A Better Tomorrow III: Love and Death in Saigon (1989) - full transcript

At the end of the Vietnam war, Cheung goes to Saigon, intent on bringing his uncle and cousin back to Hong Kong. In Saigon, Cheung meets beautiful gangleader Chow, and relies on her help for their safe return. A love triangle develops between the cousins and Chow Further complicating matters, Chow's lover Ho, a gang leader, appears Ho deports the cousins, and kills their uncle. Cheung and his cousin return to Vietnam seeking revenge, while Chow and Ho also become entangled with a local vietnamese warlord. Chow tries to stop the battle, but the warlord kills Chow and Ho. Just before her death Chow gives the cousins the last two air tickets with which to leave Vietnam

Vietnam 1974

Sir, Good afternoon.

How's the situation over in Phnompenh?

A lot of personnel changes.

The situation can still
be considered stable.


You can't take this money

It's my fault. I've not declared

The money is for live saving.
Please give it back to me!

Sir, please...


I was supposed to pick you up at the airport...

instead you picked me up at prison!

Where's Dad?

Uncle's waiting for you at the drug store.

Yesterday I almost lost my life at the airport.

If I hadn't paid them off,

we'd be meeting inside the prison.

When those customs officers see money,

their eyes light up like car headlights.

Mark, you went through
a lot of trouble for me.


It's a good thing they like money.

Otherwise you'd still be rotting in jail.


Is that 'goodbye' in Vietnamese?

They don't understand what you're saying!

In Hong Kong, do you know
anything about the war?

We've got a news black-out here,
don't know any thing.

The radio and newspapers all report...

the Viet Cong are very close to the city.

The situation is terrible.

It's good you've come back.
Help me persuade Dad.

He's not convinced that the situation is bad.

You said there's a news black-out here.

How can anybody know what's going on?

The city looks peaceful enough.

Mun, didn't you apply for Uncle's visa?

The line outside Immigration
goes on forever.

You get nowhere without bribes.

The Chinese have been here for decades.

Asking them to shut down their businesses
is worse than killing them.

Why do you think I worked
in the black market?

Only to get him a passport.

And it all came to nothing.

Which one of us gets them?

They're yours!


How are you?

Student demonstration. Let's split!

Let's make a fast turn!

End the war!

The pedicab's broken down.

Get off and push!


Chicken buttocks!

Pat, get the soy sauce.

Uncle, here's some wine.

I put Chinese wine in a foreign brandy bottle.

Almost got confiscated in customs.

Drink up so it won't go to waste.


You're so clever to put the wine
in a brandy bottle.

Mainland Chinese products aren't allowed in.

You have to remove the label
or change the bottle.

Did you go to Mainland China to see your Dad?

How can I go there now?

It's chaos there with
the Cultural Revolution.

Even if I went,
I wouldn't know how to find him.

We've been separated for over ten years.

Uncle, I bought this
at the China Products Store.

This is good wine!



Not fish sauce. I hate fish sauce.

I want soy sauce!

The black stuff.

Get going!

Soy sauce.

Who's that kid?

At New Year when the Viet Cong entered Hue,

he was separated from his parents.

I took pity on him and took him in.

When I asked him his name,

he just stammered.

I didn't understand what he said.

So I call him Pat.


What was Dad gabbing about?

We need money to get Dad out of here.

I was already arrested by them once.

A second time would be very dangerous.

But there's a war going on.

It's dangerous no matter what you do.

Anyway, nothing ventured nothing gained.

Who are you looking for?

My ex-boss went to Thailand.

When I was in prison,
Chung told me of a new buyer.

A Miss Chow Ying-kit.

I'm familiar with Saigon.
Maybe I'll recognize this Chow.

Which one of us gets her?

She's mine!

She's responding!

Not the reaction we hoped for!

Are you Cheung Chi-mun?

Hello, Mr. Chow.


This is my cousin Mark.

Let's go over there.

Mr. Chrung, you've just gotten out of prison.
You're fast at making connections.

What's your connection with Bong?

Chung introduced me.



I can tell the soldiers outside

to use you for target practice!

What's the matter?

They're looking for Chow Ying-kit.

These two guys are friends of mine.

Let me talk to them.

It's OK.


Does she know us?

This is your territory. Why ask me?

You're looking for Chow Ying-kit?

He's Uncle Ten, the boss here.

I'm Chow Ying-kit.

Bong is a complicated fellow.

He doesn't need you for the black market.

There's lots of other ways to make money.

Why choose this path?

You've been in prison.

If bong cheats you

and you're arrested again,

you'll never see Hong Kong again.

I've done business with Bong twice,

he could have betrayed me long ago.

You say that Bong's complicated.

In this business, aren't we all?

Mr. Cheung, you're an outsider.

We're all Chinese.

A piece of advice for you.

Don't get involved in things

you can't control.

Excuse me.

Miss Chow. Mun!

Miss Chow.

Please don't blame us for our ignorance.

He's an overseas Chinese.

We're doing this for my uncle.

You know now these old Chinese are.

They struggle all their lives to get ahead.

If I can't get them out of here

and they stay, what is it all for?

So I've come back
to take them to Hong Kong.

I don't want to gamble like this.

You've seen this country.
Everyone gambles.

Including this war.

Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring!

Our gambling chips
are being played by others.

We have no control over who wins or loses.

Not even a choice over
whether to play or not.

If this were our own place,

we wouldn't need to leave.

Everyone here tonight is escaping.

To leave or to stay,

it's all a gamble.

You are very capable.

If you don't serve as the casino's banker

we won't even have a chance to gamble.

You said that all of us are Chinese.

Try to see it from our perspective.

Tell us what to do.

Fate is merely a game of gamble.

According to my usual practice,
I never conduct business here.

As to the time and place,

I'll have someone contact you.

What are you doing?

I'll answer the phone.

Don't bother. I'll answer it.

It's just the phone! Why so anxious?

It's Mun's girlfriend.

Asking him to have a last fling.

Then what are you so nervous about?


Waiting for your girlfriend, too?

Mun and I met that girl at the same time.

So part of the fling should be mine.

I'm going over now for my phone fling.

His Dad and I used to be
just like that, too.

It's hard to escape the tender trap!

What are you laughing at?

You don't even know what I'm talking about!

Eat your dinner!

Let me have the phone!

Come on!

Hello, Miss Chow.



Why isn't she saying anything?

She's already hung up.

Playing tricks on me!

What's up?

Tonight at 8:30 at the Alhambra Theatre.

Miss Chow, it's getting late.
Still want to wait?

This car's from the Foreign Ministry.
They won't do anything!

Don't try anything!
We've a permit from the Foreign Ministry.



You haven't stopped the car yet!


Why you're so late?
We've been waiting you for long time.

This is Major Hau.

Please excuse us for being late, Miss Chow.

Miss Chow Ying-kit is
the buyer I told you about.

This is my cousin, Mark.

Miss Chow, this is Bong.

Pleased to meet you.

Let me help you with this.

Come on!

Hurry up!

Go where?


Mark, stay here.
I'll stop Bong from getting away.

Don't go there. It's too dangerous.

The army is on its way up.

Sooner or later
we'll have to make our escape.

Cover me. I'll get the gold back.

No bullets left!

Mun, come on!

Forget about the money.
Let's get out of here.

What about Miss Chow?

Where's Miss Chow?

Over there!


Mark, are you ok?

Very proud of yourself, aren't you?

Did you see Bong's expression?

You certainly earned your commission.

Otherwise, why go to so much trouble?

I worship you more than
any other woman on earth!

I thought it was your mother.

Miss Chow.

Let me return this to you.

I hope I didn't get your lipstick dirty.

I forgot all about it!

I'd never thought
you'd take such good care of it!

Old songs always make for
great listening.

Proof that old things
are better than new ones.

Do you agree with me?
How do you know each other?

Uncle Ten, what are you trying to say?

I think you still remember Mr. Ho.

He made you what you are today.

Could you ever forget him?

Ho's disappeared in Holland for 3 years.

I miss him very much.

If it weren't for him,

I wouldn't have the success I have today.

You don't have to remind me.

What is Ho's relationship to you?

More than ten years ago,

when Ho was just starting out,

he came into the bar with 2 guns one night.

I was singing in the bar then.

I thought just one man against ten...

I was impulsive and took the stab for him.

I saved his life.

Afterwards, we took on the world.

We were together a long time.
He was not only my lover,

but also my closest.

Now, his enemies are out to kill him,

so he's disappeared for 3 year.

Do you know what it feels like
to lose someone dear?

The dearest person to me is my father.

I don't know what's happened to him.

Nobody knows if he's alive or dead.

All these years, everything I've done...

has been for my uncle and my cousin Mun.

I don't dare have any hopes for myself.

I only know... the bigger the hopes,

the greater the disappointment.

Actually, hopes are just a big gamble.

If you lose, it's very painful.

I'd rather not even try.

When I was poor,
I just wanted to make it big.

Now, I have money, position,

everything but a close friend.

It's hard to make it to the top,
but impossible to go back.

There are many things, I can look back

and observe, but I can't go back.

Since you don't expect too much,
you should be happier than me.

It's been a long time
since I talked so much!


Stop crying

What's the use of going back?

In 1997 Hong Kong will return to China.

We'll just have to come back here.

Vietnam's been at war for so many years.

The situation here is no worse than before.

Uncle, it's 1974.
25 years until 1997.

That's a long time.

Might as well go back for a look.


Let's go.

It's all a matter of fate.

Everything is pre-ordained.

Mark, the taxi's waiting.

We're carrying so much US dollars,
will Customs give us trouble?

Don't worry. Kit knows those guys.

She'll arrange for us at the airport.

It's been two decades now,

and I have to leave it behind...

Hey, Pat!

Be careful, Pat!

The camera!

Turn off the lights!

I almost forget we're not coming back!

Uncle, let me pack it for you.

This money's for you. Don't waste it.

I'll come back when
the political situation have settled down.

Take good care of yourself.

Don't forget to close the windows at night.

Wipe away the dust when you have time.

It's up to you to take care of
this big place.

On clear days,
take the medicine out to dry.

We're running out of time, Dad. Hurry up.

The taxi meter is running.

Let the medicine get moldy.

Why are you so reluctant to leave this shop?

I'll get you a new one in Hong Kong.

Does he even understand
what you're saying?

He understands more than you.
I looked at that sign

and he knew to take it down.

Why didn't you take it down

So what if he took it down.

Now it's up to me
to get it to the airport.

Let's go! The plane won't wait for us.

Why are you so impatient?
Go by yourself.

I'll tell Pat to hang it back up.
I'm not going!

I went to a lot of trouble
to get your exit permit!

Don't make all of us miss the plane!

If you still have instructions
on the medicine.

You have no sentiment for the past!

Let's go

Ok, I'm going.

I'll go in and get a luggage cart.

Be careful!

This sign is a lot of trouble.

Be careful with that signboard.

Mun! Mun!


It's great seeing you!


He went over there to look for you.

Kit, we have a lot of US dollars on us.

Will we have any problems?

I'll find a way.

I'm Mun's Dad.

Uncle, I'm Chow Ying-kit.

Miss Chow.

Pleased to meet you.

I'll go look for Mark.

Mun, is she the 'last fling'?

Dad, what do you mean by 'last fling'?

She's going with us.

Don't jinx us by saying unlucky things!

Wait for me here.


What's the matter?

There are a lot of new people in Customs.

Don't worry, It'll be ok.

I'll take another look.

Get in line first.

Don't push!

Don't take too long.
Time to board the plane.

Officer, have a drink on me!


He has heart trouble. Don't push him.


Don't ruin it!

Dad! Uncle!

Hurry! Help him sit down!

Dad, where's your medicine?


Uncle, please don't scare me!

Mun, hurry up.

I'm afraid I won't make it.

For sure!

You'll make it to Hong Kong for sure.

For sure!

Dad, I found it.

Take your medicine. Hurry!
You'll be fine once you swallow it.

Dad, how are you?


He took our passports!

Take care of him!


You asshole!


Damn it!

Get it! Don't pretend!

Put down the club!

Get up! Acting like a dog!

Dad, you're all right?

Come on! Anyway, nobody will get away.

We'll all die together. Get up!

Beat me if you dare!

He's... he's repacking the suitcases.

Can we go?

Very soon!

We'll be back in Hong Kong soon.


You're ok?


Better get on the plane fast!

What about you?

I have to stay behind as a witness.


Go with your mind at ease.

You won't have to be subjected to this anymore.

We accused that Customs officer
of corruption, so I have to stay here

and be a witness in court.

We'll all meet again in Hong Kong.

Take care!

You too.

Hurry up and get on the plane!


Due to the Watergate incident,

the U. S congress has requested

According to observers, after Nixon resigns

the situation in Vietnam will worsen.

But the South Vietnamese government emphasizes

they have confidence in the current situation

and will continue
their liberal economic policies.

Next Monday, the President of Vietnam

will convene an emergency meeting

to deal fairly and impartially

with the serious problem of corruption.

He pledges to the National Council that

the government will be cleaned up.

Get out of the way!

Reuters reports:
A fierce aerial attack launched by Japan

on South Vietnam last Saturday.

Casualty figures

are still unavailable.

Due to the current instability in Vietnam,

many Vietnamese boat people have arrived
in Hong Kong during the past few days.

The Hong Kong government and the UN

are conducting discussions over ways

to help solve the refugee problem.

I told you they were finished!

It's a good thing we left when we did!

So what? We still lost our home!

Cousin Mark, sorry I got in your way!

I didn't mean to bother you.
Don't blame me!

I shouldn't have gotten mad. Never mind!

You shouldn't miss dinner.
You'll have no energy.

Have some soup.


Vietnam is in chaos.
I wonder how Kit is?

I hope she's ok.

We still haven't had any news about her.

Mark! There's a car outside
with a flat tire.

You want to repair it?

Let me take a look.

Hey, friend! Which tire is flat?


Look who's here!



What's the matter? Can't fix it?

Tell him to leave it here.

Look who's come!



I thought I'd have to
go to Siagon to find you!

Mark and I talk about you all day and night.

I mussed your hair!

Great! The family has been reunited.



Mun goes to the airport everyday
to wait for you.

Mark, take her things inside.

Uncle, she has her own home.

How can you ask her to move in here?

It'll happen sooner or later.

I'm sorry. My hand's sweating.

How do you know the night club manager?
It seems you know each other very well.

Our company has shares in the this place.

Evergreen invests in everything!

Excuse me, boss.

Sit down! Have a seat!

Don't be bashful. Sit down!

Let me introduce you; my cousin, Mun.

Mark, let's just sit and chat,
no need for so many hostesses.

In this kind of a place, how can
you not have hostesses keep you company?

Kit, you're the boss here,

why so few hostesses to serve us?

You're not a very good friend!

Mr. Cheung, Miss Chow.


This is Baby.

Baby, take a seat.

He is my cousin.


She is Tina.

Tina, hello!


Hi, Flora!

Come on. Take a seat!


Mark, we're leaving.

Let's go.

Come on!

Boss, tell Mama-san that

I'm very happy tonight.

I want her, and her...

to join me for a late snack.


Find out what Mr. Cheung desires,
and put it on my company's bill.

Thanks a lot!

You can treat me whenever I come here?

Have a good time. I'm leaving now.

Kit, I'll take you home.

Oh, so Mr. Cheung is a friend of Miss Chow

Miss Chow...

Where's Miss Chow?

In the car.



See what you've done!
Go and talk to her!



She threw up all over the car.
Go and talk to her.


You take her home.

What's the matter?

Why do you want to go off by yourself?

Why can't we three go together?

There are a lot of
things 3 can't do together.

Don't you and Kit involve me in your affairs.

I'm giving you the chance
to take her back home.

You said that whoever she chooses,

there will be no grudges between us.

What do you mean by that?

You're giving me a chance
to be with Kit, right?

Mun, I know how you feel about Kit.

Don't worry. I'll never say you're petty.

Pursue her whole-heartedly.

Don't disappoint Uncle.

Two cousins after the same girl...
but only one can be her bridegroom.



Kit, I'm Mun. I'm not Mark.

I know. Take me home.

Mr. Cheung. Your car is over there.

Your keys.

I'm not leaving yet.

Everything will work out.

The Yanks and Vietnamese
are having peace talks.

There won't be any more problems.

Miss Chow wanted us
to move back to Hong Kong.

That was an unwise move.

Hong Kong is more peaceful.

So we're refugees now!

Ho Cheung-ching!

Kit, they said you were drunk.
So I didn't wake you up.

I love the way you redecorated my place.

I almost didn't recognize my old office.

Fortunately, you haven't changed.

Just a bit thinner.

You surely have many problems you can't solve.

I've come back to help you.

Uncle! Let me do that!

We're having our grand opening. Happy?

Of course I'm happy.

I've had a lot of time to think
in these 3 years.

All day I'd ask myself...

how could my enemies find out
where I was in Holland?

My betrayer must be a trusted friend.

Grand opening! Here's lucky packet!

Thanks, Uncle.

Uncle Ten, tell everybody

how Cheng knew my every movement.

Mr. Ho, outsiders see how close we are
and try to drive a wedge between us.

If I did such a despicable thing,

would I have the guts to see you?

Don't you worry about your kids...
in the United States?

Tell everyone how there could be

so many killers waiting for me
at that Dutch bank?

How did your Swiss bank account
got an extra 2 million US dollars?

Mr. Ho,

I've let you down. I was wrong.

I won't make it hard on your family.

I'll let you do the honorable thing.

Get out of my way!

I'll shoot anyone who tries something!

Mr. Ho, let me get out of this alive.

Don't force me, Mr. Ho.

You have the guts to betray me,
why not shoot me?

So afraid that you can't shoot?


They're blank!

Miss Chow is busy?

This lucky packet is for you.

Mr. Ho, let me go.
I didn't want this to happen.

I was forced into it by that gang! I...

In three years,

I've never killed one of my own.

That's because you never lost anything.

I grew up in the Cambodian war.

I lost far too many things.

So I don't let go of things very easily.


Uncle, are you all right?




I'm Ho Cheung-ching.

Maybe you've heard my name.

Both of you are very capable.

Running a garage so soon
after leaving Vietnam!

No matter where you go,
you'll make good.

You two were good companions to
Miss Chow in Vietnam.

Every man has his price.

I'll pay you compensation.

You've been here long enough.

I want you to leave Hong Kong.

You're lucky to leave alive.
Don't come back.

Don't think that just because you left Vietnam
and came here that things would be peaceful.

There's no difference!

You're lucky
the flower basket didn't kill you.

But luck doesn't last forever.

I've said what I wanted to say.
You may leave.

Go to hell!


You have one bullet, so do I.
See who has the guts to fire.

Not many willing to roll the dice
in this world.

If you can't afford to gamble, don't gamble!

It may not be fair.

Mark, forget about me. Kill the bastard.

Don't act rashly.

You think there's a choice?

No. If there were a choice, millions of
Vietnamese wouldn't be trying to escape.

There wouldn't be so many
beggars on the street.

The world wouldn't have so many
people starving.

People don't have choices.

Don't worry about me.

Don't give up your gun.


Dad, I should have let you stay in Vietnam.

We went through so much
to bring you here, what for?

If you'd stayed in Saigon,

you'd still be alive.


Kit's come to pay her last respects to Dad.

I'm responsible for his death.

Don't be silly.
You didn't send those flowers.

If it weren't for me,
Uncle wouldn't have died.

You mustn't stay apart because of me.

Kit, there isn't any more time.

They're forcing us to leave Hong Kong.

Will you agree to go away with Mark?

I'll help Mark pack his things.
Tomorrow I'll buy tickets and see you off.

Mun, you have to go, too.

We all leave tomorrow.

Ok. I'll have Ling to start packing.

I brought you a gift from Vietnam.
But I never had the chance to give it to you.

See if you like it.


It's beautiful.

Try it on and see.

No matter what happens tomorrow,

we must treasure the moments
we have together.

Sorry, I lied.

I won't leave with you guys.

A lot of people want revenge on Ho.

You two have no way to deal with Ho.

I can't. If I must perish with him,
so be it.

Let me settle the old scores with him.

Settle them? How can you do that?

The desire to regain control of
his property drives him back to Vietnamese

And I'll go to assist him.

You take care of Mark for me.

But you and Mark mustn't interfere!

What do you plan to do?

I'll take the morning plane with Ho.

I know that Mark won't be able
to forgive me...

If I never make it back alive,

I hope that
you'll explain everything to him.

Tell Mark that I didn't betray him.

I hope he'll understand and not hate me.

It doesn't look like Sagon
will last much longer

So we must get our money out
while there's time.

The situation out there...

reminds me of 1945

The Japanese Army was retreating
from Indochina.

My Dad was a Japanese businessman here.

But he couldn't bear
to leave his property behind

In the end, he was executed
by the guerillas.

I was 6 at the time.

In order to survive,
I assumed a Chinese name "Ho"

After all these years,
I've almost forgotten

my real name is Tanaka.

Mr. Ho, they're searching
the vehicle ahead of us.

Don't worry.

Phone me as soon as you
and Ling get to Taiwan.

Take care!

Where are you going?

To the airport.

You bought the plane tickets?


What about Kit? You don't wait for her?

We arranged to meet at the airport.

She didn't say she's going to the airport.

We arranged it. She'll be there for sure.

Mark, don't lie.
Kit isn't even in Hong Kong.

Where is she?

She took the morning flight to Vietnam.

He went with Ho.

So there's no need for you
to go looking for Ho.


Nobody here!



Don't shoot!

Mun, Mark.

Don't you recognize us?

Mun, look! He's a soldier!

What did he say!

He want to know about his father

Has he got the letters from him

What did he say?

With the Yanks leaving,
there's an oil shortage.

The phones are out of order, too.

There're so many hotels,
let's spilt up and search for Kit.

Miss Chow, so we meet again!

In this world, those who should die never die!
Why should people like you survive?

Thanks to you, I was jailed for 2 months.

But you won't be so lucky this time.

Lock them up. Deal with them the army way.

So you're Bong? I'm Ho.

Kit's boss.

I'd like to talk business with you.

If we can work together,

I'll give you 3 million US dollars.

We'll both come out ahead.

Ok, but I won't let you leave my side.

No problem.

But I have one condition:

I hear that all flights might stop
at any moment.

You army people have your own methods.

If you can get me some documents,

and use military connections to get us out,
I'll pay you immediately.

You found Miss Chow?

Does Mark know?

Mark hasn't come back yet.

But Miss Chow only wants to see you.

Let's not wait for Mark.
I'll take you over to Miss Chow.

If she leaves,
it'll be impossible to find her again.

We better hurry!

Mark's here, too.
He really wants to see you.

Here are two plane tickets.

Saigon will fall soon.
All flights have stopped.

Only two seats left for the last flight
out tomorrow. You and Mark must go.

We're Hong Kong citizens.
We won't be in any danger.

There's a war going on here.

With a change in government,
anything can happen.

Kit, if it's so serious,
you should come with us.

I still have business to attend to here.

Don't worry. Ho and Bong have an agreement.

We'll get out with the military's help.

No way I can't let you leave us again.

The only reason we came back
was for you.

I want to take you back to see Mark.

Mun, when you're in the midst of a war,
you must put your emotions to aside

and just survive!

I shouldn't have let you come back.

You can't solve all of our problems
by yourself.

I'll tell Pat to bring Mark here.
Wait for him.

I don't have time to wait.

At times like this,
who has the right to make requests?

Nothing is ever really one's own.

The more hopes you have,
the greater the pain.

I can't see him again.




Mun, are you all right?

Can you move?


Rush out.

You two must leave.


Behind is a wooden wall.

Mun! Kit!



Who is it?

Is Mun dead?

Actually, you decided long ago
to return with Ho.

So why did you look us up in Hong Kong?

You knew I came back to Saigon with Mun,
so why did you only want to see him?

You have so many secrets.

What else haven't you told me?

I have nothing to explain.

If you say I'm wrong then I'm wrong.

I've never regretted anything.

You really know how to handle a gun.

You've killed so many people.

Even Mun died at your hand.

Why don't you shoot me, too?

How many will you kill before you're happy?

There's a reason behind our actions.

Who is right, who is wrong,
someday you'll understand.

When Mun came,

he told me over and over that

if you find someone whom you truly love

never give them up, even if it means death.

He said that you'd never betray me.

But now I know what kind of person you are.

Even if you aren't my enemy,

I never want to see you again
as long as I live.




Mun isn't dead! He's over there! Hurry!



Mun! Mark!


Have you seen Kit?

Where's Kit?

Why isn't she come with you?


This the cash left in Vietnam.

It's mine. No matter where I go,
it will always return to my side.

Things that don't belong to you
will never be yours.

Don't move anything!

Mr. Ho, we're both
playing for the same stakes.

I'm in charge here.

You can't fight me
without shattering yourself.

The U.S. Consulate is burning its cash.

They're treating their money like garbage.

But to us, this green paper money

is worth dying for and killing for.

Miss Chow, don't move!

Put your gun down!

At times like this I realize
how much we need each other.

Why did you bring a time bomb?

Mark is in Vietnam.

I know that neither of you
will let the other go.

What is so great about Mark

that you would pay such a price?

When you pay the final price?
You have no time to consider its worth.

No choice, good!

Mark, where are you?



I'm not Ho!
I share the same name with God!

It exists if I want it to. It's meaningless.

Listen, my real name is Tanaka.

It's better to know the killer's name
before dying, right?

Whoever you are,

You are still responsible for
what you've done!

It's becoming a slaughterhouse out there.

Everyone is after revenge.

Welcome to our vengeful world.

This is a burning hell,

And it will lead you to a dead end!

I know!
The last plane out of Vietnam has left.

It makes no difference if I live or die.

I just want to see
blood debts paid in blood.

You're just a garage mechanic!

Remember, what goes around,
comes around.

You'll get what you deserve!

My gun is already out of bullets.

You have your chance.

Don't shoot!



After all these years with you,
the my only regret is

shot Miss Chow.

Mr. Ho, when you go to the airport,

the most important thing is to bring the money.


Why did you come back?

If I didn't,
I'd regret it the rest of my life.

I've never regretted anything.


You mentioned retribution.

But where is it now?

Here is your retribution,
to lose someone you love most.

No matter what, I'm going to get even.

If you shoot, I'll be grateful.

Grateful for bringing Kit and me together.



I'm going now.

Don't let Kit follow me.



Mun, get in!


Get in fast! Hurry up!


Mun How's Kit?

She's seriously injured.

We better get her inside the van.


Mun, help me carry it.

Mark, hurry up!

Kit, Mark, hurry up!

Mun, go over there!



She's critically injured. Please help her.

He said there's not enough plasma here.

He can't even save this child's life.

Don't worry about me.

There's still time for you
to rush to the military airport.

I have a transit pass.

But you must hurry!

The Thai border is near.
There's a Red Cross there

We can still save Kit.

Mark! Go!

Out of the way! Faster!

I have a pass. Let me in!

Mark! The plane!

We're almost there!
The plane is just ahead.


Out of the way!

Mark, Mun...



Don't mind me. Go

I've to find my parents.

Pat, take off uniform

Pat, take care!

Take care!





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