American Animals (2018) - full transcript

Four young men mistake their lives for a movie and attempt one of the most audacious heists in U.S. history.

There was nothing in their backgrounds

that would suggest,

you know, something like that
would... would happen.

I... I was at a loss.

They were pretty darn good kids.

These boys weren't criminals,
they didn't have records.

And, you know,
for something like this to happen,

to the boys and to the school,
of course, it was a big loss at the time.

We were in shock.

I mean, we did not expect...

that from our son, ever.

It's like we woke up in a nightmare.

Everything in our family was

geared towards our kids to be successful.

It was just a...

a moment which we lost him.


Spencer. Thank you for waiting.

We've been very impressed with your portfolio

and the exceptional
commendations of your teachers.

But now we're hoping to find out
a little bit more about you personally.

Um, like my family background, stuff?

Whatever you think is most relevant.

Just tell us a little bit about who you are.


My name is Spencer Reinhard.

I'm from Lexington, Kentucky,
and I'm 30 years old

for another... less than a month, I guess.

My father, he is, uh, an engineer.

My mom is a stay-at-home mom, I guess.

Let me stop you there. That's great.

I suppose, what we'd really like to know,

is about you.

Like, uh, hobbies and stuff?

What do you hope to express with your work?

I mean...

Who are you as an artist?

Next one! Next one!

Mr. Reinhard, the honorable man, if you will.

Um, he strives for the generosity
of the generous.

For the humility of the humble.

The honorable man is...

Suck it up! Suck it up!

Suck it up! Suck it up!

- Suck it up! Suck it up!
- Hit it!

Suck it up! Suck it up!

Growing up, I had a...

a desire for some kind
of life-altering experience.

I started to read about other artists.

They were always affected
by some kind of tragedy in their life,

and had to suffer a great deal.

Van Gogh ended up killing himself.

Monet went blind.

I felt like they understood
something more about life

that I wasn't getting to experience.

Art has to be about more than just...

"My life is great,
and I'm really good at drawing."

About fucking time.

What do you mean it's about time?

I left you like a zillion messages.

You haven't left me
a message in weeks, Warren.

Anyway, do you wanna do something?

- I think I'm gonna go to bed.
- I'm coming over.

Seriously, man, fuck fraternities.

The reason to be a part of that is so one day

you can walk in the door
of an office you never wanna go in

to see a guy you never wanna meet,

all on the hopes that he might give you a job

you never wanna fucking do.

Something I've often thought about, is how,

my life would've been different
if I hadn't met Warren.

So this is the, uh...

dinosaur, T-Rex,

trying to turn off a ceiling fan.

Warren was definitely somebody

that my mom did not want me
to be friends with.

We were not thrilled
with the relationship with Warren,

but we accepted it because...

that was his friend.

You need to have a little bit of...


in the broth.

And Warren probably was that spice.

People have said that...

I was the ring leader,

but that's just not true.

There was no ring leader.

Yes! Shit!

Did I work here?

Half of this shit got wasted.

Literally, thrown in the fucking trash.

Hand me the flashlight.

Uh, Warren, what are we doing here?

Did you know that 40%
of restaurant food in America

gets thrown in the trash? Just thrown away.

We are the fattest
fucking nation on the planet,

and we still throw nearly half
of our food away.

- I mean, kids are starving...
- Fuck, man. Africa, dude.

It's fucking tragic.

What the fuck are we gonna do with this, huh?

We're saving it from landfill.

Do you eat avocados? They're over...

No, I'm fine, Warren...

- Shit.
- Run! Run, run, run, run, run!

Don't drop the fucking meat. Goddammit.

Next time, you're gonna get
a fucking bullet, Warren!

Fuck 'em up in their ass!


- Drive. Drive.
- I'm driving.

I'm driving. I'm driving!

I'm driving! I'm driving!

# I'm alive #

# And I see things
Mighty clear today #

# I'm alive #

# I'm real #

# I can taste and touch
And see and feel #

# I'm alive #

Look at these fucks.

We should just rev up
and put 'em out of their misery.

I don't even know what we're doing back here.


So, did you meet
any new cool people over there?

No. Bunch of jocks.




It's not what I thought it would be.

Do you ever wonder,
you ended up being born you...

here, and not someone else?

Do you ever feel like you're waiting
for something to happen,

but you don't know what it is?

But, it's...

that thing that could, um...

make your life special.


Like what?


"Like what?"

Good news
if you woke up wondering

if you're living
in the right town today, folks.

'Cause Forbes Magazine votes Lexington

fourteenth best place in the US
for business and careers.

If there is a book you cannot find,

either on the shelves or on the computer,

please make a point of asking
a member of the library staff.

Through these doors
live the special collection.

And in future, you will require
an appointment to go through these doors,

and you will need to be accompanied

by a member of the library staff
at all times.

Someone take the door. Thank you.

Many of the books in this library

have been here since the 19th century,

and we are very pleased to be home

to some of the rarest editions
in the United States.

John James Audubon

is responsible for this masterpiece here.

First edition, Birds of America.

He lived here in Kentucky.

He had some misfortune in business,
went to prison for debt.

When he left prison,
he headed for the wilderness

with a gun, some paint,

and a deep desire to paint
every bird in America.

And when he came back into civilization,

he was acclaimed as one of
the foremost figures in American art.

So, how much is it worth?

Well, we don't discuss
the worth of our books,

but I can assure you that Mr. Audubon

would never have imagined

that his book would be
the most valuable in existence.

Now, most of you are familiar with this book.

Arguably among
the most important ever written.

Darwin's On The Origin of Species.

Please look at line number ten,
and tell me what you see.

Species is spelt wrong.

That's correct. Species is...

Will you be joining us, sir?

I'm pretty sure he told me
about it at Richard's party.

I remember it being cold.

A book?

In what world can a book
be worth $12 million?

It's not really a book.

It's more like a collection of paintings.

I think I told him about it in the car.

Maybe November. It was cold.

I still don't understand how a book
could be worth $12 million.

So like if Picasso
had a bunch of his paintings

in a book.

When you say it's in the library,
it's like, what...

sitting on a shelf?

No, it's in the, uh,
special collections room.

Which is what? Like a vault?

More like a secure room
with glass cases and stuff.

With guards on the doors and shit?

No, but obviously,
you can't just walk in there.

Hey, pull in here.

'Cause there's security everywhere?

Not that I saw.


what, then?

Because you have to make an appointment.

So, this is how you remember it?

Not exactly.

But if this is how Spencer remembers it,

then let's go with it.

It's $12 million.

Could we get it?

You know, like, what would it take?

It would take extraordinary effort to get it.

Not ordinary effort.


I think you know what.

There's been so much, "Who brought it up?

Who kinda started it?"

I feel like he was fishing...

and that I took the bait.

It would be true to say that
once Warren latches on to an idea,

that he's not easily going to let it go.

Look, all I'm saying
is that nothing will happen,

unless you make something happen.

We're supposed to be hunter-gatherers, man.

And our whole life,
we're just unwrapping shit.

Packaging, packaging, packaging.

The illusion of choice.

It's bullshit, man.

Everyone in here thinks that
they're gonna win the lottery,

but no one buys a ticket.

Well, yeah, a prison would be a...

nice change of scenery.

Well, what about ending up
on a fucking boat in the Caribbean?

Like the end of Shawshank Redemption.

Oh, my God.

What about that?

They'd been in prison for 20 years.

And sorry to burst your bubble, but, uh,

it doesn't work like that
in real life, Warren.

Bad guys, they don't get
to ride off into the sunset

- with the money and...
- Wait a second.

...the gold, and, uh...

How will we be the bad guys?

Uh, we'd be the robbers.

Aren't you even curious...

in your little, little brain,

to find out what would actually happen?

Aren't you curious?

Find out what?

To find out what would
really happen in real life.

I've lost count.

Can you go, man, please? I work here, Warren.

- I work...
- Listen to me.

- Come on.
- Listen to me.

I gotta do this shit.

We're gonna need the blueprints.

We're gonna need to know
the exits and entry points.

We're gonna need to know the staff entrances
and the fastest way out of the building

at any given point in time.

What do you say?

You don't need blueprints.

We can just draw it.

These guys are fools.

They can't afford to weasel out on the deal.

If they did, they'd be washed up, okay?

- Okay.
- Any other questions?

Well, let's take a look at this, then.

This is a rough drawing
of the track, as I remember it.

There aren't exactly books

that instruct you
on how to steal art.

I want you to go over this thing
with me inch-by-inch.

Add or subtract the slightest change,

even if it's something as small
as the placement of a hot dog stand.

5:10, tall, redhead, librarian one,

leaves for the evening.


short, male administrative assistant returns.

Hold the door, please.

Many of the books in this library
have been here since the 19th century.

Neither of us were really serious
about the idea.

I took it very seriously from the start.

Warren, there's no secret knock.

Yeah, well, there should be.


You lost your fake ID already, didn't you?

Actually, I came
to talk to you about something.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.

What's up?

What if I have something to get rid of?

What thing are you talking about?

Something rare.

So, you're looking for a fence?

I'm looking for a guy
who's gonna buy something rare.


I don't wanna hear anything about this.

But, I know a guy
you might be able to talk to.

But I've only met him once.

And, I don't know
if I can vouch for him, so...

- Do you understand?
- Absolutely, I get it.


He's out in New York.
He does not like phone calls.

How do I get in touch with him?

- What is this?
- That's a fence.

What's a fence?

"What's a fence?"

A fence is somebody who buys stolen shit.

We're supposed to email that guy,
ask him for a meeting,

and sign off with the name "Terry".

And he said to never email
from the same account twice.

How fucking cool is that?

- Good work.
- Thank you.

"Best, Terry."


- I wanna change that...
- Oops.

I just don't get, like,
what a "good faith" payment is.

I mean, we give him 500 bucks for a meeting?

It's to show we're serious
and not time-wasters.

I would've thought, driving
across the country for 12 hours

was a good demonstration of that.

It's just how it's done, man.

Oh, you know this
from all your previous heists?

Would you relax?

What would you do with the money?

Aren't artists supposed to starve?

You're listening
to your favorite oldies station.

Back-to-back hits
from the '50s, '60s and '70s.

# Many years since I was here #

# On the street
I was passin' my time away #

We were out of Kentucky,
and nobody knows that we're gone.

There was a sense of possibility.

Real things were actually
starting to happen, and they were...

It was changing...
changing our lives right then.

# Here I am, and in this city #

# With a fistful of dollars #

# And baby You'd better believe #

# I'm back
Back in the New York Groove #

# I'm back
Back in the New York Groove #

# I'm back
Back in the New York Groove #

# Back #

I was fearful at the time
that, if the guy didn't show up,

that this fantasy would be over,

and we'd be going back to Kentucky,

and... things would kinda resume
their normal, uh, course.

And then, suddenly,
Warren's talking to a guy

with a ponytail and a blue scarf.

Or was it a purple scarf?

The guy was in his 50s.

I mean, white hair, and well-dressed.

He hands me the piece of paper,

and that was that,
he didn't even count the money.


So, what'd he say? What'd he say?

He wasn't the buyer.

But he gave us a contact.

The fence.

So, that guy wasn't the fence?

I thought you said he was the fence.

I guess not.

We just...

We spent $500 on an email address.

Now all we have to do is contact this guy.

He says he speaks English.



Let's go get some food.
Come on, I'm freezing.

Uh, why wouldn't he speak English, Warren?


"Sir, thank you for your email.

I'm afraid we only do business in person,

but we'll welcome you
and your items in the Netherlands

at your earliest convenience."

- We have to go.
- To Holland?

- To the Netherlands.
- Can you stop?

No, I'm not stopping until it's burned.

- Warren.
- It's evidence.

Hot. Motherfuck.

Thank you. Sorry.

So, you wanna go all the way over there,

to meet some actual criminals

we know nothing about,

to talk about something we don't even have?


What's your suggestion?

Maybe it's time,
you know, to face reality.

Maybe it's something we're not able to do.

So we're just gonna sit here and do nothing?

That is so disappointing.

I can't even tell you.

How about you, Spencer?
You keeping your game up?

Uh, not so much.

I mean, I'm trying to take
the whole art thing seriously.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Well, I guess
somebody has to, huh?

But, you know, you wanna keep
that blood pumping, son.

And speaking of which, uh,

I ran into Burt Morris last week,

and he said you missed
a couple of practice games.

- Yeah.
- Now, Warren,

you're there on a scholarship.

And that's what it means.
You're there to play.

I had it the same way.

- Fuck!
- Jesus Christ.

You okay?

Remember, quitters never win...

- And winners never quit.
- Here you go, Spencer.

Yeah, something to live by.

So, how is your mom, Spencer?

Uh, she's doing good.

- Good. You tell her I said hi for me.
- I will.

I need to speak with you, please.

What, now, Sue?


Excuse me, guys.

What I wanna do is just have
dinner with the boys.

- What is this?
- You're holding my...

I'm divorcing your father.

I'm sorry.

And then, I think
I looked over at Spencer, and...

I mean, who knows if this is
how it really went, but he said...

I remember it being like, "Whoa."

I should go now.

Is she fucking crying?

Are you fucking crying?

Warren, I'm gonna go, man.

Yeah, let's go.

You should chew your food, man, seriously.

We're carrying on with the plan.

What are you talking about?

Holland. Amsterdam, and then gone.

Come on, Warren, you know I can't go.

Even if I wanted to.

Come on, man.


Look, maybe I can, uh, find some money,

and... put it towards half the ticket.

- Really?
- Yeah.


it'll be only you going.

That's okay.


- Give me a kiss.
- Don't you even touch me, man.

- All right, bro.
- Thanks, brother.

- Go get 'em, all right?
- Yeah.

# Thrown like a star
In my vast sleep #

# I open my eyes
To take a peep #

# To find that I was
By the sea #

# Me gazing with tranquility #

# It was then
When the Hurdy Gurdy Man #

# Came singing songs of love #

# Then when
The Hurdy Gurdy Man #

# Came singing songs of love #

# Hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy #

# Hurdy gurdy, gurdy, he sang #

# Hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy #

# Hurdy gurdy, gurdy, he sang #

Hi, I'm David. I work with Mr. Beckman.


You mind if I sit?

You guys are the guys that we...

You have some books,

and you have some paintings.

That I do.

That I do.

Now, uh, we have a number
of items pertaining to

the existence, for which I'm here.


The books, the Audubons.

They're very rare.


That's why I'm here.

That's why you're here

with your piece of paper.

Well, uh, I didn't know...

Mr. Beckman is your father?

No, uh, Mr. Beckman is my employer.

Actually, we are kind of related.

He's, uh, he's actually my...

my mom's sister's husband,

which makes him sort of, uh, uncle.

You have authentication?

when you say authentication...

We take items from various sources,

and we don't inquire where they came from,

as long as we have authentication

with a very famous auction house.

Yeah, um...

So, you're saying,
with the correct authentications,

that these items would be of interest to you?



Mr. Beckman's gonna be very pleased
about this, by the way. Um...

So... can I ask, roughly,

in terms of, um...

- It's hard, I imagine, to...
- How much?


How much?

Thirty to forty percent
of the valuation price.

That's, um, millions of dollars, right?


Look, I've been thinking just, uh, you know,

we're gonna need a bigger boat.

We're gonna need a bigger boat?

I mean, we're gonna need somebody else.


Why do we need someone else?

We need somebody with skills
that we don't have.

Somebody who's good with logistics,

and chess.

Accepted accounting... principles.


on auditing.

So, in 1992,

we get SAS 82.

Anyone dare to explain
the significance of this one?

Mr. Borsuk.

I was majoring in accounting
because I wanted a career at the FBI.

At the time, that was only one
of the two majors

they accepted straight out of college.

Eric was a gentleman.

A good student.

Gave made no pause

or concern, uh, whatsoever.

I always felt like I was, um...

kind of a loner for some reason.

Um, yeah, um, SAS 82

states that auditors have the duty
to actively look for fraud

and not just report it if they find it.

That's correct.

Except, in reality,
it doesn't always work like that, does it?

Arthur Andersen.

Remember them? Auditors to Enron?

Um, thank you for that, Mr. Borsuk.

So, in 2002,
that leads us to SAS 99...

Don't cancel me.

Shit! What the fuck are you doing here?

I need to talk to you.

But not here.

Warren and I lost touch.
We had a falling out.

Been about three months
since we had last spoken.

I thought that we weren't speaking.

What? Wait.

No. Uh, no, no, no, no.

Can... we just agree

to put all that stupid shit
behind us, please?

I mean, no.

- Hey.
- So, what's up, man?

What's with all the mystery?

I'm here to talk to you
about something deadly serious.

I figured you must want something.

Actually, I came to offer you something.

- Oh, really? Yeah?
- Yeah.

There's no one else I could trust with this.

You're either in or you're out, right now.

How can I tell you if I'm in or I'm out
without you telling me

the first thing about
what I might be in or out of.

I would just need you to say
"in principle," okay?

Because this might be something
not exactly legal.

And there's a chance

that we would have
to leave everything behind.

Okay, when you say "not legal"...

I'm gonna say this one time,
and one time only.

You're either in or you're out. Right now.

- I'm gonna need more than this, Warren.
- Not till you commit.

This would be something dangerous,

and very fucking exciting,

that I need you to be a part of.

This could change everything.

This is your red pill
or blue pill moment, my friend.

How's college?

Would we have to go tonight?

I think I was just saying yes,
because I knew that

I wanted to, um...

regain our friendship more than anything.

So what's your plan?

This is
partly where you come in.

Just take a look for me, please.

- It can't be done at night.
- What?

What's the one time of day when
no one's supposed to be in the building?

It'd be impossible to get in
without triggering the alarms.

It would have to be done during the day.

You see?

I knew you were the man for this.

Look at him. Just like a fish in water.


Let's just walk in there
in broad daylight and rob the place.

Oh, yeah, while... while you're at it,
you're gonna dynamite the canteen, right?

How many cameras did you say
were in the special collections room?

Because they're gonna be watching
everything from the campus safety office.

The cameras, the alarms.

They're gonna know who's coming in and out.

What are you doing?

I'm taking notes. This is good stuff.

Are you fucking retarded?


Why don't you just email the FBI and ask them

where they'd like us
to leave our fingerprints?

You can make it easy for them.

Guys, we need to find out who's watching
the special collections room and when.

I concur with that.

Come in.


- Take a seat, Warren.
- Okay.

I assume you know why you're here.


Not really, sir.

Right. Mr. Lipka...

you came here on an athletic scholarship.

Perhaps it doesn't seem
like a particularly big deal to you.

No, sir, it does.

Well, son, you have
a funny way of showing it.

Because I warned you countless times

what would happen
if you continue to fail to show up.

Assistant coach suspects drugs
or alcohol may be involved.

Now... it pains me

to see you lose this scholarship.

But it's gonna pain

and probably embarrass your father
a whole lot more.

So you might wanna reflect on

what that kind of disappointment
will mean for him.


That will be a disappointment.

Thing is...

I worked to get on that team
since I was about five.

And I have absolutely no idea why.

To be honest, sir...

I think this whole place is a disappointment.

I think you're a disappointment.

And I think this whole goddamn town

is a disappointment.

Get out.

Is that it?

The cameras aren't cameras.

They're motion detectors.

We're gonna email the library,

asking to have the Audubon
and the illuminated manuscript

on display when we arrive.

They will be here and here.

Can you please not touch the model? Thanks.

As I was saying.

Back here is target priority number one,
the Audubon.

Now, directly behind the display case
is a doorway

which leads to a staff elevator
that goes straight to the basement.

Now, once in the basement,

we can access the fire exit
at the side of the building.

Uh, where's the librarian?

- Thank you.
- Just watch it.

The librarian is the single biggest risk
to this entire operation.

She needs to become a non-factor
as soon as possible.

Now, once inside the room,

you two will bag up the smaller books,

and I'll unlock the cases
containing the Audubon and the Darwin.

We should be in and out
in less than three or four minutes.

- Good afternoon. Come in.
- How are you?

I'm Betty Jean Gooch,

and I will need your names
for the log, please.

I am, uh, Spencer Green.

# A little less conversation
A little more action, please #

# All this aggravation
Ain't satisfactioning me #

# A little more bite
And a little less bark #

# A little less fight
And a little more spark #

# Close your mouth
And open up your heart #

# And, baby, satisfy me #

# Satisfy me, baby #

# Come on, baby
I'm tired of talking #

# Grab your coat
And let's start walking #

# Come on, come on
Come on, come on #

# Come on, come on
Come on, come on #

# Come on, come on
Come on, come on #

# Don't procrastinate
Don't articulate #

# Girl, it's getting late
You just sit and wait around #

# Yeah
A little less conversation #

# A little more action
Please #

# All this aggravation
Ain't satisfactioning me #



Doesn't work.

We need two guys, at least, in the room.

Then you need a third guy,

downstairs in the library keeping lookout.

Then, we're gonna have to have
a getaway driver.

Who's your driver?

- The three of us isn't enough.
- He's right.

I just wanna see
how any of this is gonna work.

I mean, does this seem realistic or...

Well, you got a better idea, Spence?

No. Fuck.

I was torn between the desire
to keep the adventure going,

and waiting for the insurmountable
obstacle that would...

stop everything in its tracks
and return things to normal.

We need someone else that we can trust.

Wait, wait, wait. Someone else?

You wanna bring in someone else?

You got a better idea?

Who else can we trust with this?

Someone with a fast car.

Or the money to get one.

I'd only met him
a couple of times in high school.

I'd never really got along
too well with Chas.

The decision to bring on
the fourth person came from Eric.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it was Warren's idea.

I definitely wouldn't have
ever suggested we bring Chas on.

My name is Charles Thomas Allen ll,
but people call me Chas.

My dad built me for success.

I started my first company at 12 years old.

At 16, bought my first rental property.

He's been a little entrepreneur,
as long as I can remember.

You know, mowing grass, uh...

You know, he followed his dad around.

He was a little Tom.

He just followed him around all the time,

wanting to be, you know,

business and, you know,
do everything his dad did.

Chas, interestingly enough,
I knew his dad.

Uh, he worked out at the same gym
that I did for a while.

Just a wonderful person.

Uh, you know, I mean,
a prince of an individual.

I think the qualities that...

we thought Chas could bring was money.

Jesus fucking Christ, Warren.

- Stop doing that shit.
- Sorry.

Sorry, man.

Can we talk to you about something?

Yeah, what's up?

Once I realized they
were serious about the plan,

I thought they were smoking too much.

I think you guys are smoking too much...

And I thought they're likely
to get themselves

in a lot of trouble and get caught.

...and likely to get yourselves
in a lot of trouble,

and get caught.

- Chas?
- Mm-hmm?

You really need to see
how easy this is gonna be.

Wait. What the fuck are you guys
even talking about here?

We're talking about $12 million
in rare books.

And only one old lady guarding it.

Names first.

Eric, Mr. Black.

Spencer, Mr. Green.

Mr. Yellow, that's me.

Chas, Mr. Pink.

Fucking really, dude?

- What?
- You're making me Mr. Pink?

What? What's wrong with Mr. Pink?

You know exactly what's wrong
with Mr. Pink, okay?

I'm sorry, can I just say
how dumb this entire thing is?

Okay? Because in the motion picture,

the whole point of the names
was so that nobody knew

what the others were called,
so they couldn't give each other up.

Relax, okay?

It's just protocol,

so we don't address each other
by our names during the robbery.

- Okay?
- Mm-hmm.

No names.

- Mr. Pink.
- It's fucking ridiculous, man.

Didn't they all die in the end of that movie?

Spencer was Mr. Green,
because he smoked lots of green.

Eric was Mr. Black,
because he said his soul was black.

I was Mr. Yellow because I was...
I was my mom's sunshine.

And I named Chas Mr. Pink
just to fuck with him.

I'm not gonna be Mr. Pink.
I'd be any color but pink.

It's probably my least favorite
Tarantino film.

Okay. Housekeeping first.

Mr. Green, you will see to the disguises.

Makeup, prosthetics, outfits, wigs, etcetera.

- Costume party?
- Making a movie.

Mr. Black, your first task
is to find a reliable getaway vehicle.

A Ford or similar, nothing flashy.

Which you will purchase

- using cash and a fake lD.
- Yeah, thank you.

Mr. Pink, your first job
is to identify the quickest route

from the library to the drop off point, here.

I mean, practice it over and over again
until it becomes second nature.

14 minutes, 18 seconds, mostly green lights.

Mr. Yellow. That's me, of course.

I will make the authentication appointment
in New York for the weekend,

immediately following the robbery.

Meaning, that even if the books
are reported missing,

they won't yet show up
on the national index of stolen art.

Once we have the authentication,

we will arrange a rendezvous
with the buyers in the Netherlands.

Dear sir, my name is Walter Beckman.

I'm a collector of rare manuscripts,
based in Texas.

I would like to arrange an appraisal
of some of the items in my collection.


I have emailed the library
to make an appointment

to view the books
on the penultimate day of term.

That's eight days from now.

The library will be almost empty,

as everyone will be in finals.

I have an exam that day.

- Me too.
- Yeah, me too, I have art history.


What do you mean "exactly"?

I mean, who's gonna suspect
a group of robbers

who all happen to be in exams that day?

Mr. Green, would you like
to walk us through the disguises?

So, the idea is,
we go in disguised as old men.

I'm sorry. Why the fuck would
we go disguised as old men?

Because, being old
is the closest thing to being invisible.

I have a question.

I'm still unclear on what's
gonna happen with the librarian.

- Who's gonna be doing...
- We should probably decide that

by drawing lots or a vote or something.

Well, I vote to have nothing
to do with it whatsoever.

Yeah, me too. I don't wanna do that.
I'm not gonna.

Hey. Whoa. What the fuck?

Obviously, nobody wants to do it.
That's why we need to decide it by...

drawing lots or a vote or something.

Isn't there maybe a...

a way to make her not be there on the day?

No. Of course, there isn't a fucking way.

That's how you get to be in the room.
Someone has to be in there with you.

That's how you get to be in the fucking room!

What if she starts screaming or something?

Yeah, or has a fucking heart attack, man.


Guys, when this is all over,

we're gonna send her an anonymous package

filled with thousands of fucking dollars.

- She's gonna be happy.
- Look, I'm not doing it.


I'm not comfortable with it.


Fuck it.

I'll do it.

I'll fucking do it.

There was no obstacle.

Nothing was gonna prevent us from doing it.

We had started it, and it could be done.

There were so many opportunities,
looking back, where I could have...

that I could have gotten out, or...

Or change what we were doing.
And... and I didn't.

- Duct tape.
- Check.

- Change of clothes.
- Check.

- Sheet.
- Check.

- Ski masks.
- Ski masks.

Cell phones.

Zip ties.

- Taser.
- Check

No taser.


Whose job was it to order the taser?

I believe it was your job.

Fuck it, I can't think of everything.

Open your books.

You have two hours to complete
two of the three essay questions.

When I give the signal,
you may turn over your papers.

Any problems, raise your hand.

And begin.

# Blood in the streets
In the town of Chicago #

# Blood on the rise
It's following me #

# Think about
The break of day... #

This could be just what
your mom's looking for.

Black Cobra stun gun.

How long would that disable someone for?

# Blood in the streets
Runs a river of sadness #

# Blood in the streets
It's up to my thigh... #

- Don't you have exams today?
- Yeah.

Uh, hey, listen, I gotta borrow the van.

Pencils down. Close your tests
and exit the room.

Your scores will be posted
by the end of next week.

You're seven minutes late. Let's go!

Time's up.

Pens down. Close your books.

Please pass them to your left,

and leave in an orderly fashion.

Eleven minutes.

# Blood in my love
In the terrible summer #

# Bloody red sun
Of Phantastic LA #

# Blood screams her brain
As they chop off her fingers #

# Blood will be born
In the birth of a nation #

# Blood is the rose
Of mysterious union #

Fucking, really?

There he is.

Like clockwork.

Just focus, man, please.

I think I'm gonna be sick, guys.

Don't even fucking think about
throwing up in this car, Spencer.

Remember, you're old.

- There's people everywhere.
- Just stick to the plan.

Let's do this.

Abort, abort.

- Abort.
- What? Why?

There's four fucking librarians up there
having some kind of meeting or something.

I don't know, I can't...

- I can't do it.
- Who's up there, all right?

- There's a man...
- It doesn't matter who's up there.

There's four of them.

We're not gonna tie up
four fucking librarians.

What's going on?

There's a fucking meeting
up there or something, okay?

There's four librarians.
We can't tie up all of these people.

I'm not... I'm not staying, okay?
They're all looking at me.

I'm losing a sideburn.

Okay, listen. Everyone,
just chill out, all right?

We haven't done anything.
We can wait, all right?

They're not gonna be up there forever.

Okay. Who wants to wait?

- Well, fuck this. I'm going.
- Man.

# Summer comes Sunday
My, oh, my #

# Soon I'll see the sun
And the summer skies #

# Soon I'll see
The love in your eyes #

# When I wake up
She'll be there #

# See the morning light shining
In her hair #

# Feel the morning sun
Everywhere #

To get out of that situation
without having done anything wrong

was an incredible feeling.

The plan was off,
there was gonna be no heist.

And it was glorious. The sun was shining,

and it was like a new... a new beginning.

I don't get to control who gets to be
in the goddamn fucking room.

That's it. Son of a bitch.

After all that, that's it.
That's the end of it. It's over.

Did you not think for a moment?
Did you fucking think?

- To call me fucking...
- I'm tired of all this shit.


Maybe we dodged a bullet.

We didn't dodge anything,
'cause we didn't fucking do anything.

We just fucked it up.


Pull in here. I need something to drink.

Hey, you got a pay phone?

I just called the library.

We're back on. Tomorrow morning, 11:00 a.m.

She says there are
no other appointments scheduled.


You rang the theater?

I guess
you didn't realize how bad it was.

I guess you just
never know how you're gonna react

in a situation like that.

Wait, what? She let
her husband practically die

because she didn't wanna
interrupt the concert?

Maybe she just never
really liked him all that much.

Well, not everybody
has the presence of mind...

You okay, sweetie?

- Not hungry?
- I'm just tired.

Exams and stuff.

Honey, you gotta take
better care of yourself.

Are you sure you're okay?


I just, uh, I just remembered,
I have an exam tomorrow.

I didn't study for it, so...

- You okay, champ?
- Spencer.

All limitations are self-imposed.


- Warren.
- What? What the fuck, man?

I'm done.

I'm done.

I can't see it ending well.

I just can't go back in there.

Okay, well, just... all right.

Look, today was bad luck.

But we got a trial run, okay?

Now, we can make adjustments, and...

Dude, nothing bad is gonna happen.

- Nobody's gonna get hurt,
- Stop saying that, Warren!

"No one's gonna get hurt."

How do you know no one's gonna get hurt?

- Huh?
- What are you talking about?

I'm talking about my family, okay?

They're good people
and they don't deserve it.

Have you even thought about... I mean...

What could happen, like,
if it goes wrong, with our futures?

Which fucking future are you worried about?

The one that's fucking indistinguishable
from everyone else's?

Where you fucking beaver away

to get the shit you're told you need to have

by some fucking asshole who's gonna tell you

what a great big success you are
once you get it all?

Spence, you are the one
who wanted to fucking change.

You started this whole thing, remember?

- Huh?
- Yeah, I do.

But, I think we should just quit
while we're ahead.

Dude, this isn't fucking ahead.

This is just more of the same shit.

Nothing has changed. What has changed?

Tell me.

I'm just not cut out for it, Warren.

Okay? I'm not cut out for it, so I'm not...

I'm done.

- Look, you just...
- I'm done.

You really wanna come all this way...

and not find out what happens next?

I mean, tell me this hasn't been
the time of your fucking life.

Man, I don't want you waking up,

ten years from now

wondering what could've happened.

And who you could've been.


I'll see you around, man.

One day, you'll be dead!

You can go through life,

with this expectation that something...

fantastic is gonna happen,

something life-altering that's gonna make
your life different and unique.

I realized that I had to...

actually make something happen on my own.

So, plan B.

We've agreed that Chas will be the driver.

He stays in the van with the engine
running and the doors open.

Myself and Eric

will be the only ones
to go inside the library.

No disguises.
It just creates unwanted attention.

What about him?

Spencer will be outside on lookout.

- What, why?
- Well, he can't go inside.

People will recognize him.
We can't risk that.

So, then who's gonna be
the lookout inside the library?

You. You're gonna be downstairs

until I call you to come bag up the books.

You know that I can't be involved
in dealing with the librarian, right?

- You get that?
- Like I said,

I will take care of that,

and then I will call you once she's been...

She's neutralized.

This time, it's gonna work.

Okay, so, when I go up,

she'll be dealt with. It'll be done?

Yes, Warren?

It's what I just said.

- Isn't it?
- Yeah.

- Mr. Beckman.
- Yes, hi. Walter Beckman.

Yes, Betty Jean Gooch. Nice to see you.

- Nice to see you, too.
- Come in, please.

I have to say, I expected someone much older.

Yeah, you never know, do you?

No, you never know.

Now, I'm gonna ask you
to sign in for the log,

by your printed name.

- Right there, thank you.
- Thank you.

And then, if you would date it, please.

And how is your day going thus far?

It's going fine, thank you.

Um, I'm very sorry about the other evening.

Uh, the other day, sorry.

We, uh... I had a family emergency
I had to take care of.

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.

- Yeah.
- I trust everything is okay.

- It's okay now, thank you.
- Good.

Well, what you have requested to see,

uh, are among our most treasured items.

I have laid out the illuminated manuscript

and the Hortus Sanitatis on my left.

Please remember to use
the gloves at all times

while touching any of the pages.


Uh, is this a personal interest of yours,

or are you working on some kind of a project?

Uh, I just, um,
heard a great deal about them.


Well, as you can see, one of the volumes
of the Audubon is displayed here.

This case will remain locked at all times.

However, if you do wish to see
some of the other plates,

I can help you to turn some
of the pages, if time permits.

You can come up now.

Ms. Gooch, uh,
my friend, he's right there.


- Thank you so much.
- Sure.

Hello. Come in, please.

I will need your name for the log book.

You need to sign in, John.



- Rutherford.
- Rutherford.

Please sign by the...

Oh, shit! What are you doing?

No, no, no! That's hurting me!

- I'm sorry. Just relax, all right?
- No, I can't. I got to get out.

We're here for the books.
We're not gonna hurt you.

Just relax.
This will all be over in a second.

No, no, I can't.

Shut the fuck up! Shut up!

We're not gonna hurt you.

You keep struggling,
it's gonna fucking hurt more.

Shut up!

- Oh, God.
- Zip-tie her legs.

Oh, God, help me.

Zip-tie her fucking legs right now!

Don't tie my hands.
Please, I can't...

- I can't have my hands tied.
- Goddamn it.

- God, help me.
- Shit. Shit.

Drop the fucking gloves.
What are you doing?

- I just wanna go.
- Let's go! Let's go!

- Just relax, all right?
- I can't breathe. You're hurting me.

I'm not fucking hurting... Oh, shit.

- Fuck!
- Why? Why are you doing this?

- Why?
- It's the books.

We want the books.

Not you.

You good? You good?


Find the keys.

Find the fucking keys!

Wake the fuck up!

There's no keys.

- What?
- There's no keys.

There's no fucking keys.

- I can't find any fucking key.
- Find the fucking key!

- Goddamn it.
- There's no fucking keys.

Get the fucking door. Get it out of the case.



That's it.

Okay, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Get the fucking books, right now.

What the fuck?

Hey, hey, hey, hey.
She's moving towards the door.

I'm not fucking touching her.

I'm done touching her. That's it.

- Fuck, I'm trying to get the thing out.
- I'm not touching her anymore!

- I'm done.
- Goddamn it,

- I gotta do everything my fucking self.
- I don't give a fuck.

I'm not fucking touching her anymore.

All right, that's it.

Shut the fuck up.

Shut the fuck up!

I'm sorry, okay? We're in and out.

I got it!
I got it, I got it, I got it.

Let's go.

- Oh, shit.
- Shit.

Fucking wrap this up.

Wait, we need another one.
Another one.

What the fuck are you talking about?
This shit could be the fucking thing.

Leave it. Fucking leave it.

- What the fuck, man?
- It's fucking good enough.

This is good enough.

- The Darwin. Get the Darwin.
- No, fuck the Darwin, man.

- Fucking leave the Darwin, man.
- Yeah. Fuck.

This is fucking gold, man.
Let's get the fuck out of here.

Hit B, hit B.

What the fuck?

- You hit one?
- Oh, fuck!

You hit one!


It might not be bad.

The fuck.

This is bad, man.

Oh, this is really bad.


What the fuck?

- Wait here. Hold the door.
- It's pitch-black. Fuck.

Goddamn it, Warren.
This isn't supposed to be like this.

Oh, shit. Where's the exit?

This is really bad.

- Fuck!
- This is really fucking bad, Warren.

Oh, shit!

Fuck! Fuck!

Where's the fucking exit?

- I don't know!
- Huh?

What the fuck? What are we gonna do?

- We have to make a run for it.
- What?

- We gotta make a run for it.
- What do you mean, "make a run for it"?

- We need to make a fucking run for it.
- They're gonna fucking see us.

- We have no choice.
- Fuck, man...

- We have no choice.
- ...this is bad.

This is so fucking bad.

Go, go, go! Go, go, go!

No! No!

- Keep fucking going.
- No!

Fucking leave it. Go.

- Go!
- Oh, fuck!

Oh, shit!

Warren, what the fuck are you doing?


Hey, stop! Fucking idiot, stop!

Fucking go, go, go, go.

Hey, Eric, where are the books, huh?

Where the fuck is Warren?


Holy fuck.

Drive. Drive, drive, drive!

Jesus Christ!

- Fucking drive.
- Oh, man, oh, man, oh, man.

Slow down. You gotta fucking cool it.

Don't tell me what to fucking do.

- Oh, man, oh, man.
- Where are the books, Warren?

- Fuck.
- Warren, where are the fucking books?

We dropped the fucking books!

Okay, Chas? There's no fucking books!

- What are you telling me? We got nothing?
- We fucking dropped them!

- They fell out of our hands.
- We got fucking nothing.

Nothing, there's nothing. Shut the fuck up!

- Hey, fuck you, man.
- Please.

If you got nothing,
why did you take so long up there?

What the fuck happened up there, man?

You know, fuck the both of you.
You guys fucked this up again.

I knew it, I knew you were
gonna fucking do this again.

You didn't fucking go in there.

I have the Darwin. I have the Darwin.

Who do you got?

- Oh, gee.
- Eric, what do you fucking got?

Please, give me a fucking second, please.

Your fucking backpack, man. Check it!

What's he got? He got something?


What are you doing?

- Get out.
- What?

What are you fucking talking about?
I'm not getting out of the fucking car.

Dude, they're gonna be looking for a gray van

with three guys in it, okay? Get out.

- What the fuck is this, man?
- Get the fuck out, man!

Hey, I'm not moving this car
with the three of us in it. Get out!

- I'm not getting out of here...
- Get out!

I'll come back for you.
I will come back for you in my car.

- Just get the fuck out.
- You fucking promise?

I swear to fucking God I'll come back.

- I'm not getting out...
- Get out! Get out!

Eric, get the fuck out of the fucking door!

Get the fuck... Get the fuck out.

- Get the...
- All right!

Please take your fucking bag.

Close the fucking doors. Hurry the fuck up.



You gotta watch this, okay, buddy?
Fucking guard this.

Give me your clothes.
Give me your fucking clothes.

You can't stay here, okay?

Get your shit. Let's fucking go.

Get it together. Let's go.

There is a special collection room
inside of this library.

Now, we're told that some
of the books inside that room

date back to the 1700s.

They're very rare and expensive.

This morning, two men took advantage of that.

This is Dave Wachinski
reporting from Transylvania University,

where the audacious robbery
was carried out in broad daylight...

- Listen to this.
- Shh. Turn it up.

...forced their way into
the special collections room,

home to some of America's
most valuable books.

Police say the group knew exactly
what they were looking for.

Officials are helping police search
for the two men who stole the books,

and the two men who drove
the getaway vehicle.

- How did they know there were four of us?
- Quiet! a gray Dodge mini-van,
license plate number 331094.

- Police are appealing for...
- They got nothing on us.

- How did they know there were four of us?
- They don't know shit.

They have plates from a different car.

...they violently restrained
a female librarian,

leaving her bound...


Absolutely stunning, aren't they?

And did Mister...


Did Mr. Beckman give you any information

regarding the provenance of the books?

Only that he inherited them many years ago,

uh, and wishes to realize their value
through a private sale.


They're extremely rare.

Yeah, his eyes are failing.

He says the books no longer receive
the attention they fully deserve.

Any does he possess any documentation

pertaining to his ancestor's
acquisition of the books?

Um, I mean, they've been
in his family for generations,

so, there's really
no documentation to speak of.

Well, they're exquisite,

and, uh, undoubtedly genuine.

So... let me talk this over with Mr. Leckey,

and then we'll be in touch

regarding an estimate
and steps toward a private sale.

Not today?

Not today?

I'm afraid Mr. Leckey
is out of the office all day.

Well, you see, um...

- I'm sorry, I've forgotten your name.
- Melanie Halloran.

Ms. Halloran, we were really
hoping to supply Mr. Beckman

with a, um... estimate today.

That's why we came up here.

I wouldn't be able to give you that
without Mr. Leckey's sign off.

There no one else who could maybe
take a look today?

As I say, this is really Thomas' department.

And he'll be back here tomorrow.

Is there a number we can reach you on
while you're in town?

Ah, fuck.


- It went well.
- And?

The main guy wasn't there,

so we had to talk
to the, uh, junior executive...

- Uh, deputy.
- Deputy, and, uh...

She said what we got is very valuable

and, uh, we just gotta wait
for the main guy to get back.

So, we gotta wait for the call,
and then we can get in touch with the...

- For the meeting.
- When you say wait for their call,

you mean at the hotel, right?

They're gonna call my cell.

Turn the engine off.

Ring your cell phone number.

Ring it now.

Fucking ring it, Spencer!
Okay, you know what,

I'll ring it for you, dipshit.

Let's see.

What's up? This is Spence.
You know what to do.

Does that sound like
a fucking art dealer to you, huh?

Look, Chas, we can change the message.

Hey, hey, hey, shut up, Eric, all right?
Shut the fuck up!

You need to go back in there.

You get whatever piece of paper
that has your phone number on it back.

- How?
- Right fucking now,

I shit you not, that number's gonna
put us all in jail, you fucking asshole.

You just need to calm down.

Hey, don't fucking tell me
to calm down, Warren.

You guys are sending us
to jail, you fucking idiots!

Do you not understand what I'm saying?

Do you not understand
or are you too fucking stupid?

If you're so smart, Chas,
why don't you go in there?

You know what,

I'll show you what I can do, bitches.

What you got, Mr. Pink?

- Whoa!
- Fuck! Okay, okay, what?

- What're you doing?
- What the fuck did you just call me?

- What the fuck, man?
- What'd you call me, you fucking bitch?

- Chas.
- What? Where's the talk now, bitch, huh?

This is my life you are
fucking with, man, okay?

This isn't some fucking game.

You gotta go back in there
and get that number back.

You gotta go back in there and get that
fucking number back right now, Spencer.


Chas, man, you know
we can't go back in there.

- We can't.
- I don't give a fuck

what you think you know.

You've killed us.

You shot us all in the fucking head.

See you guys around, I guess.

See you, man.

I'll call you later.


To have this...

this need to know what is on
the other side of that line...

and realizing the only way
to actually do that is to cross it,

there's never a point in your life after that

where you haven't already crossed that line.


you know, it's... it was...

It was definitely a terrifying thing.

I distinctly remember
hearing that scream

in my head over and over again.

Just the scream of the librarian.

What have I just done?

I felt so confident this was
gonna be what I needed.

It was this, "Really? Did I just...
do something horrible?

Did I just...

hurt someone forever? Did I just, um,

just take part in something awful?" You know?

You know, I'm sorry I haven't been
to your games lately. I just...

It's okay.

How's your form?

Never better.

How's the new place?

Well, it's great, you know.

It's actually very convenient.
It's near the shops,

and close to work and everything.

We tried to... say things, like,

"We're not gonna hurt anybody."

"We're just gonna try to scare,
and get in and get out."

"We're gonna call the cops afterwards."

"We're gonna talk to her

and tell her we're not gonna hurt her."

But we did.

And we just tried to...

get past it, but there's no...

There's no looking past it.

It's the middle
of the fucking night.

it's worse than we thought.

- What are you talking about?
- We, uh,

we used the same email address
to make the library appointment

that we used to email Christie's, man.

They'll find the email,
they're gonna find Halloran,

find me, us, my phone number.


Chas was right, man. Chas was right, Warren.

Dude, you're overthinking this.

You just gotta...

chill out,

and go back to bed, all right?

Paranoia will destroy you.

# Happy birthday to you #

I didn't know.

# Happy birthday to you #

# Happy birthday, dear Dad #

Finish with a flurry, come on.

# Happy birthday to you #

- Okay.
- All right, good job.

- Good job.
- Happy birthday, Dad.

Thank you.

- Cheers.
- Here's to me.

I love you.

Oh. All right.


Thanks for coming.

- All right.
- Love you.

Excuse me, sir, stop. Stop right there!

Stop there!

- Are you fucking kidding me?
- Fucking asshole!

Is that all you fucking got?

Come on!

# And who by fire #

# Who by water #

# Who in the sunshine #

# Who in the night time #

# Who by high ordeal #

# Who by common trial #

# Who in your
Merry, merry month of May #

# Who by very slow decay #

# And who shall I say #

# Is calling? #

# And who in her lonely slip #

# Who by barbiturate #

# Who in these realms above #

# Who by something blunt #

# Who by avalanche #

# Who by powder #

# Who for his greed #

# Who for his hunger #

# And who shall I say #

# Is calling? #

# And who by brave assent #

# Who by accident #

# Who in solitude #

# Who in this mirror #

# Who by his lady's command #

# Who by his own hand #

# Who in mortal chains #

# Who in power #

# And who shall I say #

# Is calling? #

After pleading guilty
to robbery, conspiracy,

and theft of major artworks,

Spencer Reinhard, Eric Borsuk,

Charles Allen, and Warren Lipka
now know their fate.

A federal judge sentenced them each
to seven years in a federal prison

after the four plotted for months to steal

millions of dollars' worth
of manuscripts and sketches

from Transylvania University's
special collections.

You're taught your entire life
that what you do matters

and that you're special.

And that, there are things
you can point towards

that would...

which'll show that you're special,

that shows that you're different,

when, in all reality, those things...

don't matter.

And you're not special.

And so, the idea that

we were doing this extraordinary thing

absolutely appealed to us.

Appealed to me.

Looking back on it,

I've often wondered which events
I remember from Warren's point of view,

or I remember from my own.

And, if it was easier to...

choose one over the other
because of what it provided for us.

I don't remember if the guy
I saw in Central Park

was someone that I saw

or somebody that Warren told me I saw.

- All right, bro. Go get 'em.
- Yeah.

All I remember from his Amsterdam trip
was dropping him off at the airport

and picking him up.

I definitely don't have evidence
or actual proof

that... that Warren went to Amsterdam.

Over the years,
I've definitely come to think

that Warren's whole story

about meeting with an Amsterdam buyer,

that, most likely,
he just made the whole thing up.

I guess they just have
to take my word for it.

There was a version of the story
that I wanted to believe,

and that I chose to believe.

And oftentimes, it was Warren's.

But the pain that I caused,

both to my family and to BJ are...

were never worth the adventure
that we felt at the time, or the...

the change in our life that we were craving.

I think they wanted things
to come easy for them.

They did not want to work
for a transformative experience.

They didn't want to help other people
to achieve a transformative experience.

I find them all very selfish.

And I see they all have trouble
figuring out how a person

crosses a line in their own mind,

to be willing to hurt another person

to get what they want.

And I think that,
once you've crossed that line,

I think it's a dangerous line to cross.

It makes me wonder
if they really know why they did it.

# Was it a huntsman
Or a player #

# That made you pay the cost #

# That now assumes
Relaxed positions #

# And prostitutes your loss #

# Were you tortured
By your own thirst #

# In those pleasures
That you seek #

# That made you
Tom the curious #

# That makes you
James the weak? #

# And you claim
You got something going #

# Something you call unique #

# But I've seen
Your self-pity showing #

# As the tears rolled down your cheeks #

# Soon you know I'll leave you #

# And I'll never look behind #

# 'Cause I was born for the purpose #

# That crucifies your mind #

# So, con, convince your mirror #

# As you've always done before #

# Giving substance to shadows #

# Giving substance ever more #

# And you assume
You got something to offer #

# Secrets shiny and new #

# But how much of you is repetition #

# That you didn't whisper to him, too #

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