A Royal Affair (2012) - full transcript

In 1767, the British Princess Caroline is betrothed to the mad King Christian VII of Denmark, but her life with the erratic monarch in the oppressive country becomes an isolating misery. However, Christian soon gains a fast companion with the German Dr. Johann Struensee, a quietly idealistic man of the Enlightenment. As the only one who can influence the King, Struensee is able to begin sweeping enlightened reforms of Denmark through Christian even as Caroline falls for the doctor. However, their secret affair proves a tragic mistake that their conservative enemies use to their advantage in a conflict that threatens to claim more than just the lovers as their victims.

Europe at the close
of the 18th century.

The nobility rules by oppression,
supported by strong religious forces.

But the winds of change
are blowing...

Across the continent
intellectuals and freethinkers

demand reforms and freedom
for the people.

It is the age of the Enlightenment.

I'm trying to remember him.


I have to tell you about him.
About us.

Why we did the things we did.

A Royal Affair

My beloved children,
you do not know me.

But I am your mother.

Perhaps you have
never forgiven me.

Perhaps you hate me.
I hope not.

I now know
that I will never see you again.

I am writing to tell you the truth,
before it is too late.

Nine years earlier

I was officially wed to your father,
King Christian VII

before even meeting him.

Even though I had never left England,
I was now the Queen of Denmark.

A new life
and an entirely new language.

"Good afternoon."

"Shall we go for a stroll in the park?"

I had prepared and longed for this
day ever since I was a little girl.

To be Queen of an exotic country

and honour and love
my husband unconditionally.

Christian was said to be charming,
interested in art and literature

and even fond of acting. I could
not imagine a more perfect husband.


Your Majesty. Louise von Plessen,
your lady-in-waiting.

This is Reventlow,
his Majesty's private tutor.

Welcome, Your Majesty.

Would you like
to meet the King?

Your Majesty.

There you are, old boy!

There you are!

Did you miss, daddy?

Your Royal Highness,
please concentrate.

I will never have any use for it.

- When will I see Christian again?
- His Majesty will attend the banquet.

Do you know where my books are?

The court is reviewing them. Some
will be shipped back to England.


Many of your books
are under Danish censorship.

I Apologise.

- I didn't know.
- That's quite alright.

We will find something else
for you to read.

Minister Bernstorff.
He's the most powerful man here.

Minister Warberg.

Stay away from him, if you can.
He has a very distinct odour.

- That must be the King's stepmother.
- Queen Dowager Juliane Marie.

And the Majesty's half-brother,
the heir presumptive.

Neither she nor her son
are popular with the people.

Why not?

His Majesty doesn't regard them
as part of the family.

The Danish people have always had
a sixth sense about these things.

You were so far away.

You have a flair for drama,
my dear Queen.

Will you come to my chambers
after tonight's program?

"Come, let's away to prison. We two
alone will sing like birds in a cage."

She's enchanting.
And so talented.

Thank you.

The nobility is captivated by her.

- They seem to think she's needed.
- Really? Why?

Many of them are saying
she is just what Denmark needs.

A true artistic soul
on the throne.

Thank you,
that is quite enough!


That insufferable noise
is giving me a headache!

Come on.

Move your fat little thighs
and have a seat.

Go on!

The King is here to visit the Queen
as per agreement.

It'll be fine.




I'm sorry.

Don't steal my light.

What do you mean?

Take off your clothes and lie down.

"Oh, how I have
sweated and slaved...

and yet nothing accomplished."

I wish I'd had the strength
to forgive Christian's behavior.

"Someone to spare Man
the fear of God.

Such a..."

But I was too young to understand
how sick and tormented he was.

All I could think about was

that I had to spend
the rest of my life with him.

I began hating him for it.

In the eyes of the Court,
I was soon blessed.

You were an your way, Frederik.

His Majesty wishes to visit
the Queen's chambers.

I'm sorry, we've just begun
another game of chess.

This has been going on for weeks.
What is she thinking?

Having fulfilled
my main obligation as queen

I saw no reason
to maintain the facade.

I would pay dearly for that.

Christian, stop!

I never want to see
your ugly face again!

You're fired, cow!

There, there.

A true queen delivers
in silence and with dignity.

He has stomach pains.

I'm going on a tour of Europe.

I'll be gone for at least a year.

Do you think it matters to me
whether you're here or not?

This was my life.
My fate.

I had resigned myself to it.

Or rather... it could
have been my life.

Altona, a Danish colony in Germany

Do you know
where I can find the hospital?

Thanks a lot.

Excuse me,
is Doctor Struensee here?

- Johann Struensee?
- Who's asking?

Count Rantzau requests
that you attend to him immediately.

Count Rantzau? Are you sure
you have the right Struensee?

- I am not to return without you.
- A count is calling. Better get going.

What do you think? Should I abandon
my bleeding patient for some count?

Maybe he will pay you.
That would be nice for a change.

- What the hell is wrong with it?
- Could you hold it for a second?

You're a bit of a mystery, Struensee.

Your father is one of Germany's
most conservative priests

and yet you insist on publishing
praises to the French freethinkers.

If you hadn't written them
anonymously, you'd be in prison.

Well written.
Quite Voltaire-inspired.

Don't worry.
You're among friends.

You've been using it too much.

But I'm sure your many lady friends
are quite content.

- Yeah, right.
- I like him.

Am I done?

Struensee, how would you like
a new position?

What position is that?

The King's personal physician.

Believe it or not, Brandt and I
were at the very top of the Court.

High enough to be sniffing the chaste
minister wives between the legs.

When King Frederik died, Bernstorff
removed the ones he didn't like.

So here we are
in the world's asshole.

- Sorry about that.
- We miss life at Court.

The King is in Hamburg right now
on his grand tour of Europe.

But they're stuck.
He's too ill to continue.

What's wrong with him?

The Court is now searching
for a personal physician

to take care of the King
on the rest of his journey.

We could get your name
onto the list of candidates.

You'd definitely need a new suit.

They would never let me
near the King.

- Why not?
- I'm a small-town doctor.

And you had no trouble uncovering
that I'm a man of the Enlightenment.

- So are we!
- I am. Rantzau just thinks he is.

Just don't talk about it at Court. Keep
mentioning your father, the priest.

The Court loves that crap.

And in the unlikely event
that I get the job? What then?

You use your position to get Brandt
and me back into the inner circle.

What does a personal physician do?
Blow the King's nose or...?

Lick his feet, wipe his ass.
Who cares? It's the King!


I don't want to!

Johann Struensee?

You may have heard that the King
has certain... moods.

Only rumours.
Do you have a theory?

He's been difficult since childhood.

But I think most of his problems
stem from excessive masturbation.

You may enter.

- Your Majesty, my name is...
- I don't need a doctor!

The Court thinks you need a doctor.

Do you have any idea why?

I like to drink.

I like hookers with big breasts,
and I like fighting.

What's wrong with that?

I am King!

What if you weren't King.
What would make you happy?

"To sleep, perchance to dream."

"Often expectation fails and most
often there, where most it promises."

"All the world's a stage, and all
the men and women merely players."

"They have their exits
and their entrances

and one man in his time
plays many parts."

"What a piece of work is a man."

- "There's something rotten in the..."
- I don't like that one. Pick another.


A horse...

"My kingdom for a horse."

"The web of our life is of
a mingled yarn, good and ill together."


Your Majesty,
there's a slight confusion about

when and where
the French tenor will sing.

In the dining hall, following dessert.
But wait until the tables are cleared.

- Is everyone by the main stairs?
- Shortly, Your Majesty.

Then we'll call upon You
and the ministers.

That was all, Your Majesty.

Lord Chamberlain...

- Did you remember Gourmand?
- The dog. Thank you, Your Majesty.

Your Majesty.

Where is the people?

Is there no one to cheer
the return of the King?

We thought Your Majesty
would be tired from the long journey.

I want to be greeted by my people.
Get them.

Get the people here now!
Otherwise I'll jump in the canal.

Do you hear me?
I'll jump in the canal!

A splendid idea, Your Majesty. A nice
swim in the canal would do You good.


- You really think so?
- Absolutely.

Shall we?

A little later, perhaps.

Can you believe that His Majesty
has terminated Reventlow.

The tutor who's been with him
since he was a child.

I think the new physician
is a bad influence.

He is said to be an amoral libertine,
who drags His Majesty to whore...

Are you not spending the evening
with the King?

He is giving Doctor Struensee
a tour of the castle.

- Struensee! You follow politics, right?
- It happens.

You must join me in the council today,
or I shall be terribly bored.

It is a rather harmless satire,
Mr. Guldberg.

To call satire that mocks the nobility
'harmless' is unfortunate.

What is next. The Court?
The King? The Church?

I am not inclined to put anyone
in prison for a poem about

the size of a nobleman's derrière.

A fine and a year's ban
on publishing will suffice.

He has spent his apanage
for the entire year in only 4 months.

He will not leave us alone
till we respond.

As the letter shows, she was quite
pleased and asked us to give

the Russian delegate
a token of our appreciation.

Extensive acreage
which is a forest area...

If we don't, the people may...

cannot allow primitive pirates
to humiliate our fleet.

...15 per tonnage.

- What is it?
- Just sign it, Your Majesty.

Agricultural reform is...

strikers to be thrown in...

and our naval officers.
We have reached a decision.

They all think I'm crazy.


What the hell is going on,
why haven't we heard from you?

It's good to see you too, Rantzau.

So, now we use first names?
What the hell are we doing here?

- Aren't we good enough for Court?
- Come on in.

Rantzau! Brandt!

- Your Majesty.
- I missed you. Welcome home.

Why does Copenhagen reek of shit?

Shit, shit, shit... I have the smell
of shit in my nose, shit on my shoes.

I am the King of Shitty Town.

Your Majesty,
have a drink with us.

Do you find it appropriate to visit
whorehouses and drink every night?

For everyone to see.

- Your Majesty, the people don't mind.
- I'm not interested in your opinion.


I Apologise, Mother.

Why did I have to end up
with that boring cow?

The world is full of princesses,
and I got stuck with the grumpy one.

When she's not playing Queen,
she's in her room sleeping.

Perhaps she's ill?

Of course! She must be ill.
No one can be that boring.

- Attend to her, Struensee.
- I don't think the Queen likes me.

- But one of your Court doctors...
- No, no. It has to be you.

Make her fun.
I want a fun queen.

I'll send her to your chambers.

- I find nothing wrong, Your Majesty.
- I could have told you that.

It is your spirits.

- Pardon?
- Your mood.

You're in a bad mood.
Do you get enough fresh air?

And hobbies?
I hear you're an accomplished pianist.

You heard wrong.
Are we done?

I will recommend to the Court that
we move to the summer residence.

With your approval, of course.


"Man is born free,
and everywhere he is in shackles."

May I borrow this?

Holstein, Germany

The loser
gets thrown in the water!


Yes! King Christian the 7th,
Ladies and Gentlemen.

I hear there's a smallpox epidemic
coming in Copenhagen.

- What do you say, Struensee?
- Let's hope it's a small one.

You've charmed our entire nobility,

Perhaps we should acquire more?

You have an interesting
book collection.

One day you have to tell me
how you got it into the castle.

Do You ride, Your Majesty?

Not if I can help it.

It feels so... clumsy.

That is because
You use side-saddle.

As Your new physician, I'd hate
for You to get ill, Your Highness.

It reminds me of England.

Locke and Voltaire are excellent.

But some of the Enlightenment's ideas
are a bit extreme, don't you think?

Rousseau's notion of abandoning
civilization and living in trees.

- He knows it's not actually possible.
- But still.

I agree that some of society's norms
prevent people from living their lives.

How so?

Religion. Marriage. Anything that
takes away from personal freedom.

Don't have children, Struensee.

I hadn't planned to.

So what do you want?

I want to travel the world,
Your Majesty

and see places
you only read about.

That sounds like a good life.

- What is that?
- A wooden horse.

Don't be afraid.


- Is he dead?
- Yes.

He was punished by his master.

Why was this clone to him?


I don't know. Perhaps he stole
something or was in the wrong place.

But someone thought
he should be tortured to death for it.

There's nothing we can do.

The Court owns estates
in this area.

These peasants probably
belong to someone we know.

Brandt, have you seen Struensee?

Yes, he returned to Copenhagen.
Something about a smallpox epidemic.

Copenhagen, 1769, I don't know what to do.
We don't have enough room.

- How many dead?
- Almost 20 today.

Who's he?
I've seen him before.

He's a servant at the castle, Doctor.

You're out of your mind, Struensee.

Experimenting on the people
is one thing

but to risk the Crown Prince's life?

- I am trying to safeguard his life.
- What is he even doing out there?

His Majesty's personal physician has
no business roaming city hospitals.

More than 700 people have died.
Most of them children.

Today the epidemic crossed the
canals and reached Christiansburg.

Have you previously tested
this inoculation?

- Yes. On myself as well.
- What is the survival rate.

- There's always some risk...
- "Some risk"!

But if it goes well, and I'm confident
that it will, he will be immune.

The Crown Prince is the heir
to the throne! He's protected by God!

A smallpox epidemic is not picky.
It kills both kings and queens.

As you very well know.

Your Majesty?

Mother, can we please leave?

- Now we wait.
- Dear Struensee, come sit with us.

The inoculation was a success.

Thank you, God.

God has nothing to do with this.

How many lives
could your method save?

Most of them.
If it's clone right.

Then what are we waiting for?

- Are you mocking me?
- No. But I'm not the one to ask.

Her Highness proposes
that the Court administers

an extensive smallpox inoculation
at the city's hospitals.

We looked into it,
but the expense...

Say no more,
we have enough expenses as it is.

Inform Her Majesty that her proposal
will be considered at a later date.

- What's this?
- Your Majesty?



- Rantzau.
- Your Majesty.

Allow me to introduce
Madame Sophie Livernet.

- Your Majesty, an honour.
- The light of my life.

Have you noticed how well
he behaves when he's with her?

She's only after his money.
Her family lost their entire fortune.

As long as he's happy.

Yes, men ignore reason when it comes
to beautiful young women.

"Le Morte d'Arthur".
Have you read it? Thomas Malory.

I've heard of it.

King Arthur's knight, Sir Lancelot,
has an affair with Queen Guinevere.

The king finds out, orders them both
killed, and the kingdom falls apart.

You're a fool.

I like you a lot. I don't want
to mourn by your severed head.

- Your Majesty.
- Don't get up.

I managed to slip away
from the ministers' wives.

Years of practice.

Do you think we'll ever be free?

The people, I mean.


Will your treasured Enlightenment

free us from stupidity
and fear of divine punishment?

I think so.

Frederik's generation will be
the standard bearer for a new dawn.

So we should lie
on our deathbeds and rejoice

as the new dawn
passes us by?

You will never see your brilliant ideas
carried out.

At Court I have
the authority of a mere maid.

And my husband?

He has the authority.

I don't think you realise how much
influence you have on Christian.

He trusts you unconditionally.

What will you dress up as
for the ball?

I'm going as a French court jester.
I shall talk like this.

Like a Frenchman.
All night.

Do you remember telling me that
everyone at Court thinks you're crazy?

- That's funny.
- I don't think you are.

I think some people are so sealed
inside their fate that they hide

deep within their mind.

You could be an amazing king,

You could make a difference,
if you used your power in the Council.

I don't know about all that stuff.
I can't.

Of course, you can.


By doing what you love the most.


Just like in the theatre. With lines
that have already been written.


If it were up to you,
what would you change?

Honoured members
of the Council.

No longer shall refined noble noses
be tainted with the city's stench.

No longer shall the people suffocate
in the reek of its own waste.

- Your Majesty...
- I...

King Christian VII,
hereby declare war on shit.

I want to triple the number
of waste collectors on the streets.

- Where will the money come from?
- I knew you would ask me that.

The money will be acquired
by cutting down on pensions

for those who still have income
from their estates and therefore

do not need a pension.

Fine, Your Majesty.
More waste collectors.

And Gourmand will be appointed
honorary member of the Council.


Your Majesty.

- You recognised me.
- I would recognize you blindfolded.

But your costume
is not very imaginative.

I'm afraid I am not very good
at masquerades.

I believe this is the one night
when everyone can be themselves.

But you never remove your mask.
Do you?

Your Majesty.

Will you do me the honour?

Thank you!

Was that it?

Am I really such a dull dance partner?

I'm sure there are many
waiting to take my place.

Where have you been?

- Hello, Christian.
- I had an idea.


How about empty carriages
driving around the city

picking up people who are
too drunk to find their way home?

- Yes. Why not.
- Yes.

Will you read to us tonight, Mother?

No, I think I'll turn in early.

I am not asking you to understand
or forgive my actions

but for the first time in my life
I was happy.

"Must the poor unwanted children
be thrown in the gutter or killed?

No, I say.
There should be a..."

We thought we could have it all.
We were naive.

- "A home where mothers can..."
- Nice and easy. Don't repeat it.

And I just had another idea.
I propose a law to the effect...

For a while it felt like we could do
something. Bring about change.

Our group of freethinkers grew.
And so did our ideas.

- It's still the same...
- But Bernstorff, I think the law...

- No...
- We talked about it.

But ultimately the Council
was too strong.

And the harder it became,
the more times he was rejected,

the more despondent
Christian became.

I propose mandatory
smallpox inoculation for the people.

We've spoken about this.
There is no money.


All our ideas are rejected before
Christian even opens his mouth.

What if you
had a seat in the Council?

Christian is all alone.

He needs someone to defend him.

I would certainly be elected.

I'm serious.

It would give us a chance
against the wigs.

It's not as easy as
proposing waste collectors.

Bernstorff is getting old.

The ministers aren't
as loyal to him as they used to be.

What are you doing,
Doctor Struensee?

I'm not doing anything.

The King keeps proposing ideas
for the Council.

Smallpox Inoculation,
a home for unwanted children.

Practically rewarding women
for lechery.


I'm worried about the nature
of his proposals. Their origin.

Inoculation was the Queen's idea.

She desperately wants to be seen
as the people's rescuing angel.

I think it's the German.

There are disturbing rumours
about Struensee, but I have no proof.

But your influence stretches
all the way to the colonies.

Permit me to be very direct,
Queen Dowager.

I know of your ambitions for your son.

To have Christian act like
a true king is not in your best interest.

No matter who has his ear.

- They will never agree to it. Never!
- Perhaps they will.

We're talking about the Council
and 100-year-old laws.

- Do you want someone there?
- Yes, you. I can't do it alone.

It makes no sense.
A doctor in the Council?

He is not an ordinary doctor,
I'm afraid.

We found anonymous writings in
Altona that we know are Struensee's.

- What writings would that be?
- Thoughts on the rights of peasants.

A proposal to cut peasants'
mandatory work hours in half.

A proposal to revoke proprietors' right
to corporally punish their peasants.

A fundamental questioning
of the idea of ownership of peasants.

Including serfdom...
I'm not done!

Outlawing torture
in interrogation of criminals.

Limitation of Church influence
on public matters.

Speculations about
the stultifying nature of religion.

It's more than 100 pages long.

The King is letting himself be dictated
by a man of the Enlightenment.

Denmark is one of the last posts
in a depraved Europe.

If foreigners like Struensee, with
their heathen ideas, continue to...

May I remind you that there are
several foreigners present here.

Bernstorff, everyone here
admires you and your work.

You cannot let a dangerous man
like Struensee stay at Court.

It would be unforgiveable.

- Somethings wrong.
- Don't worry.

Do you have any exciting proposals
for us today, Your Majesty?

I have come to the conclusion...

that the time has come for
new blood in the honourable Council.

New ideas for new times, if you will.

I assume you already have
a candidate in Doctor Struensee?

You can sit down, Your Majesty.
It is out of the question.

- My Lord, if I may?
- You have no right to speak here.

Why is it so dangerous
to let a citizen speak...

We are familiar
with your harmful ideas.

Sit down, Your Majesty.

I call to a referendum on removing
Doctor Struensee from Court

and expel him from Denmark.


No, no, no...


Let him go.

Let him go immediately,
or I will have your heads!

- Your Majesty.
- I am king!


you are relieved of your duties.

And I declare...
I declare the entire Council dissolved!

On my order government of
the country's affairs is taken over

by a cabinet consisting of me
and Johann Friedrich Struensee.

Goodbye piss-ants.

I did it.

I did it!
Did you see me, Struensee?

Yes, I did.

Do you realise what just happened?
How much good we can do now?


I can feel it.



It was almost too good to be true.

To see our thoughts and ideas
become reality.

We sat up nights.


following months hundreds of laws were passed.

Everything was possible.


Denmark had become a pioneering
country admired across Europe.

The Enlightenment had finally arrived.

- Rantzau, it's good to see you.
- One hell of an office, you have.

It's not my office.
This is the Cabinet. How are you?

Terrible, actually. I spend my time
trying to navigate all your new laws.

You have ideas at the same rate
as the rest of us change clothes.

- People are getting confused.
- The nobility, you mean.

Come on, Struensee,
you're nothing but a town doctor.

You never owned anything
in your life. Not even a title.

And now you think
you can run a country.

Well, it's a good thing
I have my noble friend to advise me.

You have titles enough
for the both of us.

What is it?

A letter for Christian from Voltaire.

- Voltaire himself.
- Yes. It's hard to believe.

He must have heard
of all the things we've done.

- What's wrong?
- I'm pregnant.

You do realise what this means?

Everyone knows
that I haven't been with Christian.

You can't.

I have to.


Do you want our child
to end up in the gutter?

"An ascending sun that you,
the light of the North

in your infinite wisdom
have followed.


The light of the North? Struensee,
I fear I have history on my side.

Christian, you haven't visited
the Queen's chambers in over a year.

The people think you're
neglecting your marital obligations.

No, she doesn't want to.

On the contrary. She told me
she wants it to happen.

Well, I can't get
an erection with her.

Just think of it as more acting.

I have decided to resume my visits to
the Queen's chamber starting tonight.




Don't come any closer.
I reek of him.

We have to see each other
as little as possible from now on.

For the sake of the child.

Please leave.

The spirit I have seen
may be the Devil.

The Devil has the power
to assume a pleasing shape.

Perhaps out of my weakness
and my melancholia

as he is very potent with such
spirits, abuses me to damn me.

Move away, Brandt.
You're breathing down my back.

I'll have grounds
more relative than this.

The play's the thing wherein
I'll catch the conscience of the King.

Christian, I don't think
we can continue to be intimate.

- It's not healthy.
- Oh, of course. The baby.

Perhaps you should sleep
in your own chambers.

No. No.
I like sleeping with you two.

Can you hear my voice?

Can you hear your father speaking?
Can you hear your father?

- And what have we here?
- A review of Court expenses.


The economy is bad.
We have to make cuts.

Aha. Yes.
Yes, yes. No...

Just sign it.

I have an idea.

How about a new day of celebration
where all Court ladies are naked?

- This isn't a game, Christian.
- It could be fun!

If they strutted around naked...

Shut up, damn it!

You can't yell at me.

You can't yell at me.
Don't ever do that.

I'm sorry.

You can't yell at me,
I'm the King.

Christian, look at this.

This decree ensures that you don't
have to sign every little document.

It's sufficient that I do it.

You don't need me
to sign the laws any more?

You hate paperwork.
You could be outside having fun.

But I have fun with you.

It's just a formality.

We could spend our time together
on better things.

I hereby appoint you King...

of Prussia.

The bailiff came calling.
Apparently I'm deeply in debt.

Damn leeches.
Take care of it, will you?

I can't just erase your debt.

Of course you can.
You just sign a piece of paper.

And let my friends spend
the state's money on gambling?

- How do I explain that to the people?
- To hell with the people.

Are you even listening?
I'm broke.

Sophie is leaving me.

I can see it in her eyes.

She no longer smiles at me.

I could lend you the money.
How much to keep them at bay?

Who the hell do you think you are?

Her Majesty isn't being
very sociable these days.

- She mainly keeps to herself.
- When was she ever sociable?

May I walk with you?

I'm not staying
at the summer residence much longer.

- Back to your duties?
- Yes.

How are you?

It's kicking all the time.

He wants to come out
and see his beautiful mother.

You mean "she".

You do realise that lying to me
would be an act of treason.

If that sort of lechery takes place,
and you know about it

it's a mortal sin to conceal it.

You'll end up in purgatory.

We swear.
We don't know anything.

You're excused.

And not a word to anyone!

I know what I saw.

I saw something.

It's close.

Why did construction
come to a halt?

We have no money
until taxes are claimed.

- We can't afford all the changes.
- Let's look at the nobility's grants.

- Are you serious?
- They're just draining the funds.

All of Court will go against you.

- Even your supporters.
- How much would that give us?

- Not enough.
- Guldberg gains allies every day.

The military?
We haven't been at war in 50 years.

The military.
Are you sure?

Her Majesty has delivered a daughter.
She is receiving shortly.

- I need peace and quiet.
- Yes, we will go celebrate.

Everyone is invited
to my chambers.

Doctor Struensee.

Will you attend to me?

Louise Augusta.

I love you.

I love you.

We are a family now.

She's so tiny.

- We should tell His Majesty at once.
- We won't go directly to the King.

- Do you propose we ignore it?
- No, but we don't involve Christian.

Recent events cast
serious doubts on his judgment.

The people is no longer
well served by him.

Your Royal Highness.
You are talking about a coup.

- There would be chaos.
- On the contrary.

There would finally be order.
A new cabinet of honourable men.

The people would slaughter us.

Not if we have
the next royal heir presiding.

How will you achieve this
without the King hanging us all?

Struensee himself has given us
a very efficient weapon.

Struensee, it's me, Brandt!
I'm alone. Open!

Christian's guards have returned.
He's gone berserk in the city.

He's destroying everything.


The King of Prussia.

What's wrong?

Was it always her you wanted?

Was it?!

Is it true?
Is the child yours?



I swear it's not true.

It's not true, Christian.

Why would someone write it, then?

Cruel writings.

Leave me alone, you fruit.

Come on!

This is what he read. They've been
distributed throughout the city.

While the King Sleeps

The Vile German on Nocturnal
Visit to the Queen's Chambers

They will take her from us.

Doctor Struensee?
A rare guest down here.

But it's never too late for absolution.
Not even for sins such as yours.

Consider yourself relieved
of your Court duties.

Your belongings are being packed.

You can't.
I am appointed by...

I can do exactly as I wish.

You are destroying my country,

Blessed by the king
we both know to be disturbed.

Who is most disturbed?
The King...

or someone who believes
Earth was created in 6 days?

Leave, or I'll have you removed.

I don't like
that people in the city spread lies.

You should stay inside the castle.

- But it's so boring.
- I've arranged a surprise for you.

- Christian, meet Moranti.
- Oh my, he's funny-looking!

He escaped from a Dutch slave trader
and found his way to our kitchen.

He would make a good page.

I'll play with him,
but I can't take care of him.

Of course not.
Brandt will be with you at all times.

I hate Brandt.
I want you.

I'll join you later.

You should give Moranti
a tour of the castle.

Shall We Let
Our Kingdom Be Overthrown?

Our King Is in Danger!
An Unholy Alliance.

They say you are poisoning Christian
to make him insane.

That you would kill your own son
making Louise the sole heiress.

The rest is about the evil foreigner,
who's destroying the country.

There's no way around it.
We have to reinstate censorship.

It's spreading!
Johann, we have to...

Do it!

Do it!
Reinstate censorship.

Damn it!

Caroline, you haven't slept in clays.

They hate us.

- What's that?
- Laudanum. It will calm you down.

That's enough.

Your Majesty! Why is my personal
physician in your chambers?

We entertained ourselves
with a little game of chess.

Would that be a new sort of chess,
seeing as you're naked?

- Why are you not with Louise?
- His Majesty insisted.

He wanted to be alone
with the child.

Get away from her.

I didn't do anything.


I am not your mother!

You can never be alone
with her again, is that clear?

You are sick.

Would you like to know who
the little bastard's real father is?

- Your Majesty...
- The real father...

is the King of Prussia!

The King of Prussia
screwed my mother!

- Your Majesty...
- And this fairy sucks his cock.

- Stop calling me that. I'm not...
- Fairy, fairy, fairy!


My finger! Let go!
MY finger!

Stop it!

What are you thinking?

- You lied to me.
- Do you want to be alone?

Do you want to be all alone again?

You will be, if you insist on
acting like that! Like a crazy person!


you were right.
I have been lying to you.

It was never my intention.

I don't want to hear about it.

Everything has to be like before.

We have to be like before.

Do you hear me?
Just like before.

Like before.

If you ask me, they've already killed
the King. When was he last seen?

He isn't dead.
They've locked him in a dungeon.

You were right.
They're falling apart.

It will happen at the Court ball.

In 2 clays?

- We can't. Christian would never...
- It's too late for doubts.

Put your faith in God.

January 16, 1772


What is going on with you?

Why haven't you
put on your gown?

- I'm not in the mood for a ball.
- We have to attend.

You could leave the country.

Find a position in Germany, France
or perhaps England.

- You know I can't do that.
- Why not?

I could come visit you.

We could be free.
Be together.

And leave the country to the priests?

I don't care much for Denmark
these days.

You're not yourself, Caroline,
let's talk about this later.

I think I'll sleep alone tonight.

Will you at least put on a gown?

Your Royal Highness sent for me?

Did you know that Struensee is slicing
the military budget in half?

I hear rumours. The Norwegian sailors
are in uproar, waiting for their wages.

The aren't mere rumours..

The King's Life Guard is next in line.

Unless we act.

You've seen what is happening
at Court with your own eyes.

And what is happening
to our country.

Tonight it is time to decide
whether you will be a bystander

or among those who take action.

Rantzau, get up.

I see the bailiff has been here.

I would get back my French estate?

And a seat in the Council?

Yes, and all your money
will be returned to you.

- And he will only be deported?
- Yes.

What the hell is that?

It's the sound
of a country being reborn.

We want to see the King!
Death to the German!

Death to the German!

Death to the German!
We want to see the King!

Death to the German!

- I can't do it.
- It'll be fine.

I can't.


- No, no! I can't.
- Don't be afraid.

- They just want to see you.
- I can't do it.

- They will kill me.
- No, they won't.

Yes! They will kill me.
They will kill me!

No one is going to kill you.
Come on.


- Christian...
- No!

You are the King now.

You deal with it.

They'll go home soon.
When they start feeling cold.

Do you remember...

our first night together?

It feels like we've been
unhappy ever since.

I have been happy.

Come to me tonight?

May I have the last dance
of the evening?

Yes, of course.

- No! Stay away! What is going on?
- Calm down, Your Majesty.

- We have come to save your life.
- Are they inside the castle?

Any minute now. The only way
to stop it is to give them the German.

I can't do that.

- Your Majesty...
- I can't!

I can't.

Your Majesty...


I have to tell you something that's
been troubling me for some time.

Struensee, Brandt and the Queen
are plotting to kill you.

- I overheard them talking.
- No...

I heard them plan it.

I'm Struensee's friend.
I have no reason to lie.

So that's why Brandt bit my finger.

Sign this.
It's an order for their arrest.

- I can't.
- Your Majesty...

Listen to them out there.

The people demand that Your Majesty
act. Sign it before it's too late.

- I can't.
- Yes, you can, Your Majesty. Sign it.

Sign it before it's too late,
Your Majesty!

- I can't!
- Sign it!

Johann Friedrich Struensee,
you are under arrest for conspiracy

against the King
and the Danish people.

- Let's see what the King has to say.
- His Majesty signed the arrest order.

Get him.

Open in the name of the King!

Where is Christian?
Step aside.

I command you to step aside,
I want to see Christian!

Caroline, it's over.

I hope it's worth it to you.
They'll kill Johann.

No one's getting killed.
He'll be banished to Altona.

You're so naive.

- Are you here to gloat?
- Frederik stays here.

- What?
- Take Louise, you're still nursing.

But the Crown Prince remains
with his father.


He can't.

He stays with me.

Don't touch him.

Aren't you listening?
Let him go!


Please, don't do this.

Frederik, don't be afraid.
Mummy will be back soon.

Mummy will be back soon.

We're here for your confession.

I have nothing to confess.

You seduced the Queen
and conspired against the Court

plotting to kill the King
and lead Denmark astray.

I have nothing to confess.

I know you outlawed torture,
but we have a new cabinet now.

- Your Majesty sent for me.
- Any news?

Johann has confessed to the affair.

They tortured him for days
until he finally gave in.

I advise you to confess, too.

This is a plea for Christian
to pardon Johann and Brandt.

Deliver it to him in person.

Doctor Struensee,
my name is Måunter.

I know your father well.

What do you want, priest?

The King wants to pardon you
and Brandt on the day of execution.

It seems you're saved.

But the Cabinet
wants something in return.

A written statement saying
you were mistaken in all your deeds.

And that you sincerely ask
for God's forgiveness.

A statement
the Cabinet will later publish.

I've thought a lot about God
these past few days.

That doesn't surprise me, son.

You're sure
the execution isn't today?

Yes, I'm absolutely sure.

It's been noisy outside all morning.
Where are they all headed?

I haven't heard anything,
Your Majesty.

I can't wait to see Struensee's face
when I pardon him.

Do you think he's mad at me?

No. Why would he be?


Who came up with the idea of the King
pardoning people at the last minute?

It'd be a lot less harrowing
if he got it over with sooner.

It is tradition. People must be present
to applaud their merciful king.





Where's the King?

I am one of you.

I am one of you!

I am one of you!
I am one of you!

You swore nothing would happen to
him. That he would only be banished.

- My mistake.
- And my seat in the Council?

That's enough, Rantzau.
You've been amply rewarded.

Your Majesty, we're in safe hands
with the Crown Prince.

Go play with your negro.

I love you.

I love you so much.

We'll see each other again soon.

I promise.

Part of me was happy
to be deported to Germany.

Not far from where Johann
was raised and did his work.

And in my new house in Celle
I was met by an old friend.

I have lived here for 5 years now,
and in spite of all my pleading

the Court keeps a close eye on me
and refuses to let me leave Celle.

I write to you now,
as I've become very ill.

I will not survive this illness, but now
I've told you what really happened.

Bring it to them when they're
old enough to understand.

I will keep it safe.

Denmark 1783

As I am sure you know, Denmark
has regressed to the Middle Ages

since Johann died.

While Europe blossoms, your
country has become a dark place

controlled by
faith and suspicion.

My dear children,
if I could only see you now.

Who have you became?

Frederik, did you inherit
Christian's temper?

do you have Johann's eyes?

Your Royal Highnesses,
I am so glad you came.

"My beloved children, you do not
know me, but I am your mother.

I do not know what you think of me.
Perhaps you hate me..."

"Frederik. Louise Augusta.

You are Denmark's best hope
for a better future.

I know you will make me proud.

I love you so very much.
Your mother, Caroline Mathilde."


With his father's help
Frederik staged a coup d'état

and seized power at the age of 16.

Guldberg, Juliane Marie and their
Cabinet were banished from Court.

In the course of Frederik's
55-year-long reign

almost all of Struensee's laws
were reinstated.

Frederik went even further
than Johann when he

abolished serfdom and
liberated the peasants.