All Square (2018) - full transcript

A down-on-his-luck bookie befriends an ex-girlfriend's son and begins taking bets on his youth league baseball games, creating chaos in the community.

Subtitles by explosiveskull


JOHN (V.O.): How did I see it,
when nobody else did?

I don't know.

How did that guy invent
the light bulb?

Sometimes, it just comes
to you.

Whatever it was, I saw an
untapped market...

and, well... I tapped it.

And it was all going so great.

And then, of course, like
everything else in my life...

it all went to shit.


Tide comes in... tide goes out.

Look, I've done some shitty
things in my life.

But this... I don't think
it's one of them.

Well, let me back it up a bit,

I'm a bookie, well, if you're
from the IRS, I hang sheetrock.

But, you know, if you're
looking to put action...

on a game, I'm your guy.

The difference between me
and a Las Vegas casino...

is that in Vegas, you gotta pay
before you bet.

But with me, you bet
on credit...

which means there's a certain
code of honor.

And when people disrespect
that code, well...

sometimes I gotta make
consequences for that shit.


- Oh...

There you go.

JOHN (V.O.): When two teams play
each other...

I have to set what's called
the line.

The line is this, how many
points do I think...

Team A will beat Team B by,
so that the bet...

is as fairly balanced
as possible...

and that's what I want, because
I make my money off the vig.

Now the vig is basically a tax
on each bet...

for services rendered.

I assume the risk and
ten percent is my reward.

Now, this business model works
assuming you get paid.


Sometimes though, I have
to improvise.


This is my office.

This is my secretary.

- Hey-oh!
- Hey, you!

Thank you, Beaches.

You mind backin' up these fine
gentlemen for me, as well.

- Guys!
- Hey, all right! Tha' man.

Here's your mail.

JOHN (V.O.): In these envelopes,
well, they're my cash flow...

That's all of it?

Well, not a lot of guys came
through this week.

Well, maybe if you were a little
more cordial to people...

Maybe if you go fuck yourself.

Okay, maybe not. There you go.

JOHN (V.O.): If I collect more
envelopes than I hand out...

then I had a good week.

Snips, what's the good word?

All right, Alphons.

JOHN (V.O.): There are a few
different types of gamblers.

You have your average gambler,
consistent guy bets every week.

Your sparse gambler, calls
every so often...

when he gets the bug or maybe
someone gives him a tip.

Then you have your whale,
he bets big.

Always pays on time and if you
keep him around long enough...

you can make enough money on
the vig to buy a new truck...

in the off season.

Another good week, Mickey.

Tell me you're not giving all my
hard-earned money...

to these dirt bags.

You kidding? The only reason
I hang out with them...

is because they're lousy poker

JOHN (V.O.): For every whale...

Steve, how'd you do last night?

I got screwed.

JOHN (V.O.): There's at least
ten hard-luck cases.

Look, Maryland's down by 12,
they're getting ten.

There's no time left on the
clock. The scrubs are in.

All they got to do is run out
the clock, right? Hold the ball.

Bench-warming cocksucker shoots
a meaningless three ball.

They lose by nine, backdoor
cover... they fucked me!

I'll tell you what, I'm gonna
let you slide...

on that bet last night.

But next time you hit a backdoor
cover on me...

I don't want to see you coming
in here and gloatin'...

in front of everybody,
all right?

I would never.

JOHN (V.O.): Look, I'll be honest,
I don't mind the hard luck cases.

What I can't put up with are
the dirt bag motherfuckers...

who don't pay up and walk
around town...

like they don't owe you money.

Adam Kramer.

Hey, what's going on?

- How are you?
- I'm great, how you doing?

Good. New TV?

Huh? Yeah, this is uh,
brand-new for Mark Rigney...

who said, "These suckers are
flying off the shelves...

"will you grab me one before
they're all gone?"

And I said, "You betcha, bud."

So I bought this for Mark Rigney
and he'll pay me back.

- Need a hand?
- Yeah.

No, I'm good, I'm good.
I got it, I got it.

- Not a problem.
- I appreciate that, thank you.

- Thank you.
- Wow.

- I know.
- What kind of TV is that?

Uh, 55-inch, picture-in-picture,
1080i, LED.

- Curved screen.
- Curved screen.

Huh, here, let me give
you a hand.

Okay, thanks. It's just
that the door...

- Can you wiggle it? There.
- There you go.

- Thanks.
- All you gotta do is lean it.

I know, so, just wiggle it...
a bit.

Oh, oh, careful.

- All right, there you go.
- Okay, thanks.

- You got it?
- Yeah.

Tell Mark I said enjoy
his new TV, huh?

I'll have an envelope for you
by the end of the week.

I'll leave it at Joanne's.

- All right, see ya', Kramer.


JOHN (V.O.): When half the town
owes you money...

nobody's happy to see you.

Well, guess what,

I ain't happy to see you
either, but you got my money.

I got mouths to feed.

Oh, finally. Where you been?

I got hung up. Here you go.

Ah, thanks.

Aw, god, they've got the onions
in it...

- What?
- Onions, it's got onions.

Oh, maybe I got yours, hang on.

Aw, fuck me, man!

Did you check before you left?

You always gotta check,
they fuck up.

What do you want me to say, Dad?

- You want me to take it back?
- No, I'm starving, leave it.

- You sure?
- Yeah, I'm sure.

Where are the groceries?

I didn't have time. I'll get
them tomorrow.


Here, take mine.

- Only five in here.
- Let me see.

Four, make them last.

I'm almost out of beer.

Duly noted, anything else?

Yeah, as a matter of fact,
my TV is acting up.

Oh, why don't I go out and get
you one of those...

new, curved screen ones,
you want that?

You asked, so I told you.

I got to run.

You just got here.

Yeah, well it's almost an hour
before tip off...

and I got shit to do.

How's the action?


How much money you still got out
from football.

A lot. I don't... I don't want
to fucking hear it...

because you didn't have to deal
with the internet like I do.

You offer something the internet
can't, the human connection.

Well, it's not like a lot
of people are trying...

to do right by me right now.

Well, you've gotta convince

Dad, if I go around breaking

no one's gonna bet through me.

You don't have to break fingers.
You just gotta be more firm.

- Okay, I got it.
- You're too soft, you let peopl...

I got it, thanks for the advice.

- What are you going to do?
- I apprec...

Show your face around town...

guilt people into paying
you back?

- Do you want your book back?
- No.

All right, then don't fucking
worry about it.

- God dang!
- Jesus Christ.

JOHN (V.O.): Some dads leave
their son's a family business.

My dad, he left me a book full
of degenerate gamblers.

This time of year, with no

and basketball winding down.

I become a little
more... vulnerable.

One big bet can be more
costly than a fucking divorce.

Let's see, I got Philly plus
five, $194.

Brooklyn minus seven. $200.

Okay. Yup. Philly for ten.
You mean a grand, right?

Oh, you mean ten grand.

Um, yeah. Hang on a second

JOHN (V.O.): I can't afford
to lose my whale.

I know I can take him over
the long haul...

but when funds are low and he
wants to bet big... shit.

Mick, you still there?

Yeah, I can take five.

No, Mick, you don't want
to do that.

You bet online, you gotta pay
taxes on that shit.

No, Mick, I know you always pay.

Okay, alright, 10 grand
on Philly.

Good luck.


He wants Philly. Fuck it,
Cornwall never plays defense.

Cornwall picks this game
to start playing defense.

How much you in for?

- My Lexus.
- SCOTTY: Damn.

JOHN: I need income, Scotty.

- How's your union card?
- Up to date.

Want to hang some sheet rock?

Do I want to or will I?

Petey, give me a beer.

You know what, knock these guys
up too, will ya'?

Big spender.


- You don't want it?
- Nope.

- A free drink.
- I know that.

What's going on over there?

He says he don't want it.

What do you mean, he don't
want it?

He don't want the drink.

Hey, John, what's the matter
with you, take the drink.

Thanks, but no thanks.

You're embarrassing me in
front of my friend, Zibs.

Just take a drink.

I don't want it.

I know I owe you money,
I'm gonna pay you.

I don't see why you can't accept
my drink.

When you pay me and we're all

then you can buy me a drink, how
about that?

I don't see what the difference
two bucks makes, man.

Andy, he doesn't want the drink.

Hey, Scotty, shut the fuck up,
I'm not talking to you.

Hey, hey, guys, just calm it
down, all right?

I'll take it.

No, you're not taking a drink,
buy your own fucking drink.

Take the drink.

You bought a truck.

Yeah, yeah, the old one was
falling apart.

It's a brand-new truck.

Johnny, I'm a contractor.

How am I supposed to work
without a new truck?

If I can't work, I can't pay

And I got a good deal.

What are you, my accountant?

No, I just don't want
your fucking drink.

Fine. Fine.

You know what, don't take
my fucking drink.

Whoa! Fuck.

I'm leaving, I'm leaving,
I know. I know. I know.

You should have taken the
fucking drink, douche bag.

It was as simple as that.
I was trying to be a nice guy.

Fuck off!

Zibs, I'm sorry, man, you all

Aw, that guy is such a dick,
I'm sorry, man.

Yeah... shit.

Listen, I wanted to talk to you
about something, anyway.

Um, I was wondering
if maybe you could...

uh, maybe not come in here
for awhile.

I get punched in the face...

and you're kicking me out
of the bar?

No, it's just that I got a kid,
you know...

and everyone in town owes
you money...

and you know, everyone knows
you come in here...

and if they're avoiding you...

then they ain't coming in here,
you know.

Fuck you, Petey.

No, let me buy you a round,

JOHN: I don't want your fucking
drinks, neither.

That's ten grand.

It's only money.

Tide comes in, tide goes out.

Is that Debbie Houston?

Yeah, she works here.

We messed around in high school.

You know she married Hooper? Had
a kid together.

Just got divorced a little while

Man, she used to party, man.

Shit, looks like she still does.

Is that John Zbikowski?

And fucking Scotty?

I haven't seen you since
high school.

Do you remember me,
Debbie Houston?

We fucked, you better.

- Buy me a drink.
- Fine.

Wally, three whiskey shots,
right here.

So what are you two up to?

You were really good
at baseball, right?

Yeah, I was okay.

- Weren't you drafted?
- Yup.

What happened?

I had this thing with my arm.

No, to your face?

Oh, I got punched.

I can see that, why?

Somebody owed me money.

Somebody owed you money and
you got punched in the face?


I'd love to owe you money.

Get in line.

To owing you money.

Time really did a number on us,
didn't it?

Would you still fuck me?

- Hey.
- Hey.

Hey, you know if you have
any coffee?


Nope, you don't have any

or nope, you don't know
if you have any coffee?

Nope, I don't know
if we have any.

All right, fair enough.

Are you friends with my mom?

We went to high school together.


- You know where she is?
- Work.

She just leaves you by yourself?

My grandmom comes over

Is this one of those times?

Are you allowed to stay home by

I think so.

- How old are you?
- 12.

That's a gray area.

Can we call her?

When she's at work I can only
call her if it's an emergency.

Just an emergency?

Only if I'm bleeding.

Shit, man.

All right, look, okay,
I'm gonna be honest with you.

I have no idea if I told your
mom that I was gonna watch...

you or not, so what do you think
we should do here?

So what? You go to school?

- Yep.
- Good.

Well, we're done for the summer.

Oh right, yeah.

What are you gonna do
with yourself?

I don't know.

Might want to figure that out
before school starts back up.

Yeah, I play baseball.

- At Dundalk?
- Yep.

You any good?

I'm gonna play pro one day.

Settin' the bar pretty high.


Say hi to my friend real quick,
okay? I'll be right back.


Hey, if you see anyone pull up out
here, you honk the horn, okay?



Thanks for breakfast.

Hey, kid, do you want this TV?

You sure you don't want this?

You hold onto it for me. Think
of it as hush money.

What does that mean?

It means you gotta promise not
to tell anyone how we got this.

Can you do that?


Promise me you are not going
to tell your friends.

- I promise.
- Okay, good.

What should I tell my mom?

Tell her I got a new one
and gave you my old one.

But this is a brand-new TV.

Kid, do you want the TV or not?

- I want it.
- All right.

Then figure something out,
just don't tell her we stole it.

I got a game tomorrow at 5:00,
if you want to come.

At Dundalk.

Yep. Coach is gonna let me

Hmm. You ever pitched before?

Not in a real game.

Yeah, I'll be there, later.

BRIAN: See ya'.




JOHN (V.O.): Kids are basically
hard-luck cases.

They're on the take 24/7.

You do something nice for them,

give the kid a brand-new TV.

Instead of a thank you...

it's can you come to my
baseball game?


Sometimes I think about what
it would be like...

to be free of hard-luck cases.

To only have one mouth
to feed.

BOB: Did you get my smokes?

Yeah, I got 'em.


COACH: Look alive, outfield!
Come on now.


MAN: Come on, Frankie, what are
you doing out there?

Pay attention!

JOHN (V.O.): Parents, they see their
kids with rose-colored glasses.

They think they're much better
than they actually are.

Zibs? John Zbikowski?

It's me, Matt Smith, Smitty?

- From like forever ago?
- Smitty, how are you?

Wow, it really literally
has been forever.

What have you been up to?

- You know, just getting along.
- Oh, that's great, that's great.

You used to play pro ball,
didn't you?

- Yep.
- For the...

- Atlanta.
- Atlanta...

oh, wow, that's amazing.

You got a kid in the league?

No, no kids.

Yeah, I figured.

I would have recognized your
name from the roster sheet.

Roster sheet?

Yeah, we send out roster sheets
to all the parents...

got a list of all the kids'

It's always fun to go through
it, figure out, you know...

which parents you know from
school, catch up.

Plus, I am the league
commissioner this year, so...

Really? Maybe we could do
something about that scoreboard.

Well, I am running
for city council, so, uh...

if I'm elected, maybe I could do
something about that.

If you still living in the
city, you should vote for me.

I don't vote.

Really? Everyone should vote.

- Okay, you convinced me.
- Great!

MATT: Oh, hey, honey, honey...

come here, there's somebody
I want you to meet! This...

- Here you go.
- Thank you.

Is John Zbikowski, Zibs, best
baseball player I ever saw.

- Hello?
- Hi.

He got drafted into the pros.

Whoa, that's fantastic!

His dad was really something,
he used to make you throw...

what, like 100 pitches a day
or something?

Something like that.

Can you imagine me making Mikey
throw 100 pitches a day.

He would run away from home.

- And call child services.
- Yeah.

Oh, I can still hear your
dad yelling from the stands.

- Put it in the glove!
- Yeah.

I never got who you're out here
to see.

Brian Houston.

Debbie's boy. You remember
Debbie from high school?

Yeah, you know her?

No, just, um, I recognize her
name from the roster sheet.

Well, enjoy the game.

If you ever want to come out
and give the boys...

some pointers, that'd be great.

I don't play baseball anymore.

Right, well, we'll see you
around the park.


I threw strikes in practice.

I'm sure you did.

That's probably my last shot
at pitching.

Eh, there's more to life than
playing baseball.

I was a pitcher.

I got my name on the wall out
there and look at me now.

You're on the Wall of Fame?

I want to be on that wall more
than anything.

I think you gotta throw strikes
to get on that wall, kid.

Hey, I can give you some
pointers, you know...

if you're interested.

- Seriously?
- Sure.

Need a ride? Come on.

- Thanks for the ride.
- Yup.

Hey, kid... you got one of them
roster sheets?

So you know all these
players pretty well.


All right, tomorrow,
Eagle-Spartans, who wins?

Eagles easily, Ryan Hosfeld
is pitching.

And the Spartans aren't very

Not really.

All right, how many runs you
think they'll win by?

Well, they played earlier this
season and they won by four...

but that was without Hosfeld
on the mound.

So maybe six or seven.

- Yup. Why?
- All right.

Honey, where are you?

Come give Mommy a kiss before
she has to go to her other job.

Why the fuck are you
in my house?

John came to see my game today.
Give me a ride home.

Yeah, okay, fine, I can't deal
with this right now, I'm late.

Go wash up for supper.

What's going on here?

What, it's like the kid said.

Do I have to call the cops?

No, why would you call the cops?

Because you're an adult alone
with a child...

and somehow there's a new TV
in my house.

Well, I had an extra TV, yours
was shit.

Isn't that sweet?

You know, the kid asked
me to come see his game.

I gave him a ride home,
what's the big deal?

That's so nice.

Do you give all the kids rides
home or just the cute ones?

Oh, for Fuck's sake, no! I told
him I'd help him pitch.

Remember, I was good at baseball
in high school.

Look, if this is something else,
I'm gonna find some dude...

some big motherfucker to pin you
down and fuck you...

right in your ass, some dude
with a giant cock.

- We're clear?
- Yeah, Christ...

we're fucking clear, man.

What are you guys talking about?

Just some grown-up stuff, honey.

JOHN (V.O.): How did that guy
come up with the light bulb?

I'm not sure, I'll bet
he was walking around...

in the dark looking
for something.

You know, probably came out
of necessity.

Hey, you remember Matt Smith.

- You mean Smitty?
- Yeah.

Yeah, he's got his face on those
election posters.

He's running for...

- City council.
- Yeah.

Yeah, so I see him over
at Dundalk Field, right?

And he's got this great job
and this hot-ass wife.

I don't know, man, I just
fucking hate him for it.

Yeah, fuck him.

Anyway, I see all these parents

and they're really into the

and I noticed a lot of these

are parents who bet through me
and I'm thinking...

why not put some lines out?

You're gonna take bets
on little league games.

Yeah, people are gonna settle up
with me...

because they're gonna want to
put action on their kids' games.

I don't know.

It's like opening a horse track
in our backyards.

Yeah, but it feels just wrong.

Scotty, just think about it
for a second...

what's the worst thing
a person can do?

Murder someone?

Bet with their hearts.

I got a whole stable of betters
who will bet on their kids...

regardless of what I set
the lines at.

Plus, the internet can't
touch me.

So you really think people are
gonna want to bet...

on little league baseball games?

I got Boston plus five, $192.
OKC plus three, $186.


Hey, uh, you got a kid
at Dundalk right now?

Yeah, I've got that line,
if you want it.

Eagles are minus six.

Yeah, Hosfeld's on the mound.

Hey, I know it's high, man,
but the kid can pitch.

You want the Spartans?
All right.

Gotcha, Gordy, duly noted.

JOHN (V.O.): Handicapping kids
games ain't hard.

Big kids beat up little kids.

You find the team with the
bigger kid on the mound...

that's typically your favorite.

If his dad is coaching, well...

that's a good sign he can play,
as well.

And if his old man is watching
every pitch...

like it's game seven of the
World Series...

Come on, keep your shoulder
in there, over the top!

JOHN (V.O.): That's an even
bigger indication...

that the kid is practicing
fundamentals at home.

Fundamentals and mechanics,
they're the great equalizers.

Balance, rotation, arm angle,
tempo, smooth first step.

That shit can be taught and
they can give you an advantage.

It's usually that simple.

Now some people will try to
complicate things...

find some deeper trends that
they think can sway games.

You know Richie Porter...

now I heard that their family
dog died last week...

and he can't get over it.

- Is that so?
- Yeah.

And their best players,
the Santoro twins?

I heard the parents are getting
a divorce...

and they just told them
about it.

JOHN (V.O.): It's usually because they
don't understand the beautiful...

simplicity and purity
of baseball.

Whoo-hoo! Christmas came early.

A lot of guys came through this
week to drop off envelopes.

A bunch of them I haven't seen
in months.

Snips, what do you say, buddy?

There you go.

It's all there.

Buy you a beer?

No, I got to run.

You got them Dundalk lines yet?

Yeah, I'll take a beer.

We don't tell beer, sir.

Oh, well, uh, give me a Coke.

Okay, one Coke coming right up.

- Zibs.
- Smitty.

It's a pretty good turnout,
wouldn't you say?

- Most definitely.
- It's funny...

I don't recognize half the
people here.

I just ran into Adam Kramer. I
didn't know the guy's got kids.

He doesn't.


You can look around this

and tell who's got money on the

Strike three!

What the fuck, blue?

Get your fucking glasses
checked, you fucking asshole.

How much does he have
on the game?

Nothing... just an asshole.


So Andy Fox comes in to Jolyn's
today, pays me, in full.

Wow. I guess your face really
taught his fist a lesson, huh?

Here's the thing, though.

Now he wants action
on today's game.

Sure he does, his boy is

He didn't want to bet
on his boy.

He wants to bet on the other

You told him to go fuck himself,

No. I told him, "Duly noted,

You crazy? He's gonna throw
the game.

I know that.

Hey, yo, time.

Come here, give me the ball,
give me the ball.

You're not listening. Give me
the ball.


ANDY: Come on, little man,
we all play on this team.

You throw it like you're in
control, you know, you got it?

My biggest worry was parents
throwing games.

I gave Andy the rope, let him
hang himself.

Make an example out of him.


JOHN (V.O.):
In any new business venture...

there's gonna be a couple bumps
in the road...

but in the end, the market has
a way of correcting itself.

Business was good, better than
a few of my football seasons.

Hello? Hey...

I had to bring Stevie on,
help me answer the phones.

- Hey, Grundy, what's happening?
- Of course, I got a line on it.

No, I'm lousy, my fucking ear
is like a piece of shit.

Yeah, I got the lines.

I'm looking at the Eagles
minus three.

- The over-under's 11.
- Yeah, 11.

You want the money line,
it's minus $150?

So the Eagles, for a nickel,

Don't fucking take it then,
I don't give a shit.

Hey Grundy, don't be such
a prick.

JOHN (V.O.): Even had to buy
an extra shoe box...

to store all the money
I was making.

Strike three!

What was that, man? Hey, relax!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Hey, Mike, Gordy, Gordy, Mike!
Sit down, Gordy.

There are children present,
for Christ's sake.

JOHN (V.O.): I had the whole
town on board.

Well, the whole town except
for this fucking guy.

That's it, great game today,
okay, guys? Great dedication.

Maybe we can all do a little
base running.

You're moving the hands in,
Knights on three.

- One, two, three.
- Knights!

Practice Tuesday, I want nobody
sleeping in, that's you, 25.

Russ, can I talk to you
for a minute?

What's up?

I wanna talk to you about Brian.

Yeah, good kid.

Kind of hoping you'd let him
take the bump again.

Yeah, that's not gonna happen.

Look, I've been working
with him, okay?

Look, as a coach, I feel a
certain responsibility...

to protect these kids against
embarrassing themselves.

Yeah, but the kid wants
to pitch.

Yeah, and I want to bang
Pat Creadon's mom...

okay, it's just not realistic.

How much?

How much would I pay?

Dude, how much to let him pitch?

Look, I know you're taking money
on the games...

and I don't want any part
of nothing you're throwing.

Hey, I heard what those people
did to Andy Fox's truck, okay?

It's on the level, I promise.

Come on, just give me a number.

- $500.
- Fuck you.


- $150.
- $400.

$150 plus $15 for every inning
the kid pitches.


All right.

All right, we got the bears next
week. He's got the bump.


See what you got.

That was terrible.

Your mechanics are shit. Who
taught you how to throw a ball?

All right, here's what
I want you to do.

I want you to take your lead
elbow, you aim it at the plate.

- Like this?
- No, like that.

There you go, all right?

That's your pointer, you do
everything else right...

the ball is gonna go where
that aims. Okay?

Now this is important,
look at me.

First batter you face, I want
you to throw it at him.

You want me to hit a kid.

- Naw, he'll get out of the way.
- What if he doesn't?

That's why you wear helmets.

Look, this is your plate, okay?
You own it.

You brush that first
kid back a little.

You're gonna send a message
to the rest of the team...

not to get too close.

Then you're gonna be inside
their heads...

and that's the most
important part of pitching.

More important than

Let's just say "yes".
Give me the ball.

All right?

Right there. That's how
I want you to hold it, okay?

That's your grip, all right?

Your arm angle, it's kind of
like you're throwing a football.

- Like this?
- There you go, that's right.

When you follow through,
flick it with your wrist.

Isn't that a curveball?

Yeah, man, it's your bread
and butter.

But I'm 12, I'm not supposed
to throw curve balls.

Who told you that?

Everyone tells kids that,
it'll mess up your arm.

Oh, my god, all right,
here's the harsh truth.

You're never going to
play professional baseball.

Wait, look, here's the good

neither is anyone else
in this league.

- Not even Ryan Hosfeld?
- No, not even Ryan Hosfeld.

You know, and another hard
truth, next year you turn 13...

they're gonna move you
to the big field.

Now you can barely
get that ball over now.

What do you think the odds are
you get it over next year?

- Not good?
- That's right, not good.

If you want to pitch,
you gotta throw the curve, kid.

I hold it like this?

What are you doing, practicing
sitting on the bench?

- What was that about?
- Nothing.

Didn't look like nothing to me.

That's Brett and Abe, they're
on my team, they're dicks.

You know what you gotta do,
you gotta shut them up.

No, I'm not worried about it.

- What are you afraid of?
- Getting my teeth kicked in?

All right, first of all,
they're your baby teeth.

- But...
- Okay? You're gonna get...

a whole, new set of teeth,
you're playing with house money.

But these are my adult teeth.

- Really?
- Yeah.

And I don't want to get punched
in the face.

Look at me, I got punched
in the face, I'm fine.

He's 12 years old, how hard
can he hit?

I don't want to find out and
I don't want to get in trouble.

You're not gonna get in trouble.

Look, here's the things that
grownups never tell you, okay?

Right now, you're a minor.

You can get into as much trouble
as you want.

When you turn 18, it all
goes away.

- Really?
- Yeah, man.

I mean, don't go burning
houses down and shit...

but fighting and stuff,
it's forgivable.

I don't know.

Look at me. Punch his mouth

- What?
- Just hit him, man, lock him up.

I'll break it up before he gets
a shot in on you, okay?

I don't know.

Trust me, all right.

They will know that messing
with Brian Houston...

comes with consequences.

Go get 'em, man.

You're not coming with me?

What's it gonna look like
if I walk over there...

and watch you punch a 12 year
old in the face?


Now go, come on.

Hey, wait, wait, wait, wait,
come here.

- What?
- How are you going to punch him?

I don't know.

Let me see you throw a punch.

That's not gonna work.
Come on, get it, give it to me.

Gotta use your waist,
your hips...

- My hips?
- Legs, wham, like that.

- Like...
- Put your body into it.

There you go, killer, come on.
Come on!

Knock him on his ass, buddy,
go get him.

Oh, shit!




Beaches, how you doing today?

Just peachy.

Give us a couple cold ones,
fancy stuff, please.

I'm pitching today.

That's cool.

Back the rest of these fine
gentlemen up...

for me as well, would ya?

What, everybody's pitching

BEACHES: Hey, hey, hey!
Get your cold beer here!

Hey, guys, this is Brian,
kid's taking the bump today.

- STEVE: Ah...
- LARRY: How are ya', kid?

That's Steve and Larry.

- That's Snips.
- Hi, Snips.


He talks funny.

Snips had a stroke a few years

He's all there, he just can't

What's a stroke?

It's a brain thing, one day
you're fine...

the next, you're speaking
with your hands.

- Can I have a stroke?

Sure, you can.

What's he doing?

That's Alphons, he's taking bets
on horses.

You want to bet on a race?

- Sure.
- Alphons, throw me a book.

All right, pick a horse.

How do I do that?

It's complicated, so just go
with your favorite name for now.

This one... Paid in Full.

My kind of horse. Go ahead and
tell Alphons, say...

"I want 10 bucks on
Paid in Full."

- Cool?
- Mm-hm.

Ten bucks on Paid in Full,

Alphons, kid's with me,
he's good for it.

Yo, man, I'm at the site.

Where you at?

Just Kidding, Paid in Full...

Paid in Full, Just Kidding,
nose and nose, 100 yards to go.

And Just Kidding wins it...

- Oh, that was close.
- We almost won.

Yup... now you gotta pay
Alphons, though.

I don't have any money.

You made a bet without any

Now Alphons is gonna have
to take you out back...

and break your legs.

I'll spot you the $10.

Be tough for you to pitch
with broken legs.

Now you owe me 10 bucks.

How you gonna pay me back,
you got a job or something?


You can owe me.

Don't let me see you around town
spending money, you got it?

- You won't.
- All right.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

One, two, three, break!
Get out there, let's go!


JOHN (V.O.): You know what?
Kid wasn't half bad.

I'm not saying he's the second
coming of Greg Maddux...

or nothing, but he found
his aim.

Brushed some kids off the



His mechanics... they weren't

He even used that curve ball
we worked on.

He went the full six innings,
only gave up a handful of runs.

Which is pretty damn good for a
kid on the smaller side of 12.

Would he have finished the game
if his coach didn't have...

a vested interest in leaving
him in, who the hell knows.

But he got the W...

and maybe earned a little
respect in the process.

- Great game.
- Yup.

Kid pitched well, you were

- Sure did.
- Yup.


It's, uh... good doing
business with you.


- JOHN: Good stuff, buddy.
- BRIAN: Yeah.

- See you later.
- See ya'.

Good job, buddy.

Mom, you should have seen
me pitch! I did great.

- We won!
- That's so good, honey.

Hey, hold on a second.

What's up?

You're a fucking asshole,
that's what's up.

What I do now.

I don't want you hanging out
with him. He's not your kid.

Okay? He's my kid!

Whoa, slow down, all right?
I know that.

- Do you?
- Yeah.

I hear you're taking
bets on kids' games.

Who told you that, man?

A little birdie.

Yeah, well, that little birdie's
making shit up.

You fucking lie to me
and I will call the cops.

All right, fine, I'm taking bets
on games...

but it's got nothing to do
with your son.

You expect me to believe that.

Hey look, I got a lot
of money out.

I got a dad I gotta take
care of, okay.

But none of that shit's got
anything to do with me and him.

The last thing this boy
needs is someone using him.

I'm not using him. I know all
the players by now.

If I were using him, I wouldn't
still be hanging around.

Leave him alone, Mom!
He's my friend.

He's not your friend. I don't
want you hanging around him.

He is, too!


So she says she don't want me to
hang out with the kid no more...

after he pitched a great game.

I thought I was at least in line
for a thank you.

What's wrong with you?

You "no-showed" at work.

I couldn't make it, you know,
kid had a game.

What are you gonna do,
I was busy.

You don't just "no-show".

I went out of my way to get
you that job.

And I appreciate the heck
out of it, pal...

but my phone's been
ringing off the hook, man.

I had to bring on Stevie
just to help answer calls.

I'm sorry, dude. Come on,
man, I'm sorry.

Want a whiskey?

Petey, line us up, buddy.

- So'd you call her?
- Who?

After you slept with her,
did you call her?


So you never called her and
you're hanging out...

with her son and you have no
idea why she's upset.

You think it's about her?

Man, you ain't never dated
a woman with kids?


You can't break up with the
woman and still hang out...

with the kid, it don't work
that way.

You've gotta break up with both.

Come on, man.

Remember Nicole Nvargia?


I stayed with her
for two years...

because I couldn't say goodbye
to her kids.

Those were good kids, though.

So you're saying, if I want to
hang out with a kid...

Then you gotta hang out
with the mom.

Why don't you go sit at the bar?

Because I want to sit
at this table.

Yeah, well, what are you

A Bud, and look... I'm sorry.

For what?

Because I never called you...

and I've been hanging out with
your kid and you know...

I know that maybe that's not

What are you talking about?

I know you're pissed,
because I never called you.

Who told you that bullshit.

That's not what's going on?

Look, you're nice, but
you're depressing as fuck.

Then why'd you yell at me?

'Cause you're awful around kids.

You told him he was
going to have a stroke?

No, I told him he
could have a stroke.

He got punched in the face.

Well, kids get into fights, man.

Not when they're with adults.

You told him he could get into
as much trouble...

as he wants until he's 18.

He told you that?

I'm his mother. He tells me

I told him within reason.

Was that before or after you
told him...

that he would never play
pro baseball?

That I was just being on the
level with him, I mean...

He's 12, he doesn't need you
to be on the level with him.

He's got his whole
life to be disappointed.

Let him have this.

All right, look, I'm sorry.

He said he wanted to get his
name on the Wall of Fame...

and... and I want to help him
do that.

You really think he could
get his name on the wall?

Maybe if he, if he pitches

for the rest of the season
then... maybe.

He really pitched well?

He did.

Okay, fine, but none of this
depressing shit.

No problem.

As long as you guys ain't
robbin' houses or nothing.

Of course.

I'll get you your beer.

JOHN (V.O.): Remember when
I told you that everything...

in my life eventually went
to shit?

Back him up, and give me
a bottle of your finest.

- Keep the change.
- All right, sure.


Never seen you in here before.

You trying to drum up
some votes?

No, I came to see you.

I want you to stop gambling
on the boys baseball games.

I have no idea what
you're talking about.

The other day, a man threw a
beer bottle...

through one of our umpires'

Shouldn't have blown the call.


Okay, look, things are a little
out of control...

but it sure as shit
ain't my fault.

Your problem is with these
animals here in town, not me.

Don't make me out to be
the bad guy here.

What are you going to do?
Call the cops.

They don't give a shit
about gambling.

Even if they did, half the
Dundalk PD bets through me, so...

I'll cancel the season.

Can't imagine that's gonna
help you get many votes.

I know you're robbing houses.

I have no idea what you're...

I'm running for city office?
I talk to people.

They voice their concerns.

The other day, I'm going door to
door and somehow I ended...

at Adam Kramer's, he tells me
that his TV got stolen...

and it's the only thing
that they took.

He thinks it's some kids
from the area...

and I think that's a plausible
theory. Cops agree with it.

Then I find out that the same
model TV taken...

from Adam Kramer's
is at Debbie Houston's.

And I know that she's working
two jobs just to pay the bills.

So there's no way she's buying
a brand-new flat-screen TV.

Everybody knows that Adam Kramer
is a degenerate gambler...

and then I hear from some people
that he owed you a lot of money.

I'm thinking that's a
heck of a coincidence.

One TV, two links to you.
What do you think?

I think you're thinking
too much.

Am I? Maybe I'll run it
by Adam Kramer.

Good luck running anything
by Adam Kramer.

But then I'll try Chief Taggart
when I meet with him next week.

See how many recent robbery
victims bet through you.

MATT: Thank you much.

Hey, what's it going to take?

- What?
- What do you want?

Campaign contribution. You want
a cut, cash, what do you want?

I want you to do
the right thing.



What are you doing?

Taking the TV, because you can't
keep your mouth shut.

What do you mean? I didn't
tell anyone.

Sure, you didn't.

Just like you didn't tell
your mommy everything.

I didn't tell her about
the TV or anyone else.

- Oh, then how does everyone know?
- I don't know.

- Well, I didn't tell anyone.
- Well, neither did I!

Well then, how does your league
commissioner know...

that the TV we stole was
in your house?

I don't know.

What are you gonna do with it?

It doesn't matter.

You need to learn that actions
have consequences.

What the hell is that?

It's a TV, Dad, what does
it look like?

Well, is it hot? I can't
have a hot TV in here.

You want the TV or not?

- What's the catch?
- There's no catch.

I got a guy after me,
had to watch my back.

You got anything on him?

No, there's not a damn thing
on him, he's clean.

Every man's got something.

Some guys, you just gotta
look harder.

Okay. You got any cables?

Yeah, I don't know,
try the back room.

What the fuck do I know
about cables?

Jesus, this is a big
son-of-a-bitch, look at that.

And way thin.

You kept all this shit?

Yeah, what do you mean?
Of course I kept it.

- Why?
- Why?

Well, I don't know, I thought
maybe someday...

you'd like to have it, you know,
give it to your kids.

Yeah, well it doesn't exactly
bring up happy memories, Dad.

- Hey, I did my best.
- JOHN: Yeah, well...


Hey! You okay? Come on,
sit down, whoa, whoa.

And how long have you
been smoking?

I don't know, forever.

Yup, well, this is how
it happens.

I know, I know.

I would advise you to stop,
but you already know that.

How many times you want me
to say, I know.

I was looking at your previous

I don't recognize a Dr. Mancini,
he work in the area?

- Souza County.
- Souza County... hospital?


This should help with the

You're not far away from an
oxygen tank if you're wondering.

Thank you.


What's this gonna cost me

I doubt Medicare covers this,
so probably 200 bucks.

- What, a month?
- Three weeks or so.

Jesus Christ, what's the point
of having Medicare...

if it doesn't cover this shit.

How long I gotta keep refilling
it for?

On this medicine, I give him
five years, if he's lucky.


Thank you.

I mean, I thought he was dead.

Oh, man.

I'm a mess, man.

It's like, just when I was
getting even, this happens.

And I got Smitty breathing
down my neck.

Maybe you should stop.

Stop? Why?

'Cause... it's kind of shitty

It's not my fault that people
in his town act like savages.

Okay? I'm not the one out there
telling them...

to set the place on fire.

But you're handing them
the matches.

Oh, bullshit, somebody just
fucking hates me.

Nobody hates you.

Circumstances have proven

You both had it coming.

Your dad has been smoking as far
back as I have memories...

and I've got to say you haven't
exactly been on the level.

I get no support from you?

Well, this is your support.

You live life like everyone's
in your way.

Preventing you from getting to
some level of happiness...

that I ain't even quite sure
is out there.

No, people owe me money, okay?
I gotta take care of my dad.

That money solves real problems
for me.

You'll but you ticket in beds from guys who don't
have lots of money, then they shouldn't bet.

Well maybe you shouldn't
be taken advantage of them.

I just want people to show me
the same respect...

that I show them.

Oh, like the respect you showed
me by not showing up for work?

You want me to keep going?

You have more to say?

Things are only unfair when they
don't go your way.

Aw, fuck you, Scotty.

I'm just trying to help, man.

Well, I don't want your
fucking help.

JOHN (V.O.): As much
as I hate to admit it...

maybe Scotty was right.


Maybe I was feeling
sorry for myself.

You know, if things are gonna
break my way...

I needed to force the action.

I mean, if you're gonna push my
back up against the wall...

then it's fight or flight,
it's kill or be killed.

It's bases loaded, bottom
of the ninth...

and I'll be damned if I'm gonna
be blackmailed...

by some bitch-ass

who's trying to fuck it up
for everybody else.



What the fuck, dude!? Were you
even paying attention, man?


One fucking job.

What, are you still pissed
about the TV?

Fine... be mad at me,
I don't give a shit.

Why were you in Mr. Smith's

- I was looking for something.
- What?

I don't know, anything.

- Does he owe you money?
- No.

And you still broke into his

Yeah, I did.

If he doesn't owe you money,
then doesn't it make it illegal?

You know, I don't know
what to say, okay?

I don't know how he knows
about this TV...

and it's putting me in a very
fucking bad place.


Some bullshit always happens.
I get kicked in the face.

You want to know why I never
made it to the majors?

You want to know why
I'm not in the show?

Because my dad got fucked up
one night...

and he got behind the wheel
of a car and he killed someone.

He just fucking ran 'em over.

My mom split, I had to come home
and give up my dream...

just to help him with
his fucking trial.

And I don't have fucking shit!

I'm sorry, that was depressing.

I promised your mother I wasn't
gonna be depressing.

I know how he knows
about the TV.


He comes over to see
my mom some nights.

Matt Smith spends the night
at your house.

He doesn't spend the night.

He comes over after I'm in bed
and leaves...

before I wake up in the morning.

Yeah, but him and your mom,

- Yeah.
- Are you sure about this?

I know what it sounds like.

Why didn't you tell me before?

I figured if you knew...

you wouldn't want to hang
out anymore.

Hey, hey, man, let's get
something straight here, okay?

I don't like your mom,
like not even in the least bit.

I mean, I'm sure she's a great
mom to you and all...

but me and her, there is nothing
going on there.

Me and you, we're friends, man.

So you're not mad?

No! This is fantastic, dude.

- It is?
- Yeah!

Holy shit.


Pretty raucous crowd, huh?


So that thing we talked
about at the bar...

no impact on you.

You know, I had to bribe
the kid's coach...

to get him on the mound?

What does that have to
do with anything?

You being the commissioner...

I just figured you could get
him on the mound.

Why would I do that?

Thought maybe you'd want to do
him a favor.

You know, seein's how you're
fucking his mom, and all.

It really is the least
you could do.

That is just blatantly not true.


What do you want?

I just want you to do
the right thing.

Let's go, Brad. You got this,

You got it, bub! Come on, now!


Are you kidding me, ump?
Down by his fucking ankles!

Keep it consistent, let's go!

What are you swinging at, Brad?

Come on now, keep your head
in there, what the fuck?

Keep it consistent, let's go.



How do you look at that pitch,

You want to play fucking
Tee-ball again?


Because I can get you a tee
and a ball and we can go...

hit off that, because you can't
seem to hit a ball without it.

Stop it, stop crying,
you Sally, man up!

I can't stop, you're yelling
at me.

You cost me 200 bucks. You're
gonna make it up.

I will, I promise.

You're damn right, you will!
Now get in the fucking car.

What are you looking at?
Mind your fucking business.


Hey, kid.

Beaches, back the kid up for me,
will you?

BEACHES: All right.

- What's up?
- Can we talk?


Maybe not in front of everyone.

All right.

What's up?

- Can we stop?
- Stop what?

Betting on games.

Aw, buddy, you were never
bettin' on games, man.

Yeah, but will you stop?

- No.
- Please?

No, sorry, pal, it's not
gonna happen.

You have to stop.

Why? What's gotten into you?

It's not fun anymore.

How is it not fun?

You're actually playing
well for the first time.

I don't know.

What then, you want to go back
to the way it was before...

where you're sitting on the

and everybody's calling you
names? Is that what you want?


I'm sorry, I'm just confused,
what, like so...

you have friends now and you're
pitching well...

you want to forget about the guy
who got you there? Is that it?


I taught you how to pitch.

You think anyone else would
have taken the time to do that?

- I don't know.
- I do, the answer is no.

Your whole life and no one ever
helped you pitch...

and then I come along and I help
you out and what...

you're gonna take the other
guy's side?

Is this how you treat your
friends? Huh?


Hey, Mickey, I got the Dundalk

Yeah, Knights are even money.

You want NBA also?

All right, ten grand on the

Yeah, Kid Houston looks good.


I got you down for it, Mick.
Ten G's.

Duly noted, Mick.


Look, I'm...

Pitch a good game, huh?


- Zibs.
- Adam.

Outfield back up, good hitter!

Smart money's on Houston, huh?

Guess it depends on
what you consider smart.

Well, the number came in low,
so I figure you'd dropped...

the line by a few runs because
you're thinking...

Houston's bringing the goods.

Plus, Nick Spada had a birthday
party last night.

It was a sleep over and
half the Bears team was there.

That so?

Yeah, they were probably staying
up really late...

watching movies, getting real
tired, so...

Boy, he really hung that one
over the plate.

Hey, hey, playing catch.



Throw the curve, kid.

They shouldn't have pitched him
on such short notice.

Hey, kid, kid...

you thinking about doing any
of the things we worked on?

Fine, suit yourself.

JOHN (V.O.): It was ugly, pretty
much sold the other team...

prime real estate on home

Didn't throw the curve ball

Didn't do a damn thing
we worked on.

Stubborn, little shit.

Couldn't have picked a worse
game to stick it to me, either.

I had more money on this one
than the Super Bowl.

And look, maybe I was wearing
a pair of those...

rose-colored glasses when
I set the line.

Maybe this kid never
had it in the first place.

Either way, it didn't look

And the natives, they got

Lucky for me, Smitty caved and
cancelled the whole season...

before the game ended.


Hey, hey, hey, hey!

That's it, that's it, enough!

JOHN (V.O.): And well, if nobody
loses the game...

and nobody loses a bet...

we have ourselves a push and we
can all walk away...

with our heads held high and
our wallets the same weight.

No harm, no foul.

You need a ride?


We're all square.





JOHN (V.O.):
So, all said and done...

looks like I made it out
of this whole mess unscathed.

I managed to collect most
of my outstanding debts.

Put a little extra scratch in
my pocket and shit...

walk away in better shape
than before it all started.

All said and done, it puts me
in the black...

which is all you can ever
ask for.

So yeah, there you go,
that's my story.

As for basketball lines,
playoffs look predictable...

this year, might have to jump
the line on the favorites...

a point or two, since it's

You know, local gamblers like
to play the favorites...

so knowing that, I gotta
protect myself...

from all the action heading
one way.

Johnnie, let me help you
with that.

Get in the fucking house.


Come on, guys, what the fuck
is this?

Trying to throw games on us.


Yeah, play dumb like you didn't
have that kid throw the game.

How long have I known you guys?

Why would I throw a fucking

I can think of about
10,000 reasons.

Stevie, how many bets
have I let you slide on.

Sorry, Johnny, it doesn't look
so good.

I got you a job, man.

Johnny, you met my nephew,

Yeah... fuck, ow!

Shit. Whoo! God...

I'm telling you, okay, look,
the kid pitched bad...

because he was mad at me,
all right?

Fucking kids, right?

Fuck! God!

Where'd you say the cash was?

JOHN: Oh, come on, you made
your point.

Oh fuck.

This makes us just about even.

Even? Come on, Mick, they didn't
even fucking finish the game.

I don't think you lost shit,

Johnny, you know, if we let you
pull one over on us...

we gotta let everybody do it.

Oh, come on, guys, that's all
the money I got.

Here you go, dinner on us.

Sorry, Johnny.

Come on, man, just pee.

Come on, man, pee.

Daddy, is that Sparkle?

- Why does that guy have our dog?
- Ssh-ssh.

Um, guys, just wait right here,
please, okay?


Hey Bill, what's up?

Why do you have my dog, John?

Is that your dog?

Did you break into my house
and steal my fucking kids' dog?

What? No, man.

Then why do you have
my kids' dog?

You broke into my house and took
my kids' dog...

because I owed you 500 bucks?

You owe me $600 bucks, man.

Do you have any idea of the
crying that has been going on...

in my house, for what,
to get even with me?

Well, I just... I mean...

- Daddy! Daddy, are you okay?
- Go back, girls, go back!

- I'm okay.
- Shit, man.

- Fuck, man.
- What'd you come at me for, man?

I just wanted my fucking dog.

Yeah, dude, take the dog, man.

There... there.

You know, I was gonna pay you...
but I got laid off from my job.

Times have been tough.

I didn't know that.

You know, I saw you the other
day and you had on that...

new watch and I was like...

- This... this... this watch?
- Yeah.

This $75 watch, here, man,
you can have it.

I didn't know...

Hey, yeah, this is what they
give you when they lay you off.

As a way of saying thanks,

"Hey, you don't have a job
or a pension...

"but here's a nice watch."

I'm sorry, I didn't know that.

Yeah, well...

Hey, you don't have
to pay me back, man.

We're all good.

You look like shit.
Take care of yourself.

Let's go, girls, come on,
Sparkle, come on.

- WALLY: Here you go.
- Thanks.

WALLY: Mm-hm...

Hey man, are you sure you don't
want something for your face?

WALLY: Right on.

Ain't Debbie working?

Nah, she was, but she
had to leave early.


It was some emergency
with her kid.

What happened?

Apparently, he broke into
her ex-husband's house.

- You know Hooper, right?
- Yeah.

Yeah, well, kid was still in
there when his old man got home.

Get this, Hooper sees him and
beats the shit out of him.

He told the cops he thought he
was robbing the place...

but if you ask me, Hooper did it
to teach him a lesson.

- Is he okay?
- Get the fuck away from my house.

- Wait, wait, I just wanna know...
- I said get the fuck outta here!

- Just hang on a second.
- Leave.

What? I want to know
if he's all right.

This is your fault.

- My fault?
- Yes.

You know what? Maybe if you
spent more time at his games...

than with the fucking

we'd be talking about something

Fuck, god... fucking...

He's not your kid, okay?
He is my kid!

You think because you hung out
with him for a couple of weeks...

and taught him how to pitch that
somehow he's your kid?

He's not. You have no idea what
it's like being a parent...

to have to put food on the table
and pay rent.

Explain to him why his dad
is a piece of shit.

You know what? It's not my fault
his Dad's...

- a fucking piece of shit.
- You used him.

How the fuck did I use him?
I told you about the gambling.

Nobody gives a shit about
your gambling!

How the fuck am I using him?

Because you were there when it
was ballgames and pizza.

Where were you when
he needed you...

when he was so upset that he
broke into his dad's house?

I have been there for that kid.

My son doesn't need another man
in his life letting him down...

and I knew from the second I saw
you sitting at my table...

it was only a matter of time...

before you would turn
your back on him.

- Jesus, what happened to you?
- Nothing.

Wh... what are you doing?

Where's my shit? Where's my...
where's my bat, Dad?

What do you want that for?

Hey, hey, look, why don't you
take a deep breath...

and just calm down for a second
before you do something stupid.

Huh? Will you hold the fuck on!
Sit down for a second!

I meant to do it!

You meant to do what?

I was drunk when I ran Bernie
Gallagher over...

but I meant to do it...

he was having an affair
with your mother.

You're just telling me this shit

Bernie and I drank at the same
pub and the night I found out...

I look at his fucking face
across the bar...

and I start going for him.

Bernie starts running away
and I'm chasing him.

I think, "This is fucking

So I tell myself, go outside,
go outside, calm down.

So I go outside and I'm sitting
in my car...

but I'm getting more
and more upset.

And then Bernie comes out
of the bar.

And you ran him over
with your fucking car?

Well, I didn't plan it! It
boiled me over, I lost my shit.

- And Mom?
- She left.

She... she kept her mouth shut
during the whole trial process.

Thank God, God bless her...

because it could have been
worse, I think.

Maybe she felt bad for me,
I don't know.

A little guilty maybe.

Anyway, she couldn't stay here,
she left.


Look, I spent 10 years in prison
for doing something stupid.

Now look at me, will you?
Look at me.

This is what getting even
looks like.

Get the fuck out of my way.

Come on.


JOHN (V.O.): Look, I know
what you're thinking.

I didn't think it was heading
this way either...

but here we are.

And tell me, what would you
do if you're in my shoes?

Would you let it slide?

Maybe you're a better person
than I am.

Come here. Do we know each

- Why?
- Why?

Because you keep eye-fucking
me from across the room.

Went to high school together,
I'm John Zbikowsky.

I played baseball.

Oh shit, Zibs, yeah.

Sorry, man, I didn't recognize
you, you look like shit.

What happened? You all right?

Fine, man.

So what? You just came here...

to catch up on old times
or something.


What's up, then, what's
with the bat?

You gotta ball game
or something?

Why are you looking at me like
that, man? You got something...

You got some business with me
or something?

We got a problem? I mean...

You know my ex-wife
or something?

No, nope.

Softball game.


One too many beers, that's all.

Yeah, well...

fucking take care of yourself,
dude, you look like shit.



What are you doing?

I'm trying to be a
"leaves-a-note" guy.


Last time I was here, I didn't
really do the right thing.

Yeah, I know. I've read it after
Mr. Mooney threw it on ground.

And you let me carry on like
this the whole time?

Yeah, I guess so.

I guess I just didn't care.

What happened to you?

I think I got what was coming
to me.

Yeah, me, too.

I think maybe I gave you some
bad advice...

these past couple of weeks.

You don't go breaking into
houses, no matter what.


Here, give that to your
mom for the hospital bill.


It's not a lot, but it's
all I got at the moment.

Want to know the real reason
I quit playing baseball?

You told me about your dad.

No, that's not it.

I wasn't good enough.

I was getting knocked
around in single A.

Yeah, I could have worked hard
and got better...

but that shit with my dad

and it's just easier to quit.

So I came home and I took
over his book.

My whole life, I've been taking
the easy route...

and I think maybe I used you as
part of that easy route...

and I apologize.

- It's cool.
- No, it's not cool.

I'm sorry, friends don't do
that to friends.

I got to pitch, I got in a
fight, I bet on horses.

This is the best fucking
summer of my life.

Me, too.

Never got your name on that
wall, though.

It's alright.

So what are you going to do now?

I don't know, probably take
a job, I guess.

You still gonna take bets?

I say no now, but football
season's gonna roll around...

- I probably got to reassess.
- Yeah.

What are you gonna do
with the rest of the summer?

Don't know.

Might want to figure that out
before school starts back up.

Next season, will you come
see me pitch?

Shit, yeah.


Hey, we got a letter
from a guy named Zibs.

Is that the guy you know
from baseball?

Wait, no, no, let me,
uh, let me...


JOHN (V.O.):
All said and done, yeah...

I have done some shitty things
in my life.

Aw, fuck it, I never said
I was perfect.

Subtitles by explosiveskull

♪ Trash won't pick it up
take them lights away ♪

♪ Trash won't pick it up
don't take your life away ♪

♪ Trash won't pick it up ♪

♪ Don't try to take
my knife away ♪

♪ And please don't you ask me
if I love you ♪

♪ If you don't know what
I'm doing what you know is ♪

♪ Trash won't pick it up
take them lights away ♪

♪ Trash won't get it up
don't throw your love away ♪

♪ Trash go pick it up don't
try to take my knife away ♪

♪ And please don't you ask me
if I love you ♪

♪ 'Cause I don't know why
I do what I know is ♪

♪ Trash pick it up
take them lights away ♪

♪ Trash won't pick it up
don't take my knife away ♪

♪ Trash won't pick it up
forgot to take them all away ♪

♪ And please don't you ask me
if I love you ♪

♪ 'Cause I don't know if I do ♪

♪ I want to wipe it out here
with you ♪

♪ And take a lover's sleep
with you ♪

♪ I'm going to fairyland
with you ♪

♪ I'm going to heaven blue
with you ♪

♪ But I just don't know
if I do ♪

♪ I just don't know if I do ♪

♪ Ah how do you call your
loverboy? ♪

♪ Trash pick it up
take them lights away ♪

♪ Trash go pick it up
go put that knife away ♪

♪ Trash go pick it up
don't give your life away ♪

♪ Trash get it up
don't throw your love away ♪

♪ Trash pick it up
don't take my knife away ♪

♪ Trash pick it up
the doctor take them all away ♪

♪ Trash pick it up
don't take my knife away ♪

♪ Oh trash whoa whoa
my sweet baby yeah yeah ♪

♪ Oh trash whoa whoa
baby you're the one ♪

♪ Trash pick it up
take them lights away ♪

♪ Trash go pick it up
don't take my knife away ♪

♪ Trash go pick it up
don't take them lights away ♪

♪ Trash pick it up
don't take my knife away ♪

♪ Oh trash
don't kick my knife away ♪

♪ Oh trash don't kick
my knife away ♪

♪ Oh trash don't kick
my knife away ♪

♪ Oh trash ♪