Apache Rose (1947) - full transcript

The Vegas own an oil rich ranch and Calhoun is after the mineral rights. He gets Carlos Vega to run huge gambling debts. When Carlos' sister who is half owner arrives, Calhoun tries to have her killed. Roy finds a clue and this leads him to Calhoun's offshore gambling ship.

[waves crashing]

[stately music]

♪ Apache Rose, ♪

♪ Songs of songs to me ♪

♪ Music on the range ♪

♪ Western symphony ♪

♪ Apache Rose, ♪

♪ Lovely melody ♪

♪ Of the Golden West ♪

♪ Song of songs to me ♪

[whimsical orchestral music]

♪ Ride, vaqueros, ride ♪

♪ Ride, vaqueros, ride ♪

♪ Heading for the blue horizon ♪

♪ Keeping your eyes on the trail ♪

♪ Ride, vaqueros, ride ♪

♪ Pals are by your side ♪

♪ Heading for horizons wide ♪

♪ Singing a song, vaqueros ride ♪

[whimsical orchestral music]

- All right, boys.
Make those lines fast.

It's the last load.
Get those crates ashore.

[dramatic music]

- [Roy] Hey, hold it!

Those crates don't unload there!

- Yeah, why don't they?

- Well, I'd have to truck
them back 20 miles!

You were supposed
to deliver them at the inlet!

- I know, mister,

but I can't sail the Apache Rose
on a mudflat!

- [Roy] Well, you're lucky
to sail that thing at all!

- That's very funny!

While you're laughing at your jokes,
I'll unload your equipment!

- That won't do any good!
I'm in a hurry!

I'm trying to get a well started!

- Oh, so you're Mr. Coast
Drilling Company, huh?

- That's right, Roy Rogers!

I put the order in
for that equipment!

- And I'm giving the orders
on this tug!

Unload 'em, boys.
- Wait a minute!

I told you I don't want
this stuff unloaded here!

Get that hook off and put that
big crate back on!

We've gotta get it down inlet!
- Yeah, but she said--

- Listen, mister,
I give the orders here!

Get off my tug!

[Billie screams]

Oh, you lousy jarhead!
You pushed me!

- Well, you did it yourself.
Here, let me give you a hand.

- Not on your life...

[hooves thudding]

- [Carlos] Billie!
- Carlos.

- [Carlos] Billie,
what is the matter?

- This big knothead here thinks
I'm gonna haul his crates

up and down the coast
on a pleasure cruise.

Look what he did to me, Carlos.
I must be a sight.

- Roy, well, I'm sure glad
to see ya!

- Alkali, what're you doing
here, you old horse thief?

- Horse thief?
- Oh, Roy's just joking.

Weren't you, Roy?
- Well, I--

- You'll be happy to know
I got my old job back again,

foreman on the Rancho Vega.

I heared they was starting up again.

You two know each other?
- Not officially.

- Carlos, how about saying
howdy to Roy Rogers?

- Howdy.
- How are ya?

- What was all the arguments
about these crates?

- Well, I'm drilling a test well
back on the mesa.

They were supposed to deliver
this equipment at the inlet.

It's pretty heavy and I have no way
of getting it back there.

- If he can get it there,
he'll sure strike oil.

Roy's one of the best
wildcatters in the business.

- It seems to me he is
a very good friend of yours.

- Sure is, used to punch
cows for me in Texas

before he started to punch
holes in the ground [chuckles].

Maybe we can help him.
- I don't see why not.

I think we can get that
equipment in for you.

Alkali, take some of the men,
and go get one of the big wagons.

- Well, thanks, Carlos.
I can sure use the help.

The rest of my crew
haven't arrived yet.

- That's all right, Roy.

Just save us four or 5,000
barrels when that well comes in.

- Rogers, I wanna talk to you!
We have a little matter to settle.

- [Roy] Yeah?
- Yeah, get your money out.

All these shipments are COD.

- [Roy] Well, that's all right
with me.

- That's all right.

Roy pays off like a slot machine.

- Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of.

- Here's your money.
- There's your receipt.

- Come on, Roy,
let's go get the wagon.

- Well, that's a fine thing.

You lend him your wagon.

You let him use your road
and you give him your men.

- But he did nothing to me.
- Well, he did to me.

Carlos, I don't know.
That's the trouble with you.

You're too friendly with strangers.
- But you are still a stranger,

unless you have changed your mind.

- You mean about giving up this tug?

Mm-mm, I like it.

My father liked it.

I guess it runs in the family.

- But you would like it
better at the rancho.

You would have the hacienda
and your own servants and--

- Oh, Carlos, you're not going
to propose to me again, are you?

- But you have never said no.

- I haven't said yes either.

Carlos, how can I
take you seriously?

All those escapades
and not forgetting

that weakness for gambling either.

I don't like it.

- Billie, I have given
that up, honest.

- Wanna make a bet?

- Why sure, anything.

- See what I mean?

- Ah, you are always kidding me.

[whimsical orchestral music]
♪ Ride, vaqueros, ride ♪

♪ Ride, vaqueros, ride ♪

♪ Heading for the blue horizon ♪

♪ Keeping your eyes on the trail ♪

♪ Oh, ride, vaqueros, ride ♪

♪ Pals are by your side ♪

♪ Moving 'cross the prairies wide ♪

♪ Singing a song, vaqueros ride ♪

♪ Hear the pounding of the hooves ♪

♪ And the creak of leather ♪

♪ Hear the squeaking of the wheels
turning miles together ♪

♪ Hear the crack of whip
and the charging, oh ♪

♪ Because we're on the trail again ♪

♪ Oh, ride, vaqueros, ride ♪

♪ Pals are by your side ♪

♪ Heading for horizons wide ♪

♪ Singing a song, vaqueros ride ♪

- Rest your horses!

Check your load!

What you looking at, Roy?

- About the best looking
oil land I ever saw.

- Won't do you no good.

We're on the Rancho Vega property.

- Where does that trail lead to?
- Down by the ocean.

- If there is oil around here,
it might show up

on the other side of those rocks.

- Oh, I wouldn't go down there, Roy.
- Why not?

- There's caves down there.
Nobody never goes near 'em.

They're haunted,
strange things happened.

Folks have gone down
wandering around,

and, and just plum disappeared.

- Well, I'll take a look anyway.

[dramatic music]

You better get those silver
bullets ready for those ghosts,

'cause we're going in.

- Feel that air
coming out, it's cold.

It's just like a graveyard.

Roy, wait a minute, Roy.

[dramatic music]

My knees are a little shaky.

I feel another one of
my spells coming on.

- Go on, Alkali, you never
have one of those spells

util the going gets tough.
- Oh, Roy.

[dramatic music]

Wait a minute, Roy!

You ain't got sense
enough to be scared.

I'll just come along.

[dramatic music]

- Roy and Alkali
just came into the cave.

[dramatic music]

- This is the hideout
where the smart rustlers

used to keep their stolen cattle.

- Well, you're smart.

- Sure I am.

Hey, wait a minute.
I wasn't one of them.

I used to hunt for them.

Bandits like Joaquin Murrieta.

- Well, that's interesting.

Murrieta's been dead 87 years.

- Well, I wasn't talking about him.

I was talking about his son,
Joaquin Junior.

He was a worse bandit
than his old man.

- Never heard of him.
- Oh, Roy, let's get outta here.

He was killed right
here in this cave.

- [Roy] Oh, come now, Alkali.

- It's the living truth.

I hope his ghost
comes back to haunt me.

[dramatic music]


[guns firing]

- Stay where you are!
- Don't shoot, Roy!

It's me, Alkali!

[waves crashing]

- [Roy] Where'd you get
that flashlight?

- [Alkali] I found it on the ground.

- Joaquin Junior with
a flashlight, huh?

- All right, it wasn't Joaquin.

It's somebody hunting
for buried treasure.

- There must be another way
of of here.

- [Alkali] Oil?

- Here's your buried treasure.

- Oil [chuckles].

- That must've been
testing equipment

those fellas were carrying, come on.

[engine revving]

[dramatic music]


- [Roy] We'll never get them now.

We better go back and see Carlos.

- Roy, I guess, you were right.
When you quit the cattle business.

That wildcat nose of yours
can sure smell hot oil.

- Those three fellas just left here

in such a hurry
seem to like it, too.

I wonder if I'm drilling
in the wrong place.

- Black gold, that's what it is.

Roy, we hit a fortune.

- Yes, but for your friend Carlos.

- Yeah, I suppose
we have to tell him about it.

- You said it was his land,
didn't you?

- Yeah, of course,
if we're going to get technical.

- Maybe I can make
a deal with Carlos

before those three
live ghosts get to him.

[hooves galloping]

- [Alkali] Hey.

[Alkali] Ah! Yippee!

- Carlos, Carlos! Yippee!

- That crazy Alkali,
he is playing Indian again!

- [Alkali] Carlos, we found it,
a bonanza, oil!

Pumping up out of the ground
down the old rustlers cave.

- We ran into some men down there,
and they started shooting at us,

but they got away in a car.

They weren't your men, were they?

- No, I have no reason
to send my men down there.

We have always known
the oil was in the caves.

- You have?

- Oh, you think you have
discovered something bigger.

Ever since I was so high
we was use that oil for medicine.

- It's one of the best
oil formations I ever saw.

I'm surprised you haven't
tried to develop it.

- I could not have done so,
even if I would want to.

You see, the land title

has just been cleared
through the courts.

I only have half interest.

The other half belongs
to my cousin, Rosa.

- Well, think of all that money.

Oil wells springing up
like mushrooms.

You ain't gonna just let
that oil sit there, is you?

- Easy, Alkali.

Rogers, you know
what a gamble it is.

We would have to borrow
money on the ranch

to start the drilling,

and then take a chance on losing it.

- Well, it wouldn't
be much of a gamble.

- Well, we will leave it up to Rosa.

She is coming tomorrow from Mexico.

I will talk with here.

She may change her mind,
but I don't think so.

- I'll see you later, Carlos.

I have a little oil business
of my own to take care of.

And thanks again for
the use of your wagon.

- Si.

- How do you like that?

An ocean of oil in his backyard.

Blast me for a horn-swaggled idiot.

I never should have told him.
- I'm surprised you did.

- What you looking at?

- There is something
strange about that face!

- What's the matter with my face?
- If I could only remember.

- Now, don't tax yourself, Felicia.

Just relax. Roy!

- That face, that voice.
That blank stare.

He must have done something.
Oh, I got no time to remember!

- Meet me in town tomorrow,
I'm going to introduce to Rosa.

Kind of casual-like.

We've got a fortune
right in our hands.

We don't want to lose it.
- Okay, I'll be there.

- Senor Carlos, your cousin Rosa
says you have to wait for her.

She'll meet you at the cafe.
- Gracias.

- Gracias.

- Jose move the carriage
and wait for us.

- Senor Carlos!

Make yourself sit down, please.

We have enchiladas,
frijoles, tamales,

chili peppers, tortillas.

- Enchiladas, frijoles,
chili peppers, tortillas!

I'll take ham and eggs.

- Si, Senor.

- Nothing.

- Hello, Carlos.
- Oh, hello, Calhoun.

- Take a walk, will ya?
- I just sat down.

- Alkali, give us
a couple of minutes.

- Sure, I'll be around
if you need me.

- Who is that, your bodyguard?

- I did not know I need one.

- Well, maybe you don't.
We'll let that pass.

I'd like to ask you a couple
of questions about $147,000.

- I will--

I will pay you back.

I had a good offer
for the oil rights at the ranch.

- Well, that's fine.
I was getting a bit worried.

I hadn't seen you out
at the gambling ship lately.

- You think you'll sell
the oil rights?

- As far as I am concerned,

but I have a partner,
my cousin, Rosa.

I might have a little
trouble convincing her.

She has some serious
sentimental idea

that oil derricks
will destroy the ranch.

- Well, Carlos, that's your problem,

but I want that, ah,
bill, straightened out.

I don't like overdue accounts.

- You will get your money.

- We always do.

- Carlos.

What did Reed Calhoun want?

- Oh, just drumming up
a little business

for his gambling ship.

- Oh, Carlos, you promised.

You'll never make
any money that way.

[melancholy music]

- It would be a lot easier

if it was just Carlos
who owned that ranch.

- You oughta be a mind reader.

You know, I know just the fella

who will tell Rosa's
fortune for a few bucks.

- Hi, Billie!
- Hello, Alkali.

- Speaks foreign language.
- Oh, hello senor.

- What about the orchestra that
you're going to bring on your boat?

- Oh, they're here.
- Good!

- Are you sure they are Mexicanos
like I ordered?

- Why, of course, senor,
the best I could find.

- Bring them on
so I can overlook them.

- [chuckles]
- All right.

- Would you excuse me
a minute, Carlos?

- Alkali?

- You all set, boys?

- Just about but I don't think
we're gonna fool anybody.

We don't even know speak Spanish.

- Well, what are you worrying about?
You want a job, don't you?

Oh, we'll fool them.
I even got the accent already.


- Shh!

Now let me check you.

Yeah, that's it.

Curl this.


Senor, this is the orchestra.

- [water speaks in foreign language]

- Play, boys!

[mariachi music]

♪ I know some English ♪

♪ Too many so good ♪

♪ But I maybe could tell you ♪

♪ so you'll understood ♪

♪ But a gay caballero ♪
♪ down Mexico way ♪

♪ Named, what-you-ma-call-him? ♪

♪ Oh, Jose ♪

♪ Jose ♪

♪ Down Mexico way ♪

♪ He's winning
because his reputation ♪

♪ She's moving too fast ♪

♪ He's a regular dealer. ♪

♪ So he can be had so they say ♪

♪ Don Jose ♪

♪ With a twist of his wrist ♪

♪ And a blink of his eye ♪

♪ Oh the sweet senoritas ♪

♪ Are making those eyes everyday ♪

♪ For Jose ♪

♪ He's a rooty-toot-toot-toot ♪

♪ And rootin' tootin' ♪
♪ shootin' caballero ♪

♪ And the way he makes love ♪

♪ Oh my goddess above ♪

♪ It's a shame ♪

♪ Jose ♪

♪ His having his way ♪
- Oh hi, Roy!

♪ My golly
he's knocking them silly ♪

♪ With kisses and touching ♪
- It's me, Pat!

- Pioneers.

♪ So they say ♪

♪ Jose ♪

♪ Down Mexico way ♪

♪ Gee willikers ♪

♪ His reputation is
good and it's bad ♪

♪ He's the real killer diller ♪

♪ And he can be had ♪

♪ So they say ♪

♪ Don Jose ♪

♪ With a twist of his wrist ♪

♪ And a blink of his eye ♪

♪ Oh sweet senoritas ♪

♪ Are making those eyes ♪

♪ Everyday ♪

♪ Oh Jose ♪

♪ He's a rooty-toot-toot-toot ♪

♪ Rootin' tootin'
shootin' caballero ♪

♪ And the way he makes love ♪

♪ Oh my goddess above ♪

♪ It's a shame ♪

♪ Jose ♪

♪ keeps having his way ♪

♪ My golly
he's knocking them silly ♪

♪ With kisses and stuff ♪

♪ He's not telling them something ♪

♪ And treating them rough ♪

♪ So they say ♪

♪ Jose ♪

♪ Jose ♪


Went over big, huh?
Sold, good?

Are they hired?

Do you want to talk money?
- I'll talk

Mexican singers?

So you give the double X, huh?

- No, Senor.

- You are fired!

- Why, you can't fire us!

- Yeah, you haven't even hired it.

- That's right,

then I hired you.

- You will?
[all mutter]

- How about that?
- Now you are fired!

Double Xer.

- Hiya, fellas, what in the world
are you doing here?

- Oh, hello, Roy!
[all mutter]

- I haven't seen you
since you sold that rodeo

you didn't own.

- [man] Oh now, wait a minute.
- Shh!

- How about doing some real work.
for the Coast Drilling Company?

- All right.
[all mutter]

- What are they doing,
sponsoring a radio program?

- I said work.

- I need some roustabouts
for the oilfield.

- Well sure, Roy.
- Sure, why not?

- That'll be all right.
- All right.

- You don't mind, do you?
- Why should I?

You better get out of
those duds, fellas.

- Senor Carlos, I have
big surprise for you.

- Rosa!
- Carlos! [giggles]

- I would not have known you.

- Oh, have I changed so much?

- Of course you have changed.

I have not seen you since
you were all of 15 years old.

- You were not so much
older yourself [both laugh].

- Hello.

- Rosa, I want you
to meet Miss Colby, Billie.

I almost said my fiancee.

- [chuckles] We haven't
agreed on that yet.

- I am very happy to meet you.
- Thank you.

- And this is Alkali, my foreman.

- Hello.
- Howdy.

- Alkali, will you get the carriage?
- Right, coming up.

Ain't she pretty, Roy?

- Don't know, I haven't
had a good look at her yet.

- Stick around,
I'll introduce you in a minute.

[dramatic music]

[guns firing]


[dramatic music]

- Better call the sheriff, Bob,

he's dead.
- Right.

- You can see Rosa now.
- Has anyone been up there?

- No one has talked
with her or seen her,

except the doctor,
Billie, and myself,

but the doctor said
she will be all right.

- Oh, sure she'll be all right

so long as she doesn't mind
a bullet hole in her right arm.

- I suppose you're going
to hold Rogers, eh?

- What charge would I hold him on?

If I want him, he'll be
up there at his oil wells.

- I would not be
too sure about that.

- I'll be responsible for him,
but I won't for Rosa.

If you take my advice,
you'll send her away somewhere

until I find out more about this.

- Carlos, I think
you're wrong about Roy.

- That maybe so, but Billie,

there is no longer
a mystery about this.

Somebody is after that oil.
- Yeah, they certainly are.

- I think it's a good idea
to send Rosa away, eh?

- Carlos.

There's one way to find out
who's behind this.

You're going ahead with that
welcome home party for Rosa.

- But how, the doctor
will not let her leave the room.

- But nobody else knows that.
You're giving that party,

and we're going to make them
think I'm Rosa.

- Billie, no, you wouldn't dare.
I will not let you, and besides--

- You don't think I'd let

a little thing like this
stop me, do you?

Carlos, you have just
become my cousin.

[hooves thudding]

- Here she is, senor.
- This way, Mrs. Vega.

- Where is Carlos?
- He's watching us.

- Oh!

- Oh, I'm sorry.

- Thank you.
- Thank you, senorita.

[hooves thudding]

- Son, run and tell senorita Vega
we're waiting for.

- But you're late senor.
Senorita let a few manutes ago.

What is that?

She's gone in another
carriage, senor.

I have carried her suitcase.
She gave me this money.

- Do you which way they go?

- She went that way
to the Vega Rancho.

- Vamonos muchachos!

[dramatic music]

- Driver, the other road!

- Carlos told me to take this road.

[orchestral music]

[hooves thudding]

- Hey!


[dramatic music]

[gentle music]

- Bob, you better help
the backup man.

- Sure, Roy.

[hooves thudding]
[dramatic music]

- [Alkali] Hey, fellas!
- It's Alkali.

- [Alkali] Roy, I need your help!

- They got Rosa.
- Rosa?

- Climb on your horses, boys!

[dramatic music]

[suspenseful music]

[hooves thudding]

[dramatic music]

[slapping effect]

[dramatic music continues]

[slapping effect]

- Here they come, boss.

- Wait, wait a minute.

[dramatic music]

- Hold it,

he's not hurt.

We'll wait for him.

He knows we're here.

- I'll take it, Roy!

- [Roy] Thanks, Alkali.

That was another close call.
You must be getting used to it.

- Oh, si, senor.

- You boys better ride back
with her to the Rancho,

make sure she gets there safely.

I'll go back and pick up
that driver.

[orchestral music]

- Give me that gun.

[dramatic music]

[gun fires]

[dramatic music]

- Alkali!

Oh, Alkali, you are to bring
my little Rosa back to me.

- Go easy with her, Felicia.
She's had a bad scare.

- We found her, Carlos.
She's all right.

- Ooh, somebody hold these horses.

- Carlos!
- Rosa!

- [whispers] Hey Billie,
what happened to you?

- [whispers] Like a dummy,
I got into the wrong carriage.

[whispers] I'm glad, it was me
instead of Rosa, though.

- I'm so glad that you are here.

I can hardly control myself.

- Oh, cousin!

- My little Rosa!
After all these years.

- Felicia, you remember Felicia,
eh, huh?

- Oh, si!

- Felicia, my dear deuna.

- Oh, my old Rosa
back from the dead!

- Oh, stop it before you
make us all bust out crying.

- Oh, we haven't been
introduced to the senorita yet.

- [crowd mutters]
I'd sure like to meet her.

- She's all upset. So many things
have happended today.

- [crowd mutter] Well yeah,
you have had a rough time.

Felicia, take Rosa to her room.

- We have your old room
ready for you.

- Felicia, you think of everything.

- Senorita,

you make a wrong mistake,
your room is this way.

- It's been so long I almost forget.


- Carlos is right, she's very upset,

but sometimes I'm forgetful, too.

- Sometimes that's a blessing.

- That reminds me,
there's something about you

if I can only remember.

- Carlos, you'd better
send somebody out

to bring in that driver.

- Where is he?

- Top of the mesa road
with a bullet in his back.

They wanted to make sure
he wouldn't talk.

- Rosa, this is your old room,

and I will unpack the grip
a little later.

I want you to take a good rest.

Oh, that's my senorita.

I am so glad you are home, oh!


- Then you don't know
who fired the shot?

- I couldn't tell.
They got away in a car.

- I think we had better phone
the sheriff.

- [Alkali] Sure, that's just
what I was thinking of.

- Carlos, I found this on the body.
Does it mean anything to you?

- It is a $50 credit
for the gambling ship.

Might have some connection, but
this doesn't prove anything.

- I'm afraid you made a mistake
bringing Rosa out here.

- Well, it was a plan to find out
who was trying to kill her.

We were going ahead
with the welcome,

the homecoming party,
just as if nothing had happened.

- It's pretty dangerous business.
I hope you know what you're doing.

- I promise you.

She will be well-guarded
from now on.

- You'd better turn
that over to the sheriff.

We'll wait for him out on the road.

He might be able
to identify the body.

- [Billie] Senor, Senor Rogers.

- Oh [speaking in foreign language].

- In English, senor.
I maybe practice.

- I just wanted to know
how you knew my name.

- Oh, that's right.

Carlos, Carlos, my cousin, told me.

I want to thank you, senor,
for saving me from those guys.

I mean, those hombres, ooh!

- Oh, that's all right.

- You will come maybe to the party
they give for me, no?

- I think that's a good idea.

- And you will bring
your friends too, no?

- [Roy] Sure, I'll even have them
play for the party.

- Thank you, gracias.

Adios, cowboy!
- Adios, senorita!

- Now ain't that sweet?

Boy, that Rogers sure works fast.

- See you at the party, Carlos!

[hooves thudding]

[crowd mutters]

- Hello Calhoun.
- Oh, it's you again, huh?

You indians are all alike.
Another touch, I suppouse.

- What do you care?

Carlos has dropped
plenty of money out here.

- Strictly IOUs,
but I'll get it back.

- Sure you'll get it back
when you get the Rancho.

But don't forget you wouldn't know
anything about that oil

if I hadn't have told you.
- Well, I wouldn't say that, Pete.

- Always remember that
somebody might be listening,

- So think before you talk.

- Yeah, thanks for the advice.

- Fix him up with anything he wants.

- Pete?
- Yeah?

- I heard something
about a homecoming party

for Rosa tomorrow.

What about it?

Well, I thought
you might like a little

extra gambling money.

- $2,000.

You are not giving that kind
of money away for nothing.

- That's right, Pete.

- Now you're getting smarter.

- Charlie, set him up over here.

[light guitar music]

♪ At the wishing well
there is magic they say ♪

♪ For the poets tell how
it's dream comes your way ♪

♪ Make a wish ♪

♪ at the wishing well ♪

♪ Have a street of gold
or a cottage for two ♪

♪ Need a sweeter beau ♪

♪ Any dream will come true ♪

♪ Make a wish ♪

♪ at the wishing well ♪

♪ The door to fortune is open ♪

♪ To whatever you may aspire ♪

♪ Just drop a coin
and watch the ripples ♪

♪ They'll bring back
your heart's desire ♪

♪ At the wishing well
any beggar is king ♪

♪ Wrapped up in a dream ♪

- Alkali, what was you wishing for?

- Oh, I was wishing for the old days

when you were so young,
beautiful, and so slender.

Why don't I keep my big mouth shut?

[singing in foreign language]

♪ As you wish ♪

♪ at the wishing well ♪

[audience applauding]

- That was fun, senor!

- Was very good, senor.

- Senor Roy, that was charming.

- Thanks, I did it
especially for you.

[speaking in foreign language]

- I beg your pardon?

[speaking in foreign language]

- Wishing well.

- Oh, si, well, that is
one way to say it.

- Ah, senorita--

- Senor Roy, look,
look at the dancer.

[whimsical orchestral music]
[castanets clicking]

[castanets clicking]

[audience applauding]

[whimsical orchestral music]

- Our Rosa can dance
better than this girl.

I think I will ask her.


- I'm afraid she's a little
out of practice, huh?

- But a dancer do not forget--

- No, no, no, not now, later please.

- All right.

[dramatic orchestral music]
[castanets clicking]

- Is your arm feeling better?

- [Billie] Oh, it is still
very painful.

Almost so that I can hardly move it.

- I tried to get Carlos
to send you back to Mexico

before somebody took
another shot at you.

- [Billie] And you worry about me?
- Mm-hmm, it isn't very safe here.

- [Billie] Me, I'm afraid
of nothing.

Do you look for somebody?

- I wonder where Billie is?

- [Billie] Billie?

- Yeah, the girl that
runs the tugboat.

The one that Carlos wants to marry.

- [Billie] Oh, she should be here,
shouldn't she?

Maybe she and Carlos
have a little argument.

Senor Roy,
do you think this girl, Billie,

make my cousin,
Carlos, a good wife, hmm?

- He can have her.

- [Billie] You do not seem
to approve of her.

- She's all right
if you like her type.

- [Billie] What's the matter
with her type?

- Well, if you must know,
she's too hard to get along with.

Snooty, nose in the air
all the time.

And that hair of hers

is just about the color
of Trigger's tail.

- Well, of all the crummy insults.

I mean it!

You Americano's say.

[whimsical orchestral music]
[castanets clicking]

[audience applauding]

[playful music]

- Oh, senorita.

- What is it?

- You better let me in.

- Why?

- Because I have your hair.

[whimsical orchestral music]

- You're pretty smart, aren't you?

- I think you better tell me
what the masquerade was for.

- Well, if you must know.
I was only trying to help Carlos.

He wanted to find out
who took a shot at Rosa.

- That's fine making a clay
pigeon out of yourself.

- Oh, come now.

- Hey you, what you sitting
around up there for?

- [Pete] Aw, keeping my eyes
open in case of trouble.

Just like Carlos told me.

- Come on down here
and keep your eyes open.

This is where the work is.

- Okay.

- You see that?

Even he could've
taken a shot at you.

- Pete, oh, don't be silly.

- Pete or anybody.

You can't trust any of them.

There's a million dollar
oil field at stake,

and they're not gonna
let anything stop them.

- Maybe I'd better get out of this.
- You'd better keep it on.

If you wanna help Carlos and Rosa
keeping from being killed,

you put that wig back
on and do as I say.

[whimsical orchestral music]

[Billie screams]

[gun firing]

[crowd murmuring]

- [Man] What happened?

[crowd murmuring]

- [screams] My Rosa, she is dead!

- All right, stay back!

[crowd murmuring]

Rogers, I will kill you for this.

- Now, hold on, Carlos.
Let's find out about this.

Who did it, Roy?
- I did.

- Roy, well you know
you didn't, why?

- What did you kill her for?

- She caught me looking
for the geologist report

telling how much oil
there is on my land.

- We'll take care of
him in our own way.

- Wait, hold it.

Give me the guns.

Lock him up in the wine cellar

until we found out
what has happened.

- Don't you worry, Roy.
You'll get a fair trial.

I'll go get the sheriff.

- Sheriff, well, you
better lock him up too.

He's as guilty as I am.

- Sure, I'm as guilty as he is.

- [Bob] You too, Alkali?

- Me, what am I saying?

- Lock him up also.
- Carlos.

- Take him away.
- Don't touch me! [gasps]

I feel like I got another
spell coming on.

[Alkali gasping and groaning]

- [Billie] Shut that door.
Lock it quick.

[Felicia crying]

- Rosa, the senorita,
she is not dead!

She is not hurt!

[screams] She is not Rosa!

- Hey, please.
Hey, Carlos.

- All right, now suppose
you do a little explaining.

- Carlos, this was
for your own good.

I can explain everything, please.

[whimsical orchestral music]

- Hmm, this 1911 went a little sour.

Now let's see.
We have a little ah, ah.

[playful music]

This 1895 really went bad.

Still feel a little rocky, huh?

- Oh, sure it is.

[dramatic music]

[lock jangles]

- It's no use Alkali.
The door is locked.

It was kind of a mean trick

pulling you in on
this murder charge,

but you were gonna tell the sheriff,

and I didn't want
him to know about it.

At least not now anyway.

Besides if I didn't have you along,
I'd be down here talking to myself.

- All right, Roy.

I guess I am a little stubborn,

but there I was sticking up for you,

saying you didn't kill her.

- I didn't.

- Oh, what'd you confess for?

- She isn't dead.

I just wanted to make it
look that way,

so we could trap the real killers.

If they think she's dead,
we might be able

to find out who they are
and what their next move is.

- [Alkali] Roy, are you
sure you didn't kill Rosa?

- Senor Rogers is telling the truth.

I am very much alive.

- You can hear for yourself.

Hurry up, skipper,
get that hatch open.

- Well, what do you
think I'm trying to do,

playing mumbled pig?

[door click opens]

- What're you doing,
what're you doing here?

- All right, here are the guns.

I am sorry I had to take them away,

but I had to make it seem real.

- Thanks, Carlos,
any new developments?

- No, but you had better
not go until it gets dark.

- Shh!

[dramatic music].

Get over there.

[dramatic music]

- I can't see.

- Anytime you wanna find
the wine cellar [sniffs],

just follow your nose. [sniffs]

- Well, there's no guard here.

- Yeah, but there may be one inside.

- We'll do just like we planned.

Batter down the door,
take away the prize,

and remember we go
on the count of three.

[dramatic music]

[playful music]

- It's The Pioneers.

[loud crashing]

[dramatic music]

- Three!

- [Pete] And when it got dark,

I followed Roy and Alkali
to a cave down by the beach.

- We've gotta get smart about this.

There's one little detail missing.

Nobody seemed to have
notified the sheriff.

- That's right, but
everybody was excited.

- Always give the other
fella credit, Pete.

Rogers might have an angle.

Now look, you go tell
the sheriff what happened

and ride out there with them,

and when you show
what's happened to Rosa,

come back here at the usual time.

- Right.

[orchestral music]

♪ Nothing like coffee
in the morning ♪

♪ To start the day off right ♪

♪ So there's nothing like
coffee in the morning ♪

♪ And nothing like kisses at night ♪

♪ There's nothing like
bacon in the making ♪

♪ When daylight's getting bright ♪

♪ No, there's nothing like
bacon when you're waking ♪

♪ And nothing like kisses at night ♪

♪ Seems kinda strange
how a few short hours ♪

♪ Can change your perspective ♪

♪ Just rearrange
your point of view ♪

♪ what appeals to you ♪

♪ There's nothing like
coffee in the morning ♪

♪ It hits the spot all right ♪

♪ No, there's nothing like
coffee in the morning ♪

♪ And nothing like kisses at night ♪

♪ Underneath the moon ♪

♪ All you want to do
is coo like a kitten ♪

♪ Sun rises soon ♪

♪ And then you'll find
Java's on your mind ♪

♪ There's nothing like
coffee in the morning ♪

♪ To make the world look bright ♪

♪ Give me plain old
coffee in the morning ♪

♪ At night I'm doing all right ♪

- Come and get it!

- I'm so hungry I can feel
my backbone.

[orchestral music]

- All right, you landlubbers.

Come on, get anchored,

let's take on a little ballast here.
- Best town any language.

- You'll be lucky if Alkali
doesn't eat plates and all.

- Don't stand on manners, Billie.

Just help yourself [chuckles].
- Yeah, I see what you mean.

Hey, boys.

[hooves thudding]

- Over here, Alkali.

- It's the sheriff.

- Yes, and he's got Pete with him.

- No, no, no, boys,
in the hatch quick.

[plates clatter]

[hooves thudding]

Hello, Sheriff!

- Hello, what do you
know about the goings on

at the Vega Rancho?
- Me?

I don't know anything about it.

- We've been looking
for Rogers in the caves.

He's wanted for murder?

- Murder?
- Yes, murder.

- Around here,

listen, you'd have heard me
scream plenty.

Any guy that'll push
a girl in the water

is liable to do anything.

He's a dangerous man.
I can see it in his eyes.

- Shows you never can tell.

He didn't seem like a man

who would shoot down
a woman in cold blood.

- [Billie] Isn't that awful?

- Say, you sure do eat a lot.

- Oh me, yeah,
I have an awful appetite.

I guess it's this ocean air.

Sheriff, how was she murdered?

Where was she shot?

- That's what I'm going to find out.

I'm going up there now
and have a look at the body.

- Body, listen, Sheriff.

Why don't you stop
by Roy's oil well.

He may be hiding out around there.

It isn't much out of your way,
and it won't take you much longer.

He's dangerous, he's a killer.
I wouldn't let him be at large.

- That's a good idea.

Come on, Pete.
- Yeah.

[hooves thudding]

Come on, boys.

[hatch door slams]

Did you hear that, Roy?

That squealer, Pete, must be
one of the men were after.

- That's a good joke on the sheriff

riding all the way up there,

and he ain't gonna find
the body [chuckles].

- Roy, I think we'd
better follow Pete.

- We'll follow him,
but after he finds the body.

- But, Roy, I just--

- Alkali, we've got to beat
the sheriff to the hacienda.

We'll see you later, Billie.
- Yeah.

[suspenseful music]

[hooves thudding]

[Alkali mutters]

[hooves thudding]

- [Roy] Now, remember
what I told you.

- Si, senor.
- [Roy] Hurry.

[knocking on door]

- Yes?

- Sheriff Mason.
- Yes.

- Who is that?
- My poor little Rosa.

- [Sheriff] You were right, Pete.

Let's take a look.

- Yeah.

- No, no, no, no, not you!
You go do your work!

Go on, vamos

[door closes]

- [Roy] Just a minute, Sheriff.

I wanna talk to you.

- And I wanna talk to you.

[hooves thudding]

Well, I guess that
clears you, Rogers,

but I don't see why you didn't
handle all this through my office.

- That's easy, we didn't
know who we could trust.

- What?

I have a good mind to run you in

for a remark like that.
- I mean, I mean, Roy!

I gonna have a spell.

- Senor Roy, senor Roy!

Senor Roy, I was watch
like you tell me,

that Pete was ride towards town!

- You see, Sheriff?

We'd better pick him up
and question him.

- Yeah.

[orchestral music]

[Alkali gasps]

[dramatic music]

[townsfolk chattering]

- [Pete] He told me to meet him
tonight at the usual time.

- Wait, let's see what he's doing.

- See you later.

Oh, don't forget.

Save me a seat on that
eight o'clock boat, will ya?

- Eight o'clock.

- I'd sure like to know who
he's gonna meet on that boat.

- We'll follow him and find out.

- Uh, uh, that ship's
on the high seas.

That's out of my jurisdiction.

- Well, it isn't out of mine.

We'll trail him for you
if you wanna trust us.

- Well, in this case,
I guess I'll have to.

- Good, Alkali,
round up The Pioneers,

and meet me at the cave tonight.

I'll keep an eye on him until then.

- Sure, Roy.

[acoustic guitar music]

♪ Apache Rose ♪

♪ Songs of songs to me ♪

♪ Music of the range ♪

♪ Western symphony ♪

♪ Apache Rose ♪

♪ Whispered by the trees ♪

♪ Drifting over the plain ♪

♪ Floating on the breeze ♪

♪ And on the trail ♪

♪ By a lonely campfire's gleam ♪

♪ You're part ♪

♪ of every cowboy's dream ♪

♪ Apache Rose ♪

♪ Lovely melody ♪

♪ Of the Golden West ♪

♪ Song of songs to me ♪

[crowd shouts greetings]

[man] Where have you been, Roy?
Roy, the tug's all ready.

- Good, it's time, we're getting
up to the gambling ship.

- I'm ready.

- If we're not back
in an hour, boys

you know what to do.

- You bet.
- Yeah.

- Let's move.

- Check the time, now.

- All right, boys, cast off.
- Aye, aye, skipper.

[tugboat chugs]

- Roy!

Hey, Roy, stardboard!

Port to stardboard.

[water spashes]
Step on the emergency.

- [door closes]
[Alkali It's eight o'clock.

- Yeah, it may be
just a coincidence,

but let's go in.
- I'll get you in.

I'll show you how
I did it for Dewey

in the Battle of Manila.

- 50 years ago, huh?
- Well, I got in the Navy young.

Lied about my age.

Roy, help me [mumbling]!

[Alkali gasps]

- Watch those windows.

[gamblers mutters]

- Alkali!

We've got it.

IOU's signed by Carlos Vega,




It all ties up, Alkali.

They let him run up
a gambling debt,

so they could force him
to sell that oil land.

- Yeah, but only
Rosa wouldn't sell.

- Well, you're on time.

- Yeah, brought you some good news.
- Good, come on into the office.

[gamblers mutters]

- Rogers!

[dramatic music]

[slapping effect]

[lamp clatters to floor]

- Wait a minute, wait a minute!
I got a spell!

[slapping effect]

[dramatic music]

[books clutter]

[slapping effect]

[furniture clatters to floor]

- What're you doing by that door?

[dramatic music]


[dramatic music]

- Alkali, are you all right?

- Sure, they never
laid a hand on me.

- Well, then somebody
better watch that referee.

Come on, let's get outta here.

[dramatic music]

- Get going, Billie!

- Hey, hey, somebody stops them!

[dramatic music]

- We were too late, boss.

- All right, get them out.
- No, not you.

- Okay, boys, outside.

Come on, back to your tables,
back to work.

- Hey, you sure messed this up.

- Well, gentlemen, there's
$147,000 worth of IOU's missing.

That means we pay
a little visit to Carlos.

- I can't go back to that ranch now.

When do we get
the rest of my money?

- Don't worry, Pete,
you don't need it.

[dramatic music]

[waves crashing]

- I told you they were
playing for keeps.

- Poor Pete.

- Poor us,

sure could've used him
as a witness.

- Well, there's nothing on him.

I've been trying to get something

on that Reed Calhoun
for a long time,

so I could clean up
that gambling boat,

but he'll probably wiggle
out of this one too.

He talks fast and he's got
a smart lawyer.

- I wasn't gonna mention
these, Sheriff.

I was gonna give him back to Carlos,

but since it turned out
the way it did,

maybe you can
use them against Calhoun.

- They're IOU's.

- Why that matinee caballero,

almost getting Rosa and me
killed over a gambling debt.

- I wouldn't blame Carlos too much.

They went after him deliberately,
and framed him so he'd lose.

- It's the oil
on Carlos's land, Sheriff.

They're trying to get him
to sell the rights to it.

- So Carlos has been
holding out on us.

We'd better talk to him.
- I think it's a pretty good idea.

Hey, wait a minute.

Who's gonna watch this body?

- That'll be your job, Billie.

- Me?

- You'd better stay out of this.
There may be some shooting.

[waves crashing]

[hooves thudding]

- Look, you don't think you're gonna
take over these rights for $147,000.

- You have me all wrong, Carlos.

I don't want the ranch.
I just want the oil rights.

- The oil rights?

Then you are the one
who's been trying to kill Rosa.

Jose, get the sheriff.

[Felicia screams]

- The sheriff won't do you any good
where you're going, Carlos.

- So that's the way it is.

- Well, we'll stretch
him out a little bit,

and see if we can change your mind.

Put him in the car.

[Felicia cries]

[dramatic music]

[car starts]

[bell tolling]

[dramatic music]

[guns firing]
[dramatic music]

Come on, get in!

[guns firing]
[dramatic music]

[gate crashes loudly]

[guns firing]

[tires screeching]

[dramatic music]

[guns firing]

- Well, we can still make it.

- You stay here with me.
Help me hold them off

until they get the boats
in the water.

Take him with you.
We'll cover you.

[guns firing]
[dramatic music]

[slapping effect]

All right, get going.

[guns firing]

[dramatic music]

[gun clicks]

[gun fires]

[hooves thudding]

[waves crashing]

[slapping effect]

[dramatic music]

[water splashes]

- I, I think it is my arm, Sheriff.

- Well, we'd better look at it.
See if we can't fix you up.

- I am going to need it.

Rosa and I are going
in the oil business

with Senor Rogers.

[waves crashing]

[orchestral music]

- Carlos,

it is too bad that you lost her.

She would have been
a beautiful bride.

- Bride, bride?

That is it.

That is what I have been
trying to remember.

You promised to come
back and marry me

25 years ago.

- Did I?

- But you are my Alkali.

You are my Alkali!

Sweetheart, I will still
make a lovely bride.

[loud kiss]

- That's done it!

I feel my last spell coming on!

♪ Apache Rose, ♪

♪ Lovely melody ♪

♪ Of the Golden West ♪

♪ Song of songs to me ♪

[dramatic orchestral music]