A Season for Miracles (1999) - full transcript

When a young woman's niece and nephew are threatened with foster care after her sister is hospitalized following yet another overdose, she flees with them until they land in the sleepy town of Bethlehem just before Christmas and a series of kindnesses and coincidences gives the trio a chance at happiness.

I never believed in
angels and fairytales,

no matter how much
I wanted it,

nothing I ever really
wished for came true.

but I never
stopped wishing.

Maybe this Christmas
will be different.


- Coming.
- Ok.

So sorry. I always take that
right as the door's starting to close.

Could you hit three, please?

That's the maternity
ward, my first grandchild.


Isn't that a perfect way to start the day?
A girl, eight pounds four ounces.

Are you getting out?

No, not this one.

OK. This is us.

Hi, we're here to see
Berry Thompson.

Thank you.

You both keep holding your mama
while you're visiting. Real tight, ok?

She's not our mother.

Ok, there you go.

Come on.

- Did you bring me something?
- Yeah.

Mum needs a smoke.

That's a good girl. Thanks honey.

Where did you get those?

That's a really great thing
to teach her.

Don't you start with me. I got enough
with these cops, doctors...

don't even begin to start.

Well, they say it's your life
so you could be a little nicer.

This is a jail Emilie.
Ok? I'm in jail.

JT, if you got something to say,
you say it to everybody, remember?

He doesn't like it here.

Smart kid.

Still carrying around your
baseball glove?

So what do you hear
from your lawyer?

Nobody tells me anything.

I mean do you know when you're
gonna get out again or even...

What, what, what!

Keep asking me a question,
keep asking me questions.

I don't know Emilie, I don't know.

You know what,
you've gotta get it together.

You can't do this over and over.

I know.

I am gonna get it together this time.

So give me a break,
I'm gonna do it for real.

I can't do this anymore.

You don't know how many times
I've heard you say that.

I mean how many times
have I dropped everything?

Driving all this way
to take care of the kids, to

bail you out.

All right, fine, if it's a problem,
just tell me, ok.

Yeah and then what?

Who's gonna take care of them?
If it's not me who?

I'm gonna go.

I don't feel so hot now.


Well, I'm sorry.

Yeah? I'm sorry too, ok?
We're both sorry.

You guys hang tough.

- Eat something all right?
- Yeah.

- You look really thin.
- Well, yeah.

Hey, Lani?

Tell Jack I'm here, ok?


Don't forget.

- Who's Jack?
- Nobody.

Her boyfriend?

He brings her drugs.

You two go stand over there
with that nice lady, ok?


When are you gonna get it?

You almost OD'd this time.

You were dying when they
found you, you're own kids...

Don't you dare lecture me.

I don't need you to save me.

If you got a problem with this go back
to Atlanta. This is my life.

No, this is not your life,
this is their life.

Do you have any idea
what this is doing to them?

Yeah, yeah.


They survived didn't they?

We've been locked out of the
apartment. Did you know that?

You haven't paid the rent
in six months.

Times are tough,
or haven't you noticed?

Where do you suggest we stay tonight?

I mean where should we go to sleep?

You're their mother.

Give me a break.


We'll be back tomorrow, so...

- And how old are you now JT?
- He's almost six.

- Hmm.
- Is there something I can do for you?

- Oh Miss Thompson, Emilie Thompson?
- Yes.

Ruth Doyle, Child Services.

She's scaring JT.

Honey, there's nothing
to be scared of.

- He's afraid she's gonna take us away.
- That's not gonna happen.

Uh, look the last 24 hours
have really...

Let's talk privately for a moment,
shall we? Miss Russell can watch
the children for us.

Miss Russell, would you watch
Alanna and JT for a minute?

Hey, nobody is going to
take you away, ok?

I'm just going to go talk to her.
You stay with Alanna.

And we'll be fine, I promise.

Come on.

Foster care is in their best interest and
right now my concern is for the children.

They've missed school and healthy living
conditions, evictions, abandonment.

There's a history of neglect here
that borders on child abuse.

We feel that a foster home
would be a safer environment.

But I'm their aunt,
I'm here to take care of them.

Miss Thompson, I'm sure that you
mean well but you have no job here.

I'm gonna get one I'm going back
to school to be a nurse. I do that.

I'm sure that you will,

but right now you have no
permanent address,

you have no bank account,
no savings account...

But that's because I've given everything
I had to try to help these kids.

Yeah, and your sister spent it all
on boyfriend's and drugs.

Are you saying it'd be better
if I didn't try to help?

What I'm saying...

Look, what I'm saying to you is we're
dealing with a Rhode Island jurisdiction

and you have no history with us.

Well, I have a history with those
children, isn't that more important?

Miss Doyle. Ruth.

You can't give these kids to
strangers when I'm here now

ready to do
what needs to be done.

I'd really like to help you.

Then do it.

Well, if you can find a job, open a
bank account, establish yourself.

Alright, that takes time.

Exactly my point. Until then

I have superiors I have to report to
and guidelines that I have to work with.

Yeah, I know this system.

Berry and I were raised in it and
that is why I am begging you if...

That little boy, he doesn't even
talk anymore except to his sister.

If you split them up he does not
have a chance, he needs his family.

We make every attempt to keep
the siblings together.

But you can't promise.

No, no I can't.

Miss Doyle, do you have a minute?
I'm afraid it's urgent.

Yes, just a minute.

Look, for now this is
the best choice for everybody.

If you'd like to take the time
to explain it to them yourself

maybe the transition would be easier.
I'll be right back.

Hey. Take your brother's hand
come on, come with me.

Let's go.

- JT was right about the lady wasn't he?
- Keep walking.

- Where are we going?
- I don't know.

Just get in the car, come on.

Not now.

Are we going to Atlanta?

Right now, it's anybody's guess.

Why didn't we stay on the highway?

I thought you two would like to see
the countryside. Something pretty.

Is it because you thought
the police might be after us?

You're a little too smart
for your own good, you know that?

Are we lost?

No, we are not lost.

Just, uh,
don't know where we are.

Bethlehem. We couldn't be that lost.

Ok you guys, come on.

Are we there yet?

We're at a diner, we need to get some
directions, get some real food. OK?

You two, you've got to
wake up for me.

Come on JT.

Ok, here's the thing.
We've got $60 and some change

and it's gonna take us two nights
to get to Atlanta from here.

Will we have to sleep in the car?

The car?

How many times have you guys
had to sleep in the car?


It's okay for me but JT gets cold.

Oh, filthy no car,
can't be tonight. I'll say.

The temperature's dropping
like a barrel over Niagara.

High summer, ain't a better place
in the world to sleep.

In a 1950 DeSoto sportsman.

Parked high on a bluff,
windows down.

Sweet breezes blowin' in. Ah.

I used to be an adventurer
when I was your age.

- What's a DeSoto?
- It's a car, sweetheart.

A honey of a car.

Do you know a place we might
get a room for the night?

Oh, there's Holly McBride's Inn
over on Fielder's.

Big rooms...


four posters!

We just need something,
uh, simple. A motel?

Oh, closest one is way out
on the highway,

40 or 50 miles of
back road to get there.

And even if you do...

they'll probably be full up.

But if you're gonna head
in that direction,

you'll go right past
the town square.

You might want to check out
the old Pierce house.

Aww, great Victorian thing.

Town's really proud of it.

It's right across
from the angel statue.

Is there really an angel?

Of course there's an angel.

Don't you know,
there are angels everywhere.

This one watches over that house.

It's been empty ever since Miriam
Pierce died, oh... seven years ago.

She left the whole thing
to her niece.

Never came to claim it.

Sorry... it's getting late, we gotta
get on the road. Uh, keep the change.

- Oh, thanks.
- Thank you. Come on kids, let's go.

And drive safely.

And don't forget to check out
the Pierce house.

Uh, excuse me.

Come on.



Maeve, can a guy get a
cup of coffee here?

All right,
you just keep your shirt on.

Rush coffee on the way.

- Unleaded? High octane?
- High octane. - Ahh.

Please. Please start.

Where are we
gonna sleep tonight?

I'm not sure,
but we'll figure somethin'.

See there?
Everything's gonna be fine.

You just got to
get through the night

'cause things always look better
in the morning, right?

It's gonna be ok.

It's gonna be ok.

I can hardly see the road.

It's an angel, just like she said.

- What are you doing?
- I want you both to stay here,
I'll be right back.

Look what I found,

key to our room for the night.

They'll arrest us.

Alanna, look,

we can't afford the Inn, we're
running on fumes and it's freezing.

Nobody's gonna know,
just one night.

And things will look better
in the morning?

They just about have to, don't they?

When your mum and I were little,

we'd sleep like that,
like spoons.

We'd hold hands, so we
wouldn't get lost in the dark.

Were you scared?

Sometimes, yeah.

So we'd pretend that all the
bad things around us

were just dreams.

And then we'd make up stories about
what it was like in our real life.

What kind of stories did mum make up?

One time your mum pretended
she was a dog catcher.

Who'd round up all the sad dogs
who didn't have anyone.

And she'd drive them
to this special park,

this beautiful green place,
where people would go for picnics.

She just let 'em go free,

so they could live happily ever after,

on leftover ham sandwiches.

I wish there was a park like that
for sad people.

Well, we don't need that park,

We got each other...

and I'm gonna work it so we
stay together no matter what.


They found us, they're gonna
send us back. - Stay calm.

- No, they are.
- Stay calm, I will take care of it.

I knew it was too early. We're
so sorry to disturb you.

We saw the car
and the smoke from the chimney.

After all these years we just about

given up hope you'd ever come back.

It was my worrywart sister
who insisted on

seeing you first thing, pumpkin.

She thought you'd appreciate
some water and gas.

You turned on
the water and gas?

Oh, it was nothing.

Corinna put in our new laundry
room all by herself.

Me, I'm not so handy
but I do bake

and I brought you
some breakfast rolls

just out of the oven.

She bakes like this
all the time.

It's a wonder I'm not 300 pounds
and in a carnival side show.

They're cinnamon,
you used to love 'em.

Well, of course I did.

And just look how
you have grown.

I mean the last time we saw you
you were only six or seven,

so it's not surprising.

But pretty as a picture.


You haven't even had time to
uncover the furniture yet.

Let us help you.

Uh, don't worry about that,
I'll do that later.

You don't even remember us,
do you?

Agatha and Corinna?

Your aunt Miriam's friends
from across the street?

Of course I do.

I used to come over
for these cinnamon rolls.

That is so sweet of you.

You know I would ask you to
stay for a while but actually I...

Oh, we understand
you have to get settled

and you need Gerald Foster's
say-so to get the electric on.

Aunt Miriam's attorney?

Mr. Foster. Yes.

He's on vacation but he'll be
so excited to see you again

when he gets back.

When do you think
that might be?

Could be anytime
but don't you worry,

we won't let him surprise you
the way we did.

Soon as we hear from him,
we'll let you know.


Of course he came to see you
when dear Miriam died, didn't he?

So he won't be at all surprised
how pretty you are now. - Hmm.

You know you could call Jimmy Kilgore

over at Power & Light
as soon as they open.

Jimmy Kilgore.

I taught him third grade
and passed him.

- So he owes me big time.
- Hmm?

Now, you may think
we're losing our minds

but we can't remember your name.

We always called you pumpkin

but we guess you're a little
grown up for that now.

It's, uh, Emilie... Emilie Thompson.


I knew that all along.

Well, it's been a long time.

Welcome to Bethlehem Emilie,
and welcome back.

And when you get a breath

you come on over and we'll
catch up over my mince pie.

I will, yes.

Thanks again for the rolls.

Oh, you're welcome dear.

- Watch the ice there Agatha.
- I'm slippin'... we're toast.


Ok... the water's on.

You two can go wash up,
put everything back like it was

and we will get on the road before
someone else comes by, ok?

Come on, come on,
grab it and go.

Go, go, go.

Ok, you guys be really quiet, right?

Just look forward.

Good morning.


Car trouble?

How's your anti-freeze?

Oh, I think it's more than that.

The engines been
acting up for a while.

Well, pop the hood,
I'll take a look.

No, really, I couldn't...

You don't have to ask,
all part of the job.

You know? Kittens in trees,

flat tyres, full life.

Saw you at the diner last night,
didn't I?

Yes, we got into town late.


I think your spark plugs
are probably shot.

Spark plugs?
You think that might be it?

Well, uh, with an engine this, um, old,

I don't know, it could be bad points,
the timing might be off,

you might have oil
in your combustion chamber.

You know, why don't we just get Mitch
over at the garage to take a look at it.

You weren't leaving town were you?

No, uh, we were just going
to the market because

there's nothing in the house, so...
- Oh...

I'd be more than glad
to give you a lift.

- I'm Nathan.
- Nathan.

Nathan Blair. I'm sort of the long arm
of the law here in Bethlehem.

- Emilie...
- Thompson, right?

- Oh, your neighbours, the two sisters.
- Yes.

They called me, explained
the whole thing to me.

They're sort of our local
information superhighway.

But they didn't get to meet the kids.

Yeah. Those are my kids.

Yeah. No, I didn't think they
came with the car.

Tell you what, why don't you
gather the kids together

and I'll call Mitch and he'll
be over here by noon.


Thank you Officer.

This is really, really important, ok?

We need to think of this as a game
until I can get the car fixed.

What kind of game?

Um, a game of pretend.

I want you to pretend
that I'm your mum.

Ok, so you call me mum and

if anybody asks you anything
you just say, uh,

your mum doesn't let you
talk to strangers. Ok?

Now look, I know it's really bad
but I'm asking you to fib,

but I don't think we have
a choice right now.

It's ok, everybody lies.

No, everybody doesn't lie

and as soon as we get through this
we won't either, ok?

What do you say?

Can we play this game
and play it really, really well?


Your kids are about the
quietest kids I've ever met.

Mum says we can't talk to strangers.

I say you got a very smart mum.

You'll find this town's a little more
trusting than most. - Yes.

Where are y'all from anyway?

- We're from Providence.
- With the Georgia plate?

Well, I used to live in Atlanta,

I'm moving back and forth,
it's complicated.

Hey. JT, what you got there?

You a baseball fan?

JT Snow?

A great infielder.

Came out of the Yankees... '92.

Is that where you got your nickname?

It's his real name.
His dad gave it to him.

Ha ha, your husband's
a big fan then, huh?

Hmm. Did anyone ever tell you,
you ask a lot of questions?

Occupational hazard... sorry.

Hmph. That's ok.

So where does grocery shopping fall
into that job description of yours?

Below car-repair, below pet rescue?

Alright, you think I'm kidding.
But uh,

this place has been
a nice change for me

- back home I was...
- You're not from here?

No. Born in Illinois.

High school, college, eight years
on the force in Chicago but

seven years too many.

When this job opened up,
I ran for it.

Can we get a cake, Emilie?

I'm sorry.

Well, um, mum doesn't like it
when I call her that but...

I do because it makes me
feel older...


she thinks it makes me sound fresh.


You know what? I tried it
with my dad once and...

he didn't like it any more than
your mum does.


- It's ok, Lani.
- Hey, cheer up...

your eyes are too pretty
to look sad.

What do you say we get that cake?
My treat.

Absolutely not, uh, you've
done enough for us already.

Come on, next up.

You play baseball by yourself, JT?

He only talks to me.

Yeah? I can see that. Heh.

He's just shy. Hehe.

Hey, there's a great middle way here.
They've got a really nice field.

When your husband comes into town
I could show him...

He isn't, uh, I mean the kids' father
he isn't going to be coming.

- You raise them yourself?
- Yeah.

Inside you two.

Look, I know you don't me

and I don't know much about kids but
if there's anything I can do to help...

I'll let you know.

Thank you... again.

Feel like I'm wearing out
those two words.

Happy to help.

So long.


It's the cake you wanted.

I didn't buy it.

It was probably him.

Do you want to tell me
what's bothering you?

Do you... do you not like
Officer Blair, or...?

Is that true about JT's father?

Did he really name him?

Well, your mum did...

but apparently it was his idea.

She thought it would
keep him around...

so, that's what she called him.

What about my father?

Did he name me?

Let's not get into this right now.

No, I want to know.

Well, I don't know, Lani.

I don't think even, uh...

I don't think he even met you.

But you got your eyes from him.

And they're really pretty.

Just like Officer Blair said.

You can't believe anything
the policeman says anyway.

So how long do you think
it'll take to fix this?

It depends on what I find.

I oughta know something
by this evening.

Well, it doesn't have to be perfect,
it just has to start and go.

There's a lot that goes into
that start and go business.


Don't worry, if it's
gonna take a while,

I got a loaner
I can let you have.

Not too stylish
but it gets around.

I'm only asking you for
the good of the children.

But you don't know
what's good for my kids.

Nobody around here knows
what's good for us.

Oh, they know what
they're doing around here.

Oh really, well I wish
I had your faith.

And I wish that you would tell me
what your sister did with Alanna and JT.

If I knew, which I don't,
I wouldn't tell you.

'Cause they're better off with her
than anything you people have to offer.

what about relatives?

We don't have any,
we told you.

Ok, we're alone, it's me and my sister,
check your records.

You don't get it.

They're already with the
best person for 'em.

I guess we'll have to alert the police,
have them start a search,

enough to pull a photo
from the Atlanta DMV.

Thompson. T.H.O.M.P.S.O.N, Emilie.

Can't imagine a niece of Miriam
Pierce driving a junk heap like this.

Held together with spit
and chewing gum.

Yeah, she sure is anxious
to get it running real soon.

Well, it won't be tonight.

I can tell you that much.

Oil, sticky, tar.

Battery's a door stop.

Filter's stopped filterin'.

And that is just the start of it.

No, she's not goin'
anywhere tonight.

I hate to bother you again

but since you don't have
a phone as yet,

Mitch at the garage
called our house.

Yes, yes, please come in out of
the cold. Power still isn't on but...

Jimmy hasn't turned that on yet?

I should have flunked him
when I had the chance.

Well, hello...

- Guess you haven't met...
- ...your children.

- Elana and JT.
- Hello.

You've been talking
to Officer Blair.

And he was right about them,
they're adorable and so handsome.

So, you said Mitch called.

He said you have a crack in
something called an engine block.

Is that bad?

I don't know exactly
but it's not good.

He said probably easier
to buy a new car.

A new car?

Now that's not so bad.
A car loan'd be a snap.

You've got this house for collateral.

Yeah... I wish it were that simple.

Well, if you're really attached to it,
Mitch'll fix it.

He said it would cost about $800.

- Hmph.
- Is that a problem?

Right now, it...
might as well be $8,000.

Good afternoon. It is
as cold as can be.

Yeah, weather must have
affected our fax machine.

We haven't got a fax in two days
and that can't be right.

- Anybody seen the instruction book?
- Not me.

Oh, Sadie? Is there any coffee?

We've had this little talk.

I don't do coffee.

I'm liberated.

I know, I know, and I wasn't
asking you to make it.

I just wanted to know if
there was any already made.



Oh, here's the problem...

there's no paper in the fax Sadie,
we're out of paper.

I'll need a requisition form for that.

What's this?

License and registration
information you asked for.

Emilie Thompson,

Atlanta, Georgia.

Not so much as a parking ticket.
That's good.

Is that Miriam's niece?

What? That wasn't a good
enough reference for you?

Well, you can take a cop
out of Chicago...

- It's just a feeling.
- Right.

Jeanne over at the market
said she saw that

'feeling' firsthand.

The woman is new in town,

- I'm... I'm just helping out.
- Mmm-hmm.

When you're ready to talk,
you know where to find me.

Couldn't we just take the loaner car,
he could keep ours.

As long as the attorney
isn't in town our secret is safe.

and we're not hurting anyone by staying
here but taking someone else's car...

No, we can't do that to someone.

So what are we gonna do?

Well, I'm gonna get a job,

earn the money and
pay for the repairs.

That could take forever. You
know we're gonna get caught.

The police are probably
already looking for us.

Which is why I think it's better
that we stay here

rather than out on the road.

I mean no one knows we're here,
we'll be really careful, ok?

Let me get your plates.

Aunt Emilie?


There's heat!

What happened?

I think Agatha and Corinna happened.

- And you know what this means?
- What?

We don't need a fire, it'll be warm
enough to sleep in a bedroom tonight.

Our own bedroom?

Why not? We've got
seven to choose from.

- Whoo-hoo.
- Wait for me!

Oh, phfft...

Please let this last.



Can I help you?

Oh, I'm...
I'm looking for Officer Blair.

Oh, he doesn't come into
work till noon today.

- Um...
- You must be Emilie.

I know everyone else in town.

- Sadie Miller.
- Hi.

Fresh coffee in about five minutes,
if you'd like a cup.

I only fix it when the boys
aren't here.

So now's your chance.
I don't know what they do to it.

Thanks, but uh, I just came by

to see if he might know
of a job opening

for a woman who needs
to make $800 in a hurry.

Oh, the car.

Oh, I heard.

You know, if it's a job you want...

two of Holly McBride's...

best people ran off to elope

and this is the ends
busiest season till spring.

That's where I'd start.

I'll check it out.

The end of the street

and you take a left

and you tell Holly

that I sent you.

Thank you so much. Oh.

Your little girl would
like that, I bet.

- Alanna, isn't it?
- Yes, she would.

You know...

we're having an open house
here at the station...

Christmas Eve.

Everybody just kind of drops by.

Nathan's playing Santa this year.

Oh, I bet he'd love that.

I hope so...
he doesn't know yet.

Can I tell him you 'stopped' by?

Yeah, sure.


This thing is gonna be the death of me.

I don't know how Santa does it,
year after year.

I was saying, you're some kind of
lucky charm walking in here today.

Oh, that's a first.

I don't think anyone's ever
thought me as lucky before.

- When can you start?
- Start?

Uh, don't you need references
or an application or something?

You're a friend of Nathan's
and I'm a desperate woman.

Who elopes these days?

People in love, I guess.

Wonderful for them
but I've got a business to run.

So, if you don't mind
making beds and

wrestling with that flue
from time to time.

No, no, don't mind at all...

So, I start first thing
tomorrow morning.

- Sure didn't waste any time.
- And why would she?

She comes from hard-working
Yankee stock,

just like her aunt Miriam.

Miriam never worked
a day in her life,

wouldn't know a lug wrench from a
crescent if her life depended on it.

You will let us watch the children
while you work, won't you?

They're upstairs now,
colouring away

- and they're such a joy.
- Ohh...

I really appreciate that actually.

They're such good company

and they can come here
every day after school.

Have you talked to principal
Blevins at the elementary yet?

That's my old school.

Oh, no, I... actually,
I haven't thought about it.

Well, come right on in dear,

we were just congratulating
the newest member

of Bethlehem's workforce.

Hey, hey, you got a job
at Holly's, that's great.

Sadie said you
wanted to see me.

- We did?
- Yeah.

- Oh, right we did.
- She said it was urgent.

Yes, yes, we needed
to see you because, um...

well, I guess my mind's
gone south for the winter.


Uh, because...

I made extra jars of that
vegetable soup you like so much.

- Agatha's soup.
- The soup was urgent?

It was hot at the time.

I'll get it.

It'll make a fine dinner.

Of course there's quite a lot
of it, enough for two, at least.

Uh, Corinna dear,

I'm not sure I can do this by myself.

Oh, well, perhaps you could
show Emilie where the school... is.

Oh, you're getting
the kids set up at school.

You're putting down roots.
I like the sound of that.

Yeah, I don't know, there's a lot
to do before I can...

No, what you need is their birth
certificates and school records.

Yeah, if I can find them.
This move has been really confusing...

Just have their old school
send them here and then...

was that Providence or Atlanta?

You know what,
with the car and the job

and I-I just don't think
I can really...

I got it, I'll come by, I'll pick up
you and the kids in the morning

- and we'll get the whole thing done by...
- No!

Thank you. Thank you.



Hello Hank, it's Nathan.

Is there anybody here?

Can I help you?

Didn't mean to startle you.

I was in the powder room.

No, I just um, I saw the light and

Hank's usually got everything
locked up tight by now.

Yes, well, Mr. Harrison
doesn't have my workload.


You're new here?


Hey, um, where is Hank,
uh, Mr. Harrison?

At home I suppose,

while I'm here tidying up.

Trying to get things organised,

everything in its place.

Can I get you something?

Oh, no, no, thanks.


Could you look up an old deed
for me? The Pierce house.

Miriam's place.

That's an easy one.

In fact I was just about to put
that book in a file...

there it is. M through T.

I hear her... niece

finally came back.

There you go, Miriam Pierce.

It's not good for a house like that
to be empty.

It should be filled with life...


Doesn't mention anything about a niece.

Oh, that would be in
the probate amendment,

at Gerald Foster's law office.

- He's still on vacation, you know.
- Right.

Well, I'll drop by his office
in the morning,

maybe they can look it up for me.

Now, we might get lucky...

and there might just be

a copy of it...

right here.

Emilie Thompson.

I love that.

Says Emilie Thompson.
I love that it says that.

Oh, it doesn't take much
to make you happy, does it?

Just a little ink on a page.

Don't work too late tonight.

In fact, I think you should
go home and enjoy yourself.

I just might do that.

Hah, hah, hah.


Hey, I just wanted to say, um,

welcome to...




Hah, hah, hah.

Hah, did you win the lottery
or something?

Better, um...


- For us?
- Yeah.

I'm feeling Christmasy
all of a sudden.

- Come in.
- Thanks.

Uh, is it something in the
water here?

I mean, doesn't anyone
get a little cranky?

Nuh. Cranky's illegal
here in Bethlehem.

It's right up there
with jaywalking and

cheating at Scrabble.

I-I think, in fact, we have the
toughest scrabble laws in the country.

Alanna, JT, come look.

What's that?

It's a wreath.

You put it on the door.

Didn't you ever see a
Christmas wreath before?

I've seen 'em,

I just never had one before.

Well, you know what?

I have got something else
for both of you.

Come here.


Why don't you open this one?

He wants you to open it.


I... I guess I can do that.

It's an angel.

If you tell her your wishes

she can help make them come true.

You, uh, put her on your tree.

Oh, well...

we never had a tree either.


We, uh, moved around a lot so,
you know... trees, yeah.


Come on JT.

Well, maybe that could be
your first wish...

a tree.

Come here, JT.

It's a angel, Lani.

That was, uh...

almost impossibly kind.

I wish there was something
I could, uh...

some way to...

No, I, uh...

Yeah, I've... I've got a couple more
deliveries tonight before, um,

before it gets too late.

- Goodnight.
- Yes, thank you.

But what if they ask for
our birth certificates?

No one's gonna ask
on your first day.

Besides, they're gonna
ask me, not you.

I thought we weren't
gonna be here long.

No one knows that yet.

It's not gonna hurt you to
learn somethin' for a few days.

- I know a lot.
- Too much.

Not the kind of things you should.

It's different here.

Do you like it?

It's ok.

It's not like Providence.

It's not real anyway.

We don't...

really belong here.

Mmmm. Ohh. Whoa.

One bought box... supplies.

Pens, pencils,

notepads, paper clips...

paper for the fax.

Now, we'll see what
we've been missing.

Probably the usual notices:
garage sales, apartments for rent.

So, what's the latest
on you and the niece?

No latest, we're just friends.

Mm, you forget who you're talking to.

You can fool Howie

and you maybe can
even fool yourself but

I know what's going on.

- Care to tell me what that might be?
- Ooh... I think you know.

Sadie, I'm not gonna play,
I've got work.

And we've got faxes
coming through.

We gots us two dozen of them.

- Garage sale?
- No... lost dog.

Hey, I know this pooch.

Oh Howie,
you just know everyone.

I got a fire hydrant
in front of my house.

Oh, that explains it.

Bethlehem Police Department,
can I help you?

Yeah, that'll be here.

Christmas Eve.

Called the principal and told him
your records were being sent.

He won't ask again
till we've left,

so you don't have anything
to worry about, ok?

Now, I'm not gonna be able to pick
you guys up from school today

so if you go to the sisters
straight away

and I'll come get you
after I'm done with work.

- You got that?
- Mm-hm.

Now, if anybody asks you
any questions...

Eat up, I'll be right back.

Come on.


I think you've been
expecting me. Uh,

Mr. Foster, attorney at law.

- Ah.
- Did I call at a bad time?

No, no, no, Mr. Foster,
I-I-I have been expecting you.

Actually, you look a lot
younger than I'd imagined.


Well, we did meet once
as children, I think, but...

my uncle, Gerald Foster, he, uh,

he took care of all the
paperwork and all, so...

And you're...?

Sorry... Alexander.

Alexander Foster.


not Gerald.

Of course, please, come in.

Oh... and children.

You've got all sorts of surprises
for us, don't you?

Alanna, JT,

this is Mr. Foster,

say hello.



Oh, what...
that's a beautiful tree.

And this house,
it's been empty for so long,

I'd forgotten what life
was like inside it...

Oh, I dropped by to tell you that

uncle Gerald is anxious to see you again

but I'm afraid it'll be
another two weeks.

You see, he's found himself
on a warm beach somewhere

and can't pry himself away

but he will be back... ah,

Christmas Eve. Just in time
for the town's open house.

See, heh, uncle Gerald,

he thinks they can't
do it without him.

You know uncle Gerald?

Oh yes, I know uncle Gerald.

So, we have two whole weeks,

That's just wonderful, so wonderful,

knowing he'll be back so soon,
two weeks.

Thank you.

Oh, well, you are eager
to see him again, aren't you?



Don't you ever take a break?



No, the uh, sisters wanted the place
looking especially festive this year

to keep up with the Addison's
down the street.


This whole neighbourhood
decorating competition's

gotten completely out of hand.

Ah, he asked me...
would you hold this?

- Oh, sure.
- Look, nobody does.

Does Miriam do the lights?

I mean, did she used to decorate
the house? - Huh.

What I've heard she must have had

a couple of miles of lights
hidden up there somewhere.


Hey, before I pick up the kids

would you mind helping me
look for 'em? I, uh...

you know I just don't
want to disappoint them.

Yeah, sure.

Thank you.

That's a lot of lights.

About enough to...
cause a statewide blackout.

You know, I think there are more lights
in those boxes. Could you check those?

I'm gonna transport
some of these here.

- What's wrong? Something Wrong?
- Ohh...

this doesn't feel right
snooping through all this stuff.

You act like it isn't yours.

Well, you know it isn't,
it was Miriam's, I just...

inherited it.

It's like the woman never
threw anything away.

Oh, oh, I think some of these
were yours.

Want to dig through 'em,
relive some memories? - No...

my past isn't something
I'm particularly proud of.

I don't really want to
go digging right now.


Sorry, I didn't mean to,
you know....

I know...

it's ok.


look at that.

She's a beauty.

I wanted to be a ballerina
when I was a kid.

You know, I think that's the first
truly personal thing you said to me.

Well, uh...

took three lessons and
then we moved

and it didn't happen.

Nothin' else to tell.

You know, I don't believe it.
I think there is more to tell.

I think there's a lot to tell.

and I know for sure there's a
lot I'd like to hear about you.

Kids are probably wondering
what happened to me.

It's just... you're doing it again.

No, you're pulling away and I-I...

I just don't think you want to.

I think you want to be close.
It's like you're afraid.

It's nothing...

Don't say it's nothing,
say it's none of my business.

But don't say it's nothing,
'cause I know better.

You know, you are on my mind...

all the time.

I find myself smiling
just thinking about you

and you are so beautiful and...

you're so real, and you're
so good with your kids...

- Nathan, please...
- It's true, really.

I've waited my whole life to
feel this way about somebody.


But you don't know...

No, I do know,
I know how I feel.

And I know that I trust you.

- Do you know that I'm leaving?
- What?

In two weeks.



JT, he needs to go
to a special school and

I mean they both do. You know,
Alanna has reading problems and...

Wait, when, when did you
decide to do this?


know exactly how you feel,

because I feel the same way.

But it's not possible.

No please, please don't make it
more difficult than it already is.



Ok, you're determined to leave,
I hear you...

but give me the two weeks.

That's crazy.

Probably but...

I want you to give us a chance.


I don't know, maybe you'll
change your mind...

maybe I'll change it for you.
I don't know, anything...

anything can happen.

Just one...

two weeks with you.

And if that's all it is,
at least we had that.

What do you say?

Oh, really?

Thank you.

- It's gorgeous.
- Hahaha

Oh, wow!

Just gorgeous!

What do you think?

It's like at a department store,
isn't it JT?

We're so happy.

It's like the old days
when Miriam lived here.

This house has been dark
far too long.

It's incredible.

Jingle bells, jingle bells,
jingle all the way...

...did you file these faxes
without even looking at 'em?

Your the fax man, Howie,

I figured you'd get around
to the job sooner or later.

I've got a job for you, too.


what's in the box?

Well, you know Mr. Dearborne
moved to California with his nephew...

Did you know there was Winter
Carnival in Marshall last week?

Yes, but what does that
have to do with this?

Well, remember every Christmas Eve

he used to be our Santa
here at the station.



- No, no, no...
- Yes, yes, yes..

Oh, n-no.

Please... come on,
we'll get you some padding,

we'll glue on a beard,
no one will ever guess.

Sadie, I... don't you think Santa's
more... more of a Howie thing?

I'm allergic to the fur, big guy.

Sadie, I can't.

Pretty sure they were...


No, no, not the fax,
I got it, a perfect... ohhh...

Forget the coffee and concentrate
on the names of your reindeer.

The kids expect
that sort of thing.

Repeat after me:

- Dasher.
- Dasher.

- Dancer.
- Dancer.

- Prancer.
- Prancer.

Bethlehem Police Department.

Oh, Berry...

I'm so sorry.

I have five years.

You know, the crazy thing,
I don't even blame 'em.

Man, I have blown it.

I have trashed my life.

Oh, my kids hate me,
don't they?

No, they don't.

They talk about you every day.

You're doing good.

JT is talking a lot.

Not just to Lani?

No, you should hear him.

I'm sorry...

I didn't mean it like that.

Take good care of 'em, ok?

Yeah, you know I will.


I love you.

And I love them, you know?

I don't doubt that for a minute.

I just keep telling myself...

that all of this...

I'm missing them.

Just surprised I got a pick
from that thing up, you know?

One minute.

Hey, I gotta go, um...

Listen, you gotta be careful because
they've been asking about you.

I told them that I have no idea
where you are, which is true, so...

it's good that I don't but...

just... be safe, ok?


- Do me a favour?
- Sure.

Will you give 'em a kiss tonight and...

tell him it's from me?

Yeah, of course I will.



See ya.

- You get through ok?
- Fine, thanks.

I've got, uh, 200 more for ya...

the rest will be coming soon.

I wasn't worried.

Me and the car sort of
bonded through all of this.

By the time I'm finished, she'll do
more than start and go for you,

she'll purr.

When you need her back?

Oh, well, we're leaving in a week,
so, anytime before that.

Sorry to hear it happen.

We were kind of hoping
the town would grow on you.

Best you gotta do
what you gotta do, huh?



May I help you?


I don't know what this is.

This is a book.

Actually, it's a wonderful book.
You haven't you read it?

I'll have to answer that.

But you'll find it,

right over there on that
third set of shelves.

That section's in
alphabetical order, ok?

- Ok, thank you.
- You're welcome.

Anything is...



Anything is possible.

It's not true.

Why do you say that?

I just know.

Well, this book...

is about things that weren't possible

and how they happened after all.

You know...

when I was your age,

I went to Mars, did you know that?

- No you didn't.
- Yeah...

I took a submarine ride
to the bottom of the sea,

and I joined a pirate crew

in a hunt for buried treasure just...

like the treasure hunt

you were on,
that brought you here,

and I did it all in books.

Because of books...

Anything is possible.

When... M-Mary Lennox...

was sent to...

...the master of Misselthwaite...

...and looked, as many of them
had never seen him

and by his side with
his head up in the air

and his eyes full of l-laughter,

walked as strongly and steadily

as any boy in Yorksh-Yorkshire.

Master Colin.

Oh, that is fantastic.

Proud of you.

Oh, it's just beautiful,
just beautiful.

Agatha it's only a story.

She cries at
supermarket openings.

This is the best book I ever read.

Yep, and there are plenty more
where that came from.

Nathan says Santa might
give me a book of my own

when we see him
Christmas Eve.

Well, I'm sure if you want a book
for Christmas you'll get one but...

you know, we won't be here then.

We're leaving the day after
tomorrow, remember?


Alanna, you know we have to go.


You promised her Santa
on Christmas Eve.

How could you give her that hope?

You hadn't said anything more
about leaving, I thought maybe...

We talked about it.

We had a deal.


I'm going to get my daughter.

- I'll come with you.
- No, please.






Don't make us go.

Don't make us go.


But that's what you wanted.

It's not what I want anymore.

I want to stay here where
it's nice and people like me.

- We have a bedroom and a house.
- A house that's not ours.

I mean, Mr. Foster's gonna come back
and he knows we have no right to it.

Maybe we could fool him too.

Well, what if we could? I mean...

what kind of life would
that be, you know?

It'd be better
than what we had...

running all the time...

sleeping in shelters and...

Nathan's nice.

You could marry him
and we could be a family.

Maybe you could adopt us?

It's just...

not possible.

Anything is possible,
Nathan said so.


Come here.

Sorry it took so long.

But I think you'll be
happy with the work.

I just hate to think
that I'm the one

making it possible for you to leave.

Well, if it wasn't in this car,
it'd have to be some other way.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

- Ahh, like a kitten.
- Haha.

Didn't I tell you?

Thank you.



Christmas without a snowstorm.

I've never seen the likes of it here.

At ten miles out
snow's deep as a Blue Ox.

But here in Bethlehem?

Go figure Maeve.

Go figure is right.

It doesn't make sense, Emilie.

The kids are both
doing fine here,

they're doing better,
they're fine, we're fine here.

We agreed it
would be two weeks.

I know what we said but tell me...

tell me nothing has happened in that
time to make you change your mind.


no, a lot has happened...

and I've never felt as loved
as you've made me feel.

And wherever I go,

that will go with me.

And, uh...

thank you.

Thank you doesn't even come close.

But, uh...

I have to go now.

Because it's only
gonna get harder for me.

No, no, Nathan, this is magic.

But the thing about magic,

is that it isn't real.

In your experience.

Yeah, it's all I have to go by.

You're running away.

You're running away to save yourself
from maybe getting hurt.

Now, that does not make sense.

Well, to me it does.

I'm sorry to hear you're
leaving in the morning.

See, I was hoping to introduce
you to the local Historical Society.

And my uncle was really looking
forward to saying hello again.

Yeah, I know we're just missing him
but you know, we really have to...

No, no, no, you're not just
missing him. Didn't you hear?

The Boston Airport was
snowed in last night.

So he's not coming home
for Christmas?

Not unless it's by dog sled.

This is really good coffee.


Have another cup.

You know what, have
the whole pot if you like.

Mr. Foster? I think I love you.

So, I wanted to tell you,
that I know two kids

that are gonna get
to meet Santa tomorrow.

No, no.


- Yeah?
- Yes!

Yes! Yes!

Yes, you bet you will, tomorrow

you and he are gonna be
the best of friends.

...and a computer game...

and a space fighter
and a new basketball...

No, whoa, whoa, whoa...

I'll tell you what young man.

You write out that list and
mail it to me at the North Pole

and then I'll see what I can do.

- But Christmas is tomorrow morning.
- Yes.

And that's why we should always plan
ahead. Merry Christmas. Yes, ho, ho, yes...

Hello young man.


Haha, I think I know you...

There you go.

Wait your turn.

Well, who do we have here?


couple kids who've waited all their
lives to see you Santa. And a...

woman who's as
happy as the kids are.

Can I go first?

Yes, of course, get up there.

Ho, ho, ho...

sit right up here, hu, hu.

I love you.

Excuse me.

Kids are going through these
things like they're candy.

What you got there?

It's a book!

It's about a horse.

And the horse wrote it himself.

I guess anything's possible, right?

Merry Christmas, Alanna.

Thank you.

Your turn, go.

Come up and see me, young man.

Hm-hm... oh.


What do you want Santa
to bring to you, huh, JT?

It's a secret and I can't tell.



Oh, isn't Nathan adorable? I have to
get a picture of him with the kids.

Excuse me.

I've got a picture for you, but...

not the one you want.

Tell me there's been some mistake.

Yeah, no, uh, I can explain,
please, you have to believe me.

If you could please, please,
just, just tear it up and...

I will tell you everything, ok?

I want to see my mama
for Christmas.

Well, that's an easy one...

she's right over there.

That's not my real mama.

Where are the kids?

Do they know what happened?

The sisters are
taking care of them

until the social worker from
Providence gets here.

Should be within the hour.

You can't do this to them.

How long did you think
you could hide here?

Because what I've heard
about your aunt Miriam and...

if she was still alive today
to see what you've become...

I made a mistake.

I lied, I misled you.

But I did not have a choice.

Everybody has a choice.

No. Not everybody has that luxury.

It killed me to lie,

but if it meant keeping those kids safe,

I would do it again in a heartbeat.

I never lied about
my feelings for you,

not one word.

Please, you have to believe that.

Gerald Foster is here.

Do you believe me?

Maybe I'll have better luck
with your attorney.

Send him in, please.

Mr. Foster.

You're gonna need that suit.

Ah, seems I got here
just in time.

I hear Miriam's niece has
gotten into some trouble.


ask her yourself.

Well, where is she?

Oh, don't tell me you
put her behind bars?

I can explain that too.

That impostor has been living
in Miriam's house all this time?

Said she was the niece

and the name on the probate...

Well, it wasn't Emilie Thompson,
I can tell you that.

I saw the name, Mr. Foster,
with my own eyes.

The new clerk,
the woman over there,

showed me the records herself.

What new clerk?

It's just Hank, like it's always been.

Oh, sounds like it's all
part of a bigger scam.

They probably stripped the house
of everything of value.

I gotta get a move on.

The line of kids stretching halfway
to Peterman's hardware.

Mr. Foster is here to see ya.

You up to it?

Might as well get it over with.


I came to help.

To help me?

Yeah. Seems like you need someone
in your corner right about now.

Oh, I do...

but your uncle is...

My uncle...

we go to the same family dinners but

that's where the resemblance
ends. And me...

I like to know all the facts
before I take sides.


I'm glad.

You won't find anything missing, Gerald.

Where's Miriam's good silver?

In the pantry,
where it's always been.


No, no, she lied to us.

She lied to all of us.
You, me, the whole town.

- Did you ask her why?
- It doesn't matter.

The ends don't justify the means.

Not in the eyes of the law
perhaps, but still...

She and those kids brought more life
to this house than it's known for years.

- She brought life to you, too.
- Huh.

My life was just fine
before she got to Bethlehem.

Oh yes, of course,
you had your work...

and you had us...

and you had your work.

It was enough.

Then you're too easily satisfied.

Now don't argue with me
because I know these things.

Now, you need someone to love,
who loves you right back.

And you can't tell me
that's not Emilie.

I better check on
Corinna and the children.

They're starting to wonder
about their mother...

about Emilie.

- Did you find the silver?
- What about her good jewellery?

In her dresser, bottom drawer.

Where it's always been.

I don't know about the rest of you but

this is not the way
I imagined my Christmas Eve.

I appreciate you making yourself
available to us, Judge Jakes.

I'd like to settle this matter and get
the children back to Providence tonight.

And I'd like an all-expense-paid
trip to Bermuda,

that is not likely to happen.

Now, I've... looked over these charges,
I've read your report.

Yes, yes, you'll see that I've
included the history of neglect

and the request for state custody.

What part of "I read your report"
did you not understand, Ms Doyle?

Now, Ms Thompson...

seems to me, like you've been
a very busy woman.

Wh... objection Your Honour.

The charges against my client
are only alleged.


This isn't a trial
but I like saying that.

Sit down! Before I remember
what a pain you were to babysit.

May I say something?

Well... never found a way
to stop you, go ahead.

Uh, Nathan Blair,
the arresting officer

can verify each and every charge
against the defendant.

Nathan... finally a voice of reason.
Where is he?

He, uh, he intends to be here,
Your Honour.

And I intend to get back to
my dinner before midnight.

So, anyone got anything
relevant to say?

I, um...

I do, Your Honour.

You have something to say,
say it.

Think before you speak,

Well, um...

I would like to cite
the case, um, of...

Sheffield vs. Lewis 1972.

Ah, you see, in this case,

it's, it's very clear
that there's this man...

woman, named, um, Mrs. Lewis...

It's not gonna drink itself.

Something on your mind tonight?

A woman, I bet.

How'd you guess?

It's a bar, the odds are with me.

- Hey, are...?
- Everybody looks like somebody.

You want to tell me about it?

Not particularly.

You fell in love.

You know, you're very good at this.

Did she love you back?

I thought so.

She was just makin' a fool out of me.

It's complicated.

That drink will only, uh,
complicate it more.


you're the expert.

What do you think will help?

She made a mistake.

I'd say...

- forgive her.
- Ha ha ha.

I wish it were that easy.

You never made a mistake?

Not like this one.

Well, I'd hope you'd be more original.

All of us make our own mistakes
in our own ways.

But in every case,
the solution is the same.

I forgive you.

There's a lot of power
in those three little words.

They can change the world...

they have.

But it's impossible.

As a wise man once said:

"anything is possible".


Yes. She told us to lie
and she said it was a game.

And how did you feel
about that, Alanna?


at least we got food to eat
and a place to sleep.

Is that how she
got you to lie?

Ms Doyle, if you want to interrupt, may
I suggest you get your own courtroom!

Did she let you go hungry, child?

- No, I never...
- No.

Not aunt Emilie. No.

But before, my mum...

my real mum...

she ran out of money

and we'd get so hungry,
me and my brother.

She didn't care,
as long as she had her drugs.

I know she couldn't help it but...

Your Honour, please don't
make her go through this.

Do what you want with me
but these kids,

they have gone through
so much already.

Do you mind going on, sweetheart?

It's important.

Once, my brother...

he cried so hard,
he started to choke

and... and I didn't
know what to do...

and I tried to wake mum up
but she used to...

I-I couldn't wake her up and...

and there was nobody
around to help my brother

and I thought he was gonna die

and I didn't know what to do.

Don't cry Lani, I'm ok.

All we want...

is to stay together in one place...

with someone who loves us.

Someone who talks soft to us
when we're scared,

says that everything's gonna be ok.

Like aunt Emilie does.

She loves us.

Please don't make her go to jail,
she doesn't belong there.

I know... 'cause my real mum does.

I understand...

why you feel like that now.

Your mother needs help
and she's getting that.

Things will get better with time.

Someday, you and your brother
will be able to love her again.

I'm sure we all agree that this child

has suffered enough and I'm sure that

Miss Thompson means well
but her actions...

Your Honour?

Could I have a few words here?


Hey, can you guys
go outside with Sadie?

Just for a little bit?

Your Honour,
Mr Blair knows more than anyone,

how Miss Thompson operates.
How she lied repeatedly

and how she impersonated
another woman

in order to deceive this whole town.


That's true, Your Honour.

I'm convinced this woman would
do or say just about anything

to get what she wanted.

So you see judge...

What she wanted was to give those
children a chance at a decent life.

Oh, she lied, to put a roof
over their heads...

and-and in a world that wanted
to pull that family apart,

she lied to keep them together.

I'm not saying that
lying's ever right but...

but in her position...

I'd like to think
I'd do the same thing.

Emilie Thompson
is the most loving woman.

She's the best mother I've ever seen.

And all she needed was a...

was a support system
that worked for her...

Your Honour, I have to protest...

But he's your witness, Ms Doyle.

now she's got one...

if she'll accept it.

Where she belongs here in Bethlehem.

And the kids
belong with her.

She doesn't even
have a place to live.

Yes, she does...

she can live with me.

if she'll forgive me...

and if she'll have me...

because the truth is, I love her...

and I want to marry her.

What's happening?

I don't know, I can't hear them.

I think we should let them
handle this alone for now.

Come on.

- She took the children without
any authorisation. - She...

What about the breaking and entering?

...she used the house
without permission...

Shh. Quiet.

Can I get semblance of order here?!


I've come to a decision.


They've stopped talking?

You know what?
I think we can go in now.

Court is adjourned.

Congratulations. Congratulations.

By the way...

I also do weddings.

Look at this?

It's snowing.

So this was our miracle.

This is how it happened for us.

It was the most perfect Christmas.

The best holiday ever...

and it was just beginning.

Whenever we talked about it later,

Emilie always said that that
season is a special season...

the season for miracles.