A Man Alone (1955) - full transcript

A gunfighter, stranded in the desert, comes across the aftermath of a stage robbery, in which all the passengers were killed. He takes one of the horses to ride to town to report the massacre, but finds himself accused of it. He also finds himself accused of the murder of the local banker, and winds up hiding in the basement of a house where the local sheriff, who is very sick, lives with his daughter.

Whoa, boy.

Go on, yah!


There you are, gentlemen.
Three lovely ladies.

You sure fell into it tonight
beats me. Deal me out.

Quitting kinda early,
aren't you henry?

On a night like this,
you're better off in here.

I can't afford anymore.
Business hasn't been so good lately.

I never thought about an undertaker
having business worries.

He's bound to get a soul
sooner or later!

Imagine from your looks wilson,
you're likely to be next.

- Play again?
- I'll sure try.

There you are, gentlemen.

Stage team -

they just come in.
Just the team, huh? No stage?

Si, senor. No stage.

There's somebody out there. I
can't make him out though.

Just leave it to me. I'll check into this

Well, i am acting sheriff now, ain't i?

Sure, jim. We just don't want
you to get hurt that's all.

As long as it's only a team of
horses you're investigating...

i can take care
of a darn sight more than horses!

Maybanks, take dorfman and kincaid,
and go round behind the post office.

The rest of you come with me.

I can't believe it.
How could you do it?

The woman started it when she snatched the
handkerchief from my face

and every one of them recognised me.
We had to finish it. Right then. Oh!

Nobody meant it to go that far,
but it's done.

Where are your men? I sent them
back to the ranch, like you told me.

They won't talk - they know better.

I can't stand to think about it -
a little child and her mother!

The whole territory'll be down here.

I wouldn't worry, luke.
They'll figure apaches did it.

Apaches take scalps.

Nothing to keep you from
going back and scalping 'em.

You got $63, 000 there.
You can give me my share now.

- I'm getting out.
- Give clantin my share, too.

He'll need to go a long way to forget.

I wouldn't do that, luke.
We're in this together.

I'm not so sure.

I want no part of this... what's
the sheriff going to do?

We'll take care of that
when the time comes.

Who's there?

Who's there?

- He's in the bank.
- Who's there?

- Mr stanley?
- Yes.

- Did you get him?
- No, he got away.

He shot anderson
and m ight have held up the stage.

What makes you think so?

He came in riding one of the stage
horses. - I'm afraid it's likely, then.

He broke in here and killed luke joiner. No!
Not luke! He won't get far in this storm.

Get after him.
I'll join you as soon as i can.

We'd better not be seen together
for the next few days. Just as you say.

You know, he couldn't have come at
a better time. I wonder who he was.

Come on!

There's nothing there. Come on!

It's no use, mr. Stanley. You
can't see ten feet in this storm.

Anybody get a look at him? - Nobody but
anderson. - And anderson hasn't come to yet.

He wasn't much of a deputy anyway.

Don't worry, gentlemen.
We'll find him in the morning.

It shouldn't be too difficult
we're only looking for one man.

And when we do find him,
i want to deal with him myself.

Luke joiner was the best friend i had.

What could have happened to the
stage? We're all anxious about that.

This man we're looking for
probably knows the answer.

How are you today, betsey,
with seven little kittens?

Huh? What shall i name them?

Doh, re, mi, after the seven notes?
Or after the seven days in the week?

You're not the seven wonders
of the world, you know.

"As i was going to st. I ves,
i met a man with seven wives."

"Each wife had seven cats.
Each cat had seven kits."

"Kits, cats, man and wives."

"How many were going to st. I ves?"

What are you doing here?
I'm on my way out, ma'am.

Who are you?

I didn't say.

Nobody's going to hurt you.
I'm relieved to hear it.

Why did you come in this house?
Didn't you see the flag?

I came in through the cellar door.

I don't believe you... there m ust be two
feet of sand on the cellar door.

Not last night.

You've been here all night?

I slept in the wood pile. I'm
obliged to you for a jar of peaches.

Did you like them?

I never tasted better.

I think you'd better go now.

With your kind perm ission, ma'am.


it was 400,
wherever they were going. Who?

The man with seven wives
and the cats and kits. 400.

To st. Ives? Oh, no - only one.

Look, you said the man had seven wives,
each wife had seven cats...

but i met them.
They were coming from st. I ves.

That makes only one - me -
going to st. I ves.

Correct, ma'am.



There's a man outside. Who is it?
Dr. Mason, probably.

You see we have yellow fever here.

I'll wait in here.
You're on the run, aren't you?

What makes you think i'll protect you?

I'll leave that
to your good judgment, ma'am.

Morning, nadine. Morning. I thought the whole
territory was gonna blow away last night.

Or am i too optimistic?

How's the sheriff this morning?

His temperature seems much higher.
Well, let's have a look.

It's a mild type of yellow fever,
but that's bad enough.

I'll send over some medicine
to reduce his tem perature,

but he's still going to
need constant attention.

Thank you, doctor. How
much sleep have you had

in the last four days?
I'll be all right.

I've been trying to get someone to come
over and help you, but they're all afraid.

I don't need any help. Nadine,
do you have any coffee made?

Yes, there's some on the stove.
Thank you, dear.

It's been a bad night, nadine.
I wish your father wasn't laid up.

Has anything happened?

Some fella tried to rob the bank.
Killed luke joiner.

Shot him in the back. Same man shot
anderson, but he'll pull through.

The whole town's out looking for
him. They haven't found him yet?


Was it... somebody around here,

or a stranger? Anderson's the only
one who saw him and he can't talk yet.

Then he's still in town?

Bound to be.
A man couldn't get very far on foot.

There aren't any horses.

Who's that?

Someone ran out the front door!

You keep the door locked. Don't open up for
anyone but me. And keep a gun handy.

Keep quiet.

I thought you were in a hurry to go.
Who else is in this house besides you?

If you want to go, there's
nobody stopping you.

Who else is in the house?
Just my father, and he's...

i know. I heard what
the doctor said. - Then will you go?

No. I think i'll be better off
in the sheriff's house for now.

- With yellow fever?
- I'll take my chances.

Water... want some water...

oh, dad!

Water. Want some water.


water. Want some water.

Get me a pan of fresh water
and some towels... well, go on...

- he's asleep?
- For a little while.

- Did he say anything while i was gone?
- What?

Sometimes when he's delirious
he starts talking.

Oh, they all do.

It didn't make any sense. Oh.

- You've done better with him than i could.
- Maybe i've seen more sickness than you have.

- Do you think it's out of my line?
- If what the doctor said was true.

It was, as far as it went.

It's a right unfriendly town you live in.

Then you were in the bank.

Why do you want to wear
your father's badge?

Those clothes in that trunk downstairs
would be a lot more becoming.

I didn't know you saw me.

I'm afraid i couldn't help it.

You looked pretty good.

I don't think i'll keep quiet
when they come looking for you.

I need water. Get some water.

Take it easy - you're choking him.

Go ahead - give him some.

Lift his head.

Just leading you out of temptation.

- I wish you would go now.
- It's not politeness that's keeping me.

Are you sure you can describe him?

Well, i looked him over real good!

Try and get a sketch of this.

I want to get it in the newspaper
as soon as i can.

All right, go ahead.

Well, he was tall.

Oh ... 6ft 4in, maybe.

He had a mean face
and little, beady eyes.

- What color?
- Black.

Mm-hm. Hair?

Black, too.

Long and stringy.

That look anything like him?

Sure does. Sure - it fits him to a t.

It's not often you get such a detailed
description to work on.

Well, i always try to keep my eyes open.

Let's find him.

Well, that shouldn't be hard now that
we know what he looks like.

Can't be very far away.


I helped myself to some of your coffee.

There's bacon and eggs
if you're hungry.

Well, as a matter of fact, i
helped myself to those, too.

20 dollars. For bacon and eggs?
And a night's lodging.

I'm not running a
boarding house.

Well, drop it in the collection
plate next time you go to church.

You do it. Or do you ever go to church?

You may not believe this, but a
i once sang in a choir.

It must've been a long time ago.

It was.

Might have been better
if you'd kept it up. Yeah, it m ight.

What made you stop?

Oh, you grow up. Things happen.

What kind of things?

Are you still wondering
if i shot that man in the bank?

Did you?


Your father uses pretty
good shaving soap.

I gave it to him for christmas.

- Why are you hiding?
- Half the town's out taking shots at me.

If you're not guilty, why not give yourself
up and stop acting like a criminal?

Because my name
happens to be wes steele.

Wesley steele?


I never met a notorious outlaw
before. Now, wait a minute.

I'm not an outlaw. But i didn't know my
reputation had traveled so far north.

You underestimate your reputation.

How does a man like you become a gunman?
Well, it's pretty easy once it starts.

You learn to handle a gun and
then maybe you learn how

to handle it better than anybody else.

It must be quite an art.

- It's one that some people never master.
- They're just as well off.

My father wasn't.

He was what you'd call an educated man.

He had no use for guns. Thought you should
use your brains, reason with people.

Your father was right.
It was a gun that killed him.

I made up my mind then, that the
same thing wouldn't happen to me.

- So now you do the killing.
- I don't always have much choice.

Fellas come along trying to prove
that you're not as good as they are.

Pretty soon it gets out of hand and
you find that you gotta shoot to live.

And it's always been you that lived.

So far.



Go ahead. Answer it.


Did he come back?

No-one's come in since you left.

I was worried about you.
He's still in town, somewhere.

How is mr. Anderson?

- He'll be all right, but...
- what is it, doctor?

They sent out a search party
to look for the stage.

The stage?

All dead.

Five people. Elizabeth nelson
and her little girl. Oh, no!

That man must be gun crazy!
I sure wish your father could take over.

Are you sure it's the same man?

Who else could it be? It's the same man.
It m ight be apaches.

No, it's robbery
and cold-blooded murder.

I ought to leave a man here, but...

no, i'll be all right.
Then keep your gun handy.

If he shows up, don't ask questions.
Shoot to kill 'em.

Something wrong, nadine?

No, it's elizabeth nelson
and her little girl.

Yes, i know.

All right.

- I had nothing to do with that stage.
- Then who did? Who could have done it?

I don't know.

- They were so sure.
- They want to be sure.

Like that deputy. Don't ask questions -
just shoot. Can't blame him.

I'll give you until dark.
Just until dark.




I brought your eggs and milk and a
bottle of medicine the doctor sent.

That sandstorm sure messed
up things around here.

Thank you, mrs maule.

Oh and there's a paper in there, too.
They're getting together a big posse.

That's good.

All the roads are sanded in and they've
got guards posted at the pass.

He's going to pay for this with his
mortal life. Now, i gotta get back.

They're making a house to house search
in mexican town and likely he's there.

Too bad you can't get away
to see him when he's caught.







i wish you wouldn't walk so easy!

You know this coffee's pretty m uddy.

This eggshell will clear it.

I want to thank you
for what you did last night.

That's all right.

I fell fast asleep. I didn't mean to.
I couldn't help it.

I don't wonder.

You should have gone. You
shouldn't have stayed here.

You know you don't look anything like that
picture in the paper.

I saw it, and i hope i don't.

What about that other picture
that was in the paper.

The one with the man, that
got killed in the bank?

- This luke joiner?
- What do you mean?

Was that a good likeness?


Then i guess he was the man i saw
in the bank. He took a shot at me.

And you didn't shoot back?

- No.
- Then who could have killed him?

The only other man with him was...
but it couldn't have been him.

Couldn't have been who?

Mr. Stanley.

- Who's he?
- He was mr. Joiner's partner.


That's the doctor.

- Go ahead. I'll wait in the cellar.
- All right.

- Morning, nadine.
- Morning.

The doctor's gone. My father's awake.
He should be up in a day or so.

Well, i guess i'll be going, too.

The roads are all blocked. Everyone
in town is carrying a gun.

They're looking for a man that resembles
that picture in the newspaper.

They're not looking for me.

Well, at least wait until it gets dark.

When you leave, where will you go? - Oh,
i guess one place is as good as another.

I'm getting kinda tired
of running away.


but where will you go?

I don't know. Anyplace where wesley steele
would be a name and not a reputation.

Is that all you're running
away from? A reputation?

Well, it can get too big
for a man to live with.

Where did you get that money?

I didn't get it from the stagecoach
and i didn't get it from the bank.

Then how did you get it?

Suppose i told you i had a
little spread and i sold it...

that i came by it honestly.
What would you do?

What would you do? Nothing.

Suppose i told you i stole it.
What would you do?

I said, "what would you do?"


What are you running away from?

I'm not running away from anything.

A body doesn't have to get on a horse
and ride 1, 000 m iles to run away.

She could run away right down
a flight of cellar steps.

Silk. Linens.

That little jar you put rose petals in.

It's my hope chest.

Yeah, i've heard of 'em. But why do
you hide it down here in the cellar?

You're being too personal.


Well, forget it.

I suppose it's only fair.

It's my father -
it made him unhappy when i got it.

So you hide it and run away down here because
your father didn't want you to grow up.

I'm all he has. He has
done everything for me.

Mm-hm. Everything but let
you grow into a woman.

I am grown-up.

Are you?

All right, boys. Place these two
at the center of the altar.

Let's go out and find him!

Just a moment, friends.

The bible tells us,
"vengeance is mine. I will repay."

But i declare that each of us may justly
be an instrument of punishment

for such cold-blooded work as this.

It is a crime, not only
against these silent victims

but every member of this comm unity.

Tomorrow morning,
when the minister comes,

we will comm it these lost ones
to the earth.

But our duty to them will not be
fulfilled until this killer is destroyed.

A watch will be kept
in the church all night.

And it is only right and fitting, for the
sake of my friend and partner, luke joiner,

for me to take the first hour.

Every trail, every pass is guarded.

This man m ust not get away alive.

If he is found, report to me at once,

and justice will be swift. ... and final.

Who's there?

I understood this watch hour
was to be private.

Something you want?


Who are you?

My name is wesley steele.

You're a long way from home,
aren't you, steele?

Oh - then you know about me.
No, not exactly.

It was quite a picture of
me in your town newspaper.

I'm the man you're looking for.

You're mistaken.
We're not looking for you.

I shot your deputy. I'm the man
your partner shot at in the bank.

You remember your partner, don't you?

You were behind him when
he was killed. Right behind him.

We've got nothing against you, steele.
You can ride out of town tonight.

Ride out with me and my
men and go your own way.

I wouldn't enjoy riding with a man
who shot his partner in the back.

And that's not all
you've got to answer for.

You must be out of your head.
You've got no quarrel with me.

If you think i had something to do
with that stage holdup...

i know you had something
to do with it.

I was in your bank the night
you were talking it over.

The gun that killed the little girl
was working for you.

Any man's got a quarrel with you.

I... i won't draw.

I'm no gunman.

I won't draw. I'd hate to turn my back.

I won't draw. I. ... i'm dropping my gun.

Go on.

Get out!

Go on, get out!

You can't shoot an unarmed man.
No, but i can sure beat you to death.

Get up!

Where have you been?

Church meeting.

First time in years.

Oh. ... you're hurt.

I had a fight.
Is your father still asleep?

Let me help you - please.
Come into the kitchen.

- Did anyone see you come in here?
- Not as far as i know.

Who were you fighting with?


He was in back of it all - joiner,

the stagecoach, all of it.
The coach?

That's why i got him.
Because of that child.

Oh ... that little ch...

oh, wes!

Oh, wes!

What is it, doctor?

Looks like a slight concussion. He'll be
all right if he gets plenty of rest.

Does your father know he's here?

No. Everybody else does.

Clantin saw him leave the church
and head up your front steps.

Must've been after he
tangled with stanley.

You know about that, too?

- Sure. I just treated him.
- Mr stanley?

Then he isn't...

he's all right.

- Steele didn't kill him. If that's what you mean.
- He didn't kill those others, either.

How do you know? I just know.

Don't open the door.
They'll only break it down.

You stay with him. I'll go.

Don't tell them.

We know he's here, doc.
Who do you want?

Who do you think? You know who. The killer.

There's a sick man in
here, but he doesn't fit

the description of the
man who shot anderson.

What are you trying to pull, mason?

The man we want is in this
house, and we're gonna take him.

You can't have him now.
Why not? Who says we can't?

I say it. He's down with yellow fever.

He's lyin'.

If you think so, step inside
and stand near his bed.

We'll take him anyhow.
He won't be sick long.

Get out of the way, mason.
I can shoot him from the door.

Get off this porch.

She won't shoot. Let's drag him
out, and get it over with!


What's that?

I'll kill the next one.
Now get out, all of you!


You'll be sorry, nadine. You're
only making a fool of yourself.

- In more ways than one it looks like.
- You get out of here!

And stay out!

What's going on here?

- Your daughter is hiding a murderer, gil.
- It's wesley steele.

Steele? Here?

- He's killed six people in this town, gil.
- And i saw him come into this house.

Throw him out! He belongs in jail!

Wait a minute. Just hold on.

I'll handle this.

Go on inside the house.

You wait right here.

And he stayed to take
care of you when he might

have got away. That's
why he's still here.

You through now?

Do you think you can make
me believe that wes steele

stayed here, at the risk of his own
neck just to nurse me, the sheriff?

You were raised different than that. You
oughta know better than to try to lie to me.

How long's he been in my house?
Where have you been hiding him?

Carrying on with him behind my back
while i was sick!

Your mind's dirty!

Do you hear? Dirty!

Like that mob out there!

You do that again and i'll kill you.

So help me god, i'll kill you!

She means it, gil.

She loves him.

Gil, doctors take an oath
as well as sheriffs.

There's a reason for both.

And one has to do with saving lives,
no matter what i think about a man.

That's why i told them he had yellow fever.

The other binds you to uphold the law
by due process,

to protect an accused man from illegal
violence, no matter what you think.

It's a principle that's more im portant than
that man, nadine, or me or you, gil.

You can't give him to that mob.

I think gil will do the right thing.

He never has before.

You men all know
i've been down with the fever.

Otherwise a thing like this
would have never happened.

Nobody's blaming you, gil. Just turn that
killer over to us and go on back to bed.

- I'll make up my own mind about that.
- Then do it now.

For your own good.

I've always decided what's good for me, and
without any help from you.

But he's a dangerous man, gil.
A very dangerous man.

I'll still handle him myself.

You're not gonna let us have him?


Henry, go down to my office and bring
me a set of leg irons and shackles.

This gunman won't be leaving here.
You can bank on that.

Do you want some water?

- You let them put chains on me?
- You know i didn't, but i couldn't stop it.

They've got my name on a rope,
haven't they?

Wes, can you talk a little?

Yes, to you, honey.

Stanley's alive.

I'm so glad he didn't die.

Well, if he'd died,
we never could clear you.

You think my word against his will do it?

He's got this town in his hands -
you know that.

Can you give me some of this water?

What is it? Drink it down.

Try and sleep. You'll feel better.

Find what you're looking for?

What were you looking for?

I know stanley has got
this town in his hand.

- But i never thought he had gil corrigan there.
- What makes you think he has?

You said things while you were delirious.
Things you never would have said otherwise.

I was out of my head.

What a man says when he's sick
doesn't mean anything.

That's what i thought at first. That's
what i tried to make myself believe.

But now i know better.

The sheriff in this town gets
his house free and $ 110 a month.

How much have you been
able to save out of that?

Some. As m uch as i could.

Not this much.

Stanley came to macer six years ago.

We were poor then - remember?

Real poor.

Well, we're not poor any more.

Who put these kind of notions
in your head?

That saddle-tramp killer?

A man who would shoot
another man in the back - and did?

A man who shot down my own
deputy the minute he hit town?

Have you been taking
advice from him?

Why don't you mention all
those people on the stage?

He's supposed to have
killed them too.

Well? Why don't you?

Why don't you?

- How do you know he didn't?
- Because he's not that kind of a man.

And i don't believe
you are, either.

You know where i was
when all that happened.


But i don't know where you were
when the trinidad bank was held up.

And the bonded stage line.

And the assayer's office in new eldorado.
You didn't solve any of those, did you?

Nobody was killed in any of them either.
I don't hold with killing, nadine.

Then don't let them kill wes steele.

He'll have his day in court.

He'll have five minutes if he
gets that far, and you know it.

Wes steele's a gunman. He's killed
in texas and he's killed here.

I don't set myself up
as judge and jury, like you.

All i can do is turn
him over to the court.

And that's what i'm gonna do,
as soon as he's able to walk.

I've tried to raise you
the best way i could,

to make you happy, to teach you the
difference between right and wrong.

Then when i'm down and i can't help myself,
you get taken in by this saddle tram p.

He's poisoned your mind and your
heart, too, against your own father.

Nadine, if i ever catch you in another low
trick like this, i'll kill him myself.

He won't sneak into another man's
home and ruin it - do you hear me?

Yes, i hear you. You taught me the
difference between right and wrong.

- You knew it once. Well, i haven't forgotten.
- You don't understand these things.

I understand a lot more than you think.
I'm not a child any more.

You heard what i said!

- Ah, dr. Mason. Join me for a drink?
- Thank you. Don't care if i do.

- How's your star patient getting along?
- Better than i expected.

He'll be out tomorrow.

He can get around as
good as ever, you mean.

It seems my diagnosis
of yellow fever was a little hasty.

Thank you, gentlemen.

You hear the doctor, judge? How's that?

Wes steele will be able
to stand trial tomorrow.

That's why i'm here, sir!

Bring your men. Meet me at the bank.

Seems like a waste of soap.

- Don't say that. It's not very funny.
- No, i guess it isn't.

But i'm not used to chains. It's the
first time in my life and i hate it.

Wes, i've searched his pockets for a key.
I've looked everywhere.

I don't know what to do.

Don't cry, nadine.

I've had a good life
and i've lived it - all of it.

But being wes steele,
i knew it m ight end any m inute.

Of course, i'd like to live
100 years if i could live with you.

But, if it's going to be tomorrow,

well, don't let it worry you too much.

A better man than wes steele
will come for you yet.

In wes steele's hand,
that gun could kill five men.

I'd have to be the first.

Nobody gave elizabeth nelson
and her little girl a chance.

That's not my fault.

They're going to hang wes
steele for those killings.

And you're going to let them.

How can i stop them?

Tell them what you and stanley
have been up to for six years.

Tell them the truth.

You'd sell me out for a stranger?

You sold yourself out, dad.

I won't try to justify what i've
done, but maybe i can tell you why.

This is hard country.

It killed your mother, and i had
to sit there and watch her die.

She was as young
and as pretty as you, once.

As young and as fine.

We had high hopes and big dreams,
but none of 'em came true.

Not a one.

The first year we were married,
all the wells on the ranch went dry.

Not a windm ill turned for 240 days.

Cattle broke into the yard
and just stood there,

bawling for water.

But we didn't have any.

We sat, praying for rain

and watching them die one by one -

one thousand head.

I still hear those cattle in my sleep!

We lost the ranch, moved into town
and you were born.

Everybody was broke, and had
nothing, so i went up to phoenix

and worked on the new railroad
for six cents an hour.

And when i came home, i found
your mother taking in washing,

so thin, and so gaunt and so sick
i hardly knew her.

It was too late to make things right
for her, but it wasn't too late for you.

You know how it is here, nadine -
hot and dry and dirty and dusty.

Can't grow crops. Half the time
you can hardly raise cattle.

It's dog eat dog. It's the only way
a man can get along.

Back east, they all talk about
how wonderful the west is.

How you can get rich overnight.

Just throw out a handful of seed

or pick up some gold from a stream bed.

Folks'll tell you that
who've never seen the west,

at least, never seen what i have.

Back east they have different ideas
about what's right and what's wrong.

They'd say it's wrong for a sheriff to
make a deal with a man like stanley.

It is wrong.

I had to live! You had to live!

You were only two years old
when your mother died.

I promised myself right then, that you'd
never know a hungry day or a cold night.

So far, i've kept that promise, nadine.

I mean to go on keeping it.
I don't know how, exactly.

But giving wes steele that gun
won't make things right.

Go on, honey.
You'd better get some sleep.

I'll figure something out.
I'll figure something.


I'm not asleep.

Hold out your hands.

So i run and get shot
trying to escape, huh?

Here, strap this on and get your hat.
It's almost daylight.

You're taking a chance
giving me this gun.

I guess not.

I'm gonna kill stanley the
first time i see him.

- You're not gonna see him.
- You sure of that?

Be quiet.

You'll wake up nadine.

Stanley's in back of these killings.
You know that as well as i do.

What i know is my business.

Come on. We'll go through
the cellar door.

On the other side of that white ridge you'll
pick up the old army road to the colorado.

It's apache country.

What's gonna happen when they
find out you've turned me loose?

Let me worry about that.

I'm thinking about nadine.

So am i.

- You tell her i'll be coming back for her.
- No, you won't.

Not if you care anything about her, you
won't. Nadine's got good stuff in her.

Maybe she didn't get it
from me, but it's there.

I want her to marry a man with a longer
prospect of life than you've got.

Where have you been?

Where is he?

He's gone.

You turned him loose?!

I don't believe he did those killings.

That's for the courts to decide, gil.
I've decided already.

That man's got to be brought back.

They'll try and make you tell
where he went.

They might.

Let's get out of here - now.

There's nothing to run away from,


- Is that the tree?
- Yeah.


If this man is able to stand trial,
we shall proceed with it.

Here comes dr. Mason.

- Corrigan turned him loose.
- You're joking!

I just came from
there, he's gone.

Why should corrigan
turn him loose?

- That i can't say.
- You must know something!

There's something between that
daughter and steele.

You've no need to say that.

We'll find out from corrigan.

Stanley, you'd better go out there
and quiet those people down.

What can i do?

- They'll listen to you.
- They won't listen to anyone.

Gil's been your friend for a long time.

So was luke joiner.

All of you've been drinking too much.

If you won't... judge withem?

There'll be no lynching.

Ortega -

go out and help. Sheriff?

What are you going to do?

I'm gonna throw up.

You should've kept riding with wes.

I live here, nadine.

That didn't take them long.

Where is he, gil? They say
you turned him loose.

It wasn't steele that killed
those people on that...

you dirty liar!

You turned him loose cause he's been
carrying on with that daughter of yours.


Hang him!

Put a rope round his neck!
You can't do this!

You prairie hen!

They're lynching gil corrigan.
You've got to stop them!

You m ust do something!

There's nothing i can do.

Stanley, we've got to get the
sheriff away from that mob!

Besides, he knows where steele is.
He'd only lie to us.

- Looks like he's in with steele.
- I don't believe it. I won't believe it!

Stanley thinks we should string him up!

Tell stanley to come out and
give his orders to me. Who are you?

Wes steele.

Turn that man loose.

I'll kill the first man
that goes for his gun.

That's far enough! You wanna be first? I
can hit a lot of you before i go down.

You with the rope - take it off.
Take it off!

Untie his hands.

Now get him out of there.

This is a rotten town, with a
lot of rotten people in it.

But for once, you're gonna
listen to the truth.

The man who murdered those
people on that stage coach

is working for one of your
most distinguished citizens.

Get out there and gun him down!

Stanley, come out and tell us how
you shot luke joiner in the back!

Come out, stanley!

Come on, stanley, and deny it!

Go on - get out there!

I'll go.

Steele's telling the truth.
I know - i work for stanley.

Clantin - look at me.

I'll blow you to pieces, stanley.

Drop it.

You're forgetting, corrigan.
You're in this as much as i am.

Am i? It's gonna be your word
against m ine. I'll take my chances.

Come on.

Hey, you - out.

Lucas, turner -
take these two down and lock them up.

You'd better go with steele, honey.

What about you?

I'll stay here.
Don't worry, i'll be all right.

No, i'm not leaving you.

There's no life for you here.
This is a rotten town.

Wherever he takes you has
got to be better than this.

She's not going anywhere with me.

Cause i'm not leaving.

Who knows if this place is any
worse than the next one i hit?

From the way things look now it
has a good chance of being better.

I'm staying.

Let's go home.