200 Pounds Beauty (2023) - full transcript

Juwita, a heavily overweight girl, almost gave up on her life after being hit by the ninth times heartbreak. Hope comes when she has a chance of transforming into Angel, a super gorgeous, golden-voiced girl.

My name is Juwita.

But just for this job, call me "Mawar".

Mawar Merindu.

Come on. You're such a good boy.

Let's get that done first, okay?

One more time.


Why do I do this job?

Because this job doesn't require
a pretty face and a slim body.

Saving up to 150,000 rupiah...

...per month for eleven months.

- Mawar.
- What is it?

I'm always behind the scenes.

My voice is what makes people happy.

But actually this isn't my only job.

Everyone ready?

Soon we'll see the most
awaited primadonna on stage!

Here she is, Eva Primadonna!

Okay. Start on my cue. On three...




Juwita, Juwita! What happened?

Shit. Get it ready. Eva.

We'll start the song from
the beginning again, okay?



- Ouch.
- Juwita, can you hear me?

- Hello? Yes.
- Are you okay?

Yes, I'm fine. I'm sorry.

- We'll start from the chorus again, okay?
- Okay. I'm ready.

Oh, my gosh. Is this all the food we get?

Isn't there rice and other
dishes being catered?

How will snacking on
this only make me full?

Hey! Are you that hungry?

You were so close to ruining my career.

I'm sorry. My foot got
tangled in the cable.

Because when you dance, I also
need to dance so I get the feel of it.


Next time, don't make
things difficult by dancing!

Your body is too big for
that! Just sing properly!

Do you understand?

Yes, I do.

Andre. Thank you.


You did a great job.

Thank you!

Thank you.

- Eva.
- Thank you.

You did amazing.

But are you really all right?

I'm fine, Mr. Andre. My
foot got tangled in the cable.

I was actually more
worried about the cable.

I'm afraid I broke it when I fell on it.

I'll scold the technician.
It's dangerous for you.

Thank you, Mr. Andre, for
caring so much about me.

Here's your watermelon juice.

If there's anything else
you need, just call me.


Mister, over here!

Oh, my gosh. Why does the
person calling me have to be her?

Mister, I'll have one
more serving of bakso.

Can you place your other orders too?
Whatever else you want.

So I don't have to keep
going back and forth.

Mister, can you not be so rude?

We're customers!

As long as the restaurant hasn't closed yet,
we're allowed to order whenever we want.


For your information, being a singer
isn't as glamorous as people think.

So we need to eat a lot for energy. Right?

Stop protesting so much like a college kid.


Why are you smiling like that?

I think...

...Mr. Andre likes me.

Are you crazy or something?

You saw it yourself, right?

Mr. Andre hugged me!

He never hugs anyone.

Wi, listen to me.

From all the sexy girls out there
that have a crush on him...

...how can you be so
sure that he likes you?

Oh, please, Yar.

Even though I'm like this,
I have what people call "instincts".

So I can feel it if someone likes me.

As if you're an expert on love.

Hi, Wi. You look so pretty today.

Thank you.

I finished your homework.

Thank you so much.

Would you like me to treat you to pecel
lele at my favorite restaurant one day?

How did you know that
pecel lele is my favorite food?

What is it that isn't your favorite food?

- Hi, babe.
- Hi.

- Have you been waiting long?
- I just got here.

Hi, Wi.

Thanks for doing my
boyfriend's homework so often.

Let's go. It worked, right?

So clever.

What are you doing? I
already told you guys!

One, two, three...

What does this kid eat? Cement?

Maybe she snacks on trucks.

Is she a person or a water tower?

- Hey.
- What?

We need to keep our spirits
up. We need to carry her.

Lift up your spirits some more.

Okay, get ready. One, two, three!

Oh, my gosh.

Enough of this. Instead
of trying to lift her...

...let's just roll her.

- What do you guys think? Let's roll her.
- He's right.

Like a water gallon.

That's right.

- Let's do that.
- Let's roll her.

Let's do it. One, two, three!


How could you roll someone
just because they're fat?

I still have my pride! I
can stand up by myself.

Why didn't you get up earlier?

You made us tired!

- Juwita, are you deaf?
- Sorry.

Why were you spacing out?

What were you thinking of?

I wasn't thinking of anything.

I'm just really full.

Wi, I'm going to order a taxi.


You're not being serious, right?

Come on!

What's this?

That's "Hakuna Matata"...

...which means everything will be alright.

Africans believe this
can fulfill a person's wish.

It hurts so much!

Why does it hurt so much?

It looks so cute!

Oh, my God!

Besties for life!

I can go home by myself.

You don't need to go through
all the trouble of taking me home.

It's okay. You worked so hard to finish
up the recording these past few weeks.

You must be exhausted. I
don't want you to get sick.

I think my instincts are spot on.

Mr. Andre really does like me.

Why are we stopping here?

Because we are already
near my relative's apartment.

I just need to walk a bit.


Alright, then. Thank you, Mr. Andre.


Tomorrow's my birthday party.

Be there, okay?

I will.

It's been almost a year since my dad
started getting treatment here.

His mental state became unstable since my
mom died and his memory is getting worse.

Every time I talk to him, he thinks that
he's talking to my late mother.

Why does Juwita rarely visit me these days?

Dad. I'm Juwita.

Your daughter.

And I'm sorry that I haven't
been visiting you often these days.

Because I've been really busy.


I'm a singer now.

Oh, yeah.

I'm also close to the boy that I like.

Dad, pray that he's the one for me, okay?

How come you are getting heavier, dear?

You can do it, Juwita!

Yara. Oh, my gosh.

Guess who I got this gift from.

From whom?

Mr. Andre.

Let's open it together.

One, two, three.

Oh, my God!


"Dear, Juwita. Thank you for
your hard work for all this time.

This gift is my thanks to you.

I want you to wear this outfit tonight."


Are you sure you want to wear this?

Slow down. Sorry! Sorry, miss. Sorry.

- Hurry up!
- Slow down.

- Hello, Mr. Andre.
- Sit here, Wi.


No, it's fine.

- Let's just sit here.
- Sit here.

He's asking me to sit there.

But there's barely any room to walk there.

Fine. You sit here. I'll sit there.

Wi, don't be like this.

Excuse me. Sorry. Oh, my gosh.

Sorry. I didn't mean to.

Sorry. I'm sorry.

Oh, my gosh. Sorry. I didn't mean to.

Excuse me, miss.

Ouch, she stepped on my foot.

- I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to.
- My shoe is ruined.

I'm sorry.

It's fine.

Mr. Andre.

- Sorry I'm late.
- It's fine.

Oh, right. Here.

You didn't have to go
through all the trouble.

It's no trouble at all.

Thank you so much.


Why are you wearing that coat?

Is it winter?

Just take it off.

Looking at it makes me feel hot.

Do you not feel hot wearing that?


Oh, my gosh.

I suddenly have a migraine.

Mr. Andre.

Thank you for buying me this dress.

I was a bit hesitant to wear it
because I wasn't feeling confident enough.

But because you bought it
for me, I wore it in the end.

Mr. Andre.

Eva has arrived!

Do you have to announce it like that?

Who is she, anyway?

The Queen of England?

Hi, everyone.

Eva. Now this is right.

My migraine disappeared right away.

Did you two plan on wearing the same dress?

Where are you going?

What happened?

I don't get it.

Why are you doing all this?

Does your brain even function or not?

What's the problem?

I don't like that fat girl.

- I don't like her vibe.
- Okay.

If you think you're so
amazing, try to sing without her.

You should be grateful.

Juwita has helped you a lot.

If there was no Juwita, there's no Eva.

Then find another singer!

Is she the only person that can sing?

I'm only joking, anyway.

Return the keys to your car and apartment.

Once you've done that,
you can make fun of her.



You're crying?

The one who should be crying is Juwita.

She's talented. She has a great voice.

It's just a shame that she's fat and
she doesn't have a pretty face like you.

If she was pretty and had a great body,
she would be the singer.

Not you. All of us here need Juwita.

This is business.

Don't make it personal.

Maybe I'm not meant
to be happy in this life.

Maybe I have to be born again.

Be reincarnated as a girl
with a perfect appearance.

Thank you for caring about
me all this time, Mr. Andre.

Thank you for making me feel special
even if it was for a brief moment.

Hello? Mawar Merindu?

It's me, Dr. Erik.

I miss hearing your sexy voice, baby.

Damn it!

Why can't people let me die peacefully?


Mawar, baby.

My sun. My moon.

I really need you.

Let's play "doctor" like we usually do.

I can change anything
according to what you want.

Plastic surgery these days
is even more advanced.

But what's the estimate
of how much it'll cost?

It depends on how much you want to change.

But I can give you a discount.

If you have an Instagram account
and have a lot of followers...

...you just need to post the
before and after surgery photos.

I'll give you a discount if you do that.

Doc, here's the problem.

I don't have an Instagram account.

- What if I paid in installments?
- Installments?

The interest is up to you.

You don't have to worry.
I'll definitely pay for it all.

What kind of place do you think this is?

Do you think I paid in installments
for my college education abroad?

I understand. I apologize.

- But, please help me...
- No.

- You're my only hope.
- No.

Mona, tell this fat girl to go home.

Yes, Sir.

Do you not remember my voice?

You don't recognize it?

Come on. You're such a good girl.

Let's get that done first, okay?

So the nurse can...

Oh, my gosh.

You're such a good girl.

So what's it going to be, doc?

Mawar Merindu?

This is what Mawar Merindu looks like?


Maybe you still don't remember.

Hello? Mawar Merindu?

It's me, Dr. Erik.

I miss hearing your sexy voice, baby.

My sun.

Let's play "doctor" like we usually do.

That's the end of the recording.

That's just one out of many recordings of
what might be "interesting" conversations...

...for your wife to hear.


What are you doing, barging into the room?
There's a patient here! What's wrong with you?

- Can we talk about this?
- Of course we can.

- So what's it going to be, doc?
- What is it that you want?

The truth is...

...I don't have any hope of living anymore.

I'm exhausted.

Everyone is always mocking me.

That's why I want to make
a new change in my life.

And I want to have new hope in my life.

And I truly believe that you're the only
person who can make my wish come true.

Of course, I can!

I'm the best doctor to solve your problem.

Really, doctor?

But please don't share that
recording with anyone, okay?

Don't worry about that.

My wife is a fierce woman.

Okay. You see this?

Thank God.


I'm going to be gone for a while.


...after I've finished what I need to do...

...I'll come visit you again.

Dear. Don't be gone for too long, okay?

I'll miss you.

And tell Juwita to visit me more often...

...so I won't be alone.

Try to count from ten.




Wait, do I count forward or count down?

It's up to you.



Okay. Let's begin.

Eva Primadonna, an artist
whose popularity is on the rise...

...has suddenly reported that she will
take a temporary hiatus from singing.

What is the reason?

Till this moment, Eva's
management and MD Music...

We have no choice but to postpone
the launching of Eva's second album.

There's no way she can
sing live without Juwita.

That means that we have to
cancel most of her contracts.

- Yes.
- We have no other choice.

Hey! What do you mean you're
postponing the album launch?

What else can we do?

If there's no Juwita, there's no Eva.

Find another singer!

At least try something!

Do you think it's easy to find someone
whose voice sounds exactly like Juwita's?

Won't people be suspicious that your voice
has changed when they hear your second album?

That's your artist.

Babe, don't be so angry.


I'll lose my job if that fat
girl doesn't come back!

Now you're using the
local dialect. Babe, relax.

I'll find you another job.

In the meantime, you can be a YouTuber.

You can make TikTok, mukbang,
and prank videos. You can do that, right?

Do you think I'm from the Gen Halilintar
(Lightning) Family? Are you insane?

Gosh, just like lightning.

Starting from this day,
the old Juwita is gone.

We now have the new Juwita. Oh, my God.

What is it, doc?

What is it?

I think you need to have another surgery.

Her face looks so terrifying.

Please, come in.

Why did Juwita never tell
me that she has a sister?

Step-sister, to be exact.

There's no way I'd look like
this if my sister was like her.

Sorry. She's just joking.



Let's just go.

Be quiet.

I need to find out
where that fat girl went.

This is the Barbie doll
that you bought for me.

Do you remember?

That time you also told me that, one day...

...I'll be as pretty as this doll.

That's right, Dad. I'll be like this doll.

And I won't be an embarrassment again.

She looks perfect, doc!


The results look so natural!

This is the most successful plastic surgery
that I've ever done!

- Right?
- That's right, doc.

Doc, I look different.

Gosh. I even look pretty
when I cry now, doc.

Thank you, doc. Thank you.

That's why you shouldn't open
your mouth so wide when you cry.

You could damage your gums.

Wait a second.

There we go.

- Thank you, doc.
- You're welcome.

So this is what it feels like to be pretty.

This Cemplon pot has
the best quality, ladies.

All the Hollywood celebrities use it.

Miss Eva, I'm a reporter
from Ceria Tabloid.

Are you not getting any more offers to sing to
the point that you're selling pots like this?

I'm the brand ambassador.

I'm not selling pots.

Excuse me. Eva has a schedule right now.

- Why are you like this?
- I'm sorry.


Yeah, we just finished with the event.

I'm going to stop by a car
showroom near here first.

Oh, my God. He's gotten even more handsome!

I'll head back to the office after that.


What do you think? Would you
like to see the inside of the car?


- But there's a discount, right?
- There is.

What year is the make of this car?


What kind of car are you looking for?

I'm looking for a car
that's economical and...

What about this car?

I don't recommend this one
because it often stutters...

...and the brakes are spoilt.

But it can be fixed.

The car's no good, is it?

If the car's no good like this, who will...

Oh, my God. I'm sorry.

I didn't do it on purpose.
It just suddenly fell off.

- It's fine, miss.
- Oh, my gosh. I feel so bad.

- This car is for sale, after all.
- It's fine. It's really fine.

Thank you.

It's a good thing she is so pretty.

I'm sorry. I don't mean to be rude.

But you are really pretty.

I'm sorry.

It's fine. I do need a car, after all.

But... Oh, my gosh.
I'm screwed. I've run out.

But it's fine.

Darn it. Why won't it close?

Oh, my God. My face.

The results of my surgery.

Oh, my God. I still have
to pay the installments.

Damn it. I'm so unlucky today.

My cheeks are okay. Chin and lips, too.

Can you drive?

Hopefully it's all fine.

Get out! Do you want me
to report you to the police?

Look at what you've done!

- Get out! Don't you feel bad for him?
- My boss could fire me...


It's fine, miss.

Have you ever been in my taxi?

I think I've seen you before.

You're a celebrity, aren't you?

What's going on here?

If there's a problem, pull over first.

Look, the cars behind you can't get
through. You're causing a traffic jam.

Now please, you and the girl...

Tell the cars to go around. Now. Hurry.

Miss, are you all right? Are you hurt?

Would you like me to
take you to the hospital?

No, it's okay. I'm fine.

Oh, my God.

Your head is bleeding!

Oh, no. I'm so sorry. It's my
fault that your head's bleeding.

I'm fine. This is nothing. Don't worry.

A little blood like this
is nothing. Don't worry.

Why did you crash into her car?

That's not what happened, sir! He wasn't
the one that crashed into someone's car.

- But...
- Who's the taxi driver here? Me or you?

Just relax. Oh, my gosh.

No, sir. It's my fault.

Listen, sir.

Forget about this and just
check her driver's license.

Who's the policeman here? You or me?

Why are you telling me what to do?

Stop it. Please don't fight.

It's fine. I'll just get my license.

Wait a second.


Is this the correct license?

Why does she look different?

Yeah. Is this your mother's license?

No, sir, that's really me.

Don't worry, miss.

If your friend comes here and can prove that
the person in this license is really you...

- Sir, I'm looking for...
- You may leave.

But we actually do believe that it's you.

Sir, excuse me. I'm looking for
my friend. Her name is Juwita.

Please help me, sir.
It's been so long since I've last seen her.

Your friend's right here.

Miss, I'm sorry.

He mistook you for someone else.

That's not her. This girl is skinny.

My friend's this big.

Please help me, sir.


No way.


How did you change so much?

This is insane. You're so skinny now!


Be careful! The silicone
will get displaced!

I'm still paying for the
surgery in installments.

I was just testing it out.

You're insane.

Why did you have to disappear like that?

Why couldn't you just be honest with me and say,
"Yar, I think I want to get plastic surgery. Can I?"

You could have told me that. You didn't have
to make it so dramatic and disappear like that.

I know. I'm sorry.

I'm not looking for an apology.

Did you know that, because of you, Eva has to
postpone the release of her second album...

...and Andre is desperately
trying to find a singer to replace you?

But, Yar... I can actually go back there.

I can be Eva's ghost singer again.

No. Don't do anything like that, okay?

If you go back there, the company will
sue you for causing such a mess there.


Trust me.

They won't find out that it's me.

You didn't recognize me either, right?

Here's the salad you ordered.

Thank you.

Can I get you anything else?

No, thank you.

What's with you? Why're
you smiling like that?

You're usually sick of her calling you.

She already said, "That's all. Thank you."

That means you may
leave. Got it? Thank you.

See? You saw it yourself, right?

Even he didn't recognize me.

- Just trust me.
- No.

- Hi, baby.
- Hi, baby.

Baby, this is my friend. Her name is...

Her name is...



I'm Rizky.


Babe, I'm sorry.

I've been so busy lately.

Don't you miss me?

Don't worry about that.

I miss you so much wherever I go.

Really? That's so sweet.

I think there's something
different about you.

You're getting skinnier.


It's proof that it works, right? This is
thanks to you taking those Mejik Singset pills.

I want to show you something.

Babe. This is the latest
product from Mejik Singset.

But I think you should buy the whole set.
So you'll become skinnier more quickly.

And you'll become even prettier.

Like Angel.

What do you think, babe?

Okay, then I'll buy the whole set.

Thank you so much, babe.

Angel, are you not interested
in becoming a member of Mejik Singset?

Here's my card.

If you're interested, you
can contact me here, okay?

- I'm going to take this call, okay?
- Okay.


How do I say this?

I'm really sorry if I offend you.

But why are you buying
those Mejik Singset weight loss pills?

You already have such a great body.

You don't need to take something like that.

We don't know what it's
made of. What it contains.

What if you get sick? What
if something happens to you?

Because Rizky said...

...I look fat on camera.

It doesn't change how lonely I am

- I'm sorry, I know
- Stop.

You're making my blood pressure rise.

I'm sorry. I was nervous.
Can I try one more time?

Don't. I'll suffer a stroke.

Sir, this is the last person to audition.

Tell her to come in.

Please face this way.

Take off your glasses.

Okay. Let's start right away.

This is a real singer, Andre.

Singing from her soul.


Angelica. You're the person
we've been looking for.

So when can my album be released?

I'm sick of selling pots all the time.

Can you leave the room first?

I need to talk to Richard
about something important.



Good job.

Did you think I wouldn't recognize you?


You recognized me?

Sir, I'm so sorry.

- I really didn't mean to...
- You were the girl at the car showroom, right?

You were following me.


Why did you have to follow me?

We live in a modern age.

Instead of following someone,
just send them a DM through Instagram.

That makes it easy, right?

About that, sir, I apologize.

Because ever since I was a little girl,
I really wanted to become a singer.

Don't panic. It's making your face oily.


My little brother is like that.

He makes women cry.

He's different from his older brother
who does his best to make women happy.

You want to be a successful
and popular singer, right?

I apologize for this.

You need to make
your nose a little sharper.

Can you look in that direction?

Pull your hair back.

And you need to have
your cheeks and jaw done.

To make your face slimmer.

Like mine.

Is it still not enough?

- Well, from my experience...
- No. There's no need for that.

Nothing needs to be changed.

You're already pretty.

You can work here as soon as possible.

Thank you, sir.

I don't see anything
special about this girl.

She's just so-so. There are
many people like her out there.

You can even find lots of
people like her at Cibubur Mall.

I still prefer Eva.

She's pretty and sexy.

And what's important
is that she fits my taste.

She fits the market's taste.

But Angel is fresh.

- She's genuine.
- I'm sure people will like her.

Angel has an appeal and talent
that other singers don't have.

I don't need someone fresh!

Oh, my gosh. Do you two
think we're selling fishes here?

And this person... What was her name?

- Angel.
- Angel.

She will only sing for
Eva. End of discussion.


Did you not see how he treated us?

We're getting old and he
still treats us like babies.

Isn't this crazy?

He never listens to our opinions.

Come on, Richard.

You're his first child.

You're the only one who can convince Papa.

Come on.

Where's the "never give
up" spirit that you taught me?

Come on.

Damn you.

I regret being born first.


Whatever happens, never give up.

Never give up.

What now?

Did you not hear what I just said?

Very well, if that's what you two want.

You two will take full responsibility.

That's how to do it!


Where did your daughter Juwita go?

Mister, where did your
fat daughter Juwita go?


You don't know?

Tell me when she comes here, okay?

I need to pee.


Where did the nurse go?

Don't tell me that Angel
is going to replace me.

Do you think you're the only
person who can be an artist?

You hired Angel for me.

What about my second album?

No. I'm going to keep looking for Juwita
and I'll bring her back to your company.

Why do you keep bringing up Juwita?

Cut it out.

Instead of troubling yourself looking for
Juwita, just use that time to practice singing.

That's a better use of your time.

I don't care!

Whatever has to be done, no matter what,
my second album has to be released!

You can hope.

But you can't expect things to
always go according to what you want.

Where are you going now?


You're acting like you just saw a ghost.


It seems like you're
currently their golden child.

You just got here and you're
already doing recordings.

They made an album for you.
They made a video clip for you.

What did you do to Andre?

What do you mean?

Don't pretend to be innocent.

These days, what won't
people do to get what they want?

I'm sorry, but I really don't
understand what you mean.

Are you really that innocent
or are you pretending to be dumb?

In this industry, what else do we
sell other than our appearance?

Our sexiness? Right?

Did you think that I was able to become
popular because of my sweet voice?

Or because of my amazing talent?

Angel, come here for a second.

Yes, Mr. Andre. I'm coming.

Watch this.

What do you think about this?

The video quality is good.

And the lighting is just right.

That's not what I'm talking about.
I'm talking about her singing.

She has a great voice.

And she really gets the
emotions and feel of the song.

Can you sing like her?

I don't like singers who only
care about their appearance.

Singers who try so hard
to look pretty and sexy.

I don't like them.

So you'd prefer if I sang
really stiffly like that girl?

That's not what I'm saying.

She sings with emotion. With soul.

Don't you dare say
anything like that again.

She's special to me.

Are you crazy?

After all the drama in your life...

...you want to tell Andre the truth?

Yes, Yar.

I'm sure Mr. Andre will understand.

Are you sure he'll be able to accept you
after knowing that you're that fat Juwita?

And what he sees now is just the results of
plastic surgery. Won't he be disappointed?

Have you thought that far?

Not all boys like a girl
made out of plastic, Wi.


How could you say that?

You think you're an expert on love?

I have a boyfriend now.
And it's not one-sided.

Boyfriend? Are you talking about Rizky?

The one who asked me to be a member
of the Mejik Singset that he's selling?

And the one who told you to buy all of his diet
products even though you don't actually need it.

And that thing you're using on your stomach
which I have no idea what it is...

...that's from him too, isn't it?


You need to realize if you're really his
girlfriend or just a member of his brand.

He might just be taking advantage of you so
that there's someone buying his products.

Are you done?

Why are you saying bad
things about him now?


I know.

Maybe I'm not like the old Juwita.

But I'm still your best friend.

And I love you so much.

Yar, you're pretty and kind, so...

...you shouldn't be
torturing yourself like this.

I'm begging you, please
stop buying his products.

Don't let him keep fooling you.

Because one day...

...he'll leave you, just like that, when he
feels that you're no longer of use to him.

You mean, like in your past experience?

What is it?

Why do you look so anxious?

It's nothing.

I'm just thinking about something.

Thinking about what?

Mr. Richard mentioned
plastic surgery before.

What do you think about it?

I have no problem with it.

I think everyone has the right to do
whatever they want to their body.


...I personally like someone who's
more natural and just the way they are.

I never understood why people would
hurt themselves by having plastic surgery.

Maybe so that they're more confident
and can become a better person.

Did you know that there are so many people out
there who are already good-looking since birth...

...but they still don't feel confident?

So, plastic surgery wouldn't
have helped anyway.

That's why I prefer someone who is natural
and not made out of plastic.

Someone who's just
the way they are, like you.


...why is life so hard to understand?

It's wrong to be ugly.

And now it's also a bad thing to be pretty.

The point is, if a person says that
someone's beauty comes from their heart...

...that person has never
felt what it's like to be ugly.

And now that we've already changed and worked
hard to be pretty, people call us fake.

They even say we're made out of plastic.

Does that mean if our face is made
out of "plastic", our heart is plastic too?

Of course not.

I'm sure you'd be proud of me.


About what happened yesterday...


- Brighter than the brightest
star in the sky - Yara.

I'll shine brighter than everything else

I'll show who I am

Are you ready for me? I'm
coming I'm going to shine

Brighter is brighter

So hot like I'm on fire

Don't ask me why this is who I really am

Did you think you could take my spot?

Just wait and see.

Eva Primadonna will return soon.

And you will soon be gone.

You can hope.

But you can't expect things to
always go according to what you want.

That's what my father told
me ever since I was a little girl.



Yes, it's me.

What happened to Yara?

You're going to the hospital right now?

Don't be crazy.

Why do you care so much
about a backup vocalist?

I'm not crazy. Yara isn't
just a backup vocalist.

She's my friend.

And my friend's life is far more important.

I'm sorry, Mr. Andre.

Since when are you friends with Yara?

This is your first performance on TV.
You know it.

Don't do anything crazy.
Get over here right now.

- Good morning.
- Good morning, doc.

Your friend overdosed on weight loss pills.

The pills she took contained
a lot of dangerous ingredients...

...that shouldn't be consumed.

Pills like that shouldn't be sold at all.

They're illegal.

Luckily she was brought here quickly.

If we were even a little bit late...

...she could have lost her life.

After she recovers...

...you have to make sure she never
consumes pills like that ever again.

- Okay?
- I'll make sure, doc. Thank you.

Seriously? My products
have always been safe.

A lot of big artists have taken these pills
and they never complained about it.

You should get a lot of rest for now.
So you can get better soon.

Once you're all better,
I'll call you, okay?

Because I want to show you something.

There's the latest weight
loss product and it's the best.

Okay, babe.



You were just taking advantage
of Yara all this time, right?

You never actually loved her, right?

You told her to go on intense diets
just so someone buys your products.

Now look at what happened!

My best friend almost died because of you!

Just because you think
you're good-looking...

...you think you could use your looks
to fool girls like Yara.

Have you ever imagined what it
would feel like to be in their shoes?

Do you know what it feels like to
always be insecure about yourself?

Every day, you're always trying to
love yourself without feeling insecure.

Do you know how difficult that is?

You don't know, right?

So even when you're not taking advantage
of them...

...they're already suffering so much.

So, please...

...if you can't be a
good person right now...

...at least don't be a terrible person.

- We're screwed.
- This way.

- I'm sorry.
- Where have you been?

Everyone here was looking for you.

It's a good thing they were fine with postponing
your part and moving it to the second segment.

Are you okay?

- Everything's okay?
- Hurry.

Angel's segment is going to start soon.

Makeup, hurry. Make it quick.

Don't worry for now, okay?


Prove to everyone out there
that you deserve to be called a singer.


You don't need to worry
about your appearance.

Okay? From the very beginning,
I've always believed in you.

That's why I decided that you would
be a singer, and not Eva's ghost singer.

Hey, what are you doing?

Don't you dare share
that footage to anyone.

- You better watch your back. I'll sue you.
- I'm sorry, sir.

Get out of here right now.

Okay, next is a performance from a newcomer singer
who is ready to shake Indonesia's music industry.

Here she is, Angelica!


Thank you.

"Thank you" for what?

Thank you for taking care of me.

For taking care of everything.

For smacking that bastard
who almost killed me.

Oh, please. You don't need to thank me.

Of course I have to.

You're usually not this nice.

Well, there's no way I'd
be calling you a bastard too.


I'm so proud of you.

All of your hard work has paid off.

Now all the media is talking about you.

And the response is positive.

I also want to thank you
for your trust, Mr. Andre.

You don't need to call me "Mister".

Just call me by my name.

"Mister" is too formal.

Yes, come in.

Excuse me, sir. Your
father would like to see you.


Please wait a little bit.

Gosh. That was so close.

Unfortunately, it's just not my time yet.

You can do it, Juwita!

Mr. Richard mentioned
plastic surgery before.

What do you think about it?

Hi, guys! I wanted to say thank you so much
for streaming my latest album and new single.

Thanks to you guys, my album is one of
the most streamed albums of this week!

Thank you so much, guys! Love you!

- Let's go.
- Andre.

This girl is getting better and
better at promoting herself.

She's more and more
confident. And even prettier, too.

- She's prettier now, right?
- Yeah.

Are you okay? You're usually not like this.

You're usually so excited
when it comes to Angel.

It's fine. Let's go.

Let's eat.


Angelica, relax.

This is a party to celebrate
the success of your album.

You should get ready.

Because soon you'll be a big star.

You'll be so popular.

That's it. Don't worry so much. Smile.


Thank you.

A fan wants to meet you.

- What?
- A fan wants to meet you.


Here's your idol, mister.

Why are you being so arrogant?

This man just wants to give you flowers.

This is for you.

This is for you.

Do you know this man?

Do you know him?

Let's go, mister.

Go home.

Get some rest.

You have to sing tomorrow.


...I do know that man.

He's your fan, right?

That's not it.

- He's actually...
- Forget it.

You don't need to explain
anything to me, Juwita.

Since when did you know?

Do we still need to talk about this?

What matters now is that you're Angel.

And Angel will sing at
her first concert tomorrow.

I know that I made a huge mistake.

But I never really meant
to fool anyone, Andre.

With the way you disappeared like that...

...and changed your appearance?

Pretending to be Angel?

Is that not considered fooling someone?

But if I was still the old Juwita...

...would I be able to get the same
opportunity like the one Angel has now?

I clearly remember how you treated Juwita.

I heard everything you said to Eva.

"Juwita is talented. She has a great voice.

It's just a shame that
she's fat and not pretty.

If she was pretty and had a great body,
she would be the singer."

You also said this to me, Andre.

"Why would a girl hurt herself
by having plastic surgery?"

I also used to think like that.

I was afraid everything would be painful.

But it turns out...

...that was nothing...

...because I have felt something
far more painful in this world...

...which is the way
people like you treated me.


The old Juwita who was stupid
and ugly really admired you.

You will never understand how your words hurt
her more than the cuts from a surgical blade.

So if you feel that you
were fooled by me...

...I apologize.

But I didn't do this for anyone.

I did this for myself.

Because I have to love the old me.

And the current me.

For the sake of my future.



I'm a singer now.

Your daughter has become a singer!

For your information, being a singer
isn't as glamorous as people think.

So we need to eat a lot for energy. Right?

Oh, my God! Besties for life!

Tell Juwita to visit me more often...

...so I won't be alone.

Do you think Angel would like to be
the brand ambassador of my patisserie?

Of course.

Okay. On three...


- One.
- Success.


Wait! Stop!

Don't grab him like that.

The fat girl is screwed now.

I'm really sorry, but...

...I can't keep doing this.

And all of you who have always supported me
and given me so much love...

...you were also the ones that changed my
world into something that shines brighter.

You all deserve to know the truth.


Because I want you
to love the real me, too.

I'm not Angelica.



Maybe none of you know who Juwita is.

Because she's a nobody.

She was just a plain girl...

...who was fat...

...and who was always
mocked for her appearance.

I've always dreamed of becoming a singer.

I always imagined myself on stage...

...with a lot of people watching me.

But all that was impossible...

...because of my appearance
that people labeled as ugly.

In the end, I could only
be behind the scenes.


And always singing for other artists.

That's why I decided to
get plastic surgery done..

To my whole body.

I just wanted one thing.

I just wanted to be loved.

I was so happy to be Angel.


...this has been my dream for a long time.

But at the same time...

...I had to lose the people
who really loved me...

...when I couldn't love myself.

I can't even recognize myself.

I forgot how the old me was.

I miss Juwita.

I miss Juwita.



That's Juwita.

Juwita, Juwita!

Juwita, Juwita!

Juwita, Juwita!

How lonely I am

I'm sorry, I know

I'll fly high until I've changed myself

Could I try

To hope

For beloved moments again

And I...

Like the blue sea

Without a purpose

Although I'm loved

It doesn't change

How lonely I am

I'm sorry, I know

I'll fly high until I've changed myself

Thank you, everyone,
for accepting the fat and ugly Juwita.

And thank you for
letting her perform tonight.

You have no idea how
much this means to her.

Who is this for?


I want a special autograph on the CD.

I want to invite you to dinner tonight.

Are you sure I'll get a lot of new subscribers
if I do a YouTube challenge like this?

I'm completely sure!

You better watch your back if I don't get a lot
of new subscribers after looking like a bum.

Relax. Go on, pretty Eva.

Hurry and capture all the
moments. Get good shots! Hurry!


The security guard's here!

- You, come with me.
- What are you doing?

Why is she getting arrested? I'm screwed!

- You bum.
- I'm Eva Primadonna!


Get over here!

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