guys need any help?

No thanks, we'll manage!

You sure?

Yes, she must learn!


He is offering to help...

Do it yourself!

Was this Max?

- Is it Max?
- It is, it is Max!

I only copy his steps other than Govinda,
you let him go?!


Sorry, I've never seen him in a T-shirt.

Look at his dance, and abs!

And have you told him about the rules?

We even told him the rules
of the neighbouring society!

Look, there should be no complaints!

- That's all!
- There won't be any!

I don't know about them
but I'm from a nice family!

Where's Akash?

- He's gone to get it... - Medicine!
- He went to get medicines!

For him, he caught cold!

- But his forehead's cold.
- The fever's inside, uncle.

I see.

Can't you tell from my voice?

Don't worry, let him rest,
and you rest too.

I won't let anyone hit a nail.

- That's it!
- That's it!

- Don't put a nail.
- Okay.

Don't put nail.

This man!

Where must he have reached?

Don't allow putting nails in the house.

- Akash!
- Who is it?!

- What happened?
- Tell me if you need extra medicine.

For whom?

For Siddharth!

You went to get medicine for him, right?!

Yes, I did!

But don't worry,
I don't need more, it's enough!

You know,

if he gets a heavy dose tonight,

by tomorrow he'll be fit as a horse!

Great, great!

Tell him, no hammering nails!

No, not at all!

I'm coming, don't worry...

- one will do that.
- Go on.

Come, come!

- Where's my share?
- Here it is.

Hey, come on! Don't act smart!

Give it properly, in the glass!

You've always been doing it properly,

now do something you've never done.

Should I drink from the tumbler?

- Should I?
- Yes!

Wait, wait!

Let him do it, it's okay from my side.

To tumbler!

- To tumbler!
- To tumbler!

What is single life?

Only you know, I don't!

Single life is,

not following a single rule in life!

Fill it, fill it again.

Today you'll drink so much,

so much,

that to understand what you're speaking,

we'd need subtitles!


- So you'll look down.
- Subtitles.

Look down.

- To tumbler!
- To tumbler!

This alcohol,

this alcohol,

has already gone...

...over my head.


Whatever you're saying, we can still...

...understand it.

- I do too.
- Yes.

Dear, Chaitanya.

Yes, Sky?

Fill the tumbler please!


Give it!

Don't fill it too much! That's it.

Down it goes.

- To tumbler!
- To tumbler!

What language is that?


He's done, bro!

Don't drink more.

Would you like to have,
sleep some night English slip?

Sleep some... English slip.

I love hahaha...

You go, go to bed, bro.

Let's go, bro.

It is so fun...

Eat biryani after you sleep.


Stomach empty means vomit.

Oh my God! What a dose, man!

Let's go, bro! Sleep come...


Hi, ani...

Of course I'm asleep, it's 2am.

Today... eight down...

How many? 8 pegs?


Sleep with a bolster by your side.


Calling your ex while
drunk was in the list?


Mine too was very exciting!

Siddhu, today I changed
car's tyre for the first time.

Yes, I'm also feeling very light.

I mean there was no burden, but still.

I agree.

The decision to pause was great!


But Siddhu,

what if we don't want to
'play' again from this 'pause'?


Hello, Siddhu?


Hey, Akla!

Go alone, or take a rickshaw!

Don't call me!

Do you work for me?

I wanted to buy vegetables, that's why.

Where is the rickshaw stand?

Eyes forward!

- Don't look back!
- Hey! Stay away!

- Stay away!
- Okay, I'm far away, look!

This cook keeps on calling!


Yes, we're here.

Now say all that to him.

Uncle, give us whatever he tells you to.

Weigh it properly, okay?

- Who is it?
- Hello?

- Who is it?
- I have it.

- He just left the office.
- 500g brinjal, 500g potato.

- He should've slept.
- Quiet! - I have it all.

- Here.
- Yes, Kamlesh sir?

How will that be made in two days?

What will a 6 month old
toddler understand in this?

Yes, that's true.

No! Don't tell madam!

I'll make it. I'll do it.

Please. Don't tell madam.

No, I'll do it.

See, uncle?

He gets so scared when madam is mentioned!

You don't know her.

23-24 year old people eat
BP tablets because of her!

Just tell me what to do?

There's this event to
reveal the baby's name.

- I see.
- The name is Mahendra.


- Yes, in this day and age.
- Wow.

So client says, Bahubali theme is required!

Oh, I see.

You know, the hand comes out of the sea.

- Yes, like that.
- And Shiv Kaminidevi's child is sleeping.

They told us to make that!

How do I make that in two days?!

That's easy!

Remember that friend of ours?

- Arpit, remember him?
- Who had one eyebrow?

There are 2 like that.

He makes customized furniture.

He can make it!

Come on man, use your brain!

Put it.

And hey,

this job seems fun!

This would give me the kick!

Of course you get a kick.

In the past 6 months 19 people
have been kicked from office.

Our boss is like that.

Join us if you want such a kick!

- We have a walk-in interview this Saturday.
- Saturday?


Listen, Akla!

I don't enjoy this social
media thing anymore.

It's worse than brinjals.

- Remove the brinjals!
- We eat it!

Learn to adjust! You live with me!

Fill Okra uncle, fill okra!


Yes, count it extra, no problem.

Didn't you read? You should've brought it!

Don't you know that?!

We must bring it, don't you understand?!

What will we do?

Hey wait!

Let me click a picture.

What are you doing?

Look at this.

- I'll send it to Vani.
- Why?

I'll send her and say... being single for 1 month,
he got pregnant.

- Hey!
- I sent it!

One, two, three, go!

"Come on baby and show me what you've got!"

"Move your waist and show me your moves."

"Don't get overblown,
just twist your mustache."

"Don't get overblown,
just twist your mustache."

"Make sure the entire
village feels your electricity."

"Come on baby and show me what you've got!"

"Move your waist and show me your moves."

"Open your minds."

"Forget all shame!"

"Move your body."

"Blow them away with your moves."

"Call your friends,
this step is very easy to do."

"Call your bros,
this step is very easy to do."

"Come on, hit a shot like you're Sachin."

"Come on baby and show me what you've got!"

"Move your waist and show me your moves."

"Come on baby and show me what you've got!"

"Break it, break it all!"

"Forget all rules!"

"Forget everything you learnt,
but don't stop yourself."

"Call your aunt,
and Darshan uncle as well!"

"Call your aunt, and Lalu uncle as well!"

"Today everyone will
dance with a sweet flavour."

"Come on baby and show me what you've got!"

"Move your waist and show me your moves."

"Come on baby and show me what you've got!"

- Amazing!
- A viral video as soon as...

...she became single.

She's now a star, you're on your own.



Can you not make such videos?

- "Such" videos?
- I mean such, you know,

where you, you know,

look so cute.

Why do you care? You're not my boyfriend!

I saw the comments on youtube,

there were already many people on
Facebook who used to say "nice pic dear."

Now they say "so beautiful", "number one".

"number one".

How can I take all this?

They said what they felt,

tell me what you felt.

Many things!

I felt like throwing away
the list and dance with you!

You looked so cute!

Cute means extremely cute!

So cute?

So let's do this,
you'll join me in my next dance video.

Have I ever danced?

Even a single step?
I'm Ajay Devgan, passive dancer.

You dance, I'll stand with you.

- Siddhu...
- Yes, tell me.

Good night.


Vani's in the newspaper.

I saw it.

She's a good dancer.

Siddharth is calling.

Answer it! Answer!


- Did I call you?
- No, you called mom.

Why would you call me?

She's here, in the garden,
watering the plants.

It's 11pm,
you don't have to go to the factory?

I'll go.

Are you comfortable?

I'm enjoying it! Amazing place!


I mean,

I'm comfortable.

Hand it over to mom.

Take it!

Yes, yes.

Yes, son.

- Yes mom!
- You're not eating junk food, right?

Remember, cooked meal is unmatched!

Mom, PG is like a house!

Maharaj cooks, and we eat a lot.

Listen, I have a job interview today.


You'll do a job, Siddharth?

It's not confirmed,

it's just an interview.

Let me give it first.

The event company in which Akash works,

no one stays on that post for long,

so I'll appear for the interview.

- Then I'll see if I...
- Get the kick.

Okay. Try for it, all the best son.

Thank you, mom.

I'll call you in the evening.

- Is migraine still there?
- He is.

Nandan is home.



Mr. Siddharth!

Yes, which way?

Go straight, then right, then left.

Go straight, then right,

- then left.
- Ma'am.

Just wait here.

Yes, Vani? Yes, I'm here.

Black shade always works.

Yes, I've tucked in my shirt, Jitu junior.

Okay, say all the best to me.

Okay. Yes, thank you.

- Hello.
- Hello.





Let's not waste any more time on this.


Right, sir.

Ask me whatever you want, no worries.

Sneha is our only child.

So, her marriage is very special for me.

And we want to do something through which

the whole world knows how much we love her.

And how much money you have?


Don't laugh! This looks like a
practical interview, say something!

Sir, I believe,
that all these wedding ideas,

all these ideas are washed up.

Beach wedding, people go to Goa.

Royal wedding, people go to Jaipur.

Same story,

and the same old age couple...


I mean, middle age couple's Indian idol,
and then,

'what a cute couple' photoshoot.

Followed by a cocktail party.

Where, for the first 2 hours, there is
expensive bottles and then cheap liquor,

some fried peanuts and
papad would be great.

You enter with a soldier's
song and leave with...'s blessing song,
wedding over, honeymoon start.

But what was the idea?

What was it? Oh yes!

The idea is,

let's do something different.

Do something different.

Let's go to the place where
the world's first couple met.

In the jungle.


Yes! See,

Adam and Eve,
world's first couple met in the jungle.

Let's do that.

Jungle wedding.

Let's book the jungle!


And sir, challenge others to make a... dress from leaves and
sherwani from grass, and where to wear it?

In the jungle, sir!

From hotel to the venue, in a bullock cart.

I mean a bullock cart.

I know what it is.

You know, so no need to worry.

Never before experience.

Never before experience!

It will be the miracle
marriage of the decade.

Mind blowing!

I can picture all your NRI friends,

they'll love it,

this will be a viral wedding, trust me.

I can see it in the jungle.

Jungle eco-friendly themed wedding.

Dance, oh my god, mind blowing experience,

mind blowing.


Yes, ma'am?

Hi! Time for a quick test.

Ok tell me which one is raw
silk and which is matka silk?

Hurry up, I don't have all day.
10 interviews are lined up.

Which is matka which is raw?


Brilliant! What is this?

Uh, matka silk.

Fantastic! What is today's date?


You'll get the salary for 10 days,
you can go now.

Pick your bag and go home.

- Pink file, purple bag, what a colour
sense you have?! - Sorry, madam!

It's okay, go fast.

He's been working 5 months, yet doesn't
know the difference between clothes.

Hey, listen! What's your name?

- Rikin...
- Whatever! Listen,

- you'll manage tomorrow's event
at Mr. Desai's! - Sure, ma'am.

Everything you have to handle, on time,

or else don't come to work.


Take the design file.

Make 50 calls,
visit 100 shops, I don't care!

I want everything as
I've promised to my client!

- Sure.
- Clear?!

And guys, listen up everyone!

Please. Please be responsible.

I'm not your mother.

I'm not your mom!

It's not my job to clean up your mistakes,

I pay you to do work, not to make mistakes.

- Clear?
- Yes, ma'am!

- Ishita.
- Yes?

Yes, Kamlesh uncle?

- Did you talk to Mr. and Mrs. Zaveri...
- Oh shit, they're here?

They're waiting for you in the
conference room with their daughter.

God! Hardik, did you give them coffee?

Coffee has already reached,
we haven't, let's go.

Wait, Mr. Zaveri's daughter's name, uh,

- Sneha.
- Sneha!

- Let's go.
- Right!

- Sit down and work! Come on!
- Don't waste time! - Okay, ma'am.

Hello, everyone!

- Hi!
- Hi! - How are you, Zaveri uncle?

- Fine, fine!
- Hi, aunty!

- Hello!
- Hi.

Sorry I'm late, I was busy trying
to manage tomorrow's event.

- No problem.
- It's okay.

That's why we chose you.

- Because you are personally involved...
- Yes.

Yes, yes. Thank you so much.

- Hi sweetheart how are you?
- Hi! I'm good.


So Sneha, tell me,
what kind of wedding do you expect?

Of course it'll be a
destination wedding but,

beach wedding or a royal wedding?

Jungle wedding!


Jungle wedding.


It was your team member's idea.

And we loved it.

That's nice.

Who are you?

Kamlesh uncle?

Who is he?

Hello, who are you?

- Ishita?
- Yes?

You don't know him?

No, aunty, of course I know,
he's in my team.

Actually, my team's very big and,

not everyone is important so
I don't remember their names.

Madam pays my salary on time,
that's enough for me!

- We're in a meeting.
- Yes.

Not a comedy show.

Kamlesh uncle, take him to my cabin.

- Come on.
- Yes, Kamlesh uncle.

We were already in one cabin.
Why go to another one?


Kamlesh uncle, do we organize
events for Satyanarayan Katha?

Just walk.

My friends have troubles in their families,
that's why.

- I have to go in?
- Yes, here. I'll tell you.


Who are you?

I know you're an idiot!

What's your name?

- Siddharth...
- Doesn't matter!

What were you doing in my meeting?!

Actually, I thought it was a job interview.

So I thought it was a mock interview,
and told them the jungle idea.

Jungle idea?


Kamlesh uncle, is everyone like
this or do we get special cases?

Wait, wait!

'Special cases'?

What does that mean?

I didn't know! Don't offer me the job!

But remember, the jungle idea worked.

Look at his arrogance.

How dare you?!

- He is right, Ishita.
- What?

He closed the client in the first meeting.

It's a stupid idea!

Do you know,

it's not Mowgli's wedding,
it's a serious business damn it!

Every idea seems
stupid until it is executed.

You're teaching me?!

- He's teaching me!
- Wait, wait!

- Who are you?!
- Ishita, wait!

Please wait outside, I'll be with you.


Why don't you ask them who
they are before taking them in?!

I think, this boy, is interesting.

The word you're looking
for is 'idiot' not 'interesting'.


he didn’t even know that this
was a meeting with actual clients.

Oh, please!

He got the idea on the spot,
and he convinced them as well.

It takes us three meetings
to convince the clients.

This 'idiot',

took just one.

Thank you guys, thank you so much!
Listen up!

We have already hired someone,

so you may leave, thank you for coming.

But take my interview!

Say it again!

Take my interview!

Tell me something about yourself.

Myself Chandan Mehta, I have done...

Sorry, you're rejected.

- But why?
- Never have a file of this colour.




The biggest challenge in an event,
is not to sell the idea,

but to execute it!

- Right?
- Yes.

You sold them the entire jungle book,

You'll have to watch every episode!

You're hired until this event is over.

Thank you, ma'am!

Thank you!

- And for the package, just...
- It's fine, it's fine,

I don't work for money!

If I don't enjoy it,
I'll quit before you fire me!

These are the project details.

There won't be any time to enjoy.

Event is next month.


Get started.

Okay, okay.

All the best.

Yes, all the best, I mean, thank you!
All the..., uh, thank you, oh man!

Five, six, seven, eight.

One, two, three, four.

Five, six, seven, eight.

- One, two, three, four, five, six...
- Max?

Hi Vani, hi!


- You here? Suddenly?
- Yes.

- I'm a huge fan of yours.
- Thanks.

- I love your dancing.
- Thank you.

We've met! Remember?

When my car was punctured on the highway.

No I don't remember.

- Forget it, I'm a big fan!
- Thank you.


I told him, about how big fans we are...

Yes, five times,
your mom said that 5 times already.

He heard it, properly!

Sit, sit.

You must be tired.

Vani, you didn't tell me,

that Max's mom learns dance from you?

Yes, since my mom learns dance from you...

...I told max to teach me how to dance.

From me? What's aunty's name?


Oh, of course!

She's a graceful dancer.

Her "maar dala" performance was legendary!

Vani if possible,
can you record a video of mom performing?

But not "maar dala", something simple.

Sorry, camera is not allowed.

"Maar dala" is my favourite song!

I like the whole film 'Devdaas'.

Paro's dad said,

Devdas is not good for us,
so Paro immediately changed her mind.

Uncle, not Paro, Devdas's dad said no.

Is he a full time or part time dancer?

Dad, this is Max!

Gujarat's most popular choreographer!

- Vani, please...
- No, don't be modest!

Dad, the video he uploads on youtube,

get millions of views!

Vani I actually went to
your studio to meet you but,

- they said you'll be here so...
- You came here.

He came here immediately!

There are 25 other ways,

he could've called,
or texted on social media, but no.

He directly came here!

- Dad!
- I was about to ask him for ice-cream.

Would you like ice-cream sir?

I'll go charge my phone,

my phone isn't used to
recording so many videos.

- I'll get ice-cream.
- Yes, okay, thanks.

He uses harsh words all day!

Now I figured,

mom loves your studio
because camera's aren't allowed.

Not my studio.

They're not allowed only in that batch.

Aunties get very conscious
regarding their bodies and dresses.

So my idea is, when the music starts,
no one should be conscious about that.

So you look at dance like therapy?

I see it as breathing,
everyone should do it!

It's an art.

A gift.

It's not for everyone.

The dance I met is different.

- It's for everyone.
- Yes,

I saw that in your dance-a-thon video!

Random people on the streets would
only join a dance if it's pre-planned.

But in your case, it was spontaneous.

Really good work!

The video reached even you?

Well, if there is such a good
dancer in my city, I come to know.

Competition tracking, you know.

But on a serious note Vani,

I'm really impressed,

and trust me,

I don't say this much.

What competition?

You noticed my dance,

that is bigger for me
than video going viral.

Please, don't be modest.

- By the way, it was nice meeting you.
- Same here.

By the way Vani,

I would like to work with you.

Only if you like, no pressure.

- Seriously?!
- Yeah.

- Oh my god I can't believe my luck!
- Talent!


Don't reduce your value by calling it luck.

Got it? Okay, good night.

Wait, take my number.

I have it.

I have it,

but I wanted to meet.

That's why I didn't call,

and last thing,

"Max you".

Don't be so formal.

So Max,




Goodnight, Vani.

"In the blue sky, in the blue sky."

"Wings in this blue sky."

"In the blue sky, in the blue sky."

"Wings in this blue sky."

"This flock is playing the
game of love differently."

"They change the sky, they change the taste,
they change their paths."

"They'll fly with it."

"They'll fly with it.
With the whole sky under their wings."

"Oh my love, my love, my heart."

"let's not live on the same branch."

It's an enchanted forest wedding,

is that clear?

An enchanted forest wedding

- Roshni.
- Yes ma'am?

You will make the final presentation,

no pick-ups and drops!

Any questions anyone?

- Anyone?
- No.

"Oh my love, my love, my heart.
Let's not live on the same branch."

"They'll fly with it."

"They'll fly with it.
With the whole sky under their wings."

"Oh my love, my love, my heart."

"keep it, keep it,
keep my heart tied close to you."

"Let it shine in the sky."

"Take me, take me, take me with you."

"Take me with you
into these quiet streets."

"Take me, take me, take me with you."

"I'm holding to all these
decorated dreams."

"Oh my love, my love, I crave you."

"My eyes are pouring rains for you."


Yes dad, sorry.

No seriously sorry, I was going
to call you back but I got tied up.

No no.

I can't come next week Rajkot, I'm busy.

Are you serious, dad?!

This is too much, you called someone
from Australia, and didn't tell me?!

I don't want to meet his son.

Dad why "What?"


I like someone here,
that's why I don't want to meet him.

Does that suffice?

Why would I lie?

I'm with him, okay?

Are you serious, dad?

A photo?

The person who made it should be awarded.


Fine I'll send a pic.

This is a new world of sev-puri!

Come closer.


Proper smile.

Not so much. Natural smile.


Smile I said.

Why did you,

- why did you click a selfie?
- I'll tell you,

No, I mean, you should ask.

- Yes.
- What about consent?

Haven't you seen 'pink' movie?

You should ask.

No means no,
how can you click it without asking.

- You should ask.
- Look at your hair, and a sev is there too.

Do you know,

I only click photos of my left profile.

- Shut up!
- You don't.

Just shut up.

What's this about consent?!

I clicked a selfie, to send to my dad,
and I told him you're my boyfriend.

- Boyfriend?
- Boyfriend?


Madam boyfriend?

- Madam why did you say that?
- Only for two months!

I can't waste my time looking
at other boys for two months.

I don't have time, understood?

Madam, madam!

- Why me?
- Yes, why him?!

- Why not me?
- Who is he?

I've been working with
you for 6 months ma'am!

Unlike him, I'm permanent.


If you can stick around for 3 more months,
maybe you'll be next.

Until then,
just work on your styling, and uh

I hate purple colour.

And your hair is atrocious.

You're eating sev-puri
and littering everywhere?


I told you, you'll always be Robin,
not Batman.

- Siddhu?
- Hello!

Face to face time urgent!

- Right now?
- Yes!

Come out, to your balcony!


- What happened? - Ishita clicked a
selfie with me and sent it to her dad.

And said I'm her boyfriend.

Why just selfie? Go home and meet him!

Her family is in Rajkot!

Oh? So if they were here you'd go?

Listen to me,

she said her family was
pressuring her to see other boys,

so she sent this pic to get rid of them.

How could she?!

Is she flirting with you?

Not at all, she's a dragon!

She spits fire when she speaks.

She wouldn't even know my name.

Oh, no problem then, congratulations!

For what?

You're promoted from employee to boyfriend.

It's a promotion.

How do you feel?
When someone else calls you boyfriend?


I didn't write it in the list,

should I write it and mark it done?

It's your list, do as you please.

Let me sleep. Okay bye!

Hello, hello! Hello, hello!


Rickin, guest list, stay, transportation,

- you'll handle it all, okay?
- Yes.

Any confusion?

- No.
- No sir.

Mowgli, you'll be everywhere,
looking after everything.

Fine then, get going fast!

- I'm done!
- Let's go.

File, ctrl+S.

Mowgli, you stay.

- I need you for the next meeting.
- Sit. - Okay.

- Since how long have you been...
- Why?

No reason.

Just, you know,

getting to know you.


Are we friends?

We're not!

Yesterday I was boyfriend, today I'm not?!



- You said something.
- No, no.

- Mowgli!
- No.

I knew.


That we'll fight on the day of anniversary.

What did you say?

Why? Today's our one day anniversary!

What are you talking?

Sev-puri, selfie, boyfriend.

Rajkot, photo sent to dad.


It's so silent here,
I just got a little nervous.

So I crack jokes.

Now I won't.

- Won't show the nervousness.
- Shut up!



- Hi Max!
- What's up!

Yo, yo!

How are you?

I've been waiting for 15 minutes,
do I need an appointment?

No way my rock-star,
you don't need an appointment.

- They tell me "Madam is in a meeting".
- Sorry, sorry.

Come, come, coffee?

- Yeah.
- Hi! Siddharth!

- Nice to meet you man.
- Max, pleasure!



- Max, pleasure.
- Mowgli!

- Coffee?
- Yeah.

- Yes please.
- Make it two.

- My partner will join too, so...
- Oh, perfect!

Three coffees please.

- May I come in?
- There she is!

Come, come, Vani, come.

Ishita. Vani.

- Hi!
- Hi! - And Siddharth.

How long has she been your partner?

Very recently, but Ishita,
I must say, she's a gifted dancer.

And Vani, she is Ishita,
I told you about her. - Yes.

Really? You told her about me?

Really, please stop it!

He only told me that you
started your careers together.

Yours was events,
and for him it was choreography.


And also that you changed his name to Max.

Oh yes!

Oh, so madam gives everyone names,
have you always done that?

She calls me Mowgli.

Anyways, Ishita, tell me.

- What do I have to do?
- Let's not waste time!

- Next week there's an event.
- Okay.

And the client is crazy about dance!

- Look but you know I...
- I know you don't do wedding dances!

But this is something big!

And I can be an exception, right?

Yeah but...

Actually the people we talked to,
their granny passed away.

- Grandma!
- Sorry?

I mean, the granny is still alive.

Yeah, whatever!



Vani, you lead.

I'll help you out, don't worry!

- Sorted?
- Okay.


Great! Mowgli!

Take her number, if you need anything,
coordinate with him!

She said, if you need anything, call me.

- Sure!
- Take my number.

- Sure.
- Good to go.

Are we excited about the
enchanted forest wedding?

- Yes!
- Yes! - Yo!

"My feelings are all over the place,
but I still fight on!"

"Every morning,
I wonder what mantra did I chant?"

"My heart is on a diet but
it still wants some love."

"I'm playing blindfolded
but luck reveals my cards."

"Come together come together,
in the mandap two lives will come together."

"It will be surrounded, surrounded,
my pain will be surrounded."

"It's a pain it's a pain,
I have one single pain."

"It will be taken, it will be taken,
taken, taken, taken."

"Om mangalam mangalam,
I'm single, Om mangalam mangalam."

"Om mangalam mangalam, I'm single."

Five, six, seven, eight.


Thank you.

- Sir. - Please!
- Yes!

Thank you.

Okay, guys, break for 10 minutes,

Break for 10 minutes, come on!

- Ishita called.
- Yes!

- Hi!
- Hi!

She wants you to check bride's dance!

- She should be happy.
- Hi, Max!


You made the whole bride brigade happy!

How do you handle so much female attention?

By being single.

I wanted to ask you something personal.

Yeah go ahead!

Ishita named you Max,

what did your mom name you?

Vani, who is your idol for dancing?


Okay so swear on Govinda
you won't tell anyone!

Okay I swear.

- Promise.
- Promise.



Don't shout!

- Makrand Jackson, MJ, Makrand Jackson?
- Yeah.

'As soon as it was revealed
that Max is Makrand,

sources reveal that his female
fan following dropped by 70%.'

Okay bye.

Are! Wait a second!

Makrand, I mean, Max!


Do you want to click a picture?

Don't click it from here.

- Then?
- I will show you, come.



Amazing, Siddhu!

I am amazing!

I'm talking about this, not you.


Are you ok?

Yes, I am, why?

We are...

- ...alone in the middle of a mandap.
- Yes.

Are you feeling ok?

- If you aren't, tell me, we can move...
- No, no, no!

It's alright.

It's okay, it's okay.

You were going to come tomorrow?

But we came early,

we had to hand over
some requirements to you.


You have...

...started talking 'ours'
and 'yours' from 'us'.


Because he's here?

Did you forget?

Everything we had was for both of us,

but you were feeling pressured, right?

Forget that! Don't remember these things!

And my question,

is your partner here?


He is.

We came together, should I call him?

No, no, no need!

No need at all!

I think,

- from my POV...
- This side.

Look here. Yes, what?

I mean, from my point of view,

I think, you know,

I don't think he is a very good dancer,


- Doesn't dance well?
- No.

I saw,

his videos on youtube.

He just jumps like this.

That's not good dance.

What you do is called dance.

What he does is called aerobics.

Topless and shameless.

Tell him to try wrestling, he'll enjoy it.

Tell him that.


You saw his videos?

I did.

- You watched dance videos?
- Yes, so what?

- Dance videos?
- Jasmine dances well.

- I see...
- Not as good as you.

Not like you.

- My next question is.
- Later!

This is the list of requirements,

please get it done Mowgli.

Sure Ms. Vani, sure.

Come on fast!

What happened?

Ma'am is hurt and
first aid is not available!

- I have it, I'll bring it!
- Please hurry!

- Get this set up. Quick!
- Yeah, sure!

- Oh! Move!
- Or you'll need medicine too. - Go!

Wait, wait, wait!

Sorry ma'am, I thought the pole
would handle the weight, but this

- hurry, give me your hand...
- This is the learning!

Things that look good on
paper are not good on the set.

And I told you it can't handle the weight,

Slowly! It hurts!

- What's this!
- Wait!

This is anti-septic, turmeric.

Jungle theme, right?

This is what's available.

- It'll burn.
- It won't, it's all good.

Send a pic to your dad...

...and say, look dad,
my hands are now yellow.


This sense of humor won't impress...

...anyone's dad, let alone mine!

That's the problem!

Not just you,
my own dad doesn't laugh at it.

You're mad!


Are you serious?

"Someone tell my dream,"

"come to me and please me."

"It's turned to stone
and all I can do is look."

"I'm calling my dreams,"

"to the old address."

"I'm on your path towards you,"

"but you are so far away from me."

"Please listen."

"Please listen."

"Oh my love!"

"Please listen to me my love!"

"From all corners, from all corners."

"From all corners of my heart,"

"I beg you."

"To come to me, my dear."

"From all corners, from all corners."

"From all corners of my heart."

"Please make me a part of you, my love."

"Please listen, please listen."

"Oh my love!"

"Please listen to me, my love!"

- Alright, break break!
- Nice work, good job guys.

- It was fine, right?
- Yes, it was nice.

- Just take care of the positioning!
It's good. - Okay.

Yeah just take it up. Who's there? Munna.

Munna! Yes, pull!

That's not the center Munna!

Bring it to the center!

She surely has a high BP.

She wasn't like this.

You know, in our first event,
some people told her,

that event industry isn't for girls.

The company she started won't last long.

- To her?
- Yes.

Said it to her face?

- She would've hit them with a bat.
- I thought so too,

she used to keep a baseball bat in the car.

But she didn't do anything.

But after the event,
she came to me and said,

you know Max,

some stereotypes can be broken...

...only by actions, not by words.

So she left her dad's
established business in Rajkot,

and started this company on her own.

She's a fighter!

Are you sure there was
nothing between you two?

- Va...
- Okay, there wasn't.

But there can be,

Ishita only treats you specially,

and you've been friends for years.

No one's working properly,
and no one is on the floor, that's amazing!

- Where are the rest?!
- Calm down.

What are you doing?!

When you put this,

the anger flies away!

- It flies higher and it's gone!
- Stop it!

There can't be two swords in a marriage.

We are very similar, Vani!

See, someone like him is perfect for her.

Ishita would bat, and her partner
would be on the non-strike end.

Balance you know.

Won't you welcome me?

Come, come!

- Greetings! - Greetings!
- Yes, welcome to this beautiful function!

Both Sneha and Parth's
families welcome you.

Welcome everyone to the
enchanted forest wedding!

- And very soon, we will...
- Ishita, everything's amazing!

- Start the dance program.
- Everything's great!

- Overall we'll have a great evening.
- I'm getting late. I'll have to go.

- You just have a seat and enjoy.
- Yes, please. Thank you.


Why does the client have to ask?
Why hasn't the performances started yet?

Everything fine?

The cousins will perform first,
then the brother will perform solo.


Vani, stage is empty,

Can you start a performance?

I'll offer water to the relatives!

Sorry but, my team is not a filler,

we'll do as is written in the show flow.

It's an event, not an annual function.

We're dancers, not bar dancers.

- Vani this...
- She won't!

No one from my team will do it!

Max what's wrong with a
five minutes performance?

Vani! My team isn't here to be a filler.

Performers should be respected. Period!

Check that side, left!

Yeah, left, yeah.

Sorry, ma'am, I couldn't manage it.

Relax, it's managed.

That uncle is singing disharmoniously.

Everybody is enjoying, so relax.

At a wedding, the moment anyone gets a
stage dancing, singing, everything is fine.

Did you check catering?

It's ready!


We'll have to check everything.

Come on! Hey, come on!


- It's your turn after this,
- Yes, yeah.

- You forget the first step, the cross.
- Yes. Good to go!

- Don't forget it!
- Guys, guys there's a small change.

We are changing the final
steps of the bride-groom dance!

- What?
- What?!

Let's change your
last position to trust fall!

Let's do the trust fall!

- Max, look at me, how do I perform in this?
- It's easy!

Calm down, you'll do it, I'm telling you.

Tell me, how?


I can't do it!

You're a dancer and
you can't do trust fall?!

- I've never done it so I...
- You can, just try!

Let's do it, okay?

This is the last position.

Five, six, seven, eight, and then turn.

Then fall!

- See Max, I told you I couldn't...
- Listen, listen, listen!

Vani, listen.

You can,


close your eyes...

...when you fall.

And think of a person who'd...

...never let you fall.

The person you trust the most.

You'll do it.


"What is a bird? And what is the sky?"

"What are these waves and what is wind?"

"What are decades and what are moments?"

"What's my whole world?"

"My love!"

"without you."

"Oh my love!"

"Without you."

"I'm tasteless, I'm tasteless without you!"

"Without you."

"Today, show it to me..."

"Without you."

"Without you."

Not bad, it's good.

I'm worried!

About performance?

- Shit! Let's go fast!
- No, everything's fine there.

- So?
- I'm not!


You haven't called me an idiot,
or got mad at me since morning.

And you're eating together with me, so um,

I'm worried.

Get used to it,

to me and to event life.

I officially welcome you to 'Mad world'.

Because you're mad!

- Cheers!
- Cheers!

You'll welcome me in the office,

and your dad will welcome me to the house.



forget it.

No, how can I?

- It's okay, let it be!
- No, no, no let it be.

You must tell me!
Right now, at this moment!

Remember the selfie?

- That I sent dad?
- Yes!

- He replied as well.
- Of course!

Even your selfie got rejected!

And dad also said something about your nose,

- ...on the left side...
- That's enough!

- It's not that bad!
- It's great!

I understand, it's fine!

If I just send a pic with filters,

uncle will... me and call me his son-in-law.

Please don't do that.

I like you because... have no filters!

Who's Siddhu?



Yes but, what's the problem?

Why did you break up?

We didn't break-up?




I got rejected,

but you'll have to approve someone.

You saw the event life, I don't have time!


You don't have time
for life's biggest event?

So marriage is life's biggest event?

No, not marriage.



Love and romance.

How many such events did you do?

This idea to pause was...

...worse than bride's uncle's dance!

Who does this Vani?

You know, if I had a partner...

...who's my best-friend
and girlfriend as well,

I wouldn't even dream of
pausing the relationship.

People spend their lifetime... find such a connect with someone!

But perhaps, you guys had it too easy...

...that's why you didn't value it.

I didn't want to, Max.

But Siddhu was in a different zone,
so I had to!

No problem.

But now, do what's necessary.

Yes, I'll talk to him after the event.

Forget the event Vani! Don't delay it!

Ma'am, coffee?


do you have masala soda?

Event planning stress is already too much,

I can't add the stress of future planning.

So, forget about stress,

let's play a game.

- Game?
- Yes.

Let's fast forward!

- Fast forward?
- Hmm!

Let's fast forward
three years of your life.

And tell me what you see!

- Okay.
- Okay? Let's do it!

Close your eyes.

- And...
- What are you doing?

This is a button,

the button goes 'ting'.

And then it begins.

Three years, okay?


- Three years later, right?
- Hmm!

An office of 'Mad world' in Mumbai.

And I've done about three celeb weddings!

Come on!

Not all this! Not work related!
Not work related!

A little personal.

Do it.

Three years, fast forward.


I have blue highlights in my hair.

And, I miss writing,

I'll start writing again!


A little more personal, okay?

Just imagine,

the way I'm sitting with you here,

in the same way, a boy is
sitting next to you, in moonlight...

...on a beach!

How would it be?

We're not sitting,

we're walking.

Our hands touch while walking.

It's very windy.


my hair is flying, so...

...he's taking a slow-mo video of my hair.

We are walking towards a rock.

As I go to sit on the rock, before that,
he places a handkerchief...


This is amazing.

Fast forward.

- It's a great game, Siddharth.
- Siddharth?!

You remember my name?

- Wow.
- I'll always remember it.

Your turn.

Three years, fast forward.


Eyes closed!




"Please listen to the request of my heart."

"Please listen for a moment!"

"Listen to it, it's my request."

"Please listen to it."

"Please listen to my request."

"Oh my love."

"Please come to my doorstep."

"Become the sun in the night and light up"

"my heart!"



Vani, say something!

"Oh, to like each other a little bit."

- "To play in the lanes of love."
- Vani listen to me!

- "Oh!"
- Vani!

"You can have my life."

"To be free of you,"

"my mind is racing."


"It all flew away in your courtyard."

"My breath remembers your burdens."

"My soul still has your regrets."

The way aunty was dancing,

I thought I should setup
a foot massage stall there!

Ishita, here's your cheque!

- Thank you!
- Thank you so much!

Thank you for trusting us uncle!

I hope everyone enjoyed there?

For me, Sneha's happiness is enough!


We came to you at the last minute,

and yet, the work you and your team put in,

Thank you!

And yes, that boy! What's his name?

- Siddharth.
- Yes, Sidddharth!

I loved his idea and execution both!

- Right.
- Don't let him go.

Hold on to him!

Yes uncle.

I will.

Eat peanuts!

Why did you take a leave from office?

Vani isn't answering my calls.

I called her many times!

I went to her house, her dance class.

She's nowhere!

What happened to her?

I and Ishita were talking,

and so she walked away.

You were just talking?

I'm just asking,
you guys got too friendly, that's why!

She's boss! Boss!

Don't you understand that?

I talk to her nicely,
but don't misunderstand!

- Has Vani ever done this?
- Never!

No matter how much anger,
or fight, we always talk!

Since the 5th grade!

- Really?
- Yes!

Wait, we'll find a solution.

Oh Goddess!


Since 5th grade...

They were just talking,
yet she walked away.

Okay, got it! Let's go!

- Where?
- We must go!


We must go!

To smoke.

I don't smoke.

Neither do I.

Then why go?!

In this situation,
people often say 'let's go smoke', so...

We don't smoke, but can see others smoke.

- Yes, and also...
- Sure, sure.


What are you looking for?

Dad, those London brochures...

- Where are they?
- Oh, the dance therapy course?

That and the other options as well.

Yes, you won't find them.

Because you said no,

I hid them away.

To not even look at them. Here you go.

Thank you, dad.



Do I have to ask what happened?

No dad.

There's nothing to say.

The wedding project I did recently,

there I realised that doing
such a course is important.

I took things too lightly.

So now,

I'll think properly, and plan everything...

Nobody is going to tell you
anything or ask you anything, ok.

Everything will be as per your wish!


Here, taste this.

I made puran-poli.

Didn't follow any recipe.

- It is how you like it.
- Mom, I'm not hungry.

- Chintan!
- Yes?

I need your help.

First, tell me why do you
come here every day?

As long as Vani doesn't talk to me,
I'll come here every day!

I need your help, man!

- What do you want?
- Come here, look,

Go in, and tell Vani...

...that Riya has come,
and she's calling you urgently.

What will you say? 'It's urgent!'


Before that, you'll have to do something.


Say that. Kohli is better than Sachin.

- No way! - Okay!
- No, that's not what I meant.


I'm not lying.

I'm not making false claims,
see the strike rate and the average.

Kohli is better in everything.

Kohli is...

Say it!

Than Sachin.

Say 'Kohli is better than Sachin',
or I'm gone!

- No! Sorry.
- Right? Say it!

My soul would depart!

- Kohli is better than Sachin.
- Good.

I wanted to check how
desperate are you for Vani!

Good boy.


Riya is here, she's calling you.

- Riya?
- Yes.

- Riya is in Jaipur.
- Oh.

So it must be Pooja, in short, go meet her.


You've never lied!

Why for him?

Because the person who
saw dance even in her dreams,

is neither sleeping, nor dancing.

I lied for you, not for him. Meet him.

No, I won't.

Siddhu's masala soda!

Siddhu's masala soda!

Masala soda!

Siddhu's masala soda!

Siddhu's masala soda!

Drink masala soda and
say what's in your heart!

Siddhu's masala soda!

Open the bottle, open your hearts,
say what's inside!

Siddhu's masala soda!

Siddhu's masala soda!

Do you have one with marbles?

No, get lost!

Is it free?

Yes! Drink and reveal what's in your heart?

- I don't like studies. - You don't?
- So what will you do?

- Open a betel stall.
- Open a betel stall?

Get lost! Betel stall.

Siddhu's masala soda!

Siddhu's masala soda!

Drink and reveal what's in your heart?
Here, drink!

It's amazing, drink it up.


I'm here, Vani.

I'll be here till you don't speak to me.


Drink up the masala soda!
So aunty, what's up?

I'm bored of wearing saree every day.

Oh man, don't get me started!

I've been calling my son for 4 days now,

he doesn't answer!

I miss him. But it is what it is.

- I can't propose her this year.
- Why?

I'm in 8th and she's in 12th grade.

- It'll affect her studies...
- Right, right, turn around.

- Why?
- A little more.

- Okay?
- Now go home!

Graduate's masala soda!

Okay, give me a glass,
I'll tell you what's on my mind.

Make it good.

I mean, I don't want distinction,
but I can expect good taste, right?

For how long have you known, Vani?

12 years, right?

I've known her for 22 years.

It's not a competition uncle.

It's not.

Of course.

It'd be too one sided.

No no, you're not that weak.

Perhaps you're the weak side.

That's why you have to put up this stall.

Did you know,

in Vani's 7th grade summer vacation,

she wanted to join a dance class,
but I had paid for a French class.

I thought dance could be learnt anytime.

She didn't say anything, she went.

Got an A grade.


But the whole time,
she didn't speak to me at all.

Since then, I decided,

to not say no to her, for anything.

She already doesn't ask for much.

I used to stand with eclairs,
outside that French class.

She left the home crying,

there was a reason why she
was happy when she got back.

The eclairs would stick in her teeth,
so she didn't eat it.

We ate it, specially Preeti, her mom.

Perhaps, she likes coffee bite.

You wouldn't know.

She's scared of pigeons.

Perhaps she never told you.

She likes overcooked pulses,
for your information.

She takes out the tomatoes from sandwich,
pizza and burgers.

For your information,
she doesn't like them.

That's not the case,

she likes tomato soup,

- as long as she doesn't have to chew it...
- Chew it...

She likes it.


do something uncle.

She has removed me from her
life like she removes tomatoes.

Perhaps you did something...

How will I know if she doesn't say it?

It's been 4 days,

I can't sleep without hearing her voice.

I have been listening to
her old voice notes, to sleep.


she must be on her way,
if she sees me here, she'll get mad.

But yes, I drank the soda,
so I'll tell you what's on my mind.

She wanted to marry you,

and we accepted it.

And even now,
we'll do what she tells us to.

What do you mean, uncle?!

She's angry!

What do I do about that?

Next event, for Vani,
we begin it with this song...


"drank some soda, my love."

Open the bottle.

Open the bottle and your heart.

Say what's on your mind.

Don't you understand? I don't want to talk.


Tell me why?

Because, not everything can be said,


From Siddhu to Siddharth?!

What's up Vani?

How will I know if you don't say it?

Had I told to clap for the long time
after first dance performance in school?

Did I tell you to wait until I went inside,
when returning from school?

On my 18th birthday, did I tell you
to come under my window at 12am...

...and talk face to face?

All that,

I did because I wanted to.

Because you were and are special.


The way you don't need to be told
how to make someone feel special,

same way, you can't be told
what hurt the special person.


No, Vani.

I can't hurt you.

I've been trying to convince you,
without eating, for 2 days.

Trying to make you laugh, and talk.

Does that not tell you how special you are?

What else will?

Do you know how special you are?

I have told your dad to not send
you to the factory more than you have.

You're so special,

that we took a pause because
you were nervous about the wedding.

So that you can be away from me,
from us, to find yourself.

I didn't want all this.

I didn't want to live the single life.

I still did it, for you.

It is me you go away from,
and it is me you come close to.

You click a selfie with her,

a person who's scared of blood,
applies turmeric to her!

And dance,

I saw you dance for the first time.

With her.

I accepted it all.

Because our friendship
is above our relationship.

But some things were just ours.

Our fears, our dreams.

Our fast forward.


you shared that with her?

You gave her my place.



No one can replace you!

I didn't share anything that was ours!

Perhaps you missed something.

And that's why we took a pause,

without rules,

should I think before talking to someone?

Or take permission?

You know,

I loved the attention I got,
what's wrong with it?


You also,

became Max's partner, right?

Did I do anything?

Did I react?!

I didn't go drink masala soda with Max.

What's ours, is ours!

And if you don't understand that...'re not my Siddhu!

I have nothing to say now,

so now, instead of pause,

we stop.

Just stop!

"Come on, flock."

"Come on, sky."

"What are these waves?"

"What is this wind?"

"What are decades, what are moments?"

"and my whole world!"

"My love!"

"Without you..."

"My love!"

"Without you..."

"Everything is tasteless,"

"tasteless, without you!"

"without you!"

"This life, is not fun."

"Without you, without you!"

Max was right.

You are a gifted dancer.

Siddharth sent you?

I'm his boss.

Not him.

We couldn't meet after the event.


Sorry, I can't take this.

Leaving the event
mid-way was unprofessional.

And I hate unprofessionalism.

But you did your job quite well.

So please accept it.

I didn't know about you two Vani,

I mean, you and Siddharth.

Usually this doesn't happen to me.


I start loving...

...someone's company so soon.

He is likeable.

It's not your fault.

I want to clarify.

All this is in just my head,

it was.

It was.

I will never interfere between you two.

I believed,
no one could ever interfere with us.

But between me and Siddhu, Siddharth came!

Anyway, I don't want to talk about this.

Siddharth is not perfect,

he has some rough edges.

But he's a diamond.

I'm sorry, I don't need any certification
about Siddharth from anyone else!

I have known him since Mowgli
appeared on television every Sunday.

I would've never let him go,

if I was in your place.

Good luck!

"What is friendship, and what is love?"

"Why do I still have all these feelings?"

"I didn't understand,
and went with the flow,"

"of these feelings."

Great, you got admission in London.
Congratulations. Thank You.

"My love!"

"Without you..."

Vani has got admission.

She is going to London, stop her.

Vani won't be able to go away from me.

She is just angry. She won't go anywhere.

"I'm tasteless without you!"

"Without you..."

"This life isn't fun without you!"

"Without you..."

Need any help?

No dad, I'm almost done.

Just weigh it.

I'm 90kg,

I'll lose 1kg every day after you leave.

The bag!

And don't say that, or I'll change my mind!



She's leaving tonight.

She'll leave in a few hours.

Siddharth, Vani is really going to London.

Does she know what she's leaving behind?

Maybe yes, maybe no.

Go, ask her what she's leaving behind.

Let's go! Let's go!

- Give me the key, I'll...
- Yes, yes, here.

- The trunk doesn't open.
- So we keep it above?

Above? There's no carrier!

- No carries?
- Behind, behind!

- Listen, Preeti!
- Yes!

- Let's go! Finish the curd business!
- Yes!

I'm here!

Here, take it.

Here, take the key, car key!

Look, it was my fault.

Forget about 15 years later, forget
about tomorrow, only think about today.

It wasn't your fault, dad.

Our cars are different,
you have to maintain that, and me, this.

If it stops, we'll sort it out.

If you understand that,
why did you let her go?!

She's not gone yet.

Look at the time, she's about to leave!

I'm going! You're the one stalling me!

Okay, be careful.

No, I don't have any advice for you.

- Push me.
- Just leave!

- Take care Vani!
- Bye.

She's gone. Go!

I'm here to say bye.

Go fast, or she'll be gone.

Are you a professor or a pilot?! So fast!

Sorry, sorry!

One joke is allowed, Vani told me.

Vani you,

you're going?



You forgot to pack so much.

Don't worry.

I brought it all.

Now no pause,

no fast forward,

let's rewind.



The one we gave the
contract to engrave "V" with "S".

It's yours,

you forgot to pack it?

Take it with you.


The eyewitness to our
first masala soda date.

You drank from this, not me.

Because you don't apply lipstick.

Otherwise there'd be a mark.

These cricketer's cards.

They were free with biscuits,

and you kept them for me.

But they're useless for you.

I'll keep them.

The chat history of what we talked about...

...while the class was going on.

It's yours.

Pack it with you, don't forget it.

And yes,

0.5 led.

I asked for this, and our friendship began.

I called it 'lead',

so you said...

-'s not 'lead', it's...
- Led.

You were already making mistakes.

She's been correcting me ever since.



I couldn't preserve what was ours.

But tell me if I ever...

...failed in preserving what's yours.

You'll leave it all behind?



our 12 years,

you're just letting it go?

I'm getting late, for the flight.

All this, pack all this.


I'll put it in your luggage.

Hey! Why are you taking Vani's passport?!

How will she leave without it?!

Vani, look! Vani! Vani!

- He took your passport, catch him!
- Siddharth!

- I'm coming too!
- Siddharth!


Siddharth, stop!

I'll throw it,

I'll throw it!

How will you go to London without it?!

I'll throw it!

Siddharth, stop being childish!

I am a child!

Go ask Jitu!

Should you leave a child alone?
You shouldn't!

- Siddharth, look...
- You call me that again, I'll throw it!

Grow up, please.

I will!

Don't go, please!

I will grow up, promise! Please!

For the last time,

I have to go, please.

For the last time,


You were supposed to hold my hand, come on!

I made a small mistake, come on!

I mean,

what's big for you, is small for me.

I couldn't understand,

but now, I do.


What else did you understand?
In all these years?

That I will make mistakes,

new ones,

I won't repeat any old mistake, please!

Don't go.

Then what?

Forget all this and get married?



Vani, I...

I came back to ask for your friendship,

I won't marry until you say so,

but at least don't stop me from
sitting with you on scooter. Please.

You've done that a lot!

Now eyes forward!

Yes, Preeti,

warm up the theplas, we're coming back.

Yes, the graduate.

Please don't go. I will miss you a lot.

I won't go to London.

Don't call me Siddharth, call Siddhu!

Yes, you're my Siddhu, not Siddharth!

Tell me one more time.

Yes, you're my Siddhu, not Siddharth!

"What are decades, what are moments?"

"And my whole world."

This idea to pause was stupid!

Had we not paused,

I would be waiting for you,
and you'd have gone to Thailand.

That reminds me, in future,
we'll get married, right?

I don't know, let's see.

I got used to being single.

I don't want to be bound.

Wait, wait! No way!

Two single people can be in a relationship!

- I see.
- I mean, I don't mind,

but for clarity I'll say this, you do you.

Dance with Max, I don't care.

Oh thank God, you told me!

Had you not, I'd be hurt!

And you'd have to apply turmeric to it.

Enough of that!

One turmeric can make a man single!

"What are decades, what are moments?"

"And my whole world."

"My love!"

"Without you..."

"My love!"

"Without you..."

"I'm tasteless without you!"

"Without you..."

"This life isn't fun without you!"

"Without you..."

"What is friendship, and what is love?"

"Why do I still have all these feelings?"

"I didn't understand,
and went with the flow,"

"of these feelings."

"What are your feelings,
what are my feelings?"

"The seven seas are overflowing."

"My love!"

"Without you..."

"Everything is tasteless,"

"tasteless, without you!"

"without you!"

"This life, is not fun."

"Without you, without you!"