Ai nu xin zhuan (1984) - full transcript

Ai Nu is forced to work in Madam Chun's Merryland brothel. She is unwilling at first, but soon learns what to do to survive.

Sir, it's quite late!

It's freezing!

Been comparatively colder today

Please give me some
wine and a bowl of noodles


She has been here for three days

Said she couldn't find her relatives

The noodles, sir

Better eat up while it's hot

No need

I've asked her everyday
if she'd eat something

"She doesn't want to;
says she has no money"



I've paid for this bowl of noodles

You have to eat something

That feel a little warmer?

I don't need this blanket anymore

Please eat the noodles

It's possible that I won't see you again

Don't worry about paying me back

You can keep the change

Thank you

Lady Chun...

Come on down! Lady Chun

Drink with me!

You've got to accompany me

He is drunk

Take it easy!

If I drank it

I would die in front of you now

Don't die! I'll drink it

Lady Chun, the officer wants to see you

Lady Chun

Lady Chun

What's the matter?

The county magistrate is waiting for you

All right. You go ahead

Lady Chun, there is a customer waiting

Asking him to wait for a while

Lady Chun, you have to drink with me

I will. I'll drink with you

But only one glass


Tell him to wait

This gentleman has been waiting


Mr. Wong

Take good care of him!

He is our wealth and fortune

Sir, please have some more

Lady Chun, how about a drink with me?

I'll be back in a short while

Wait for me a while, okay

Lady Chun, Lady Chun

Please drink with me!

I've been waiting for a long time

Be patient! I'll be back


County Magistrate, what's the matter?

It's terribly serious

The Imperial court has
dispatched a secret agent

They're investigating
the bribes and corruption

It seems they know we've twisted the law

They knew it all

He sent a confidential letter to Young Chew

and gave it to the Inspector General

Here's a thousand taels of gold

Not matter what happens

tonight you've to tackle this for me

Honestly it's an honor to work for you

I'll certainly take care of it for you

The time and the place?

Yes... it's all here

I've put it all down

God, I've been so scared

Inform me as soon as it's done

Okay, don't worry

I'll leave you to it then

Please see him out


Xia Xie, go and see if Xiao Ye is back


Chew Yun, get my clothes!

Xiao Ye is back

Count the gold here

Ms. Chun, is it?

Who could it be except me?

We've got an assignment

There is a man with white clothes in forest

He's got a confidential letter

which is for the Inspector General

Kill him and bring the letter back

The purple hibiscus I
planted have bloomed well

Xiao Ye's sword... it's always so swift

It's a habit

I'll use my sword on every assignment

Also... before you go for the kill,

you'll need Ms. Chun

Come and take off my clothes then

We have plenty of time. Make it slow

Xiao Ye

This ain't a river or a stream

Why're you fishing here, buddy?

I'm not fishing

I'm waiting for someone to get hooked

Didn't you have a letter...

for the Inspector General?

Who are you?

A person like me can't possibly have a name

Xiao Ye

Ms. Chun

You saw my sword

Why did you still come over?

This is my way of attacking

Just wanted to make
sure that my enemy is dead

I didn't think of my own life

What? Injured again?

It's pretty normal to get hurt

Miss, Miss

New girls are here

I'll be right there after I change

Come here

Go in quickly!

Stand there!

Did you see? I told you to stand there

Go in!

Ju San

Why did it take you 3 months...

to deliver new girls to me this once?

Lady Chun, you asked for the best

Do you know...

how tough it is to find beauties nowadays?

What are you doing?

What a temper!

But anyway... she is nice

"Ju San, here is your gold;"

Your payment for bringing me 30 girls

What's the matter?


We don't want the gold today

Then what do you want?

What do we want?

We want to spend a night here


Shut up!

You flatter me way too much

But I don't want any smell of men...

left on my bed

How about...

we do it on the boat?

The rocking movement of the boat...

is sure to make you go crazy

Looking for trouble, are you?

Fourth brother

If I was you...

I'll take off right this moment

Otherwise you could lose your life

Lady Chun, you're bloody cruel

You just wait and see

Let's go! Fourth brother

Thank you for your gold

Lady Chun, the girl with blue clothes

just bit Madam Hu's finger!

Fucking bitch!

Beat her up!



Why don't you cry?

Why should I?

Does it pain?

None of your business

Your skin is very fair

Oh, you've a nice figure too

Men sure would fancy such a girl

What happened today?

Don't you know!

Lady Chun has got some new girls

We have a beauty pageant tonight

Great! We'll go

Please! Please!

Did you see...

The rules of Merryland

500 per person

First come first serve

I want...

There are a lot of girls

As your wish and we'll satisfy you

I'm coming...

Hey dude, think I'm good enough?

I'm not ready...

Sir, don't be in a hurry!

Just be patient! I guarantee you can do it


Where is the girl?

She is here

Go ahead! Any one of you can begin

Who should go first?

She is very beautiful!

Mr. Magistrate, she is so lovely!

I can't stand it


Go ahead!

Lady Chun, you're marvellous!

This girl is very beautiful

Wait for me

Who should go first?

The hell with him!

She's so pretty

Sir, you go ahead!

No, I can't do it now

You go first

Then if you don't mind

What are you doing?

I'm going to sue you in the court

I'm the county magistrate. You can tell me

You don't need to go to the court

Don't go...

Don't let her go

Mr. County Magistrate, it's your turn

Me?! I don't think I still can

You better carry on first


Go ahead

Big brother, come on!

Let's change the place


Hurry! Go!

You are not human beings

You're bloody beasts! I'll kill you

You are not human beings

What a beautiful skin!

Don't touch me! I want to die

Silly girl!

You'd better wipe off the blood

It's not that easy to die

What's so difficult about dying?

One can die with just a pair of scissors

Also you can jump into the river

Or even with one rope

All of us have to die sooner or later

Your temper is just like
me when I was young

I rather die than give in

It's terrible!

The county magistrate has epilepsy

Let's go and see


Some people force girls into prostitution

Is there anyone?

Of course. What are you screaming for?

Do you know it's still Merryland here?

You only killed who you disliked

However one has got to
make 'death' worthwhile

If you don't like it here...

why don't you leave?


It's not much better
outside than in Merryland



Open the door! Open!


Miss, Miss, Miss

There is no other house around

It's cold and very late

Where are you going?

Silly girl, I'm very old

What are you afraid of?

Let's get warmed up in the house first

You can safely stay over one night here

Tomorrow I'll take you to file a report

Don't be afraid!

This is from my dead wife

You can put it on

If my daughter was still alive

She would be your age

Old Uncle

You're the second decent
person I've come across

You! What are you doing?

Miss, ever since I first saw you...

I want to sleep with you

And you just...

There's just no decency in this world!

Why else would I give you the clothes...

and food to eat?

No one will be foolish enough to do it

They are huge

Be good! We will have a good time

Help! Officer



It's him... he's trying to rape me!

What did you say?

I... Sir

You still want to run

Bloody asshole

You dare to rape a girl

Ever heard of something called ' law '?

I'll not allow you to continue your crimes

Arrest him!

Who are you?

What are you doing here?

You can ask me

She is from my place


Please arrest them too!

They force decent girls into prostitution


That's a goddamn joke!

You must have stolen other's money...

and wanted to run away

Do you know that's against the law?

No... I didn't steal any money

Actually she captured me to her place

Lady Chun

I didn't know she is from Merryland

Please forgive me...

This is a little token

I can't accept it

Thank you! Thanks!

Let's go!

I almost believed what you just said


You said that as long as you were here

no one will bully the civilians

Did I say that?


Didn't you?


Silly girl!

What is the law?

The gold is the law

Don't you get it?

Didn't you see that
the county magistrate...

is here before?

You didn't need to go out...

and seek the help of some other officer

Come, wear something pretty

In fact, the world out there...

isn't much better than here in Merryland

Don't think too much!

All the women will
eventually get married...

have children, get into cooking & cleaning

Working for husbands rest of their lives

It'll be forever

Your happiness depends on him

You can't stay here
for the rest of your life

Take me for instance

I do hope that you can marry a good man

And leave here sooner

You've been poor before

How do you used to live before?

Sleeping on the streets,

and always starving...
isn't that a tough life?

Be patient!

Help me out for time being

I'll call you Ai Nu

Sir, you haven't been here for many days

My dear county magistrate

Is Ai Nu really that good?


She is fantastic

I'll never lie to you

Look! She is coming

Don't be scared!

Mr. Lee, he is very wealthy

You have to take good care of him tonight

Don't ruin our reputation

Be good! You'll have wonderful time

Get it?

Hurry up!

Mr. Lee

Lady Chun, you may leave

Take care of yourself

Do me a favor! Just a favor!

Get out!

No, no

Don't be afraid

Let me take off your clothes

There is still a virgin's sense

Come on

What do you mean?

I'll do it myself



You got lots of tricks

What the hell are you doing?

I'm afraid


No wonder the county magistrate remarked...

'You're different than other girls'

You know how to tease men


All right, it's enough

I'm too old for this

What the hell do you want?

I beg of you! Would you please!

I really can't

What? You can't

No way

Where are you going?

You can't run this time


Everyone out

Inform the county magistrate immediately


What are you looking at?

Ai Nu, Ai Nu

I'm Lady Chun...

Drink some tea

Come on, help me take off my clothes first

I didn't mean to kill him

Ai Nu, it's all right

Don't cry! It'll be OK

Look! No one is in here...

except you and me

Tell me why do our women...

need to let the men play?

Why they don't care about what we think?

Silly girl!

This is the way for us women

Like me

My dad passed away when I was three

And mother contracted tuberculosis

My uncle kicked us out

After that, mother & I
were bound by same fate

We lived on streets and begged

Once a while we would have food to eat

After a few years mother died too

I met the lady boss of Merryland

She took me in

I still recall the first time I was here

I was very curious

Had never seen such a beautiful place

She saw that I was filthy

She took my clothes off
and gave me a shower

Silly girl! You're very pretty

Be a good girl

You'll find a good husband

Since that time...

The lady boss liked me very much

Dressed me up like others

I've always been beautiful

From that day on

I served the lady boss

And also earned money for her

Normally, you'd take
me for a very serious kind

In fact, we have similar background

You have the same story like mine

But you've got to remember

Never cry and ever ask for help

You mean...

Agreed, if it's a bright
future you're looking for...

one does need some luck

Silly girl!

You'll have to handle lots of men later

Could it be said that
you killed each of them?

Let Lady Chun teach you step by step

Trust me, men just love
touching those parts!

You'll get used to it soon


May I know your good name?

How come I've never seen you earlier?

My name is Lin Yun

I was sent here early this month

I heard that Mr. Lee died here yesterday

I'm here to investigate

You're from out of the town

No wonder you're so early


Have you visited the county magistrate yet?

Beg your pardon?

I said, before coming here...

did you go to see the county magistrate?

The investigation is our duty

I don't need to bother him

Especially it's early morning

Perhaps he'd be still asleep

Who says so?

How do you know that I haven't gotten up?

My respects, sir

Get out! Go away!

Officer Fu


Who told you that Mr. Lee died here?


All of us are aware that he died at home


I went to inquire of Lee's family

They told me that he didn't die at home

He died here for sure

And it was a homicide

Did you see it with your own eyes?


So it's just your hearsay

Officer Fu said that he died at home

Why can't you believe it?


No more

Finally, my judgement is...

Mr. Lee died at home

If you have too much free time...

you may go to his home

Question his wife

Investigate how she killed her husband!

That's right, Officer Lin

Do you want me to prepare a sedan chair...

for you to go to Lee's home?

Leave now

I'm leaving


Did I see you somewhere?

No, you must've got the wrong person

Come in, Ai Nu

I remembered that it was a cold night

I put a blanket on her

It's strange

Uncanny resemblance, I'd say!

There was a beautiful girl in the forest

When were the wind bring her back?

Say, if it ain't her...

where did the girl of that windy night go?

Ai Nu

The county magistrate did you a big favor

You have to repay him today

You understand, don't you?


For rest of your life all that jewelry...

would stand you in good stead

Come... Ai Nu. Come quickly

Come to see what you did get

Do you like it?

Look! Ai Nu

This necklace is a gift from me

Do you like it?


This is a gold bracelet. Take a look!

Your skin is so smooth

Is it worth a lot?

Yes, good for the rest of your life

I can do it now. I'm coming

Hurry up! Come on!

It sounds great like you said

It's very easy to make money

Gradually you'll understand

The money can really talk

Is the county magistrate good enough?

Forget it. He made me so uncomfortable

Am I right?

I did say he ain't as considerate as me

No, Ms. Chun

Are you sure?

What's wrong?

Never seen a naked woman?

No, I heard you scream all of a sudden

I thought something had happened


You must miss your Lady Chun

That's the reason you are here

No, I'm leaving

Come on

Don't go

You can't get away

Mr. Ju San


Lady Chun...

It's Mr. Ju San

How rare!

What brought you here?

It's not that rare!

But it reminded us of the scar wound

And also my brother's broken arm

Suddenly we thought about you

Do you really want to sleep with me?

That won't be too difficult

This skirt can be easily removed

This table is like a big bed

Come on, who is first?

Big brother

Lady Chun, you misunderstood!

He isn't fond of women

He likes tracking mountains

Please hand me that guy from the other day

You may leave

Last time I should have killed you

This time Merryland is in real trouble. Go

Xiao Ye

Don't be jumpy!

Take a look! Why not?

For the power and the money

You need to kill more people

Are you a human or beast?

Lady Chun, Xiao Ye...

I know... say it again slowly

You clean it up quickly

And then attend to the customers

Do you always come
here to nurse the wounds...

after you killed someone?

I saw the way you killed others

You didn't pay any attention to yourself

Ever since I was little I
knew it took blood to kill

Also I was ready to die
everytime I killed someone

I remembered the first time I saw you

You said you only killed
someone you disliked

And die for a worthy cause

I don't like anyone that Ms. Chun dislikes

I'll gladly die for Ms. Chun

So she is your real elder sister?

No, you are wrong

We are not related

I remember the day I met Ms. Chun

It was a very, very cold morning

You stupid girl... dare to steal food!

I'll beat you to death

Eat! Mom

Hurry up! Mom

You! Why did you hit them?

Hurry up, sister. Go

This knife saved her

I've been staying with Ms. Chun since

From that day on

We grew up here

The owner passed away later

Ms. Chun became the lady boss

I don't use this knife anymore

I changed to the sword

For the last couple of
years you've used this sword

to kill those people
that Ms. Chun disliked?

In the beginning... only for the bad guys

But Ms. Chun changed

She would kill for money

Do you know...

why does Ms. Chun like you the most?


You look like her when she was young

You're poor, pretty and very stubborn

But not anymore

Ms. Chun has changed, so did I

You will too

Why should I change?

The circumstances are like this knife

And we are like this sweet potatoes

Gold and desire

Bit by bit... slowly

You won't be the same anymore either

I'm getting sick of myself

I myself don't know why do I need to kill!

Sometimes even I get scared

I'm afraid I'll die under
someone else's sword

Xiao Ye, Xiao Ye

Why isn't it possible
to live in the past...

just one more time?

If possible,

I'd like to live in the good old days

Did you have any beautiful memories?

Ought to cherish them if you did

Otherwise you would never get it back

when you changed

Please come in! I'll get Uncle Chang

It's very quiet here!

The owner must be a gentleman

I met a beautiful lass
days back in the forest

Wonder when'd the
wind bring her back again?

Miss, are you looking for our master?

Yes, Mr. Lin is...

He has a business trip

He won't be back today

Can you leave a message?

Please give him back the blanket


Tell him that I'm the girl in the forest

Where have you been? Ai Nu

The county magistrate
waited for a long time

Didn't you say...

I don't need to entertain
the guests anymore?

Do you think that I like it?

He is not some ordinary customer

In Merryland there'd be many an occasion...

when his help would be needed

Come here! Let's put some more make up

You only care what you want

Isn't the rest important to you?

What are you saying?

For example whatever
happened to Xiao Ye last night

He risks his life...

to kill those trouble mongers

When it was over...

you went back to your business

You didn't care for his life

You treat him like a dog

Have you ever thought...

he has been through so much with you

He is so much like your family

The only one you got

And me

You told me that no one will touch me again

It only took one day to change your mind

I was doing it for Merryland

No, you don't care for others

You're selfish

Xiao Ye is right

Year after year

We'll never know

the reason for our existence

It's boring even I don't like it

Or I don't want to see it

But I have to face it everyday

Is that so?

I'm just waiting for it all to end well


And let the time of our youth...

and wonderful moments just slip by!

Youth? Wonderful moments?

When I was young...

I didn't ever have any happiness

That's why I willingly
stayed on in Merryland

Listen to me! Ai Nu

It's no longer important
if you find a husband

Be patient!

It's not easy to find a good man

So you want me to serve...

the county magistrate today, right?

I'm ready. Leave

All right! Go!

Did anyone die here? Mr. Lin

No, I'm looking for Ms. Ai Nu

Who is looking for Ai Nu?


What's the matter?

I knew her before

She came to see me today


Ai Nu


How come...

Lin Yun

Lin Yun

Ai Nu

Please listen to me

Ai Nu

Lin Yun

Lin Yun, please listen to my explanation

Lin Yun

You listen to me

Shut up!

I just want to ask you now

Why did you come to my house?

Tell me!

Because someone once asked me...

If there is the best time of your life...

You need to cherish it

That's why you lie on the bed naked...

holding on to the jewellery

Forget it! We did meet once before...

and I said that you didn't owe me anyway

Lin Yun

Before you leave...

may I ask you a question?

Go ahead

Is it true that once if
you make a mistake...

you won't be able to turn back?

I don't know

I just know that if you commit a crime...

you're forever a criminal


I see

What's wrong with you? Ai Nu

What happened today...

between you and the officer?


I just believed what Xiao Ye said...

last night

If we could turn back our lives...

we would cling on to our best moments

He was wrong

I found out just now

It just ain't possible
to turn one's life around

Ai Nu is in love

I'm telling you. Stop dreaming!

First of all, Xiao Ye
is a prodigal, a killer

He is not your type

Second, the poor government officer

He doesn't deserve my Ai Nu

If I can't find the true love...

then I'd stay at Merryland
the rest of my life?

That's right

There is no other place...

that can accept the kind of women we are

I'll be the second Lady Chun in the future?

You should learn from me

Treat all the customers nicely

Maybe you'll find a husband

It's not difficult to be Lady Chun though

The question is: can the
conscience be ignored?

Except Merryland, Lady Chun's whole life...

without friendship, no friends

No affection without relatives

Also without love

Without love? How about you?

Then it's just compassion and pathetic

Besides being a pastime

Ai Nu, what the hell are you doing?

You said that I only have one choice

So, right now

I'm ready for my only choice

The choice that you haven't tried before

Where are you going? Ai Nu, Ai Nu

Lady Chun wouldn't
tell others what she does

Maybe I'm going to find a man

Ai Nu

Man... oh heck!

Help me get rid of
officer Lin Yun right away


I wouldn't let Ai Nu fall in love...

with 'a man without future'

Ms. Chun

I used to kill those people who hurt us

Then I killed for money


When did you get so nagging?

Hurry up! C'mon, get to it

Where are you going?

Didn't you tell me to kill?

What's wrong with Xiao Ye today?

Who are you?

I don't have a name

What is your relation with Ai Nu?

You don't need to know

Why do you want to kill me?

I don't know either

You are a professional killer

No. Killing is like a
gamble with one's life

The thrill to kill

As a gamble would you
put your life at stake?

I used to. However
today it's for someone else

What happened?

It must be related to Merryland

Xiao Ye

Ms. Chun

Where is the sword?

I lost it

Did you kill Lin Yun?

I did it like before

Risking my life, I stabbed in his chest

God knows why my sword was cast down!


You let go of your sword?


I don't know either

Maybe I don't want to kill the innocent

Or I'm too tired

and don't feel like doing
anything out of weariness

No interest in anything, huh?

You don't want to kill. You don't want me

Xiao Ye, since when
did you become like this?

No, not only I changed

But also you did too

You became selfish, cruel and greedy

I became lonely, heartless and disgraceful

I've never felt it before

Until Ai Nu was here

She looks like you when you were young

I discovered that both of us...

are different than what we were before

Ai Nu again

Let me tell you

In the future...

don't you ever dare mention Ai Nu!

I have what Ai Nu has, right?

From now on you just listen to my order

Tomorrow you go and do away with Lin Yun

What a cruel woman!

Ai Nu

Why does she need to kill Lin Yun?

Why can't she stand me being with you?

Didn't you say before...

I look like her when Lady Chun was young?

What are you doing?

I'm bent on doing what Lady Chun forbid

Let's see what can she do!

Hey, what're you up to?

I heard you mention...

I look like Lady Chun when she was young

Tell me

How was the first time with Lady Chun?

Please tell me

Come on, Xiao Ye. You lay down first

Don't move, okay

Ms Chun...

Ms Chun...

Xiao Ye, Xiao Ye

Ms Chun...

The roses smell so good

Ai Nu, Ai Nu

What are you doing?

Why didn't you ask me...

what I was doing with him?

Xiao Ye doesn't like you now

But he still remembers...

the first time when you
both were in a bathtub

Although it was me in his arms...

he still kept calling out your name!

He said that the roses smell good

Did you just say you got everything I had?

But now whatever you don't have

I'll get it

Why do you choose Xiao Ye?

Why do you need to kill Lin Yun?

I don't want you to
fall in love with a loser

Can't the poor have love?

Ai Nu, what should I do to convince you?

I'm really protecting you

The reason I want Lin Yun killed...

it's all for your own benefit

Hey, Lady Chun

Have you ever gone down on your knees?

Didn't you teach me...

one should have a stone
heart and never begging

Never cry

You'll kill...

to achieve the purpose

From the first day you saw me...

you realised that I had your personality

We have the same background

Even our appearance is similar

Hence unknowingly you've
been taking care of me

If you think that you're protecting me

actually it's protecting your own self

Because I was you when you were young

Not the one you are now

Did you get it?

It's not me that you're concerned for

You only care about yourself

That's why I always rely on you

But you forgot that I've changed

I'm doing what you didn't do before

Maybe one day I'll leave you

Please don't leave... Ai Nu

I'll give you everything

How about love?


Is there such a thing called love?

You don't understand?

Take your time to think about it

It's very windy outside

How's the noodle shop outside the city?

Miss, you might be mistaken

I don't have anything good to offer you

Uncle, do you still remember me?

Are you joking?

To such a small place

No one like you will come

About half a year back...

you remember that girl
squatting beside earth-god?

What? A girl?

Oh, I remember

It was just like today

An officer riding a horse
happened to pass by

Yes, I'm that girl

Have I changed a lot?

Of course

You look so much more elegant and beautiful

It's better than before


Then, you... Why? You...

What happened to you?

I was thinking about what you just said

All of my jewellery is here

You can have it

I want to prove to you

In my whole life...

you're the only person for
whom I cherish some care

It's strange!

Suddenly I think love
isn't important anymore

I like the jewellery more

Lady Chun

What's the matter?

Nothing. I just came over to see you

It's very odd

I've never seen you without any make-up

Yes, it has been more than ten years

It was always in my mind

You were protecting me with this knife

Since that day

You stayed with my mother and I

I remembered the day my mother died

It was cold like today

Mom, you can't die Auntie

Mom Auntie!

I'm dying

Both of us need to take care of each other

Like brother and sister

Mom... Auntie...

My dear, think of
something for a better life

Can't carry on being bitter for a lifetime

Auntie Mom

That was her last sentence

I remembered what she had said

I aspired for a good life

For the past decade or so...

we had been suffering in Merryland

Finally I thought that
our life is getting better

Actually it wasn't so

Today I realise that...

we missed something else

What did we miss?

We miss the love


Love is like a narrow path

It's only big enough for one heart

We have to give up the rest

The weather today is like
that day when mom died

It's very cold and dark

The smell of losing our loved ones in air

Ms. Chun, what's wrong with you?

Nothing, nothing

Ms. Chun

Quiet... please say no more

Ms. Chun

Xiao Ye

Xiao Ye

Xiao Ye, are you satisfied?

I'm sleepy, Ms. Chun. I want to take a rest

All right! Take a good rest!

I'm leaving

I needs to leave you alone

Ms. Chun...

Ms. Chun, I didn't know it's you

I really don't know it's you

I heard some sound at the back

I'm used to it

I know

You would attack when you heard the sound

Ms. Chun

I want to ask you a question


If you know that I want to kill you

what will you do?

I'll never do anything

Xiao Ye, Xiao Ye

When did you get here?

I've been here for a long time

You saw everything

Finally I believe it

I've never loved anyone

except Xiao Ye

You're very silly

Xiao Ye loves you always

It's very ironic!

I thought if I killed Xiao Ye...

it would be an appropriate climax

Who knew it'd be the opposite!

Now on I'll have to go
with Xiao Ye to netherworld

Could you kiss me again...

before I die?

Lady Chun

Lady Chun

Ai Nu

Yesterday there was someone after my life

I found out that Lady Chun wanted me dead

Would you know their whereabouts?

Both of you deserved it

Didn't expect this time
Ai Nu would get the credit

Ai Nu, Ai Nu

Where could she have gone!