A Man (2022) - full transcript

Akira works as a lawyer. One day, he meets with his former client Rie, who asks Akira to perform a background check on her late husband Daisuke.

Thank you.



"Seibundo Stationery Store”


Thank you.

2,030 yen.

2,030 yen exactly.

Where's the breaker?

Those lights are on.


It's... Sorry, it's there.

Thank you.

Thank you.



Yuto, could you take that
lotus root in for me?

Mom, breakfast.

We're gonna eat.

This lotus root's good.

Want pickles?

Wait up!

Too slow, Yuto!


I've been thinking lately.

My husband went to Heaven before me,

so little Ryo won't get lonely there.

Masahiro was so selfless.
He always put his grandchild first.

I'm home!

Hey there Yuto.

Yuto, hey there.

Mrs. Okumura brought us
cakes from Taiseido.

Strawberry, and Mont Blanc.

No way!

In the fridge.


You've got Yuto.
Better toughen up, Hatsue.

It's hardest on Rie, you know.

She came back from Yokohama single.

Thank you.

This is 1,785 yen, and...

Mister, you paint for a hobby?

One of my customers saw you,
on the grass near Kiyose River.

Show me sometime!

It's not worth it.

Rie, don't you wanna see?

Mrs. Okumura,
mind your business.

Hatsue, the other day...


Its balance tells you
where to land it.

This tree'll fall easiest there.
Got it?

See its balance?

It's on a lean.

So, cut a notch facing
where you want it to fall.

Kuroki! Quit waffling already!

Shut your trap!

Telling him ain't gonna help.

Watch me.


Try it.

Where's that Daisuke Taniguchi from?

Ikaho Onsen in Gunma. He's the
second son of an innkeeper there.

A grand old inn.

So why's a guy like him
out here working the forests?

Doesn't it sound fishy to you?

I'll admit,
it doesn't sound normal.

But nobody lives their life
without picking up a few scars.

Is he an ex-con?

Can't have him starting trouble.
Seems kinda like a downer.

He's not a downer.
He's just quiet.

A fast learner too.

Much more useful than your brother.

Leave Takeshi out of it.

Anyway, he's a good kid.

I like Daisuke.


Thank you.
That'll be 200 yen.

Do you need a bag?

I'm fine.

1,000 yen received.

Need a receipt?

I don't.

Here, 800 yen change.


These are..my paintings.

You brought them for me?

They're not great though.

May 17??

You obviously love painting.

This is great.

This kinda looks like Yuto.

My son plays there a lot.

Is he the boy I saw here before?

I-I think that might actually be him.

Oh, really?
I guess it must be.

That's kinda cool.

Really great...

If it's okay,
could we be friends?

Of course not.
You're married. I'm sorry.

Well, I'm not married.

...have a son,
but I'm divorced.

Oh, is that right...

I'm sorry. I didn't know.

If you knew,
that'd be freaky.

Oh yes. You're right.
That would be.

Thank you.

Er, what's your name?


Sorry it's crumpled.
I'm Daisuke Taniguchi.

Sorry, I don't have a card.
I'm Rie Takemoto.


Come anytime,
and show me your paintings.

No need to buy anything.

Done it before?

Yuto had a younger brother.

But he died when he was 2.

Mind if I tell you?

A brain disease.

I thought he'd get over it...

...but it turned out to be malignant.

Was that...the reason?

You broke up with your husband.

We disagreed over treatment.

From then on,
nothing went our way.

If I'd known nothing would work...

I would've let him eat what he wanted,

taken him to his favorite zoo,
as much as he wanted...

At the very least...

At the very least...

...I wanted him to
feel glad that he lived.

The radiation treatment
was so hard on him...

I'd put him through so much pain...


When I realized it was for nothing...

I felt so...

Your son...
What was his name?



Little Ryo.

Little Ryo.

Here goes.

You're good.

Over here. Go!

Pass to your mom.

To me?

Run, run! Run!

Hurry! Hurry!

It's okay, it's okay.
It's okay, it's okay!

There there.

It's okay, it's okay.
It's okay, it's okay.


Looks cute!

Did we forget anything?
All okay?

Can you do it?

Look, you got food on you.


Eat nicely!

Hey, don't play with food!

You're late for school!

He is.
Go on, get moving.

You didn't eat this?
Want more?

Hey, Dad.

Can I go?

Huh? What?

What? Say that again.

To the mountains.

Huh? What?

The mountains...

Like hell you can.

Sports day training.

So what?

It's no big deal.

- Hana, say "No way.”
- No way!

See? Hana said so.

Hana, say it again.

What did you say?
"No way.”

No way!

You're so late.

Come on!
Come on, go already!

Take care!


Oh. Sorry, sorry.



See you.


Take care.

Get in.

What about school?

Come on.

Busy day today.
Let's do this.

Dad Dad Dad!
Which one?

- Daisuke!
- This one?

We're going further in.
You can finish up here for us.

Work hard, kid.

Yuto, what do you wanna do today?

Make a slingshot.

That again?


You okay?


Hey... Hey...

Hey Daisuke!

Hey! Somebody!
Call the office!

Hey! Daisuke!
Daisuke! Hey!


Call an ambulance!

Hey! Daisuke!

One year later

First anniversary of Daisuke's death

I'll leave you now.

- Thank you so much.
- Thank you so much.

My name's Taniguchi.

Kyoichi Taniguchi.

Thank you for coming so far.

My younger brother caused you trouble.

Not at all. I'm sorry for
not inviting you to the funeral.

I bet he told you not to.
I get it.

Well, actually...

I know we need to discuss
where he'll be interred, so...

Daisuke spoke badly of me,
I presume?

He didn't talk about his past,
but he said he and his family...

No need to say it.
I know.

He caused trouble for so many,
right till the end...

Why was living right so hard for him?

Dying under a tree in this backwater...
An undutiful son to the end.

Oh, incense. May 1?

Sure, of course.

Hey, invoice me for
funeral and grave costs.

No, there's no need...

Count on me to pay.

You haven't...
put a photo of him here?

A photo.
Of the deceased.


I have, right there.


Er, there.


Excuse me.

That's not him.

That's not Daisuke.

Yes, it is..

No, it's not him.

- It's Daisuke.
- It's not Daisuke.

It's not Daisuke.

Did he change that much?

It's not that.
He's totally different.

I see...

It's a different guy.

It's Daisuke.

It's not Daisuke.

It is. From Ikaho Onsen.
The inn. Tamaki.

It's not Daisuke.

Then, this man...

- Who is he?
- Who is he?

Sorry to interrupt your rest.

We'll be landing at Miyazaki Airport
in approximately 35 minutes.

As the captain mentioned earlier,

in roughly 15 minutes time...

It's been seven years?

Oh, I guess you're right.
Since the divorce proceedings.

Thanks for all you did.

Your son must be big now.

My oldest started junior high.

Your oldest?

Yes, I remarried,
and had a daughter.

Oh, is that so?
How old is she?

She's 4.

Same as mine.

Oh, you too, Mr. Kido?

Me too. I got married.

Oh, is that right...

You've got a daughter?

A son.

Oh, really...

His life insurance...

Repayment is unnecessary.

These forms bear the name
"Daisuke Taniguchi,”

but the subject
of the contract is "Mr. X."

Mr. X kept up with his premiums,
so you can keep the money.

Thank you.

No, it's your undeniable right.

More pressingly, Mr. Taniguchi's death
needs to be retracted.

The deceased is Mr. X,
not Daisuke Taniguchi.

Then, what about
the real Daisuke Taniguchi?

What happens to him?

Well, he'll be regarded as alive.

We need to find the truth.

Thank you for waiting.

Eel on rice for two.


Will stubble from his shaver do?

It'll be fine.

You're home.

Remember Mr. Kido,
from Yokohama?

He's grown up.

Also, I found a hair on his clothes.

And this is his toothbrush.

And...inside these nail clippers,
a nail...

That should be plenty.

How much should I give it?

I'll cover all expenses for now.

I meant, how long?

Oh, how long. Well,
we should give it about a month.

A month?

Would those paintings
provide some kind of lead?

Well, that's hard to say.

They're good. As if done by
a man with a boy's heart.

That's exactly the kind of man he was.

Do you think...he was involved
in some kind of crime?

From March 3110 May st of 2002,
prior 10 disappearing, Mr. Sakazaki

worked 190.18 hours of overtime
in 30 days,

over twice the 80-hour
overwork death line. On May 2nd,

he requested leave and
became uncontactable. On the 3rd,

he supposedly committed suicide
in Takanezawa, Tochigi.

“I'm deeply sorry for
my abrupt decision.

“I'm worn out, body and soul,
and this was my only option.

"Mom, I caused you nothing but pain.

"Please forgive me for causing you
more pain than ever.

But you see...”

Oh, Mr. Kido sir!
Thank you so much.

Now our Masaru can rest in peace.

We're fortunate you're
such a humane lawyer, sir.

No, I simply did my job.

This isn't much, but...

Oh, you're too kind!
He'll gladly accept it.

Sir, we can't thank you enough...

No need. Ma'am, lift your head.
Please, really.

Hey. Show some appreciation.

Lawyers, huh...

We must be going.

Thank you so much.

Thank you.

Thank you so much.

Kaori, that was great.

A better paella than hers.

Well excuse me!

Sota, are you full already?

Don't overfeed them.

Aren't overwork deaths
actually suicides?

Compensation's still paid?

If a job's that hard,
why not ditch it?

Making logical decisions becomes
impossible under such pressure.

This country
uses tax money all wrong.

Doling out welfare
to people who can still work.

What do they spend it on?

The system itself's absurd.

Like they say,
real Japanese don't rely on it.

No more free money for
Koreans and their ilk.

Oh, I didn't mean you, Akira.

Akira is third generation.
After that long, he's Japanese.

You know,
I watch nothing but Korean dramas.

Still, Mom?

Pour some for me.


Look. Dad's connections
will get us a super good deal.

Maybe with the deposit too.

Isn't here enough?

I want another child.

What about this place?

We could rent it out.
It'd still be ours.

Hey, was your Miyazaki trip
really for business?

Yeah. Why?

Silly. Wanna see my ticket?


I'm going to bed.
Good night.

Good night.

Oh, you made it.
It's about Daisuke?

What do you think is the face
of a hot spring inn?

Its hot spring?

Exactly. Its face is something
you dare not change.

Our spring's quality is indisputable.
Messing with it is a no-no.

When I took over from my father,
reservations shot up.

That was beyond my brother.

I've heard you and Daisuke clashed
regarding who would take over.

No, there was no clash.

Daisuke just thought there was.

This is the real Daisuke Taniguchi?

Before lumber jacking in Miyazaki,
he was in Osaka.

Really? I'll go there.

Oh, I already went.

This is our signature dish.
Try it

I showed that photo to
his landlord in Kita Ward,

who recognized him.

The real Daisuke?

He didn't recognize a photo
of the fake Daisuke though.

So, in Osaka,
they hadn't switched places yet.

What do you say?

Well, it's too early...

Tasty, right?

Oh... Yes.

Anyway, do you think
Daisuke's still alive?

I mean, well, surely
the other guy killed him?

If the wife is on the level,
she's a victim,

but she got his life insurance,
so I think it should be investigated.

Okay, good luck.



Kyu! Hello there!

Uh-oh, she's mad.
She won't take to me.

Sorry about that.

See you, Kyu.

Hi boss.

Oh, Misuzu.

This guy passed himself off
as Daisuke?

That's right.

We don't know his name,
so we call him "Mr. X."

That's funny.

Their faces and their heights
are probably different.

Never seen him?

When did you meet Daisuke?

When I was in high school.

We hooked up and broke up,
over and over.

When did you last see him?

When was it...

His father had died, so he
went to the funeral... Around then.

This is Daisuke.

These are pretty old.

At this time, were you...

We were together.

But around that time...

The last time...

He never talked about breaking up.
He was just suddenly gone.

No calls or messages?

Not at all.
I couldn't get through.

But why did that guy
want Daisuke's past?

His background was nothing special.

An inheritance?

I don't know.

Maybe he got abducted by North Korea.

I've heard about that. They steal
family registers and assume identities.

Mr. X worked in forestry
in a small town in Miyazaki.

Well, there are still plenty of
North Korean agents around, yeah?

Not that conspiracy crap again.

He thinks the Tohoku quake
was man-made.

Wait a minute, that was...

This is a real manhunt.

Sorry for springing this on you.
Let me know if you...



What a dumb-ass.

Such a dumb-ass.

I thought I'd found him,
but this is...

Sorry I blurted that out.


The DNA test confirmed that
Mr. X wasn't Daisuke Taniguchi.

I see...

That means you're
neither married, nor a widow.


Are you alright?

I wonder,
whose life was I living with?

"Whose life was I living with?”

I didn't have the faintest idea
how to answer her.

That X guy wanted to
hide his criminal past, no?

A majorly nasty one at that.

These sweets kick ass.

I know.

Nothing's riskier than
drawing the law's attention, no?

That's a natural assumption.

What's that?

Brand fraud.

Some shysters slap vintage stickers
on cheap-ass wines.

Buyers don't want to look clueless,
so they keep quiet.

That's ingenious.


Brand fraud reminds me,
I handled an impersonation case once.


A 55-year-old man switched identities
with a 67-year-old and took his pension.

Got a guilty charge and it went civil.

The switch was pulled off by a broker.

Wait, when was that?

2000 and...what?

"Osaka pension fraud broker..."

"Osaka pension fraud broker..."
Here it is. 2013.

"Osaka pension fraud broker..."

"Osaka pension fraud broker..."
Around the time X came to Miyazaki.

Around the time X came to Miyazaki.

Seems the broker got paid
pulling off a load of deals.

"Norio Omiura”?

He's in Osaka Prison now.

He was in Osaka when
Daisuke Taniguchi was there too.

Wow, handsome mister lawyer
has come to see little old me.

I'm ugly, ain't I?

No wonder I'm a twisted bastard.

Well, thank you for meeting me.

As I told you, I'm Kido...

You're a Japan-born Korean.

Ain't ya?

Do I have to tell you?

I knew soon as I saw your face.

I'm a naturalized Japanese now.

So, today, as I wrote in my letter,
five years ago...

Mister lawyer.

Some people out there
actually live for 300 years, you know?

I'm sure you've heard
that 300-year-olds are real.

I've never heard that.

Maybe they don't exist in
the world you live in, mister lawyer.

On the down-low, there was one
in here. He got released though.

That's fascinating, but I'm here
about a five-year-old case.

Do you know Daisuke Taniguchi?

A man who went by that name is dead.

However, he wasn't the real
Daisuke Taniguchi.

Mr. Omiura, you brokered
identity document switches, correct?

Know anything about this man?

The second son of the
Ikaho Onsen innkeeper?

Yes! That's right.
You knew him?

I think we're done here today.

I want to know who he switched with.

It wasn't a switch,
it was identity laundering.

Just like dirty money, plenty of folks
want to wash their pasts clean.

Mister lawyer, I bet you hated
being Korean and wanted to switch.

You're Korean but you don't
come across as Korean. In a nutshell,

that's what you
Japan-born Koreans are.

We fraudsters blend in well.

“From Norio Omiura”

"Handsome mister lawyer, are your
eyes piss holes? Shit for brains.”

"Handsome" is sweet though.

Check out her chest.
Her chest.

Oh yeah, I see it now.

"Taniguchi.” "Sonezaki."

Does it mean this "Yoshihiko Sonezaki”
is Mr. X?

These even kick ass frozen.

What a discovery.

" "Daisuke Taniguchi”


What's wrong?


Remember which tree was Dad's?

Yeah. That one, right?

Third one along.
Branches out, like this.

And this one’s mine.
Yeah, this one. And,

that one is Hana's.

yours is there. You said
you liked that one, didn't you?

You didn't make a grave for him
on his death day this year either.

Will my name change again?

I was born a Yoneda.
After the divorce, Takemoto.

Then Taniguchi, like Dad.

Who should I become next?


There's something I've been
keeping a secret from you.

Your stepdad...

His name wasn't really
Daisuke Taniguchi.

Even I didn't know that.

After he died...| found out
it wasn't his real name.

So who was he?

Someone's looking into that now.

He used another man's name,

so I've been talking to
a lawyer about it,

who's trying to find out all he can.

So? So who was he?

I don't know yet.

Because I don't know yet,
I can't make a grave for him.

We can't put
"Daisuke Taniguchi” on it.


My name, Yuto Taniguchi...
What about that?

The...Taniguchi part of your name...

...belongs to someone we don't know.



Papa's tree!

Take a photo!

A photo? Okay!

Oh, I'll take it.

Yeah? You sure?
You know how?

Yes, with this.

Right here.
The round button.


Oh, it's okay, Mom.
Leave him be.

Here goes. Cheese!

"Art's greatest potential :
Works by death row inmates”

Everything alright?

Aren't these amazing?

I'm speechless.

Till I saw your post on Facebook,

I never thought about
death row inmates' art.

Art by criminals is...
How can I put it?

I had a vague image of it
as a kind of excuse,

but I was so wrong.

They're not trying to claim innocence.

They're screaming out,
"I'm not like you think I am.”

By the way,
I wanted you to see this.

Is this...

"Daisuke Taniguchi”

"Daisuke Taniguchi”
I set this up.

"Daisuke Taniguchi”

I pretend to be Daisuke,
and post now and then.

I know what his hobbies are,
and what he'd say, so I use that.

If he sees it,
he'll get in touch.

Trying to draw him out?

I know it's a stupid thing to do.

I wanted to help you somehow.

Our talk show's about to begin,
so please take your seats.

It's starting.

She's a hottie.

But a death row art exhibition
as a date spot?

She said she wanted to see it.
This isn't a date.

Gimme a break.

Don't worry. I'm famously tight-lipped.
Wanna touch them?


If you take the stance that
people are incapable of change,

you validate capital punishment.

But we don't do that. We take
the stance that people can change,

and have held these art exhibitions
year after year.

"Those who commit crimes
are unable to be reformed.”

This nation claims that emphatically,
and executes death sentences.

However, it's possible
to take a different view, that

people can change, no matter
what crimes they commit.

If we don't adopt that belief,
our society will never be at peace...

"Kenkichi Kobayashi”

Kenkichi Kobayashi?

What's his story?

A gambling addict in debt who broke
into the home of his boss, a builder.

"Murder-robbery suspect arrested” A gambling addict in
debt who broke into the home of his boss, a builder.

The boss, his wife, and young son
were stabbed and burned.

Instant death sentence.

Well, no lawyer could get him off.

He was executed in 2003.

But X got crushed by a tree
and died in Miyazaki, no?

This guy was old enough
to be X's dad.

Right. Old enough to be X's dad.

No way...

This guy had a son.

Get outta here...

Makoto Hara. He ended up
using his mother's surname.

Raised in an orphanage in Maebashi,

and became a pro boxer.

Then who the hell's
that Sonezaki dude?

Anyway, if X really was
that death row inmate's son,

he might've been on the run
from some crime.


Criminal tendencies aren't genetic,

but home environments sway futures.
We've seen that as lawyers.

It's not like I gotta tell you.

Hey, handsome mister lawyer!
Long time no see.

You seem well.

Pull the other one.
My life's hanging by a thread.

Thank you for this.

Got a kick out of it?

When you get to my age,
young nude bodies do nothing for ya.

You got a ways to go yet though.

Today, I'd like to ask you about
Makoto Hara.

You know him?

Well, my memory is fuzzy.

You acted as his broker too?

For what?

Daisuke Taniguchi ran away
from his family to Osaka.

You helped him switch identities
with an executed criminal's son.

I don't follow you,
but it ain't nothing to do with me.

It seems he was a pro boxer.

Who was?

What I can't figure out is,
who was "Yoshihiko Sonezaki"?

Mister lawyer, you really don't
know shit about shit, do ya?

You think so?

Your dick's flapping in the wind.
Ain't you ashamed to be alive?

You're Korean trash,
but you look down on me?

You think I'm just a fraudster.
You don't believe a word I say.

You think I'm a bigot,
but it's you who's prejudiced.

Prejudiced about what?
You're locked up for fraud!

Want me to fill you in on
what's stupidest about you?

How do you know I'm
really Norio Omiura?

Has my face got "Norio Omiura”
written all over it?

Even tattooists don't tattoo others
till they tattoo themselves.

You think I ain't ever changed
my identity? You're dumb as shit.

Since you're dumb as shit,
I'll teach you one last thing.

The man you're so eager
to find out about

ain't worth shit.

You're getting your hopes up,

but kids born to murderers
amount to nothing.

Let's play baseball!


Oh, Makoto.

Here. Buy whatever you want.

Go on.



Makoto came here in spring of 2001.

He seemed kinda creepy at first.

Morose, and scary.
Honestly, he made me uneasy.

Why do you think he took up boxing?

He started out on a whim,

He often peered in
through the front windows.

"Kosuge Boxing Gym”

"Kosuge Boxing Gym” After
a while, he wandered inside.

"Kosuge Boxing Gym”

Then, he showed promise?

He didn't know a thing about boxing,

but he was athletic,
and a quick learner.


Okay, use the ring to shadow box.

Makoto! Makoto!
Shadow box! Shadow box!

“Mr. Makoto Hara"

"Sender : Kenkichi Kobayashi”

A ring name?

Am I not ready?

Why not? Your pro debut's set.
Give yourself a flashy name.

No, something low-key.


How about "Ogata"?
Like Ken Ogata, the actor.


Ogata, huh?

Right, like that...

Akane. How does "Ogata” sound?
His ring name.


First name "Katsutoshi"?
The characters for "victory.”

I don't know about that.

- Why?
- It's lame.

No, it's cool.

Nah, it's lame. Right?

No... I like it.

You like it?!

Katsutoshi Ogata.

It sounds like a regular name.

It's "Victory.”

Akane, come on.

If he wins, it'll be
"Victory Ogata's victory."

Oh, true.

- But it's cool.
- Rethink. Rethink.

Uncool. Uncool.

You got him!

Good, good.
Mouthpiece! Good.

Good, okay.

Good, good.
You got this. You got this.

Watch for headbutts.

Go end this!

Way to go! Way to go!

You did it!
You did it, kid!

Victory Ogata's victory!

You did it!

He's gonna be great,
but his hands are a worry.

He hits so damn hard.

That counter punch was deliberate?

Combining hooks with straights
was the boss's strategy.

That hook was nice.

It was phenomenal.

Top Rookie is up next.
Any thoughts?

Making the boss and the team happy
would please me most.

One last question...

Sorry, can we wrap this up?

Thank you. Congratulations.

We're rooting for you. Bye.

Finished? Got a minute?

He takes after his dad after all

Did you know,
about Makoto Hara's father?

Well, it came as a surprise,

but parents and kids...
walk different paths, right?

We found out before Makoto was set
to fight for Top Rookie.

He said he wanted to pull out. Yeah.

He told me that too.

So, the boss asked him why.

Then he opened up about his father.

I'm not sure I should be...
out in the spotlight like that.

You won your way there,
on sheer ability alone.

To be honest, I don't care
about winning or losing.

I started boxing...
so I could get hit.

When I wake up,
I look in the mirror.

When I do...

...my father's there.

I'm his spitting image.

It feels like my father...
is inside me, and...

...I want to rip away at myself...
and tear off my skin.

So...for me, boxing is about
torturing my body.

My body.
That's all I care about.

So kid. Tell me.

If you feel pain, will that bring
the murder victims back to life?

Will they come back to life?!
Answer me!


I'll hit you then.

Why, Boss?!

Hey punk!

Some guys only want
to become Top Rookie!

They live for that!
Ever thought how they feel?!

You know, the boss
rates your ability highly.

I'm sorry.

We're your family now,
ain't we?

Today at 8:15,
Kenkichi Kobayashi was executed.

If you wish to claim his body,
as his only kin, and son...

!/ won't.

I won't claim anything of this.

From now on, don't contact me
about this again.

Hey, what's wrong?

Soon after that,
he had an accident.

An accident?

Fell from a building.
A mall by the station.

He said it was just a careless slip...

...but off a building?

How is your boss?

It all came as a shock.

He's over it now, but he was
depressed for a long time.

He stepped out before, right?

It's too hard for him.

Hey... Can I ask you something?


Was it suicide?
Makoto's death.

As far as I'm aware,
that's unlikely.


He didn't stick with boxing,
did he?

It seems he didn't.

There's so much...

...I want to talk to him about.

Foreigners, get out of Japan!

Go to Hell!

Racial and ethnic
prejudice and discrimination.

Right now, fierce hatred
is being spread through society.

"Hate speech” Right now, fierce
hatred is being spread through society.

"Hate speech”

Filthy rats!


They don't deserve welfare!

Sota, keep it down.

I'm home.

Why do we have to have
our livelihoods threatened?

It's infuriating.

Knock it off!

What's going on?

What happened?

Let's go.

I'm sorry.

You're not yourself lately.

You're too caught up in your manhunt.

I wish you wouldn't
bring that home with you.

What does that man's life
have to do with yours?

I don't know.

It just...helps take my mind
off things, for some reason.

Chasing another man's life.

The son of an executed criminal?

I don't understand you.

I don't either.

Running from reality?

That's low.

Is it?

Am I to blame?

You're running from me?

Of course not.

Just end it soon,
and go back to your old self.

Sorry to take your time.

Come on in.

Good to see you.

"Makoto Hara"?

Cutting to the chase,
the man you married

was a good man
who never committed a crime.

Stealing somebody's identity
isn't a crime?

He wanted our inheritance.

Why switch with
an executed criminal's son?

How is your brother any different?

He was given the gift of life,
but he didn't want his.

He was desperate to abandon
his identity and become a new man.

Isn't that how Mr. Taniguchi felt?

"Become a new man”?

He never stopped being
an executed criminal's son.

I'm sure Mr. Hara gave his all
for a second chance at life.

Some people have to go to extremes
to start over.

Daisuke might not be
alive anymore either.



What's up?

Now you're starting to think about
things that are beyond me.

Our family name...

We have to change it back
to Takemoto.

I'm sorry.

We can't be a burden on
the real Taniguchis.

You know...

I was sad when Dad died...

...but not anymore.

I just...

I miss him.

There's so much
I want to tell him, every day...

I know.

You really loved your dad,
didn't you?

You really loved him.

I'm sorry.

"Akira Kido”

"Misuzu Goto” "Daisuke Taniguchi”

"This is a warning."

"Delete this fake and
fraudulent account immediately.”


Want zunda cakes?
Just got back from Sendai.


I found the real Daisuke Taniguchi.

So, Sonezaki sent a message
to the fake account?

Omiura was telling me the truth.

The truth?

Makoto Hara changed names twice.

First, he switched identities
with Yoshihiko Sonezaki.

Later, he switched names again
with Daisuke Taniguchi.

And this guy went to Miyazaki
as Daisuke Taniguchi?

Rewriting his past,
till it became unreadable.

So, where's this dude now?



You dumbass!

Thank you so much.

Investigation Report”

For Makoto Hara,

three years and nine months with you

surely meant everything to him.

He wasn't with you long,

but I'm sure he was truly happy.

I hope so.

It might be 20/20 hindsight, but...

...I get the feeling now that maybe,
I never needed to know the truth.

I mean, we met in this town,
fell in love...

...became a family...

...had Hana...

Those truths are crystal clear.

Read it?


You okay?

Now I know...
why Dad was so kind, I think.


The things he wanted his father
to do for him, he did for me.

I guess so.

But that's not all.

More than anything,
he loved you.

Will you tell Hana?

What do you think?

I'll tell her.

I'll tell Hana sometime,
about what kind of father he was.

Rei isn't eating at all.

No Dad. That one's Roa.
This one's Rei.

Huh? Isn't that one Rei?

This is the real Rei.

Yeah? Are you sure?

You're so forgetful,
you forgot!

Did I?

I'm home.

Hi Mommy!

Hi there.

The party dragged on.

Bath's still warm.


Been busy today?

Daddy knocked over all of those.

Daddy did? Oh no.

Actually, I did it with that car.

And they were so weak,
they all fell down.

Okay, let's tidy up later.

Get ready for bed.

What's up?


My manhunt's over now.

It is?

That's great.

Oh, I told Dad
we won't buy that house.

We'll look if
it gets too cramped here.

Hey, don't do that, it's cold!

Try this. It's good.

- It's good.
- It is.

Mommy, that game.

That game? Which one?


You can play,
but only till your food comes.

I lost.


A car! Yay!

Daddy, the screen's weird.

Oh, you must've touched something.

"Thanks for last night! I'm glad
we met. You're unforgettable...”

Mom's not back.

Thank you for waiting.
One kids' meal.

Oh, the food's here.

Get me a spoon. A spoon
and a fork. Get them.

Wow, it's quite fancy.

It's not fancy.

It is fancy!


How old are the trees?

They cut them down
after about 50 years.

And once they become wood,
it lasts for another 50.

50 years in the mountains,
50 years with humans.

No kidding...

So, you can't cut down
what you've planted.

I guess...
I liked the sound of it.

Of things being passed on.

What fathers plant,
their sons cut down.

Oh, you have children?

I do.

Grown up?

One's 4,
and the other's 13.


You're from a different prefecture?


From Gunma originally.
You know, Ikaho Onsen?

Oh yeah, it's famous.

My family runs an inn.

But my big brother took over,
so I left.

I would've stayed.
I mean, hot spring baths every day?

Well, my family and I
never got along anyway,

and it brought me together
with my wife.

Living your own way is best.

It's nobody's life but your own.

That's so true.

I never want to let go
of the life I have now...

I'd better go.

Hey, check please.

We talked so much,
for strangers.

I really enjoyed it.

Let's swap cards.

I'm Suzuki.

Sorry, I'm out of cards.

No problem.


Satoshi Tsumabuki

Sakura Ando

Masataka Kubota

Nana Seino

Hidekazu Mashima

Kazutoyo Koyabu

Taiga Nakano

Yoko Maki

Akira Emoto

Based on the novel
"A Man" by Keiichiro Hirano

Screenplay by Kosuke Mukai

Directed by Kei Ishikawa

English subtitles by
Don Brown