All the Devil's Men (2018) - full transcript

A battle-scarred War on Terror bounty hunter is forced to go to London on a manhunt for a disavowed CIA operative, which leads him into a deadly running battle with a former military comrade and his private army.

Subtitles by explosiveskull

If you have my money,
I have your Judas.

His name is Oleg.

Yes, my friend, the CIA.

Good job.

You should've told me you
were running a secondary op.

The risk was worth it.

Besides, I knew
you could handle it.

Like I know you can handle
a follow-up action.

I thought ExSo
was cutting me loose.

They are, but FullSpec
have agreed to bond you out.

Come on.

We just received
actionable intel

that a tier-one target
is in London.

We want him off the table.

Leigh said this flight would
be full of fucking reprobates

and degenerates,
but I didn't believe her

until I saw your sorry ass.

- How the fuck are you, Jackie?
- Jesus. Mike.

What the hell are you doing
here? I thought you retired.

Retire? Shit. I can't retire.
I've got three ex-wives.

Anyway. You look like shit,
but you know that.

Still freebasing go-pills?

If you guys are done
bonding, we're on a clock.

Intel says we have exactly
twelve hours to hit the target.

I work alone. You know that.

- No offense, old man.
- Yeah, okay.

Look. This is not some
third-rate Haji we're going after, OK?

This is a bad guy. Top of
the President's kill list.

Brennan will be point,
but it's my op.

Collins, I worked my ass off
to get you cleared.

Why's that? EXSo afraid they got
another nut-job on their hands?

You know. Just...

This is a FullSpec op.


That other morally
considerate employer.

I hear they got their
plausible deniability sewn up

tighter than a camel's asshole.

If you don't want to go home,
London is what I got.

I need you.

Prepare to take off.

Be a team player.

I got your back, Mike. Always.


Are you people deaf?

Pilot said sit down,
strap in already.

I'm trying to scalp
this motherfucker by tonight.

Jackie Collins, Pete Samuelson.

Pete, Jackie.

Pete and I did Libya together.

He was a prick then.
He's a prick now.

But he's a damn fine operator.

Well, the old man's wrong.
I'm even better than that.

I'm fact, I'm the best.

Are you fucking kidding me?

What the hell
is Collins doing here?

What are you talking about?

What am I talking about?
Jesus Christ, Leigh.

I'm talking about a messed-up
war junkie who won't go home,

because you people
won't let him.

I need Collins in this fight.

And so do you, Brennan.
I thought you were friends.

No, we are friends, and
as his friend, I'm asking you.

Do the guy a solid.
Cut him loose. Send him home.

His wife just
gave birth to a kid

he hasn't even laid eyes on,
for Christ's sake.

We've all made sacrifices.
He can handle it.

Sure, 'til he blows up
in your face,

and then,
that shit's on you, honey.


Where's the first half
of my money?

Check it again.

A million fucking bucks,
just like that.

I love Terror Tuesdays.

No more Terror Tuesdays.

Now it's terror
all day, every day.

But screw up, and you get nothing
but a Title Fifty disavow.

Oh, I haven't missed
a shot my whole life.

And landing in some prison cell
is not in my game plan.

So, then, who's the lucky
son of a bitch

who tops the President's
kill list?

Terry McKnight.

He was a deep cover operative,
based in Pakistan.

He became a Muslim
to better understand his enemy.

Or so he claimed.

Then the ISI dug
their claws into him.

Turned him.

For three years,
he fed them our intel.

They gave that intel
to the Taliban.

Got a lot of our guys killed.

Haji hunter by day,

personal crusader
by night, shit.

We're never gonna win this war.

What about the man's
due process?

He gave up his rights
as an American

when he became a terrorist.

Fuck his due process.

Oh, um, I'm sorry,
did I just...


It's a good story, spook.
It is.

But I heard
something different.

I heard you guys fucked him

when his cover was blown.

Straight up disavow.

Are you done?

McKnight's there to do a deal with a
group of Russian ex-FSB officers.

What the deal's for,
we don't know,

but we know he's working
with this man, Farooq Hassan.

Hassan's a Syrian national.
He moves intel, guns, people,

but he's not ideological.
He's strictly about the money.

He's not the only one.

Private sector intelligence
provides him legitimate cover.

These are his known

This is where you start.


Go back one.


Tony Deighton.

So, kill the suspense, already.

Saved his ass in Afghanistan
a couple of years ago.

- That was good of you.
- Yeah, he thought so, too.

IED almost blew him in half.

Look, this guy's
a buddy of yours,

and it turns out
he's a bad guy,

maybe you should sit
this one out there, Jackie boy.

We were tight back then.

He's my brother.

Like you, Mike.

He's a good operator.

No way he's involved
in this shit.

But greed.

Greed is bad for business.

Mr. McKnight...

You should've taken
the CIA's advice

and used encryption.


I never meet... CIA, I just...

- do it through phone...
- Don't you beg.

Now, give me a name.

Before 20 men enter
your house and...

violate your children.

While your wife
drowns in their semen.




It's clean.

Deighton, how you doing, man?
It's Jack Collins.

Yeah, me too, brother.
Me too.

Look, I need to meet. I'm on
the clock and I need a favor.

I appreciate it.
All right, I'll see you there.

So, Jackie, how's the family?

When's the last time
you were Stateside?

Hey, Mike,

go fuck yourself, OK?


You're gonna pledge your
allegiance to that girl?

To the CIA, to a system that doesn't
give a rat's dick about you?

Fuck loyalty.

Go home, Jack.

Meet your kid. Huh?

Be a father.

You're father
of the year now, Mike?

Hell no.
I'm a three-time loser

who should've been
home for his kids.

Instead, I've gotta keep
taking out bad guys,

so I don't drown
in goddamn alimony.

Fucking witches.

There's my
favorite fucking cowboy!

you son of a bitch.

- How you doing, man?
- You're fucking looking at it, mate. Never better. You?

Good, man. I'm good. Yeah.

This is Mike Brennan
and Pete Samuelson.

Tony Deighton.

- Nice to meet you, man.
- Nice to meet you.

I thought you said
this guy was the shit.

He don't look like much.

You don't look like much.

This prick Delta?

Come on, grab a seat.


So... the CIA still reckons
it can win the war on terror

by outsourcing it
to fucking cowboys?

I call that desperation.

It's pretty fucking tragic.

But you look like you
do OK for yourself.

I do all right.

War machine provides.

That's the beauty
of our capitalist system.

That and we're all brothers
together. Right?

Well, it's not like
we can quit.

We miss the action too much,
that's our trouble.

How's the family?

Ah, you know.

Working on it.



Joanne sacked me off for
some fucking hairdresser,

if you can believe that shit.

Lisa's shagging
anything that moves

just to spite her old man.

She's 16 fucking years old.

All good, really.

Poor bastard.

Fuck, it's good
to see you, man.

You too, man. You too.

It's like old times, huh?

Just glad to see
you're still in the fight.

To bounty hunters.

Who's a bounty hunter?

I'm a shadow warrior.

You're a fucking what?


Right, what do you need?

Our intel says he worked
with you guys

in Syria back, uh,
back when "6" ran him.

Yeah, sure.

Farooq Hassan.
He's a good bloke.

You guys tight?

I helped him set up here.

So, question is,
what do you lot want with him?

He running some international terrorist
organization I don't know about?

You're funny.

It is so in your interest
to cooperate with us.


We just wanna talk
to the guy, no big deal.

Come on, D, it's for me.

Yeah, sure,

and I'd say "no problem, mate,"

if it was just you
asking and not

three bounty hunters.

'Scuse me, shadow warriors.

Know what I mean?

Farooq's my brother. Like you.

Look, we're not here

to scalp the guy, all right?

And I don't wanna get
into details,

but our action does not
conflict with your interests.

You have my word.

And we can also pay you for
any information he provides.

All right.

Langley wants an update.

Fucking asshole O'Neil's
on the warpath.

Said you'd better not
fuck this up.

- Here's that intel you wanted.
- Thanks.

Shoot a specter gunship at
night when we have the chance...

Nah, Syria's fun,
but nothing like the good times

you and me had
in Afghanistan, mate.

Yeah, you never did thank me
for saving your ass.

You fucking prick.

You ran over a fucking IED.

Yeah, whatever, man. You were
crying like a little bitch

when I pulled you
out of that thing.

I miss it, though, you know?

Fighting the Tali,

getting in close and fucking

doing the bloke.

Sticking that knife in deep,

twisting it, seeing the poor
Haji's lights go out.

Tali were some fierce
fucking hombres, man.

Yeah, we took a giant shit
in their backyard,

What d'you expect?

Almost there, mate.

All right, just round
this next bend.

Hassan's gonna meet us there.

Argh! What the fuck?

Samuelson, quit fucking around.
Grab the M4s.

Don't fucking
shoot him. We need him alive.

We gotta catch the prick first.

Slow down.
It's a fucking ambush.

Take the shot.

Terry McKnight says hello.


He's dead!

What are you doing?
Move! Move!



What's done is done.

Brennan's death changes nothing.
We still have a job to do.

You need to cut Samuelson
loose before he gets killed.

Are you fucking kidding me?

I need to go at this alone.

It was me who saved you,

He's baggage I don't need.

And he's a fucking liability.

You took one
too many go-pills.

Brennan's death is on you.

Oh, you want to go,

All right, knock it off.

Find a way to work together

or you're done. Both of you.

And you're on
the next flight home.

I need you to
draw Deighton out,

extract him and bring him here.

Keith and Dave will assist.

Look, Leigh.
If we track Deighton,

we've got a better chance at
locating McKnight than ambushing.

What, you want to
drive around all night?

We need to fight smart.

Collins, no one doubts
your commitment, OK?

We're all upset about Brennan.

Just take a minute.

And then tell me your head
is still in the game.

You'll take command
on the ground.

Roger that.

What happens to
Brennan's share?

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Fucking cocksucker!

Goddammit, enough!

If either one of you
jeopardizes my operation,

it'll be the last thing
you ever do.

Now, go!

- Deighton, let me explain...
- Shut the fuck up.

Now I gotta throw
bodies at this.

You ever fuck up
an ambush again,

I will fucking shoot you.
You understand?

This ends before it begins.

I'm fucking on it, boss.

All right. Hassan.

You're blown, mate. Take off.

Roger that.

D, are we really gonna go
to war with the fucking CIA?

Just concentrate on
protecting our investment.

I'll take care of the rest.

All right, ladies and gentlemen,
we're on the move.

You were right, the CIA sent
a bunch of county hunters

to take you out.
We clipped the team leader.

One of them is an old friend
of yours, I believe.

Saved your life in, uh,

Afghanistan or
something like that?

Yeah, Collins.

Ex-SEAL. Almost on my level.


Those SEALs are as good
as it gets, Deighton.

Terry. Your security
is paramount to me.

I'm taking you to the boat.

Ivan here'll take care
of you now.

Is that really how you
wanna run your opsec?

I keep you moving, Terry.
I keep you alive.

Besides we're done here, right?
There's no more chatter.

You stay where you are.
Listen, Anthony...

Bloke who gave me this,

he got introduced to
the way of the knife.

Him and his whole
fucking family.

You're fine.

Just don't get sentimental
on me, Deighton.

Not with the money
I'm paying you.

Oh, I'll put Collins down,

don't you worry about that.

Let's just not give him
the opportunity

to put you down, Terry.

Not before the account's
been settled.

So this friend of yours,

he say anything
about his handler?


Something I should know?


This is where you
learn to trust me.

You know what the Russians
say about trust?

"Trust in God,

and mind your own
fucking business."

Her name is Leigh Allen

and she's a true believer.

You could say
I'm her special project.

Blames me for killing
her father

when he and I were stationed
in South Waziristan together.

Did you?

She believes it.

The reality is...

more complicated.

Like Waziristan itself, you...

know less when you leave,
than you do when you arrive.



she's a very confused and

angry young woman.

And angry and confused
young women

do stupid things.

Not stupid.


And she's got an endless
black budget to do them with.


you're upset about Brennan.

I understand. It's tough
losing a bloke like that.

And, you know, I'd be a liar
if I said I didn't enjoy it.

But it's not personal.

Right? It's not personal,
it's just business.

What part of murdering
my friend isn't personal?

You know how this
is gonna end, right?

Yeah, I reckon I do.

I've gotta put you down, D.

Listen, do you really want
your kid to grow up

without his dad, Jackie?

I'm offering you an out, mate.

Go home, go home now.

You've given enough
to the cause.

You're over-reaching.

Fine, this time, I'm not
going to save you.

I'm gonna bury you.

Why'd you turn, man?

It can't just be
about the money.

Can't it? You think
you're not expendable?

Tell you what,
you try telling

the Afghan story
to your handler.

See how she reacts.

Because when the ends
justify the means,

the CIA will dump you
in a fucking heartbeat

to get what it wants.

One, two, tree.

Let's hope Leigh
disabled the alarm.

It's multi-locked.

Step aside.

D, the Yanks just
broke into our office.

All right.

Let's go earn some money.

Take a go-pill.

Let's go.

Right, we're almost there.

I don't want any fireworks

outside my office,

What the hell are you doing?

Fun's not done yet,


What the fuck?

Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.

Fucking Yanks.
Always got to blow shit up.


You and Janusz wait here
for the police,

fire service, to show up.
Handle it.

Roger that.

Let's go.

Jackie, Jackie, Jackie.

Should of taken the out,
my friend.

All right,
I've got their phone.

They're headed East.

Your boyfriend took the bait.

You're welcome.

Deighton's on his way.

Where's the kill zone?

A disused factory.

My guys will rendezvous
with you there.

Sending location now.

There are two
ways into the factory.

Here and here.

Once Deighton's inside,
Leigh will paint the target

and we'll pull him into the
ambush, here for the extract.

Better hope her guys
are up to the task.

We have to separate Deighton
to extract him.

He's going to be
throwing bodies at this.

They're leading us to
a disused factory, D.

Oh, how lovely.

Got to love a CIA kill site.

Guess they're serious
about dying.

So, call in
the reinforcements.

Night vision coming online.

What the hell?

We're not going
to need tracking devices.

So, what's the plan?

The plan?

The plan is for you to
shut the fuck up and listen.

That's the fucking plan.

So keep your shit wired tight.

We're expecting
multiple hostiles.

On three.

One, two, three.

Keep your spacing.

Kill anything that moves.

I'm seeing seven tangos.

Be advised, target is painted.

Heading North.


No. Come on.

- Draw them to the ambush.
- Roger that.

Remember, we have
to separate Deighton.

Target is 50 meters
to the ambush.

You two guys keep
your shit together.

Don't engage Deighton until
he's out of the kill zone.

We need him separated
from his men.

- Fuck! Be advised I have lost visual.
- Fuck, do it!

I have lost visual.

The fuck are you doing?


You son of a bitch.

On me. Move!

Extract! Move!

Move, motherfucker! Move!

Come on, let's go!

Why the fuck did you
let Deighton get away?

We had him.

You had a job to do.
You should've done it.

You should have left me.

Trust me,
I thought about it.


On me.

Where the fuck is the car?

Come on, let's go.

You're lucky your vest
took that shot.

I feel fucking lucky.

Yeah, wait, wait, wait.

There's no sign of them, D.

All right,
get back to McKnight.

Roger that.

Keith. Talk to me.
Give me a sitrep.

Oh, Keith can't come
to the phone right now

on account of him being dead.

This other fella here, too.

Collins and Samuelson
are next, Leigh.

You know who this is?

You're compromised,

Oh, is that right?

But maybe there's an
opportunity in your compromise.

Do you get what I'm saying?

Why don't you enlighten me,

Men can be replaced.

Opportunities cannot.

This opportunity, is it
mutually beneficial?

Why don't we find out.

The fuck is wrong with you?

Let's get the fuck
out of here.

You all right, man?

Yeah, I'm alright.
I don't look alright to you?

Not the first bullet
I've taken.

Anyway, thanks.

Come on,
don't leave me hanging.

Come on.

I lost focus back there.

That's not like me.

Two million ain't enough
for this bullshit.

I'll tell you that
right now.

Fuck it.

Two cars are stationary.

And one is moving
towards the river.

Son of a bitch.

McKnight's holed up
on a goddamn boat.

Call Leigh again.
We need a re-up ASAP.


You were expecting
someone older.

Most men do.

I'm not most men.

Where the fuck is she?

What do you think?

We have a shot,

if we jack the boat before
Deighton shows up.

Let's get on it then.

Collins is finished.

We both know it.

If you want McKnight
as much as I think you do,

I'm your only option.

You know...

aiding a tier-one terrorist

automatically puts you on
the list right beside them.

But, be that as it may,

you were smart to call me,

because I can keep
you off that list.

So why don't you help me
decide if we can work together.

What is McKnight buying
from the Russians?

What's the bounty on him?

Let's start with
a million dollars.

Warhead for a tactical nuke.

But that's not why
you're here.

You had this
all planned out.

Right from the start.
My God...

You figured you could make
money from both sides,

be a hero for
killing McKnight,

and be in line for
future CIA contracts.

Who's to say if you're
actually helping him.

You want revenge for daddy?

Then I am it, sweetheart,

I understand.

I understand,
it's-it's fucking,

it's cold-blooded
what he did.

Hmm? I can imagine
what that's like.

McKnight beheaded my father

and emailed me the video.

You cannot even begin
to imagine what that's like.

And the CIA sanctioned this?

Get me McKnight
and the warhead

and I'll triple
whatever he's paying you.

Call off your attack dogs,
you've got a deal.

Collins and Samuelson...

are your problem.

Then where are they?

You gotta figure there's three
guys from Deighton's group inside.

At least three.

Plus two or three of
McKnight's bodyguards.

this is gonna be brutal.

A lot of ground to cover.

Where the fuck is Leigh?

Weapons check.

I got four for the Shorty.

Five for the Glock.

Could be worse.

I have five for the Shorty
and five for the Glock.

Sure you wanna do this?

It's gonna be
a righteous kill.


Don't. Hey. Don't.
Don't mock God.

She doesn't like that.

Let's go shoot
this fucking guy.


How many others on the boat?

It's just us.

Where's McKnight?

Where is McKnight?

Deighton knows you're here.


I don't know. Please,
I swear to God I don't...

Let's get the fuck
out of here, right now.




We gotta get the fuck
outta here. Extract.

The car! The car!

Mag change.

Move! Move!

Mag change!


The container.


The car! The car!
Take the fucking car!

Samuelson, move!


Come on, you fucking
Delta pussy!

Stop hiding,
you fucking coward!

Come on!

Fuck it.

Samuelson, what the fuck
are you doing?

You should've counted
your rounds.

Never did rate
you Delta twats.

I got this, Logan!

Right, drop the pistol.

Drop the pistol.
Drop the long.

Drop the fucking pistol.
Drop it.

Drop the long.

Good. Now...

Let's say we settle this
the old-fashioned way.


Come on.

You hold that knife
like a bitch.

Send Brennan my regards.

Samuelson's dead.

Lights out.


Hear me, mate? He's dead.

Just you now.

Just you.

Deighton! He's here!

Deighton, he's over here!

How about you tell me what the
fuck is going on, Deighton?

They got lucky. It won't happen again.
You got nothing to worry about.

They got
fucking lucky?

Is that what I'm gonna
tell the Russians?

"They got fucking lucky!"

I warned you those
SEALs were good!

One left, Terry.

One left and he's a fucking...

The exchange is blown,

and so is my out!

The Russians will not tolerate
last minute changes.

Neither will my buyers.

How the fuck
did they find me?

Calm down. I'll get you
a new exchange

and an out, right.

Your jihadis still
get their warhead.

You know why you'll always
remain second-tier, Deighton?

- Prejudice.
- Oh.

Small-minded prejudice.

My buyers are not jihadis.

Empires are destroyed
from within.

I am merely accelerating
the process.

All right.

Don't make you any less
dangerous to be around,

but, like I said, you've got
nothing to worry about.

All right?

I'll handle it.

I will handle it, Terry.

Yeah, you do that.

This is Janusz and Paul.
They'll take care of you.

Janusz and Paul?


TJD Security.

The best protection
money can buy.


Once you've dealt
with Collins,

take out Leigh.


I'll double what
I'm paying you.

Tell you what. As a gesture of
good faith, I'll do it for free.

Let me know when
you guys are ready.

Samuelson's dead.

What happened?

We tracked McKnight
to the river.

He was holed up on a boat.

It was an ambush.

Somehow Deighton
knew we were coming.

McKnight was long gone.

What happened to you?

My guy, Keith,

despite that cluster-fuck
at the factory,

somehow managed to survive.

He was alive long enough for Deighton
to extract everything he needed.

Then Deighton breached
the safe house.

I had to ditch all our coms.

Can you finish?

Yeah, I can finish,

and then I'm done.

Look. If you quit,

this war,
it won't just end.


You have an obligation.

I thought you were committed.

Who'll protect the homeland?

Are we protecting
the homeland?

Or are we just
making more enemies?

McKnight is a bad guy.

And that bad guy is buying
a warhead for a tactical nuke.

This comes straight
from Langley.

After that McKnight is gone,

and his threat
becomes a reality.

Are we gonna take him out?

Most people...

they don't realize
the level of violence

that we're capable of.

Excuse me?

I once slit the throats
of four Afghans.

There was fierce fighting
in this mountain region.

We found them in a cave.

Three old men
and one young kid.

They were unarmed.

Farmers... who'd got
caught up in the fighting.

Pretty sure they were taking
turns fucking this kid.


I told them if they cooperated,
we'd treat them humanely.

So they did.

They were scared.

We were cut-off from our unit,

so they agreed to lead us out.

Neither of us had a choice.

We needed out.

They didn't want the Taliban
to see them helping us.

For obvious reasons.

But they were afraid that we'd kill
them once they'd led us to safety.

We promised we wouldn't.

Once we'd cleared the danger,
I slit their throats.

I did the kid first.

He looks at me.

He can't believe it.

I promised him.

Now I'm betraying him.

And all I can say is,
"Sorry, kid.

It's my nature."

You had no way to verify
if they were Taliban.

You saved lives.

You did what you
were supposed to do.

It's not a betrayal if
there's a greater objective.

Deighton was right.

- I have given enough to the cause...
- Look.

The President gave us
the green light.

Now either we execute, or a lot
of people are gonna get killed

who don't need to get killed.

Then let's finish this.


What do you guys need?

I want you to hack
TJD Security's servers.

OK, so...

all of their registered
domains are down.

I'm not gonna get
anything here.

What about Deighton's wife,
his kids, his dog?

We're not touching
the guy's family.

They're civilians.

You wanna go home
to your family?

Find me Deighton's.

If we do this,
we do it my way.


Search Lisa Deighton.

Lisa Deighton.

Take me to the hotel.

All right. She's got a phone, and
that phone's got a location.

She's at a pub
on Longcroft Road.

The George and Dragon.


There's a car outside.

All right.
This is what I want you to do.


Right, we've got him.

Let's go get paid.

Get set.

Roger that.

How we doing?

All quiet on
the Western front, boss.

That's what they said
the night before 9/11.

It ain't over till it's over.

Stay alert. Take five.
I got this.

Take him down.


Take me to the warehouse.

- Let's go!
- Just fucking shoot me!

You got a family.

- Deighton?
- Collins is being put down as we speak.

I'm on my way to the warehouse
to kill McKnight

and get your warhead.

Get my money ready.

I'll see you there.


Fucking bastard.


How much is Leigh
paying Deighton?

How much?

If I knew that, I'd be
running the fucking show.

Deighton's gonna fuckin'
tear you apart.

Man, all I wanna do
is go home.

We're inside.

What happened?


Did you get him?

Hello, Leigh.

Long time no speak.

I want Deighton
to hear this, too.

You're gonna die tired,
you son of a bitch.


Yeah, I'm here, Terry.

You two are gonna
make a beautiful couple.

You made the wrong play,
my friend.

You got greedy.

What do you think
is gonna happen

when Leigh goes
before her bosses and

explains how she failed
to eliminate me

after they foolishly sanctioned
her personal vendetta?

She'll throw you under
a bus before she pays you,

so why don't you do

what you so kindly
offered to do before

and pop the bitch.

It's the only way
you're gonna get out of this.

So long, Deighton.

Think it through
before you make a move.

We can still take him.
There's still time.

Get me McKnight's exfil.

Right now.

Uh-huh. Understood.

I'll call you back.

Now you are going to tell me
how McKnight is going to exfil.

- Understood?
- I don't know what you're talking about.

Then you find yourself in a very
unfortunate position, my friend.

Wait... Wait, wait!
I can find him!

I can find him, OK?

So find him.

- Deighton, listen to me. We can still...
- Shut up.

Talk to me.

All right. Good work.


Drop the gun.

Do it now!

That's it. Drop the gun.

Good boy.

See, that is why
you never trust a woman.

It's all right, sweetheart. I have
twice the motivation to drop McKnight.

He's headed for
Gridstone Airfield. Let's go.

Deighton, I'm sorry.

- Drop your fucking weapon.
- You fucking drop it!

Drop your fucking weapon!
Drop it!

Deighton, wait, no...

Lights out.


- Collins.
- Don't... say a fucking word.

Where's the plane?

It's coming. 20 minutes.

Best I could do
for short notice.


Can wait in there.

All right.
Let's go. Come on.

We're taking
McKnight's plane home.

Let your people know.

The money, I...

I don't want
your fucking money.

Do you know
why I'm doing this?

- McKnight...
- Wait for my call.

He's here!

Jesus Christ.


Go! Go!

Cover me!

The fuck you waiting for?

- Can you see him?
- He's out there, keep looking.

Where the fuck is he, huh?

Son of a bitch.




Did you get him?

All right, let's go.

Subtitles by explosiveskull