Annhi Dea Mazaak Ae (2023) - full transcript

Raja, a blind man, falls in love with Roop. Will their love overcome all family barriers?

Here, take this. Come on.

Brother, for me too.

Brother, tie my
turban like Daljit bro.

Yeah, I am coming. Come on now.

You do it. What did you draw?

Well done!

Very good! We'll do it.

Raja bro!

People are calling from the wedding.
They have to tie their turban.

They are all ready
with the procession.

I almost forgot. Let's go.

"You will have to
watch with bated breath"

"when the guy ties a
turban on his head."

"You will have to
watch with bated breath"

"when the guy ties a
turban on his head."

"I'm stuck here,
and you're stuck there."

"And you're stuck there."

"I know your eyes
are on my moustache,"

"and I have my eyes on your scarf."

"I know your eyes
are on my moustache,"

"and I have my eyes on your scarf."

"Youth is for four days, so
have fun, and don't be so angry."

"What is the use of such youth
if you do not love anyone?"

"Youth is for four days, so
have fun, and don't be so angry."

"What is the use of such youth
if you do not love anyone?"

"If you get a 1-litre bottle, it
starts looking like a 250 ml one."

"I know your eyes
are on my moustache,"

"and I have my eyes on your scarf."

"I know your eyes
are on my moustache,"

"and I have my eyes on your scarf."

Wow, young man! Very good!
They were looking for you.

You tied the turban
and also rocked the floor.

Here. 1100 rupees.

1100? Half of the people, along with
the groom, got their turbans tied.

In doing so, my
hands started hurting.

Okay, then. Take 500 more.

Come on now. Well done! Come on.

Okay, then. Very good!


I have to see her again.

Start the bike. Come on.


I can't believe there
was such a pretty girl.

I want to see her again.

Did you come back? You didn't leave?

I lost my mobile.
- What is it?

- Tell me your number. - Oh!

9, 8...

9, 8...
- 1, 2, 0...

1, 2, 0...

3, 2, 1...
- 3, 2, 1...

How many digits?
- Two more, please.

2, 1.

It's ringing.


- 'Yeah.'

The mobile you are using is ours.

I am here only. Give it to me.

'Where the hell are you?'

'If I come there, I will spoil
your condition. Hang up!'

Tell me your correct number.



- Dial 42562.

Oh, I left it in my friend's pocket.

You should have told me!
Sorry, uncle.

Sorry. Why didn't you tell me
that you had it? Sorry, uncle.

Please brother.

Let me see her once.

We were just about to be beaten.

I want to see her once. Just once.

If you wanted to see her, you should
have gone with the procession.

Where was the procession going?

It's about to go to Jalandhar.

Let's go to Jalandhar, then.

What was so special about her
that you are taking me so far?

Its all about love my dear.

Be a brother and take me to
my home. Jalandhar is quite far.

How many times
have I told you that

I want to see her?
I just want to see her!

Oh, look ahead!



What happened to him?

Huh? Raje!

Look, your sister's here.

What? - He has been unconscious
since yesterday.


Look, I am here.

Wake up.

Wake up and just look at me.

What happened to you?



- What is it?

Switch on the lights, doctor!
- Raje.

- Raje.

Dipi? - Yeah, it's me.
- Dipi,

I can't see anything.

Doc... Doctor!
- Raje.

Dipi, I can't see anything.
- It's okay.

Dipi, I can't see anything!
- Doctor!

Dipi. - Hmm?
- Dipi, I've gone blind!

No, Raje...
- Dipi, I've gone blind!

Call the doctor. I can't go home
like this. I will die! - No!

Raje, you are all right!

- Raje, you are all right!

Please, Dipi. Call him.
I can't go home like this.

You are okay. Nothing happened.

Nothing happened.

I can't go home like this.
I will die.

Please, Dipi. Do something.

You are all right.
- Look.

Yeah, I can see.

I can't see anything!
But I am not blind.

I am not blind. I'll be all right!
Call the doctor!

It's okay, Raje.

- I am okay. - Doctor.



It's late. Go to sleep.

Shall I switch off the lights?

Does it matter?

"It's His mercy
that I have so many colours."

"All the colours
dissolve inside me."

I think the turban saved you.

We'll have to run some tests.

Go ahead, then.
There's no point in waiting.

Those tests will not happen here.
It'll be in Delhi.


"Will find out our body but
will bring only the moon."

- 'Where are you?'


Why you are in Delhi?

I brought raja to hospital.

“Oh my heart,i have lost the hope”

"You keep falling every day,
but no one will pick you up."

"You have to stand on your own."

"You keep falling every day,
but no one will pick you up."

"You have to stand on your own."

"You keep falling every day..."

"Mother used to say
that difficulties teach you."

Leave the blind brother here
alone to struggle, right?

"He wants me to be near myself."

Dipi when u will be back?
i cant manage alone

Dont you have shame?

I cant leave my blind brother like this.

You dont understand actually.

"Don't mind the small things."

"Don't mind the small things."

Here's the phone.

"Keep your spirits up."

I have saved the numbers.
It's all set.

Now you will not need to
ask anyone whose call it is.

Take care of yourself.

Go with Nimma
and apply for a visa.

I will look for a doctor
as soon as I reach the UK.

It will be all right.

"You keep falling every day,
but no one will pick you up."

"You have to stand on your own."

"You keep falling every day,
but no one will pick you up."

"You have to stand on your own."

"You keep falling every day..."


Nimme,Tell Raje that we
have found a doctor,

and he is confident
about his treatment.

Alright sister.

Why do you have to go to the UK?
If you can find a doctor there,

we can find a doctor here too.

Maybe we can find a doctor here too.

But no one is here
to take care of me.

You know I don't have parents.

I have my sister there, at least.
She will take care of me.


Bro, who will you see first
when your eyes get treated?


You're still stuck on her.

Not only that.

My life is stuck on her.

Her photo is printed in my eyes.

There is someone
whom I can see again

and again, even though I am blind.

But how would you know
where would she be?

Wherever she is,
there will be her scent.

Brother, if you don't mind,
can I say something?

Remove the specs, you
look like a blind person.

Look at that side,
it's the Piccadilly.

People from all over
the world come here.

Look at the left side,
it's the Museum.

Visitors from all over
the world come here.

Brother, please keep driving.
I don't want to see anything.

Look at your right,
it's the Piccadilly.

People from all over
the world come here.

Why don't you drive
looking straight? I am scared.

This is England. Even if an accident
happens here, a person does not die.

A man dies by slapping.
I am going to slap you.


Why are you so angry?
Is everything all right?

What is your name, my brother?


Raja... You look like a king too.
You are very handsome.

But, if I tell you the truth,

there's no bigger king in England
than your brother. Ask why?

I'll tell you even if you don't ask.

Because I have two wives.

Handsome, the big deal is that my
wives don't know I have two wives.

The elder one,
who lives in South Hall...

Oh, my God! She's very clever.

If I come late at night
by any chance,

I quietly go take off my shoes,
and sleep quietly

so that she doesn't wake up.

Why, what does she say to you?

She asks me to massage her legs.

And then continues the massage
for the whole night.

She is as sharp as she is small.

I am in a hurry. I have to
get there in time. Drive fast.

How much time will it take?

It's saying 26 minutes, but I'll
ensure you reach in 20 minutes.

Take me in 15 minutes.
I am in a rush.

So you should have stopped the
aeroplane at your destination only.

The speed limit is 20 miles.
This is England, not Punjab.

Who's calling?

Tell me, who's calling?

It's your brother's.

It got disconnected. Couldn't you
tell me it's my brother's call?

I did tell you.

You told me when I asked!

Yes, if someone asks,
then only the other person responds.

Without asking also,
it's one's duty

to tell me that it
was my brother's call.

It's your brother's call.

I know, the phone is
in my hand only.

Still, a person must tell.

Be a man first. Hello!
- Hello.

Yes, Raje. Finally
remembered your sister!

Why was your phone switched
off yesterday night?

Please open your door.
I am standing in the street,

unable to identify your house.

Which street, which door? Are
you drinking during the day again?

I live in the UK!

You are not the
only one living in the UK!

I am also in the UK,
standing in front of your door.

Raja is in the UK!

Oh, my brother has come to the UK...
- Why is he here?


You really came! I can't believe
I see you in the UK!

I am not in jail that
you are meeting like this.

Open the gate!

Greetings, sister!

Oh, it's your brother-in-law!

Stay away!

I do not want to meet you.

You never pick up my call.
Are you appointed as a DC?

Acting smart!

Greetings, sister!

It's still your brother-in-law!

Oh, bro, stay away!
Sister, where are you?

Here I am!


How are you?

Stop it. Don't start crying. Then
you'll say I have a headache!

Let's go. Where do we have to go?

You, please bring the luggage.

Bring it, Oi!

You are talking as if you
have brought Sapodillas!

Dear, I still can't believe that
you've come to the UK.

What's not to believe, sister?

The UK government is giving
Visas to everyone nowadays.

You can say this to your
brother-in-law, not to me.

I have come to the UK
after bagging 8 Bands.

How can he say this to me?

I have come along
with an 8-band scoring girl.

Dear brother-in-law, my sister
only has bands.

She doesn't know anything else.

You should have told me this
bitter truth on my wedding day.

Sorry, brother-in-law. My brother's
duties had my hand tied.

At least your mouth was open.

If you had told me even
at the last round of the Lavan,

I would have run off!

No worries, brother-in-law,
everything will be fine.

Will your sister agree?

No, but you'll get habitual.

I have already become habitual.

Sister, bring the tea,
or have to go to

bring tea leaves
from the neighbours.

Where are you?

Don't talk rubbish!

You like strong tea.
That's why I was making it strong.


Give it.

Let's have tea.

Brother, it's a candle!

Thank God it wasn't burning,

else you would have
burnt your moustaches.

Here it is.


Brother-in-law, please see
if it is dark outside yet.

You plan on catching fireflies
in the night?

For you, it's always dark.

- Yes.

We have to go to the
doctor tomorrow morning.

Brother-in-law, you
have to wake me up.

Ensure I don't get up late.

We won't get late.
It's still evening,

and morning is still hours away.

I hope everything
gets sorted out soon.

I haven't washed my hands yet.
- Oh! You...

If you had washed them,
would they have worn out?

I have washed them.
Come on, take me.

And stay awake. I have
to pee a lot in winter.

So you should come in the summer.
- Come on now.

Brother-in-law, wake up!

Bro, you just went to the washroom.

Do you have a
submersible pump inside?

Turn on the light
and go by yourself.

Please see if it is morning yet.
The doctor called me early.

I have an appointment in the
morning. I do not want to get late.

What doctor, huh! She called in the
morning. It's still ten at night.

I am blind, not dumb. Tell me the
exact time. I'm telling you!

I think that you are not even blind.

It's one o'clock.

I will give you 3-4 slaps if
you lie. Do you understand?


You, son of a... Hey!

Hey, what happened?

I have come to wake you up.

I'll wake up only if you
let me sleep first.

How much will you sleep?
Do you know the time?

Get up! We have to go
to the doctor now.

Do you have to go for the
morning walk? It's still 3 am.

It's 3 am?

Then make some tea.
It's my tea time. Let's go.

Hey, brother-in-law.

I think he woke up. He might
have gone to the bathroom.

Brother-in-law, a car has come.
See if it's the doctor!

Not even the sweepers are here yet!
It's 6 o'clock. It's still dark!

Brother-in-law, are you dumb? Why
did you bring me here in the dark?

Not me! You brought me here!

Hello, Dipi!

When will you come? I have to change
my clothes. I'll be late for work!

Come soon!

Don't look at me with a weird face.


Hey! Who put me
in this washing machine?

Is this a door or the well of death?

Thank God, I got in.

Such a cold breeze!
Am I going outside?

Excuse me.
- Who's this?

I'm sorry.

Whoever it was,
I think they ran away.

I have to go in by myself.


I've come here
for my brother's treatment.

How are you feeling, son?

Yeah, he is okay.

Sure, mam.

Show her the way.
- Once you are all right...

Thank you!

There can be no problem.

Take care.

Thank you.
- For some business...

Right now.
- What are you going to do about it?

- Hey!

Sorry, I am blind.

Are you also blind?

Oh, you're not. Sorry.

Actually, I was born blind.

No doctor in the world
can treat my blindness.

So why have you come here?

To get a new pair of eyes.

I'm here to ask for the expenses.

I have the eyes with me.

What do you mean?

I have a relative who decided to
donate his eyes after his death.

Can I tell you an interesting thing?

He's unwell nowadays.

Maybe as we are talking, we get
news that uncle has passed away.

What are you doing here?

I am also blind.

Were you born blind
or lost eyesight later?

I lost my eyesight later.



My grandfather also faced
the same fate.

He was walking by the road,
and a truck came from the front.

In the middle of the road?

Grandfather wasn't mad.
He was walking on the sidewalk.

The truck passed, and he lost
his eyesight due to its smoke!

My paternal grandfather was flying
a kite on the roof.

He loosened the kite a bit
and fell from the roof.

My grandmother was
washing clothes downstairs.

He fell directly on my grandmother,
and she also lost her eyesight.

My poor uncle lost his sight
by seeing them get blind.

Our family has 17 blind people.

It is written in front of our house,
'Blind House'.

Yeah. And you...

People don't even inform
before leaving.

See, his eyes are perfectly fine.

Maximum blindness comes from
internal blockage,

and he also suffers
from the same case.

- But...

What? What, doctor?

See, his injury is
already 2-3 months old.

He doesn't have much time now.

If we take 2-3 weeks more,
he can become permanently blind.

Why would we take a 2-3 week gap?

Do the operation today only.
We will pay you.

Doctor, do they operate now.
Today only!

See, his treatment will begin today,

but surgery will be conducted
three days later only.

But treatment is a bit costly.

You, please do the surgery, doctor.
I want to see the world, sister.

Okay, you have to put these drops
in the eyes for three days.

After that, we will do his surgery.

Thank you, doctor.
- Welcome.

60-70 lakh rupees.

My uncle will arrange this
much alone. I should call him.

Call Uncle.

He's not picking up the call.

I should call Loga.

Siri, call Loga.

Hey, Loga. I called Uncle.
But he didn't pick up.

I wanted to tell you that I am
getting my operation done.

Everything all right?
- Yeah.

Can you ask him to arrange
sixty lakh rupees for me?

'60 lakhs?'

'If it was 10-20 thousand,
I would have done it...'

- But 60 lakhs are too much.


Hey, uncle, greetings!

I am here in the UK with my sister.

'You reached the UK?
You'll be earning quite well!'

'Can you send me some money?
It's your sister's wedding!'

'Hello, Raja? Raja?'

Do you have the number
of our maternal uncle?

- Please call him on your phone.


Hello, uncle, greetings!
- 'Greetings.'

I needed a little help,
so I thought I should call you.

'Tell me, what do you need?'

I was getting an operation,
and I have 60 lakh rupees short.

'Sixty lakhs?' - Yes.

Have relatives ever helped anyone?

Ours have never helped.

Leave it. Let's go.

You go.
- Where will I go?

I also live with you.

You go, sister.
Leave me alone for some time.

Give me the phone.

What are you doing?
- I am sharing a live location.

Wherever you go, I will know.

Okay, take care.


'He doesn't have much time now.'

'If we take 2-3 weeks more, '

'he can become permanently blind.'


how difficult it is
to rob in the UK?

Do I look like a thief to you?

Ask me about labour.

Labour in the UK is very difficult.

I can't gather so much money
by doing everyday labour.

I need to plan a grand theft.

Isn't there any illegal job,
in which I have to deliver packets?

The police won't catch me here.


you can even kill someone.

No one will ask you.

But do I have to
live in this country?

Who's asking you? I'll do it myself.
I need one lakh pounds.

Can you kill someone?


I know him from my factory.
Leave him.

Shall we leave?

The cab is almost here.
It's showing for one minute.

Brother-in-law, please order
one chilli cottage cheese.

You are giving the order.

I am only giving the bill.

It's enough now. Let's go.

Walk carefully. Don't trip and fall!

Got to open your eyes.

Stop! That's it!

This is the cab,

but where is the driver?

Wait, let me call him.



Brother, we booked a cab.

Even I've booked one for myself.

Please cancel the ride.

Cancel it.

Oh, Sardar!

Sardar, sorry, I can't refuse you.

But I can't drive
because I am also drunk.

I'll get points.

He's right.

That's why I didn't bring my car.

So that I do not get points
due to drinking and driving.

You are absolutely right!

Why are you driving
the car so slowly?

Thank God he is driving. He's blind!

Oh, no! When did he get blind?

Bro, that day I showed you
the whole of London.

You might have shown me,
but I couldn't see.

Stop the car!

Don't take tension.
I have God's blessings with me!

You have God's blessings,
but we don't.

Stop behaving like this.
I will hit the car!

Thank God, you saved me!

What happened?


Did it stop?
- Stop?

My breath also stopped!

Come, dear, I am getting late.
Help me with my tie.

Dad, you get late every day, and
still, you want me to do your tie.

My child, tie is just an excuse.

The day I go to the office without
seeing you, I face losses at work.

Somebody, please
give me breakfast now.

Or will you give me when
my sugar levels would drop?

You know I have to
take a tablet at 8 am.

Mother, the cook got late today.
He hasn't come yet.

You could have cooked this much.

Did your mother not even
teach you how to make tea?

Give me bread with tea so that
I can at least eat my tablet.

You are only capable of
eating sacred thread.

What did you say?
- Nothing.

I know how to make tea.

No need. The breakfast is here.

Did you make it?
- No, he made it.

You keep fixating on the boys
on gas and stove.

And you, yourself,
stay away from the stove.

Oh, you won't even like
what they make.

You have this pudding.

I have made this after handpicking
rice, especially for you.

What did Raja say?
How much will it reduce?

They are saying it will cost
70,000. Should we contribute?

Did you ask me before calling
him here that we will contribute?

Seventy thousand is not less.
It's not like it is a week's salary.

Okay, I'll talk to you later.
My boss is here.

Check this delivery on
your own before sending.

They are important clients.
- Sorry, Sunny, I am late again.

With you here, I need not
worry about the factory.

Good morning, Sir.

Don't call me sir. You are
about to be my son-in-law.

So, how are your parents?

Are they fine?
- All good.

Did you talk to them?
- Yes.

He is an engineer. He is about
to be the son-in-law of the owner.

My brother-in-law
is also an engineer.

He is hitting sticks on the roads.

Hello Siri. Take me to the Desi Junction.


Sit down now! Being pretty doesn't
mean you've to make us feel jealous.

What did I do?
- Don't you know?

See, everyone is passing by
looking at you.

We feel jealous.

Sit down or don't complain if
we stop hanging out with you.

There's no one in the world who
can pass by without staring at me.

Take a right

Be careful. Stairs ahead.

- Huh?

What sorry? Can't you see?

I can't see.

He's so ill-mannered
and filled with attitude!

We'll contribute.

Anyways he won't
charge us any interest.

We will give what

other people will give.

Once my eyes get treated,
I'll pay all the money.

Uncle, please talk to
the moneylender once.

Nobody cares,

Bad conditions here.

Uncle, there is one more
thing that can be done.

I'll talk to Dipi.

You can sell the 2-2.5
acres of land that I own.

But will we get the complete
payment in 2-4 days?

Let me talk and see, son.

These people will only
give the token money

and delay the rest for 2-3 months.'

Roop, drop me.

He's the same arrogant person

who was being rude yesterday!

Yes, he is the one.

Now I'll tell him!

Come on!


Oh shit, mate!

He's blind.

Oh shit!

I'm sorry!

I thought you'd defend,
but you're blind. I'm so sorry!

It's okay.
- Your nose...

Sorry, I caught a little cold.

No, it's bleeding.

Holy shit! Blood!

I'm sorry.
- Are you okay?

Yes, I'm okay.
- By the way, I'm Roop.

I am Raja.

Please forgive me for my mistake.

Shall we have coffee?

Sorry, I don't drink
coffee. I find it bitter.

Then what about lunch?

Who has lunch at
seven in the evening?

I'm stupid.

And I can't have dinner.

Can we go to lunch tomorrow?

No, don't worry. Don't
do it just because of a ball.

It's okay, it's fine.


Please, for me?

Okay, I'll come.

We'll meet at this same
place tomorrow at 2.


Your destination is on the left.


What happened to your nose?

Nothing happened. Let's
go. I got nose bleeding.

Did you fall somewhere?
- No.

It's been two years
since I've come to the UK.

I didn't take even one leave.

Since your brother came,
you are taking leaves every day!

Notch it down a bit.
He's blind, not deaf.

I am speaking the truth!

What wrong did I say?

Seventy lakh rupees for treatment
is not a small amount.

Ask him to go back to the
village and live there in hope.

We will work, and when
we accumulate the money,

we will call him.

It doesn't look good when brothers

come to live in
their sister's house.

So what if my brother
lost his eyesight?

If he came to the
door of his elder sister

what is wrong with that?

Then you also go back to
the village with your brother.

Why are you both
making my life difficult?

He hasn't come for you.
He has come here for me.

If he has come for your support,
so get him treated. I can't help.

Speaking nonsense.



Are you here?

We are home. Do you
want to eat anything?

He is not even in the room.

Where did he go then?

He didn't even share
his live location. - Is it so?

I think he took
offence to your words.

Why would he be offended by me?

He can't be angry with me.

He respects me a lot.

He must have felt bad
for something you said.

You keep speaking all the time.

I don't know where he will be.

Are you blind?

Can't you see?


Silly man.

Whoa! Hey!
- Sorry, brother.

I am blind.

Why do I feel like this blind
man, has sat on my lap before?

I keep sitting on someone's lap.

By the way, when
did I sit on your lap?

At the hospital that day.

That was your lap?

- Oh.

Your lap was very hot.

I went home and kept
putting the ice there.

What's your name?


You must be thinking
it's a dog's name.


I think it's a blind man's name.

Dipi sister calling.

Who's shouting? Is
there a beggar here?

It's my sister.

Hey, Dabbu, listen to me!


You live alone?

Even if 20 people live
with me, can I see them?

But I live alone.

Let me drop you.

Do you have a Uber?
Even if you are blind.


two blind are better than
one. Dogs won't run after us.


He is so lazy.

Come on now!

Where are you?

Oh, you have gone ahead?
- Come on.

Here's my home.

Where is it? There is no main gate.

The gate is ahead, man.

You would have to turn from
here. The street ahead is closed.

How do you know that?

I have banged on the
wall a hundred times.

Let me drop you till the end.

You'll come to drop me

and I'll come to drop you off.
Will we be doing this all night?

No, then I will not be able
to sleep at night thinking

that Dabbu is alone at night. Come,
I will leave you. - Wait a minute!

Wait a minute.

Why do you want to see my house?

I doubt that you can see.

Are you a thief?


I will check if you can see or not.

God has not given me eyes but
has given Dabbu the mind of two men.

Tell me if I am
standing or sitting.

You are trapped, aren't you?


You are sitting.

You are blind. Come now.

Where are you?
- Come here.


We have reached.

Where is the key?

Here it is.

One minute.
- Give it to me. I will open it.

I'm opening it.
- I will open it. Get back.

You can't see. How will you open it?
- Wait for a minute.

Here. I opened it.

Okay, then. Bye.
- Okay.

Go safe. Okay.
- Okay.

Take care. I am leaving. Okay.
- Okay, bye.

Call me after reaching home.

He's a nice man. He came
to drop me off till my home.

I could have come alone too,
but he came to drop me off.

He's very nice. Go safe!

Bye. Good night.

He was a good person, but I don't
know what kind of face he had.

Oh, ho.

- Go to sleep.

You must be sitting and
waiting for your brother to come.

Raje, where are you?

I am at my friend's place.
I will come in 3-4 days.

You don't believe me.
Right? Take my video call.

Look, my friend's kitchen
is much better than yours.

The fridge is full of fruits.

You only have two
rotten bitter gourds there.

And you think you are big.

There is good food,
good kitchen here.

There are good mattresses.
Good beds and a dining table.

Everything is good here.

Let it be. How
much will the bill be?

Don't be stressed. I am okay here.

After all, I am from
Chaudhary family.

Don't worry. I will sleep well here.

Did Raja call?

No, not yet.

You are so sharp.

Now your brother-in-law
is in my hands.

I will come to meet
you in the morning.

Take care.
- Bye.

It's still dark.

Let me rest for a while more.

But the urge to poop
says that it is morning.

Who is it?

Oh, there is no one. It's just me.



How does it get locked?

Ah! Oh!

- Hey! Who is it?

Who is it?

It's Raja!

What are you doing here?

I have come to take you.

How did you come
in? I locked the door.

The main door was open. You
locked the bathroom in the night.

The door was left open at night.

I am thankful that it's you. If
someone who could see had come,

he would have beaten me a lot.

That's why I couldn't
sleep the entire night.

My sister has Sleep well
mattresses at her place,

but I could not sleep
even for a minute.

I thought Dabbu would be alone.

So when I woke up in
the morning I decided

that I will start living with Dabbu.

Permission has to be taken
before taking a decision.

And my father has forbidden it.

He said not to keep
anyone with you.

You are blind. What if
someone does something?

Your father must have said
about a person who can see.

I am blind. What can I do?

If you think that,
I will leave. Sat Sri Akal.

Hello, Raja!

You are angry now.

It just came out of my mouth.

Come here, my brother.

Come on now. I live
alone. We'll live together.

Come on.

Who is it?

It's still me.

Listen, do you have
something to eat?

There is everything.
Take eight steps,

there will be bananas over there.
Take two more steps,

you'll get apples and grapes there.

Just two more steps ahead.

There will be a shopkeeper there.
Give him money and bring it.

Don't you have a pomegranate?

Don't even talk about pomegranates.

- I went to get pomegranates

to eat, he gave me the crackers.

This is torture.

I asked you for the one that
can be eaten, you gave that.

That day I decided that

neither will I eat pomegranate
nor will I let anyone eat it.

Is there any pulse or vegetable?

This idiot! Where does
he go abruptly?

You can make it.

Is the tea ready?

Yes, should I serve you juice?

After all, a man is a dog if
he lives in his in-law's place

and a brother is a dog if
he lives in his sister's house.

He kept speaking this nonsense.

The person who wrote this is a dog.

What is the fault of the
one who is speaking?

When you stayed at my
house like a king for 45 days?

Your wishes were endless.

Sometimes chicken,
sometimes I want country liquor.

Sometimes mosquitoes bit him.
Install an AC for him.

You were not ashamed then.

What would have happened
if my brother had come?

Dipi sister calling.

Dipi sister calling.

Dipi sister calling.

Dipi sister calling.

- Raje.


Dabbu, please lower the
volume. I can't hear. - Okay.

“I will not bow down”

Reduce it, man!

Oh, I had held the
remote upside down.

Yeah, sister.

Raje, I was making mix-veg for you.

If you want to eat something
else, then tell me now.

You must not have pizzas
here in this small country. Right?

Wow. You can get it.
Why won't it be here?

Then why don't you make me eat it?

Since I came, you have
been serving me chapatis only.

Bring a pizza.

Fine. I'll be there.

Dabbu! My sister is coming.
- Yes.

Call your whole family here!

She's bringing pizza.

Is she bringing pizza?
- Yeah.

Tell her to bring two.

Who is it?
- Ah!

It's my sister.

Greetings, sister.


Is he your friend?
- Yeah.

Brother, your eyes are
bigger than your face.

Can't you see how
dirty your house is?

You can clean up here a bit.

My brother is blind.
You can see, at least.

He is not an sharp-shooter.
He is also blind.



Thank you, brother.

For being blind?
- No.

For keeping my brother here.

He fought with his
brother-in-law yesterday.

If you weren't there,

I don't know where he
would have slept last night.

Were you sleeping here last night?

Where did you sleep?

On the couch.

On the couch?

You should have told me. Do
you know, when I come home,

I sit on the couch first?

It has springs.

I like to bounce on it like this.

You should have come and
asked me. I am blind, not dumb.

Brother, can I sleep here?

Would I have said no?
No one has the right to

come like a thief.

This is unfair.

Okay, brother. If you
feel this, then we will leave.

Okay, I am going.

Hello. Hello, Raje!

Look, sister. He
ran away so quickly.

Come, man!

You call him.

He blackmails me like this.

Tell me, where is he?

Oh. He is here only.
- He is here.

You have pizza.

Let me see your house.
- Sure.

It is with Raja.

Where is the pizza?

Stand up. I'll take it
from below and give you.

Is it under the table?

Oh! It's under me!

Thankfully there is a small
three-legged table on it.



It doesn't have three but four legs.

Very good.

Leave it now. I will make lunch.

'We'll meet at this same
place tomorrow at 2. Okay?'

I called you yesterday.

Sorry about yesterday.

So why have you come now?

I don't know why I felt that
you will come again today.

I had left for some other work.
Even I don't know why I am here.

Now that you have come,
should we have lunch?

- Come.

Enjoy your meal.

Sorry to ask,

but are you blind by birth,
or did it happen later?

I am the latest blind. It
happened about two months ago.


Tell me something.

What was the last thing you
saw before you went blind?

A girl like an angel.

Someone whom one
can't stop looking at.

I don't know who she was.
Where did she come from?

I saw her at a wedding in Mohali.

That, too, only once.

I don't know why after
seeing her, I felt like

I will die if I
don't see her again.

But that desire remained
unfulfilled in my heart.

But I'm sure you'll see her
again when you get better.

Thank you.

Anyway, forget about me.

Tell me about yourself.

You can't be single
being so beautiful.

How do you know I'm beautiful?

You can guess this much
by listening to the voice.

Well, you are wrong today.

Why? Are you not pretty?

No, not at all.

And I am also not single.

My family has seen someone for me.


Do you mean arranged marriage?

Come on,

how can you live

happily with someone
you don't even know?

It's not like that. My
parents are also married.

They didn't know each other either,

but they are happy with each other.

And I also have
full faith in my Lord

that whoever marries me
will keep me very happy.

My family never forced me.

On the contrary, my father says

that if you find a better boy
even one day before the marriage,

then we will marry you to him.

It's good.

Shall we leave?


I don't like popcorn anyway.

Isn't it that movie?

Which movie is this?


I have heard Bahubali 4 times.

Once in the hall and
three times on YouTube.

Katappa's role is amazing in this.

The way he lets his hair loose

and says, 'Mother Maheshmati!'

Katappa is bald.

How would I know? I'm blind.

You are also blind.
How do you know that?

I am the latest blind. I
have seen this movie.

When will KGF 3 be released?

I will listen to the first show
in the hall on the very first day.

Half the picture will end
in you finding your seat.

Sit at home and listen.
- Let me listen.

'You didn't do right by exposing
a pregnant woman to wolves.'


Go and die there. It is all spread.

We will have to
search for them to eat.

Why are you behaving like kids?

I am already late.

I am done with the lunch. Eat it.

And clean this yourself.
- Okay.

You will again bring your share.

You will not move. Get back!

No one will come this way

until I collect them all.

It will take me a month and
a half to collect all of this.

How many more, Dabbu?

This must be the last. There
are only four plates in our house.

I have cleaned 400 at least.

Have you brought me
to someone's funeral?

I washed these many plates

when I didn't pay after eating.

Should I tell you a fun fact?

Not only did they make me wash
the plates, but they also beat me.

I will also beat you up.

Are you cleaning the
washed plates again?

Do you think I am mad that I
will wash the washed plates?

Look. Isn't it dirty?

Am I blind?


Get a job here in the restaurant.
You will earn some money.

You have started
coming here every day.

Even you pass from here every day.

This is the way I go from.

What's your plan for today?

Nothing special.
I'll go sea diving for a while.

Then I'll look at some white girls.

Who knows, I might like someone.

I will tell her to take
me on a long drive.

I will stand here only. In
the evening I will go home.

I have no plans.

Wait, I am coming.

You look good when you talk
without the support of the stick.

Right. Left.






Some women are
coming from the front.


Have they gone?
- Yes.


Oh, my dear Sardarji!

Meet my life, my
wife, my everything.

I got late because of him that day.

The poor guy is blind.
- This looks like a friend.

She is wearing a beautiful
lemon colour dress.

You should appreciate it.

Sat Sri Akal.

The lemon colour suit
suits you very well.


How do you know what
colour dress she is wearing?

You are blind.

He is not blind. You are blind

and think of the
lemon colour as yellow.

I know everything about
where you were that night.

Come home,come..

You are trying to be smart.

Come home. I will tell you now.

Let's go.

What is this?

Where are we going?

Centre London.

Okay, which colours are here?

Red, Magenta.

Ah! Leave, please.

- Roop.


Brother! leave, please.

Please, please let her.

Please let her go. Roop!

Please. Roop, who are they?

They are goons.
- Get out of here.

Raje, please do something.

Please, please, please.
- No, no. Go back.

Brother, please. Please.

I am here.

Raje! do somthing.


Roop, where are you?

Roop, don't be quiet. Please speak.

Roop, sit down.


Good girl. In one night, you sang
so many praises of the good girl.

Are there such good
girls in the world?

Yeah, there are.

Dabbu, if my eyes were fine,

then I would have
taken this challenge.

What challenge?

The one of the 'Better guy'.

Who knows, she might
have liked me then.

She will obviously like you.

But will you like her

when your eyes get better?

Let's ask a person who
can see how the girl looks.


when you are in love,
there is no need for looks.

I'm not talking about looking.
I'm talking about showing.

We both are useless
when it comes to looking.

Silly. When my grandfather was
married, he did not see the girl.

On the first night,
when he took the veil up

he saw she was smoking
marijuana cigarettes.

That's why I am saying
let's see the girl first.

Let's ask someone. We
will get to know how she is.

Hello, Raja.

Are we there?
- Yeah.

Sister, don't leave
without having tea.

I don't want tea.

No, you will have to make it for us.

Let's go. Brother-in-law
must be waiting for her.

Sister, you go. You're anyway late.

'Okay, tell me one thing.'

'What was the last thing you
saw before you lost your vision?'

'An angel-like girl.'

'If someone looks at her'

'he will be mesmerised.'

'I don't know who she was.'

'Where did she come from?'

'I saw her at a wedding in Mohali.'

'And that too just once.'


"The eyes don't enjoy, they die,"

"They tell stories of love."

"I can't stay from you.
I feel restless."

"These eyes only hope to see you."

"The eyes don't enjoy, they die,"

"They tell stories of love."

"I can't stay from you.
I feel restless."

"These eyes only hope to see you."

"My God knows this."

"I am your fan, my love."

"Your face has become"

"the support of my life."

"If I do not talk
to you these days,"

"then it's hard
to get by every moment."

"The eyes don't enjoy, they die,"

"They tell stories of love."

"I can't stay from you.
I feel restless."

"These eyes only hope to see you."

"My love, I love you, and I
have devoted my life to you."

"Life is like life
if you stay with me."

"My hunger goes away,
and my sorrows go away"

"when my eyes look at your face."

"The eyes don't enjoy, they die,"

"They tell stories of love."

"I can't stay from you.
I feel restless."

What are you doing?

You can't even imagine
what I'm doing right now.

Try to guess.

Nothing. You must be lying.

No, I am reading a book.

Which one?
- Even I don't know.

I am just reading.

I have read half

and will read the
other half tomorrow.

Oh! What has the writer written!

What has the writer written?

You buy medicines.

You don't use them.
Should I give it to you?


I will start when the money
for the operation is collected.

You should have
bought these then only.

'He doesn't have much time now.'

'If we take 2-3 weeks more,
he can become permanently blind.'

Today, the restaurant
feels very far away.

Come, let's eat something.

Sit, man.

It seems they have come.

Should we order something?

Even I think that.

Okay, you do it.

Think about it once.
- Take the order.

Dabbu, if time passes now

we won't even have time to think.

I can't stay blind forever.

Then ask for my 15-20
lakh rupees also from them.

If they do not give,

I will get my eye
fixed with your money,

then you see with one eye,
and I see with one.

Let me talk with them first.

You were talking about
killing a man a few days ago.

Who will do it?

I will.

Huh! You are blind.

So if I kill, no one will doubt me.

What's your name?

First, you introduce yourself.




I have never seen a brown
cat, but I have killed many.

What is the blood group
of the person to be killed?

Do you have to kill him
or take his kidney?

No, I want his eyes.

We want a dead body
of an O-positive blood group.

I don't think you'd
be able to kill a man.

Get lost.

What if we

kidnap the person and
then you kill him yourself?

Get lost, you guys.
It's not for you.

It is more difficult to kidnap
a person than to kill him.

We have to kill him anyway.

Why not take some ransom
from his family before killing him?

You have a point.


Why do you want to kill that man?

It's not a man we want to kill.

He is a beast.

I had come to England
to meet my brother,

but after coming here,
I came to know

that he had died
in the factory a day earlier.

The men begged the owner a lot
to take the dead body to India,

but he didn't help with
even a single penny.

And put my brother

in an incinerator

and kept his ashes in my hand.

He said to take it to Punjab.

My mother...

My mother died saying the same thing

that I had sent the boy,

but he was turned into ashes.


even if you do not
pay us for killing

such a man, we will still kill him.

No. He is getting emotional. We
will take the money in any case.

Give us the photo.

Who amongst you will see the photo?

You need a man just
to see the photo.


How many times did
we say that we are blind?


You are going to drive me crazy!

It'll take me a
lifetime to figure out

that you guys are blind.

You recognise the
colour of the dresses,

and you are blind to see a photo.

Just ask straight away
that you need a driver.

Look, listen to me.

The rent of the car
per day would be 150.

The petrol costs will be yours.

And 90 rupees for me.


Now you are talking.

That means you guys have played

a trick on me by talking
about the photo.

Son, I have a brain like a fox.

But your face is like a mouse.

Raje, you are right. We will pick
him up and bring him in this car.


Whom do you want to pick up?

We don't have
to pick up any garbage.

We have to pick up a man.

He is talking about
the person in the photo.

We are not here to
talk about his marriage.

No, no. No crime!

I can't do this.

I can't afford to go to jail.

I have two wives.

If they come to know about this,

neither one of them will be there.

None of them will be there. Got it?

Ahh! - Hey, don't cry.
It will make me laugh.

What did I do to you?

What can you do to us?
What can you even do to us?


But we can do a lot of harm to you.

I am telling you that
we should be together.

When I will get better,
I will also help you.

How fine do you want to be?

You look quite fine to me.

Do you need a
certificate that I am blind?

I have told you so many
times. Why don't you get it?

Tell me.

Why can't I believe
that you are blind?

For God's sake, listen
to me. I am a decent man.

What kind of decent
man has two wives?

Is this some kind of a joke to you?

Is it a joke?

Acting smart!

Why are you after my wives?

We'll go after them.

For God's sake, let me go home.

Which home? Hales or Southall?


This means you still know
the addresses of the houses.

I remember everything.

Don't you forget!

You will have to help us.

If something goes
wrong, you will suffer.

We will take care of the rest.

Show me the photo.

From past two days, i have’nt
heard any sound of ambulance,

Neither from uncle’s house.

Who is it?
- It's you only.


Dabbu, wait here. We'll be back.

I am here only. Where will I go?

Come soon. You have
to colour my hair too.

You coloured it at night only.

I just mixed it at night, then later
applied pulses by mistake.

Later, when I was hungry,
I licked all the pulses from here.

Get number 104, real black.

Who told you the number?

Are you Jasmine Sandlas?

I will get it.

Raje, I think we should
tell your brother-in-law.

It's been so many days now.

You remembered this when
it was my turn to go shopping.

Very smart!

First, buy me things.
- Come on, then.

Why are you holding
a stick and sitting?

I have to fix something
with this stick.

Then take a hammer.
The stick won't work.

The thing that I want to fix
can be done with a stick only.

That thing will die with a hammer.

By the way, where
are you coming from?

Where else? I was looking
for my brother. Can't you see?

Oh, wow.

I didn't even notice.

You have made your hair. It looks
like you have come from the market.

What rubbish!

You don't even care. You
are sitting here on a chair.

You didn't say even once
that you'll look for Raje.


You are here, sister.

Oh, you found my brother! Thank you.

No more drama.

The stick is still in my hand.

This spy saw both
of us in the market.

He came near me and said,

'Your sister sent Uber for you
and you have to go to dinner'.

I recognised his smell
that he is my brother-in-law.

I haven't slept for so
long because of fear.

That you will hit me with
something while I was sleeping.

And even if I fell asleep,
I used to wake up in fear

that the moment I wake
up, she will start scolding me.

'My brother, this.
My brother, that.

But I didn't know

the bitch was ganged
up with thieves.

Whom did you call a bitch?
- Not to your sister!

And I am not a bitch.


I called myself a bitch.

I am a bitch.

Karma is a bitch.

Now you believe me?


Sorry, brother-in-law.

Even I am sorry.

Life is so tough here in the UK.

I was scared of what would
happen if we both didn't go to work.

Now, I have thought about it.

No problem. We will
drive a taxi at night.

Will she give milk
while standing here?

It's okay. We won't need it.

I'm going to have a deal.

What deal?
- I am not going to tell you.

Why not?
- Because you have an evil eye.

It won't work.

You are right, Raje.
That's why we never won the lottery.

Dipi, I love you.
- Hey, drop the stick!

Come here.

Look, don't overthink.

Sunny is a good guy.

Hmm. Right.

Sunny is a nice guy,
but I like Raja.

Everyone has always talked
about my beauty.

Your eyes are so lovely.
Your smile is so pretty.

But Raja has loved my
soul, not my appearance.


No matter what people say
about my relationship with Raja,

but my family won't say anything.

They will always support me.

So what are you worried about?

About my dad.

Dad should not be hurt
by anything Raja says.

What are you looking at?
- It makes things look closer.

It's a fake one.

I can't see anything.

If someone comes near your face,
then also you won't be able to see.

Give it to me.

- What happened?

I got cramps.

At this age?
- How old are you?


Blood group?
- O-positive.

Forget about him. Let's pick him up.

Shut up, Dabbu. Khaleel,
see whether he is here or not.

He's gone.

So why didn't you tell us?
- Idiot!

Follow me.
- Sure.

Who do I follow?

Oh, second wife.

I will definitely die now.

It looks like he is going home.

Let me also go home.

My wife is calling me.

Be quiet.

Come in.

Come sit, Khaleel.
- Shall I sit outside at the door?

Why didn't you come in when we came
in? Is your mother sitting outside?

One minute. You
should take permission

before entering.
Don't you have manners?

Anyway, you look like a
thief who steals utensils.

Do I look like a thief to you?

No, you look like a beggar.

But I don't want to say it
because the person can feel bad.

Who is standing here? It's me.

You are standing here even
after being so humiliated.

People don't even stand at
the side after such a thing.

O-positive. He's O-positive.

It's B-positive, man.

Khaleel's blood group is O-positive.

Why didn't you tell me this before?

I say humiliate him a bit more
so that he will die of shame.

I know such a man does
not even die of shame.

I say that as soon as he sleeps,
we will take out his eyes.

No, man. We'll take his
dead body to the hospital.

The doctor will take
out eyes, fresh eyes.

What is about fresh?
We will put them

in a bowl and pour
some water into it.

Do you have to check
the puncture of eyes?

I say torture him and kill him.

Speak softly. Khaleel will listen.

- Yes?

Oh, this is Khaleel.

Uncle, take care of your eyes.

You are a positive man. Clean your
eyes with water after coming home.

You are O-positive. You
are a very positive man.

I think they are not blind.
They are trying to make me blind.

Let me know.

Come here, Mother.

You are here, son?
- Yeah.

Today I went to Gurudwara.
- Okay.

I met Karnal there.
- Really?

They were asking about you.

I said that God gave
me, a son in a million.

This young one is good for nothing.

Hardyal is like a diamond.

It's impossible for him to
say no to his mother ever.

Now tell me what I can't say no to.

Well, I understand a little bit.

Tell me, what did you understand?

That you must have liked
some queen's necklace,

and mom is supporting you.
What else?

Support her?

Support her, my foot!

Listen to me. I gave birth to you,
or you gave birth to me?

You gave birth to me.
- Yes.

Then you'll have to obey me.

And why should I be afraid to talk?

Listen, our Roop likes a boy.
- Hmm?

She likes someone else?

What is someone else?

She only likes one guy.

Sunny is your choice.

He is not Roop's choice.

She obeys everything you say.

Who's the guy?

Call him. Roop has seen the
boy. Now let me also see him.

She is a kid. I'm afraid
she might make a mistake.



Dabbu, what are you doing?

I am looking at the picture of
the person we have to kidnap.

It's hard to pick him up
from the factory.

We have to kidnap him from his home.

But we don't know
where is his house.


How do you know it's me?

He has the nose of a hunting dog.

He knows it all.

Guess what? I have
a surprise for you.

What is it? Did you find
a cheap doctor for me?

No, I told my family about us.

Tell his family too.

He is going to get beaten up.
Who will take care of him?

I am blind too.
- Stop talking rubbish!

What did your family say?
- They want to meet you.

We will be done with our work
in a week. Then we'll meet.

Not in a week.
You have to meet tomorrow.


How can we meet tomorrow?

We'll meet after the operation.
- Meet after the marriage, then.

I'm getting married to
Sunny, not engaged.

If Dad likes you better
than Sunny, then it's okay.

Otherwise, okay, bye. It's finished.

Come on...

Then I lost without even trying.

How can a blind man
be a better son-in-law?

Why do you have to tell
someone, that you are blind?

We will tell them when you collide
with DJ on the wedding day.

We will say that our
boy has gone blind.

I don't know about colliding,

but the plan seems nice.

What's so nice about the plan?

If I feel like urinating
out of nervousness?

Your father would say that the
bathroom is above the left.

What will I do? I will...
- Urinate there only.

Stop talking rubbish. Listen to me.

This is a bullshit idea.
We will get caught.

We will not get caught.
We'll go with a plan.

Your house is very big.
We won't be able to practice.

Start walking.
- Is the gate open?

Yeah, it's open.

One, two three, four...


There's a glass ahead.

But I haven't even
entered the house yet.

Who gets the glass installed here?

There is an Italian mirror
four steps from the main door.

It's good that you
told me. Otherwise,

I would have banged my head.

The kitchen is eight steps
on the left side.

What do I have to do
in the kitchen?

As if I have to go there
and fry some fritters.

Tell me about the place where
I have to sit and talk to them.

Then walk ten steps to the right.

One, two, three,

four, five, six, seven.

Have I come inside?

Where is the sofa?
- It's on the left of the entrance.

I am tired. Come, I am
going to sit on the sofa.

You also look for
something to sit on near me.

There is not one
but four sofas here.

There is a centre
table in the middle

and a chessboard is
kept on it all the time.

Your family is too much
like vishwanath anand,

Cant they play somthing easy game.

Uncle, you called me?

Yeah, actually...

Sunny, I wanted to talk to you.

Yes, tell me.

Roop likes someone else.


But we are getting
engaged in 15 days.

Relationships are not tied for
obstinacy but for happiness.

You know I can't speak when
it comes to her happiness.

Huh! So do you think

that I will say something
when Roop is happy?

No, uncle. I would
still be your son.

I am proud of you.

Thank you, uncle.

Listen, uncle. Just take care.

Labourers are a bit perturbed.
- Oh.

Let them be.

This is mob mentality.

Are we there?
- Yes.

Satnam Waheguru, Satnam Waheguru.

What happened?

I am praying. It's so filmy that a
blind man says I'm not blind.

To be honest, I didn't even
know at first that you were blind.

If it's a matter of a day,
then a man can say he's not blind.

I will have to meet your family
hundred times before marriage.

Why are you scaring me? Nothing's
going to happen. Be confident.

The couple looks good.

Mom, the boy looks handsome.

Raje, this is my family.

Sat Sri Akal.

Sat Sri Akal. Sat Sri Akal.

Son, we are over here.
Who are you greeting?

I thought I would
greet my parents first.

Where are they?

They are not with us anymore.

I always feel like
they're right here

with me.

It's so sad, dear.

Where is your mother standing?
- Look, here she is.

Sat Sri Akal, sister.

Sat Sri Akal.

Wait a minute.

Mother and father were two,

but you did
Sat Sri Akal three times.

Even my uncle is here.

He is dead too. That's why.

My wedding ritual is
going to get cancelled.

He is roaming around with everyone.
Who has left the world?

It's okay. Come
in. I will do the rest

of our talking inside.
- Come in.

Come inside. - Sure.
- We'll talk in there.


Why are you there? Come in.

Yes, I am just seeing

if Raja's parents went
inside or they are outside.

His parents are with his feelings,
not in reality.

Oh. Okay.

Are we in front of the mirror?
- Yes, exactly.

You have a very nice mirror.
Very nice!

I think you have ordered it
from some place else.


where is the drawing room?
- The drawing room is on this side.

Let's go, then.

Raje, our drawing room is
on the right side.

There is kitchen on the left side.


The architect has
designed it pretty well.

Yes, that architect
was our grandfather.

Oh, very nice.

Go and sit with your brother.
He comes only occasionally.

Dear, come here. Come here.

Wow! Very nice drawing room.

Come and sit here.
- Sure.

I do it sometimes. I get cramps.

Where to sit?

On the couch.

Are you planning to do our
pedicure by sitting on the ground?

Of course, on the couch.

It's such a big and
nice drawing room.

There are four couches.
There is a chessboard

on the centre table.

No, there's no chessboard.

Oh, it must be here some place.

I have picked it up.

How do you know all this?

You don't do witchcraft, do you?

No, grandma. I told him.
- Yeah, she told me.

Tell us about you, dear.

You don't have your parents.
Do you have a brother or a sister?

Yeah, I have a sister
and a brother-in-law.

Oh! You should have
brought them with you.

I will bring them the next time.
I am here for a friendly meeting.

Okay, then, Daddy. I'll leave now.

But you just came.

Didn't you like the couch?

Please sit, son.
We can talk about something.


Go ahead. What do
you want to talk about?

First things first.
Don't call me a daddy.

Call me daddy the day
I call you son, all right?

Okay, so call me a son
when I come next time.

I am in a hurry, so allow me.

What's the hurry?
Do you work somewhere?

You have just come from India.

Yeah, it's been around ten days.

Why do you want
to get married so soon?

No, I am not in a hurry.

I have come so that Roop
does not go anywhere else.

I have no greed or anything.

I just love her.

Okay, then. Allow me.

Are you a man or an atom bomb?

You keep talking about leaving.

You are not going anywhere. You will
be here with us for two days, okay?

Why two days?

So that we can know
about your habits.

To know if you have any fault.

When do you eat? When do you drink?

Do you do any drugs?

Extra and all.
- Yes!

I can't decide in five minutes

whether you are better
for my girl or not.

Two days with us.

Two days!


Enjoy your meal, everyone.

Thank you, aunt.

Dear, aunt is sitting over there.


I was just kidding.

Dear, have this.
- Sure.

Why are you showing your hand
over there? I am sitting here.

I know you are sitting over here.

I was saying give it to her.

I'm enjoying what I'm eating.

Here, son.
- Sure.

Dear, you only eat sauce?

Pasta, cheese, salad, and
rice are all placed in front of you.

I know it's all there.
I am not blind.

Well, you look like
a blind man, though.

I feel that too.

But I can see.

I have always loved Paneer.

I just love Paneer. Even at home,
I eat a lot of Paneer.

It has always been my favourite.

It's not Paneer. It's Pasta.

I know it's Pasta. I was saying

that Paneer is my favourite.

It's my favourite,
but I would love to eat Pasta today.

No, today you are going
to eat my favourite.

Let me serve you.

I will eat Roop's favourite.
- Sure.

'Dabbu calling.'

'Dabbu calling.'

Yeah, Dabbu.
- It's Bhoora, not Dabbu.

Changed the name or colour?

It's Bhoora Khatri.

Oh, okay. Sat Sri Akal, brother.

You didn't have to come home.

If you had called, Dabbu
himself would have come to you.

Dabbu is here with us.


They kidnapped me, Raja.

Not only did they kidnap me,
but they also slapped me.

Listen to me.

Hardayal is going to a
meeting in Windsor tomorrow.

Pick him up tomorrow, anyhow.

But I am some place else.

Give us a day or two.

I will finish the
job in a day or two.

Listen, bro, tell me
if you can't do this.

I don't know when we will get
this chance again, if not tomorrow.

You won't be able to do this.

I will give it to someone else.

Bro, trust me. If you don't
believe me, keep Dabbu with you.

I will deliver a man and take
Dabbu, the day my job is done.

It's Dabbu speaking.
You are going to get me killed.

Give it to me. - Come on, man. I
have to say this in front of Bhoora.

It's Bhoora.

Why don't you beat Dabbu?
Why does he speak in between?

Bro, believe me. Wherever you say,
I will pick up whomever you say.

I will do the job, bro.

Do you promise?

It's the word of a blind man.

I need money.

So please don't give this job
to anyone else, okay?

Okay, Bhoora?
- 'Okay.'


I have to leave soon.

Let me talk to Roop to get me
out of the jaws of death.

Okay, aunt. Let me go and meet
Grandma. Good night. - Good night.

1... 2... 3...

4... 5...

6... 7... 8... Ahh!

Oh, my God!

Meow! It's me!

What a useless map
their architect has made it!

- Oh my!

You thought it was Roop?

It means getting fit.

Come on. What do you mean
by getting fit?

You are already so fit, aunt.

Anyway, where is Roop?

She is in there.

Is she alone?

She is alone.
- Okay.

Don't move!

I will find you myself.

Do you appreciate my skills?
I found you.

You are cheating!

You didn't even close your eyes.


Do it again. Come on.

Yeah, cheating. Sorry.

I forgot to close my eyes.
I will come again.

I'll come with my eyes closed.

I am ready!

Raje, come here.


Look, Sunny,

there is someone

who gives all our information
to that company.

Or else how do they
know about our rates?


Okay, no problem.
See you in the morning.

We'll look for solutions
to this issue.




Hey, where to? At this hour?

I was going in.

You are going out.

I'll go out first, then go in.
I ate a little too much,

so I'm going for a walk.

Do you do lines or what?

What lines, uncle?

I mean, you don't do drugs, do you?

No, uncle. What are you saying?

Why would I do that?
- Look, young man,

if I come to know after marriage
that you are a drug addict,

I will not tolerate it at all.
Got it?

Not only you but no other
father will also tolerate it.

He will die from a heart
attack at that moment only.


I'm not the one who dies.

I am the one who kills. Got it?

Yes, uncle.
- Go now.


Hello, has your food been digested?

You were going out.

Yeah, I ate way too much.

I need to go for a walk.

What happened? Did you not sleep
at night or woke up early?

Where were you?

I was sitting here the whole night.

I did not go in.

What! - I went out
of the room to find you,

then could not find my room back.

Then I didn't go anywhere else
for fear of going to the wrong room.

First, tell me, why didn't
you pick up my call?

Sorry, man. I was talking
about you with my aunt,

so I didn't even know
about your call.

Roop, please save me.
I need to leave.

Don't you want to get married?

It's important to go only for that.

Otherwise, we will get caught here.

We won't get caught.
My family will not ask

you to target shoot.
They will only talk.

I don't know what to talk to.
Mistaking you in the night,

I grabbed your aunt and grandma.
Do you know that?

Aunt told me about that.

You are laughing.

Let's do this thing. I'll give you
my perfume. As long as I am here,

you wear it. I will find you.


- Okay?

Okay, then.
- Okay.

- I am in the wash room.


Okay, dear. I'll be waiting
for you downstairs.

Help me with the tie
and have breakfast.

Okay, dad.

Come fast.

"One, two, three..."
Take a right, Raje.


It must be Roop.

She is coming here.

"Where are you
going all dressed up?"

Get off! Let me dress you up!

What's going on?

I was kidding.

Turn around and answer me.

What kind of a joke is this?

I was playing hide and seek.

He was playing with me too.

- He jokes around.

And you got scared.
- Uncle got scared.

Uncle got scared.

I got scared.

What do you see?

I can't see anything.

Just tell me, what's happening?

My heart is beating.

Are you blind too?

Tell me what is happening?

He is leaving.

With two mens,Let's go after him.

What is in front?
- I am!

Move aside! Let me see
what he is doing.

He went in.

There's no one.

The door is closed.

What else do you see?

Oh!- What happened?

There are CCTV cameras in front.

No need to worry. We are blind.
Who will doubt us?

You are blind. I am not.

If I get reported, then on whose
trust can I leave both wives?

Don't you trust me?

Leave both of them with me.

Dabbu's house is huge
by the grace of God.

I say pack all the things and both
your wives will shift to my house.

Where will you live, then?

In the centre.
- In the centre?

The central room is mine.

One will stay on the left, and
the other will stay on the right.

By the way,

Raje has hooked me up with Siri.

It's really good.
She is such a nice girl.

Honest girl.

Whenever you call, call even at 2:00
at night, she answers very lovingly

that you cannot even think.

Hello, Siri.

'How can I help you?'

Love you, mwah!

'Sorry, I don't know that.'


Siri, call Raja.

'Calling Raja.'

'Dabbu calling.'

'Dabbu calling.'

'Dabbu calling.'

Hello. Yeah, Dabbu?
- 'Hello, Raja.'

'We got to the guy's house.'

Very good. Just keep an eye on him.

Even God didn't give me an eye.
How will I keep an eye on him?

Khaleel is with you, right?

'Uncle Khaleel is with me
and is also getting disgraced.'

Though it's good here,
I am quite far, Dabbu.

No problem. We will kidnap the man
the day you come.

By the way, where are you?

I am far away. Somewhere in
the woods, there is Roop's house.

And I am having fun
in the town at the moment.

Such a rich man
will live in the town,

not in the woods.
He is not a monkey.

Listen to me, hang up.

Tell Khaleel that
there is no margin for error.

There should be no mistake.

He, himself, is a mistake
of his father,

but I won't let him commit any.


I miss you. When will you meet me?

I am also missing you, but it
will take 4-5 hours to come to you.

Forget it. I'm not
missing you that much.

Okay, take care.
- Okay.



He has a mouth like a rat. I don't
know in which pit he got lost.

His mouth is so tiny.

He should rot in hell.

Yeah, I have this.

Take this.

Have this. - Is it 'gulab jamun'?
Give it to me.

Looks like something else.

Grandma, it's 'gulab jamun'.

Who is it?

I am a person. Who are you?

I am a blind person.


Dabbu, what are you doing here?


Raje, you?
- You know him?

Raje, how fat are you!

Hey, he is uncle.
I am here. Come here.

Oh, greetings, uncle.
- Hello, here.


Come here.
- Make him sit.

He is my friend, grandma.

Are you married, young man?
- No, I am single.

Who will give his girl
to the poor blind guy?

They won't let me
married to their girl

if they come to
know that I am blind.

Dabbu, they should not doubt us.

Chess is not a big challenge.

Why is no one coming?

There is no need for the eyes.

It's all a mind game.

It's the Knight.

It always moves in an L shape.

- Here.

It's not a Knight.
It seems like it's a shoe.

Why is its mouth like a dog's?

It's the Rook. It looks like you.

Here. It moves either
horizontally or vertically.

Who is it?
- Oh!

Whoever it is, it survived.

What are you doing?

Come on.

Let's play. You and me.

He's a kid.
He's not going to survive.

Uncle is with me.

Uncle, come here. Let's play.
Have a seat.

Let's begin.

Come on.
- If he's with you,

then I am with uncle.
Come on, uncle.

Let's begin.

Now the game will be fun.

Hey! Yeah, one second.

Uh... That's the one. Right.

You guys carry on.
Let me bring the drinks.

Make a tight one for me.

Get up, Dabbu.


Look, guys,

I like the boy.

It's a yes from me.

Even I like him.
I also agree with you.

I think the boy has a squint.

He talks, looking elsewhere.
It's a no from me.

He doesn't squint.

He's just shy. It's a yes from me.

It's a yes from me too.

So why should I bother?

It's a yes from me too.

Forget about the second.
It's the third day now.

Bhoora shouldn't give
our work to anyone else.

On top of that, I don't know what

Roop's folks are
doing sitting inside.

Those people must
be thinking that the

son-in-law is going,
so what should we give?

Hearing the voices, even if
they give 100 pounds each,

then the ambulance
expenses will be covered.

If things pan out well,
your in-laws are nice people.

Raje, you are lucky
to have such in-laws.

Believe me.
The whole family is nice.


What do we have to do with the
family? You guys look good together.

But, Raje, let me
tell you something.

I didn't like your father-in-law.

Breathes so heavily that it sounds
like a hotel exhaust fan is on.

Sounds so loud, like a punk.

But by the way, I have never seen

an idiot like him.

You have been fooling
him for two days.

He did not realise that his
son-in-law was blind.

Look at the height of foolishness.
I fooled the fool, guy.

Raje, I am angry with you.

You shouldn't have
even told me that I am blind.

I could have got someone too.

Who is it?

Are they all happy with us?
- Go and see for yourself.

I can hear only. Where are they?

Sitting in the hall.
- Let's go.

Leave for a minute. Leave.

Why is everyone sitting so quietly?

We are not sitting. We are standing.

One usually says this, doesn't he?

'Why is everyone sitting
so quietly?' So I said it.

I know you are standing.

Let's play a game of chess.

Let's play. Pick up the board.

Wow! Dad, let me...

Let's play. It'll be fun.

- Dad...

The chessboard was
right in front of you.

But why do you need that?

You can play tricks without it.

My daughter never
hid anything from me.

But you! You lied!
You told her to lie as well.

I will...

- Leave me!

Why are you getting yourself
insulted by talking to him?

Get him deported.

I am sorry, uncle. - Shut up!
Don't you feel ashamed?

Ruining someone's daughter
for your benefit.

You are rich, poor, or unemployed.

I never objected to anything.

Why? Because I can take
care of my girl all my life.

How will you take care of my girl?
Will you feed her by begging?

How can you be a support
to my daughter?

You need to support yourself.

Dad, Raja just recently went blind.

He will be fine.

No, dear. Even if he gets well,
his thinking cannot get right.

He is not better for you.

He is the worst! Useless.
He can never be honest.

There is no love and affection

for you in his heart.

There is deceit, deception,
and greed in his heart.

There is no greed.

Please forgive me.

Get out of here.

"I'm not the face you love."

"I'm not the face you love."

"You came very close to me
and said that I am not yours."

"You came very close to me
and said that I am not yours."

"My eyes go dark, merciless."

"I see your face in every face."

"My eyes go dark, merciless."

"I see your face in every face."

"By turning my life into the night,"

"now says that I
am not the morning."

"You came very close to me
and said that I am not yours."

"You came very close to me
and said that I am not yours."

Dear, love is blind, not the lover.

If the lover is blind,
then there is no love.

There is love,
and it does not give up.

The love that starts with the eyes

has ended today because of the eyes.

If I was fine today, Khaleel,

all this wouldn't be a problem.

Now I think that if
everything gets fine,

then also it won't be fine.


Sorry, brother.

I couldn't do anything.

I couldn't do anything
for you or your love.

I can't give you the money
for the operation.

You take my eyes.
I don't want these eyes.

Why don't you want them?

You have someone to leave you.

If you go blind, then your man
will leave you within a minute.

Let him leave me.

I have my brother
to take care of me.

One minute.


'Hello, Raje. I am Roop's cousin.'

'Raje, Roop doesn't want
to live without you.'

'Raje, Roop is the same girl
you were looking for.'

'The same girl you met
at the wedding in Mohali.'

'Please do something.'

Bhoora bro.

Please give me a chance.

Because now I have to do this
work not for you but for myself.

I have to do this for my love.

Now even if the
person is sitting in hell,

Raja will find him.

Charlie here. Target coming.

Hello, where is the target?

45 degrees to your left.

But Dabbu is there.
- Okay.

I will join Dabbu and attack.

Over and out.
- Let's see what happens.

Okay. Over.

Hello... Dabbu...

Target is coming near you.
- Okay, boss. Over.

Don't ask anything.
Just hit him on the head.

No problem. I am ready. Over.
- Okay.

Okay. - Yeah, I know
the market is down,

but it's okay.


Hello, boss. Target under control.

Where the hell did you come from?

Why did you hook me up
with these people?

You guys ruined my life.

You guys blackmail me
because of my wives.

Enough now!

After today,
I will not get blackmailed.

Tell my wives.
Inform them in front of me.

Tell me, whom should I call?

To the elder one or the younger one?

Call whoever you want.
Your children's life will be ruined.

No, Dabbu not only spoiled,

they will have to start begging.

Sometimes on this square,
then on that square.

Sometimes in this car,
sometimes on that car.

What will people say?
That they are Khaleel's kids.

No, people will say that they
are the children of some disgrace.

One wife will leave first
and then the other.

When they leave,
they leave everything.

Then they go straight to the clubs.

Would you like it when
they dance with everyone?

What will people say?
That they are Khaleel's wives.

No, people will say that they
are the wives of some disgrace.

Tell me what to do.

This should not happen again.

There is no room for error.
There should be no error. Got it?

I made a mistake on the day
I picked you up from the airport.

What did you say? - No, nothing.
I didn't say anything.


Who has sedation?
- I have it.

I have it.

I have it!

Shut up! Bring it in the morning.


- Ahh! Who is it?

He fainted after smelling the
napkin. Why did you faint?

I fainted because
I didn't have a napkin.

This man should not
be kidnapped but killed.

The way he wreaked havoc.

Forget about where he goes.

Find out what he eats.

I couldn't even breathe.

I am getting worried.

No matter how we have to kidnap
him, only we will kidnap him.

You guys carry on.
I am done with this.

I want to rest for a while.

Let me call your wife.

She will massage you with oil.

Let me call her. - No, man.
Don't call her.

I'll go with you.

Get up.

We'll meet soon.
- They were amazing.

Great time.
- Specially the culture.


Please don't do that.

Please! Please don't touch me.

Please don't do that.


Somebody help me! Please!

Please don't do that.

Please! Please don't touch me.

Please! I am sorry.

Please leave me!

Please don't do that. Please!

Hey, please! Don't touch me.

Please... I am sorry.
- Get inside.

Leave me!
- What are you doing?

Who are you? - Push hard!
- Here you go.

Ahh! Hey!

Silly blind, push him, not me.

His face is even bigger than mine!

Who are you?
- Idiot!

Is the target here?

You already took two pieces.

Eating and stuffing pockets,
and still, you are lean.

Don't go on my lankiness.

I have two wives and nine kids.

Two spoons in this utensil,

at most, a small stick can
come out, but not nine kids.

Uncle, will you eat?

Oh, you won't. No matter what
you ask, he always says no.

Who is it?
- It's me.

Where is my destiny?
Where is my light?

Huh? Hey, Dabbu?

Where is my destiny?

Thank you so much, Sir.

You are my Aladdin's lamp. Love you.

You must be thinking, why
did we kidnap you. Right?

I am blind as of now.
If I could see,

I would have ruled the world.

Hey, Dabbu.

Should we first call
the doctor or the party?

We will give this dumb guy to Bhoora

and get at least one lakh pounds.

And then soon, I'll be able to see.

Listen, we are dancing in joy.

Did your father get married?
Why are you dancing?

I will be released
from you people today.

Then I will live happily
with my two wives.

Okay, then.

Hey, one minute.


Let me call Bhoora.

Call Bhoora.

Yes, Bhoora. We picked up your man.

Just don't let him go.

Kill him there only.
- What?

Will we have to kill him?

We will kill him.
He is not our relative anyway.

No, brother.

Our deal was to kidnap
the man, not to kill him.

You don't have to kill him.
We are coming there to kill him.

First, give us the
money, then we will

let this man go.
First, bring money.

Don't let him go.
We have to kill him there.

Boy, call the people
and get the money.

'You will get your money. We are
coming there.' - Okay.

He is saying that he should get the
dead body and not the living man.

Then he will give us money.
- Huh?


See, we don't have
any enmity with you.

They are coming to kill you.

But if your family
can bring money first,

we will let you go.

Dabbu, call them.
- Okay, boss.

Why are you whining?

Didn't you hear what he was saying?

That if your family brings money,

then we will let you go.

Do you want to die?

Here he is.

Okay? I will hit you in the face.

Call your family members.

Where is your phone?

Don't play with me. Here it is.


Dial it.

Hey, dial it.

Answer it and put
it on speakerphone.

- You sit quietly, dumb idiot.

I will see to it myself. Sit down.

Here we go.

This is Dabbu Don speaking.

Can you hear me?

Hey, stupid man,
will you just keep laughing?

Will you say something or not?

Your husband is in our custody.

He died ages ago.

He dialled the wrong number.

Some widow is on the line.

She is my mother.

Oh, she is the aunt.

So how did uncle die?

He ate puddings and
dessert in the night.

He did not wake up in the morning.
That's how he died.

Tell me now.


These kidnappers are useless.

'Aunt, don't judge us.'



Hello, we are listening. Go on!

We have kidnapped your boy.

When did you have a boy?

Does Hardayal know?

I don't have a son!

I have a girl,
and she is right in front of me.

So who have we kidnapped?

There is no relative
of yours in your house?

Who is this now?

My wife is on the phone.

Hey, man,

you talk. She has
made the don nervous.

Whoever he is to you,
we have kidnapped him.

We just got a call from someone else

that they kidnapped him.

I think Bhoora must
have called them.

They have also kidnapped him.

Is my son a plot of land?

That everyone is claiming
to have conquered it.

How can we trust
that you have our son?

Hold the phone. We will
make you hear his voice.

This is not Hardayal's voice.

No, mom, this is his voice.

When his mouth is tied,
he sounds like this.

When did you tie his mouth?

Hey! Hey!

Yes, he is my son. He is my son.

How much money?
- How much money should I ask for?

One minute. 70 mine...

20 for you. Ask for 90.

It will cost 90 Pounds.

Man, you can't even
hire a taxi for 90 Pounds.

Use your mind a bit.
I am saying 90,000 Pounds.

- Hey, 10,000 for me too.

I have to buy earrings for my wives.

Tell me your kids' fees as well.
I will ask for that too.

It will cost 1 lakh Pounds.

Only then will we let your man go.

Okay, send me your location.


Send us the money.
We will send you the location.

They will tell the police.

Yes. We will send
the location to the police.

Why will we send it to the police?

Okay. If the police get to know,

then we will chop him into pieces.

Ha ha.

Sat Sri Akal, aunt.

Are you all right?

'Sunny.' - Yes?

Your uncle has been kidnapped.

Huh? What are you talking about?

Do something, son.

Save your uncle.

Yes, aunt. I will do something.

Don't panic.

Just stay strong.

Please, help us.

Don't worry. I will do something.
- 'Do something, son.'

'Save your uncle.' - Yes.

Do something.

People are crying.

I wanted to kill the old man
after marrying Roop.

But what if he says something again

about Roop liking someone else?

What was the need to kill
when you were getting married?

It's his destiny.

Do I look good

being in service
of my father-in-law?

How will my wife respect me, then?

I want to become the owner

of business

as well as of Roop.

Raje, pick up the call.

See, we don't have
any enmity with you.

Got it?

Our deal was to kidnap you
and bring you here.

But now they are
asking us to kill you.

We will let you go
only on one condition.

We want one lakh Pounds.

Second thing,

we don't want any police cases.

Because they are continuously

asking us for your dead body.
See, they are calling again.


This is my partner's call.
See, isn't she pretty?

I was about to get married to her.

But her father

refused to say
that the boy is blind.

I am only temporarily blind.
It is not permanent.

Why do you have to mention me?

I will get angry and untie him.

I am not talking about you.
I am trying to explain to him

what kind of a
person my father-in-law is,

that his daughter
is so upset with him.

She loves me.

That's why she is calling me because
she is upset, and she wants to cry.

Yes, Roop.

See, she is crying. Listen to it.

Yes, Roop.

Raje, I am in big trouble.

Shut up for a minute, man!

Let me solve my girlfriend's
problem first. Yes, Roop.

My dad is in a big
problem, Raje. Please.

Okay, I am coming.

Can I leave?

Listen to me, you are
not going anywhere.

Don't let him go until I say so.

Even if I keep saying,
don't let him go.

Let him go only when you
get 1 lakh Pounds. Got it?

Okay, boss.

Khaleel, where is the main gate?


Straight from here.
- Okay.

Got it?

We don't have to let him go,
no matter what?

Let me go, at least.

Hey, shut up!

You don't know how evil I am.

I am saying this to him.

Hey, shut up.


Where are your manners?

Careful. Do you want to jump on me?

You are being rude. What now?

Speak up!

Now he won't speak.

I will hit your head, you blind.

It's me, you blind!

Hey, Siri, take me to
the nearest cab station.

Raje, please save my dad.

Where is your dad?
- Please.

I don't know.
Got a location from his phone.

Hey, Roop. Do you have anything?

I have chocolate. Will that work?

We don't have our marriage card
that you are giving me sweets.

Give me something
to hit on the head.

Search for it.
Something must be here.

Which way?
- Here.

Come on, take me.

You both have troubled me a lot.

You blackmail me
for having two wives.

People have 4-4 wives.

Now I will call the police for you.

I will call the English policemen.

When both of you
will be electrocuted,

then you will confess everything.

One second.

Shut up!

How many people are there?
- Shut up!

It's one person tying another.
- Shut up!

Did they see us?
- No.


Cover his face with a cloth,
and I will beat him. - Shut up!


You kidnapped my dad!

Who is it? Why are you hitting me?

Be a man!

Oi! Oh!

I will die!
- Dabbu?

Dabbu, you are here?

I am here only. You are also here.

- That means uncle...

Stop it, shameless men.

How much more are
you going to fool my girl?

Roop, Raja is the one
who kidnapped me.

First, I thought that he
kidnapped because I refused

for his marriage to you. But, no!

He kidnapped me only for money.

I am sure he wanted
to marry you only for money.

Am I right?

No, uncle. It's not true.

I did not do this for money.

Honestly, I did it
for the eye treatment.

I thought that if I get better,

you will allow me to marry Roop.
- Shut up, Raje.

You kept my dad in such conditions.


I didn't know he was your father.

If not mine, he could have
been someone else's father.

Why did you do such
an evil thing, Raje?

Why did you insult me
in front of my family?

I told Dad that you are not better
but the best for me.

Not only did you break my heart,
Raje, but you also broke my dreams.

I am sorry, Roop.

What, sorry, Raje?

Some dreams were broken by you,

and some, I will stop dreaming.

I heard things that
you didn't even speak.

And you didn't even listen to
what I said a hundred times.

That I love you.


it doesn't take much
time to fall in love,

but it takes ages to forget it.

I won't be able to forget you.

Will you forget me?


It will just take some time
to become selfish like you.

Raja is not selfish.

If he was selfish, would he
come here to rescue your father?

It was he who kidnapped me.

Let's go, dear. The police
will take care of them.

Honestly, Raja did not
know what he was doing.

But he was doing
all of this for Roop.

One minute.


A love that begins with

a little smile

does not end even after
an entire life of crying.

I don't even trust my destiny

as much as I trust you
that you would never leave me.

I will always feel the pain
of our separation.

But I will never feel
like meeting you.

Go so far away from me, Raje,

that you don't even come
in my thoughts.

You can go away from my life

but not from my heart.

Hello, Raje.

Raje, please save our owner's life.
That guy is not at fault.

'He is a good person.'

'Sunny wants to kill the owner
and take over the business.'

'That's why he lied
to provoke the labours'

'that the owner did not help.'

'Both Sunny and
Bhoora took all the money'

'and planned to get
the owner killed.'

'But our boss is a very nice man.'

'Raje, labours are very angry.'

'They are coming to kill our boss.'

Where are you going, Sir?

We will not let you go today.

Labours are very angry.

They are not angry.
They are mistaken

because you manipulated them.

See, kids,

I am as much in pain as you are

for that boy's death.

I did whatever I
could for his family.

He is lying. Hit him.

When a smart one is talking,

you should just listen.

Speak, uncle.

Are they fighting?
- Just wait!

Go on, uncle.

Why don't you tell them that you
gave them a cheque for 25000 Pounds

that Sunny and
Bhoora took by deceit?

No. Sunny can't do this.

- 'Yes?'

Your brother is behaving
like Jackie Chan.

He is blind.

Come and stop him.
He doesn't know that his

brother-in-law is
standing in front of him.

He will hit me as well.

If not Sunny, that means

Bhoora took all the money?


Hey, Bhoora.

Where are you? Come in the front.

What will you do, Sardar?

You can't even see.

A Sardar can fight even

without his neck.

Hey, get him!

It was fast.

The fight has already begun.

Then why weren't you telling me?

You are beating my friend!

Here comes the mighty man!

To my friend!
- Why are you after me?

You were fighting, my friend!
- Oi!


It is empty.

Come here.

Where are you? Show yourself!

Did I beat all the men?

Enough! That's it! Leave me!

Where is the money?
- I am telling you.

Stop, I am telling you.

I didn't take the money alone.

This was Sunny's plan.
He also took the money.

He got you kidnapped, sir.

He wanted to get you killed by the
labours to take over your business.

It's not my fault.

I am just a small man.

I didn't do anything.


You are under arrest.

Sat Sri Akal.

We have your main culprit.

We are here to arrest his accomplice.


Are you all right?

Uncle, what is happening?

Police is here.
You are going to get caught now.

You won't even get any money.

For God's sake, don't tell them
that I have two wives.

Are you okay?

We will take him to the station.

Sorry, dear.

Your choice was the best.

If not for Raja today,

my decision would
have ruined many lives.

Have some hope. Wait for a moment.

Your brother is about
to become Ambani.

I am proud of you, my dear.

You have found me a son,
not a son-in-law.

He is going to become my owner.

Now, Mr Singh.

You have to open your eyes


see the

entire world.

Very slowly.

I am not opening my eyes

Open your eyes, Raje.

I am not opening my eyes.
I won't be able to see it.

He is my brother-in-law.
Come on, hug me.

- Stay away!

Dipi, come here.

Thank you.

He loves me.

Love you.
- Love you too.

Raje, where am I?

Behind the doctor.

I am not the doctor.
I am your father-in-law.

Dad, you?

Sat Sri Akal! I bow down. Bless me.

May you have a long life.
- May you have a long life.

“Who will teach blind minded”

“Everybody is smart,you cant enlight them”

“Who will teach blind minded”

“Everybody is smart,you cant enlight them”

“Even kids dont confess they are kid”

“Blind minded this not funny”

“Blind minded this not funny”

“Blind minded this not funny”

“Blind minded this not funny”


“Everybody is choosy in friendship”

“They do bussiness in love even”

“Everybody is choosy in friendship”

“They do bussiness in love even”

“They have become more greedy”

“Blind minded this not funny”

“Blind minded this not funny”

“Blind minded this not funny”

“Blind minded this not funny”

“Blind minded this not funny”

“Blind minded this not funny”

“Blind minded this not funny”

“If somebody is lacking,
its not their fault”

“God is responsible for everything”

“If somebody is lacking,
its not their fault”