90210 Shark Attack (2014) - full transcript

BEVERLY HILLS CORPSE! A group of entitled Beverly Hills oceanography students arrive at a mansion in Malibu, to study the local ocean waters. However, someone or something, has other, more murderous intent, as the Students begin to disappear, one by one, murdered by some flesh-shredding entity, leaving wounds similar in nature to a shark attack. But how is that possible, when the nearest ocean is a half-mile away?

The Great White Shark
is known as a man-eater.

I grew up hearing tales of its
murderous strength and tenacity.

But I truly didn't understand
its full power until...

until today.


Alyssa? We should talk some
more... about what happened...


Put your pants on Grandpa,
because the fun's arrived.

This place is small.

Plenty of room for what
I've got planned.

What, The others are going
to be here soon.

No, they're not. Why do you
think I drove so fast.

I also gave Pamela the
wrong directions too.

Oh, you're bad.

I told you this class
would be fun.

Ya but, There's all that...
science stuff though.

And the salt water messes
Up my skin.

We've only got two boat trips
and otherwise we're here,

miles from the ocean, OK?
Why do you think I

got my dad to
rent this place?

You're so smart.

Let's go...


Yep. Bryce and Marcie
are already here.

I wonder where they are...

I can take a guess.
Oh by the way..

Thanks for the lift up
here by the way, Jess.

Oh... Tyler... it's no
problem... anytime...

I figured Ms. Vansen
would be here by now with

the others. I'm really excited
to the oceanic field trips

tomorrow? Aren't you?

Yeah... sure. It'll be fun. I
say we go explore the house.

Do you think we should? Maybe
we should wait for the...



Now that's what I'm
talking about.

I know.. I think actually
almost finished.

Oh, you finished.

I did?

Of course.
You're with me.

Oh... nice.

Oh, no... I'm sorry,
I'm so sorry,

I didn't know anyone
was in here.

Join in, if you want.

Oh, no... I... no...sorry...

Hey, could you bring
our bags up here?

Um... sure...

That was mean.

What? I offered her sex, what
more does the nerdling want?

Oh, Bryce. You're funny.

I know...



I know someone's here.


Hi, Ms. Vansen...

And what have you
two been up to?

Just checking the place out.
Making sure it's up to snuff.

Wanna tell my Dad
it's all good.

Right. You know this is a
working field trip? Over 50%

of your grade is based
on the work you do here.

Of course.

I love the ocean...

I'm sorry I'm late. Got
lost on the way up here.

Are Jess and Tyler here?

Jess is here somewhere. I
think she's taking in all the

big things there are
to see here.

The others are just grabbing
their things. Get settled and

we'll meet back in the
living room in a bit!

Super. We have our
room all picked out.

The sheets are dirty though...

Bryce... you're terrible.

No, I'm the awesome.

Speaking of not awesome...

Yay, the weirdo is here.

I'm not
telling you again.

Get your stuff go up
to your room.

I'm sorry, Alyssa. I'll make

they're a little less juvenile.

It's OK. I am weird.

Huh, We're all weird.

Oh, Is Denny still out there?
In the car!

He's getting the bags.

Why don't you get settled and
find a room and We'll meet up

In the living room
in a little bit.

That everything from the car,


Great. Thanks for all
your help.

Oh, It's no problem.

You looking forward to this

Yeah. It'll be good. I just hope
I don't get sea-sick.

Oh you'll be fine.

Come in.

Hi, Alyssa...
I have your bag.

Oh... thanks.

You want me to put
it somewhere?

Wherever is fine.

Oh... right...

I'm looking forward to this... I
was glad are school made it

an elective... I mean, I would
do this even without the credit,

you know...?

I 'spose so.

Yeah... I heard your dad was a
pretty famous ocean explorer.

Yeah... what about it?

Oh... nothing... I mean I read
some of his articles online...

really fascinating... oceanic
anthropology seems really

cool... I just...

just go...



Bryce, Marcie, I'm not going
to tell you again.

Keep your hands
off each other .

I want to thank all of your for
signing up for this elective

class, Oceanic Anthropology.
Do to some sizable

donations, we're not
only spending the weekend in

this beautiful home...

You're welcome, everybody.
Cause this is one of my dad's

places. Don't steal anything or
I'll know.

...as I was saying, we'll also
be going on two boat trips to

study the various sea life and
its corresponding impact on

the native people through
time. Any questions!

Um, my folks have a place in
La Jolla, so I was wondering

if for that term paper
thingee, If I can interview

them or something since they
live near the ocean... and they

live in time...
don't they?

Yes, Marcie,

your parents live
in time, but we're going to

keep the topics to slightly
older indigenous cultures.

Oh, cause my folks have been
members of the

yacht club for like,
20 years.


Oh... OK.

Any other questions?

Is there extra credit
we can do?

Oh, my God, Did you
really just ask that?

The syllabus explains all the
assignments and

all the opportunities
for extra credit. so

there's a list of approved
topics. It's all

pretty simple, really.

Any other questions?

Can I do a film instead of a
term paper? I want to go to

film school and they let me do
it in some of my other classes.

Well... see me after and we'll
discuss some kind of compromise.

Whatever Spielberg.

Hey, Don't bug me, Bryce.

I'd also like to mention our own


Because her father Scotti is
one of the most.. Was one of

the most important people in
are field oceanic

anthropology. Isn't that
right, Alyssa?

Yeah... I...

I thought you could help some
of the other kids since you

were on the expeditions quite
a bit!

Yes... but... I was little...

Her dad made a lot
of enemies.

How do you
know that?

I read.

My dad loved me.

Not saying he didn't. Just that
he had a history of exploiting

native populations in order to
sell their artifacts to wealthy

art collectors.

That's not true!

It is I read it on the internet.
From reputable news sites.

Awesome, it's a nerd


My daddy love me...

Jess, please..

. I mean there's still a mystery
about how he died...

Jess, was that necessary?

What did I do? I was going to
ask her for help on my paper.

I just was hope she was
better with her dad passing.

I'm guessing that's a big, fat,
dead 'no.'


Just be nice.

That was awesome, keep that

Let's go to the hot-tub.

Oh Ya! Rurrr..

What are you looking at!
I didn't do anything wrong.

she shouldn't get a better
grade because her dad

died... that's not fair.

Alyssa, I'm really sorry I
didn't mean to upset you. I

just figured because you were
taking this class... That you

were feeling better about
what happened to your dad.

I'm sorry... I am.

No... wait. I'm sorry. I'm not
sure why I took this class... I

haven't thought about the
ocean... or much of anything

since he disappeared five
years ago. You're right... I

need to move on. I thought he
might come back one day...

Mom says he died in the
ocean. Disappeared on one of

his expeditions. She won't talk
to me about him.

People will deal with pain

My dad is not coming
back, is he?

No. All I know about
the ocean is that

I know he's gone now... I just
feel it inside of me. I haven't

I know he's gone now... I just
feel it inside of me. I haven't

went anywhere near the ocean
since he disappeared.

Maybe that's why you took
the class, because you're

ready to move on. To go back
to the ocean... Write about

your dad that will
really help you..

You're probably right... but I
don't think I can go out into

the ocean tomorrow...
I just can't yet.

You don't have to! Your OK.
Just stay here! But I do

hope you finish the class!
And write about your dad?

It will really help you.

I think you're right. I'll do
it, Ms. Vansen. Thank you.

I'm glad I could be here for
you, Alyssa.

And call me Pamela.
I'm your friend.

I know.

And if you need any help on your
paper just let me know.

It'll only between you and I.

I appreciate that.

You hang in there. And don't let
the others get you down.

You're time to
move on is now.

Thanks... Pamela.


I still don't think I did
anything wrong.

Just drop it already.

You're right... sorry.

I didn't know all that stuff
about Alyssa's dad. I don't

know that much...
about her at all.

So how did her dad die?
What's the scoop?

He found an indigenous

of Indians of the
coast of Mexico.

They supposedly worshipped an
enormous Great White

Shark that hunted in the area.

Ooh, this is good, go on.

Yeah, please, go on.

Well, Scotti has a history of
robbing the these kind of

cultures of their talisman...

Like Cortes and the Aztecs?

Not on such a grandiose scale,
no, Cortes brought down an

empire with greed and
superstition and guns,

where as Scotti just stole
objects and sold them.

Who cares, get back
to the shark.

Well, Scotti gained the trust of
the tribe and they told him

where he could find the shark.
So, He organized a hunt for

some wealthy fisherman and
they killed the tribe's god.

Holy cow.

They must have
been pissed.

Scotti disappeared off the
fishing boat the night before

they were going to head back
to the States

with the Shark's body.

The tribe took him?

No one knows. The tribe
seemed to disappear after that.

effects washed up on the
beach a few days later, but

that was it.

You think they killed him?

There's rumors
he was cursed.

Cursed? Awesome. How?

They're just rumors
in a part

of the world full of
strange customs.

Was Alyssa with him?

I don't know. She went with him
a lot, but she was never

mentioned very much.

Dinner's being delivered in a
bit in case you're wondering.

Eat where you like. But remember
we are leave early

tomorrow morning, so
don't stay up late.


I'll be ready.

Can I talk to you
about my film idea?

Later. I've got to find Bryce
and Marcie first, hope they're

not doing something that's
going to get me fired.

Good luck with that.

Bryce, Marcie, dinner's
going to be here soon.

If you could bring it out
to us on a silver tray,

that would beawesome.

I'm going to say this once. If
either one of you causes a

problem or mouths off or
gets in trouble, you're going

problem or mouths off or
gets in trouble, you're going

to spend the rest of the
weekend in your rooms

and your going to get a big fat
'F' for the class.

You understand?

Yes !

Yes, Ms. Vansen. I promise. No
more screwing around for us.

The rest of the weekend in the
house sounds perfect.

I hate fish.

Ms. Vansen?

You in here...

...I guess not.

Now this is nice...

Feeling better,

Yes... I am. Thanks.

Good. How was dinner?


Tell you what, when we
get back tomorrow,

why don't we talk some

I know I should talk about my
dad... but...

Don't worry... we'll just talk
and see where it leads us.

I'd like that.

Get some sleep.

So, Teach, like
what you see?

I do. Though you have to
do some extra credit.

Aren't I already? You should
be paying me by now!

You'll get yours
when I get mine.

That's always been
our agreement.

I was just kidding,

Hey, Don't be like that. Isn't
everything OK with Alyssa?

Ya. She's going to talk to me
about her dad.

See, you're halfway to a best
seller. I know it. I mean, Jess

told me about all that shark
and curse stuff... you didn't

tell me the story was
that awesome.

You didn't need to know.

Was Alyssa with her father
when that tribe took him?

Ya. But she's blocked it from
her mind... if I can only get

her to remember... it's the
difference between a best-

seller and movie based on the

Who's going to play me?

Well if things works out,
you can play yourself.


Oh, that reminds me to get
that egghead Jess on our side.

I'll have my lawyer to hire her
as a researcher; and have her

sign away her rights.

Sure, see, every
things good.

All this pretend teacher
stuff is paying off!

Ya, This book about Alyssa's
father is going to make me a

lot of money.

Hey, Us.

Ok... us... Ya right! like I
said. We all will get are's .



You're going to have to sleep
in your room tonight.

If you don't kill
Bryce, I will.

Bryce and Marcie
are in there.

We think they've
been drinking.

Alcohol. And they
broke something.

Got it... just go to bed, you
too. I'll handle this.

OK. Cause they're underage
and it's against school rules,

to drink especially on any kind
of school related function.

Jess, I get it. Just go.

Shhh... be quiet...

I am... but the drawer broke...

What are you two doing?


My dad keeps a bottle in the
Cabinet... but it was locked...

so I broke it... want a swig.

It's so good...

Go to bed, both of you.

Uh-oh... she's mad...

Oh and You can forget about
going on the trip tomorrow too.

Oh, no... I might not get into

except for all my
dad's money. Crap...

Go to bed... we'll talk about
what I'm going to tell your dad

Principal Washington

Aww, Oh no!!

Ok, come on..
Come on, Bryce...

Oh, Your no fun!

Just Go!

Hey Alyssa...

I made some coffee.

I figured you could use
it after last night.

You are a lifesaver.

I spoke with Marcie and
Bryce. They're going to be

sleeping off last night for
awhile. I'm sorry I have to

leave them here.

It's OK.

You have my cell phone
number just in case? Right ?

Ya. It's OK.
Have fun.

You know Alyssa, you're the
only one I can really relax

with here... I mean I know its
kind of weird to say, but you

really remind me of myself
when I was your age.


Ya I mean I don't like to talk
about it in front of the other

kids, but I've had my
bad times too.

I didn't know.

Well... I look forward to
getting to know each other

better. Sound good?

It does.

Great I got to go. Uh well we
will be back sometime this

afternoon. Just Takeit easy.

Thanks, Ms. Vansen.

I told you,
call me Pamela.

Thanks, Pamela.

Marcie... Marcie get up. The
car's leaving with everyone

else on their stupid ocean trip.

So... can't we just sleep? I
Thought that was the whole

point that we broke into
the cabinet last night.

Yeah, sure, but
Alyssa's here too.

And I want to have a little
fun before they get back.

What kind of fun?

You know!

Hey, Alyssa.

Hi, Bryce...

Where's Marcie?

Asleep, I guess. I just wanted
to get to know you a little

better, since we're both stuck


Cause, you seem cool, I'm
a little hungover, I don't know.

I thought you always hated me.

Oh... no. I'm sorry. I'm a jerk
to everyone I like.

Ask Marcie.

I mean, I can be a nice guy.
And you're a nice girl, right?

I guess.

Of course you are. A pretty
one too.

You're just making fun of me. Again.

Look, I like you, Alyssa.
There, I said it.

If I wasn't nice to you, it's
because I don't know how

to act around someone I really
like. And you don't have to

believe me, but I'm a man,
and all I've got is my word.

You're pretty. And if you

don't want me, that's OK, it's

my own fault.

Bryce, wait...


I... like you too.

You do?

Ya... I think you're handsome.

Go on.

I watch you sometimes, when
you're playing football.


I think You're hot... I'm sorry
I shouldn't have said anything.

No, Alyssa, I'm glad we're
talking. I have a confession, I

love you,
and want you.

You do?

Of course I do,
you're beautiful.

Don't you love me?

I guess.

Tell me.

I... love you, Bryce.

Oh my god.. That was so
awesome, Bryce...

I can't wait to upload this.
Stupid Alyssa...



It's good to finally be back...

...I hope you all
had a good day.

It was wonderful... I'm so glad
it was just us three.

So much more

Yes, thanks Ms.
Vansen. It was fun.

Ya, Fun... but man,
I need to take a shower.

Well, you guys just relax ,

I'll see about getting some
food delivered.




Bryce? Marcie?


Are you OK?

I'm sorry... I didn't
mean to scare you.

I... I was having a dream... a
nightmare... I'm sorry.

Don't worry about it. Do you
happen to know

Where Bryce and
Marcie went too ?

They were here
earlier... but...

But what?

I can't remember. I. must've
been asleep for awhile.

Great... they must have took
off. This is just fantastic.

I shouldn't have left
them here alone.

I'm sure they'll come back... I

you're not going to be in
trouble are you?

Just A little bit, Alyssa...
well, I'm sure it'll work out.

Are you hungry?

No... I'm feeling kind of full.

OK... I'm going to get the
others sorted out.

Come down when you
feel like.


I can't wait to upload this.

Stupid Alyssa...
Stupid Alyssa...

Tyler, You are so good...

I can't believe you're not on
the swim team.

I know! Yeah... but there's
some other extracurricular

activities I like better.

Like Bryce and Marcie?

I can't believe they
just left like that.

Oh, I can.




Sorry. Didn't mean to scare you.

You didn't... well, OK, you did.

It's OK, Denny, we quiet ones
have to stick together.

Yeah... we do...


Is everything OK?

Just trying

to find out where
Bryce and Marcie went off to,

without raising too many red

Not having too
good a job of it.

Oh, I'm sorry. I really am. I'm
sure things will work out.

You seem to be in a good
mood. You look better too.

You know... I am. I feel... kind
of energized.

Wow, I'm really glad to
hear it, Alyssa, I really am.

And I remembered

Like What?

I was there when my dad
disappeared... I mean, that's

what the papers said. But I
didn't remember it... until now.

That's wonderful... I mean,
the memories...

they'll help you a lot
as you find yourself.

Thank you so much,
for helping me.

That's great, Alyssa... So what
else do you remember?

A shark. A Great White. A big

Really? Wow. do you remember
exactly what happened?

No, not yet... just that this
shark is powerful... and

hungry for food and for...

I don't know... I'm sorry.

It's ok it will come
to you, don't worry.

I know... but I feel like it's
so close...

it's just under the
surface, waiting to come out.

I'm sure it is.
Just give it time.

I'm going to make a
few more calls.

Why don't you see what the
others are doing?


Can you hand me a towel?

Of course.

I had a good time with you,
out on the ocean.

Me too.

I couldn't help thinking, you
might like to get a taste.

A taste?

You know what I'm talking
about. I know you're all smart

and nerdy, but you also dig
me. That's hot.

It is?

Sure. Especially if you might
do some things.

What kind of things?

Oh, I have a list, don't worry.

So, think about what I said.

Might be fun to do a few
things with you.

You're like a shark...

How so?

When you smell blood,
you don't quit.

True... see, I knew there was a
reason I liked you.

I like what you said.

About what?

About Tyler being a
predator... he is you know.

Yes... but I want to feel
good... and he might love me.

Oh, I'm sure he does...

That was so
awesome, Bryce...

I can't wait to upload this.
Stupid Alyssa...

Stupid Alyssa...

Ms. Vansen..

Can I talk to you?

Can it wait? I have things I
have to get done.


Tyler, dammit! I've got to get
my publisher on the phone.

Do it later!

I can't...Alyssa is
remembering what happened

to her dad. She's going
to tell me, I know it.

She trusts me...this is it.

So what's the hurry?

Those other idiot kids
disappearing act is going to

get me fired. I have to
advantage of her loose lips.

I'd like to take
advantage of your ...

Oh, just stow it already. the
only reason we're here is

Prying that story
out of Alyssa.

Come on, don't
be that way...

I'm not going to let you hurt
her... you bitch.


I need to talk
to you.


I overheard something... I...
don't know where to start. I

know... you have powers or

I saw the video on
Marcie's phone.

I don't know what your
talking about!

I really don't... I'm scared.

Don't be. I'll help you figure
out whatever it is. Together.

But you have to know,
whatever you think Pamela is

doing for you, she's a liar.

She's my friend.

She's not. She brought you
here on purpose, to write a

book about your dad
She only wants to use you.

No... she's been nice...

Of course she has,
to earn your trust.

She's sleeping with Tyler.


She wants to sell your story to
the highest bidder. She set up

this entire weekend to try to
get those memories out of

you, no matter how
painful it is.

Pamela wouldn't do that...

Think about it. Ever since she
Came to our school, it's been

to get close to you and to get
you to open up about your life.

She was always nice... I got'A's'...

Of course you did. And I'm
sure she said I was lost and

lonely at your age too. But
trust me, I heard Pamela and

Tyler... they're already
planning the book tour and

the swanky hotels they're
going to stay at.

That's... awful...

I know. Pamela doesn't care
about you. I'm sorry,

but it's true. But I do.

You do?

I love you. And I'd do
anything to protect you, you

have to know that. I loved you
since the moment I saw you.

I know, Denny... I always knew.

I saw you looking at me
all those times in class....


And you'll help me find out
about my past...

and whatever is
happening to me?

Of course I will. I love you and
would do anything for you.

Oh, Alyssa... I've
dreamed of this.

Let's go upstairs.



Alyssa... what are you...?

What the hell was that?

We're in a mansion full of
horny teenagers with

little supervision;
I can only imagine.

Maybe Marcie and
Bryce are back.

Who cares at this point.

That's my agent... take a hike.

It's your world.

Hey, Jerry, what's going on.
I've made a breakthrough with

Alyssa... yeah... we're going
to have a helluva story...

Hey, Alyssa.


You seem... different.

How so?

I don't know... there's
something... sexy about you.

There's wasn't anything sexy
about me before?

Well... maybe...

How about I show you sexy?


I'm going to open up and say

Sounds good.





Is anyone here?





Alyssa? We should talk some
more... about what happened...

Alyssa, please. Talk to me.

What do you want to know?
I remember everything.

Is that Tyler in the pool?
What did you do to him?

My father was killed
by the tribe down in Mexico.

The one that worshipped the Great
White. And they cursed me.


They put this necklace on me.
It's made with one of the

shark's teeth and cursed with
blood from my father.

What's it do?

It changes me. When I'm
excited... it changes me.


My dad used to say when
there was blood in the water,

there was no hope. He was

You really want
to know, Pamela?


But you do.
Don't you?


I'll show you.
But first... kiss me.