Adrift (1971) - full transcript

A fisherman saves Anada, a woman adrift, from drowning. He takes her to his home, and protects her. Eventually, she occupies a larger place than was to be expected. He commits adultery with her, but his own wife seems to be in love with the strange young woman.

My heart pounds, my strength fails me,
even the light has gone from my eyes.

Stand in the front.

Legs wide apart.


Take it.

What are you waiting for?

Go on!

Do you want to do this or not?

Aim only for the ducks
as they take off...

not before.

Be careful.


What are you waiting for?

What's wrong, dammit?

I missed it.

You didn't miss it,
you never fired!

Aren't you the hunter, then?
Trying so hard that you forgot to shoot!

Central Film Archives presents

Rade Markovic, Milena Dravic,
Paula Pritchett

in a co-production of a novel
by Lajos Zilahy

Desire called Anada

Screenplay by Imre Gy?ngy?ssy with
J?n Kad?r & Elmar Klos

Music by Zdenek Liska

Production Designer
Karel Skvor

Production Manager
Ladislav Hanus

[ Directors ]

"Indeed fateful events occurred
at the Villa Maxixe."

"At a glimpse of his
crimson tunic..."

"the impetuous Juliana..."

"hastened to her cousin,
her heart aflutter."

Maybe that's enough now.

Oh, you're here father.

Go outside.

Mother began to worry.
You were gone so long.

Your mother is already asleep, see?

Go gather the nets.
They'll be dry now.

I saw... you stretched
them out very well.


I was having a dream.

All my hair came out.

In the mirror...
I was bald as a pumpkin.

Oh, I cried so.

Once at school we had lice.

The teacher had our heads shaved
and rubbed with petroleum.

The boy. Where is the boy?

Outside. You were asleep.

Every spring in our village
we'd dress up a straw puppet.

All in white, like a bride.

This was the custom.

We put the puppet into a coffin
and set it afire...

and let it float away
on the river.

This marked the death
of winter.

Then we followed the funeral

forty, fifty pretty girls.

Did you bring the medicine?

I have it.


Come sit down.

Cover my eyes.

What for?

Please cover my eyes.

I did a bad thing.

I promised the Holy Virgin
all the money if I stay alive.



Even the money for the catfish?

That too.

Oh my God...
don't be angry with me.

I would burn the roof over my head
to make you well.

I didn't do it for myself.

Remember, you once told me...
if I died in childbirth...

you were going to
drown yourself.

I promised the money...
because of you and the boy.

Where are you?


What are you doing?

The medicine.

What time is it?

Seven, the doctor said. seven.

And the next at seven
in the morning.

Did it cost much?

Who is shouting out there?

It's nothing.

But someone is calling...

I heard nothing.'s the fever.

Go and see.

Leave it there.
There's still time.

Give it to me
when you come back.

Yes...there's still time.

It's not yet seven.

Jano, come! Come Quickly!

She was here just now!
I swear to God!

I saw her! Here in the yard!

What is it?
You frightened Zuzka.

Are you drunk?
What's going on?

She threw herself in the water.


Anada...! I found her clothes
by the river bank.

[What happened? ]

[What happened?
I can't remember...]

[Oh, my God...]

T-t-try to accept it. She didn't
s-s-suffer long.

The river has mercy...
Who was she?

Don't close your eyes.
Look at the water.

Keep looking there at one spot.
That helps.

I can't see.

Not her eyes...not her voice...
I remember nothing.

Oh, sure! When things go badly,
nobody remembers anything.

She was not your wife?

He told us his wife can't
get out of bed. She has typhus.

I didn't speak of that.

Who are you?

What time is it?

Careful, anything you say
can be used against you.

What do you want of me?

Did you hear that?

Hear what?

Like someone calling.


Someone's drowning!

Who was it?

I don't know.

Someone was drowning, right?

T-t-try to recall...
you wanted to save her, didn't you?

I wanted to.

Holy Mother...! So young!

I couldn't find the hand mirror.

It didn't mist over.

We did all we could.

Thank God...
give me your shirt.

Her eyes closed.

Father... your shirt!

Peter, run! Kindle the fire.

She will live! She will live!

The devil she will!

How do you know?

So she was in the river again...!

Rubbish! Who would jump into the
water twice without good reason?

Maybe she fell in... or just jumped.

Or someone pushed her.

But why?

We wish you'd tell us.

I know nothing.

Don't torment him.

The facts are these:

On May 20th this year...

the fisherman Jan Gabaj, his son Peter,
and Michael, his father-in-law...

rescued a woman
from the Danube.

Her identity remains unknown.

why don't you go to bed?

I was dozing...
your soup's warm.

So...who is she?

She's been tossing all night,
poor thing. We've hardly slept at all.

I'm asking you who is she?

I don't know.

Didn't you ask her?

Surely. But her talk was
strange and confused.

Then, suddenly, she asked the time.

Funny...when we seldom wind the
clock between chores.

You didn't get her name?

But we have to report
she is here.

She said a strange name.

Yes yes... Anada.

I never heard such a name.

The woman remained
for some months.


Then she vanished...

leaving no trace.
Anything more?

No. Only that I didn't want her
in my house.

Good enough.
But we're interested in facts.

Who was she?
Where was she from?

I don't know.

Didn't you even find out
her name?

I don't interrogate guests
in my house!

Weren't you curious?

I wondered,
but I didn't grill her about it!

Good morning.
May I ask you a few things?

We should notify
your family...

and report to the authorities
that you're here.

It's not me...
I'm not so curious.

We don't mean to interrogate you.

Who gave YOU the right
to interrogate me anyway?

Get the hell out of here!

You're lying.

Where is she?

In the store room.

How much longer will
she be here?

She's not in my way.

We did our good turn.
Now fare-thee-well.

Why don't you say something?

Where is she to go when even
the river won't claim her?

I don't want strangers
in the house.

But I like her company.

At least I'm not alone all day.

The boy is always
at the river.

Go and tell her then,
since you're the master here.

I want her to stay.

I don't understand.

I'll tell her.
But she won't thank me for it.

Good morning.

My wife sent me
to fix up the room.

Thank you very much.

So she stayed.

This needs fixing.

My wife wanted it
and I love my wife.

You two are as close...
as the bird and the wind.

Maybe she felt sorry for her...
or didn't like being alone.

So, it wasn't your decision.

It was your wife's.

Unimportant. The point is what
made her try suicide again.

Don't hover over me.
It's got to be somewhere.

I'll find it, God help me!

Just calm down and try to think
where you put it.

I don't know. I don't know.
It was right here.

Who knew about the money?


Where's the boy?

At the river.

No stranger was here?

Oh, no. Anada would have seen.

She was working outside.

How much is missing?

All of it.

Don't search anymore.

Look! I found it!

Praise God! I vowed to light
20 candles to the Holy Virgin.

and bless this food we are
about to eat.

Jano is angry with me today.

He's right.

Why? Something happened?

[What the devil is she up to?]


What was that barmaid's
name again?

[Is she making a fool of me?]

[A damn fool...]

She was my kind of girl.

Nice and broad in the beam
and on top...

Oh, sorry.

She brought me such a
beautiful Turkish woman...

And she would always fix me eggs.

As if I needed eggs
in those days...

What happened then?

Never mind. It's nothing for
children or young ladies.


Listen, if I hear one more
"sorry", I'll...

I don't have to stay here.
I can leave anytime!

And I will! I have friends

[Picking away at her food
just like a duchess!]

[And she like her maid!
Doesn't she see?]

I forgot Anada.

She doesn't like fish!
I'll make an omelette.

I prefer meat...
especially on my women!


In my house,
a person who doesn't eat fish...

should get the hell out
or starve!

Oh, God!

Why did you insult her?

I didn't mean to.

Then why did you?

You begrudged the food she ate?

What do you think I am?

Then why were you so rude?

To make her leave.
She didn't belong there.

She played on my wife's...

You mean k-k-kindness.

I had to get rid of her...
no matter what.

How did you plan to?

Leave me alone!

How did you plan
to get rid of her?

How did you?

You can get in.

[Yes... it's best
that we take her along.]

[People come to the church
fair from miles around.]

[Someone might recognize her.
And then...]

[God go with her.]

[Does someone know her?]

[Or do they all have eyes
for two pretty skirts?]

That's why she tried to kill
herself again!

Because of him!

Yes, I swear it was him!
I've known him since we were kids.

Watch what you say...
can you prove this?

The way they looked at each other...
they must have met before.

But did you see them
speak together?!

Yes or no?

[Where is she?]

[Where did she disappear to?]

Good day, Mr. Christophe.

I believe I know you.

Or was it your father?

We used to bring you fish.

If you don't mind, there was
something I wanted to ask you.

What can I do for you?


Who is it?

[Whoever it was will give
himself away.]

[He'll be scratched up
from the brush.]

[The old goat has no scratches
on his face.]

[But why does he keep
his right hand hidden?]

Salt, please.

[No mark there, either.]

[Anyway I would have
caught up with him.]

[The boy...]

[Where is the boy?]

What's wrong? You're so quiet.

Oh, nothing.
My loins are a little sore.

Maybe they could use
a nice, slow massage!

[The old lecher...]

I hear Christophe
is practically blind.

And they say he bathes nude
in the river at night.

Why do you laugh?

I don't think I laughed.

I think he's a good man.

A fine catch for the right girl.

Where's the boy?

Down by the river.

- Why are you staring?
- I didn't say a word.

I got scratched in the brush.

Why do you all stare at me so?

Why would I be staring at you?

Anyway when that machine of his
rolled over, he was almost killed.

He had horrible head injuries.
Isn't that so?

The lamp is smoking.

[This has gone far enough.
No good can come of it.]

[I'll tell her...
"Go where you please."]

["I'll give you money,
take you to town..."]

["put you on a train...
and godspeed."]

["When the others get up,
you just won't be here anymore."]

Follow me down to the shore.
I want to talk to you.

[Go then, with no questions.]

[Have I ever asked
where you came from?]

[Don't try to entice me now.]

[Just pull up and go quietly
as you came.]

So you and your wife...
are like a bird and the wind!

How did it all begin?

I can't remember.

Everything has a beginning.

You t-t-took her from the water
with your own hands.

Then she lay n-n-naked
in the boat.

She might have been
old or ugly...

or she might not exist
at all. Who knows?

I only know Zuzka and I were
of one mind on everything.

Listen, your own son might
have seen you with that woman.

No! Nobody saw us!

Go get something to eat.

Breakfast is ready.

The lime is so hard.

Do we add clay now?

The lock on your
door is broken.

I'll fix it.

What for?

Where's the boy?

Bunking with Grandfather.

You took everything off?


You're always so cold when you come
home mornings... even in summer.

Your feet are chilled
clear though...

Oh, you gave me a start.

You must feel out
of place here.

It's alright.

What are you looking at?

That post in the water.

What for?

Because it's beautiful.


You mean this?
All rotted... falling in the river?

No moss on the thing, even...

that would make
it green and shiny.

So why is it beautiful?

And for you? What is beautiful?



Because a fish...

Well, when something is...
as it is...

that's beautiful.

But what are you
doing down here?

It's Sunday... yes?

What do you do in your spare time?

When you've finished working.

I put the pump in the water.

And then?

Then I repair nets.
Or melt some lead.

Then I dig in the garden.

Or I fix tools...
sharpen fish hooks...

And then it's night.

Or do you mean what do I do
in my dreams?

[I cannot remember her.]

Don't light it.

What are you doing?

Just sitting.

So late? In the dark?

We like it this way.

What are you talking about?

Nothing at all.
We were just sitting.

But what for?

It suits her well, yes?

She's very beautiful.

You two have to be together.

It's as simple as that.

Otherwise you'll go crazy,
and drive everyone else crazy.

Go on, man.
Why don't you go to her?

Don't repeat yourself.
We understand.

I don't know
what's happening to me.

That girl is like a m-m-mist...
like a m-m-mirage.

You see her,
but know nothing for sure.

So you fell in love. So what?

But in this little m-m-matter
there is great p-p-power.

I wasn't sure you would wait.

Do they mind your meeting me?

The bread...?

Did you bring any?

Never mind.
I can only smell it anyway.

Since my accident,
I only smell things.

Reeds...and camomile.

Here, do you smell it?

Give me a hand.

Where were you last night?

By the river.

Who with?


What did you do there?

Looked at the water.


Helps me sleep.

I go nearly every evening.
So far, no one has seen me.

Don't be too sure.

I have nothing to confess
to anyone.

Jano, where are you?


What are you doing up?

Haven't you noticed?

Are you blind? You haven't seen
Christophe prowling around here?

You're sure?
Did she tell you something?

He's not a fool.

A girl like Anada?
He knows what he's after.

I won't tolerate her whoring
in my house!

Where were you?

- Walking.
- With who?

You filthy tramp, you!

What went on between you?

Tell me...please.

Is it true...?

Please tell me!

Next time, if you remember...

bring me a slice of
home-made bread.

For God's sake, what went on
between him and her?

Don't ask us.
We only know what you know.

Someone must know the truth.

Don't seek to know it...
F-f-forget her.

[Just wait...wait.]

[Ride, ride, ride ...]

[Wait, the day will come...]

It means a great deal to me
to come out here with you.

May I have a closer look?

Since my racing accident,
you know I don't see so well.

In fact, the doctors insist I should
have been dead six months ago.

[Not a soul knows he's
out here with me.]

What are you doing?

Let me throw them back.

What? The ones we already caught?

I'll gladly pay.

How much?

Ten crowns apiece? Or twenty?

I don't think you understand me.

It's not the fish I crave...

but a certain air of enchantment.

[Some enchantment,
you bastard...!]

Let's throw the nets out again.


Remember St. Mary's fair?

You made heads turn.

Those two
women you came with were beautiful.

Really beautiful.

Could I try that?

[Now you're asking for it.]

Now get a firm footing.

Get a good grip on the net.

Now swing all the way around.

Not just your arms...
your whole body.

As if you meant to fly out
over the water.

With the whole body? As if to fly?

God help you! God help you!

Thank you. You have marvelous
reflexes...the way you yanked me back.

What's wrong? Wake up.

You're all in a sweat.

God help you! Go...!

Forget the river,
forget your wife, your son. Go...!

[They'll get along without me...
all of them.]

[America is a big place.]

[Or somewhere,
where one can make a living.]

[Others have done it.]

[So who would wonder
about me? Nobody.]

Come with me.

It's yours.

No, this isn't mine.

I cannot look at this
deserted table!

Why don't you go after him?

Peter is far away.

He is not a child any more.

A boy grows up and he leaves
home. That's all.

[They sound so far away.]

[Like voices heard
across the water]

But why? I can't understand...

To just run off without a word...

Stop crying.
And don't keep asking why.

It may be better that you
don't know why.

What about you?

[I don't even know what
you're saying.]


So your own son is nothing?

You needn't worry about him.

Keep out of it!

It's your fault!

You filled his head with crazy stories!

Just wait. I'm leaving too.
I know what I know!

[They are like total strangers.]

S-s-sad fellow...

You're the one I hate the most...
with that whining pity of yours.

Once you cleared out...

why did you come back?

That's my business.

And mine only.

They blame me for the boy's going.

A lot of nonsense!

And these pretty pictures
turned his head...

Everybody has to pack up sometime.

But one must know when.

You also.

We two don't belong here.

You are too beautiful and
I am too wise.

And we both have seen
a lot in life.

What do you think?
Will you go soon?

Why not?

It's all the same to me where I am.

Strange girl.
You make one feel...haunted.

Uncle Michael,
it isn't me that you are afraid of.

[I have no choice.
I should kill you.]

[May heaven forgive.
I've tried everything else.]

[And you bring nothing
but devastation to us.]

You're wrong in what you're thinking.

W-w-we don't think anything.

There are things...I
am not capable of.

We're just waiting.

Come to me tonight.

You're always so cold when you come
home mornings...even in summer.

Your feet are chilled clear through.

Now I remember you. Your hand...

Your flesh... I know you exist.

I'll leave this morning.

Don't look for me...promise?

Wait. Where are you going?

I want to put it all straight.

No need. You went to bed
with her...fine.

If it's only that,
we're wasting our time.

Better still, she cleared out of
your life on her own.

You misunderstand!
She did not leave!

Let him speak.

I can put everything right!

I will do all I can to protect her.

What do you mean?

She must not know.

It would kill her.

I would burn my house to the make her well.

What are you talking about?

My wife is deathly ill.
She has typhus.

She's ill?

You never told us this before.

But I have talked of nothing else.

Your mother is ill.

She won't live to see morning.

Peter is home.

Good day, Doctor.

Here, a sip of Tokay.

Isn't this a funeral?

Oh, yes. But the fun is
a gift from God.

Drink up!

Who is it here?

Peace...we must all die one day.

But God in his mercy...
took her in her prime.

Had she lived, it would have
been for suffering and shame.

Do you have enough money?


It's a miracle of nature.

Your wife will get well.

One case in a hundred.

Are you sure?

Here's a prescription.

It will be quite expensive.

You hear me?

Give her this at seven in the
morning, and seven at night.

But be careful. It's a strong poison,
as I note here.

Only your wife's sister
should be in the room.

[She must not find out!]

It would be best for her
and all of us if...

What do you want?

Nothing. What you must do,
you'll do anyway.

You must-for her sake-while
her dreams remain.

She deserves that much happiness.

There is no choice.

Tomorrow morning,
you will go.

I know.

I'll ask the jeweller to
take back the pendant.

I'll buy the medicine.

Don't fool yourself that
you're buying medicine.

You will leave in the morning...

without goodbyes.

On the way you meet
Mr. Christophe.

Perhaps he cannot
remember you.

Perhaps he doesn't see.

Sorry, we don't give refunds.

I don't leave until I
get my money back.

Six hundred. No more.

But I paid 1500.

Six hundred.

Make it eight.




Keep in mind that this drug
is lethal.

Be very careful with it.

With an overdose,
the patient falls asleep...

and never wakes up.

Hell-fire! A man shouldn't
drink alone!

L-l-leave him be!

Having a hard time getting
drunk, chum?

Come on, leave him be!

You look as if you saw a ghost.

Be sociable. Never can tell when
you may need a friend.

Come on, can't you see
he wants to be alone?

I'll get him drunk.

You know who we are?

Here's a fellow named Melchior.

The captain could pass
for Balthasar.

I'm Kaspar. Like three
slightly wise men.

We come into town,
make the rounds...

til we find a christening...
a w-w-wedding or a w-w-w...

A wake.

Listen, why are you
drinking so much?

Why, why? Because he's got
his reasons, that's why.

Wherever we g-g-go...
we find a b-b-b...

a birth or a d-d-d...


Well, my friend has risen
from the dead?

Any idea who we are?

Yes, I know.

I know everything.

You were the stiffest drunk
I ever saw.

What did I do?

You got on you feet
and toppled over...

like a tree.

We could have said The Lord's
Prayer before you came to.

I'll make everything right again.

Trust me.

Stay away from me.

Maybe that's enough now.

Go outside.


I was having a dream.

All my hair came out.

In the mirror...
I was bald as a pumpkin.

[I'll make everything right again.]

[We have been happy here...
that's yours to keep.]

[You're at peace now,
aren't you?]

The boy...

Where is the boy?

[Don't be afraid.]

[What matters is not
to live long...]

[but to live
as long as one is happy.]

Did you bring the medicine?

I have it.


Come sit down.

Cover my eyes.

Please...cover my eyes.

I did a bad thing.

I promised the Holy Virgin all
the money...if I stay alive.



Even the money for the catfish?

Even the money for the catfish?

Oh my God...
don't be angry with me.

I would burn the roof over my
head to make you well.


[Your first day here,
the young swallows left their nest.]

Where are you?

What are you doing?

I'm here with you. Don't worry.

[The yard was alive with
clumsy, chattering birds.]

[Some flew to the tree-tops.]

[Some flew back and forth.]

[Yes. That was your first day here.]

Where are you?

What time is it?

Seven, the doctor said.

Yes, at seven.

Where are you?

Who is shouting out there?

Someone is calling.

I heard nothing.

Leave it there.

[We were always like the bird
and the wind.]

There's still time.

Give it to me when you
come back.

Where are you?

Why have you disappeared?

Listen to me!

Is this a way to judge me?

I'm alone! Listen...
don't leave me here all alone.

[What time is it?
What's happened for God's sake?]

[It's not yet seven...
no, it can't be seven.]

[That's important.]

[How long have I been here?]

I never heard the name.]

was she ever here at all?]

[I really don't know.]

[No one need ever know...

[Zuzka must never know.
Yes, that's the most important!]

Tomorrow we'll go out...]

[I'll carry her into the sunshine.]

[It will be
the best thing for her.]