Amitiés sincères (2012) - full transcript

"The majestic movement of icebergs

happens because only 1/9
appears above water."

Hemingway said that.

He liked icebergs,
but he loved fishing,

like my father.

He's an Italian guy
from Paris's 14th district,

whenever he can,
he heads to Ile de Ré.

The fishermen call him Commandatore.

His name's Walter Orsini.

For Dad, unlike Hemingway,

things below the surface
are the problem.

He hates lies.

When he learned
his father Vittorio lied to him...

He told his son
his mom abandoned him at birth,

but she hanged herself
when Vittorio threatened to leave.

Dad never forgave him and left.

He was 14.

He never saw his dad again.

My father's greatest pride,

is me.

I'm everything to him.

I know he'd like me to say it more...

He's everything to me.

Hemingway says, in a novel, the part
beneath's more vital than above.

there's nothing more devious.

It's true.

Above, it's dazzling,
below it devastates.

It's a real fucker.

Your vitamins, honey.

It's my exam subject.

That's not life, it's literature.

Life's another kettle of fish.
It's full on.

It slams you in the face.
Better learn to dodge.

My thesis supervisor
should like that.


I'm passing on
what I've learned in life,

Ask everyone who works for me.
They're up against it every day.

That's why this year,

with a little luck,

we'll earn our first Michelin star.


What's that dripping?

The sink's leaking.

Do something else. I'm working.

I'll do it now,
otherwise I'll forget.

I see.

Getting back to what I was saying,
history's so important,

for work, family, friends...

Take Jacques, Paul and me...

We've been friends
for 40 years.

No hypocrisy, no jealousy...

And you know why?

You confide everything. I know.

That's right.

Being up front brings longevity.

It's hard to hear,
but your mom never understood that.


My old boy was waiting for me.


Careful to line them up.

Ladies and gentleman, hello.

- Listen up!
- Alright,

I won't be long,
in brief we all know our aim.

Our objective is our first star.

François, you've hit perfection,

you and your team. Bravo.

But I want novelty and excellence.

Secondly, Cyrille's championship.

If you manage to earn best sommelier,
it'll be a feather in our cap.

The ball's in your court.

And then, there's all of us,
united as a team,

as one, almost a family.

As for the menu,

we'll launch on December 8th,
for the holidays,

before Michelin comes
in January or February.

Any other questions on your mind,

take them up with Isabelle,

who'll respond.

I'm counting on you now,
and The 3 Zebras.

I'll go now. Have a good day.

- You've heard that?
- Yes, chef!

Let's get back to work!

Yes, very good...


Absolutely, he's writing.

A biography of Faulkner.
The idea's inspired.

That's terrific.

That'll motivate him.


will you dine with us tomorrow?

He's delighted.

OK. See you tomorrow.

Simon's offering primetime
for your Faulkner.

That'll make ratings soar.

What did you want?

Tell him you've been blocked
since your book prize?

5 years, Paul.
You've written nothing for 5 years.

I won't find inspiration
in that old boy.

Plunge into Faulkner.
It'll work wonders.

Yeah, sure.

Hi, Sébastien.

- Perfect. Have a nice day.
- Bye.

Jacques Boffety

Closed Wednesdays and Sundays

- Hi, Walter.
- Hi.

Say he's not here.

He's not here.


I don't know how he does it.

Since punctuality is the mark
of kings, we're kings.

Hi, Walter.

I left at 10 to the hour.

Hello, my darling.

No, don't.

Don't start with that.

She ate a ton of pistachios
and was up all night.

She can't say no.

She's human, not a trash can.

She's not exactly human.
She's a dog.

She's not a dog,
she's family.

A human? On four legs.

That barks.

Have a good laugh.

I'll take my lamb and bottle and go.

Chateau Yquem '90
1,000 euros bottle.

Leave the price on next time.

Why not? Shows the quality.

Fame is costly.

Serving Sauternes
with leg of lamb is gross.

Think I'm an amateur?
I've got foie gras.

With today's economy,
the price is obscene.

Nothing to do with my politics.

Sure, it does,
every crisis, it's always the same.

Jacques likes cheap left-wing wines.
Walter, pricey right-wing ones.

What did you bring?
So we can judge you.

A light Saumur.
A centrist wine.

Not much panache.


He seems upset.

My father died last night.

To the greatest reactionary
the French army ever knew.


At attention!

Your swill isn't bad after all.

It's Clem. Don't leave a message.
I'll want to call you, but can't.

Sweet Pea, it's me...

I know you're busy, but...

could you stop by and see Jacques.

His dad just died.

It would be nice to boost his morale.

I couldn't find the right words.

I'm not gifted
for this kind of thing.

I'm counting on you.

I know you get it,
and will be there for him.

I love you.
Thanks for him in advance.

This is all I'll keep from him.

A sabre as inheritance.
That's cutting to the heart.

A left-wing son was hard enough,
but being a fag...

That was a disgrace.

How did he find out?

He was waxing his boots,

I went up to him and said, "Father,

nothing's ever set in stone,
but I think I'm gay."

- And then?
- Then,

he continued waxing.

I didn't care.
I was in love with Philippe,

a right-winger.

Yeah, but,

the little bitch dumped you
when he got elected.

Don't forget that.

You must've loved him
to go to Gdansk.

What did you say to Dad?

The truth. Politicians make me sick.

The entire truth?

I avoided the sentimental aspect.

For him, love begins with Adam
and ends with Eve.

A man and a woman.

- You never managed to tell him?
- To say what?

That I've been lying to my best
friend for 30 years?

That's my real woe now.

My real woe is leaving you now.

I've got a mock exam.

You always do fine.

Go on. For All Saints' Day
we'll all go to Ile de Ré.

Can't wait for vacation.

I'll call a taxi.

Stop the "Walter" act.

I'll walk, like a big girl.

Will you go with her?

Don't look at me that way.

Kiss me!

Stop. It's becoming grotesque!

What do you want? I said no!

Nicely expressed,

your declaration of love this summer.
But enough.

Afraid of the Commandatore?

It's more simple.

I don't love you.

That's all.

Go to bed.

Tomorrow's school.

I can't believe it. Pierre!


Say I haven't changed
and I'll throw you out.

I'm a great hypocrite.

You haven't changed.

You have.

It suits me.

Come in.

It's terrific.

How long were you in Gdansk?

2 years.

Until Lech Walesa was arrested.

2 years? What did you do there?

Tried to forget Philippe
with his Polish woman.

With a woman?


It's not your best.

You came to talk literature?

I want you to run for local office.

Here, in the 14th.

In the neighborhood.

That's all finished for me.

I'm not talking to the bookseller.

I'm talking to the professor,

who spoke to socialist youths,

harangued the crowds as a young man.

I get the word out with my bookstore.

You can truly make an impact.

Going towards the center?

Bringing people together.

Damn it, Jacques!

Flogging yourself!

Because Philippe crushed you
30 years ago.

Flogging, crushing...

Don't push it. Subject's closed.

How was the exam?

We'll see.

I'm tired.

What do you mean, we'll see?

Always the same story.
You come home disappointed.

And then you ace the exam.

Give yourself more credit.
Believe in yourself.

Here, Sweet Pea.

A nice rice pudding.

Taste this. I used extra vanilla.
What do you think?

Like it?

Is it good?

Here you go.

It'll perk you up.

I was thinking about your exam.

If you finish 2nd or 3rd
in defending your thesis,

that's not bad for a zebra's kid.

Now that you're on vacation,

you'll need to relax.

You've got to

think of other things.

I don't know...

Jacques, Paul, the beach, us...

Visualization works.

Imagine yourself there. It works.

OK, I prepared your suitcase.

Your oral exam is in 6 months.
So relax.

I don't like Faulkner anymore...

Yes, Béa.

No, I'm working.

Go to Simon's without me.

Naturally Faulkner.
The TV job's got me motivated.

I'll sleep here.
Walter will come by at dawn.

You'll join us for my birthday.

Good night.

Me too.

Breakfast is served, Ma'am...


I'm at Mom's.
Lots of love. Enjoy your holiday.

We're waiting for you.

- I'll go.
- Go on, Walter.



Know what?

I expected you even earlier.

Where's Clémence?

Hi to you, too.

- Yes, hello.
- Careful, it's thorny.

She left.

Where? What do you mean?

She's on holiday
with her friend Sarah.

I lent them my car. Now you know.

How about telling me?

At her age, can't she speak up?

With all the horrors around!

Don't shout.

It's my home.
I'm not used to it anymore.

What about asking
her dad's permission?

And you'd say?

I don't know. We needed to talk.

So you'd say no.
You don't listen to her or anyone.

You would've said no.

So she gave you no choice.

That's the only way you listen!

Not at all.
Did she say that?

No, but...

she needs some space.
She's a woman, Walter.

A woman? You must be joking.

I'd know about that.
I see her every day!

Stop shouting.

I make her rice pudding.

You see her every day,
so you noticed she's changed.

Everyone changes. You can't stop it.

Everyone changes!

Not me.

You should.

And them...
they're punished.


Your lifelong friends.

They're friends. They let me talk.

We're finished. I'll call them.

Hey, Jacques!

Nice catch.

See this playboy.

We're having breakfast.

It's 8 AM. That's disgusting.

8 o'clock or noon, it's the same.
Look at that face.

That's a traitor's face.

I wander in this house
I thought I knew.

I open doors,

I open armoires,

rifle through drawers

in search of any object,

or treasure that brings me to her.


I'm surprised because

I've been calling for a week.
You finally answer.

I'm just surprised.

How are you?
I'm happy to hear you.

Same old thing here.

Eating, fishing, good laughs.
You know, vacation time.

The only thing missing is you.

Béa's coming for Paulo's birthday.

It'd be great if you could come.
We'd all be together.

OK, if you can't, you can't,

just try.

Me too. Take care of yourself.

That means she's not coming?

It means
I'm getting fed up with this!


I've had enough!

God damn it. I'm jinxed!

Somebody put a spell on me.

Have a good laugh.

Damn it.

I've got a basket full of clams.

Thanks, Michel!

You know how he is when he's writing.

Thank you, Faulkner.

"He" dropped Faulkner.
It annoyed him.

"He" started a new novel.

Great surprise.
Let's have champagne.

Can we know what it's about?
Without annoying you.

You'll read it when's it's done.

When will that miracle occur?

Year's end, if all goes well.


Break out the champagne.
A bottle of magnum.


Hey, guys, Michel's inviting us
for some night fishing.

It's kind of cold.

We're on Ile de Ré not Mauritius.

Give me a hug.

Glad you're here.

Let's have a drink.

Let's celebrate
Paulo's birthday again.

We'll buy a new cake,
I'll do my clam pasta.

And then we fish with Michel.

Without me.
I'm leaving before nightfall.

I don't like Faulkner anymore.

I don't even like literature.

I like a kid,

a twenty-year-old kid
whose father's my best friend.

Clém, honey, let's go.

Come on.

Not me.

I'm tired.

If you're not well, we'll stay.

No. Go ahead.

I'll plunge into a good book.

Are you sure?

I've got my cell,

in case you...

In case she's attacked
by a giant calamari.

Is he crazy?


That's not the worry. Loonies
in yellow hats are the danger.

They can break in anywhere.

You're a real sicko.

Go on. Make fun of me.

He really thinks I'm a fool.

Did we wake you?

I was just going to sleep.

Have a good night.

No goodnight kiss?

- What?
- You were drinking.

I'm a bit plastered.

I'll always be your Sweet Pea?

You'd better be.

Good night.

Good night.

You made me cry, you old sap.
I love you, too.

Philippe Valette UMP candidate
for Mayor of City Hall in the 14th

Hi, Jacques. How are you?

Clém's coming. She overslept.

Not again...

Think these exams come in a snap?

You can take your lessons elsewhere.

Shit! I'm fed up!

Close the door!

- I need to talk to him.
- Not now.

But when?

Waiting makes it harder.

My thesis first. I've worked
too hard. Dad can wait.

And Béatrice?

You've had nothing for 2 years.

Not with the woman,
but she's my publisher.

What do I say for my book?

Finish it first.

I'm almost there.

Take your time.

Shit. Can't you help me?

I didn't ask
to fall in love with you.

I never wanted to do this
to Dad or Béatrice.

But I can't screw up my exams,

and the love of my life
for my dad's sake.

I'm going.

Read the Parnassians again:

"On the quays, where the vessels meet
the swell, inclining in silence...

Hi, Jacquot.

Stewed lentils and pork today.

It's a game between Dad and Paul.

First one to arrive wins.

It's Wednesday.
Kids have the day off.

You need "The Exiled" by de Banville.

We're leaving.

Here it is.

Paulo isn't here?

It's 12:01 pm.
Let it be. Besides, he lost.

Bye, Sweet Pea.

The sirens are on
and you're still here.

Traditions, respect, not a chance.

You didn't eat this morning?

I didn't have time.

I need an apartment near school.

Like Sarah.

I spoke with Mom. She agrees.

Agrees with what?
She doesn't live with us.

Get going, girls.
Leave us old dogs alone.

I don't believe it.

Walter, could you...

make less noise.

Yes, it's me. Tell me...

Yes, hello.
I just spoke to Clém.

What's this about an apartment?

What are you putting in her head
with her exams so near?

She'll have her independence later.

Suffocating? I'm keeping an eye
on her. There's a difference.

I didn't lose you. I asked you to go.
It's not the same.

You were caught red-handed
kissing my friend Régis.

Call that nothing?

Look up "nothing" in the dictionary.

Come on!


What's with you?
The sirens mean nothing to you!

I'm trying to work.

What do you think we're doing?

Twiddling our thumbs?

Let's go straight to dessert.
You're irritating.

Too bad for my wine...


I'll take it back.

We'll test François's new menu

We'll need to be sharp.

Without me.

I'm working tonight...

twiddling my fingers.

I can't either. I'm busy.


we're close to pay dirt
and then nobody shows.

Great mentality, guys.

Sorry, Walter.
I've something important.

The 3 Zebras aren't important?

The 3 Zebras is us.

It's important to me.

You'd better show up
at the official opening on the 8th.

Otherwise, we're finished.

What's so important?

Do you know?
Is it a gal, work? What's up?

Give him a break.

Let him live a little.

See you tomorrow at 8.

That's my dad.

Bye, Sarah. I'll call you.

Why are you here?

- I'm too old.
- I know. Get in.

- Where are we going?
- You'll see.

Got any candy?

Always. I'm never beat.

Give me some.

Here we are.

See the guy on the phone...

Tell him what you're looking for.

He'll find it.
Is that OK?


Are you happy?

Let's see some proof on my cheeks.

Hey, sweetie,

next time you've a problem,
talk to me first. Not your mom.

You live with me.

- Go ahead, Sweet Pea.
- Thanks.

What's up?
Want to change your doghouse, too?

Food, chauffeur...
Not enough for you?

You girls are hard to figure out.

I came quick. What's up?

Did you know
when you saw me last month...

about Philippe?

You pulled out photos.


What an enchanted period!


I agree to run under 2 conditions:

My campaign becomes more socialist.

You kissing Philippe in Marrakech.

Which brings me
to the second condition:

Not a word about my private life.

What if he talks?

He won't talk about his personal life
in the public arena.

It'll bring him to his knees.

I'm not seeking revenge.

Buy me dinner?

With pleasure.


It's veal liver.

- Built-in fridge.
- It's enormous. I love it.

The living room's there.

It's so beautiful.

It's not working.

Yes, it does.

Does the chimney work?

Yes, but not in Paris.
It faces south though.

It's lovely.


With a nice bathtub.

It's got great volume.

We can brighten it up.

It's got charm.

I almost feel like moving with you.

Where is she?

I'll put my desk in the living room.

I'll put my bed there.

Good work.
Fast, efficient, the way I like it.

- What is it?
- Look!

What's that? Cockroaches?

That's disgusting.

I don't get it.
They weren't there before.

You're not paying attention.
Look at that!

They're as big as hamsters!

How could you miss them!

It's pathetic!

She was happy.
We were ready to sign. It's pitiful!

It worked, buddies...

disgusting, but efficient.

Don't worry. It's no big deal.

There are plenty of apartments.

No kidding... big ones?

You'll find one.
Don't worry. Love you.

That's the Ferran...

- Thanks.
- Ciao.

I've got the info
for the competition.

You go December 8th
after the new menu.

And not just anywhere...

It's in Rio.

To Rio?

Isn't that great?

No, but...


Yeah, Rio de Janeiro.

A great trip.
At the end of your corkscrew,

you'll spearhead our first star.

That's terrific.


Everyone else would have a hard on.
Not him.

Gotta get him on Viagra.

Daddy will get you your carrots.

Nice snack, my boy.

Yes, my Zou.

If I'm to stay at City Hall,

Paris is sure to vote left.

The Socialists,
they'll put on the pressure.

That's for sure.

Mr. Mayor, I've chosen
a Condrieu 2010 for you.

François Villard's domain.

It's exceptional in mineral

and fruit aromas.

He's going to Brazil
for the championship.

Hope you win the title.

Speaking of which,

about Brazil...

Can we talk about it?

We'll see later.

Very well.

Let's see what it's worth.

Why would you lose your following?

That's why.

The UMP decided to make
that playboy my competitor.


What do you expect? It's politics.

The playboy reserved.

You can't campaign in the 14th
and skip my place.

- Mr. Valette.
- Mr. Mayor.

Everything going well?

What a pleasure.

Me too. I've heard so much about
The 3 Zebras.

Thanks. That's kind.

Show the Valettes to their table.

Maybe see you later.


Follow me.

Invite him to join us
while you're at it.

Him on your right, me left.
Centrists on your lap.

It depends.
Who's the idiot this year?

Isn't it late for a skirmish?

The key's assuming responsibility.

The art of war is in my genes.


You're not making a comeback
for your dad.

It's for Philippe.

Still in love with him?

I need to see if I still love myself.

OK, go for it.

About responsibility...

Start by talking to Walter.

Today's meatloaf.

You're on time. What's going on?

Is there a problem?

You're dumping us
for those politicians?

You can't stand them.

Remember your exile with the Polaks?

That's old stuff.

Don't expect me
to bring him back again.

No more barricades.
I'm done with that.

Jacques's different now.

A zebra doesn't change its stripes.

You're friends with Stéphanie.

We have a daughter.
We call to talk about her!

It's for her!

This is for me!

Since my father's death,
I've matured!

Matured? Tell me about it.

If so, you'd avoid those pisspants.

Running for the Centrists
is like an idiot seeking his village!

Walter! He says he's matured.

Listen instead of howling
like your dog.

What did you bring us today?

Award-winning vintage.

You open it.

There's cause for celebration?

You've no chance against Brassac.

He'll destroy you.

And that Valette guy,

he's a scumbag.

I can spot them a mile away.

We're setting up campaign HQ
next week. Will you help?

You're joking, right?

Hold it firm.

Is that good?

It's lower on that side.


Or higher on that side.
It's not straight.

Hello, Mr. Orsini.
Cyrille here.

I can't go to Rio.

It's the plane...
I just can't.

2012 Centrist Party Office

A car, motorcycle
or walking in the street

is more dangerous than planes.

Stats show that planes
don't crash every day.

Hold on.

I see you're jumpy...

I'll be right back.

It's Clem. Don't leave a message.
I'll want to call you, but can't.

Hi, honey.

I'm going to the airport now,
destination Rio.

My sommelier's hung-up
about air travel.

So I'll hold his hand
in case the pills fail.

So I'll be at the competition.

I wanted to send my love
before going,

but you're not there.
See you Tuesday night.

Love you. Take care.

Am I waking you?

I missed you so much.

- I'm happy to see you.
- Me too.

I finished today.

This is a '92.

- It's 20.
- Like me.

Yes, like you...

like the years
I want to spend with you.

20 years is so short.

For me, it's a lifetime.

No Title

A New Beginning in the 14th


Paul's cheating on me.

Not his trysts.

This time it's different.
He's in love.

Head over heels.

With who?

A 20-year-old kid.

Why do you think that?

I read his manuscript.

Are you crazy?

I've been a fool for months.

I've no regrets.
He's written a masterpiece.

He's honored me more with his pen
than his prick.

They say men are vulgar.

If it were serious,
I'd know about it.

I'd definitely know about it
if it were serious.

Back home so soon?

Was Rio nice?

Where were you?

At Sarah's.


Her boyfriend dumped her.
She needed to talk.


if you want your independence
to get laid, forget it.

Lying doesn't work with me. Got it?

You don't understand
because you don't listen!

I'm saying she lied to me!

My own daughter!
Making up stories.

I haven't asked anything
for 5 years, Stéph...

I want the name
of the asshole screwing her,

and before her big exam.

Research it!

Hey, boss. World champion?

World champion... right.

He wants to move in with her.

But she's terrified.

Didn't you tell your dad
he dumped Sarah?

Yes, but... It's not so simple.

He's 50,

married and incredibly charming.

She's afraid
he'll be unfaithful again.

These guys...

rarely leave their wives.

Can't she find a guy her age?

It's not so simple. He loves her.

I hope it's easier for you.

I've got no one.

Of course you do, honey.

Let's get a coffee?

We're better off here.


The amorous life of a grad student
who wants to have some fun.

Four nights of fun with who?

She didn't want to say.
But it's no big deal.

Then why did she lie?

Would you have approved?

You're oblivious, Walter.
You don't see.

You're awed by your pals,
your daughter, even me.

When I love, I'm in awe.

- This spot's for deliveries.
- I'm going.

I'll handle this. It'll be faster.

Don't be ridiculous. It's nothing.

You and your nothings...

Last time it was nothing,
you were cheating.

You never gave me a chance
to explain.

I suppose.

Sorry for bothering you.

This situation won't concern you.

Ever since you left,
you don't know her anymore...

Maybe you find it amusing
her screwing behind my back.

Maybe it sounds familiar.


What did I say?

What did I say?

Stéphanie, stop! Come here.

What did I say?
You know how I am.

Why not join us this weekend
on the island?

We can kill two birds with one stone.
Everyone will be happy.

And if we both work on our academic,
she might tell her secret.

What do you think?

Régis can come, if you want.

I'll set up a cot
in the nice and humid shed.

He's on a work site till Tuesday.

Let's do it at Christmas.

We'll celebrate
the New Year by the sea.

And then...


Excuse me.

I'll give them back
on one condition...

that you answer a simple question.

- Do you have a boyfriend?
- Yes.

- What's his name?
- Maxime.

Maxime's a nice name.

Here you go.
May you be happy together.


When there's nothing to hide,
people answer.

It's not complicated.

Yes, but she's not your daughter.


I don't believe it!

Where is he?

We were gone just 3 minutes.

I'm going.

Where's that mangy mutt!

We'd be happy
to join you at Christmas.

Hello, Raoul.

How are you?

- Who's got your vote?
- Jacques Boffety.

- And ma'am?
- Her too.

- Not at every stand.
- What do the others do?

They're friends, good people,
they'll help us.

Here's Sandra. Come here.

- How are you?
- Hello, Mr. Orsini.

Are things good?

This is Mr. Boffety.

He's the city's hero today.

I'll take 10 rabbits for Tuesday.


How are you?

- The dream team.
- Hello, Mr. Valette.

You know my wife, Sophie?

- Mr. Valette, how are you?
- Fine and you?

- You're still hopeful?
- More than ever.

Gotta keep hopeful.

You haven't changed, Jacques.

If you think so.

what they said in Marrakech...

Mektoub, Jacques.


You can't escape your destiny.

You're just a charming professor.

Hello, Mr. Valette.

- How are you?
- Fine and you?

We wish you good luck.

I'll take it.

Hang in there.

Careful, your student's grown up.

This time, you might be more hurt.

You know each other?

It's an old story.
Shall we move on?

Let's go.

On to chocolates.

I'm home.


I took out your suitcase.
Your Sweet Pea.

I was nice to her boyfriends.

- And Jérôme?
- What about him?

They got home 10 minutes late,
he wasn't wearing a helmet.

Did you wear one at 14?

They say: "Ignore fear
and what you fear may come to pass."

These kids are like primates,
they only think about screwing.

I just keep an eye out.

Like I said, you can't help
tearing the guys to shreds.

What do you know?
Maybe not.

I can't stand her lying to me.
It's unbearable.

Telling the truth shows respect.


I told you to grate them,
not cut them to bits.

Didn't she tell you anything?

She only tells me
when it's important.

This is important. I can sense it.
I'm her dad.

Oh shit!

Stop hurting yourself.

Cut your veins lengthwise,
it's more fun that way.

You'd tell me otherwise.

Of course I would. Don't get upset.

I'm not upset. You're crazy.
I'm just asking.

It's me!

Wait, Jacques.

At least listen.

For Christ's sake, let me explain.

She didn't want to tell
before her exam.

I'm pitiful, is that it?

Say something. Let me have it!

One Sunday, I dropped by Walter's.

She was alone.

We had some tea.

Her expression was veiled, secretive.

I said girls her age were mysterious.

She told me she'd loved me for years.

I always thought
she was original, but...

And this autumn,

when your father died, she kissed me,

my heart exploded.

Walter will freak out.

If I lose her, I'll freak out.


my only defense is

I fell in love.

Béatrice told me.
Apparently you wrote a masterpiece.

It must be good to be home,
and see your friends,

your boyfriend... who knows.

You can tell me everything.

When you love someone, you can talk.

Have any candy?


I'm never beat.

What are these roaches?

What is this?


You don't know!

You put the roaches in the apartment?

You're a sicko!

- Wait.
- Let me go!


You're sick!

Totally sick!

What an asshole, you are!

How could I forget that?

How will I save this situation!

Holy shit.

I should've told you. I'm sorry.

I know who I married.

I hope your sweetheart's as lucid.

It's brilliant. That's what counts.

When's her oral exam?

May 3rd.

We'll publish in June.
It'll be a best-seller.

Isn't June a bit late?

That way you'll write
the last chapter.


You lie to us all,
then deprive us of the big finish?

Shouts, blood, tears...

I love it.

If you love it,

I'll offer you this pleasure.

It's not about my pleasure,

it's the keystone to your story,
our success, dear.


The romantics affirm perfection,

self-satisfaction only exist
in union...

union with the surroundings.

Fusion with nature, the elements...

What is it?

You need to bring in

some German notions
"Sturm und Drang",

- "Der Wanderer".
- Exactly.

And you answer him... a third time!
It's becoming rude!

I'm sorry, Sarah.

He's too old for this childishness.

Go on.

Childish as running for office
to boost your libido.

More like ignoring
the decades separating you!

Go on...
Start over, it'll be clearer.

Romantic poets affirm
there's perfection,


only in the union...

What is it?

- Why's he like this?
- It's nothing.

Sorry, Clémence.

I must be jealous.

Dad will kill me!


He'll understand.
Besides Jacques's here.

Yes, Jacques is here.

He's always here.


Going to sulk long?

I apologized 10 times
on your machine.

Do I get a life sentence?


You'll have your apartment.

For 3 months, it's not worth it.

Not 3 months... after your oral exam.

I need to get used to the idea.
It's not easy.

I spoke to your mother.

She'll be in Paris to work on sites.
She'll help.

She'll find something.

We were also

talking about the New Year.


it'd be nice if we all got together.
It's her idea.

She's even bringing Régis.

I'm not delighted,
but what can you do...

You could introduce us.

To who?

Your boyfriend. You know...

It's not a bad idea.

She said

I could pick him up,

and we could get to know each other.

Why not?

Mom suggested that?


word for word.

So, where does the guy live?

He won't be walking?

Where does he live?
You tell me, I'll get him.

Drink your tea before it gets cold,
and tell me later.

It's like I'm asking for...
it's unreal.

Hey, kids, Santa's coming,

with your presents.

Nice presents.

Here come the presents.

Shit! What timing!

You're a real asshole, Walter.

Clém's spending New Year's with me.

Enjoy Christmas with your pals.

I try to make everyone happy,

and it all backfires.

I'm just a jerk. What can I say?

This year, everyone for himself.
Christmas without my daughter

is like Ile de Ré without water.

It's meaningless. It can't happen.

Stop, we've already packed.

We'll go to Ile de Ré,
with or without her.

The water will be there.

And turkey, too.

Yes, turkey too.

That's all there is to it.

You're a handsome Santa.

It's the costume.

I couldn't take it anymore.

Régis asked me to live with him.

So I answered

no thanks, that's kind of you...

He took me in his arms
and kissed me.

And then...

I didn't resist.

That's when
Walter opened the office door.

Régis carried my bags

and then he carried me... here.

That's when I began...

to breathe again. There he is.

I opened a bottle of vin jaune.

It's not bad with foie gras.

- I'll stick to champagne.
- I like champagne too.


I suggest you keep quiet.

I told the Commandatore,
it was nothing. Avoid getting caught.

I've thought about it.

I'll talk to him after your oral.

You don't even know who it is.

We know enough.

Merry Christmas, my love.

It's Paul.


Whose is this?

It's from me.

Feels like a cheap Loire valley.

Good grief... A Pétrus '77.

Not him too, I'm going to bed.

I can only afford a cigar.

Cigars and wine...
everything that counts for me.

Merry Christmas, Walter.

- You're nuts.
- It's nothing.

You must have important news.

I can buy expensive wines, too.

With all the affection
I have for you.

And I'm happy
to take you down a notch.

Take me down with this any time.

Measuring affection
with a bottle of Pétrus...

Come on,
it's Christmas after all.

Look at this label.

Now I'll get an earful.

There you are.

Hello, Daddy.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year.

How are you?

How was it?

It's never great
with high expectations.

You missed my turkey this year.

It wasn't the turkey I missed.

So handsome. Where are you going?

Eating with Jacques...
to prop him up.

He looked green
at yesterday's meeting.

Like at the market the other day,

when he ran into that other asshole.

- Want to join us?
- No, I have work.

Let's go, my friends. The room's
full. We're the champs.

Your floating island's a bit weak.

Get out of my kitchen
so I can cook properly.

Are your friends staying?

They're my friends.
The dining room's booked.

3 mains:
ris de veau, pigeon and turbot.


Vincent Brassac's here.

Hey, Jacques,

- mind if I talk to him?
- Why would I mind?

Go get him.

I was just asking.

In politics, enemies talk.

I see.

How's my Vincent?

I have a scoop.

Valette's gay.

No. Can't be.

- 100%
- Are you sure?

Can it be true?

I've got news.
Valette's gay.

Can you believe it?
Married with 2 kids.

That's a killer.

Did you know, Jacques?

I know things about writers.

- So?
- So, nothing.

Let the guy live his life.

He's been lying for 30 years!

People won't vote for someone
who can't face his identity.


The medias got it.

Without proof, it's defamation.


With smoke, there's fire.

I'll destroy that playboy's image.
No problem for me.

Guys, take your fun elsewhere.

I'm under the gun,
and you're in my way.

I want my kitchen back.

Let's get motivated.
Focus on the task!

I drank too much.

I'll join you.
I'll give Zou some carrots.

Old boy...


It was a massive stroke.

His heart tore in half.

Can a heart be torn in half?

At 15, it's rare.
But it can.

It could happen to anyone.

You'll deal with his corpse.

I'm sorry. Good evening.

Stéphanie, it's me.

Sorry for calling so late...

Zou died...

I wanted to tell you.

We bought him together
when he was little.

His heart was torn in half.
Can you believe it?

I didn't think a heart

could be torn in two.

At 15 years old.

A Zebra lives to 30. He died at 15.
Half of his life.

He was in great shape.

I know, I know...


When will you be in Paris?

I wanted to invite you to dinner

to say I'm sorry about New Year's.

In March?

Yeah, if life permits...

It seems these things are fragile.

Alright, go back to sleep.
Big kiss to you too.


Life flies by. Shit!

The problem with life is death...

It flies by. Look at poor Zou.

That's why I decided to be
more flexible.

I'll buy her apartment
after her oral exam.

But I'd like to do it together...
if you agree.

I'd like that.

I'm glad you realize. You've got
to let her go a bit to keep her.

Doing the right thing takes time.

Eventually you'll realize
what happened to us.

Seeing's believing.
I saw it. Sorry.

Why do we have to dig further?

You only saw what was on the surface.
Not beneath.

What did you see, Walter?

You saw your wife
in the arms of a man.

Did you wonder why?

Maybe he was consoling her
because she was unhappy!

Is she unhappy? Did you wonder?

You were happy,
and when Walter's happy,

everyone's happy!

Same if you're unhappy.
Walter's always right.

You talk loud, so you're right.

Let me tell you,

my heart split in two
when you kicked me out.

But I survived.

Because I fought... that's me.

People around you
are more fragile.

You can hurt them.

Careful, Walter.

What wine with the prawns?
Sancerre or Muscadet?

I know you heard me.




As usual...

we can never agree.


What brings you here now?

You could've told me the other night.


If I show it,
I'll lose the centrists.

If not, it'll be defamation.

Either case, it's nasty.

Didn't you know?

Your pals kept you in the dark.

I'm coming.

I know everything.

It's serious. Not some passing fancy.

I was planning to talk to you...

in May.

Just after the...

Forgive me, Walter.

What can I say?

I feel foolish.

You feel foolish.

It was going on behind my back,
and you feel foolish.

How do you think I feel?

A buffoon kept in the dark
for 30 years.

A real boob!

Why May?

Earlier, you said May. Why May?

Well, I meant...


After the elections...

Leave him some time...

Elections are a lot of pressure.

Get dressed. Let's go.


To see Jacques.

He's busy now.

Forget it.

We'll deal with it later.
He can't screw up his last meeting.

Keep quiet till then.

I'll talk to him after the elections.

Results in 30 seconds.



Thanks, my friend.

23% is a record.

6 years ago, we didn't hit 14%.

It's great, Jacques.

- Bravo.
- Thanks a lot.

Go with Valette
and the UMP will back us.



Thank you so much, ma'am.

That's what we need.

Turn it around and win.

Excuse me.

Good evening.

Already here, buddy?


- Forget it.
- I'm cool.

- It's a celebration.
- I don't care.

I'll get a drink for a toast.

Nice score, Jacques.

You can be proud.

You're a hero.


You'll step behind me soon enough.


Hey, pretty boy,
step into your carriage and get lost.

Stay away from my pal.
Listen when I'm talking!

You're so nasty. Calm down.

Out of my sight.

- You need help!
- Get yourself some help!

See you soon, Jacques.

See how that asshole talked to you!

After 30 years, he talks like that?



You won.

Jump for joy! Have fun!

I couldn't tell you.

I was afraid.

It was easier to talk to Paul.

Forgive me.

Forgive you for what? Are you nuts?

You could've talked to me.

It's all the same to me.

Nothing's changed.

Nothing's changed... not exactly.

Nothing's changed,

that's life.

Take me, I talk loud.

I wave my arms,
but I can still listen.

And when I wondered about you,
I asked Paul.

You're right. It was easier.

How did you find out?

Brassac didn't dare bring it out.

Too bad. You look good.

Thanks, Pierre.

Forget it.

Now is what counts.

I'll withdraw. I've no choice.


Are you crazy?

Letting those guys get you down?

If you do that, Jacques,

we're finished.

Very well.

Pass me your keys.

Did you get a scolding?


Now you'll step behind me.

What makes you so sure?

Get behind me

or this goes to press.

Since tonight, I've nothing to lose.

You're not going to throw away
your career.

You know,

in politics, you never really die.

What if I apologize?

That's so pathetic.

Just kidding.

You used to like my humor.

My student's grown up,
but he hasn't grown wiser.

I don't hold a grudge, Philippe.

Get out.

Get out, Philippe.

A nice Château Cheval Blanc '76.

I bought 2 cases
when Clémence was born.

Lovely color.

It's magnificent.

To our new mayor.

Thank you.

To your health.

It's some serious wine.

It's disgusting!

It's left-wing swill.

Now who's laughing?

Any left?

The real stuff is
in a carafe upstairs.

Excuse me.

Yes, Stéph.

Five apartments in two days.
You waste no time.

When can I see them?

Of course I do. I'm paying.

You'll be happy. You'll see.

We already signed. We had no choice.

We had to act quick.

You'll see. You'll really like it.

Hardly any work to do on it.

A little trouble with the tap.

No, it's the mixer valve.

I'll handle it.

Did you hear? Your dad's here.

I suggest we all

visit after your exam.

What are you doing on Thursday?

I don't know.
He's struggling with the tap.

What's wrong?
Tell me what you want.

I got my apartment.

Mom suggests
we see it together on Wednesday.

Yes, but...

I have lunch with your dad.

That way he won't be in our way.

We'll be quick.

You'll be late as usual.


Alright, let's do it.

I'm so happy.

Isn't this great?

I'd have preferred Thursday
after your exam.

It's been a tradition for 20 years!
All 3 of us decided

to eat with the sirens!

Let's eat. He'll show up then.

Disrespect tradition
and things fall apart!

It's not nice, not serious!

Clém's oral is tomorrow. Calm down.

That's nothing to do with it.

Yes, Mr. Rougerie.

I put it next to the sink myself.

Someone stole it!

We finish tonight. I promised
my daughter to visit tomorrow.

I'll do it myself. I'll buy another!

I know how to do it!

Leave the keys with the concierge.

Ok, that's how we'll handle it.

Someone stole my mixing valve.

We're going to Clém's.

- What about Paul?
- He should be here!

It's super.

OK, I'm going.

You haven't seen everything!

It's great, but I've got to run.

At least look at my room.


It's 20m² and it's empty.

You don't give a damn!

- That's not true.
- Then what?

We haven't told Walter, and you're
decorating the nuptial suite.

It's a bit premature, that's all.

Go picnic with your pals,
I've had enough!

Hi, Stéphanie.

I'm late for lunch with Walter.

He'll kill you.

It's open. Mr. Rougerie must be here.

Mr. Rougerie!

Mr. Rougerie?

What are you doing here?

What the hell are you doing?

I offer her a dream present,

she doesn't wait to open the package.

An apartment isn't a stuffed animal.

I'm such an asshole, Clém!

We'll live where you want
and have lots of babies.

Walter... don't.
It's just the way it is.


Dad, wait. Please.

I love him, too!

How can I accept you falling in love
with my best friend!

The stinking traitor!

He makes me happy.
Isn't that what you want?

Where's your future?
With a man my age?

I don't give a damn about his age!


the two of us were happy.

- No, Dad, please.
- Enough.

Miss Orsini,

follow me.

Hello, Walter.

I'm not here to plead my lost cause.

I won't apologize
for falling in love.

It happened,
and it makes me happy too.

I'm here to say,

I kept quiet
because I didn't want to lose you.

You kept quiet
because you were ashamed!

I hope!

Ashamed of screwing
your pal's daughter.

I don't want to hear you!

Get lost! Go!


You want to know everything?

You want to know,

but you don't listen.

Jacques's asked you to quit drinking
coffee like a boor for 40 years.

You don't listen,
don't accept anything.

We're forced to lie.
Then you're a victim.

Why do people play you for a fool?
Ever wonder?

Your daughter, your wife,
your pals... even your dad?

You never forgive.
You don't give us a chance.

You had a second chance.

Where'd you be without us?

Nothing, a nobody.

You steal my daughter,

and you preach to me in my home?

You annihilated me.

Get out,

before I throw you out.

Do it for me.

Clém dazzled the jury
with Hemingway and his icebergs.

You too, Walter. Go beneath.


Stéphanie had some hope.

He'd returned to her.

He'd return to us.

But Clém knew it was illusory.

The Commandatore had fallen.
He wouldn't get up.

I wondered how much longer
she'd share her life

with the guy who deprived her
of her dad.

Jacques devoted himself
to his new job.

He accepted official city housing,
and decided to sell his bookstore.

As for Walter, he moved to Ile de Ré.

His restaurant earned its star.
He left François in charge.

He left Paris
as he had left his father.

The only difference,

the weight of his bags.

The ones he'd placed in his trunk

held 40 years of memories.

Stéphanie was wrong.

Walter wouldn't return.

Clém and Jacques were saddened.

But I felt nothing.

I had lost Walter long ago.

The night in October
when I kissed his daughter.

What's wrong?

That's exactly as it had happened.

It's not like your hero.
He lacks panache.

What? Panache?

My hero threw me out like shit.

Blood, shouts...
wasn't that it?

And tears.

Tears... yes.

I'm looking for
Vittorio Orsini's grave.

Check in the office.


If you've come to my tomb,
I ask your forgiveness. Your father.

Come in.

Sorry to come unexpectedly,

but I couldn't wait to say this.

Am I disturbing you?

Is Régis here?

Did you want to kiss him?


It'll have to wait. He's biking.

That's not why you're here.


Want some coffee?

Yes, please.

Nothing serious?

On the contrary.


I plunged...

I did like you said,
I went beneath the surface...

and I understood some things.
I wanted to talk.

You understood things?

What did you understand?

For instance, my father...

He didn't bother to say sorry
while he was alive.

He died alone.

Like a fool in his trattoria.

I don't want to make
the same mistake.

And also,

about the two of us...

I listened to myself.

I didn't listen to you.

I lost you.

And I regret it.

You still don't take sugar?


No, thanks.

I'm sorry.

Frankly, tell me,

is it hard living with me?


it's hard living without you, too.

What will you do now?

I don't know. I guess I'll regroup.

- I'll see.
- And your friends?

You know Jacques sold the bookstore?


I guess, he's got

other things on his agenda.


how's Clém doing?

She's doing well.

Take a look.

When do you sign?

The notary's handling it.
I've got no time.

What will happen to it?

He says it'll stay a bookstore.

So it's the last time we'll eat here?

Here, yes.

I chose well.

Bâtard-Montrachet 2001.

"Drink on bended knee,
with head bared."

Alexandre Dumas.

To Alexandre.

Shit, it's corked.


today we're having kidneys.

Sit down, sweetie.

I'm acting like it's mine...

But it's mine, now.

Mine... and ours.

What do you mean?

You bought it?

I couldn't let go
the best canteen in town.

Sweet Pea,

open Paul's present

that we guarded preciously.

I'll go heat up the grub.

I'll keep you company.

I'll be back.

The majestic movement of icebergs

happens because only 1/9
appears above water.

Hemingway said that,

a colossus,

like my dad.


Subtitling: ECLAIR